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Saturday, December 16th

Urbs and Guru go all over the map, and then talk Raiders with Scott Bair of NBC Sports Bay Area, as well as replay a great interview with Chris Townsend and former NFL head coach Dave McGinnis


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It's time for girls and two room got cut your hand and she laughed that hard. On 957 again. Here is Michael Irvin and Gerald Johnson. Gerald Johnson is an unabashed Dallas Cowboys fair. The cowboys. Have in the palm of their hands them an opportunity. To just say. Readers you're done this is a ball he still have Dallas lose their. Could happen to your room you got inside knowledge like you know you're the perfect guy to become a little bit all right poppy yesterday. OK with Gregor yet and great on air and what's about. If Dallas wins you know 'cause a Union City I go to. Couple stab this man's watering holes and a little room don't have to pay for any day. Anyway there I was at worst pop alike don't care about me sought told pop that story so of Dallas wins. I'll ride with him you know we'll go back to back in the in the Tesla. And we'll go to the EU. And actually show up pop you don't you know a lot of ads so we she said he would do it but. I don't know what's gonna happen I just think. Did the raiders have not quit I just think dare cars broke in to the point. He would not be able to figure out into these years over Mark Cooper real quick why he played in Kansas City when he shouldn't have. Asked negligence I don't know maybe. In gamer yeah. But to see that. Asked you can't tell me money let me stay up to 1230 know you come in twelve days after twelve things that bad gurus their biggest game of the year it was all or nothing to show. He planned tomorrow night is what I'm saying herbs now they're done now that they're not done mathematically there's still that the one game out of the wild card spot. A claim on there's did you go negative and they you know they're done a year a year down and raise your not don't I'm just I'm tired of sounding like a fool. Because every week I've said there's technology. There's still a chance but I'm I've there's overwhelming evidence now. This team is not behind Jack Del Rio something happened in that locker room what these are grown me I don't know take is something happened. What's making dinner car short circuit. It was a great move by the way back in the day. This is not about something happening not just about air cargo it's about the whole team be so old that wahoos controller you don't travel don't that rally behind. Their leader. They want to do or die though it's not pop Warner and it's now in that regard I think the ability to get your team jacked up for game. Is in some ways jacked up or prepare for a head coach. It's more important to have your team. Mentally prepared to take that field because you have an offensive and defensive coordinator supposedly. That are handling the boss of the notes you're signing off on the game plan. You're in the big chair the keys you're leader of men and you get. Men to follow you okay to battle the ticker I mean notes illegal iron there are no way Golan but they just not running behind. Del Rio and accurate around in front of him. To take on the first wave of bullets they're done and. If they were done at halftime and then all of a sudden they make the game close they don't sit there scratching my head like where was this game plan or aggressive in this. At the beginning of the game when you needed the. And that Washington dating okay you have a disagreement there's some people want to air in radio not hear that prop hate each other and you would know it but they give you a good radio program my point being only one guy is the head coach. So you are you on disarmed that it's Del Rio. And you have to fall on the sword it can be all the players herbs. And big day in the prepared man they just didn't against it I couldn't believe that lose thirteen team and you know -- what's your heart late date in the beginning but that game was all over and then all at the end they catch fire and make you think women as well as soon as useless it was tell us it was used okay what do Goodyear and I hate to use that and going gangsta gangs going at that time keep the raiders have a new coordinator and head coach and this game is McKinsey in trouble for not addressed in this defense of the guys you drafted were hurt you duplicate records debating give you anything dammit. Are you asking me if I think it should be done it will be will be done uptick in there may be a new take note I think if there's a new head coach there's also a new general manager now. Are you going to accuse you can't blame one on the Miller put a cap in that. Hassle what's what's the number one thing you want out of the leaders. High on the list for me is accountability. And Derek cart tries to do it almost to an extreme and to a port or now. I think you're starting to criticize them sometime this is starting to sound fake when he says put it all on me no loud start I broke my back. Jack Del Rio. Rarely says it all on meanwhile fired so many assistant coaches it's hard to grand river he blames everybody. Now when they win games. If there were warts on that win and he ignores the warts and says a win to win I think we're we're gonna enjoy it and we're gonna move forward. When they lose and you ask him to break down the reasons they lost she says look no matter what I say yeah it makes you feel any better. So we're gonna focus on next week he never wants to address the negative which means she never wants to take accountability. Can't lead like that in overseeing it we're seeing the result of a few years now. You are who you wore looked dejected Aureus track record. Why wouldn't. Why would it have been folded in Oakland any different that in and unfolded in Jackson filled go back to look at the way his era. In Jacksonville appended almost identical. What's happening here in Oakland he's just not the guy wow thanks for change in the culture Jack. We're done or mark some comparing them to Mark Jackson he can't fire the owner this team. Can take the next step with another head coach. Art its focus on the other side the Dallas Cowboys. You've been down on the cowboys for a lot of the year I've been down on deck yeah. If they win this game. Are you feeling like okay we're gonna get seat back. As he practiced we know this is the last week as we grew up as a red or because I'm on your screen they win this game that they're about to get Zeke back up. Do your feelings about the cowboys in their chances on the right general Ronald LGO Jeff. I got the map I got the paper to show you the math yes and this is the worst part call army corps he's here. I feel like the football gods want Dallas to get in the playoffs with seek. And he's such. A special. Plane or the way he falls full work after contact that he makes this offense everything that is not always that they are. I'm telling you get on Dallas the third hit in the playoffs is the six seat I'm telling ya. He is terribly drew Johnson a Michael Irvin thank you for joining us we're going to be here until 4 o'clock. We need talking with Scott bearing his readers insider have some inside ten NBC sports California at 230 right now Howard kind of looking at the NFL that large right now a question was posed during the week. Who's the most disappointing team in NFL. And expert we're speaking to mention the raiders ran a threat to the raiders out of the quest out of the equation. Is it fair to say the cowboys are in that conversation for most of I. I don't wanna and I felt OK I wanna put them they are a thing you've got to Zeke suspension. You you okay so you're without your best player for six games that that do a monkey wrench in everything so. From that perspective I'm giving Jason Garrett in the cowboys coaches staff and the team up pass herbs because when he was they are. They were in the offs so I'm I'm gonna take Dallas away. I'm going in Imus Shockey with this one Denver Broncos. I'm going to aid the Denver I'm not shocked by that a lot of twos been disappointed by the time it was let's go wants what had been in the in the advance Joseph. He may be losing his jump up. It Elway did him no favors but to me when I watch Denver who won Thursday night I think of men this is not how. You talk about one of the best defense did to lead. Do when something gets crappy or something's in the locker room as you say with the raiders. And it's just like gay. AAA. The eighty gimme a word like a up parasite or 88 A all work you don't something that's bigger deal in the game to where the defense may be mad at the offense. It's taken over in Denver where now. Just there Melanie he had. Their male what they did beat the colts Thursday night the Broncos did but before that herbs there was no pulse. Big news in the NFL last week was Carson went drawn down with the ACL injury up to that point I think that Eagles were not only. One of the most surprising teams in the NFL but I think they were the favorite to represented an NC. In operation Minnesota why how I retired veterans does that change with Carson went to his injury is there are new top dog in the NFC. Yeah and now they're not wasn't Baidu with Philly. I think it's wide open so that's not top don't it's wide open Philly is not guaranteed to get it that's why whoever can sneak in the bids Dallas. If it's ham new and if it's this ain't an error margin is coming back tomorrow. Urban this is why I love football. Is while loved the unifil it is. I'm telling you wide open for the NFC where the hell did the Minnesota Vikings come from I mean it's not like I follow sales you know all but then. Nor is not or I go first thing in the morning you're the hell's going on and I've seen north. But the vikings. Communicate and know each team and looks like Fred tore into him right I'm telling yet if they can do there have. And I feel bad I know haul your cowboy fan you you wanted that to happen I never wanna see. Things like that and wins happened because now with changes. The whole policies. NFC south this in nice Hillary is going on to you got the saints and the Panthers in nine and four right behind them. The Atlanta Falcons it Keating five if you've got to pick one of those three squads. Are drawn a deep playoff round for you got. Carolina. And I think this thing really yet I think but they can also I'm. I don't know facing camera many Latin answered the bell last week in Natalie plays Aaron Rodgers who can essentially eliminate tomorrow. And that's I don't know why they're bringing them back to back but anyway. I think it's a camp and I think. A blu rays did there though accuse you you just said simply it's increasingly I don't know why they're bring Rodgers back so fast. It's Chris Rogers wants to play and relates to what we're talking about was stiff Currie. I know it's not exactly apple Apple's it is but you gotta respect a guy who's got crazy guaranteed money. He's got multiple years left in his career assuming he stays LT. Any is putting himself at risk to go out they're known damn well even if they run the table they don't control their own destiny in Iraq I respect that. I can now you make me appreciate it I do too but herbs. Once he gets hurt again on the collar bone like Romo did on takes David you came back sit up to tweet but it was a tweet we're gonna run the table from the old baseball movie Major League we're gonna win out. In any broke his collarbone it can. Aaron Rodgers this can happen if he's to get hit by that panther deet or next week of the week after I do give on the John wanted to war like ID cards in Boone because. You could easily just say hey I'm committed. Was just come back our guest here and I doubt about it right I get a rock race. Yeah I I don't I don't think the Packers have a chance first off they're not in her on the table he can't hour even with Aaron Rodgers backing even if they run the table. That doesn't mean they're going to get a playoff spot by the way we got a little bit of breaking news right before we hit the air and this is back to baseball. And skewed and get this trade accurate. The Dodgers they get Matt Kemp back ray who's been who's back. Guess what they gave to the Braves this package is unbelievable what they gave up a week to get you know. To get Mac can't listen it was in this month's. Adrian Gonzales. Scott Kazmir. Brandon McCarthy. Turley told person hold on and cash paying home floor guys and cash to get. Met camp now I know does that tell you. Board met camp must be better than I've gotten the Dodgers really missed him. This is a street salary dump for the Dodgers and Bryce Harper is available next here and John Carlos. Then it might have a side deal. Where this is incredible treat form next. This is amazing. I am sick again of the job hazards and their stuff and I. Adrian Gonzales Scott Kazmir Brandon McCarthy I'll watch logical person and catch for Matt Capp and there are some good players in that bats yeah I mean they're. An elderly. What that dude they're didn't practice them to the doctor right he's government or you get the consolation prize with Stan. I'm I'm physically on the way by Isaiah got spoiled brat man it feels like one of those deals that the commissioner of the league would step in and just say way to set this. And they're not breaking a rule. But it just it smells dirty. Always it's super dirty but I'm like that poor family they lifted the neighbors who were rich I guess that would be in the same neighborhood but to get where I'm going to I'm jelly. This is she is nasty hi all why you wait till next year you got a chance to go to the World Series while you wait. Right Brandon McCarthy's going to the Braves and their team in the big leagues he has not yet played for Brandon McCarthy. I thought. She's good on toward two deadly dictate to get out there she is gonna on I don't know follow my wife don't want is Matt Kemp even gonna get new round on the Dodgers to. That's interest. In a right worst point so street salaries to do while. We hear is your friend. We won that's got to be the best hash tag error please your friend that someone was gone hard down Yasuo tweets road I wanna see a movie real quick about a week in other athletes that come for Cuba knew what Posey and to come and over what they go to Gloria real. It's it's there must have been quiet on and I kept it to myself and now that Libby went to a letdown like held hostage by the people who have the money there's middleman you and they're not evil countries and oh by the way you might die in transit. But you have even if you make once you hit Ryland. They they're gonna they might lock you up and threaten to kill members your family and wish you get certain X amount of dollars in a phone correct there was a guy. From Cuba they came in was hanging out at dodger games. Only get in W way to tweak I need my money for helping you get over a year break I don't know if you heard there. Hanging out at the hope this scary don't cadets and Netflix series waiting to happen all right let's give it. I'll go back to Acadia LeBron. Right it's been a minute since we talked some Golden State orders. And first off let's recap what the orders Rincon through it they lock step curry. Dan Abrams freaking out because it's his ankle and he's got to well documented history of ankle injuries. Middle coloreds. Damage after staff gets hurt all of a sudden. Everybody else not everybody else from exaggerating but a lot of other guys started getting banged up so in addition to Steve Kerr giving some of his veterans. I eat John Livingston laundry would dollar for the most part. And David West some regular rest. All of a sudden you have Zaza with a shoulder injury issues you've got dream on green that. I'm bothers me drama. Teacher or mail what's wrong I don't like cute. I don't like daddy misses games and I do watch again like the temptations I hate ones out on sour but it's allowing Jordan bell to grow and that's why only K with the Yankees don't want you watch yeah problems I watched the last game. The bad boy man. You know he's he's perennial all star he's the boy at what they know everything except shooting. Well that's a deal that could be his neck and a dream on before he developed just reports exaggerate much dribble the ball dude I'm telling you I'll watch last day. There was so many times it was like to tell. In Ganassi back him up cause like OK is young pup he's a Rodman right now but herbs he can do nothing themselves. Enact and my question is what's he gonna beat. What is gonna be over the speed that he on this team he's going to be your way better five and Zaza Pachulia. I think ultimately being next year the year after that he's their starting five. Think about that squad think about. You got clay like him deal stagnant through your mind yet and Jordan bell is right or Gentile man he's like detail to be that five to garner another five I'm just saying and I like the guy and I know the funds that mean in my pop for talking like. What's he do besides in his grave had to quit job to put backs he doctor Antawn Jamison the garbage man but dammit the game against. Today play Thursday night. It was like he had the ball outside my room to tie in return to Bolivar a couple times Jordan allegedly beat but he's got to add to his arsenal that's almost. I'm a saint on the telecast was lauding Jordan golfers on selfishness for I think maybe in the exact situation you're talking about. When he kind of he saw Arcadia the coroner Scion candidates on the right hand waited too easy that you're talking TV's going to Joe Buck here and I loved I loved bills all on sale dodges morgue about what's going to be in windy in the develop those things. Will be comfortable. Do wanted on the floor he's terribly eager Johnson I am Michael Irvin the number to call. And the question of the day is who's the bestseller on the planet there's a lot of people out there. Did think Kevin Durant. Who's been an absolute beast since that plan he's a beast before step went out. But there's people saying that LeBron is no longer the king KG is now the man he's now the best player on the planet I disagree. LeBron to mean is stronger of the years he and herbs and now things at once getting better it gets better from where he eaten. No it's CH. It would explain it right if you told me he yeah what's bad if you tell me that's what words it would X 250 years Ian he's still playing point court. Keep getting better and better and better he's got a bronze better than match we know that. Is KD better than LeBron right now is KG the best player on the plant AAA 957925. Semi earlier in the program. We threw this question out to the audits we throwback out Q now by the way. The Braves have priority designated for assignment Adrian Gonzales is the it sounds correct instead had you enjoy your time of the brain as to the one about the Dodgers when he was away and then they put pressure like where those age yet and he came back real fast and Seles faced just a weird deal I don't know if that had anything to do than trading I think it was more salary dump anyway back to it. But Brohm or KG LeBron is the best for on the planet period for me. He. LeBron is the best player on the planet Tripoli on 579257. Is Bobby of the whales still hanging out. Bobby thank you your patients JD your LeBron and watch. All right we're doing well man we appreciate you patients. We. Are now. In my car. Wow 00. Well I'm not signing him thanks for listening well. I. Stay. On the inside the weight from the moment that he this is what. We're about what abroad and seven or eight. You're. Eva picks park in bee champion Lugar spoke I would wanna brag about that. You know so K do you go in the book there's been blonde you don't it's just a moment. That at night. Bobby and I know my body let me ask you question if you're an NBA player would you rather be three you know in the NBA finals. Three and five. It. I love that vessel were odds heavily you've posed that question so Peretz would be the question you're asking me basically is would you rather reached the NBA finals eight times and you realize and lose five. Yet. Come on dude I wanna get to the NBA finals it's many times I can and then I can get there I don't want to lose but to what what about three dollars every time I went to the biggest stage I'm not answered the bail and I want a mate how many time conference team. I can't believe it. You seriously would rather not go to the finals no doubt and yet they're finally society's losers rent a loose mentality is when you lose five times on the biggest day each. So you don't wanna win your conference. Because you might lose in the finals no it's not that is C now you if you want to win in the finals so I I don't want to shame. Of losing. On the broadest dash inter regional finals age I am so let's go here we go Buffalo Bills would you rent argue are you happy would you wanna be Jim Kelly. The Buffalo Bills reaching the Super Bowl four consecutive years there's never been done before in the history of the NFL they're one of the best teams in NFL history. I want no part of that. Of me getting to the ball in and just didn't blown out. Nobody wants to get to the ball and get blown out of water everywhere ride upon doesn't everyone want to get to the Super Bowl day. Right it's your focus on when Ayers he champ I don't hearsay and I don't wanna go if I'm not gonna win and I'd rather lose the conference championship. This shows that wasn't the best that sees. Maybe another set of phone is great that while. But the calls on here who we got some of the on the Penske got so stuck on two excellent. They remember Jim Kelly is the quarterback who couldn't get it done I get that. But they only remember two and with a balance they'll sure remember the bills is the only team to reach four consecutive super doubles. Does that supersede. The negative oh you lost every time you look it's it's not something you want walk around and say we lost four straight super bluffs. But I would be kind of course and I got to the suitable for your hero. It's just that a different perspective. And there's a lot of women in that too. Get into the super balls so let's go to Sean in Pittsburgh on LeBron vs KD it's back to being tied Sean break the tie momentarily which again. On the go on now mean by far the better player I mean they're captives BA champs or apartment VP. You don't know on loan now I mean right now operate this sicker time three point percentage this it. And Google earth and it's great Canadian great player he's closed the gap on the final last year but you're not even close these sort of await ago. Political. Thank you for the phone call let's go to John in Daly City John on broader KD. I gotta go Kevin Durant for one reason and that's because lenders that somebody talks about the bumpers is jordin. If say the differences jordin killer mentality and that's what it. It he has an initial then I'm fine thank you. All right thanks for the phone call Penske auto sales talk context well. James took bombs to the finals debut with a stacked roster stop it. See I don't like that because a young LeBron to Cleveland team to the finals. So he gets all the praise but when they get swept oh what my fault. It if you weren't that great. You would be the spark my pleasure not a off limits to say it was the rest of the teams fall when you get when they failed to get there catching. And this is the court to argue about it we're gonna get back to this question is the question of the day. Another big question is what the hell happened. In that locker room towards that team with those expectations. Is giving us saga breaking news from Steve -- did that. I. Jumped right tees on the another tease that's called a double tease. Now back to Michael Irvin and guru on 957. That game. Guru we've got two teams. In the Bay Area who play in the National Football League. One of them is three and two and one of mom is playing for its playoff lives. Which ones got more excitement around it. Atlanta. You think there's works and about the raiders. Knuckle is that the latter that would be my dollar performed in to your to a TNT and printing and I don't quite understand that because there are playing for their lives a lot of people are saying they're dead already. Let's talk to the. What's going on and. Not much man then I heard outcome an outlet Michael. Over there every day are operating out he's open up and now. On the west and I'll ride a ride maybe I'm off tomorrow Scott. You almost had to be carrier you're up almost had to be here because we are after all review the raiders in the cowboys and use our resident. How the cowboys fan but it's it's fascinating to me. This of the two teams in the Bay Area you know the raiders are playing for their playoff lives in the niners are going nowhere at three intend. They're not only is there more excitement around the niners. But people are actually start to think the miners were better team than the raiders a year inside the raiders. Are you seeking here and stuff like that. I wouldn't and they commit I I think that the niners are better than greater. Repeat as. This victory and ultimately a technical about where develop that are part right so for example. For the raiders unit of ball pre flop but it was so high. The bar for the. The niners you. You could get over it with the ball yet like my two year old you know that our allies as well that's not. But what knighted or not. He is ushered them I don't think that it kind of speaks you. The volume stands for each team and predicting that in here are you know decades and decades. Decades with the Euro break our beat either have a following. And backed think that there are open net be you know has that. Three Biggio on an book. He has that Joseph Montana RB despite beat Oakland and not powerful talent. Scott now I know you know everybody's asking what's up with the offense. And early on in the season are a lot of people say you know what that Marshawn Lynch signing it didn't work out he's the reason. But quietly man march on has been running hard and to me he's now what ails the raiders offense. Can you just talk about what you see from march on and are you surprised because I believe. You know there's not a lot of positives when you look at TO I think he's one of. Yankees game and really efficient. Over the apparently fatigue came back. From. That should the second half that might be offered gains due to the kick into high year and really haven't thought about it now he can't control how we content is not predicted call it ultimately I think it would it would matter if LP is administrators EU and the traders are a lot traders are but the wind. As a couple things really well generally. Running to that your is that the best that they had to beat typically larger topic the line and I think it was that it took. A period any number of weeks for that ticket. Or prevent you go to gather it by here at the number of Iran go on a huge ship over. Variety I think all the things that helped but when you look at our shop which. And you look at what opposing line backers say about it there's still scared. They'll a bowling ball carpet mature I'd to quote Jack. Bill. He's still got a runner still averages nearly three yards per carry after contact. So he got a lot of good things I think with him know that it would be a topic. The line there are and I wrote about it on its future pilgrim black is it to us Hulk being part of yeah. You know except Korean War. Coming up next here he is under contract. It and that contract could be worth anywhere which scored sixty bucks. Will they bring him back again it's our on which will come back in a lot of elements are there that are critical. Point guru is yet he is running strong you work well and legs are up from under and over the fact and a. The bush years that of Scott Bair he generators insider NBC sports Bay Area you can follow him on Twitter at bear BA IR. And BCS. Scott. Last year about this time dirt car was essentially generating the type of excitement the Jimmy problem is there is generating right now. And because of the way this season has unfolded a lot of the blame is following it dare Kirstie. Speaking to his feet a lot of people are saying he's got happy feeder not so happy feet. There it's it's in his head he's getting rid of the ball too quick keys gun shy there's a million different theories out there. Among the theories I know you've heard all of them what's the most woods yet as to why he is regressed. Yeah I've you know I've got to really. It laid straight in. Because you're active if you're that I want. Ultimately. I think it is that it is his doctorate at that got them out if you look at his complete respect and Garrett or pat attempt. They're identical this year. Rightly so eight productive player but I do agree that there are opened. Up our. Have not been taken advantage of and it kind. He does seem. A little edition term want to move or throw the ball. Or something like that before the pressure is really there. And I hate to compare the two that's not really my job but it. Did you meet each year being a lot idol. Lot of apps upward on golf ball what occurred. Opening in the air that shot. To deliver the right path right well back at what happened very much. Lately dare call it hatred of the ball quickly but I think. Do you think that the raiders coaches. You know that it is nine rock that's not he's not cut that there's a lot of guys go deep right by the ball. Getting delivered the outfield but it's really happening because Jack Hillary out it's. Could a talking point of the week is let it rain let it rip off and you know play with reckless and they echoed out. Although it's cliche. Oh believe it appropriate to. Beep in gear car at every other you beat by take care of the football. Above all else so he's in yet but might note that those two staying so I think accommodation to think it's a question of the water. It is that. He's movie and avoiding pressure that is quite a quote that they expect to see how that Brett Favre street used to using your Portland. Last year. Mascot I do seller can be a negative you know with every question about his team but a lot of people are disappointed and I was telling her last week meet personally I was surprised. That Maury even stepped on the field I was shocked. And then now you know he's not playing this week he was hurt and I just wonder are those like you know he's being a lawyer you went out there to try. Does that look bad to anybody on the coach and staff or is that just the players and he's ready to go in now he's not. Yeah I think it was one of those deals where. Because. That game console port raiders keeps control your debt he all the means that we had last week that Ari that that. But the raiders were ready to kind of move on without an act in a bar and want to play and tried to play. And it ultimately didn't work out it was a football play or blocking for the rocket. Look at try not bought I think questioned whether he should have been in all of that because there's spot. That particular play in that particular probation but to Jerry Cooke was across the line doing. Not very much. But. It is unfortunate turn for the raiders at. Now Ari how you know at least one more game. And they definitely could use and pretty black she should of played that Twitter posting. Where I think we have a corporate player at the head coach who respects the shadow war year elbit malady that. That those guys are praised when they you know Kevin did the ankle shot up at eight and they go out there they try to do their best. And I think Bart was trying to be Euro or struggling pocket and it and it didn't work out so I don't blame him for trying. Maybe I don't of the positions that he was included but ultimately opt out and go right or hero. Some putts that go wrong figure out on the. Raiders insider Scott Bair of NBC sports Bay Area joins us I'm Michael Irvin in studio derelict to Rudi Johnson thank you for joining us here on 957 again talking about. What feels like it it's the entire season has been. Must win games do or die game for the raiders is this truly and finally and officially it Scott. Not that. Technically not you know god we're gonna have to uses this. I look at it now like not dropped the calculus of the white board or but I will say that. Essentially a spot which gave the Iraq that we could talk but do or die out. Where do you know for her to it for basically ended ever did this additional. Net debt that they can sustain a long run and that's why when I get out. About playoff scenarios and what happened and should raiders beat technically you know to understand the anti bill anti kite. Before the week oddly enough but. Matters if the record can't win now and what I'd like they here's how many times but the raiders got an intriguing and put extra this year the bureau. What have we seen as epic that the raiders could go on a pre game would street. We have seen nothing to that point so ultimately I can explain all the possibilities. But the bottom line is whether or not adequate possible or not. This raiders team captain went out against three above 500 team they're gonna need their bad that we have a cleaner consistent at all. Scott Palmer cup year your very capable reporter but can just make it stop forming. I'm. I'm I'm tired of must win and I'm tired of Steward just. Either get something done or just tell us to take attention elsewhere meant thank you so much free time I appreciate it thank. I know what you're going through I've covered teams like this and I know it's not easy. But you've been a rose pro all the way throughout and always gracious with your time thank you sir. That's got there you can follow him on Twitter apps there can be cius. Guru rarely. And you even question me when I brought this up rarely. Will I replay an interview from another show on a show. That I am driving us at double dip it yet you're like dude you're wasting segments of us talking now. There's very little more than I've valuing life over a segment a viewer and I Chapman it now lives it's just fun it's free flowing and it's fun. Last night Tony and I had the pleasure speaking with Dave McGinnis. Who has been an NFL. As long as everybody except Dick LeBeau and whose defensive coordinator for the titans mr. try to take ten GE G. What I didn't realize is Maginnis not only has he been a head coach and and it felt. But he was an assistant for Mike Ditka on those great players teams and this guy can talk about virtually every and a man videos yet. Walter Payton the fridge. So when we started our conversation with a last night. It just kept going in different directions that house fascinated by an owner done. I told our producer last night and we cut up that sound. In the case again I go and get that to okay go get that to look at and an uncle turning into his approach pro election up there so that one just play Poland and and that is that you acting should who's that good. It really was you've heard it now you agree with me. We're gonna play the entirety of Dave McGinnis the coach to grizzled old coach. Next. Now that Michael urban and guru on 957. Game. I won't do it very often. I like doing my own work and I like Jonah alive I was party interview last night with uncle Tony and Dave McGinnis. Former head coach of Arizona Cardinals also former linebacker coach. For the Mike Singletary Mike Ditka Jim McMahon Chicago Bears. He's now calling titans games so we call them to discuss Jimmy G and Dick LeBeau how Lebow the legendary coordinators can attack him. In the conversation went in so many different eras I got out argues that I hadn't heard it accurately you haven't heard the whole thing it's fantastic and now we're. Now you guys to figure Hutus take it away uncle town. They may get as he is on the titans radio broadcast former head coach in the Arizona Cardinals once coached the Chicago the great Chicago Bears. As well this year on the Christa and the show on 957 the game Dave. How we do this evening. Barbara good bye have fun for columns standing outside here just got through you don't really good Mexican food here Phoenix. You know I've still got out here from 96 well the head coach here and I'm glad to jump on if you guys. Well you know before we get into the titans you know I yeah. When you think about Pat Tillman egg and guided Q coach Meyer mark my wife went to high school with them my wife is very good friends as his wife. What are what he means is so many people on the Bay Area it's sad we don't have the many more of a what a man he was. Crept up on you want Dominican because first of all on me you know which pat. Tillman and Marie. We're told my favorite people here and of course you know one week what I'd do we got scattered and went working not leaving Arizona State when I was here's a coordinator that we make you know I've been involved in this league for 32 years I've been so blessed to have coached some great. Great players with hall of famers been around I mean I'm running out of blessed life in this league but Pat Tillman. I had more effect on my life than any player I've ever had you know that as an end will always be affected my life in fact. Today you know you're way Anderson and Don poppy. There that there athletic directors recession may be there. Arizona State took it through their new facility that they built there you know and then of course harm. Was there and it was if they got such an homage paid to Pat Tillman in that whole brand new. Multi million dollar football facility and it brought tears to my eye and so what thank you so much for bringing that out because. That man and Marie those are special special people. Coach I hope you don't mind if I call you coach well I have a see the Derrick Morgan has been ruled out with a knee injury and remiss last week. Veteran air Walden is going to be in what does that mean. For the great imagery GO niners. Well I have far to evolve. Let me just say this about Jimmy gee I'm so impressed with that guy you know I really liked him right like incumbent out. He'd been sitting that you know. Maria for three years learning you know from Belichick and Brady I think what guys yell out when I when they have to do this radio gig you know for this year. You know I plan on jumping back in the late next year and it. And so you know I I'll grind tape all week getting ready for a broadcast just what guys do it I was coaching and I'll watch I watch the 49ers previous the gimmicky play and and I watched him play that tied to different football team. This this guy is impressive to me. That's what they eat in the flow and Al's movie is a man he tried quarterback the big guys. Guy like Freddie couples going to the golf ball on the and it's easiest no effort. And it's it's very very productive and so you don't want Morgan being out of you betcha thank you. You take if they had to rush. You know oh away from what Dick Balkan war went up they'll Walden in the lack bulldozer to good edge players. But especially at this time of year and this football team it you know the kind of make it try to make a playoff push. You need all the good players Derrick Morgan has been having a very very good year. And it never helped ship it never helps your delusion good players especially in crunch time. I love the Freddie couples analogy health Freddie or whatever 5354. Still bombs and pass some of the guys. On the door cuts when he look at markets marionette he's not having. This same type of year and he had the same type of injury last year the Derek Karr had other raiders and Derek Karr isn't having the same type a year or if he's gone all of these young quarterbacks after these injuries. While the one thing I've Franken again and I say having constantly be blown I Amin and let the quarterback and young quarterback spending they're awfully good. Because they've they've grown mature you know they need golf state. To work on the fundamentals to give everything down and even if they thought they. This year you know because we're broken leg just like you'd like cardiac and so it took him awhile to get up to speed and then plus. You know he's seen these. These you know pulled a hamstring he's got you've got over that. And the other thing about it is it is you know the ops may not have been as it has not been checked in on every spot into the chain. You know this year on the go at they'll go stretches for their running game is really working well. But the market can work the play action and stuff and then there's some days for early on I mean it's a real struggle and he kissed it good counter herky jerky they don't have any we have to get. And the markets you know the last four games you know. They're very there's you know there's there's been there's been selection or selections in the last four games and you just are you Angel you just can't you can't win. Do in the post fact society you know what I'm saying that and so I think it but I think it's a matter of you know of methane you know some very critical off seemed to work it's a function of of the offense. You know of some of your receivers being hurt not being able develop any. Riddled with bad. The running game has been sporadic this year so I think if not only the quarterback I think it's a function of the opposite in general. You know sometimes there's not clicking like it like it like it and we think parts of it but just not consistent. Coach and legendary club all you gotta be more a great minds in the history of this game are pleasing 83 years old is that correct. Eighty years old and guys still out waiting people half his age now. Conventional wisdom says that one way to rattle Jimmy Jesus get a steady stream of defenders Adam the titans have forty sacks. In their past three games are we gonna see Dick LeBeau unveiled just an all out attack on him. Well I mean you know Dick LeBeau has been good luck guys look good coaching defense and coaching in the league. For 32 years. And so most wounds and building that I walking tours around the National Football League. You know I'm proud of the senior dump out of that dude it's kind of seeing a lot of it what I walked in the big Lebow's bloom a felon to freshman. I really didn't. So you know I really did that could be a good guy I made it Bennett the ball pressure that one a better human being in the world I'd love this year here's what Dick LeBeau. Just being around and talk involved and just being you know they have what it could on the net that's NFL but legendary stuff in the NFL and I'm a huge. You know I I love that we've got you know I love the history depleted. And that's history in this league is pickle ball anyway the question yes he's got a very creative thing that's so you know what he does she didn't great tactician. Then of course you know he's blocking the same film I have been saying what brought broken duties seeing what he's capable lunch he's saying how which he has grabbed. You know cal options out there and then with that bit affected us that he's running it quit. Yet picked a ball have been bank because you're not going to be able to play you know brought almost straight up because this guy again I think he's got out east all rookie. This guy is is real I really impressed with his game and what he's done to elevate their whole team. Dave McGinnis noises here he's on the titans are radio network and a longtime coach in the National Football League and I'm just looking it up right here. Dick lobos last year is a player. Was 1972. Yeah they'll say look like safe from the guys who he could start look at it. It I can about that 1972. Of them last year I played continuing graduated and kicked a ball good at already played in the league and art if I had about fifty intersection delete and then we'll get hitting the culture and so. I promise you I'd jig Flacco like so. Back I just unbelievable what he quickly if you compare drop below to somebody else in the league another quarterback who would you say you were. You deliveries Drew Brees yeah Drew Brees coming into an NNN I'm not talking about so much physically and talk about the way the game flows through it. And it just looked like it slow you know whatever that is who they want to be typical typically you don't steady quarterback she just really wanna see how the game flows through over what an inch and it's so easy form and it's been at and it looks like it's effortless. And also that the way he did. He commands don't want to take that snapped. You can tell that he's got command of what's going on an inch you know some quarterbacks in this league when they take the snap on the made it look like you brought it up in the little freeway missile plan you'll. This guy. This guy is smooth now and I'm telling you what I think that's what are the first thing I think I'd you know I'd be looking at that by watching it you know why it was somewhat. Broadcast partners and and I sit. Freddie couples they simply talking about which legacy Lydia that's when they got it got a smooth swing helped prompt issue. They coach a 198 yards on the ground two weeks ago. And last week against the cardinals are your words it is considerably less than that I think it was 54 something around that Derrick Henry only got thirteen snaps against the cardinal. Think it can be much more involved this Sunday. Oh yeah I mean you already had converted linebacker but said that the other running game was benched erratic at one up on guys it's it's really oak. It's good in you know cute and it's a game you got it done enough game Bob Bennett over 600 NFL games you know that dust blow on the auction of every game is different. But but clearly I mean you know this team the football team they're the type built on running the football they got two very good back but they've got to get back going early you know I. Okay intimately with Mike Vick get out there K eight years of the bears. People live on or about turn around and at Walter Payton. Well guess what we do it is still turn around and handed it to all's well sooner or later this stay Whipple and and and stay almost by double blocks and be able to match up but he you know. It works for you but. You've got and you've got to be able be patient and you've got to be able to be functional with it so yeah I don't think both the back. Coach flip and Sen on this gives you got with the bears the year after the Super Bowl. And that team had just a ton of rock stars it's hard to believe. That the 85 bears didn't go on to win others who rolled 8687. Blows like being around make Mae and the defense. Walter Peyton Manning that was a crazy group. They're the best time in my life you know I mean on the Obama's summer and I'm I'm 33 years old guys. And I'm around they do what go to London to play will go to Berlin to. Emotionally you know where you know Mike Ditka that vision is that it is Dick Cheney have both Chicago and all those guys and there's like it would block by it. I'm literally was and it was so cool goes off created big. I mean you know Dick Gephardt's been dropped in a room with singletary no there's multiple global Marshall out there. Ron Rivera on the you know I I really wasn't very Smart I don't I'm not still not Smart I didn't know wouldn't bank actor here got you know and I'm Fletcher alive by the away all across the country. Is that not I mean I can hear that dude talked about football for ever he's pretty much seen and done everything in the route and I don't think he would stop he said Drew Brees. I know you should be at the time of his life with a rock star the first rock star sports team I think was that bears for the Super Bowl shuffle I am herbs he is guru. The warriors have been winning without staff did they really being tested. The rocket take home back think they are that tests.