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Saturday, December 16th

Urbs and Guru talk Winter Meetings and more with San Francisco Giants GM Bobby Evans


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It's time for groups. Gotta come here. On 957 beginning. Here is Michael Irvin and Gerald Johnson. The area. Michael Irvin studio was there. Do Ruth Johnson we got till four clock more. More specifically you've got us and lucky you lucky all of us well got Nick Brown he's produced and today. Young hot neck out Scott on the wheels of steel for the time being a done deal would be where this navy's command who. Little bit later does not matter what matters. We've got you the listener we've got great guests who were you doing this morning I'm fired up ready to go we got four hours are you gotta give Ian and give out. Now one of the regular segments when you're on the air semi regulars do root gripes. And when he came in this morning and look like you had a gripe already what happened. Somebody decides decided to throw themselves on the train tracks embark. And the ram of Missouri event I don't know who what stand and platoon was in the life man I mean I don't know why you would do that to them. In effect your loved ones but anyway the trailer backed up two and a half hours and it was like a New York. Subway train herbs to Wear armor Meehan cuss and a women. I was in the B word and I wanted to be like a superhero intervene but up learn like what Harbaugh has taught us. Stay in your lane to live another day like Lavar ball has taught us today you don't like wow I. That voice is out of. Darrell the guru Johnson you can follow him on Twitter at tripled the your route can follow me on Twitter that big herbs sports. Here's you wanna be a part of the conversation we're gonna kick things off. With baseball finally the giants and days of started making some votes Bobby Evans the general manager. The aforementioned charge is going to be joining us at 1230. If you wanna join the conversation Tripoli not 579 to 570. Again 888957. 9570. The Penske auto sales dot com touch line. It's 95795. And you can follow station on Twitter at 957. The game in addition to having GM of the giants' Bobby Evans will be talking with Kyle Madsen. He's the managing editor of titans wire the titans of course. Are gonna give Jimmy G Jimmy G Jimmy G Disney prince Jimmy gee his first real test. As King Kong. The San Francisco slash Santa Clara forty niners looking forward to that conversation Scott there. He is the raiders insider for NBC sports California he's Jimmie joining us in the 2 o'clock hour mark Medina the dubs beat writer for the Mercury news will join us. In the 3 o'clock hour pretty good guess list. Taken that you guys are going to be even better again Tripoli 957. 957 me because we're going to be talking to Bobby Evans to Rupp at the bottom of the hour let's start with the giants they struck out last week we are talking a lot about. Them losing out on Joey a timing they lost doubt on John Carlos is definitely lose I don't know town. I only available to deal with the team at any point. Yeah well we'll give him that I I'm. I was more disappointed about not getting a Tommy and I was as you know about John Carlson host a quarter billion dollars. With a lot of money but the fact remains that let us know. At that money is theirs and now maybe it was only for a generational talent like John Carlos Stanton. But they freed up even more payroll grew grew yesterday. By trading degree and this is what I call amass more. Most aggravating watch for me in the big leagues is no longer in Orange and black he's been sent packing to Texas of all places. That get uglier grimaced. At three to nine million dollars out of eyesight you. Yeah does excite me because a lot of people wanna know and there in their impatient in regard to what is the giant brass gonna do. Just relax and wait to the brand is done in the oven and it will be served but until then relax in the fact that they freed up nine million as you just talked about. That lets me know herbs during the lab. They're not contain it. And we assumed to find out hopefully what's behind door number one but also two and three and four. And again we're going to be talking the giants general manager try to get his dome a little bit find out what he sank in. What the plan might be going forward again freedom nine million dollars by sending. Matt Moore took the Texas Rangers so no longer do we have to watch. A guy who you don't know if that look on his face is abject frustration or he's kind of chuckling that he made his pitch you know my guys that were big league hitters do they hit good pitches to. I just I was done with a watching him cannot say some are yeah absolutely it's your show to. If he should've stayed in the game game four against the cubs see Europe thirteen. He was rolling along. And we saw what happened when vote to remove them. I'm sorry I'm gonna remember his team you're here to where he should be left in the game against the cubs in there would have been that infamous game five in Wrigley Field that I felt the. That's what I had. You know and that's a great segue to that my main topic and the a's may move as well by the way got it's the Scotty from the cardinals and that was in just a really good move for the days on the competitive level. But on just a human being leveling you know those kind of stories I gravitate towards group. Scotty you as a local product went to Amador valley high in Pleasanton maturity elated to Stanford. Pretty good pretty damn good Major League outfielder so VA's benefited from that perspective to the Scotty family. Benefited even more so because the matriarch had a fairly is suffering from a pretty debilitating disease in the cardinals. Did definitely a solid bison and the study back home he's given me much closer mom. The Finley can stay tighter they need to be just like about Dexter sort of my it's just good thing today and played Major League Baseball you know his job. SI awesome it's just a classy move by classy organization you know you hear a lot a lot of teams try to say you know. Or real way the giants way the rangers' way well it kind of started with the cardinals the cardinal way. And there is a cardinal way where is I think a lot of the other teams that are kind of adopted that slogan. Their just co opting in it's just kind of a cool thing to do but. The cardinals actually do you have a way of doing business and they've done it forever and they've always done business. When a certain level class which is why I'm always admired them from afar and what they did for the post Gotti family makes them it makes me admire and now much more. Do you think there's any baseball fans. We can overlook this move for what you just spoke about I got shields. And look at it just from a hey you know that's great but from a baseball perspective it just focusing in and hone in on it's it's got the I. You would be a creep to do that right yeah have a you know they're creeps in the world right wiring job on Twitter put the climate they relive and. A lot of creeps in the world we're finding out and I have feeling or to continue to find out more and more. And more Matt Moore is no more and sentences ago again I say to the Texas ranger trees that nine million dollars. In payroll. The a's picked up an outfielder that allows them to move crash Davis to designated hitter full time we all know he's not the greatest killer. In the world but. Here's my thing here for sticking in my craw a guru if you paid attention to the winter meetings. And there wasn't a whole lot going on at the winter meetings on Monday it peaked. Normally Monday is when you kind of start settling in and it peaks on Wednesday Thursday is the rule five draft. They peaked on Monday with a Giancarlo Stanton press conference which they can have done anywhere they decided to do work. All the baseball world was gathered but the only real movement we saw the winter meetings. Was the least sexy area of a baseball team. However the richest market of the offseason was middle relievers not closers. Guys that work the sixth seventh eight inning. A mess of them change teams there were a lot available a lot of really good ones available. And for me if you've got all this money that you're gonna spend on chart caller Stanton and now you freed nine million more. We know the giants have bullpen problems as you mentioned you wished more had stayed in that game. Well if the relievers had done their job you wouldn't be thinking that relievers for the most part didn't do their job last year either. That's an area where you can quickly. And relatively cheaply. Strengthen your club and the a's need a bowl and make over two. For the life from meager I don't understand why they didn't attack that market is the one area where there's a surplus of talent and again. Relatively affordable well when you talk about pays when was the last time they went out in just one on a shopping spree. It's paid big money so they're being frugal right now do you can't spend big turning on the aisle herbs but. If you if you remember a.'s games. I just don't remember put in a remote control down saying you know what the middle relief Coston that game it cost in this game it was bad defense and the lack of timely hitting. And guys eaten for average which I feel like the a's didn't have enough so again into all of this is the off season is complete. I'm just given the benefit of the doubt to the days and the giants and you just told me a step that blew blew me away almost guessed it. The average. Audi innings pitched four star last year was. Find between five and two thirds innings so baseball and there was a subset middle release 67 penny penny are more valuable than ever right now do you think these two teams deem that. The debt that's the most valuable. I don't know I don't know what. Think in which is why it's so great that we have the giants general manager Bobby Evans join us at 1230 make sure that you do not miss that. Oh look it's an area again where you could have quickly addressed it because. A tonic guy signed this past week and they were signing for deals nobody got less than two years and nobody got more than 21 million. Plus think about that you spend a relatively small amount of money which fits in today's budget too by the way. And then. Look it's easier and quicker to get middle relief guys because all run down the list a name to guys that signed. And enlist your total CNET you're not gonna recognize at least half of those names. Well it takes longer it's more expensive to get the big names that are gonna have an impact on your offense and look I'm not I'm not trying to kid anybody the giants desperately need to upgrade their opt out no doubt VA's I like their offense I don't think they're as desperate to improve. There offense but anybody can use a little bit more power in today's. Power focused game I just felt like the giants missed the boat. Am not going out and getting some of those guys that can work 678. Hope that Milan two bounces back and gives you what you thought you were buying last off season. And then he'd still have plenty of time to figure out are we here for JD Martinez are we here for some of these. Quote unquote lesser lights can we trade for and Andrew McCutcheon that stuff takes time. This could have been done quickly in the winter meetings proof that goal strengthen your bullpen and I can't wait to talk to Bobby. And the reason being the giants to me shouldn't be. They eat that you shouldn't even be upset with him. Herbs because it was obvious they were not in games the games over by the fifth and sixth inning because they can compete with this new where hidden the ball up the ballpark they just were not scorn enough so let's say Walesa was held the in this field the is all could be proven useless Russo Kirk he still would been useless and if so. I just feel like they're focused on getting runs we look at the two teams in the World Series one and two respectively and hit the long ball that's where sat in the case have debt. The jays have that they just need starting pitching as opposed to middle relief. But. Oh liter open overall to them and hope and start. I mean there's a lot of times were games got out of hand wants the ball and took over I like their core of young starters. The got a lot of room to grow they need to step up bigger than they stepped up last year. But I feel better about the BA's offense and I do about the bullpen right now no no doubt now is have. I must say our offense did I think a lot of teams are envious of because they can hit the long ball dip and the long balls were is that as you said most home runs hit ever ever. This past season and the risk legends ball the idea of the Pittsburgh power bill I also think it's part of guys swinging there. Change their swing their launching girl. Etc. it's that are right today Saturday which means tomorrow is all about the NFL and locally it's all about the raiders do or die. Or Jimmy Jean Jimmy G the Disney prince Jimmy G taken on the visiting Tennessee Titans Dick LeBeau of 83 year old defensive coordinator. He is a defensive genius she's a master model. The titans have had warning sacks in the last three games Jimmy do you get a feel some heat tomorrow man. Yeah and I don't know if you cut the interview of Bill Parcells he was on with. Great in every yet you did with. The morning show and I think he talked about. Just Jimmy gee not be in that big strapping guy like big being and they just put it got my mind like how he's gonna bounce back from getting popped up but we've seen he took some shots against the team here they were coming into in the pocket and got rid of it that is and he said he Jimmy G reminded him a Romo who's not a big strapping guy but he. I'm making a joke here but he's gotten up from big hits and he's been cracked a collarbone of that loan and where is among the loans you much other stuff but. I'm eager to see how he's gonna hold up. And I look at Jimmy gee he's not a Doug Flutie to me he he looks like an average. How are tiny got an asterisk for bill say that I got to listen to deal you know. Now going forward I'm gonna see if this is something that you know will rear its head. Jim did not from big hits. You can't necessarily hold Ben Roethlisberger up as the gold standard in terms of quarterbacks musicality because he's the biggest toughest guys it is cruel and I mean he's in he's giant and so to say Jimmy geez no Ben Roethlisberger physically wrong nobody is Ben Roethlisberger physically as part of what makes him span Eli Manning never missed the game what makes Jimmy Jay special at least from what we've seen though thus far. This is he's got command of the huddle he'd. He goes through his progression just a few throws guys open that he makes everything. Row do you know how much that is more of he rolls guy. Eyes only and that's what Tom terrific does in new England and that's why we say whole damn I didn't know Michael Irvin was that great of a receiver Terrell just didn't really catch the ball because Brady knows how to that's a skill set a lot of QBs don't have to used to pass it and he's making bill would look like Jerry Riley. Right and naturally you know you look at Tom Brady and one of hallmarks of his career. Has been making whatever collection of talent he has around them magazine looking making them look better and that's not to say that Julian Edelman doesn't have a bunch of talent he does. But there's no question in there working with Tom Brady makes him look better than working when they say Brian Hoyer pocono. Tom Brady goes down this weekend right now hypothetically. Brian bird goes and does the patriots receiving core look is good of course not no because Tom Brady has some tonight lose that day who can thus far Jimmy gee looks like. He might have something special so we're going to be talking titans niners. Would come at us and again he's managed getter of titans wire and we are also going to either play. Significant chunks of color on your entire interview just play the whole day McGinley eighteen now does radio for the titans but he was head coach of the stub. The street Louis cardinal sort of errors on cardinals he is on the he was on the staff of Mike Ditka is 1985. Bears. 86 bears I think you got there year after that. But this guy has been a round the league and the way he was talking about Jim JG. The way he was talking about just that bears team Jim McMahon the fridge Walter Payton personality Globo again eighty years old in steel just absolutely. He is the gold and on the defensive coordinators and that's what Jimmy geez against. So we're gonna play a lot of sound from again at some point a little bit later and renewed talk from Scott Bair the raiders insider. Comcast not Comcast at NBC sports. California and for what feels like the 75 consecutive weekly gets its a must win for the raiders except this time. It truly is do or die and I'm already to I'm ready to call rest in peace. Warning seventeen raiders. OK if I tell you I've been in the lab in deer car moving forward career wise is be he cashed in so he's already won. But being in that QB that franchise QB I thought he was is is it wrong for me to say I'm a little worried moving forward. Did he's not that Brit many Brett Favre did I thought it was good eyes were always down the field. I think when guys get close to his feet it becomes a mental many gets shorted the ball. Herbs and for two years he's yards per pass attempt Parse it seven that's very low. And I know always been her he's been John Wayne going back out there but some things off with him I'm not to blame downing. Please not looking to make that big plate and he used to and I'm now wondering forget this season. Nit season dizzy just revert back is he more comfortable he's he's been hurt or is it mental and if this mental directors are troubled. He's too early guru Johnson I am Michael Irvin thanks for joining us we got till 4 o'clock if you wanna join the conversation raider nation. Is our IP is that jump the gun and got three games left even if they run the table they're gonna need some help. Yet the chargers in the chiefs. Taking each other on today Saturday and Saturday NFL football so that's obviously a big one in the division. But the raiders no longer control their own destiny and I think that was probably the most disappointing aspect. Of last week they enter that knowing that they had control was there any error. In Europe again I think that half yet again they didn't show up go why why. I'm saying JDR. Think about it somebody's gotta tell digital era of the year the biggest high profile games of the year. They have come out flat now it's easy to say they looked flat when you lose a big game that's. It's low hanging fruit they would twelve and four last year led budget York right but you can also make the devil's advocate argument that if four plays didn't drop. There are way very Nate I mean that's where I think we all got fooled a little bit to an extent I'm and a cup to. They weren't as good as I thought they were and I was basing that on twelve and for our member for the season started you and I both suspected. They might not have his good record this year because. They might not allowed all those winds lender crippled their car pulled out of it's that. But I felt like to be a better team this year because. They're they're learning together just by having more time together they would get better they haven't gotten better. They've gotten significantly worse they've had problems across the board we've heard whispers of locker room discord after two whispers will become yells. When it's also hadn't done and I'm dying to find out what actually did happen in that room. But JGR does not that he didn't have him ready for the Redskins he didn't have him ready for the bills he didn't have ready for the patriots. Any danger didn't have him ready for which. Each last year why you bringing up old stuff I'm think it about blew forty to zero lay it against New England taken that the raiders had a chance to it was embarrassing Tom. What was he twelve for twelve anyway. After the mark Marshawn Lynch dance against the jets at home which are still says one of the greatest moments. Fans in player I had ever in NFL football stadium. Ever since then it's too has been down the drain and if you're gonna say JBR. I'm not gonna fight you. But for the ones that say something happened in some mysterious world. I'm a fight them because I want to number four. Look like an average. Quarterback in I don't know why he is not that riverboat gambler and out Dottie was too weary yet 32 touchdowns last season where is that guy what is going on in the helmet for you not to try to throw deep enlisted to Mitchell and you worry about give her and that would make you human. Well JD are said the downing is gonna keep his job for the rest of the season I'd be surprised. If he's brought back next year but we are glass half full show we do tend to look for the silver lining. If you've got a silver lining for the silver black feel free to share with this crews were we're looking pretty charger point 9579257. He bit over on the other side of the bay. Jimmy G has a three in ten football team. As excited as any 3 in central bloody tool and possibly could be he's making his first start at home this to a sellout he's taken on the titans who are stiffer test than what he's facing in the playoffs right now the season ended the titans they need this game they're playing for something it's meaningful and the niners to a man. Are talking like they're playing meaningful games now to. I mean it. I'm fascinated by what a dramatic turnaround. One man has had on entire franchise. An entire fan base you've got fans saying a month ago they couldn't give their tickets away this is too. Nobody want you tickets it's blazing tomorrow and Jimmy G lights it up then yeah anything about it being too. Unblock team tops is short Jimmy gee is I'm telling he's a phenom and I liken this to be insanity when you did you know my manager Jeremy Lin just took off from the in New York. I mean this do hasn't it looks like all right now and when you hear the pundits the par sales. Nobody goes against the grain to say. Now it's a fluke we need to hold up he studied under Luke Skywalker and yoga and ran the NFL a tablet disease dollar last night less that I sat out but you you were going. Which now has a credit card of infinity peaking go shopping in this offseason in the draft you can go to north drought you go to fifth asset. To go give his one and is amazing and he's gonna have a high picks up. I just did draft I'd the other way I wish it's important to meet you keep playing great and I was one of those totally committed to win when you didn't have any problem with the staff we got a quarterback now so you have all these teams that draft him from the get any quarterbacks are the gonna get the they have thousands in this whoever comes out Arnold what you need is a running back those are rams and if you wanna tinted windows eagle due to a wide receiver. Little flashy better Dresser wide receiver corps before your dress running back he's got a pretty good running back Carlos Hyde I think he works his kidneys. He he know he's looks better to what is the durable. Thank you durable can do Joseph Montana can we play to give you sixteen. We haven't seen yet but alma given the benefit of the doubt remembered for the she's started we're here in that the miners were looking to move him. Now if all we thought it was gonna happen indoor season and if you look at the list of players left over from the trim balky era. That are no longer with the Serbs is to 49ers it is a long list I mean isn't that how happy I don't think Paris Eddie is saying. She's a bulky guy he's got to go but I think they think football so differently that's been balky. Did they look at him and say okay vet he's bulky doesn't help them but. What really hurts me she doesn't fit what we're trying to do so he's out now if they get when these top five picks. I hope to god now they've identified them franchise quarterback. If they trade down so that they can dressed their whole state they still need to get better along the offensive line the offensive line has played better certainly with the return. And Joseph Staley but they need to get better than you get more athletic there. The got a lot of holes to fill in their Gannett as you said John Lynch has a lot of money on the credit card. And he's also gonna have a lot of picks if they have a high pick. In the trade down out of that you think you asked is a corruption. And not a you know we are not anymore you think the lynch as the shot. Some people scuffed it is at exit of the year. Just by going to do ask for Tom Brady. The fact that he was a player he's got shot that's what I say it is past. The edges are right after the draft deficit and I think it's ridiculous that you're grating and draft today after. There are seeing John Lynch won the draft I mean he immediately. Made a great impression on San Francisco 49ers what did trading Matt Moore. Do for San Francisco Giants fans. What possibly could to breast been thinking they went from last week talking about. Spending a quarter of a billion dollars to this week shedding nine million dollars to create. More payroll space what is going on. Who might we asked that would be GM Bobby Evans. Now back to Michael Irvin and guru on 957. Game. The winner meetings are over there were more bizarre isn't strange and bizarre as in bunch people spend money and swapping Weyers includes. In such as just one of his years I'm guessing. That a lot of ground work was done and now that the winner meanings or over you're mr. deceit. Some dominos falling here to help us discuss it I'm Michael Irvin would Darrell bigger Johnson by the way. Is giant general manager Bobby Evans always so gracious with this time thanks for joining us Bobby hour. Reagan Michael good afternoon as a going. Bid tone well how did Orlando treat your first of all did you did you feel like you laid down some quality ground work for potential deals to come. NATO we have a incredibly dedicated hard working staff and if we had tweet but others there around the clock work in on every angle every club in every scenario. To try to you know get get lay of the land and in some cases if you closed and opportunities that would be attractive and that it would be probably very productive and conditions that it. Bobby last year we know you guys had off year play and I just think that you guys have earned the benefit of the doubt you had the injuries. And guys not perform up there to you know to their career standard. And I think those guys can bounce back are you at all surprised at just the noise you hear is that the giants hadn't won three World Series in five years. Because I'm shocked it people come attend act like you guys have had three or four bad years in a row. Yeah I think it etiquette it's somewhat reflective of how good some of these other teams are too I think some of it is. You know how much we struggled and and and I and I think we are in debt and I think that. Some of the reaction is. Reflective of really how how strong some of these other teams aren't that. You know are you in the Ian including our divisions I think that. Yeah we we understand it's it it it's it it's not really about. What championships we want it to about 2017. Now. About B 2018. And you know retirement tennis championships. It's got a look at to try to get so. You back to another. The bush hears that a giants' general manager Bobby Evans couldn't have to join myself Michael Irvin and Gerald agree route Johnson here on 957. The game of Bobbie I'm glad you mention that because one of the course that came out of Orlando and it was tied to the John Carlos stand. Pursuit and the meeting you guys had of him and his representation. Brian seemed to say that well I I I'm not sure that they quite get. That we're a team that does business is certain way to get certain results I either 201012. And fourteen World Series but as you know as we all know. This is not just a what have you done for me lately business it's what have you done for me today and what are you gonna do for me tomorrow and then I saw a quote from you which. I'm glad you mention it because it it was that there's a dose to reality and you just give us a little bit again here on the air. You should look. 98 losses in his ninetieth losses and can did you stop right there. That says all you need to say I understand. Why some freeagent particularly hitters. Would be reluctant to come here one thing that. One group of players that I think would not be reluctant to come here however and there are a lot of said players. On the market and a lot of them move to the winter meetings. We're middle relievers guys that get contracts that are. Two years to end at twenty million dollars it's seem to me like terrorist. That was the richest area of the market that's an area where I feel like another area where I think feel like you guys can get better. Any particular reason why you guys didn't move in that market this week. Yeah I think that our our focus. It's two to be more. You know. Attendant to our our offense right now and I think do we you know we still think there's going to be options for registry or can we get. A lot invested between a little distant and Dyson bow incident. I wish you know the hopes that Strickland in Korea in law and others will. You help respect. We'd like to get a better presence into the apple doesn't as well. But we don't mr. were kept in the front lines of the market not just because again emerged in a lot of options out there and so be it trade as well. Bobby I'm curious we hear a lot of times your beautiful ballpark is not hitter friendly you know maybe. A potent. Free agents don't wanna come because it's hard to hit a home run. And I just thought is that something you guys have ever looked into to maybe change in the dimensions bring in the fences in its a beautiful ballpark bureau thirteen. You know I'd just remarked implement it based outside we knew we are earned not. You know bent on trying to do anything different with our ballpark I don't that you know the business writer stated lopsided thing about it either rate. I need you know right I wouldn't put more lean on that I think they are all our trouble is that's parent that's players the best pitchers. In uniform on that field and whatever the dimensions are in our ballpark there's different dimensions and other are we need to be people all thirty ballpark where another. Bobby the trade of Matt Moore use one of the staples of your rotation. The guy has I mean when he's on he's got great stuff as evidenced by the one hitter against the Dodgers I think it was. But he's for me Bobby became the most aggravating watch because I know what kind of stuff he has. In the results just didn't seem to match up it just wasn't working out there. You guys traded him to the Rangers it freed up nine million in payroll so you went from in the span of a week and improbably oversimplifying things. Being willing to commit a quarter of a billion dollars to our let's make a move to free up. Nine million dollars rule what was the impetus for that deal. They are about that was we've got to get. It is as many much flexibility as we can't try to improve our roster since the end it would speedy and Suarez in block and in other guys and Stratton available to pinch potentially in our rotation we sort that was an area that we could. Don't move from an area string to try to give us as much flexibility to look towards aren't truly an hour or so principally that. Yet what do you know it's one Luke bit you know it it it believes is tied to other things that will have to look to door Ford bit. You know it's not it's not easy to give up on I'm Matt Moore because we we believe it but he frustrating. Unfortunately for us we felt like we needed you know create yet more focus into the. Bobby when you look at the rotation you got wicked 12 punch in mad bombing quite know how confident are you that those two can bounce back and dominate once again. I think the track record in the confidence and yet he put them. It showed they're capable Libyan. You know great 12 punch up over a potential number one in any other rotation in baseball also. I think that history. You know is on our side in the conduct. I giants general manager Bobby Evans didn't have to spend some time with a son a beautiful Saturday afternoon I'm Michael Irvin along side during the guru Johnson. Here in the downtown San Francisco studios in 957 again couple more minutes. Would you Bobby. I've got to ask you about potential targets and I mean I can tip your hand and so it a gigantic audience exactly what you're thinking but some of the names that have been out their JD Martinez. He's a free agent Andrew McCutcheon that would have to be done via trade being in general terms. Are your chances of making something happen via trade better. Then going out and get one of these big ticket free agents and lowering. Trying to convince an offensive superstar that he can get work done here and AT&T. I don't know how to put the odds that into their vote attractive options. You know between trade and created Ciba. Yeah that you don't have to be in on a big victory agent or big ticket in a trade improved ballclub there's there's things that are. You know interest in many different respects in many different price points and you know it's part America to be creative and then yet strategic in in every in every way to make sure we get back. Let's talk about your outfield you mentioned in the post season press conference you guys would like to get younger more athletic. Better defensively. I think that can be done and because of the Arizona Fall League performance. Of warning your young center fielders it's being suggested. That you change your train of thought as it relates to center field can you expand on that. Are not all along word that users got a great chips to be in every area through the forests in the big leagues it's that are fielder right fielder. You know boats or potential options forest. We like a lot of senator the Polytechnic. You know help redeem a tough year or in the sense that he was hurt. In this so much time and you know the that's valuable development time editor value bullet that. Yet the Foley allowed him to catch up a little bit and Nicky he turned some heads around the gaming industry you know proved our point is how talented he is all we are. Our legal. In the 2018. You know to yours and that in the mix at some level whether it's early on there or later. Whether it's. You know mid season or after that even he could certainly committed you know 88 starters that's. Our target right now our target is to keep that in the back of our pocket and look at other options in the mean. Bobby I know that you are not necessarily responsible for making fans feel better but let's face it you're the general manager. Of the giants and the fans have all eyes on you right now. If you had decision from a group of France that was frustrating Sybil were no better now than we work at the end of the season what would your message to those fans be. Yeah I mean it's off season market to be judged by what we do in November and December's. Judged based on how would look opening day and it progressed receives it and we got. We've got her all hands on deck I think some of the best minds in the game. Which. The approach beating down and you know between. Brian myself and understaffed and so like that we got. An excellent chance to see a lot better try a field 2008. You're shopping for the giants isn't done is your holiday shopping for the family Dunn Bobby. But the bad news. Bet that's the bad news I have not yet started that so I've got a lot of work kitchen. You've still got some time Bobby and I appreciate your time thank you so much good luck the rest of the offseason I'm sure we talking to you more between. Now and when you leave her zone and the sir Tony eighteen spring training happy holidays are different. Thank you guys recruit you gotta. Perez giants general manager Bobby Evans if you missed part of that interview. Just sit tight and about I don't know twenty minutes or so Goran 957 the game. Dot com all of our interviews as well as we had a day I believe it was Wednesday or Thursday guru where it was the single best guest list. For one day in the history of the station I mean every guy. They came on was a heavy hitter so if you miss that go to 957. The game dot com and your you're doing that tend to noon was dining on a regular basis now you guys have been having great guess what do you think what Bobby said there. He was honest and always feels like he told Judas not slowed down to the fans. Just relax and don't judge this until the meal was done and then tell me how a taste. But that moved yesterday with more. Lets me know they are still in the lab like mad scientist. Trying to come up with something to compete man because right now would Devlin bleak and the divisions didn't better the Padres are getting better. And I gotta be out of some word forum because I don't. I can't give you names that will fix you know that to be a mandate he did get giant fans happy after losing battle tiny ants didn't. This is a big. It's not a rebuild. But this is they got some work to do and he was knew he was honest. Who's honest and I'll tell you that the more trade yesterday. Was the first time in the offseason where as a lifelong Bay Area native and a fan of both the giants in the days and have been frustrated by the an activity. The bulk of them the Scotty moved got me encouraged about. The days it's like okay they're they're getting donors are not real and anywhere but. The fact that they got rid and that more restored my faith I mean I'll always had faith in the giants brass right. Bieber and the benefit of the doubt as you mentioned but I was like oh my god at least someone else's as frustrated watching Matt Moore is I've been if nothing else. I'm thinking okay were on the same way blanked at least that's a move in the right direction but just like Bobby's got a lot of work to do. To get all the Christmas presents a holiday shopping done. It's got a lot of shopping due to do for the San Francisco Giants I'm Michael Irvin he is Darryl the good route Johnson. Like you said the days made moves to. The Oakland a's picked up an outfielder which allows them to move a sub par defensive outfielder to a full time designated hitter rule. Stephen Scott he's coming home. Now back to Michael urban and to grow on 957. Game. They keep Jonas it's good to be with you on a beautiful Saturday afternoon Michael Irvin Daryl to go root Johnson taking you all the way up. Until 4 o'clock it's been a little bit too heavy baseball I threw rays fans ahead faith we will give in to the boss got in the human side. Of that move. But I just I was looking in my board I was looking at my notes from the previous week. And I tell you what if there is 55 entries on my notes of things that were interesting this week. It was in niners enable landslide and it was Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy G Jimmy G. The Disney France and I'm fascinated by this matchup guru of Jimmy G with eighty year old still sharp as a tack. Dick LeBeau come and Adam again the titans warning sacks in the past. Three games so Jimmy Jay. I think being on the road for his debut is that as the 49ers starter. I think that worked to his benefit and a big time because being on the road in general no matter what circumstances are. In terms of personnel and who they're playing and who either integrating. What have you it creates that us against the world that might narrow your focus a little bit more well now here at home. Now the expectations you've already created great expectations but playing so great expectation it's almost like I mean he's gonna have to be Superman. To live up to the expectation meanings taking on. The equivalent of Superman. As far as defensive coordinators go in Dick LeBeau there's nobody in the business better than Dick LeBeau and he's got. He's going to be thrown zone blitz packages that Jimmy gee they would have a lesser quarterback. This can have their head spinning like Linda Blair in the actions. Eyes now. Kind of like your quarterback to be able to spend their head that means they're gonna see the pressure they're feel the pressure. They're gonna avoid the pressure in Jimmy G has shown an ability to do that guru you mentioned. In the monologue. One of the things I was really impressed with is that he felt and he the first couple games. He stood there knowing it was about getting hit. Stayed in there. Throws strikes he got there a few times got it got married in Turkey but there's an art to that there's a skill and staying healthy. It may be as subtle it is. An aide Inge hit a bit of a keel. Just to turn your body just enough to allow you to land on a firmer part of your shoulder vs your back. Jimmy gee that seems to have so many intangibles. He's gonna need a mall against Dick LeBeau defense. Yeah and a hungry titan team but did the reside a I think they're not secure win this game out right is the defense of the niners get a stop Mary Odom who. He's injured I don't know if you know urban but he deploy an awful. And I think denied their ripe for the picking and it's going to be a sellout this is just me I think they're coming out to just. Just given applause to the front office which is Shanahan that you finally got this franchise quarterbacks in Ron Amadon do we yearn for just got to had a being cap but now you got a guy that looks like he's going to be here for the next eight years. He's don't receivers open as we mentioned. And if he wins guess what urban don't give me for a team and give me three you know since the salvage a rail has been under center and just. Moving forward. You're telling me Jimmy gee is making him lesser guys lived great spectacular. What's gonna happen. This offseason our son back for one going to Iraq. But when you get the new car some of the new Jerry Rais who weaponry what's how does he can beat it what's this still went and got a Mitch NT. Where we're watching a record in regard to last place teams worst to first in the NF failed this year. Make that leap and I'm telling yet if it's done right. The niners can make the playoffs next year in that we all expect your crazy no it's not it's a reality man and they got the pieces. They have the numbers the math on their side the draft to help them get there they do their due diligence and you. Keep hearing about how he's not just you know we're talking on the Christiane to ensure earlier this week. One of the guys from pro football focus who grades you know it agreed to curb audio breaks down to it. She said that not only is Jimmy Jean making a sub par receiving corps better look at. He's making the offensive line looked better there grating out better since he arrived. He's also making the defense better and you might think OK now that's a stretch Howard you make in the defense better I don't know what to go look no further than his first start. They went from averaging about 72 defensive snaps a game at 36. In his debut you pick a fresher defense isn't a better defense just period end of sentence. Of course there are best defense is one that is off the field exactly that Manger offense is doing what they're extending drives they're converting third down the ball for 36 minutes last week the niners offense 36. It's incredible and that's why ignored her own stock about it especially people. Witt don't believe in Jimmy Jean I don't know how many people how many. Will raider nation to gamble that she did you write budgetary and as it wants a yeah I mean they're soaking in their own bitterness right now so there probably missing and and I get but. I also get the excitement around Jimmy G and I don't think it's hyperbole I don't think they're over rating am sure he's got work to do. He's only played what six to eight including you know backup jobs coming in and Tom terrific gets hurt. Doesn't have a ton of experience would obviously never seen him play a full season. Which begs the question to. They've got a decision to make this offseason caution and came out this week and said we're not gonna talk contract Jimmy Jimmy. Until the season ends so you have basically two choices. The franchise tag is certainly an option in what that does is it buys you year another year. Of evaluating making sure that what you're seeing is for real but. I have a feeling. The niners are already convinced they don't need that extra year that the franchise tag would give you look one way or another Jimmy g.s getting paid next year. You're gonna spent the last you might be able to spend less next year if you go hadn't given the franchise contract. As opposed to the franchise tag. Syrups and but at the end of the day also see why the beauty of the franchise tag which probably would pay him 42 to 23 million as a whole Lotta money where he's come from. But as an organization is like you know what we think we caught lightning in the bottle why not to Jesus tag. And I don't know who was going back and forth with me about OG BG would be a said he doesn't strike me as a topic guy Norton or why would anybody be upset if you're cashing in 23 million like Kirk cousins. In the U parlayed that if you bet on yourself which you'll be doing. It to a big contract. I just think the niners. From a publicity standpoint it it was sound great page it would give him eight years and Bob Bob Bob money in this guaranteed that's good and I believe it's come and but just. I'm from Missouri show me one more time. When there's pressure on Jimmy G in regard to where the records whose sixth. You're in first place as opposed to him coming in now he's Friday look at that like damn I'm better than any quarterback they've had. And he's more relaxed. How was Jimmy G gonna be week one next year or when they get that prime time game because that's the next domino to fall denied is gonna be on prime time with him. And I'm just wondering wanna break a mop may be okay you got to pay a little more later. Maybe we seen it with pepperoni you Kid Rock RG three don't dare call may be. Don't just go give it to a home price yet when you can there's something there for you to go slower insurer Geico. These are the jury Johnson I am Michael Irvin herbs and guru taking all the way up till 4 o'clock talking about Jimmy Jean making his home debut. As the starting quarterback. Other San Francisco 49ers they're taken on the visiting Tennessee tied into by the way this is a very meaningful game for them their defense. Has been playing very well we've mentioned a couple of times now warning sacks in the past three games. They've got for my money the best defensive coordinator in football an eighty year old. Dick LeBeau we're going to be talking come Madison he's the managing editor at titans wire at 130. It now good route back to the contract and Jimmy G. It's given the franchise tag what that is basically is the niners breast pumping the brakes a little bit right. Given that the franchise contract then it's pedal to metal to hell of the breaks right we've identified the guy. That's done check that off the list for the next six to eight years of but we we think. Asked us to keep we don't know run so before you get bank is let me see sixteen more. Hopefully more. No I absolutely giddy and like I said. One where another Jimmy he's gonna make a lot of blue next year right so it's just a matter of do you want to Mary him. Org you wanted date him for another. And as silly as this sounds. That's why I think this weekend. Is. An absolutely monstrous game for the franchise direction. Of the forty niners because. Let's go hypothetical and let's go worst case scenario. Let's say Dick LeBeau makes Jimmy gee look like what he is a guy with limited NFL experience. Let's say he looks a little bit overwhelmed by the exotic blitz packages the Dick LeBeau Rosetta let's assume. That the titans are going to get to him. They're going to make the receiving corps the niners receiving core look is average and as they do look like that's our plan to deal on paper. Van. Do we overreact in the opposite direction and say OK Mary have to franchise tag. I think it's. There are big of a while now while herbs and I like that I like that thought process but at the end of the day there's two more games. Again he's lived right Iraq that that was gonna happen that kind of damned game. On as a whole from opted to stamp what was gonna happen in Texas it didn't because the Texans it didn't happen. And I'm sorry I know I'm not Jaworski. But if they lose tomorrow 38 CN. I'm going to judges intangibles. I'm going to know if it was mainly the quarterback or just. You know a product of your environment to where guys around you did make plays. Now they're missing brown the big house I believe he's out for the rest of the year the office of mine in so that's not gonna help. But I'm not that fickle I believe I've seen enough from from one Jimmy G senate derail. That I won't change my opinion on him and I can't and I will if that happens. But that being shot. I would be shot serial man now I'm not expecting him to look as good as he's looked the first couple weeks but. Nor would it shock me if you looked better I mean. Pat haven't have in the wind at his back so to speak with the fans completely behind I mean he is yet to strike a sour note right so far. He's coming up as the quarterback equivalent of Steve Kerr heaved it into that everything that comes out of his mouth was like cam was somebody she knew that that was perfect. In the football gods love you so much you come in on a game on the last drive in that past that it's there could be an incompletion nobody would care to. Was attached to count. You know the home get where you came in for like three play yeah right the last two. The football guys this is their guy they're smiling on him there's no doubt about that it helped the other out. Even when he doesn't shoot for a few days it looks like it was on purpose and it's beautiful it's he's one of those guys that makes music Jamie Foxx whales may have. Justin Timberlake it's like multi talented next thing we know he's done for kids trusted and mis managed to old people it's got to help the single worst. That's Jimmy gee so far he can do no wrong is that going to be extended to this weekend. Against the Tennessee Titans. I don't know we're gonna talk to you cal Madison again he's the managing editor of titans wire. And he's gonna help us break down more on a team wide level not just that there are other guys playing in the game this week and by the way. It's not just means you running out and sing check out the Austin green. That it's gonna sell or micro being overzealous with that particular sellout if I was really do it's can be damn near full again. Ever hope for three in ten football team to group. I don't know that I've ever seen anybody is excited. About a three intangible quality and the browns the that the bullet teams that take decades to get their franchise quarterback all right we're gonna pivot from. The greatest single athlete and Bay Area history yet pump the brakes Jimmy you might not be that but but for. Kevin Durant and T the single best basketball player on the planet. Urges still LBJ.