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Saturday, December 16th

Urbs and Guru preview Niners-Titans with Kyle Madson of TitansWire.com and play Good for Ball/Bad for Ball


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It's time for girls and two room got to cover your hands and laughed that hard. On 957 big game. Here is Michael Irvin and Gerald Johnson. Thank you for joining. As I am Michael Irvin in studio would derelict you root Johnson we got till 4 o'clock all kinds of things. Popping off in the Bay Area and along bowl season has started guru. Want to one now bowl season loss. I just knew hosted at a junior Carolina blue what's that about. It's with kids got the hook up to see if the first governor brings out the notoriety brings up the blue minds. Don't get Lawson and be careful that does happen. But it just echoes with the rest of what I'm wearing and what kind like Carolina amana and love their basketball program grown up your kid your front runner film love of the Carolina blue and MJ was. Drop in national cheerleader memory and Jay college of react quickly and Reggie base he was in love with Jordan in college and I was a whole idea what you destroy yeah. But Oz like who's this Jordan guy. And our member more James Worthy and Sam Perkins to be honest review it Carolina that are there they were big that might yet there are the big dogs on net. Team that is pretty much when he needs a legend of MJ. Actually was born and the legend of JD was born before he got to the Golden State Warriors but before you got to the Golden State Warriors. I don't think anybody had an idea that his game is as well rounded. Is she showing now with staff Currie and I got a big question for your current staff curried and his ankle but I'm not casket now comment. And it. Argue about ten minutes before I bust this one out on you but I'm gonna give you an equally big question right now. And you know the guy downstairs here on third street right we always talk basketball with the security guy yeah he is a huge LeBron James said. And you'll go to his grave convinced that LeBron James is the bestseller on the plan. I agree with him. But a lot of people don't agree with me they CKD is now the best player on the planet and he's been proving it since staff curry got hurt. Because not only as he's put on his back ostensibly you know he was proven he's averaged more than 33 points but just is significantly. Until Wednesday guru. She was leading the NBA in blocked shots and people start to talk. About a not only as an all defensive team candidate that booted defensive player of the year candidate so I ask you cougar. As he passed McCain. Yeah and the reason he's passed McCain who steal getting it done this fifteenth season is physically there are two different Arenas. KD's in his prime right now. LeBron. Is used in his body like an older player woods and he's just above and beyond anybody else but we saw in the finals. LeBron couldn't guard KD. Two years ago in the finals when they hooked up he could win was would Miami kid he's had his number in the final here but get to Katie lost the finals to Jordan and every time astute reader abroad and every time they would go head to head. There would be brawn had some type of brain telepathy over you know he just there he was Diebold AKD not anymore and that's what that shot in the finals in Cleveland me it was like. The torch is passed out like a roll which two Buffy did you out wrong so to answer your question KD is better than LeBron James right now and what LeBron is doing this spectacular but KD is a freak of nature he's dark to wits Dion steroids. He can do with all he's like plastic man he can get to the Iraqi can shoot. You are that he's added seven to a repertoire now aware they give them the ball the shot clock running PW had to do a move he's just. I lift it bought and bought needs to go to basket I just shoot it over you're on talk any goes seeing right. It is like damn that's not fair. My point is. Hate the this is his league light. Is he is bleak I agree with everything you're saying that KG is a freaking nature he is absolutely phenomenal part of his Arnold. I don't agree that he LeBron what I'm clients that's why he wants from drive into the basket when the games are on the line. He will pass the ball in differ that's why can't read was the warrior killer and not LeBron that's why we seem abroad not to go down as resonate against Dallas one from the moment there's been a superstar that you can tell me is the best ever in the association it has that on their resume so LeBron there is a clutch gene is this a few needs to be changed and I don't see that with Kevin to ray this is JD's time right now and I believe if they were to have a cognac or beer the Broncos and Katie. You gonna do right now is no way ahead. Hell LeBron says that LeBron is stronger he's better rebounder he is a better passer. Would you agree with a street thinks. Not a better place you're given some serious. He's on a different this is one of those questions though that neither of us are right neither of us are running tally various it didn't but beyoncé so let's get some of English from the outing in Tripoli 957. 9257. He has JD in fact. And yes I did hear that Halley bear in beyoncé I got to that's pretty good one good analogy. The brawl and. Or KD test where on the planet for. There might be some people that are jumping in and give us another name on here with that name might be. Russell Westbrook is on line Tuesday when about me I'm might be the best player on the planet. He's waving at us just like you waving orange oil Ambien last night didn't checked out. That was the best in the NB got mad but rust did it who objected 33 shot that was jacket take 33 but he waved your ass off the court as he beach yet. And all the people the next Obama take OK season don't know doesn't make back their old gates he's in trouble they beat the warriors they beat Philly and they just beat another top dog team this week I'm telling you when it's time April. Watch out for just under. It's it's jealous just dock objects last 95795. Then nine Q five says on derail that didn't think he would get it done in the finals. But he more than surpassed expectations. I think right now Durant has no more inner demons. And is finally at peace emotionally and he's only gonna get better if that's possible in my opinion he surpassed LeBron James. Because defense tips the scales. At the very well stated point lets you show on. And Campbell has station on your own wither under what's up. I appreciate it and I go abroad because they're doing putting out. Pretty much identical numbers it not better numbers and more Asian. The Acadia that pat what we it would and it looked every eight you can't pay that. Oh now Katie doing it the new leader of the week. Look into. Your and he heard at the new labor that nobody seen yet. It's gotten. Our John appreciate the phone call if you want to weigh in on it it's the question of the day thus far Kevin Durant or LeBron James. Are those the only two guys in the conversation. As to who's the best player on the planet or do you have somebody else in mind there might be some people in Milwaukee say in what is ultimately a bucket. What would your life on the line. You give it to LeBron and now I'm I'm given its Qaeda because she's the best score that Spokane and Clark but I'll be finger so that was play. How it's playing you're wingspan. He's tied for the league in blocked peas in a good place mentally man. If I had. One on one situation and iso situation. And I had to pick one of the cute guys to defend I would pick LeBron. Now as a team defenders are rim protector JD is better. I mean he's got he's seven feet tall his wingspan for your tea and Orlando has they have the T and it and he's got a good team that plays defense would play and pray they put the best she's on yeah there's an event held in an apparent. And it right they do. Let's go to Brian in Los Altos Brian what's a UK dear Brohm Brian. Well I think that ball that they. Should not sure. Well we're. Well you know although all boats. All. I don't want our. Own. I'm. It's called the bad news but when the songs and opt. Strong. Thought you'd get it. Done kid but I. Don't know how many people all. So now. I don't know. Oh fault all of both on and what you've yet. Bought the batters. Are. Who U. And didn't come out and odd. About it. And then the action. I don't know how shall. We. So Brad bottom line if forming here you cast your vote for best player on the planet K dear LeBron. Oh I probably didn't know what we're on now be infinitely urged. There it is all right appreciate the phone call yes it was going on this phone to I didn't mean to Russia that. This is kind of a quick question answer you can expand on why you have your answer. But it's obviously it's a hot button issue because a lot of people are jumping on the line if you wanna join them. If you're on hold stay there do not get their Tripoli 95792517. Calls also weigh in via the Penske auto sales dot com to excellent. At 95795. We're talking about the best player on the planet in the NBA. The best player on the planet in the NFL is clearly Jim drop below at least that's what. Everybody associated with the niners will have you believe at 130 warrior going to be talking. We have somebody who covers the Tennessee Titans who played a big game in terms of their franchise in their immediate future. Worsen niners are playing not so much for the immediate future but. The building and rebuilding that John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan have undertaken Kyle Madsen of titans wires can join us. At 130 let's get back to the Canadian LeBron conversation on the Penske auto sales doc comptek slant. Again that's 95795. From the 707 this is up oxy in pizza and my friends I consider days I consider LeBron and KG equally. The same type of player right now has that feel sitting on the fence spot to come on. You can't answer but see if they can Berkeley's got an answer what tuchman. It can't be number one guy doing right now the bodies like the United Kingdom one of the quartet met. And the beat duke 72 and don't answer about whether. And he he I come up top are gone on the clock and it comes out Russian regular column partly on the lake bank. I'd be glad. I down passion nick nick came strong tough act to follow. But I think American Oakland is up to what to you where. Hey guys it's not that difficult for me is when to LeBron ultimately life personal law. I'm not particularly from Katie Britain the product of Vietnam incredible team of Olympic team not like everything a lot easier from America didn't have to do much. For starters. Second of all on your question or give up 21. K LeBron or he'd be I think the bottle bit break keep you like twenty. Akamai dot com every single time. Well we got stiff in the finals and LeBron averaged monster numbers. But JD had the moment where he came down on the wrong you remember that you shot from from the score stable my game. Absolutely I'd. I applaud them up by about time's sake remember the four other players based in the court basing everything on that week amid the connection to reflect the copper. It can't cover cuts like 71. Would have a foot you know a wing span Q and from like the sky means some pop. Chihuahua guys nicely put Eric thank you for the phone call so parts tutor to guru. And it's split 5050 in studio to. I still think it's LeBron is the best and our player on the play I'll never use my number two gentlemen are in a race my answer. But LeBron is in such a good place right now it's like he's part of the this super Floridians. Because when he was with Westbrook bronze mop the floor with him in the finals. When Miami beetle Casey now you come to this great team are ready to Golden State Warriors beat Kevin Durant is like on a scale of one to tip. He's probably used seven of his superpowers. Because he doesn't need to be that in that he needed to be okay seat so that does tilt to it. You know it AK es favor right he's in a better position or bronze to asked to do every day and he's doing. There and to a degree depending on you know look it's a semantics issue to best player on the planet that doesn't even mean. Most valuable player I mean. If you had to vote right now for MVP of the league I don't think either one of those guys would win James that then slow I mean it it just depends on. You look at the exploding terms of KG or LeBron. Best player on the planet that's the argument right now and so far it is split 5050. I'll give you another text line example. In the 52 and Kidd he's on a great team why do people forget that he went to a 73 win team. Because he choked off. WCF series and I don't know I didn't mean to an OK see at close Tuesday down 31. And clay clay turned into sex Superman if you're gonna put that all on Acadia I think that's grossly out there there's a lot of his doorstep kimono out bomb that Daniel Robin and we lose. It's too as you would meet the needs to take the brunt of the criticism they just they didn't play OK she'd prefer so look they got to a 31 only and so they've they've played on the cam at all. But eventually. When you basically play ice so your turn my turn your turn my turn which is what dot. Okay see him bluntly I am it's but then eventually when the shot stopped falling. And if you've got to really well rounded team that can be human number of ways that toward open the door. For the warriors to get back here and oh by the way it wasn't stiff Currie who brought them back from the dead it was Klay Thompson just gone bananas. In that game six let's go back out to the phone lines Paul is in San Ramon Paul bestseller on the planet. Well this. I'll look at. The army coat or one. Our collection and football player. At least. Wanted to. What's your partner. Should not what you all. Are. At. March. I'm content. Parent at seven but. Got this. And I don't which literally. A question. She. Well it's not she worked to keep. Its exports to. All your photos give a little bit frees you honest you got your vote and we appreciate you calling that you for the kind words but. Your phone is Africa so we had to move on also we gotta be respectful of the people that have taken their time to call into the program but real quick before we get back. The issue at hand in the question as best putter on the planet as a Kevin Durant has passed LeBron James Byrd you have somebody else in mind you just might. My question to you and I've given some time trying to. Trying to figure I wanna phrases and and it relates to stiff Currie his absences allowed. AD to kind of assert himself the way. Stanton did last year when Odom got hurt right. But. Stiff curious to phrase is the face of the wars and KG has conceded that that interesting KG likes. That he doesn't have to be the face of the franchise he likes it. It's death stepped as the go to guy for the media the fans and he sees it remaining relatable these smaller guy he's not that physical freak of nature. But we all know is injury history in his ankle woes long time ago though it was a long time ago by hand. That's why what happened. That step on the shelf is such a oh god is it is this the start of another run of injuries for staff curry so of course. You gotta support the warriors in being ultra cautious especially as deep as there in bringing step back before we get back. To the question at hand Acadia or LeBron who's a better polar on the planet if stiffed curry comes to you grew group. In Europe towards her death in your plan all along has been. No matter what were arrested this guy until January we we we can't do it because for the warriors. We're gonna do it because of his history but one of staff comes to you. December 23. Now Anthony Slater. Of the athletic just tweeted out. And let me read this word for word or regular news. Step curry was going full speed in shootings rules per probably. This is contradictory full speed shooting drills but pro 75% speed button. Like he's absent and our writers. No noticeable hitch on the right ankle OK again it's got to do some debt comes due on December 23 and says. I'm ready to go wanna play now you go to the trainers and they say he's probably dying and for a percent he he can get out there. Has he earned the right to say I wanna go now I don't wanna wait until January out of play Christmas Day against the cap. Yeah he's on the right but he won't use the right I'll be the right in on the say so on I know you wanna play but we're trying to win the battle and we're not Morgan arrested you need to see it I mean they need to just take every precaution with this injury. I don't wanna see step back and tell him I mean this I know we noses body. Maybe to the middle of January so your standing up to step failure doctor's orders apprentice in is in a good waited until the franchise guy you know this. Enough. Well there are just rupture something nor do you pull up wanted you know how what happens with you pull up in the U alone though they've got to be some severe it is this nag and being. In this dark cloud that follows us the rest of the season ticket out we wanted to get into the player 'cause it was a Christmas game against Cleveland now you are right steps is the man he knows is spot he knows what's at stake. But I'm trying to go back to back. And I don't want staff is to it to re injure this or tweak it to where it happens because you'll never you could sit out two weeks you'll never really know of his field. In tool Eagles fool you don't all the way and Indian areas we're back fob from five years ago to where stiff pulled out just running and he's gonna be out three weeks he would be out to. Not I got ya you know here's Gary man here's how to handle it because staffers who is in what he means the franchise. Am I and given the benefit of the doubt. I'm first can go before I say yes for sure on the go to the trainers and if I get a he's probably in 1995%. He's gonna go right. I'm gonna let him go but if there's anything anything even remotely. The suggests he is tweaked he loses that right forever he will never again get the benefit of the doubt from me when it comes to his ankle and so. Dominick gives him. That right to make a call his own shot by any. Any sized car that goes away and I'm pulling out. Out and I'm saying now we are gonna see you Roland and I don't okay let's talk to young hot Mickey is our producer he just graduated congrats nick. Would you just ethnic stiff comes do you. December 23 and says I'm ready to go coach. I trust my team it's on the VP. And it's a he sprained his ankle again on January. 12. Nick would be fun to lose does he lose the right to call a shot from their forward verbeek its need to sprain his ankle marched off. True but but if it comes fairly recently to the to this one mean and the history is history we all know. If he tweaks and again inside a couple of weeks then I'm thinking you were good ago. You know longer to to make that call but why would I just don't see stuff making a call rush himself back at any point during the season the warriors. Are playing a phenomenal level with a what he does it seem like that type of eagle guy. I agree the situation it's hypothetical right Dino would you like to win on this Mino Dino. Indian for the win what's happening now what would you do staff comes do you Indian trust any and all one name coach what are usage stats. Problem and casino. Like it was and they're not like in that way airing tonight losing games. Adam very much. And I think you'd like you know the fact that their plants oh well I'll leave any kind of pressure he might have Russians back. Yeah no known the type of guy he is he's probably looking considerably why on earth would I come back this is allowing. Especially violent and LT KD think the ego is you know Stefan never come on sample we are gone Eagles a good point he think he might feel like hey honey I Asia's lead this. You don't is great meal. The need to get back so they don't forget about well. That is very good point here is Gerald drew Johnson I'm Michael Irvin we got to till 4 o'clock 130. We're gonna talk with cal Madison he is the managing editor. Of titans wire the titans of course you're coming Indus and declare tomorrow in giving Jimmy G the Disney prints the first real test. Of his time is starting quarterback of the forty niners put the question of the moment it is Kevin Durant. Or LeBron james'. Best player on the planet its code Anthony in Oakland Anthony you're on whether finger what's up. Play without guys Hubner and everybody on the ballot. Dedicated. On a better team how that argument against. Our Forte. I if you would aid him. With another unit powers that Gary and Matt and myself. And LeBron. In that you all you probably. He's got it was party in Pittsburgh. The pop the ball dominant player in the lead if you did it. They passed the ball and apparently we're so if he would promote ball player on the warriors. Honestly I think he'd be walking. By the warrior type game oh. IPad game to where. He's not a point guard LeBron in moderately important or on the bigger so. Did you hit it great is quite a divide between dynamic and so I can expect in the group of numbers and as our rebounding. I would. D'antoni Morgan had not overnight at a breakdown every aspect of each guy's game you cast your vote I appreciate you listen. I appreciate you making that phone call several other people have made their call in this is going to be subject throughout the day right now LeBron has the slight edge. Over KG for best player. On the planet there is no doubt. Who the best player on the planet isn't and I felt all right good group. Jimmy G Jimmy G Jimmy G Disney printer at least that's what the hyperbole. Being spewed spewed a negative word being enjoyed. By 49 Ers fans put our Tennessee fans convinced. Tom Madison's the managing editor at times wire. And he just might be telling us why Dick LeBeau the eighty year old mastermind of the titans defense is gonna have some say about this crowning of Jimmy G. Now back to Michael Irvin and guru on 957. The game. Deer on the wheels of steel. This old school new addition India. That that that's. Now all the ones that is mile range so justice equality where we're there you know who else does quality Berger who. Who he is terrible you're Johnson I'm Michael Iran I'm not saying we do quality work although we do and will be doing it for another. Two and a half hour for you but also doing. Quality working we like to go behind enemy lines ever once in awhile and it's a it's an important time to do so because that enemy. It's trying to take down the hottest new thing in Bay Area sports Jimmy gee is that Tennessee Titans. And defensive guru Dick LeBeau eighty year old defensive coordinator of the Tennessee Titans managing editor at the titans wire. This town Madison and he joins us time now Kyle how argument that you free time. Yeah absolutely happy you're happy to be out at at. So what are you thinking that Dick Lebow's thought process. Is when he's thinking about how to attack Jimmy gee I know that the titans at twenty sacks in their past three games I know that Lebow as. Have a well deserved reputation as a defensive innovator. I think he is going to have Jimmy G. Looking at things and thinking she's one thing and it's something completely different that's part of the genius of Lebow what do you know about their plan. Yeah I mean what we're gonna he would you see a lot of different dotted what is that we haven't seen yet from the titans this year and act and how about not linebacker Derrick Morgan. They're pat pat structure so what we saw last week with big dollar what is it that shaky job interpret the consent linebacker where it would yard. Under at an academy got it to did a lot of weird stir up when he dropped back a lineman Albert they're pretty straightforward that are part of bank. We'll see bring into our guys aren't put in extra pressure on technical problem making him and they can get rid of the ball. Now when you look at the I must tell Michael the playoffs there if the season ended today the titans arena at the fifth seed. And I've been watching markets Mary go to and I feel like he's taken a step back but at the same time he's playing. You know job wind because he's been injured power the fans in god Tennessee taken to mark his. And what looks like to be kind of a lackluster performance here in the last few weeks. It is no way everybody. Mario being. He did he'd be. It it's up at the quarter terrier bit game. It's the head coach Mike all our Keener and touching Arriaga. Keeping him from really growing in taking that step a lot of people thought you would make in year to re. I could accommodate a terrible and get a lot of your receivers keep working where you can elder they're packing it off they're. It every throw missed it by a yard. Guys. Out nobody really on the same page I think that that factor. Mario are being injured during the opt in marketing there were a lot of these guys. And then they're murky incredible learning. There and it L game. The bush years that have come Madison he's the managing editor of the titans are the kinds of course coming into town. To take on the Jimmy G led San Francisco 49ers. Couple weeks ago the titans' ground attack looked very good very healthy. Dare to Henry was a big part of it last week it seem like they dial back. Dare camrys usage what do you expect to see this week I mean I love Henry's game I want to see more. Yet apt to get Eric bar. They're Tenneco. In anger or what your elaborate more carries and lastly you would have killed thirteen now cute on that person having not or TD or. I hit it very clear today at their option to move toward you on the other news making plays. The king and coaching up that the truck can. To pass protect the truck and a receiver and that played it Mark Murray and urged them much beat it he can do so much more. I'd be a need to start putting and in addition to Tupac protect you more receiver to currency weakened to speak idiot being much more effective rhetoric that points out. People on Sunday are we seeing more and we student sports and the ball and really trying to act it's foreigners were steeper which had been better lately that Japanese don't agree unit. I think it turned it they're angry girl. How big of a surprise is the free safety Kevin the yards who is tied for the league lead in interceptions from NFL safeties. He's been. Out standing England last year he started the final game he would get it. And I were key that they kind of build. And not be held on. It told him he was gonna kinda kneecap in the heat and they're gonna run and is that jingle I made the right around and make plays or not but he really taken that role very well. I you know outstanding coverage guys are great instincts. And get out and supported well and he'd been what are the key factor. I mean turning it he sent around at night beat the coaching that Newt did you I think a lot of people were cited about them. But he'd take an op he's playing at all probably starting probable. And I think he'd he'd taken it. That step we thought we eventually. He'd taken him much greater than that we thought he's really playing or. Tom Madison is the managing editor at tying to wire you can follow on that Kyle and a Madison against Kyle a Madison in Madison's immediate. ISO and didn't have to spend some time. With yours truly I'm Michael Irvin girl bigger Johnson is in studio with us if you want his sup on the Penske out of so stuck context line if you want a sneak in. A question for mr. Madison. 95795. Kyle. When the niners run obviously Carlos Hyde is a big part of it but they've also been featuring their fullback. In about 32%. Of their offensive snaps now the running game in general. Hasn't been huge for the niners especially since Jimmy gee god and I believe they run on about 32%. Of their plays. But what do you think Lobo I mean is we'll both focusing so intently. On Jimmy G and stopping Jimmy G that this might be a day where the niners flip the script and they start on on the rock little bit more. You know all wore out at me because. He's been very very scared that they'll tackle the point you out. And we saw the cardinal the worst in the league and Adrian here in play lots we generate program argument I. Site that might eat something where it actually trying to exploit early on. Because the disease type that out somebody in the middle and on the line. Can we we eat it and are trying to act a little bit but then again. The titans. Secondary buried deep under operative in Pakistan right now. And attacked and their corners. Now I know there's no margin for error but I'm just wondering. What what mood is the team in with this game because the next two games or against delete division leading rams. And jaguars respectively. I feel like the titans know they need this game they're gonna make it to the playoffs. Oh yeah lonely days being. It's a fact that. It occurred to beat the jaguars and we certainty. And they lose their candidate or punched in and out there and a lot twelve bit and it out of your. And I are coming into the game now and don't worry our red and bingo play their. And and I think there will be badly need. It and air it you know a lot and I think you brought to light a lot of these problems on the Internet enabled. Pull out they read at the end of game that they were able to be weak and I think they're gonna make an adjustment and are gonna come and to their color art. Double Mormon it's who have come Madison he's managing editor of time into our follow him on Twitter at Kyle aid. Madison former Penske auto sales dot com two excellent again that's not 57. 95 can you ask if Derek came during his talked about playing against Rubin Foster at all. He has not. There and they're not aware. Now Ruben Foster is down he he's it he was. He's the Jimmy G the defense basically not at that level because he's not a quarterback and is that struggles staying on the field as a rookie. But he is a dynamic defender. When Tennessee Titans fans are talking about this weekend's match up. Are they like everybody out here and focusing focusing strictly. On this hot young quarterback or do they actually see the there's going to be other guys on the field this weekend. Yeah a lot of it drop while to be anti obviously honored that they grade. And everybody kind of watch and wondering is an art now darting in and keep on winning like that where a lot of folk it is. I'm very aware are very aware of leader Colbert they're better and buried required on the 49ers beat and. Other tight knot and you have to be aware of certain of the ball. Topic commute time I know it's a busy day for you enjoy your time down to declare tomorrow thanks again. I have come Madison he is the managing editor. Pat how inspiring things to jump out and yeah that Henry would mention that matchup with his ball play. And aren't you think you don't want to remind and that's obviously why the question came from the Penske. Signs are that it but it does underscore and look it's it's not just locally here that everybody's talking about Jimmy GM we're gonna hear how now it's everywhere we're gonna play the sound. From coach mcginnis who's former NFL head coach he was also on Mike Ditka staff for that great nineteen. In the eighties the bears were the best defense is. Of all time and he could not stop gushing. About Jimmy gee I thought it was just Mayer's fans are so starved for something positive. And everyone's going aboard present company included to a certain degree. But there's been so little to be excited about. And manners land that it's just hey here's something let's let's runway that man belt which isn't always a slow. Oh yeah no it's in its real itself substance. I mean dude you. You cut five or six years seven years off of what are we gonna get our you know quarterback. You get a rookie quarterback didn't give them a three year buffer before you decided he's a buster not whoa now in these times now. That's like two years of my god you have. There there's like the finish line now you got your franchise quarterback what really blitz to be want in everybody's in all in the pedigree he comes with. With being with leukemia older. Is what really gets me extra excited. And now wondering Tom Brady your league to not against the dolphins his achilles' acting up I'm just saying. I wonder whole bill is somewhere by himself like damn. Maybe we gave Jimmy G a way to squeak. Is something more to go terribly wrong with Tom Brady the patent is certainly a possibility OU think right now about however one. Among the niner faithful are thinking about our feeling about Jimmy EG. Wasn't raider nation feeling the exact same way at this time last year about their quarterback and somewhat so that they too all the money in the world Adam and now in the fact that they'd it'd throw all that money at them piece paid until you put everything in life can be labeled one of two ways. Good for ball so bad for ball. Was giving Jarrett car all that money before he would want anything of substance. Good for ball or bad for ball what to help the safe ways teriyaki chicken wings had to deal with now that Michael Irvin and who room on 957. That game thank you for being with us. I'm Michael Irvin his Darryl the duke Rudi Johnson it's a beautiful Saturday afternoon in downtown San Francisco. And it's always a beautiful time of the show. When we do we start playing a little game we've played for years now it started out with me doing it on the writing side of things and it's morphed its way. Inter radio we always look forward to it it is called good for ball bad for ball. It's time course. Standing toward bad through. You say yeah. Here's Michael her dad. Everything in life can be labeled one of two ways good for ball or bad for ball. Guru I'm gonna guess that you would label the York trip in to San Francisco this morning bad for ball horrible horrible horrible for ball. I'm gonna give you. Another bad for ball every Friday. I make a point of stopping at my neighborhood Safeway because they do five dollar Friday is that the best sandwich has ever. Did you five dollar Fridays at the deli and if it's got a big grit sticker. With a white five dollar sign in the middle of it you pay five dollars for whatever has that sticker he boom right yup. Been doing it for years last night I got appear at 11 o'clock I got to Safeway. Little bit before closing time which was midnight. I go to the deli counter. Five dollars on this big thing teriyaki chicken wing about the and I know the wings have been there all day and that's whether five dollars but they're still. They're going to be Grubman and I'm on the easier and I'm on the cheap date so I grab it may take it to the front and 1117. Surgeon who might. Okay just point to the sticker. Thing he looks at me with a glycol a current series ago it's five bucks dude. And he says no sir that's five dollars a pound. My when did that chain link it's never been that I've never not paid five dollars for something with a stick it. Turns out he was just being lazy he went with the bar each Scandrick has had a bar code all right the sticker supersedes. All day long the bar code so you better you give them my doesn't gonna budge. We really won't where's your manager you better way to hide out in economy casino you hate I am right now I'd put him back walked out. The Michael herb and I know gave Ian. You should call me I would get what are red siren on the caddie and we got that for five dollars how dare you let it be too. Now I didn't maybe I'm glad you left a bit tiger did not all we were all bad for. Young not Nick Brown took a significant I hates how dead are we on the track with a new name would go here and have to get over arching my character and he's OK with it. He is beautiful. He's also a college graduate can graduation snack that you made on my that's. Broadcast from the telecommunication sensors who have stayed we're. In dumbing it don't feel that medication don't feel babbitt's division to education not all of us can go Seymour. There was little pinellas study in position and slap you. Just playing along and also San Francisco stated I gated equality school. Next you're the host of good for ball bat to ball what do you got for us. Love it love look forward to every Tom away in my guys the skewed to. The fairy tale story of Jimmy gee is alive and well the niners have won both games Eugenia under senator. And our improved to three in ten however with another win niners will be out of the running for the first overall draft pick. What the playoffs out of mind. Is it good for ball are baffled bought the niners finished six and ten they if they win the rest of the game and this year so if they win. Tomorrow. They have zero shot that the number one overall so. You gonna get a good for borrowed from its its. Bad for ball to his team is showing you did they got their franchise quarterback. They got all the money in the world this draft position does not matter all of these teams the former home with four quarterback include the browns. They're gonna do what they want to so now you act like the wind and French Fries you used to be and you goes to make. Make lipstick on a heated and you see in the forty niner faithful this season home like. We were only nine. Now we've got six. Man this is special go he would only get respectable right now this is bad for ball trying to lose out go in get them w.s. All right that's jurors take my take is that look. I don't think they're gonna if I get it mathematically. You eliminate yourself from getting the number one pick over all if you win this we can and that's fine. I want him to finish in the top three which means I don't want them to win out. My ideal scenario is that grow up blow and the Mariners continue to play very well. But they lose three consecutive close games and end up with a top three pick that for me would be good for ball what you got next necked. Fellas Matamoros 28. Will not get a third year in San Francisco to tie straight into the Rangers last night for arguably the ball clubs most significant move the off season. I call the financial addition by subtraction Matt Moore trade good football or basketball. I'll go first year oh my god I don't think good for ball covers it it is fantastic for ball it is. Overwhelmingly. Positive. For ball only from a selfish standpoint I never wanna watch Matt Moore pitch again. If you give me if you put that kind of stuff. In the body of somebody waited. Major art with a major competitive nature you've got yourself a perennial Cy Young award winner. But no you haven't in Matt Moore who is soft here Sharma and soft he is putting cut off she is now. All watching him so bad for ball to him out of town on a cure what you got back form that's good for ball. Good for ball the passion right the error and I look and I don't like it it's great for ball and of my life depended on didn't hit off a Major League pitcher and they see did you get to pick the pitcher it would have been more he's the role in G is just batting practice to hitters out. I hated watching them and he's got dirty stuff. But my point but said the mud elevator girl goes all the way up to that dirty Florida where he tries to use it Mike you noted is. If if it's intra squad game. And I've got there have got to get a hit off someone I don't wanna face more because there's no pressure now. I had a bad thing if it's on a big league stage. Give me a bat because Vista on tougher mentally. And Matt Moore on everyone's tougher mentally and Matt Moore I'm sorry I'm done with a grimace let's move on. That was funny too hopes. Warriors have been undefeated since stepped Curry's ankle injury. And have been playing at the same level whether at home on the road does it matter who on the court for the warriors. However in Houston James Harden CP three of once twelfth straight now. On January 4 these two team to collide held a players like Zaza and drain money to step could still be out my question. Is unhealthy warrior team facing a strong rockets team good football basketball herbs could and one that's college graduate. Look at it what you got your turn you to go first and unhealthy warriors team taken on as opposed to fully loaded warriors taken on the rockets. Bad for ball I wanna see both teams at full strength and I really believe that the rockets are playing like the warriors style of play Ryan Anderson. Yeah yeah I mean you guys you got guys on that team they can just hand. I just hate the fact that we're gonna see the showdown on the fourth day and it's gonna be oh. You know curry may not be there right are Houston's injured so I never wanna watch a game. Like this Christmas Day game with the cavs and Isaiah Thomas now being there I want both teams are full stress so is bad for ball. I certainly understand that standpoint I'm gonna take the opposite tack. I think you will be good for ball because I want to an end and it may even be good for ball the rockets win that game. Because they celebrated. Like they had won the NBA finals when they beat the warriors at full strength. On opening night wars lose an open in the I don't think they understand exactly. What they're gonna face if stand up squared off with the Golden State Warriors. In the post season and I don't want to tip their hand and anyway I want them. To come into a playoff series against the warriors overconfident and and that's what they'll be if they beat the warriors again in the regular season they have a better chance to doing that. If the warriors are not fully loaded so it's a little bit. I want. The Warners to absolutely pummel the rockets in the post season for the way they celebrated. On opening act that we don't know Warner and organs need each other so do it now. Well if they don't meet each other stuff comes word no in the direction of her identity up. So I'm gonna say I'm not fully loaded warriors team taken on the rockets is good for ball. Just yet Mick. Stick with the war is a little bit of Monday they're going to be play in the Los Angeles Lakers the Los Angeles Lakers have actually decided to retire the black mama Kobe Bryant's Jersey numbers eight and 24. A man with two in Jersey numbers that are symbolic for two different players and basketball. Kobe left his mark in both Kobe Bryant getting bulls Jersey numbers retired the football basketball. I'm I'm no good for ball is great for ball it is two different pairs of lakers basketball nobody's ever done this is kind of represented what he got to accomplish when Shaq and then what he got accomplished without Jack which is more significant to me because nobody thought. He would get it done they thought well. Not that people were seeing Shaq was the only reason they won. But I think a lot of people assumed it was that partnership that won it and without one or the other. The other guy can't win a title momma said yes I can't. And I can do with how Gasol as my senator so retiring two members it's really easy for fans to say hey. Not fans of Kobe fans that like to go down Kobe road astounding likes to say it. It's easy first and say this is typical Coby he's so selfish she needs to jerseys retired. He didn't put a gun to the lakers brass to get this done thank you he's due this. After Jordan for me we talked about yesterday was stymied Colby's the second greatest player in the NBA in my lifetime and that's how high regard a hold of me eight were eight resembles the young Colby did Gunner Coby and 44 is the mature -- the one they won without Shaq the one that what won two titles with Bynum is your starter consider Hamas a hat and your I don't know multi Kobe the black -- the first dude ever -- -- how jealous that Shaq or the other lakers who disguised even to court did to steroids is that one died it was too bad jokes. Or would you bet that Kobe would shock you with the bulls announced that sometime next year there and retired number 4585. Was that lucky last against Orlando he fell on the floor at Orlando Luke after he lost the baucus is handles were rusty it was like Superman without his take so my don't want nothing about 45 or die has Charles Berkeley weighed in on this. Do you know what out I can't remember the fat boy had. Gotta go bad for ball with this all right I'm I'm gonna take over now I've got a few of mine. There was a quote. From John Carlos stands agent. Guitarist and go in and one of the reasons Stan didn't wanna come San Francisco was because he is quote. He football player her. Why he wants to play he's competitive. He wants of playing meaningful games. And turn them John Carlos stand to a football player saying. He's competitive he wants to play meaningful games. As a reason for not going to San Francisco good. Ball irreparable that's to that's bad for ball in what they asked if they mean thank you. Like baseball players in basketball and I cannot tell you headed his dad grandpa to say you wanna come here when he talks like right I was to be he sounds like you'll at the minute. Do us a heart broken or army do its his whole thing is to do one. I'm like a liar did you really got why we give you wanted to be here week stint on the Regis he sounded like a bus tour. That's why. There's been talk. That Bruce votes she might step down if the giant struggle again next year. If the giants struggle again next year. And Bruce boat she steps down would that be good for Boller reference it it would be good for ball. Because he knows. It's gonna take a long time and maybe this job is for a young book you know not a guy to get your face. OT's elegant bow to ease Dylan we know what he can do. All right if you've got a good football bat the ball we'd love to hear for a beer triple 8957. Nine to 57 in the Penske out so stuck comptek slime of course. It's 95795. There is another NFL team. In the Bay Area by the way in their pretty damn big game. Sunday.