Urbs and Butcher Boy First Hour 4-18-18

The Chris Townsend Show
Wednesday, April 18th

Warriors are up 2-0 on the Spurs Bucther Boy and Urbs weigh in on the series so far. Are Warriors fans spoiled by the Dubs success?, as well as the greatness of the this years NBA playoffs. Jabari Young of the San Antonio Express talks about the passing of Gregg Popovich's wife and what the Spurs chances are on their home court.


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DG DG dot com studios in downtown San Francisco. This music. All Aurora Colorado are laughing hello and welcome Mary I Michael Irvin I'm not Chris towns and uncle Tony. Is nowhere to be found out of nowhere is but I know he's working because that's all he ever does it takes two to replace uncle counties along side me. Is Joshi ASCII indicated butcher boy wrote a butcher boy I don't know I'm doing great I'm doing great great a.'s way Kathy Nguyen was it base is voted not by Harrelson had good times you know that conveys. They've got some walk off magic man they have for a few years him I'd be interested to see where they rank over the past five years of walk off victories that's a good one I liked the pretty high and it's cool rewards that fan base it through. It's a small fan base but you know I cover the team for ten years and I think I got to know every single fan that's a small a lot of what they're awesome they're great they're loyal and so it's good that they got go home happy to yeah especially after what they did yesterday that was really cool and no doubt about it. So we are litigating to play baseball is Joseph is wearing his giants T shirt and of course we'll talk a lot of giants. A lot of panic going on I think I sense a little bit of panic. In Joseph we've been together for about a half an hour and you've just got that five gone I don't think there's a lot of panic. Among lawyers fans at least not right now they're up two zip. On the San Antonio Spurs a quick sobering note. Related to the spurs. Greg Popovich whose wife. Passed away today and no word on whether you know what what that means for. Popovich and his standing for the rest of this series but none of that really matters right now that matters is. You got a camera it's hurting. And we are hurting for them I know it's always shallow and people's thoughts and prayers but what else you can say that's all I can't say it's terrible. Terrible thing and obviously there's never a good time for this by. I wouldn't be surprised if I mean I'm just put myself in him issues and I'm not coaching and about school in terms. Now now we've had lots of different tragedies in my feeling it takes time group. I my heart breaks for him he really doesn't mean we we have been criticizing his post game here fixes stuff and it all seems very. Trivial in comparison this I almost a bath like. For being so harsh on him last couple pays when I was on here because this you don't wish this on anyone. But you know I. Look if if Steve Kerr looks up to Gregg Popovich and you know I always think this jab at her critical of him and in his antics I think is act is tired but. I always whenever wherever on the on the fence about somebody which I have been about Popovic. I looked around to see who were his home base and sneakers one of tsunamis and I think the world Steve Kerr so he totally given the benefit of the doubt but again none of that really matters right now it's the Popovich family and the extended spurs chairman insurers hurting right now so. I don't know kind of affect that's gonna have a on the series I don't know you know I I called sweet anyway like this week's gonna happen one way or another no matter who's around. But we will get into planning a warriors basketball and we will do that would Howard Becky is a senior NBA writer. At Bleacher Report you can follow him on Twitter at Howard Beck he's gonna join us in about nine tore me. Before that we're gonna get into bass draw actually and about I don't thirty minutes were on a little bit earlier than the typical. A local town his show because the way the a's game went and I don't know that Damon Bruce wanted to come on for like 1015 minutes so now we jumped on early but early in Malcolm county show. Is going to be Jabbar young he is a he's. The Phillies series is one of the things that this captivating for me Philly and Miami we saw Dwyane Wade with that resurgence Statehouse. We'll see how much weather Jabbar thinks that he's got. Any left in the tank Ross are going to be talking would mark dean supporters writer for the San Jose Mercury news Bayern news group bank. He's gonna join us at ten games of our young at when he talked and basketball Howard back at nine torn talking basketball mark Medina. At ten talking basketball. Baseball fans you're gonna get planning Iran believe me Alex Pamela Mitchell covers the giants for NBC sports Bay Area. He's gonna join us at eight its warning when I shades giants Joseph first thing that pops into your head. Situation critical to cook that's the first thing that pops in my head this song because this is this disaster right now there's no other way around I'm so mad at this team. I was told by all the beat writers Michael I was told by everybody all the different stations all. It's just the opening day roster in they can make adjustments on the fly yet. They told me on the front end when Bob garner was helping me he's gonna pitched three times in the first nine games there was a sense of urgency yet. Where was that same sense of urgency with the roster construction you don't have any pinch hitter who could run into one okay McAleese and finally. He has a great spring train I'm ready to be huge Matt Williamson fan Eddie doesn't break can't put this team. You knew for two years then Hunter Pence was finished absolutely finished. And you tell me hey got to have patience you gotta let it play itself out whole Brandon belt in the planet tool you've been a baseball thing your whole life is mutual hitter is he put the ball apply. Or two more I'm losing. Richard Roy it's not even 7 o'clock the show hasn't even officially started in your face is red and I consider very aimed I would out I've got four hours worth of frustration. OK okay. My question to you Michael I'm dead serious when I say this. You can have a great career Bill Walsh Popovich. But it always comes to an end. Has he and come for Brian Sega and in this front office do you want them drafting number two overall in June yes. I don't. I had all the trees in northern branch saving I think he's earned the benefit of the doubt but we're gonna explore your feelings we're gonna put you on the couch alone I'm gonna talk queue up BA by the end of our four plus hours together. The redness is going to be gone through a phase the vein in your head is can be back wherever it came from. And it's just going to be all good enjoy OSHA skis were that promise you that definitely looks as a populist step in my house I see my family my wife and everything there you go and always grounds our family our home away from Romans is studio right here which makes you the listener part emerged and family we very much like you to join the conversation you can do that by dialing Tripoli. 9579. To 57 again 8889579570. If you wanna hit a supplement Penske auto sales come to find. That would mean 95795. It normally joke no win Amman with a uncle Tony obviously he's driving because it's his show. He bans me from the text line of cases I am a better performer. Without the text line and assume that what he's not saying there is that I'm soft and I'm sensitive and I let the negativity get Timmy because let's face it. The text line is mostly negative it's the sewage so I'm I'm trying to figure out if first up do I have the clout to ban you from the text line. And I don't know that have enough of a feel for you personally whether or not you're gonna have to let the text line get under your skin. What you know the way I look and it's like my spinach some pop by so the more hate I get I'd build up like the hole and then I'm just gonna you nominee go out it's thick it's the loser line. But it fires me because. You bring the loser lie it is because it inspires me that's what gives me astray. Sure that's the change that. Yeah starting Pakistani we RD got some young its excellence in thirty seconds inning you're taking shots at the years for having a small service. A ticket shot like I don't talk about how great their work. If you're gonna are only about a small Grant Mason bringing I'd love to have that argument because it's the it's unassailable anyway Allah is Franz Olivier is. On that Bay Area sports fan who likes all the teams that a lot of the diehards. Mocking me and say oh you can't do that you got to pick one other matters greater blah blah blah I'm that guy. I would guess you're not that cash asking. No I don't necessarily a little room for VA's I don't but I appreciate their place not only locally but historically like the days have one of the most decorated. Unrivaled traditions. Just look at every generation. They bring it with playoff teams with once a generation players were Tom there's three titles in the seventies Ricky hander scene and Jose Canseco and Tony La Russa the sexy stating they had the eighties. All the way up until the Big Three that you covered in and most recently went for the Garrett at Donald's incest and has every right. Mean look there it's good for me a nationally guy. To a C the American League company. Jack McKeon I tell that's the thing that's why I'm a fan of all the teams that. In particular. In baseball because I am 1000 little kid I could not get enough baseball right way and so when if I'd just been a giants fan which most people on the peninsula Negroponte Redwood City we're gentry and yet. Then I would have been I never would have gotten to see other American thinks of out of gun nuts because when the giants shrouded town hanging had a six gas and my pops that and so we went and watched a.'s games so. I got to see both teams I've built up an attachment to bowl teams. And then as a professional I end up covering both teams I went from covering the days when they're really good yeah and I got lucky as soon as I went over to what is now NBC sports bear him. It was serious and bear it's time but it. My first year there was 2010 and they went that's when I started so the timing was really gets our global team you know the team that I love the most in the Bay Area though and they have no rival for your attention. Is the Golden State ordered lower to zip. On the San Antonio Spurs I have been like many Bay Area people. I've been through some rough rough times and the lawyers then and now this it it couldn't be any better. I was asked you that jazz on agree tittle. And he said so are you want those fans that's it's boiled down. By their success and that's why if they don't blow somebody out your your complaining because you to look I'm never gonna be sport yeah. But lawyers success because of all those years of futility but I'm feeling pretty damn good about my prediction of a sweep and I don't know. That that email went out before the series started I don't know if you got it we're part of that where you have to make prediction what was that I predicted. Sweet OK and specifically I think my sentence was something along lines of Kevin Durant. Gives us burst its historically in the play Oscar season athletic big. And they have. Have the firepower hanging with us is that you gave him something like that I'm not a writer that lucky guy it's too bad they couldn't they had it made that in a video component that's why did I just the look on your fans. When you were given that hot take was just an excuse to take you know you re kind of idol. Can you. They act like is Joshi ASCII AJ butcher boy I am Michael Irvin we're in for uncle Toni again if you wanna Regis you wanna join the conversation Tripoli 957. 9578889579570. If you want to some the Penske osu does come to excellent. It's 95795. You can hit me up on Twitter at bigger sports Joseph what's your Twitter handle butcher boy 415 aren't but your boys yet or 15 again his Joshi Eskew AKA. But from where we're going to be here we view Intel 11 o'clock a whole lot of warriors. Also a lot of NBA playoffs I mean this is. For the Eastern Conference. They take also two crap during the regular season it's a weak conference it's gonna come down to one or two teams there's no drama whatsoever. Are you not riveted by the Eastern Conference playoff threat every single series I love and I watch as much as I can. Is this blasphemy if I say I think. And playoffs have been better in the NFL player who asked not so blasphemous. Also many more narratives leave stevens' single up against LeBron today we got OKC. Vs Donovan Mitchell. The Dwyane Wade resurgence I mean. Every should Celtics without hiring two degree creek and the big young guy Jerry Brown with the local I've run Carol. I think he was this good Jason Tatum looks awesome but so many short and I love the NBA right now. Brad stevens' best coach in the NBA there's no doubt about it again the text line is 957950. Clear something up. So we'll just so I'm a loser because I text him Michael first off I'm not the one the good loser coach Jeff you. And I don't think he's calling owners I think his point was in general it's negative and gas of course there's also. Unassailable as she Joes like the winner of the player haters ball hate hate hate LLO well. So I like Dave Chappelle you remember that. About this tour again this is not bad I like that was the loser line how you got your job butcher boy a heck yeah. All. My daughters would see heroes day roasted yeah I got a. You know what though calling it contribute to the show up 8889579570. Let's hear what she got sick Bay Area. There you go the five tense situation positively to positive before you missed you herbs I appreciate that yet. Some health problems spent some time in the hospital but I am fit as a fiddle right now feeling very very good we found out that one of the symptoms. Of what I had which is really low thyroid was portions I got pulled off the air because my voice was so bad but my voice. It's so good right now that I am actually looking forward to doing this you're listening to 95 point seven a game KG MC FM in aids he wants differences go the radio home. For every single warriors playoff game. JoAnne get asked every borders guess that we have any every NBA bitten guessed that we have. If anything surprised them about the first. Two games of the series now I think everybody was surprised by Andrei were dollar starting point guard. JaVale McGee starting at center but in terms of just what went down on the court. And whatever adjustments you may have seen from game one to game two. Did anything surprise you not just the outcome but the way it happened. Yeah I think Atlanta had the way the way it happened I think for me I was most surprised. With the decision is the spurs have made on personnel over the last few years. They keep trotting back Dini green to green is an average to below average MBA player they keep it all he's he's hitting threes 345 years ago yes what time though he was role players the fourth best player on the team. They let Jonathan Simmons go in free agency he gave the warriors fits may have no big athletic guys to guard to rein collect. And indicate how the salt three years 45 million. He can't play a series against us are tricky he just can't let when did you get that deal was that this pass off yeah. We could give him the minimum believed minute ride and he took a three year 45 million dollar deal that's that's ridiculous how. How great would he be on the lawyer's day even feel the love I mean like at this stage in the career he'd be like a David West yes it was a little bit different skill set guests in that pass yeah he's a hell of a big man he's not not that anymore you know he can't handle. Anybody on the warriors roster one on one by now. While three year deal now speaking of three year deals and Andrei were dollar got a three year deal and this past off season. And everybody. Was up and arms about a Andre would dollar in the regular season and and well not everybody. Because I wasn't Joan let me tell you why wasn't a lot. You hear you've heard me say the benefit of the doubt a couple of times already since we've been on the year yeah. Has Bob Myers not earned the benefit of the doubt over and over his tenure with the warriors. I just did not see. Bob Myers swinging and missing that bad I'm giving a guy at the three year deal for that kind of money. There is no way look if Andre it would dollar has lost her is about to lose a step. Bob Meyers and his team are gonna know. And if they knew that they wouldn't be thrown him that kind of money. I don't know if you've been on the air with me since I it is you may have been on the air when I did this but it was three months ago and I'm still gonna I'm still pat myself on the back so hard that's a guy could have rotator cuff and I. I said a few months ago that this is like at the peak of Abram coming down hundred dollars wrote. I say everybody settle down what Andre would dollars doing right now she's perpetuating the longest calm in NBA history. He is just he wants everybody to think he's washed up. He wants Iran to think he's lost a step he wants everybody to think oh my god that was wasted money can you believe they gave him three years and all that cash. And it worked and everybody thought he was done most everybody thought he was done. All he was doing is just look. When Bob Myers gave him all that money you don't all that money was for that money was not her November. Or December or January or February or march it's for April may June and that's why he gave him that money and that's why Andre Iguodala. Basically was half of what Andre were dollar can beat you in the regular season in the team knew what he was doing I think some of those injuries those little ones that kept him out for a couple of games here meant. I think they may have been chairman injuries they just they know that there is a limited amount. Of gunpowder in Mac guy and get it and we are gonna sit we're not gonna fire that gun until April. And I didn't expect him to be started that was a brilliant move I mean that the spurs admitted openly. We have been preparing for the lawyers were quick hook. At point guard. But he's he's been fantastic and I know that even in these two games he's got a little Ding guy out there and pulled out that that doesn't worry me at all that's all part of the gig Andre when dollar. Is along as he is on this roster and healthy and able to play. The rest of the playoffs he is going to be the most important player on that team. Yeah that's a really good point in our. I have to admit I'm guilty as charged I doubt this guy all year I've been riding him hard. All year you talked about gunpowder. And you know you windows usury ammunition I think it's a great analogy though is old school gunpowder was there is there is gunpowder such a thing anymore I don't know what you know what I kept thinking that was the battle of Bunker Hill when the when their run and out ammunition they said don't fire actually see the whites and air I don't meaning you wanna wait till that the enemy gets nice and close. It would all look like he had no spring in his step it looked like he couldn't facilitate the offense anymore and then boom the playoffs are. Not only this he's going into the starting lineup kind of set the tone for the past scene and all that that he just setting that defense of mentality but you can see this spring in his legs herbs I mean how is your policy the guy who looks really young man that's what we call me bring you easy. Not when he's just his one would you put him in the Robert Horry category of a guy. Who would pace himself during the regular season and really has a role player but then come playoff time is significantly more valuable to your roster give in his skill sets. She's similarities there's no doubt about it but big differences that he's big shot Rogge right act because he hits game winner yes it Iguodala hasn't hit game winners but then again he's been in the finals MVP. He is more I think. Robert Horry is the guy that you got to worry about it in the fourth quarter did he SA Iguodala is gonna give you problems quarter's 123 and four I don't like Robert Horry. He's that type of guy who would would. I don't know conserve his energy or they would try not to tax him in just make sure that he's ready to hit those big shot and when your team's big shot rob it's obvious what you're known for a Andre it would dollar is known for just having a fantastic four game I mean there's not a whole lot. That a basketball player would be asked of that Andre Iguodala can't. Dude that's a good point in his shots fall on the other night game to. I think we shoot threes goodnight all my goodness no questioning as a difficult three point shot is yes that jumped to his eight patents to deliver now like clay where he's very flat footed when he shoots it. But the thing he doesn't get enough credit for. And this is more of like a team chemistry building think. When he went to the bench three years ago and he accepted that role and he realized hey we're a better team if I start on the bench allow Harrison Barnes to start. Back kind of empowerment and that selflessness and it set the tone for what we're seeing right now at this roster in this organization like I don't think he gets enough credit for. You know are under is kind of a quirky dude I don't know if you follow Mon 120 yeah it's it's so cryptic I mean it's like. When he's when he's retired he's in rewriting those cryptic you know it on the comics page yeah chronicle hieroglyphics yeah he's got involved that somehow ciresi difficult got to read. But I don't think he's that way. In the locker room at practice I think that is since the persona that he presents to the outside and he gets a kick out of it and it's like he's the only one in on the joke kind of thing yeah. But you're right inside the locker room are in the practice during practice. I think he's one of those guys that every team needs I think David West is that guy too good to just kind of settle everybody down because. You know look dream on green and we love them for this yet is the caddie gets everybody jacked up bright because we know what that's about he's just yeah. Always always jacked up he's like you'd get you going on the giants and you're gonna get jacked up with. But dream on is a guy who gets everybody jacked up I think Andrei is the guy who sits back yes in their favor and get a little too jacked up. Then he probably steps in and in my BIR remember one time. I forget who was that was Mike step but you know how they do that them in the playoff exit from its wired or I don't know what they caught wired but they went into the warriors huddle. And it would dollar wasn't the one who's Mike. I in it wasn't occurred either it was I think it may have been Collins the assistant coaches Kong's biggest wanted somebody who's going to be. In the huddle you know and and they wanted to hear snippets of his conversation. But the only person who spoke in the auto was Andre were dollar occurred in singing think Collins in singling out of the coaches say anything. Except coach Andre and I know it's cliche here about oh he's a coach Alan Haller I think that's what Andre is I think the west is that to certain Finnegan to. When you watch the telecast every single night of the different broadcasts of the lawyers half when they're having games before they go to commercial. Oh hundreds always walking over to a younger teammate whether to queen cook maybe it's a Jordan not put his arm around him he's pointing things out he's talking to them. I love guys like that I mean you come from the sports world like I do any team you play on. When two players are collaborating it just makes for a better and revive you know you start to understand each other's ins and outs and when you switch on defense would you know what the thought process is behind something or what he's thinking. It makes the cohesion just so much better. Now there's no doubt about it I'm Michael Irvin he is Joshi ASCII AKA the butcher border we're in for uncle Tony we're going to be taking all the way till 11 o'clock and we would love. Three to be part of the conversation we're talking. Warriors basketball at 720 we're going to be joined by Jabbar young gated and not just the warriors but some of these great playoff series going around all around the NBA including. The Eastern Conference I got a question for the caller show you. The spurs are tough home and if you look at the numbers for the warriors at San Antonio they're not good and now now granted that goes back to the days of when Tim Duncan was in his prime I don't know maybe even goes back to Dave Robinson says. But the numbers are not pretty. And I would venture to guess that even if staff Currie is saying I'm ready I'm ready I'm reading he's medically cleared. I'm not let him play until until we lose a game in the series and maybe lose two games of the series and they're not gonna lose one game that Ireland's two games I don't think. Maybe the audience thinks different. Now Gregg Popovich wife Erin she passed away today. That there is no you cannot tell me that's not gonna take an emotional tolls on the entire team that your your coach's wife just past the coached likely won't be around there's no way that doesn't take control on the team. There's one or two ways you can go with the so. And I've seen it happen and it can be a galvanizing force they can be between one for Erin and I don't know this for a fact but I know in a lot of programs. And that's a pop that's that's what makes him special in the NBA Newton a lot of NBA teams just had a team every year Popovich runs a program yes there's expert program the warriors have a program. And so. Part of the program I'm guessing is Erin Popovich was Aaron Popovich I'll bet you these players all know who she is there. Had a relationship whether so it's either you are overwhelmed with grief and the world moves in slow motion and in that case. Can you get your ass kicked by a Florida borders team that wants to get this series done as quickly as possible. Or like I said it's galvanizing it keeps you fired up what do you think's gonna I'm I'm not not so much related to this. But how do you feel about the orders going to San Antonio where it's been historically difficult. To winning game do you think the built up enough momentum to transfer that to Texas and make quick work of experts. I think they need to bring their a game in the first half and they need to they may be ready for whatever. Energy that's gonna be in that building all the positive TV maybe it's sadness. This is the spurs' final push right here now I'm talking dynasty as well not just in this regular season. Yes there's no question about it I mean it. Game three is look we need change venues and that you look at the playoffs and the pelicans won two games in port Clinton and Portland you would think okay were. They've they'd like the idea of having the first two games at home but now they're probably like. They're they're convincing yourself that it's a positive to get out of town yes is it going to be a positive for the order to get that down I don't know maybe each of our young knows. He covers the spurs in the NBA for the San Antonio express she's up next Michael Irvin. He is the butcher boy on 95 point seven again. Chris Townsend shell. 19570. Welcome back Mary thank you for joining us I'm Michael Irvin alongside Joshi ASCII also known as the butcher boy we're going to be taking all the way up. Until 11 o'clock a lot of lawyers talk a lot of baseball talk. Won't get into a little bit of everything we want you to help steal the steer the ship Tripoli 957. Nine to 57 again it'd 89579570. The number you wanna call Penske Genesis dot com takes on his 957. 95. The lawyers of the biggest story going on. Not just locally but I would imagine the entire country is paying a lot of attention at Golden State wars as they try. To repeat as NBA champions here to talk about batten give us a little bit of perspective from the San Antonio. Kinds of side of things Jabbar young he is a fantastic writer he's a Philly guy to be covering the spurs in the NBA. For the San Antonio express news Jabbar had you don't mandate either time. Well don't do it got out that that appreciate it. No problem so. Some obviously some really really sad news coming out of the spurs camp Erin Popovich the wife San Antonio Spurs coach. Gregg Popovich passed away early Wednesday. She was 67. Or it was to say a shocker had she been battling. Illness for awhile and Tulsa little bit about the super. Clearly behind the scenes you know apparently she was battling an illness you know court you know Greg copper was very. Personal Barack I don't know what his wife looked like he kept his family. Really up to the side you know you knew that she was there but. Are Nelson thought that San Antonio I was there outback and Tony good candidate she was. You know built what she fought through what you obviously very sad day here at San Antonio that he saw rip up this morning. You wouldn't think anything wrong you know and then you know our lady here it is so. You know Christensen and his family in you know throughout the entire NBA sure as seen throughout Twitter. On television and express now you know there. No word strict probably associates sat day and Obama believes that this girl just you know Clearwire as well. Try to use this there's no motivation to try to you know give their coach talks Marc Canter. Yeah I know that it's you know it's sounds cliche like a win one for Aaron but there's really you don't know one of two ways it seemed can go can either be galvanizing thing or. The world contended you know move in slow motion if if they agree to overcome Juba. Let let's let's turn our attention. To something inside the lines of the court orders have a two game lead is there anything about the first two games is surprised you Jabbar. All of you know of course but gained one was a little surprising that you didn't think that this early and get blown out he ought to be able commodity XQ what better they do it. And the inability at a much static game to fumble that was book deal. Do tool of the adjustment would get a lot of the most you know really helpful by it would put. You talk a game want to be in a cloak like game you know his San Antonio Spurs and their work also took it. It got a queue up at 8 o'clock in the morning and get themselves ready in days if luggage go to law and number last year in the warriors. We've been able to same situation at a put at 1230 English that was final that they were sluggish in they got the look on Trammell who didn't know an Al beat the wanna gain colada or put. Alms you know it's it's little things social games left so we're very. More spurs like. You know and and they were better you know especially the first tactic came out of putts and mop the thing is defeated Spain let same. Type of the tally that same type of momentum forty minutes and that's what you need to get cold they met with a yet to key commitment. And do whatever you possibly can't make sure that they don't get up as we out though. 12 threes and you know the debt that is kind of fuel the money right back and so you know. Ebitda mindset right now with San Antonio is eight with the war is to get your home court and we got a commentator Ron fortunately there are 33 and eight believe at home. This season so it's not like BP can't win at home court they know how to do what they know what to do. And now it's about one out there and executing that the way to Cheadle I'll this mainly getting game to put the only differences to forty minutes and you just live with the results. But Jabari before we ask you the cool why question that you know you pride and asked a thousand times in the last six months. Can at this roster and I know RC Buford I know obviously get a ton of praise for being able to make the most out of the least. But I look at this roster they let Jonathan Symonds Guile. They're give mean Patty Mills major minutes guard he played Tom sitter Kevin Durant out on the perimeter. I guess they're expecting Dini green to become an all start someone I'm really share but. I look at the allocation of three years 45 million dollars of how this all I just scratching my head because. None of these moves seem to make a whole lot of sense. Am I missing something or is this one of the most flawed spurs roster they had in the last forty years. All you got to remember everything with bill or what has brought that seem content to support collide and it between you know what you we could go west final. And your best player cools down and game one at the typical that they were a hot. Column. You're thinking ahead while we get our best player that we bring back. Make a few changes to bring in jocular or aren't you went out and who entered except. He's is what it but it just recaps immortality at. Article lottery draft they're like he's not married you know and start point guard and you know he go while we get it will be yea you're thinking that you travel roster you know even with outlook or contract. That you know can compete you know again indeed it was count on right so why not. You know now we can criticize now because it does look good at all that well like. You know he's worked debt amount of money but he built you know bill knows how to get it done so article bing was essentially around cooperative built department that was built on him in. The market all this happened near 12 combo opposite Marcus a kickback he looks a problem. And you know you act requirement that Nixon. Thought what a team that shield should be very well right near the property and that and that 123 ranked it would report a pretty. For the majority of the speed and then you know the reason that citadel corps up so what they don't that three spot for a law you know without quietly though. You know you just knew that there Brussels on one at a gas in the Yemeni did put. You know that but in the tropical built the round to pull speed I want to go up let's put. He only got one out of the scoop Sokol obviously the flows are they show because Kuwata put that in court. The bush years out of Jabbar young he covers the spurs and the NBA for the San Antonio express news you can follow him on Twitter at Jabbar you. JAB. A you brought up quiet as my partner here mentioned you've probably been asked about it. A million times but there is one little new nugget in my producer put my ear just before we came on the air apparently he's no longer responding. The calls or text or voice mails or whatever can you shed some light on that I I I can't imagine a scenario. That. A previous generic I've never heard of a superstar just absolutely cutting off. Communication with his squad is this another sign of the dysfunction or is this fake news. Now know you know all of the the article and I'm not sure there aren't here that other riders with good resources or will look at what. I can't have appeared and treat it like I agree with that and I don't think that's accurate. Now on the phone in school choir you know that is represented and recently. And I can tell you that that's not the case squad and it definitely equals to a lot of routinely called Denny Green. Being one of them you know lead people all the time so I'm I don't know if that that to the K I'm not sure Pete communicating with them. Just because you own a team doesn't mean you have the likelihood that everybody thinking a whole lot out of church storybook. Michael Jordan Scottie couldn't practical law pork not policy abroad saying the current European Qaeda that also. Are you he thought the light everybody that is why you know it's just a cork it's I've got inside that Utah battle it out because. You know that which you do put. Arm just because the guy that respondent shall explore you know from the team maybe eat it and that is really talks like that army of people they get along with but it caught the cult like that. What does that mean. I don't respond a technical problem that we are. It's. Over you and you still making a he also theater I don't hoping to cut just to. Also owns a bar yeah I have an Ohio try. Toyota with a wealth are a bad. They're development model is gonna keep my calm about it although I'm a little bit you know but not typical respondent and a couple pretty well. I don't think that there is another old commodities out of coal gasoline on the fire whoever. Was not good at that information came from you know very distraught couple looked on sparks could cooperative ally could not. You know whopper of cooperating with burglary or or seen it in connection not the case it's gotten generally hurt. I'm haven't seen anybody who has been hurt who's been you know criticize them and don't on the car so like this mean. It did duke play. I mean to tell you people quite you know he wants to play you want to be great. Looks for you think it is he could be on the court right now he is boring place. What you know when your body's telling you know when your doctors or go to Eddie York article because they need to monitor this injury which is very tricky. And the people heal it right if you ache and it'll look around and get even worse. And what you wanna do you know we wanna do so it's an unfortunate situation you know for both parties that spurs look. Disappointed because they want their best and of course people like because compete with him on a court on requirement that the ball or so or could it can resolve any issues that first look at him healthy. And resolve any you know on the issues that you know could be clean it and get him back and he has spurs' uniform because it would go wild and in the lineup. The spurs are definitely championship contender for you to come out. It Jabbar I just wanna say thank you for being so candid I mean like we get people on here all the time who don't say anything and you just you gave us a lot ranked and I appreciated because you're you're you're. Saying what I think a lot of people wanna say but you actually set it and so. Have a look at this game three and I know they made a couple of adjustments they threw Rudy Gay America can't put Kyle Ayers and on the bench. You know what else can they really do I really like this for taunts player I think he really fits the space in paced game the warriors. One play he can shoot knock down threes he was getting physical wood frame on you know what. What roster moves you know or you know playing time situations substitutions what would you do or what you think they could do to give them some fits in game three. Quality database update in our expert Paul four point UW from Greek oil product is. But when you're oracle repeat it 31 you owe you a musket ball forty to make civil and in essence that's. That's how much tougher UK you know you've got to make sure that magical and it is all that. You YouTube make shots you know spoke at a wide open I mean Colin the next few wide open one you know out on the mud but it three point shooter. And we saw and I know he's gonna make it there here's. The ball at quarterback because. You can't afford you always need. Playing halfway shot not falling meanwhile Barkley can't come around he would create breathing Kevin directors rotten above everybody should know we're like. Like beard you know junior party leaders in romance well I mean it is a little chewy and where you make sure that your pitcher this year. You medically because not open Doctor Murray that it you know very good people we spoke on we gotta come out. And you know eight we got to pick it could have noted defending champions and respectable we got to let them look at Columbia quite albeit battle. You know when he got to make the warrior field about what they did a good double that in game one and into the purr passed and it got to go to temple 48 minute that you could come back. And warriors don't and good model will be that you actually did and give them who you say you know what. Got a better team and we go to Pittsburgh loaded there that they are not you know likely when it there's been noted actually were that they want it to her anyway. So you know having been Lou you've got to come out be physical. At least helping the team topical put awards and stuck and don't look at it automatically speak helical the next into that you know first we old dog because. You know we don't go to the tournament and the first route and that you just don't wanna get blown you wanna get let me on your home court. And again you know what the circumstances that around you know the that this payment or released today. You know I think that they'll be fuel and not think this bill you know we come out the game in the must when they don't went today a moral and being read and it's quite good vital that. The bush here again is that of Jabar young he covers the spurs in the NBA for the San Antonio express news situation to which you just referred to issued just joining us. Aaron Popovich the 67 year old wife of head coach Gregg Popovich. Passed away this morning so obviously that's one of the dumbest story lines in San Antonio. George great job breaking down this series here locally but before religion garner your Philly dude and he went to temple. Philadelphia looks like one of those squads that is going to be making noise for years and years to come. Joseph OMB. Probably just dying to get on the court like you say I mean it's killing coli not to be out there you can it's actually see it on. On. On Doyle's face when they flashed him on the sidelines especially when Dwyane Wade is turning back the clock. And Jamaican that an even series I mean I I love watching fairly wither without MB obviously I prefer to see him beat on the floor but. You think you think Dwyane Wade can summon up a couple more games and make this series interest in or is that just you caught lightning in a ball. What are your nook and we are going to we have to be respected as it is clear it is disputed done anything and of course this career. No one's won championships wanted to be on a live BP. He anal slot so you gotta give relief to gain politically cleared you gotta you do you know what. What do we gotta keep you too and that might look at award. And to pry out one more Miami was viewed it which is equivalent but it could have rocked the you have a critical would do well be in a lot of that is probably still don't wanna game unless you're a good game to. Due to erratic committed that probably when all told what to Lleyton or. The Miami did not only feel a little bit they're they're they're they're kind of for you know been incredible so. You know I think for all go to eat that all back and it could all. Know that that's the power markets and BA. And one basketball back is truly that means that in vehicle you know and so on you know good at feet netbook you know I expected it to the when it appears that they do. Packet in the reason that preventing him forgive each model of the good people often having all that would put out Carter on the little guy is shot. Clearly they can be ball and they can beat you don't mind they can be billed the win and they can beat anybody that bracket. Are they get the final like being any reason why the shouldn't disappear if they get out of first round what I anticipate them dawning but. Who would have thought man that this team can't afford it can't last year it up well and yet they whoa you don't gain are to getting to angle they. And we're watching game and rid of intellectual and I'll look at their hand and you know we've got to keep them and I want. What do you feel it is comic right now no wonder that rock that. He had a lot to do it and yet they article and all but certain in the bureau eaten with the club record you know it ain't go. That befell so well it you know I got that I think that it goes you know credit to Greg brown and that's been up they've done. I would not have yet I don't think anybody would it get you got I would yet you have war went in critical when you were it'll become a dispute that the that. The last few years though you know their their prime if there you know that they give you a copy on my guy. Imagine what they're gonna be like for you to become the release scary thing but. Up they went with that process. It believed not been that police were it to be able to pick. He's got a couple of front row and Michael Bob Dole is good disputed that they're asking her to get respect because you go to. Yet they're not just up and coming there there are major Bard before before that you go I just it all I need for merely in terms of an answer. Is just one name or the other I'm doing this for another host on the station because there's been a raging argument. Five years looking your crystal ball five years from now who would you rather have who's going to be better law until ball or band Simmons. Didn't think. It out yet but it's it's nearly unanimous that we do have one guy at the station attendant on a ball to Bard. You've been awesome man thank you so much will probably hit shipments via playoff furlong we got a couple more months of this. Art it thank you all right Jabari Jabari covers she's Jabbar young by the way at Jabari. On Twitter he covers the spurs in the NBA for the San Antonio express news if she's as good as a writer is he is on radio. And is good tweeting I would suggest the U go ahead and check out the expressed online your right butcher boy he was good man he's 44 beat writer that's. It's a tough thing sometimes when he's asked them to talk about. Quote inside information. And a lot of times there will dance around it like waiting in the writing world recede just right around it yeah there's a way to get around yeah and you can do that verbally to and a lot of times beat writers will do that here. He didn't and I love that he you know this this report that we got about choir Leonard not responding. To disperse the reason we mention is because it seems no way that doesn't happen a superstar doesn't just. Shut it down especially when. A guy like quiet I mean everything that we've heard is the key is. For lack of better comparison he's the new Tim Duncan like it's. Look there's a superstar that needs to carry the flag for the spurs under the Gregg Popovich program right it was David Robinson. It was that it was Tim Duncan and now it's quite Leonard. There's no way in hell he's just not getting just gonna cut them off I didn't see that happening and what Jabari did is say I am not gonna say the reporters wrong. But. I'm gonna say it's bunch of BS basically you know Miami called the mount without turned him down. While also think the you can tell he has some sort of friendship connection yet with cool art Jack and I liked that he was backing up his guy like you in each. He said it very point blank if cool like the plague you don't think he'd wanna be out there and I I do believe that I think that's fair. I just think there's there's got to be more to this story than just health right there's something else I don't know why but it just seems like there's more to this. We are and what routes weir yeah. You know last year in the playoffs Adrian Gonzales of the Dodgers got a lot of heat for not being wouldn't Dodgers eventually sort of journal World Series but it. You know you see stiff Currie and he's the lead me cheers and she's right next there's a picture in the paper after game two of him standing right next to Steve Kerr that with the same look on his teammates importing in the same direction. You know that's what you would like you're injured superstar to be like a pretty significant presence. Coli is a different type of superstar. And so I'm not gonna judge them not knowing what his what his reason things are for not being. Around but to be in Manhattan and then you hear that he's not responding to the team and all it just seems really weird it's it's. You know I I I was with Rick the other day on the air and I said. This just doesn't seem like something coli Leonard Purdue we're talking about something different but that I checked myself because. I realize I don't know anything about why Leonard he is the most. Mysterious superstar I think in the NBA may be in all of sports and theater it's got the top five talent. In what do you know about him I don't know about choir liner the only thing. Think I knows that there was an article written about team Jordan the shoe company and others nine million and there's a different division called team Jordan. For some reason he didn't want to show a lot to the team Jordan all star party over all star weekend he wants to get more money on a shoe deal. And it's funny because I really contrasts with. Kind of the persona he puts out today he's this quiet I'm all about business meaning basketball record is not shoe business. Doesn't mean he can't try to get as his bread on on the side I just. I think there's a lot of if you think is a lot I know I don't know why an enigma I mean you hear that thrown around a little right to liberally but I think it applies to this cast your cell. Your cell right. I also think that because I miss him and I wanna Shiite in this series all of machinist birds at full strength that measure that would be look. Without curry like listed in my prediction that the warriors we're gonna sweep in oil is Carl wrote the story right Mara who checked. Go to nine to fives in the game dot com and check it out all the on air guys gave their predictions a lot of people call this week so it's not like not just meal and do group was edit yeah trust me I'm keeping tabs dips up keeping tabs and your six games okay actions. Is very simple reason that I called the sweet it's because the warriors without Currie. Islamist or move the ball they're still the worst greens got three girls yeah. The spurs without choir are not the spurs and usually it's pretty simple I mean it's as simple as. Looking okay they're still real surge there there's only LaMarcus Aldridge here but again it's game and it's important to note that I say. As long as they're moving the ball the warriors are the orders even without curry because you saw in both games and there were times and we saw this it ended the regular season. Where they need all the sudden KD was playing OKC basketball scene it was like are standing around a lot of eyes so that's not the warriors now. If the warriors are moving the ball and making that extra pass. In committed to defense nobody is going to beat them I don't care what you got away Leonard I don't war. You can beat Michael Jordan space jam all stars and if you are not beating the warriors yeah you get stiff curry back kill the any cracks me up people talking about. Always you know it's configured so while the blame and no it's not did you see what happened when he came back from injury in the regular season. He's laid it out any holds the ball the whole time you know he think he's a point parties not post player when we get this field down what are the quick things on passing the ball I think. What are the reasons why it looks so ugly the last two months when you're not getting defensive stops I cannot say this enough. The ball goes in the hoop you have to walk the ball up the court and I are running very sophisticated offensive half court sets correct when you run inning cutting. That's I into the warrior spirit and that's where they make that extra pass through. When they're at half court spread I feel like other teams lock them down they get to boggled down into the details of the half court operates that. Yes again it does in the lawyers look they can play the half court game everybody knows that in the NBA that that game slows down in the playoffs look we're not seeing Barkley and Oakley slugging it out out low anymore well. But even still it's going to slow down it's mainly because every position is more important there's a greater sense of urgency in there about protecting the ball. The warriors can't do that they would prefer. That run and gun game right and it all starts on the defense event where there intensity regaining some more Golden State Warriors basketball we're also going to be talking about Joseph. There's a lot of unsung heroes so far in the playoffs and that's what I love. About the playoffs each one of these series has a guy that's not an all NBA guy he's somebody that's maybe second third fourth option on the team. We're gonna take a look at some of those guys are merged he is butcher boy this is 95 point seven. This is the greens held in Seattle on 957. Big game. God bless you call. Goes the board up for the afternoon he's one of the guys behind the scenes that makes it true magic as is. Mick was brown also known as young hi nick. I Michael Irvin he is Joshi ASCII AKA. Butcher boy we are in for uncle Terry we're going to be review until 11 o'clock obviously. We are the home of the Golden State Warriors and home of the a's and home of the raiders in her own home of the sharks by the way the sharks I don't like talking to the playoffs come. I'm huge sharks fan right now Peña I'm. Full on bandwagon they're up one nothing right now full long bandwagon sharks fan but the great thing new is that other sharks fans. They're welcoming him to match rare in pro sports I don't know if it's because they're so. We're here I go again so few of them I know that you know that the tank is always sold out like relative to other hockey markets like this the hockey hotbed now. But most Bay Area sports I would say with the exception of maybe BA's all the other various sports. Fan bases. They did test band wagon and sharks fans are cool it's fine right now the more the merrier a little better about. What's interest scene is when I was a kid there was no sharks until public 89 an idea he was the first season so there's an entire generation that's about my agent probably generate as well we should have popular around here I didn't make but all of the younger generations really embracing coal. The guy whose work in my on the glass right now and he's a die hard sharks and I got a bunch of friends that are. And you know what they are very accepting and what's interesting is I learned from them every single time and it's not a condescending way right like this guy Evander Kane there how. How did you just say they're happy to share this came guy apparently unbelievable everything changed once he got there was any kind of a controversial pick up right yeah. I think sound like some people wondered if he's gonna mesh well witness to him army's got to. But apparently he brings some serious fire on the ice yes a good thing room and that Martin Jones is fine well and I know they got another guys post becoming that I don't think he came back tonight the Java. Jumbo Joseph Thornton. You know I you know that you have made it went in this is kudos to gay member of season. I actually find myself driving around sometimes in the car and part of this is because I'm insane yet but all be in the car and it's I'm not even listen in Damon I'm not listening to the sharks that I'm just listening to music or there's no music at all albeit at a red light and I'll just all the sudden blurred out. Toys and if it that's when you know you've created as a radio host and you were affecting people and they're not listening. To the program I would love to entertain you with the hours and hours of sharks talks but I couldn't do it now. The audience members can listen and that much in that watch it again there watching the game anyway. I wish there were warriors game right now but there is not there warriors game but there are other NBA playoff games going on and I would really like to get first off thank you for all of those who were lighten up the text line the Penske auto show Doug come fix 95795. We will be getting to some here take some of them. Are very good I like this one don't judge coli. For taking care of his finances that came from you before 80. Or for a way. Where we judge him I guess you're talking about the Jordan party and Malia and he wanted to get paid and that's why. Never had on people getting pain in fact make it's much she can't win you can write. Now I'm afford if you wanna join the prince Genesis to accomplish on 95795. If you wanna join the conversation Tripoli. 9579257. Me the series is shifting to San Antonio. Game three you will pop off tomorrow. Greg Popovich his wife airing she passed away. This morning as Jabbar young fantastic guests that we just had if you missed it. Go to 957 game dot com we do get her interviews of they're awfully quaking Jabbar it was a damn good. Interview I think which we're fell eleven them during the and then segment actually. Jabar should look there's there's pretty good chance that the spurs this is going to be galvanizing thing to Finland like let's come out on fire and try to win one for airing even though Javaris it. Popovich keeps his family. Completely separate from basketball IQ never even met Erin Popovich to Bard had not. But I can definitely see look it it's it's going to be all about the first quarter tomorrow new because yes of course these guys. Our. It's a cliche but it's true when you're spending this much time together. A familial vibe does develop new like when a lot of people roll their eyes when athletes talk about their team being family. And I don't roll my past because I've played a lot of sport that played two sports. In college you don't even need to have played sports at a high level to understand when you have a group of people. Whether it's sports or whatever spending that much time together yeah. A familial vibe develops you do become something of a family tree and because the spurs or something of a family. They have lost a member of that family and in the first quarter there they're gonna go out there wanting to win that game for pop. For the memory of pops wife. Here's the thing. If they come out and there on fire in the first quarter in their burying threes in that crowd is into it. Can they sustain that the rest of the game because the reason asset is a lot of time that is okay. You're getting energy from something other than what you practice for what you play for other than basketball right now. It's emotionally exhausting. To make that a part of your game right so yet you come out in the first quarter and year on fire. I think there are only help I don't see it being sustained is what I'm saying now I can see them get out to a big first quarter lead. But I can see them being so mentally exhausted and drained from. The emotion of the last couple of days that they're just not Camille sustain it in all the warriors have to do is kind of weather that first quarter storm I fully expect. Disbursed to come out on fire tomorrow. I expect them. To be very good offensive I expect everything to go right for the spurs in the first quarter tomorrow I just I believe in basketball gods I believe in karma. I believe the spurs are going to do an excellent job of playing for Aaron Popovich. Again I just say that's. There's so much emotion attached that it is. It's gonna take for the warriors to play extremely poorly in the first quarter in for the spurs for for they did for that. That burst to be rewarded with a double digit is 1718 point lead going in the second quarter because if they don't have that I don't think they can sustain it. The warriors just again just need to weather that storm that I know is coming. And in. I guess if you go a little deeper on this note to rant and play and trim on green play for Popovich on the dream team. So. I saw some video that nick was shown us earlier the producer. Of Iran when he was notified of what happened and it hit him pretty hard to. You know when you look at sports I think it was the New Orleans coach lost his wife in in a car accident yet and and that was really mean. Think I don't know how he had the ability to pull himself together in the other things I think that is Isaiah Thomas in the playoffs last year when his sister passed away from home. And then Brett Favre famously. Lost his father and have that Monday night game here in Oakland the matter receiver this year yet I think that was good when I mean mark he's good we're losing his child. That's incredible that. That may be the most why that's the single most incredible thing that I've ever. Seen and heard about because. I don't wanna like bring the audience down I went through that I live that I walked. In those shoes it happened to me so sorry end. You know I talked about the world moving in slow motion. That's how it was for me this dude went out and played a football game. Not only put a football game but played it I mean he was phenomenal in that football game and he dealt with some other personal tragedies and continued to play well throughout. I can't imagine that I mean I'm back and say he's a better man than me because everybody deals with grief differs sir but I am one of those guys for whom. When tragedy struck. The world stopped and like. I was driving 35 on the highway and people are honking at me and I'm get mad like what your Russian ads like. Nothing else matters but some people. It hit it really fuels them and image got that fire that they wanna play for them like Isiah thing is a perfect example I mean was that not one of the most compelling stories of the post season. They're no doubt he was so emotionally drained by the end of it as well as physically he was almost carried by his teammates off the courtroom I let you Zach. I don't know how those guys are wired to do that you now. I hate turning the page but like who if Popovich doesn't. Go on the sidelines would Becky him India next in line we should be the first you know female coach on the side I don't think she's the first assistant who are. I don't know I don't know yet that's. I'd be a good good little bit of homework done homer put in class where he's very young did back there. Let's find out who the the three judges Simon it's a bit she knows who the spurs' number one assistant or would be really cool picky Hammond and I was fortunate that the app but it's cool for her I was. I was saying to to Rick the other day. We are talking her up Popovich and the sideline interviews it's yes and I'm just showed timely values so rude to them. And we know what's coming in what killed me. Is that what's your name Salter Lisa salters and she said thank you I now after he embarrassed her on national TV don't think him. How cool would it be if did you let Becky him and do it again. Pop doesn't want to do clearly about that making him and do it now call you look like you got some decision refiner in the lead spurs assistant is. We don't know yet are we haven't found out yet if Gregg Popovich is indeed going to be on the silence for more Jabbar young. Of the San Antonio news express said. He made it sound like Popovich is absolutely going to be on the sidelines because he separates. The things so well and again I commend somebody you can do that I cannot. Yeah I don't get in the other part of like we've had in our family when my grandmother went to a very difficult time of alzheimer's and it it was a drain on the entire family and and you felt for her the person and and in a weird. This is gonna sound horrible but you almost feel like a sense of relief when someone passes away when they've been struggling for such long time I'm not saying that's what pop mennonite I get it though it was actually so I know they've been a pain in the quality of life was mr. eggs egg that's exactly it and and I don't know. Don't know what what situation she was in but. I just my heart breaks for the especially given how cruel.