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Saturday, December 16th

In the last hour of the show, Urbs and Guru talk NBA news and spend some time talking Warriors with Mark Medina of the San Jose Mercury News


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We just get dropped onto the set of an eighties break dance movie breaking news from tar balls. I could so see you in some hammer pants. Spin on your head on a piece of cardboard somewhere. When you have the hammer pants now have a deep slits but could you break out really. We got used to have my my tile and we'd. The pledge and have a slippery foam and Uma outfit black jury can still do it Shaq can still do it. So I don't I don't wanna break them than us now from. No pun intended no pun intended I would very much like to see a video view break into their if you haven't have long and I VHS tape for something in the now I'm Erica has pre Internet 300. The motion yield back in the days he is Gerald leader Johnson I'm Michael Irvin thank you for joining us we got another hour. We view and we're gonna have a whole lot of fun this arrow we just gonna kind of look there's a format to radio. And you get told buyer bosses do this do that do that at that time that that time and of course you always have to listen your bosses you got to try to please your bosses. And we will always do that. But who is our responsibility. Have pleased your room. Tell people exactly and that's exactly what we're gonna try to do a couple of them wrong doing the two correspondent of course she didn't care on dude you're always right. The people responded to the question of the day and the question of the day. Was who's the better player who's the best player on the planet LeBron James. Or Kevin Durant now. That's usage is between those two right okay that's what was most staff would have been my answer if it was more than the NT. So your since Steffi is the best for him how to do a descent between I don't know I don't know expand around now make its yeah. Katie is doing all this in the you know playing like he's at the Hamptons because of what staff. His already created what he does whom and how people have to come out of boredom Stephon allows the war everybody on the warriors to do what they do. Just remembered that. And right now with his handle. His new Allen Iverson ability to get to the rat can the Digg he's getting a whistle call form now stiff is the man in my life depended on it and there was an open shot give god. It's number thirty. I'm sorry LeBron I'm sorry KD it's death. And Steffi is so great that he was the ringleader. And allow this team to win both for KD so no matter what Katie does not allow them to death always remember in this mark curry signed off on allowing them the cup we got a title without yeah. Just remember that we wind yet. We got a title when you Warner rail and how was the key. Now let's rephrase his question of the day event. You sit if it was an open shot it would go to to step up Reynolds now I don't think anybody would argue that if it was an open shot about listener or some buzz around. Clock running down. You give player checks. The ball at half court. And player acts can't pass he's got to figure out a way to win the game for that team with the ball half court. You still given its staff. A detective to differ on his neck. I'm going on them go on KD. This I'm still going LeBron with that because I am not that it can Wallace think he would pull up in a bit bronze can put their shoulder down but what if he doesn't get there that's all you'll yeah. Canadian staff can do that or pull up. Bronze biggest Kryptonite is no mid range game and so it's either a mobile when a China shop to the basket if they don't call them a missile whale. Oro got to shoot a three there's no in between it's all going Katie just with them went overstaffed. And he's gonna go online drain is free throws or pull up. And what I've noticed since Steffi has been gone on dude. To shoot Katie gets the ball even without a dribble in the shot clock is going down he sold them. Tall he shoots his right it is Jones remember when we're kids coaches always tells me they're telling us when we get a rebound right. When we're in the paint don't bring them. I hated dad did about a hundred dale I know and it gets strip by the art yeah that's why I'm where I am and is that a play basketball and gastric yesterday's opinion. 'cause you don't by the way when I got to ones in a row and the other is in a great date greater loss by thirty yesterday June. Character builder in the team played like the warriors paraded out hit threes and bright Heatley got the rebound their autographs if you. I do that president. They're like prison ball players. Asked. But to write about KD I mean he he takes what we're taught as kids underneath the basket. You can do that out on the perimeter and zee me like he's got the ball above his head he's looking surveying the landscape past year past year note I'm gonna keep the ball up here and shoot a three on a freak of nature to me and so it was used its either best player on the planet let's let's change we're not gonna change the course I'll. We will do you view two opportunities to answer. It's kind of question one NB. Give me your best player on the planet. And then give us give me give us. Ball at half court. Clock winding down. Everybody else is being guarded. You've got to win the game. You're the coach you get to pick the player of the ball who are you picking your drone key deal with the ball at half court. Best learn on the plants after yes or. Kate I'm going LeBron with ball. How old man because I still say that if and it's never gonna happen obviously so this is fantasy and I think you've heard me say this couple times. I would love to see what would happen. In a regular season NBA game. If he Lou said of the cats. We're gonna conducting experiments to elude the assistant coach for an assistant coach of the cats correct. We're gonna give Lowber on the ball before we cross half court every time pop hearts and he's gonna go to Iraq. I say he either gets a bucket. Horry gets fell 90% of the time or he might score 85 what does he run out of gas there that's not realistic in two K eighteen it is. When he realized he wouldn't be able to sustain that energy to go you know what to do how much it takes from you did go to the right. Every time I know with this is obviously and it's I don't know in this fares on the Tennessee he's got the party over of a marathon runner. I would like to hear the graduates. Answer to these questions. Nick Brown is our producer for the day here's an aspiring broadcaster you'll hear momentarily as the pipes for no doubt about it. But easy youngster paying his dues he's behind the glass as is to India and both of them make. This happened there the backbone of the show my boy nick you questions. One best player on the planet to. Player with a ball at half court everyone else is guarded you need a bucket is at the same guy or two different guys. LeBron James is the men and both scenarios. That's my answer to so let's hear it it Tripoli 957. 95 series are you surprised that guru is now going with stiff Currie is the best where on the plan. I'm not because if I want it to score fight needed guided strictly just give me a Bucky. I see why you see stuff there's no but I see rice say stuff but I feel like at the same time LeBron cannot only give me a bucket. He's gonna give me the best book from nineteen it is well and I sync step can't do that I just think LeBron is one of the greatest ever to. In anger I'm glad you brought attention to effective steps toward Iraq more than ever before because we're both more we're both innings Phillies seem and it and we both remarked it to start the season how his weight hasn't changed but his body past. It looks like he's he got a little bit slow to us all anticipating go to Iraq more absorbing contact say something finishing better and that's anywhere I think this debt orgy and of that thought came for given to me. I rearm and I think still has licked it Tyreke who is the number one finisher of little me and and I think stats say dammit I can do that is whale in the last couple years I'm telling you step curry is going to the rack. And you use in that the last. And I'm just like this is crazy the duke issue from fifty and now he's trying to be baby Tyree Arab and if I'll have dinner with the mercy ministry had to step. You gotta tell me did that has something to do with you you know making that point addresses. Because he's got to step it almost regrettable dude. How much you love the fact that the superstars on the lawyers are not content in anyway none of them are I mean clay before the season started. Look we've always. Kind of considered clay. The best two way player on the lawyer's trick because he's he's constantly guarding other team's best offensive player all day and dog that fill it up that's well documented to. But he decided in the off season how can I improve my game he said well. I don't I don't get as many rebounds as maybe as I can get CC. Clay crash in the class a little bit more we already know his death one of them do I get more free throw shots stick the ball with a rat right in that kind of goes hand him with a rebounding right if you get an offensive rebounds there's change you're gonna pick up some towels down their two. We already know Acadia is always looking to improve his game it's a big part of why he came to Golden State in the first place. Because he pretty much had they -- thing down right I think Iran's QC I your game there but he wanted to expand his repertoire. To be a pastor to be the defender an hour talking about him as potentially. Defensive player of the year run. Staff the superstar. Who keeps it all together in Golden State decided I want to go to Iraq can get to align more about that dude. There's and we know dream on has always always always always working day to day that's their four all stars in none of them are satisfied that. And I think it starts from the top Steve Kirk. I distinct and lake demand Meyer had the dream team that's lucky dog has a translator wasn't satisfied with winning the title he told Myers we don't have a pair. Here's some money went to checkbook I don't care. Here's checkbook can pan let me know how much this like him right in the balance in balance my checkbook but go get me something and then Myers did his job. And found Jordan freaking bell for 3.5 million got you a lifetime version of Geico insurance by going to get KD it's death got. Her into Haiti wasn't around we would be gripped in a little bit more hungry like a week now it's like a trip to into the game the other night like. Dude this is exciting just to see more of the other guys I miss damp but the house is not on fire when before. We do all of Monica where no merit and need to do back institutes. Never contain. It seems like everything his on the Warner's way including the relative health of their players throughout this run now. I the argument not argument with Tony last night that argument oval go back one hour. It was the third hour I believe about a four hours hagee thinks he actually used. Signing is an example signing saying that the orders have been fortunate health wise. I don't think it's so much fortunate. In terms of staying healthy I think. They really their I have to admit that third and yet and it appears fortunate because they have the talent to withstand the injuries it's like. They had cage he did go down for awhile last year and I was out of Carlisle last year but they're so good. That they don't skip a beat and so it seems like parity right it's Terry and I don't know look. The guidelines of the Dodgers the NBA is the warriors right. Other teams are looking like this is not failure you know how mad at the Yankees the Dodgers rabbit and yeah Brett and what they're doing now. This is what the boys are essentially put the rockets are looking like rocket took it now unimpressed with the rockets' ability to integrate. CP three I've thought. Yet to ball dominant guys two point guards I mean they may Harden a point guard last year right. Any response would have an incredible year you could argue he was MVP last year but eating right yet. Okay and then you pick up the point guard until and he's not the point guard anymore I just thought it was a recipe for disaster. It's been anything but Ryan Anderson from Folsom can shoot from anywhere are there and Gordon are they now the biggest threat to the order supremacy. In all of basketball yet. I'm no well you know what Imus say no because I haven't seen this is what's scary. I hope LeBron in high regard in the fact that they found an identity without essentially they're knew Kyra you are being. There Kyra we are in light in Isaiah Thomas. We don't know what's gonna happen when now Bryant to rest today you don't play around a little bit outlet to be demand. I'll give Bob Brett the Rossi now that's scary to me. But to answer your question I'm more rockets one. Cavs to. Help Nicole wiley and her three because I like was San Antonio and what he's back in the in okay see who all by the way is wanna know against the warriors. This season check out CP three's month of December and this is courtesy next. Scoring four points a game six rebounds a game eight point five assists a game. 3.2 steals 53 point 53. Field goal percentage hill 47%. Three point field not totally. The story 4747. CP three a couple of I did not think he had this thing. I apologize to Chris Paul which you know. Staff uses them like a dish rag right so I wanna see that we sought a little bit but he did play much. Opening night so I guess they play if I heard him BA guys starting in JD correctly. They play the rockets twice NJ in the month of January front correct yes it was in good for bowl about football January 4 they play each other. And the reason was in good for ball bad for balls because nick said. Would it be good for Boller bad for ball if the warriors were still not at full strength that's. It's tough to say I don't want them to be at full strength but I would prefer. That. The rockets don't see. The warriors on their absolute best and gets it because the war the rockets or fuel themselves on the game and ship bright yet. The rockets or fuel themselves right now however to all right so yeah. And so I I wouldn't mind in fact the warriors losing Agassi I don't like debt is like I'm from the old school man up and let the ball Wilmington area put one in the strip them. And you know I mean they're not Eric and I IR I wanna see the full c'mon that's why hated the whole resting. When pop did it in the lawyers for dinner and awards did. Last year his disperse right I would see that man the warriors I think did that now they're they're doing it for an entirely different reason now but I think last year they did it as big as futile league for the travel schedule got it just EC nobody's read you did yesterday kind of raid away. The point where the lawyers are enjoying a stretch of their schedule right now. That is very orders friendly. I mean they don't leave the state California. This is the from the time they got back off the road. Their only road he was for this Monday am I don't like show that for their retirement ceremony at ten. And then they come back to oracle to close out 2000. And seventeen including the Christmas Day game against the cast which were assuming staff is gonna miss it I'm all over now just there with me. Speaking at Colby that's how I like you dress your room I think that's how we're basking world. To catch it is when a guy. Gets that adrenaline from being in the man athletically on sports in the top of Sports Radio Colby or even Jordan. In the and you were tiger. How do you. What do you implement for that data loss of debt on demand and always got key isn't happy Mary all the money in the world. But that substitute right for that they're can't beat but it seems like he's doing okay get these. Trying to coach but remember it's been less than a full calendar here died that I Garrett. I see what you're seeing an especially serious in my nightly drama I guess I mean why do you think MJ had a comeback for 12 in the and then. He's got only team he's got to be involved in something competitive. I guess Kobe wants to be the king of entertainment Larry's got a production company for people players call the nominees they'll talk to you night. A lot like debt like it did not even be on the lakers need to get to meet with Colby if if you wanna work on something yeah he's like that mental than there that rove all NBA players now speaking of which. Uncle LeBron hole Olajuwon uncle Ron pulled long so aside after the close to each other for the first time. And LeBron was covering up is his mouth with a Jersey. And because he didn't want anyone to hear I guess microphone didn't pick it up yeah in you heard what was the Bronson. He just said they're gonna ask you started off buzz and they're gonna ask you what we talked about saying now and now the first they brought brought total in the basically. This could don't listen to the no always focus on your team in the lakers. And get it done and that was it looked at all the way. You look horrible I didn't dollar I due to plot a lot of completely flipped I used to hate Harbaugh don't like to Lithuania. She has to get kidnapped or vacant let me do it why are you out there with those two that that's bad to meet our elected decision but I liked the guy. Lithuania bat to ball I just for the AM for those two guys. I don't quite understand them moving. Going to be resist it already showed you the rich card debts involved you know other that's not gonna be lit detonated what you wanna go out on a date around town. Your target easy to still in high school the little. There's only like same fight someone like semi 500 people in in their their bodies on the Internet shady it's a village. I don't know why when I take a village I think you'll like straw roofs right right and Adobe huts I'm I'm shirt on and get more advanced than that. But good luck going fine and fruit salad somewhere apparently dollar restaurants all the server meat and potatoes. There probably gonna pick up a few there there's not a no boo franchise I believe in whatever little villages there are. In Lithuania but did you hear the lakers. Rob pullen cut wicked and magic Johnson and called a meeting with the Lavar ball stopped to discuss him basically bagging on Luke Walt. I don't know about Luke isn't and it is not a bad luck or I think for the way he shoots here Argo and meanest. I think it's. Give them love fall are a subliminal message. From a public standpoint like you are part of the family. So we're gonna bring you lean so there are people now work. With her you. Is that why that's not the key out and he's smiled. And said all American people what they rip me Q is it like you we talked him. Felt like like it was a badge on the reviews in the wee. Were all on the same dictate how we all along the same thing that I like you've already one man what is the okay he's a crazy dad. You've got its who whose he has one way he's when he's one man don't know the issues of senate I don't know of anybody who's ever ordered a pair received. I don't know if the shoes are selling but did you hear about the pop up stores that they had in New York when he was out there who won the pop up storms that. You go to public story and over to clear right there. Just all of a sudden boom your store. It's it was before Lamar ball dated it was mainly for musical artists to sell their album electric and store size and type thing right. Taylor Swift has pop up store going Josep. The big Boller brand did some pop up stores in New York terror remember. Boulevard ball family has no ties to me or none whatsoever right. He goes out their did you pop up stores that were lines that were signed an innocent nobody K 78. Blocks long. Eighties but I can't game in Harlem they're not. C'mon it's beyond their real again they're not spending 500 dollars on a big Boller branch shoot. They were showing up to she'd love bar. I do it may also wasn't there is something about them it was all the talk about he's winning usually fitted. To the point where they're laughing when the lakers brass said we we either look used to the new donkeys. He's better than Don King because you don't live vilify John Hannibal violence in this town in a criminal history. As far as we know jail with the president it's ours we know Lavar doesn't have any of that in his past Lamar is just an absolute. Nuts. Dad and basketball junkie and master promoter he is the modern day master promote PT Barnum entered here there's a movie coming out about Barnum and Bailey. The circus. I'm looking for exactly Air France. Preview last night right. That toolbar ball it he's a carnival barker and you're gonna go to the carnival even if you don't like elephants or the trapeze. War magician pulling rabbits out of hats you're going to watch. The carnival barker is that's a great win I can't believe the lines were and just to see him seven blocks. That's when you ask your bad man he's taken he's taken card gash yen. To a whole new level the Kardashians are famous for being a Kardashian I mean is there discernible talent. Well I mean to have cosmetic lines and close watch him bat came as some time. Mean not anything he could market in the mainstream though I don't know I know we're only that but. Lavar has. His talent is getting people to pay attention to what he's saying to the point where. CNN wants him on there. There's obviously reason for him to be on CNN. In the not again why don't all right easier shots why is CNN executive put him on to music trading this incredible. And the lakers said if you can't beat him. Join him in total of ours were you thinking it's not I'm not joining EU. Your jumped and on the big ball and my dad goes Zulu war policy and announced that pops are getting old man of the Jimmy fox sports. Yes he would heal enough seat at the right I think he's not a the unit. Do he's winning me the day. You're right man and a lot people don't like him. And I don't leak out of my bike commuter but he's won me over somehow and I don't know how about your real voice since the U wrong yeah adds a decent again moved all of this is what happened they played in the it's. He and his wife in the two boys were front row who know him in. Despite earlier talk and smack given dampened level Alonso debts and area. And then the people aren't you know. On the local sports Silverman like what are the bore bald due to sit there to beyond. A spikes level enough that dafted geez if I saw LaBeouf. A lot of them have been bought the zone he spotted him on the sidelines and given that. He has reached he's reached a cultural icon status call our drop fire god bless him via. God bless mark Medina two he covers so warriors for ovarian newsgroup. And the question I have for mr. Medina is when Katie got hurt last year I was like oh god he might miss the rest the hero is not. He's going to be out for an extended period of time bomber turns out it wasn't a bomber may have been the best thing that happened to the lawyers last year is a possible. That the best thing to happen this that this warriors team. Is stiff curry getting hurt. Now back to Michael urban and who room on 957. Game. Thank you for being with this I'm Michael Irving is terribly accurate Johnson it to beautiful Saturday afternoon in downtown San Francisco or taking all the way up. Until 4 o'clock. The final segment ever show Wear and gurus gripes and while. I'd like. I'd like to get at least one do regret that a view in the final segment not a problem and there's also look at the list and a lot of things we haven't gotten through how many pages are here. Our brief case does that not before Debian Tuesday night I started because I felt like that I think. A couple of weeks ago we we ran out of good for ball back for ball's not top tech QB right everything in life can be labeled born into his. Good for ball bad for ball so that's what this all started as. But then I looked at it and I said this can apply killers are Kooks can be to reach gripes that could be stories about the club house a lot of Kooks out there one of them is definitely not. Our next guest mark Medina covers the Golden State Warriors for the Bay Area news group to Susan Mercury. In particular he joins us now mark we've been talking about how last year the Kevin Durant injury at the time was doom and gloom but in retrospect. Looks like it may have been one of the best things that happen and then because staff reasserted himself. And when Kennedy came back orders kind of found themselves and found another gear it's starting to feel like. The same dynamics can nor plight has stepped Curry's injury this year ordered thoughts on that. Yeah I mean the record speaks for itself granted the order or better team without her with that hurt by. Wednesday they've been able is it a lot of Al but I think what happened some of the issues were parting. The team earlier in street grow the book record what matters is what is the problem. And with sent her out alive but they ever want and actually on they got to step up and auction. Erik Kevin Durant played the same game but just at a higher level terms of the war ordered that. If it had the depth and talent to sell land and I think. Want to step Corey comes back two interesting things can happen I think the warriors will finally feel locked it in rhythm. And continuing biscuit Abbott and Daniel he's stepped courier or early just kind of rejuvenated. And arrested winner in that his injuries as finger of fact he was able reset. The you know the recharge bought after awhile and somebody babbitt's these. Atmosphere finals so it dep has what has gotten. Yes he current account all the activities at the time in a little weird but I but I think it in use in. How that played out real flat for the benefit. Mark. When drain mom was out I swear mark I'd I said. Two herbs hear us say hey look I don't like when the heart and soul is out I know we'll dismiss a gamer to Adobe back. But Steve Kyrgyz came out on the canoe Twitter here to where he says the concern about drain Mann's Akins shoulder. Is rising day by day I was already concerned. Is that a big deal do you because I need drama to come back as soon as possible. Well not to get Symantec. On air but eat that like at that level concern as inquiries. And the injury first happened in May not pay their respects at a for game great ballots that are in the last four. He missed practice today they're gonna not. Happened update on as plane's data and it'll have to do it and tell it well on them so maybe crack the what Steve Kirk still that it's not a major concern that basically. His victory at still has more to the fact that the warriors have been taking a walk view with all these injuries anytime. Someone at day nagging. Pain and any sort that out because they know that they wanna get them help the sheer and what you'll get the NBA a lot of guys don't want that. Probably yeah. If you doubt for that period I work out more than a few week. That's going to be concerned because they're always so watch. The warriors can do overly feel it apps I mean it it might be weirdest. Step Marie like orders have other school worst that can compensate for sure court toxic Kevin Durant. What they are no ultimate game that has the same kind of fiery demeanor that trip on that same kind of defense and intensity. And oh Beatrice as if he's able act. Marco went. When did the initial injury happened. It happened in new war on side dream blogger does know how happen but you circulate an act that. In New Orleans you better call eight played in Detroit. Big part of that was a factor today explain part of its own count. Are you had a really good game has blocked should keep that what you win a few points. While one of six shooting and he passed the a lot of shots so it's very clear that the shoulder a Specter is lie on Mac gaming yet played in that. But again I I actually injury. How important do with the fact that are going to be very cautious that it's been something major like I would imagine. That this is a game late in the season in the playoffs drag on her appeal court. Bush years out of mark Medina and his lawyers writer for the Mercury news and and the Bay Area news group just fantastic work there. Mark we have all these guys out we've seen some youngsters get a chance to develop at a pace that maybe. It wouldn't have been as accelerated worthy start not out one of them of course is Jordan bell and with the increasing concern about the absence. Of dream on green I think some people have been lulled into what I think is a false sense of security saying while Jordan bell. Essentially is dream on like he mean I started trim on yet. But he's got out did not at all. Right but you made a great point mark it's it's not so much just the skill set that set stream on apart it's. It's that fire it's that emotion it's that. That beating heart that I don't think Jordan bell can be. Yeah it very well could be. You Patrick alt whatever is an actual money name that he after the L at yet Jordan. Has played well enough to be worthy of a sharper and yet if it and it's just because the yeah debating on Korea what a lot of blocked shot all but it is no word a year or him on what terms are you comfortable where. Or ability to in underscore battery injury in the worries they say that. You know hey Jordan parole civility back electorate on Korean. Dawes updated date basis maybe toward elbows that root for here for. All right now yeah. Yeah it is not even close or capture. Mark I don't wanna sound like a broken record out follow the association is close is anybody. You know I have delete past and I and I'm watching these guys. And I knew Katie was special player with Russell Westbrook and I love the finals that they have on is last year in OKC but I never knew. You know the dings announcing on the nightly basis and a lawyer uniform. How good Kevin Durant he is that the game of basketball. Are you would are shocked are you saying you know the rule are ready new out that he was. Well yes and now like we noticed what Kevin Durant cup typically require an audience a lot of it teammates say the same thing about which you it'll whole other wobble. Off you know it's one thing computers what can happen Albert has approximately. He has been scored at least thirty point and the and three of the past four games and then. That it obviously or we are all the stuff Caribbean now. Are we were all the Kevin Durant doing what he'd done is bought. You'd been able to peace so prolific. In his court while still being efficient and usually in the MBA at what are the other your guys urge to Wilbur Schott. We're gonna have a high percentage bush your abs are we Siemens coroner and then a lot of guys who wore the the the stat sheet maybe that are common that it but the a lot of shops and it's that it release speak today is how well but just how you are making him or he's not forcing many you you literally is. Make in the way basketball while Obama's every single possession and a lot player at a secret Shea. Very few callers actually do it and Kevin Durant is one. Mark when did it covers the lawyers for the San Jose Mercury news mark never in the history of the NBA. As a player won MVP and defensive player of the year is it within the realm of feasibility. They KD can be that guy. He could be that. I've for sure map Robert Hawkins do war with the coach Ron Adams in those Kevin Durant orally while you rate that is local that needed. What do you but the coach better that that basically it's up to have a program on whether. Get the defense the player of the year because of just. It is. Why. And it is that we're meant what does block and just defense awareness. As far as the MVPs concern I mean you're already on the four years early score. In doll at that point. Have no other choice but to go like him aren't aren't out because that Albert sure is mostly a matter shirt that brought it up well with in the world are only now by at a decked. Idol thank you haven't yet the MVP award not because culinary union must be doing is too little or bank Asia that. His role the warriors. Is much different game or is which you sent. And you know Steve Kerr is the first admitted that Kevin Durant act couldn't sell that mr. Corey comes back. And it's seen as incorporated has it figured out shot sort it out but the Iranians Kevin Durant is Arab oil it's all about. What is most easiest for him and for the game this is basically the reason why I want to the word in the first what you want to win idol. And a new likes the team oriented atmosphere that put himself in this position succeed. Marcum the general question out deserves to out to the listeners and comic series to see how you answer it. If you had if you needed a bucket in your life depended on it and to have the two players were to ADR LeBron which way you're going. I hope I idea TKD. I got a brown. Well. I hope I hope I a cop out I've picked rant at a much better players out though. And I would imagine. You can't pass you can't match. I can I can't do that 010. Warm. All the vehicle. I would hit I would take actually Durant simply be a number. On a lot more I'll blog all things being equal. On I would take abroad because as power that he can used to bully. Under. Yeah that's kind of way where I go I would just like to CN note never happened mark richest one time though it like. The assistant coach of the cavaliers to Ron Lou is say. We're gonna give LeBron James the ball at half court he's gonna take you to the Iraq every single tie and a half and 90% of the time he'd either get Felder get a bucket. Yeah I think he does a lot but I think you know I've been on on he also is. It is really aware that father time has been not promote or do you want extra experiment or more. Yeah hey mark I wish we could extend this conversation but we're up against it take you so much for being gracious with your time in helping have a great rest of the week and enjoy that trip back to your thoughts stomping grounds and LA for the job or -- that are meant. Gotta walk at a later time. All right much mark Medina from the San Jose Mercury news he does great working I used to cover the lakers do root. So when they go down to a Inglewood. Burned down or not it's not saying whatever mart Staples Center downtown LA for the double retirement. Of the Mumbai you know we've touched on that just a little bit. But we need to touch on it again we also. Need to touch on NBC we got GDR lack of accountability we have. Cal's basketball coach has been getting very little run video as a back story that includes Beirut. By way of Inglewood world great stores with the teams and did the shambles concern over the stolen fracture and a good story we've also got a Mark Cooper prepare. Is he may be too nice. To be a superstar. Hander Rick Pitino. Is suing Louisville. In Louisville assuming Rick Pitino back it's tumors gripes it's killers and Kooks its bottom of the ninth. And then its gratitude it's. Now back to Michael urban and guru on 957. Game. Didn't James for the war and how about this June. Just show him. Saturday afternoon than what's got this evening do. Nothing much. Now sounds secretive now there's nothing months' time. I know I am we could spend quality time in the car together after the program I'm looking forward that. He very secretive mums the word out now my Social Security number you gotta tell everybody on that reminded you have to go to your wife salesman voice with that whole poll. Now you are salesman in another life. Do you ever. This is just out of curiosity though do you ever tailor. Your your voice. Your addiction. The and calculate Ari no doubt. So I have death and yeah B two million good all day a chameleon like you know what else you need to be a salesman I don't know this could have never tried to sell because I don't think I can hack you would be a great my schemes future and I would take no purse Alia and yet you couldn't. Mean don't you have copies for closers. Right exactly regular rock style like if somebody said noted me edged the Kook from horrible person. Loan poll has both wild are Brothers for salesman successful cells. And I know I was talking quantum of about it like decades ago. And I was looking for a job aggressive briefings sales meaningless to me life really do you beat duke Carolina out of society in the morning younger and crying and couldn't. Standby ticket my thoughts are at do you have regrets. Yeah I do currently it's bust out brewers gripes. We have a reproduce on foreign managed through it and do you know that was entered Dino wasn't his fault. But we do have a pre produced. Did that introduces two regrets Morgan skip with the form our I just get straight to the drew scripts what are you got unburdened. So. I want it to food the tonight with a hello Darryl. And we made lots last stops. And urban that theater was packed. And I'm with my child. So must and the people kept talking through the whole movie. And had been a teenager in my young twenty's authorities. I would say it's not the book because I was with my son didn't go down there I couldn't go down that road not want him to see daddy turn it to -- Fareed no. So my point is when you're at the movies people to speak considerate of others. And don't go to a movie theater if you take in an adult beverage. And you just have a DD UK it's its deal because this guy did it. When the movie theater is the wrong place for that when the lights go off its sacred means silent and be quiet. And last night for people to be in their twenties. She is elected were the casino urban and nobody wanted to stand up in this era of life worrying right he would do and whatever. It's is set to air and it took away from my experience in Boston. Now movie theaters anger room have been a topic on our airwaves before and it was always. It's never come up when you and I are sharing years together right so. The reason it. Some people were going down hero that's a town expressing likes how they are predominant getting after people. Because you say that you union sun would go to multiplex. And after one movie is over you just make your way over to another bill if it happened to be start the debt at the time that movie was over. And there's a bunch of people out there that would say that's stealing and that's bad for boss. Wow I. I'm with you man I'm gonna check of the other movie yeah we've. Ever huddle it's it's that's what you do you wouldn't huddles say he's a political gift because daddy don't want it. Hiding it's not like someone opium. I did theaters open nobody's there in the end. While we're on dare somebody who worked at the movie theaters it had not been one of those persons become out of the movie it is Al wanna go back to watch the movie that you would have laughed in my face is they take my money. This the American way I'm in the theater. I go. If their doors open things on March. His lawyers are not like his son Doby broke both of government to look out I was not that bad you know what's going on. Just block like you belong there. Kind of a lot people came down Darnell and I understand that that's not how it's supposed to work but if anyone thinks it doesn't happen every day all day that a young that their hidden themselves. The world is gonna get over on new. Daily right that's just the way of the world right. I look towards the positive you see on my hand auto average on the back of my and be grateful. On the side in my hand HP HH honest on yourself dead on are you wash it up for you put it on every day should be grateful is noon today I felt like I just needed a reminder right. HP HH's every day I rated everyday people ask me why don't tattoo it. Because that was human next week is that I might not pay attention to it every day when I have to rewrite it I have to save myself honest positive helpful humble. It's part of my program of recovery. Be grateful I just did that in the MLB on history I'm not trying to be doing here anything I don't get to work we view as often as I used to work with the news. And I wanna make sure rather than be bombed about not getting to work with the use often as I do be grateful for today almost I know I get to look at my goal and also being. Nick Brown he earned his degree. And it's it yeah. I'm I'm happy for rent congratulations. Dino has already gotten his degree from as a statement Dino and I've gotten worked together. A lot lately death penalty what he never he. The guys in his position board op I think they get the least level on the station I call an engineer of a good thing you know what I hate. Is that they refer to people like us on this side of the glass were called the talent and air quotes. Stop it you think Dina is not talented do you think Nick's not talented wire we've labeled the talent and they're not. They have just as much talent if not more than us I would like to town though I know yeah I mean it's flattering but it's. Now you don't that the mob boys know I love on their talent it's kind of dismissive I'm glad those guys are quick Dr. Dre like deer pop art column doctor Drake all the Al beat those guys that they create. They re enact exactly how to how to do don't always say something in and they go to the dry hot bright screen. Did you NGOs Johnny on the spot with a drops his freaking touting out yesterday accused Tony controls its own sound or some unseeded twice last night. He and Tino hit the same thing on the sound ordered the strange. Kidding me Chris sack does security area very good. OK we have finally professor undying love for Lavar ball. Write it like Jamal I yelling my name I liked him along right I thought I didn't but now mumble I I couldn't stand him at first but he has won me over. Law and so remains. A divisive figure in the Indian sized drink ago it some people think that he is going to be superstar some people think now that shot he's not he's never going to be more than. Up poor man's Jason kid theories and gets at that level. First off LeBron has kind of taken to a mentor role with Alonso which would seem to be a positive right if LeBron is taken an interest in him. Then there must be something there. But then for the first time member I've always respected law until. Because with his dad like that you would think that he would have a massive ego right and he would be somebody. Who would be trying to generate tonight but he's never been that Garrett that and I loved it except when it comes to non us. He's troll he's actively trolling office he said not usually relevant about a month ago. Little value of error in the other day when they're playing and has flower garden he walks in wearing. T shirt that I think was was at the cover I was that's diplomatic yet and I Clapton live. Like that's how you do. But it wasn't mouse is face it was a long associated with Adam chief just back from ball I met secretly he secretive. Like it. He's his dad. His dance come and that he thinks so always come in if you watch him play he's playing faster. He's being a more aggressive. He was to rebounds away from a triple double against LeBron the taco with LeBron. I'm telling you he's still a more he's ready now he's hey he'd let him hanging from him he's about to take off on telling you. But he controls like Jason Kidd the temple and that is what he needs did and I think magic got to the point across to you to do all day every day's. I'm Mike coloring his cheerleader Johnson we've got about five more minutes together and I'm psyched to have these sort kind of bouncing around there's been a bunch of things. That we've been wanting to get to they're not big enough to dedicate to a whole segment. But they've got to be mentioned. I've got to mention this. Sorry I just had a black wow that would be alcoholism killing brain I. I'll holiday help I'm just completely blow out right there on the air and that'll do not true he stuck with. Derek Jeter in Miami. Derek Jeter can do no wrong in New York City I mean no wrong for got to play an immediate market that day they'd all those beautiful women are very long. Win that media environment for him to go through that career unscathed and I don't know it well. Obama off of the puck off the field okay and now that he's the owner of the Marlins he can do know eight. Let's run down the list of ways he's mishandled his business. With the Marlins. First thing he does is he gets rid of guys like Tony Perez and Jeff Conine. Core franchise icon conine to the point that he's mister Maher and but those are names I'm not I'm not thrown more balls that go it going at but he just because if you want his new guys he won the new version of those two OK and then. As part of his house cleaning he's gonna get rid of some scouts look at one of the scouts he gets rid of don't go your money here and get rid of them he sent someone else to do the scout is in the hospital recovering. From colon cancer so surgery. And got notify out. I was out walking papers there that was Derek Jeter's doing come on I'm get mad the other one is let's say you've got the reigning National League MVP Giancarlo Stanton has meant a lot to your organization. Okay and had a site thing with them and he. Right but he gives you a list he has full no trade clause. He gives you list your fourteen games. You go strike deals with the two teams. Neither team is on the list which kind of put John Carlo on the spot. Were going down John Carlos wrote in San Francisco for turning us down alliance that never should have happened the giants were on his list wise Jeter having meatballs okay I'm not here are broke quit there was a list quote unquote that the giants were on. DN sonic chaos and say you know I don't care what happened why did you wasted giants time Stanton you can the turnout leaving dale. Why did you do that call good call. Well like that that works for me and lasting about Jeter in Stanton. And you know old Africa. Our. It's contagious. Tweet of the night the other night. It was these are getting in new outfielder this winner whether you've been with Scotty or next. Seemed to Scotty acquired from the cardinals. We'd be remiss to not mention again that the St. Louis Cardinals and in Austin the biscotti family and the a's that competitively I felt like they did the a.'s solid Scotty is going to be a nice addition. Allows them to move Chris Davis over to designated hitter but Scott he's got a good off. Player. Some like he can play out pirates and the cardinals put into play and he's got a very very sick mother you grow up in Pleasanton you're going to Stanford. And so the cardinals knowing this. Knowing they probably could it got better prospects somewhere else. Instead sentenced today is how often does that happen in the cutthroat world of profession that would just needs that would give me the thirty for thirty on this this is what it's about them and the mom and dad were so moved that wing. Some reporters went and talked to whom they'd like the mom teared up singer Kimberly of an organization. Would do this force and so thankful for what the cardinals did. Just too good solid people and that's why I had to bring attention to you just don't see very often a particular goal. One plays were quick test done and I had on Andy dole it's. And do you know when I defended day calendar days with the stadium announcement when I thought they owned that lane. How you would go make an announcement in you know only. I feel so. Nice dame travels first misstep dude I couldn't day. Eating all the way and then you. And the chancellor had gotten approval from the border regions to talking today as well and. All. Yet. Doubt for ball all the way around right now. Did you happen to catch my latest car arts video on Twitter noble. When need to make sure that you let me know you get them and then the act curtain arching in case your underwear. You'd take the grocery cart you back up about thirty yards and try to throat and and then you hit somebody else's car don't even though we'll go it not happen to me at this time I had an audience. And the guy walked across my path watch it settled nicely into its rove carts. In gave me the thumbs up on camera at bigger smaller ice also go there if you're struggling with drugs or alcohol. You hear my voice that's living proof that can't be done but it can't be done alone. If you need help you up on Twitter at bigger sports if I can't even help directly off find either help you need. I'm thankful for the got to do tomorrow to reform back here tomorrow twelve to four nick thank you. Dino thank you thank you might Sammy for let me play in this embarks on weekends thank you to the radio station forgiving his second chance and anger thank you three time. I Cuba's fox sports takes the rest of the way.