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Wednesday, April 18th

Urbs and Butcher Boy discuss unsung Playoff heros such as Javale McGee and the brilliance of Brad Stevens as a head coach. Alex Pavlovic of NBCSN Bay Area joins 95.7 the Game to talk about the SF Giants. Alex breaks down the rehab progress of the Shark and the new hitting coach in SF.


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I was about him just 4448 hours or a Michael Irvin here is Joseph shaft you're listening to 95 point seven leading KG MG FM. In each he wants him Francisco we are the radio home for every single warriors. Playoff game we have been talking a lot of golden sewers and we'd be happy to talk about it would you guys if there's anything. About this series that we haven't touched on you know maybe there's a mean there's a key player that word under. Under I don't know undercover under talking about. I don't know that that's the case I mean JaVale McGee he's certainly somebody that deserves a lot of attention for what he has done. In this series and in young hunt Nicki put together a list of some of the guys and you film you that's what I love about the playoffs there's always somebody. Usually on every team and unsung guy that you don't hear a lot does have a big national name but all of a sudden they're doing work in the NBA playoffs and they deserve. The attention they get rich is the playoffs brings that ID like. You seem baseball the time he rocks her Markel and key member of the brave way back in the day rob and help LER yeah you always get those kind of guys and so mic put together. This great list in you know JaVale McGee is at the top it looked. This is a guy who. About mid season. Steve Kerr broke from form in a dramatic way Steve curtain never says anything remotely negative about a player and in the press right now. He told the media that JaVale had fallen out of his rotation and while that's not necessarily a negative thing. But it's the type of thing it's surprising that Steve made that public yeah I mean we all saw did you bell wasn't playing. We kind of knew he was out of the rotation so it didn't need to be said the occurred did say it. It also it seemed to coincide with the wind JaVale was on the trade block yes indeed Steve say that may be. Lower JaVale value because he didn't want him on the trade block I don't know there's also shows conspiracy there's. Bottom line. Is JaVale McGee. Who we weren't even sure he was gonna come back. He studies can get paid the off season. He weighty waiting he waited there's this offer this minimum offer from the lawyers on the table forever and and it was kind of his parachute brighten if I don't get what I think I'm gonna get a major in that. That's that's what I'm gonna take he ends up taking it which probably disappointment for him. And he goes through the regular season he falls out of the rotation he's on the trade block and all of a sudden he's starting. Andy's chilling thought LaMarcus Aldridge in game one. That's what I love about playoff such as NBA any sport the playoffs bring these great stories about these unsung heroes to the four. Yeah there's no doubt in my geek. He's a guy that like. I think we ball well liked him would like Alex like EP so many people come into the season they were there are ready to embrace like EPO I think as the year went on a lot of people jumped off the slightly bandwagon. But your bills always been that guy because his personality he's infectious you wanna route for a guy like that he seems very genuine. And good spirited but he had sent home much. Like dumb play and the awareness wasn't there early she's Japanese Fallon and then you know. Let's not forget he's the guy accidentally falls in the staff curry and there was a segment of fans on Twitter that or. And I thought this was disgusting resiliency and green and actually and so ridiculous. So he falls out of favor Jordan dealt with higher on the rotation than him and damion Jones at the end of the year starts to get run Zaza still kinda starting but not. And then just said to have him ready to go and he played his best IQ game I've ever seen as a warrior guy in terms of defense of preparation. Against Aldridge in the blocking didn't jump for any and all fix that one. I'm sequence that we spot that I mean they replayed it yeah so many times. In part because it was a great play yes and I think in part at least locally either way MBC Barea played over and over and over. It's because it was so. It's what you've been wanting JaVale to learn all this time it's like if he could just learn this as he would be something special yeah in apparently that the that before game one. They took him aside and they pounded it into this goal as much as they possibly could. Don't fall for that ball fake don't fall for the jump they don't fall for the pump fake. You watch him during the regular season it's easy to see why he fell out of favor yes he was a knucklehead out there there's a reason. That he was a regular on Shaq can afford now he reversed that reputation to a large degree last season. He's a likable guy he didn't do anything like. Really dumb now but he does tend to fall for fakes yes Amy think man with your lame if you didn't fall for the fixing just went straight up and down and you're I mean. What are you 910 feet tall just huge at the top your fingertips. In not only did he do that but. When Aldridge finally went up he went up to act and that was the best partner block and that's why I got so much attention because it's like JaVale finally learned is now we got something. Well and he's also begin its hand in the passing lane yet he's a big oxygen out there he's kind of clumsy we will let. But he does have pretty good athletic schism it's goofy app let us and them. But it's incredible and then he ripped back those Alley oops because there's some when dream on gets into the paint. You can almost feel it coming up looks over at JaVale kind of does the lack he'll point out of the sky and he tells about the JaVale rips it down and him getting twelve points early in that first half accepted count. Doubt about it I didn't see that coming. Especially when you when you find out hate it good doll's gonna start you know 23 minutes before the game begins you know I didn't expect JaVale McGee to be that X-Factor he was. There and not fit the spurs after the the after drill puts up those twelve early points. Is that that the spurs all of a sudden we got to worry about stopping your path. But it is it's they have to pay some attention to our right of Markham which means intention is going to be taking away elsewhere and that's always a positive air reminds me. Of the Jordan Arab vols. Bill cart name. Yeah as she was not a superstar he's doing it if I guess I mean like I got stories I played nerve basketball in my bedroom bill current heed my dad was a professor USF. When bill was playing and so in bill was in his class it's in which it quit Gailey era all those guys. I came after Carter I look at that he was about to say now that cart Wright was with James Hardy and chubby talks and after restarting that was after yet not yet that any recurrence I don't go to car right early death in he would get 1012 points in the first you know fifteen minutes of game. In all of a sudden you gotta pay attention a little bit of attention second game plan Bill Cartwright. But also you have to respect that option and if you're respecting that option on these Golden State Warriors. In you're taking attention away from anybody else who's out there and they're gonna kill you know why it's so whatever little JaVale or any senator up there for that matter can give you mean if you can take some attention north if you can just draw a little bit of respect from the opposing team yeah it's gonna go a long long way also on this list. The mic put together. And I love it it's the we got this guys on the Boston Celtics looking Tyreke went down. Many think that was it I thought it was around they're done any I respect Brad Stevens coaching ability court I really think he might be the best coach in the NBA I agree with you he is phenomenal yes but when Tyree went down I'm like OK I don't care how good a Coach Brad Stevens is yeah. This team is done and it's kind of sad because. It looked like I I think the NBA is. A better place win the Boston Celtics. Our premier team totally agree and I think the Celtics are there I think they're going to be there and Harry's gonna get healthy again. I'm blanking on the dude is going to hand or in Hayward he's gonna get healthy up. And when they're together. That I mean would Brad Stevens that's going to be good squad but they're already they're good squad right now terror rosier unbelievable. How about good guys on how do you ever heard him before the playoffs started the only reason I remember arms because that's Saturday night awards air game which is one of the best games of the year I mean. You could count the great war here kicks its season on one right and right and that was one of them he was a bench guy for the Celtics split. I know is this scored 23 in yeah. He's averaging 23 and a in the class right after okay carrier Irving goes down in the whole world it is saying you're done yes right and and I'm sure terror is ears hearing this right so what go what what's running through his head when he's here in this he's from like you mother yep. Let me show use London and there's some guys every guy in the NBA you would assume is gonna if they're in the same situation. They're gonna think the same way now because your competitor for sure but can you turn that into production. And he's done it between three point in his statutory 3.5. And a half possess. He's got about four rebounds and shooting 47%. From the field. 50%. On the reporters and most impressive in the series and 78 minutes. This cross over stiff back reported your Boston on 9926 lead the final seconds of game 10. Turnovers critic you young Rudnick. And that's playing alongside two extremely young players not just young in the NBA young in life either Jalen brown and Jason Tatum I mean. That's the bulk of their offense right now that's what the Boston Celtics are going to be good I really really really good commute back and ice yet Gordon back yet. Hi reback and those young guys continued their development and imagine what that would. What the boost to confidence this is frontier rosier I mean this guy now as legitimate I I assume is gonna go back to being a bench guy next year. When carries backed by now you got a legitimate weapon on the bench. This is overflowing. With confidence and you can't put it he put a price tag on that type experience. Penske auto sales are Comtex like his 95795. We've had a few people. Float name here how many given a little bit around solutions Tyree is made of glass he's academia the same and this is a trend with him this comes from her now. I thought it came from harm the person is saying karma I guess that's for leaving the Cleveland aren't California. I don't think Henry made a glass a whole other big carrier ring Fran true. I picked it before the season started to pick the Celtics come out of the east I thought that trade makes you miss them a better team than the Celtics I agree with that you know it's interesting to talk about their future. Drop as energy in the cabs and sorry I wanted to see universal brawn but. They could trade or referred you know and move ups yet mover. Well I think he or for that guy yeah it's quiet stack area DOJ yet they act. No he's he's maybe they're David West attention good. An analogy he's a little bit younger than David West yeah he's a starter in the making a lot of money you have but I think in terms of just what he brings in the locker room I guess he's kind of their dad and David that's a good point that's a good when I over. Now. What series game in the west are you most interested other than. Obviously but the orders from the spurs which one of these enemies at Houston just because Houston's team from popping off about the lawyers all assigned yeah. I mean just in he's in that and that that. End of game one with pivot well and just that play call out of they had a chance to put a three upn and Jimmy Butler doesn't even get a real three point shot on the run he donated his lateral play but I think the most intriguing game. Right now is that Utah oh Casey I'm loved that's your view to all wins tonight is can Donovan Mitchell with a hurt lag. He looks like a cross make it out on us easy Baron Davis Dwayne wade hybrid like seriously he's my mirror and be aiming encouraged I love disarmament yeah. Yes and go bears playing really really good and and I just a little scary team in the team I least one of the worst offense in the first round and they got that altitude advantage. And no married guys. And here's taken it to Russ. I love you even more are exaggerated reruns such an easy guy all of rot not really dig yes this series it looked at that the pelicans in the blazers that's yeah winner of that is who the lawyer's scared there are gonna face next yeah I mean it's. No I want it any game policy New Orleans I don't wanna see New Orleans but I do wanna talk a little bit of baseball we haven't gotten into the giants or the days we're gonna getting some. Major League Baseball and we're gonna getting through without a tablet that she covers the giants. For NBC sports Bay Area is it time to say about a hundred pets. Act. Dempster did Chris tell us in jail on 9570. Instead the big hey here. Suddenly everything you've got inside the bigs that might come back when the word you're done no decision as they that's above my pay grade. It's good way to transition to a little bit of baseball talk the a's get a walk off where I think they lead the universe and walk off wins the last. Five years I don't know forgive them uncover that stat but hell of a game at coliseum fans got to go home happy in on the heels of last night's. Fiftieth anniversary celebration sound like that was a cool time out of the yard for them yesterday yeah I'm really special and nicest she Asean's pack that place as Longoria goes beep yeah we're just we got a giants game on those giants game on TV right now and Evan Longoria. Who a lot of giants fans have been very impatient about how he seems to be coming around and he just. Boy that was a mistaking absolutely crushed it give them giants that Tuesday of the lead grew up. I'm still trying to figure out exactly when I wanna on the issue. In your giants rant because I know you've got on well I got planning I know you have foreign. But I'm just I'm I'm trying to figure out we're here until 11 o'clock by the way Michael Irvin whose Jewish ASCII AKA the butcher boy in the butcher boy is. Maybe the biggest giants fan that I have if a Miller a long time there's got Mike teary who I played College Baseball with the University of San Francisco Ruiz from former anyway okay. His passion for the giants might be a little bit more than yours we ask is right there and I can die each. I know that you've got to rant but I just I don't know if I wanna unleash you turn 8 o'clock hour because you've got to get all the way to eleven and and I just worry about you what stranger things we thought okay how about eleven when she when she does shirt. Like sheep snatch somebody's neck yeah and she she uses her power threat. Well what happens reassuring and yeah and sometimes she collapses I could see you. Being like eleven where you go off on your ranch and all the Sydney just that the Florida got a foolish soul of the reception. I'm more like Wolverine you know I've got all this. You know. I indestructible when it comes tactics OK okay indestructible regarding the giant cell and I won't gold. Completely off the deep end. Lung Longoria just hit a home run and that's great it's awesome. But I'm telling you Mike I am very extremely concerned about the four years after this one. I hope I'm wrong I hope that the water. Are you for future tripped him worry about now live the moment because all of that back with such a negative mindset and all the backed deals and all the glass half full or half empty guy and I don't know and and I believe in the reality of right now. The eight paid Mac came to go away this year the reality right now as you. Hit a homer enjoy any zombies on the books from ninety million more and it talked about luxury tax noted the luxury tax like. They're doing two different show chatter contradicting themselves just in home learn enjoyed back into eighteen. He just hit a homer on enjoy that he needs like a seven game hit streak for me to feel op oh my god you are glass half empty no not an official now no gas unfair. I I enjoy the moment man that guy is doing yard look I'm a giants fan here I'm also amazed and Asia and by the way enough with the text line. Say to everybody talked about how about you call and talk about a's AAA I'm 57. 9570 practice what you've created an eight. And then the best cheating days that city now filled it may be best hitting infield sealed in baseball I mean this chat we get their base. I think he's atop. June 33 baseman right now is it's a reliable pitching they can do some damage of time that I have core I like Fiat and I had no idea ever since she got rid of the big O'Hair likes it's funny the less the closer he gets and it's been a gradual process. He came to the big leagues he had this big crazy here in and then after the crazy here there are some weird facial hair going on so it's been a progression. Back words towards the clean shaven clean cut. All American boy in New York Yankees look at it in now he's almost there and as that progression is gone he's pitched better and better and better and better so this correlation between how he grooms himself he's a man now who needs pitching like a man I love me some shaman but. He's just one guy they've got to get more out of the rotation they've got to get just. That the entire pitching staff at large now they need any more reliable bullpen they need some starters that they can really count on. Of course it's gonna take some money that the old story you know but. I'm just saying I really do like that young core of Oakland Athletics offensive players they're there they're good team you know. Let's get Alec pal Mitch on because I think that's going to be the appetizer. To your rants about the giants. Alex tablets have we got him nearly got out travel habits covers. The giants for NBC. Sports and I quite enjoy his work and looked OK we got Alex. Everybody's freaking out about this ever Disco giants put your boys getting impatient fans are getting impatient. Are the giants getting impatient people are calling for a shakeup is a shakeup coming anytime soon. Are helping on the throat or reading that's one of the things we reached the if they continue to where they are on the strip American consumer and are the wee bit too that. The first day back and integrity is going to be viewed UKMR Cuban I do think the what they what the shake up in Everett who ought to move in the outfield you are talking about. Pretty much tension out of so it's not it's easier move I think emotionally in that quote this is just. Clock and somebody out here that the team and I think that the big part of this because you are benching a guy who has been when your better players and in a heartbeat of this team for years been been doing it. Pretty quickly in the Sudan and that's hard to turn back America boy I you'd think they're gonna wait wait if those aren't they can't. I mean Alex it's tough for me to hear that because the guy's been released back for like two years and it's been it's just frustrating for giants fans might question. On the pitching staff is it has been a decent surprised for this pitching staff is you know Johnny Quidel looks like he's really bouncing into form. But has there been any update on Jeff's a margin I know he was down single play didn't go so well. Have you heard anything about Jeffs some martian when he might return. Yeah it's gonna pitch Friday or Saturday that haven't heard exactly which one but it is the only feel healthy you are ready for 95. And I read up thirty you know the numbers were batted in that first inning that they don't really care about that it is worked out how we feel them and everything well well so we will be giving it the Angel. Alex by the way were talking without tablet which of course we have value comes the giants for NBC sports Bay Area back to your outfield then. Oh man it. It kills me to hear that emotions might player role on this look I did it I get that hunter has meant a lot to the giants and a lot to their fans but I got it. I think if you're gonna pull giants fans. 90% of them would say I don't care he was the hurt me for a couple of years we need somebody out there who can get some notch is I mean. Cook who is it did then has this emotional tie it's gonna be so difficult to to sever. I think credible but not that they're in the coaching certain look there's the second artists who have no matter what somebody does in the minors it's probably. The guy you know I have a MacBook and compare them a guy who wrote the story that turnabout could cope with the Justin Turner thing I think. This is somewhat sustainable because it is not like you do on archer community changes going get a huge spring. And came back in and start of the beaten what you did there at the same time that the guy who has. They're typically a lot the last two student who hasn't shot a whole lot to it if you're talking about I understand with a parent or cover from I agree with them but I would call somebody else but. It's your turn to talk about profits you know now the coaches that guilt I do think there at the in aspect of they've given that it has entered the minute it happened really I mean back 27 birdies you haven't really. Develop in the top prospects in and I think that makes them more and it's a little bit different outlook laughter when you had a Christian Arroyo who what you're up prospecting got off to a hot start. And you go like that all part of the package at Gillick. This is probably making them question everything all the more. It's it's just kills me because I mean it at least the young guys got some upside hunter has clearly shown that. He is on the downside but that's that's just me I know Joseph suffered at the bit I think it. Alex I look at this lineup and I know you look at the stats like ID they got six different guys that are gonna average. Or on pace at least between a 116200. Strikeouts. And I know we have a new staff they've got a new hitting coach a a local guy that's ever a scanned. Have you talked about what he approached or maybe how they might adjust this approach at the plate. Moving forward. Well you know. I think the approach is how will be the appropriate standards education so you aren't blocked that. That's put on the creature is UW came from Houston and then came from a quick work. They have a much different approach to make your ear but at some point. I said that the people repeatedly the last couple extra people call prepare them sharper two years. It big are reportedly get a new hitting coach and the same situation I thought the I think at some point. Beat up women coaches and stop saying what are they kept preaching what what's being said. In the conversation and it'll grab a club out. I'll stop doing about Evan Longoria. You see flashes here and there but no consistency as of yet I'm in the camp that hey. This guy deserves a chance you use a big acquisition just like good McCutcheon yum I'm going to give guys like got a month because their track record but. What what's the feeling O what is what does Longo telling you himself how does he feel. He's been on a good prepping a little bit the first couple weeks and then just wanna make it crested there about natural become a nuclear and yet you're blockbuster acquisition. In the Arctic and I agree with you I think it's different circumstance we're talking about a guy who. At the track record he does them and really has done it in recent years Q I mean he did electors do appear before so it took. There's you know to hear people. I don't want to park at about third base to hear people compare this to a they're keeping a key situation or some type attitude and saying can this guy who's done it the guy who. At a pretty good year last year and and your getting your talking with them I think. Thirteen fourteen game stood at the very spot simple to tap into why don't you noticed that it's important for them out in the beginning of the year. Alex at. I agree with you I do you think it's fair to wait on you know it's the four years left on the dealerships are cringe worthy it feels like right now. Something good you saw the positive what's your big positive take away from the first 1617. Games of the season. But the guys starting tonight Chris Stratton I mean you look like if you'd pick up where hooked up here and you combine. What he's done over twelfth start than he did chemical are or. It's a 2.4 you are it's something that I think. It's not just the numbers that I think you look at the way he doesn't and your heart an able bit. Arm of came in both foreign and the fact that you doubt their grinding and forget about all that is better than it it looked on the radar gun at the leeway to be able to throw up an opponent. They get swings and misses and then get past hitters and in that it doesn't really matter at 91 and argue Q and and you know we're we're all about spin rate now so yeah that and caught the ball. Yet that occur on a lighter per in the spin rate on boat on the curve especially as do OP elite. Up their top three and in the majors I think in terms spin rate so that started better than maybe people would think if they look at traditional metrics and and he certainly has has played out on the field. In the context of survived a couple of years ago is it not crazy that it. I'm actually getting tweets saying why don't they start panda every ticket it that. This is Alex I know you're very busy appreciate your time if you're not following Alex on Twitter you need to do that it's time limits. I'm sorry have a bitch and BC SP AB LOV. I see Alex thank you so much for your time appreciate aren't eager. Alex cabinet she loved his writing view you know he's really good on the Ares hear on the radio he's good on television. But he's a heck of a Ryder that's now his. Most of us or hurt starts as writers in the and you get you branch out intuit. But yet if you don't read Alex's stuff you should do that because she's a very good writers well. Yeah he is good router I grew up. Picking up the sports the sporting green that's the way we still run into the kitchen table who fight. Over the sporting green who would get to first and how to read through and back in the day he had all the classics Aaron Miller claimed Tiki room. You know I'll rattle lol called obviously and and Hank Schulman was one of the guys I grew up watt reading and whatnot but. As the inner NH came throughout tablets is one of those guys kinda came out of nowhere. Has done a great job covering the team bought. But I mean I love the guy I really do but he like many of the other beat writers he he just. We had that guy out earlier to Lori young and he he actually said something and this is what bothers me the way this team is covered. Is is with kid gloves it's with kid gloves I understand that brought us three titles OK I can be appreciative of the three champion. Okay hold on let me before you I feel there are coming yes it's coming I think I'm gonna only is she right now yeah Dellucci we got about got about ten minutes left in the segment and in. And I feel like it's going to be about a ten minute rant. But it becomes a walk in Alex issues I've been the job passing letter that there yeah you've got to understand his job is different than every other B writer's job right now so because there is a relationship and catchy he has to do this is not a knocking him you have to practice. Relationship journalists look at not just journalism. Now the other guys they're not beholden to anybody they're at their organization does not have a working and financial relationship. With the team that he's cover. So I that's something that. I didn't it wasn't new to mean when I was there because I worked for MBC and in the Olympics and I work for company that had a relationship with NBC. In so. We had relationships with certain athletes so we could never be critical of its relationship journalism. That's what Alex has to practice but if you'd like to go off on a rant on how the restaurant just keep our agenda. Alex Alex is out still and I know I'm just you know the people that have those types of jobs. Just remember that there is a relationship for Shaq club there and are so they do have to Wear kid gloves to a certain execs like. Mean written in my pastor my community church you know I mean you can't do that I'd get that. I feel like it's an insult my intelligence as a giants fan. When you told me all offseason all the team's gonna get younger they're gonna give more athletic we're gonna put a premium on defense. And I need trot out Hunter Pence who's been famous for two years actually finish for two years you bring in Jackson OK I suggested he hit 350 against lefties in forty games a big is this narrative that he crushed lefties. Is exponentially worse perk for Doug to struggle at 19 B and developing young diaper once or to trot out the 75. Old guy in a row center field in a defensive minded division went. It pet co big LA stadium big Colorado big AT&T. Was the outfielder look like the McCutcheon trade it was a good trade. When you traded a whale Roy LUKBQ. Where are seen as the next Jeff Kent. Because you were told me he's the dude he couldn't even can't put its team last year you can't let Erica hill who might want to let. It's shaped. For double or do you or go there I outfield prospect make his team so it's chilly days in 1986 big trip for Darren Lewis and develop Darren Lewis okay. And that it was a slew of market but sergeant Kenny Lofton and marquis Grissom and Aaron Rowand overspending it's. It's it's exactly and then we get to the infield OK you're not going to be athletic in the outfield problem great. Let's talk about the infield. This is the slowest oldest team in baseball pants down pitted sort of the first baseman this man is the critical to good player he's an average player that you played. Big bucks to let's call it is he's not so hitter. Yes he gets a lot of loss yes OP ass that's fantastic he's just closed baseball he can't go first to third on a basic. Swing the bats he's six foot 56 foot five Mike. Any picks played approaches like he's a 59 center fielder Europe power. And act like you put. I put the big boy pants on a you know the 59 guidance when a big back. Who's that kid at play second base out to day for the Astros he plays like a bigger man to bring an adult does it just frustrating I love Joseph panic. I do he's had a solid year Longoria. The jury still got 56. Years of massive money on this guy and he's traded away these kids we told me just six months ago. What's the key to the franchise Christian right no but because ya yogi Odom back and forth from the pigs to the minors he breaks his wrist now he's damaged goods then go to the rotation. The rotation you have an important moments ago you haven't bought a starting pitcher since two doubt that in. Order came up at what you did you had to. Did go out we don't overspend in free agency year after year after year I'd like vocal song that was great. What did you overpay for hunting overpaid for peavy paper shark. Pay even for quite know who I want I like quite well. But could somebody else commitment as rotations the tropics every year kit for Satterfield took thirty but yeah okay and let's talk what the international bridge he misses the most international city in the world. Fully pay a million brought them on he's got to sign all these Dominican players he's gonna bring an international superstars you can't get an Asian superstar wanna come to shepherd Cisco. If you miss out on a tiny. Got more money you put more money up and perhaps a TV smoking weed hats and hair's not that's not you can't get it international superstar. Except the sides would be any. Good shot you feel wigs on on and on go to the doctors. At what point does this ownership pull their big boy pants and realize. It's over I don't even like baseball I love baseball it's over I love the giants I truly do. So every book Posey emblem garner everyone else needs to go out and tackled the front on us route. Everyone needs to go I need new blood top to bottom Japan Exxon and I'm not until panic I looked so connected to panic. Is he's going to be a great piece of the Yankees Sunday that's what he's gonna end up being because they got a ton of prospects and I need some young guys they have mil athletes. Mike he's so you'll be all right got to average shares it's it's Keith Smith to forty home runs is to keep that could. No yeah this will do what they wanna bring Julio Franco at a retirement does what he's fifty and he fits the giants motel you know I'll let. It's just it's been it's absolutely Matt advertisers and here's the worst part if you take your kids who began bluster might not play it because he played yesterday. US. If you should target short putts for par go to the game it appears fifteen bucks at Muirfield geriatric giants. I mean come on it so point kidneys so in young embrace. Am I appreciative of the three World Series for sure I'm so grateful. What it was no fluke. You have one guy at the end what Governor Perry leads more original World Series pick up where the album. Out for your game I think six starters you act as it is winning that World Series when he fourteen heard giants for something real. Don Clark the giants won three World Series in five and you're not the best that he doesn't fluke they weren't the 2012 she was like I think anywhere in the World Series by definition that means you the best team. She date they had a very good run it looks Conrad doesn't catch up ball hit it Cody Ross doesn't make the roster it's Jose Guillen does steroids but I also. And so and all that happened. In Georgia not only good to win or not by design what don't resort area just hit a homer. And enjoy the moments and encore in this five more years at ninety something million dollars as well bring adults eight million dollar extension actually detects and blocks and it in Evan Longoria has passed one at bat he's one for one without. A home run enjoy the moment butcher bore out. What we're good is your trip them at what point am I gonna see a young guy just won I was so glad I don't. Stephen does is coming soon. Room in coach who is exponentially worse he struggled a lot. Or Jackson should collect 2.0 yeah Matty Williams and I'm looking for a hundred deserve the best of what the emotional night Hunter. Pence is conducting if you wanna vomit he's big for two years since. It's trying it's 5050 screens are shocked I'd appreciate it take the rallying the yes yes yes that was awesome but it was so torn fourteenth. This is 48 team come try to win a World Series every year due to get used to begin taking shape. I even you didn't even appreciate the three World Series Gore's debut day. Last year. It's all right it's only April right now you're freaking out on tour you're on your mental health their eyes for a hundred Los as anyone who has eyeballs. Charles in the words of doom room Ray Charles could see this team needs massive upgrades and I Love Boat she but she's one of one of the greatest all times what straight to the hall of fame. He's amazing kid couldn't his entire staff like it was his fault that was so classless and disrespectful to start to the top Larry there I know you're listening to you listen everything I hope he does she meet you need to clean house start from scratch I need new eyeballs savings been their since 1996 X 2018. He's the longest tenured GM outside a prank because. Of these key to why did people get on the World Series in five years and they want any got tired and wanted to break for awhile didn't collect the are you done a boat you do I look votes he's deserves to ride off into the sunset but we're being honest. He not well coached by Dave Roberts and every single dodger matchup over the last two years. Were hole. But she first ballot hall of Famer three rings he's got three titles in the back only a handful of guys can say they did that the a's manager there's this blob. Bill Walsh and boat she wanted to get that fourth inning gonna happen with this roster now they're more likely to lose a 105 games. Then when 85. So cleaning house you're done with underpants completely done what Brandon belt he asks you're done with Brandon Crawford I don't play proper -- put on weight he's not the same player and. Well I. Athletes. I think about this. Yeah I got my. Right you never see guys get to vote empire relay inside that. The infield hurts so. Everybody by a bomb garner and Posey yes slump garner always hurt. If you know what the bomb garnered deserves a statue he's one of the few guys I retired Jersey while he's walking you know while he's playing all right the vein is about to burst that was equality ran. Don't Shasta AKA the butcher boy oh my god I've done this needs to be a visual medium we should have that on videotape but just hearing the audio. Wow we're gonna give butcher boy a break we're seeing you view break your eardrums I hope we didn't have that turned up too high the Golden State lawyers have a two zip lead. Over the San Antonio Spurs who now might just have an emotional lift heading in the game 30 Michael are things for tomorrow 95 points of the game. Now to tell and show on 957. Regain. So good. But man goes on the wheels of steel I'm Michael Irvin alongside Josh yesterday the butcher boy. Calls on the wheels of steel behind the glass and he asked me if I'm in any musical request before the program and he is delivered. On every account. Joshi ASCII AKA the butcher boy just delivered an epic grant. About this differences go giants all give you the the thumbnail all I'll give you could wow. What is that what are those books as little clip cliff notes due to the cliff notes here's a clip notes get rid of everybody except buster embalmed garner. That's a cliff notes version of your rent in a nation yes you know it jumped out at me that 2014. World Series. Was a fluke yes cool off. The ballot that was one of the most epic performances. In the history. Of Major League Baseball what match him Bom Gartner is. In you've framed that is an indictment against the rest of the team it. Was they got. Combined outs from their game six and seven starters Hudson and he's a genius. To you don't design it up like the Astros were the best team in baseball. All of last year but that almost never happens but the guys are gonna cut on literally never happens I agree with you but. The cubs which really did that the year prior. They were the best team in baseball all year and ended up winning the World Series right I can be grateful and appreciative and they'll say. Don't this time has come to an errant. Can I go to the Penske goddess of touch subject line yeah let's hear it's your not changed because if if I. Bringing it if I was would count me in here read them but yeah we're directed at me yeah I would be I'd be a puddle on the digital programming and I'm I'm white says the were up pot Obama Obama hands you when it comes to criticism I'm like 67. 285. Pounds of just. DB. Being sick I mean hypersensitive. Yeah okay so. During your rant we got from 510 is melting off right now he's an idiot if it. From a different five here I know top ten rant of all time did you elect 415 with hell's wrong with. Let's go to to what is wrong review butcher boy that I just solid tenement area knows little about your health care I love my team. She that's other stuff. 925. Who's that chick it's fiction to shut up Longoria just went yard he's hot. That was one and when ice are you still angry after Longoria home run hit measures it there. No more ram yeah Morgan where Edward talk dial down electric. I worry you don't just that you worry too much about. Decision's. Ramifications. In the future what I do. And what is helped make me more sane and it is I just try to. I focus on this today's game for sure and if they play well in the win this game. I'm happy but. When Brandon belt strikes out rings game it doesn't like irritate me to no end like I I suspect it would. Would you I'm just I'm trying to figure out what goes into that mindset. Well there's a body of work and if you watched every Longoria act back this year a guy why didn't know a lot about how. You are a Tampa Bay Rays baseball here or go and don't give me is plugged up the big Major League Baseball package I watch all the get married to watch is the race there are relevant. I don't know what kind of player I was getting. So I don't give you got a bit of that outlook is baseball card noted that goes to god. In pre pre season as spring training a watch a couple games that were televised and he went the other way while Scott got a good inside out swing. Then the regular season started IN and you can go to the game not seem that you don't but the team shift him on every single app back. And the guys unwillingness. To go the other way is extremely alarming from the veteran from a guy who's gotten a big time contract. And so when I see someone. Daly now trying to pull the ball he is hell bent on trying to pull the ball on every pitch. That's a flawed. AL east swing out of my booty cheeks. Type of a player who's great on the race winning sixty games a year but that's how to get back into the playoff you know on and look. It gave him the benefit of the doubt when I or does he get reality of his success is that's why Buster Posey. These senior railing on him I get frustrated he can't play. Seven days a week because I mean about derby day but he's a 330 hitter when healthy right you know I don't care about the home run champ real sickly. Suppose he's not afford he's got a five hitter on our real. And why is coaching is done batting cleanup usually when he's in love with Posey in the cleanup spot Natalie the past few years you should two home runs after the break. That that's been my biggest look agreed herbs Buster Posey is probably going to be a hall of fame yeah right he I mean you look at the Reza mean. The Reza managed it's unbelievable agreed but. I am. I don't know of severely is too I'm severely disappointed. In his lack of power. I don't think he's he's. I don't wanna say it's a week they're at 330 but it's. It's a pretty. Quiet 330 is it not if it is it's it's very go to right center he gets a lot of right center line drives which is great I mean that's great when they're cute downing you're down by Iran and examining that I find. But I bus inner pact I thought he was good when he was younger yes first came up. I kept thinking wow wants the power comes from this guy he's going to be amazing he hit eighteen is rookie year and I was expecting to eventually be that third I 35 guide to. I mean Posey pumping balls into the into the bleachers I expected this you've got on a regular basis I agree I. I don't know the leg got shot like Joe Mauer I really don't but I'll tell you this. It's no coincidence his best season was when they had a Jew stuff Melky Cabrera batting directly in front of him Nokia had a monster you 38 doubles. Before. The all star break he was phenomenally was a great gap that term that's the thing about AT&T park. The homeless are very miss Lee and get double hit gaps alkaline triples Alley but there's other ways of slugging the ball in our spacious ballpark. But again Posey is miss cast as a coordinator is not a foreigner do you see forever now I don't know I don't know. It is a three hitter he doesn't have the wheels sport right now look at. To me on that roster Longoria is the foreigner I agreed agreed only he screams for him I very. And just like panic screams two hitter yeah among the prototypical. Hitter Robbie Alomar style they don't have a lead out there aren't they don't have anybody who kind of fits that bill not a big do you have a two hitter and big do you have a three hitter in the and that's Buster Posey in my appeal to you about a three McCutcheon has a five guy for me okay you flip in and I don't. I don't buy into the hall left right you got I don't see her yeah I don't make it too easy on the opposing manager to it to him in the bullpen. Governor don't worry about that worry about the first seven innings totally do it yourself before lean so that doesn't matter saying get that by putting the guys. Whose skill set and his best suited for that spot in the lineup and right now. At this stage of their careers look I don't think. You're right McCutcheon is probably more of a three hitter. Then then Posey yeah yeah but you can't oppose hit fire now you're gonna have Longoria for yes and so word you propose it. That's the problem for him not being more of a power hitter exactly because if he's more of a power guy then yeah he's a three hitter. Because for me what I I was always taught me teams that I played on the best all around hitter on the team bachelor I. 200% agree Ted Williams one of the greatest hitters of all time. We may move back in front limit Covey even bonds on bonds was at his back there it was in the four hole bombs in the three hole here's the thing. Because you don't have a traditional leadoff. I am open and I'd like to ski boat she tinker with it then move Petit took the lead off spot I know he's not a conventional lead off got put McCutcheon in the two hole. Posey in the three hole move everyone up let's not kidding ourselves. Austin Jackson is not a leadoff hitter putting in the eight hole like dropping him down. I wanna see McCutcheon imposing that the first scene just could get the lineup turning over more often like and here's the other part. When Posey puts the ball in play I need someone in front of him. To run the base is a little well that's why I hate belt the tool he can't run the base is you need to Eagles was second. To score him he's that terrible I think shall based on you want to be the best speeds there what this horrible knicks. One of the things that these shedding your rant and and I think it was dead on because that post season press conference where it was bare boat UC BN in Evanston. And they talked they basically gave your checklist of things that they wanted to do in in getting more athletic with one of and it if Longoria and McCutcheon earth 34 years younger than vigna you've got to help a lot more athletic girls because they're not in. You didn't mean Austin Jackson is pretty good athlete but you didn't really get all that athletic and that's one of the things. That's what I don't like about this roster is that there's if it it's not. It's not a fiber roster under Arafat had no I know exactly yes and yeah it's vibrant it's not dynamic it's a bunch of guys who yet. You're all a bunch of pretty damn good ball players grinder. Your all bunch of writers but. It's difficult to snap off and nine and one streak of fifteen would you streak. When you're grinding all the time it's exhausting. Because they'll grind. And staying get four hits and a walk and take him take an extra base Yatom heady base running by Joseph panic GAAP and squeeze two runs out of it in there. Amid Diamondbacks pump of two run homer. Two batters into the next inning yeah get their runs that way actually and it's it at first off it's exhausting that you had to grind for those two runs. And then it's deflating emotionally and trust me it is when they get those runs back like that when you read it works so hard for those runs and the pitcher is pitching a good game each makes one. And there's just a collective you know on. The shoulders just go down totally in our memory works so hard for them now that's the problem with these giants they're not. And they haven't been for a while they they don't have a lightning strike offense which is what. That that's the trendy image we have our like you mentioned the number of strikeouts and Jack it's alarming it's crazy but. Everybody striking out a lot in baseball they're differences there are written our eggs actually I'm fine with the striking out that many times putting it. Yeah Adam Dunn. Adam Dunn willing to teach what do you hear it for a career home runs will he strike out like 5000 times you know but again when your put the ball over the fence then. You have more leeway the biggest issue for me I keep going back to it yet forty rounds in the draft.