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Sunday, January 21st

Urbs and Kolsky talk some more football and discuss eSports potentially becoming an Olympic sport


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I will say it's always curious to me but. The Patriots offense. Has been freed darn good all year long. In the last two drives the Patriots offense has looked pretty much unstoppable. What was going on for two and a half quarters. Are they the warriors of the NFL or they can just flip the switch when. Really need to be really good they can't. See I don't think football has the same switch flipping ability. To him like you can't. BL they're not any. We're gonna get tilt I don't even by good that switch exists I mean things supportable for the warriors as regrets. I it's almost. That's disrespectful. But I I just think. Eventually the cream rises it's what we're saying it's the same thing to me yeah. I do think just because the warriors had this very specific had a bit of zero or not being backed it not been added to the game for the first half flight it's easy to draw that line. Like we've seen so many first tasks were going why they play like this and a third quarter all of a sudden. They killed people. That it's natural to say man it sure looks like they're not carried in the first half I almost feel like Steve Kerr let's the first half owned. All the way it unfolds you would think guys do their thing doesn't do a ton of coaching doesn't do a ton of harboring. And then you know they hold a slim live or there trillions have time any goes into halftime and says. Can we do it my way now guys. Trust yeah it's just do my way for a quarter. Then we'll get a big enough lead story can go back to doing your silly stuff in the fourth. And that's what happened a lot. They just absolutely dominated that third quarter. Any build a believe it's corny for for me it points and then they get sloppy in the fourth and and importing my twelfth but Steve Kerr. Is not. You know. Green from new coach who doesn't have championship level experience that hasn't coached these guys before like. They know Steve Kurt knows what he's doing to me. That's really just switch flipping by a different name. Is that there because you're still saying the first half wasn't that important to them then they decided it was important. Played like gangbusters. Took care of things that went back tonight Karen as much better that's fair in football that just I even. Clinton the great and powerful Tom Brady and Bill Belichick. I don't think you can do that. I just don't think you do and it's one of these things where we see this all the time where our offense can't move the ball all half for all game and and also the two minute drill marches right down the field. It's a weird thing. I guess maybe it has to do with personnel. Sure does more than anything. Does I think attention to detail is a big part of Steve talks about that all the time. Is attention to detail there and I think it was our first caller of the day. Was talking about staff and his propensity to get lackadaisical sometimes death and more concerned with the making. No more concern is growing up short right way to say it. But. He likes to throw the behind the backs of flashy tablets like creative guy like standard came a day form of expression some people rolled her eyes were made. Here that maybe go married you're gonna say basketball players are artists. Tell him right there are they kind of are Shia you know the court is doing it right there are good corners they're candidates similar media's talked about that a lot it would dollar. This talked about that a lot and of course there's certain styles of play that are more fun for guys to play. Now it's not always the same style for every player light. Like Ben Wallace who drew mongering group idolizing. Do you think his favorite child player's thrown open now on the court and thrown Alley oops from behind the back passes no I would imagine his style of play. Is one that suits his skill set. Which is bang and physical and mixing it up. Where is that's probably not step trees Bagram. Is looking furlough some different or act. And. No again that you can translate that to. The football in the same way. I'm just not sure no I agree that B yeah more football is so about executions. And everyone what are we here do your job it's that that's it's. It's a series of individual battles on any given play you might have. As many as denying Ord ten. Mono a mono. That the team that wins five verse six of those is gonna have success on that play. Which is about execution I mean just look at an offensive linemen and the defensive tackle. It's a simple matter of it not simple. But it can be leveraged angle momentum. I mean the tiniest little deep tell that you have to be technically brilliant that. And as strong as well. And quake itself. To win that battle and. All of that stuff is the stuff that comes before you start playing games here against the guy across from you. You I didn't know about leverage doled opposition know about how to use your hands and where to put your feet are out of dictate your balance. And then you have to figure out what that guy's gonna do it try to counter it it's incredibly complex array. An offensive lineman OK you going to regain you have a whole week to study this edge rusher that you know you have to deal with all day long. And the edge rusher probably has no more than three. Other World League coach who moves. And there's probably one above all. That he goes to more often than not then you know it's coming but it's still pretty damn hard to stop. If she does it right if you execute it correctly in there's one clear way to try to mitigate the advantage she creates. And it's all about technique. He puts his arm hair word wipe my elbow and at what point do I lean the shoulder in. The back of his shoulder you know and I'm saying boy learning Taekwondo or something right I mean just it's it's a wrestling move. Move its tae Kwon though. It's full ball at all comes down to executing a series of very technical. Maneuvers which we don't necessarily think about or we're talking about the big brood in the trenches. Right but I mean it's it's scientific what they're doing down there. They may not look good is science and the fans might not look good as science but it is to a degree. It's science is executing and it's technique. It's close yeah applause that's at 35 coaches could spell gotta teach different elements right of all those things so yeah that's my long winded way of saying I agree with you it's not as artistic what was the line on the over under was like 43 I think get ended up being higher so I think it was she does this goes on their beloved poll of sports in size and did use. Facts on that. 24 toy is the final. The New England Patriots. Headed back to the Super Bowl those helmets will not be going to the super bowl of football gods of spoke the jags were ahead. All game yeah looks like 46 was the number in most spots Vegas is freaky. The scary read. It really is scary so over a loss by over under back but I won the other two do you know who's gonna win and the pitchers did not cover the senate and that's right and I believe. A lost every single bet I would have made on that game which frankly is par for the course for me. And this is why you don't gamble because. I'm gonna go ought to Roland and say that you probably. No football little bit better than I did. And yet. I won the majority of my bags because. And for no other reason bearing. All of your book right down to I don't like those helmets. Did today. You know what. I'm sure you've had similar experiences. Whether it's NFL picks pool playoff predictions of March Madness that I have full coverage here as well it's all know I'm just saying. Any gambling scenario where a bunch of people. Throw in. Inevitably. One of the winners is someone who picked based on colors and move or the favorite animal Larry Niedermayer got by. That's how you know sports gambling is never actually a good investment you might talk yourself into it you might even be right a bunch. Ultimately this stuff is completely nuts in Vegas is better edit the New York. You hear a lot of this come NCAA tournament time when you're bushel and other bracket yes and you'll hear about the guy who's. Eleven year old son or daughter that going on that because that team has been cooler sounding mascot that's right. Yeah it's like our colors are pretty right we had that we had a three Euro. To make our picks just by pointing to which stuffed animal mascot here Taylor yeah yeah exactly that's actually happening there. Octave posts that want a pool or something like they had an octopus somehow make NCAA picks that they were also remember the story. Was in an octopus I know there's I think there's probably multiple stories like that that I think there's. Different animals that would point to Paul the octopus. Paul the octopus out this Polly octopus was the common octopus which was purportedly used to predict the results of association football matches so as the World Cup not the don't watch that there's. Okay I've I've got I've got a number for your fascinating number all right and its related to. Jimmy Jay Jimmy did you did you Disney prince Jimmy G best thoracic. I have no problem that I've Jimmy G. As of two weeks from now. Will have fewer career starts in the NFL. Then Tom Brady has starts in the super ball. I. Hillary those eight that they hit us a BA eight. Starting assignment in the Super Bowl and he has started seven games period. Yes we still have we still have the power rankings. Drop below one Brady to yes OK I just picture. But having reached this big Super Bowl Tom's closing. Are you willing to say best of all time. Tom Brady yet welcome and bully dude I'm. It pains me to say that there might not say if he wasn't from cemetery. That is good mitigating. Actor for 49ers fans is. Aren't like there is obviously for good reason reluctance to give up the Joseph Montana's the best quarterback of all time grew. Label you you earned it. You've enjoyed having met in L. I'd get it. But there is the mitigating factor of the guy went to Sarah. So he he can be won a year is it ever play for your team he's ours too. And gets to his hero is guess who Tom Brady. Guess what his kids who would be if you asked him the best quarterback of all time would be. Rusty Starbucks Joseph Montana. Okay that makes sense yeah okay I just thought that series and remote here to yes. Agree it ended. Things change right. This is the passage of time inevitably it catches up with the all of us sell more Cologne was better when I was watching Michael Jordan. I was positive I'd never see anyone better than Matt ever in my entire life I have my. Both up for debate which is more than I thought I would ever. Yeah it's debatable for sure that's right. By the way I have successfully. Distracted do you long enough I've been desperate to get to where we are going to. Brit it's good for all bad for ball we're gonna have a big old fat chunk of time yeah to get into it and we also. Have to get into I'm still not done with Eric Gordon and his. And I'd done whether Gordon. I think you're going to like the other quote from Eric Gordon then because it's probably more inflammatory. It's definitely more inflammatory. Eric Gordon popped off about the two time MVP last night as well. We'll get into that plus good for ball bad for ball next call ski and Michael Irvin and Arafat suddenly get sales salt plus more. Tackle ski. Should have been playing this all day I probably would I only actually wanna play what I know at the zone is that that's the problem Michael urban alongside me. We earlier today were alongside bit Roberts. And unfortunately lost him before he got a chance to tell us about pretty cool thing he's involved in so bullish do their jobs. Truly here is always so gracious with his time everytime we call him he agrees to come on and rare is the time when he asked for something in return so. When he does. I give tone but this phone scraping out. When we asked where we need you on to do. Bad the solid as I really doing a solid because you did something candidate to yourself so go to the website. Teammates sports dot com teammate. Sports dot com. The cutoff man is the name of the product good Baird who's been instrumental in dealt developing its training tool. For young baseball and softball players. It's it's Caroline to batting tee it teaches muscle memory and full work in the ability to road to a target if you do it right you get better quickly. As the net has a pocket where the ball go directly into the market I have to do is go exchanged the bucket like how do you work. On hitting a cut off man. I mean how do you are you efficient and working on him at cog cut off federal they figured out. And they named appropriately. The tough man so. Again go to team in sports dot com no more pitcher baseballs are. Wasting time tossing balls decide you don't even need somebody to catch the ball. You can do this by yourself as long as you have. But calls and check it out there's also some videos it's on the web site it's very information wolf. It's good for kids again teammate sports dot com. By Dave Roberts. What's that. However we don't banging your rare is the day that I am going to say technical difficulties. Or issues having difficulties there issues that we worked through common in radio. Part of doing a live broadcast has the ability to think and feed that data and adjust. Today we have not been able to effectively communicate. We have young Lawton or Indians for the women who were on the other side of the glass. And it's a good thing in this case. Shots fired because no it's not a shot it was such a good thing for mixed. Mental health. Because. We would probably at this point be asking him petting zoo about the patriots being in the Super Bowl. I've been saying all week that I don't want that the pitchers are going to win this football gods are not go out. Those ugly homered for the jaguars to make an appearance and their big ball your helmet prejudices just yes I am openly prejudiced against really really really ugly. Cartoonish helmet screw up. The reason this is a good thing is that I think you've Mick had the microphone and we asked him to express his feelings about the pitchers being in the super ball. What are you lightens the test yes you will you would give findings we might hit shut down. And his head might explode which would mean either we no longer have no quid us or at the very you'd. The very least we have a mess to clean up Bush's head explodes yeah. He'd be be no head nick and it came to zero by the way the audience is from earlier this Dino did payoff the Burry you know bad. That you saw that earlier in the program. I would just like say that in the future. I'd like to be involved enough in these things that. I -- here also get a breather how long it took him to pay the better off you weren't even and employs 95 soon again this bad effect was made. I digress. Nick then do you know are so. Done. With the patriots in the Super Bowl Dino said. I feel like all I've seen in my whole life obviously do you know as a younger man. He's basically grown up and so is their crews even younger especially Sosa out of public aid to go all they have seen growing up who's the patriots in Super Bowl it seemed like every damn near. And now because he's despondent that their look we can't see his face these shoulders are slumped in your kids are happy guy. And I get it because I spent half the first half my life the patriots were terrible the whole time and I'm still sick of them. I only had to live with a breath in my life it's awful also nearly twice as old as these gentlemen that makes me sad. I'm more secure Jim Nantz and I am all the patriots. I would have agreed with view a year ago to mean. Tim that at bat Tony Romo Jim Nantz he's tried to say. Is a totally different Jim Nantz Mbeki and on Jim Nantz okay Phil Simms Jim Nantz I was way out. Expiration date passed I feel like he's rejuvenated. I didn't miss Ford sharing my wife and I of being. About 810 years ago. Where wind chasing in the Carmel Valley oh and Jim Nantz and his trophy wives. Come rolling in and we talked about yesterday or was it today when the athletes played do you know who I am Carlos yesterday. Jim Nantz basically did that. Well being incredibly condescending. And rude and smug. And do you know who I am so this person Jim Nance talked. Basically said well well is this person working today is that person working today. 'cause they all know me I'm here all the time I'd cover they TC program good guard discovered. From my photograph of some quarry of terrorism here. They need to do good Marlys cues from lord would recommend the photo safari in Tanzania secondly. Did he say hello friends. He didn't and I feel glad our end punch him in the neck I'm out because of fear got it's gonna treat. The staffer at the winery that way at least greet them with a hello friends Jim Mayer it's bad for ball. Which leads you to. This time it's finally time. I've been waiting and waiting. And we finally get to pay off I don't know if we pay off with a open can we play opens you have no. Could Saudi of their prepared we don't have the open I I'm not sure we can play open. And floors. Here's Michael her dad. OK quick reminder everything in life can be labeled one of two ways and they do mean every little thing on. Yeah I would be long enough you're gonna hear me say good for all about football multiple times. Today it's catching on like wildfire it's actually hash tag out there I'm very proud of that I'll give you a non sports example man. It is in my hand right now I realize it's not a visual medium. But I have. Strawberry flavored milk now it's not quick. Which was might go to when I was a child shore the bunny quick wasn't available at the store that I was that. Last night and it just caught my I haven't had strawberry milk. Seeing. 25 years maybe. They even lower while trying to figure out here youth I figured I really like. Strawberry and go back in the day and wonder if I still like it yeah and so I've bought Lucerne and which is the lucky brand and notes the Safeway brand I think ban them. Very much good for all strawberry milk good for ball OK chocolate milk. Also good for ball but I drank so much of it as a child. That I'd I don't go to it anymore OK you like burned out yet and in case you're wondering if Klay Thompson. Is full of crap when he says and endorses chocolate milk is a post workout beverage that's actually beneficial and healthy. Like when you hear that your your first thought probably is c'mon chuck good coach you just worked out mega merger chuckle out. My first thought is short and oaks healthy the big thing and that's got to be counterproductive right right I don't know the science behind it. But it very much is true my daughter who's a year round competitive swimmer told status her go to her all coaches who coach. Other lead athletes told her yes after work out better than Gatorade. I don't know if this had better than water but they basically Sid drinks and chocolate milk spoofable. The life of the parent of a competitive swimmer her. There's a tough life. It is swimming lot of early morning swim meets last for ever haul long days of the pool you know what flip side of that is. Is that swimmers swimmers have a unique athletic mindset it's different than all other athletes. I don't have to teach Natalie certain life lessons. That I would have to teach the child involved in other sports like the concept of delayed gratification the network paying off. I don't have to teach that and Natalie is easier to deploy every morning and think about what a swimmer does to practice. Just swim and swim until they just look at that black client for like two or three hours in her own shirt. For different structure or drinking different more different movements failure look at a lot of the ceiling one time but yeah mostly is there are aligned just look at the line and I mean this is when she was eleven she gave up sugar. An eleven year old different shirt are you kidding me if she has any advice. I'm hoping by 37 MI it would cut down on sugar well she's already more disciplined she's thirteen now she's more disciplined at thirteen. Then I ever was and still am at 49 she wakes up at 4:45. In the morning even in the summer. For the first to work out so. Yes swimmers very very disciplined athletes very different facets. Aren't. All that being said strawberry no good for ball good football correct OK so. And you know how we play it it's not presented as a topic and good football basketball and less. You can make a plausible argument on both sides to it a threat which is with killers and Kooks it's it's not that way. You can't like. Ruben Foster getting arrested for marijuana you can't plausibly say well he's a killer. For that. I'm saying you couldn't make it joking argument about it if you like they knew we it was killer you know it would be hard to make an argument also dead Rubin foster's arrest is good for ball in anyway. Exactly and that's why it's not gonna be on the list this is on the list. Now we just saw one of them knocked out boy portals. Was starting quarterback in a conference championship game. And after we're done with this find program. And mr. total takes over. My radio man Chris rather Wear my 95 certainly Damon crashed into eternal ohm near total go way back down way way back red kettle was was around there for young. A young pop cull ski just getting into the desert pretty much yeah yeah. Original killer good for all consider it's better. But the game that we're going to be watching while Rick Tuttle is on the air. Is going to feature case came them. And the colts so of this before quarterbacks in the conference championships. We've got case Kim. Make false. And played portals. Ask you mr. Colson is their. Good football or bad for Paul I'm gonna go horrid line good for ball and I've multiple reasons for this the first reason is. We all agree quarterback is the most important single position in sports. This does not a lot of debate we all certainly agree it's the most important position. In football and we don't need a constant reminder that some other people have some shine for once let's talk about Philadelphia Minnesota's defense is because they deserve it. Tough second half is all of Bear's fan if I don't believe teens can succeed without good quarterback play. As well and it because we've never had good quarterback play in my entire lifetime never. I mean. Not when I'm really cognizant. Had a year of good Erik Kramer. Had a year Jim Miller that looked pretty good but think about the names they just said Erik Kramer and Jim Miller McMahon was really before my time. I really miss that you know born in 81. I'm blanking on the name of the guys they just say goodbye to that was there for Jay Cutler. He's super talented guy I didn't say whatever to tell to quarterback so we never had a good OK there's a difference said I've created. Jay Cutler is almost worse than having a terrible quarterback because it's so tantalizing. You're always thinking what I. I orgy and yet very Jeff George yet and I believe me I had high hopes when he arrived. And I think he may be the best bears quarterback essentially of my lifetime of my alert lifetime anyway move that is not a happy place to live. We're Jay Cutler is that it's hard for you people you Bay Area people with all your quarterbacking riches to understand the hard life I've led. I'm I'd been gone a little too far but I think you get my point so because your bears yeah. Explain me again why that's good for ball because your bears fan because this is encouraging to me that. It doesn't require an elite quarterback can reach the right. Okay so either Nicole's Ortiz keep them. Is going to be is Super Bowl quarterback Brett oh just like Rex Grossman was it can't happen again it can happen all right I'll take that I'm. I'm gonna say it's bad for ball. Because. I like to see stars I wanna see. The best of the best in what we're told is that game that pits the best against the best I understand. That sometimes Stoll they're wrong says takes defense wins championships. In defense is by and large or wide. Those three teams in particular made it to where they made but. There are some great quarterbacks that were in the like out of love love to have seen. Drew Brees. Go to the Super Bowl again and I was not a some slouch at the defense is pretty darn good right offensive just lost a heartbreaker I I like watching like the reason I like the NBA better than college basketball. Is because. I love basketball and I like watching the best basketball players totally with young and while it may not be as enthusiastic. Or there might not be as many great human interest stories that the tournament. They NCAA determined always presents to us. But nobody's ever gonna question the notion that. The players in the NBA are way better than the college player and that's that's a big duck yet. I want to see the best that what they do and we didn't get deceived the best quarterbacks in the NFL. Today we saw one of them just like counter to that we are today. Next going to see two of the best defenses. And whichever one wins is going to play against the best quarterback Italy because and that. Also brings its own interest I would say big sigh of relief by the way for a lot of TV executive oh yeah. And a lot advertising exactly does strike Jacksonville Super Bowl was denied marriage that the NFL was really hoping to avoid that was not going to be good. Okay you brought this one out our. Com. The number of all stars. The warriors half let's say. They only hit three I C I want you to explain why you think this is worthy of good football basketball. So I think there's a debate. In terms those the first all us debated though who really just deserves to be an all star based on what they've done this year and. I would say. If we're gonna count winning is part of it at all. The warriors being the best team in basketball having four guys who have established themselves as all star level players and are playing at that same level right now. Probably deserved to once again have four guys on the all star team moved. On the other hand. There's an argument to be made I think if you're believed. That. The exhibition. That is the all star game it's more important. To diversify the talent bring in stars we haven't seen before bring in stars from different places around the league rather than just. Have four warriors potentially on the floor at the same especially because it's basketball there fewer roster spot that's right or wrong. Before false you're already knocked to have every team represented there's no way that can happen bright and that just means that many fewer teams are represented if there are four warriors on the team. Right and the warrior fans I'm with you on this one actually. I'm gonna have to do. The concept of four all stars not let's not go lawyers specific. Because I do think golf for those guys they are serves and they deserve it yeah. But I do agree. Then it's probably bad for ball any team has four guys in the all star game because you're you're talking about quarter quarter. Of the roster. More of one of the roster essentially a third almost I mean that I don't know they go all the way to fifteen we'll check for the reserves but it might already twelfth bright image bids. I don't know why I mean if you I think again I wanna see the best players even as they were warriors stand. OK I get to see these four guys every day right there are certain players that I don't get to see very often. It'd be kind of cool if my exposure to this player's limited. And if I only get one opportunity to see them I'd like to see him any help and we all star game is total. Unlike a lot of people I dig the all star game I like this the free flowing node B. Grab ass high flying dunk Jack up threes. That's the environment in which if I'm only gonna get to see a guy one time I'd probably pick him in that environment. Kim Cameron dollar and entered competitive game you see a one time could be off night canady he's well defended that night whatever there's any number of reasons about. If you know he's gonna get a few open looks and a couple monster dogs at the good times here and it goes back to something we talked about yesterday for me which is like. There's all this focus on how we make it more competitive how do we get these guys trying a little harder. And I say you got 82 games a year. If you really wanna watch NBA players try hard. This is a silly thing that we do in the middle of the season for break. Right that's part of it and also by that same tone if you're a warrior fans anxious so look dribble and create restless legs. There you go big and but there's so. It'd be really easy because we're here and we did see the lawyers on her regular basis. And just the simple fact that while they deserve real stars they might go to the all star game which is why am I'm where I say that. The notion of four all stars from the same team is bad for ball. If I came. Take the warrior go out of it I would but I can't. I had but I I have to agree I I don't know if you could ever. Look they're never gonna change that you can't impose budget cap now like no more than two all stars from one team but I give the people that would totally understand. And mildly support those who think it's bad for ball for four quarters to be in the end and today. You know we only have two options of course and that's why I would go bad for all but bad for ball might be a little bit of a stretch but generally. We don't need any what is the thing let's say about it they've put up playing the game is dead they. They earned it they deserve it but I don't think they especially care about playing in the all star game I'll take one guy who doesn't care as Klay Thompson. And does care about anything you might want when I want a three point. Do you Mallard is three point shootout again but I don't think he cares much of about anything besides getting buckets and you know a couple elements of his private life that we don't need to get into the simplicity of Klay Thompson's being spewed is admirable as beautiful sand here. I think it's even more impressive now because now home. He he talks. The first 34 years of his career. It was easy for her to be boring because he just said almost literally nothing when he was born and it. Think people are deliberately I think puts nevertheless stayed almost entirely out of the media just because people are like way is not in the same rule on a bus schedule. Good strategy. Now we started to come out of the shell little bit more. We start to see a sense of humor he starts to every now and then. It's almost six a might get his face post game and selling comes out of his mouth I don't like. That was clever and insightful I was not expecting that let out a little teeny tiny bright smile and we acknowledging. He knows that he just snapped off for pretty good line totally and I love that about clay it is in deer is him so much to me that a guy. Who's maintained that kind of I don't really care about much attitude is just like. Give us ever so slightly more of his personality as time goes on that makes here they had the scaffolding. Play. He has scaffolding clay that's when it became official okay this this is fun yes that's exactly right on Betsy he's one of those guys fit certain. He he made it wouldn't shock me to hear that he's one of the funniest guys in the team right now it has never shares that without cities but he's the guy is like sitting in the bus and only three people heard the joke but it's the funniest joke anybody donated it yet that that is what clay. Strikes me as for sure it's okay. Because they NFC title game is about to jump off here pretty soon. Let's go width. This couple's ski. That notion of the Minnesota Vikings. Playing a home game. In the Super Bowl do you think that's good for ball or bad for ball on totally different ball on us because why what does this 5253. 53 times we've had a Super Bowl and no one has ever played at home and men. You get the Minnesota Vikings a team who's never won a team who's had as much. Heartbreak and torture as any franchise in sports basically. Now that the cubs and Red Sox droughts are over an Astros like this is one of the most tortured franchises in American sports. And not only reach the Super Bowl in a year where they lost. What you might have said work to their three most important players in the first couple weeks. They're not only got to go to the Super Bowl we'll get to play at home in front of their tortured fan base come. What could be preferable. I gave you here's what could be bad for ball if it existed now remember. T even been presented as a topic it has to be plausible that somebody could argue both sides that gets in on the surface this may be one where you sit. How could that possibly be bad for ball. Well if it was a place where there is indiscernible. Home field advantage the Super Bowl supposed to be neutral. Yeah that's the whole point right 'cause nobody is supposed to have an inherent advantage. But can't we all get on board with the patriots having an inherent disadvantage. I think most people. Good agreement that I don't knicks would be elevated and oak fight here's where I think we even that loses a little bit of steam. The Super Bowl such a corporate exits again this is what's bad for ball. It's actually bad for ball bit even if they are playing the cerebral home they're not gonna have a whole idea on Paris because it's not gonna be. All of the long suffering fans yep there's a bunch of fans that have been going I'm sure there's fairness if the vikings made it to the Super Bowl. While my shirt. But. There's probably going to be a lot of fans that go to law of vikings games. In Minnesota longtime season to get those who can't but they're not going to be able to get a ticket because. Executives. And stars of terrible sit coms out. Fair and voted like Burton cops are you getting help. I will all agree with that in general although I would argued that is just a reflection of part of the Super Bowl that's bad for ball it's not Minnesota's fault I know you know that provide the other side of that or I guess. The one dispute that might have. Is in 2006 when the Chicago Bears. If Peyton Manning his first Super Bowl title I was in Miami. I could not afford tickets of the game but my best friend and his dad were going to the game and had a place down there and I was like all. Come down seem a grandma for an eye and then all watch at the sports bar voted to do all the delegating stuff and be able to hang right now in the city into the Super Bowl experiences and that's our. So I did that and I have to say. All though. The outcome of the game was tragic by in my estimation and all of though. I was essentially alone in a sports bar not totally alone but I didn't know anybody wanna walked into that sports bar. First of all the first play of that game when Devin Hester scored a touchdown on the opening kickoff is probably the greatest sports moment in my life and again die hard bulls fan. Oh you must recall betting man I wasn't a bears bar in Miami. And I've never been in a place like that I was in bear valley have attacked puck. What helps a little side note here how Super Bowl in bear valley you try to you do it your best to us before I had and I appreciate that but they'll going crazy. Knowing were two miles from the stadium. With a bunch of nerdy bears fans who spent the week tailgating and drinking heavily at resident of Chicago Sports Radio. There was something magical about that so the city. Of Minneapolis. Will be a magical place even if you're right. That the die hard season ticket holders they're not all going to be inside. Okay. I get behind that absolutely here's one that I've been dying to throw out you and I haven't even. I mean even giving Europe preview of I am excited but what little we know each other. I think have picked out a bit you. Play video games and enjoy video games I am a I dabble or at least into it I'm not at all I'll never have been. I'm guessing if I'm not at 49 and never will be don't don't rule it out because. I got to save the future. Of the elderly and America is in measurably improved by the availability of video games so right maybe. Some day you know you're 8590. Can't do much else maybe he'll learn how to play in all the finger still work killer out of place and I'll. It's OK I make it to 75 Maria man so player of the house running exactly the damage got done in my body I got broken cigarettes you know. All just I really just a major shafted just. I think I'm gonna go or not surprised if I'm physically able to do. Any thing I would do jump out of a plane skydive. Bungee jump yeah whatever I'm doing it if if you've got to put me. If you got to put my wheelchair. Stratton in two ways to jump bomb don't this I could care less of bad things snaps. I'm 75. Get a good run definitely Al Kidd the coverage at that point if it button that. Okay I'm a weird try not to tip off where I stand unrest earned. There is a feature article. In the San Francisco chronicle sporting green turn written by Susan slow assert it was on the front page of the sporting green which means it's a big deal. Susan oh my you know friends in the building. It's cells that feature length pieces take out pieces what they're called. In the industry so her name's on it I'm going to read it even though the subject matter is unfamiliar to me. It was about that John Madden. Of Jane a video games. Not the actual John Madden oranges it was a confusing headline because Madden is. The Madden video yeah very good at royal yeah popular series of all time. But the boy was she is a broadcaster he's the most famous video game yeah analysts because that unbeknownst to me there are now live events held in Arenas he sports big deal. These sports is a big damn deal. In this article. It was said almost casually is if it's a foregone conclusion. This. Within a decade. These sports is expected to be adopted and implemented in the the Olympic Games. Really. Good for all about for all bad for bowl thank you all might god I almost blew a gasket when I saw that are you. Giving me now I I want you sports in the Olympics. And just just to be. The closest thing to a young guy on the show I will give them mess can we get a caller on this warned maybe. I'll give them this. Do you know if you wanna play field guys fired thousands of people wanna watch it great but you're not an athlete no you're not and also. Field that picks are at their core. Supposed to be about the purest. Athletic competition and the armed and noncommercial the other stuff we really care about is who runs the fastest who jumps the highest they had Olympic basketball and soccer is a second fought for the most part the core of the Olympics is pure test of physical athletic schism. It's that you can increase didn't make it. You can't put. And we look folks snowboarding like a million years to convince people it was legitimate enough to be in the Olympics but it but. That it air there's no baseball in the Olympics matching. And they're gonna put these boards in the Olympics what does that even mean. What video game would be I don't know. What does all of Grand Theft Auto I mean I mean I I don't know and I don't care but it's like every. There's a dip for any sport Murphy. Sports appears in order. I can't I I am a 100% weighted it is. Is it I cannot countenance east sport any Olympic ice can't come up with it and believe me. Mean putting it on this list. Is acknowledging. That there are people out there that will say. Look I'll guarantee we get a call. AAA I'm 579. To 570 Tripoli or 57. 9570. I just know people wanna hear we've got about eight minutes left in the show. If you think you have a plausible argument in favor. Of I'll guarantee reader caller really quick. I just ten priority can't stand that person who's dialing the phone number right now what a mean thing to say to the person you're about to have to talk to the it is so bad for ball I don't think bad cuts that I can't come up with a word. Very. Even does the level of bad. That I think this is for all Jessica. Again I hunt I just wanna say again look already article but I'm angry. People shouldn't watch any sports is what they want it right. People should play and watch if that makes you money clay I'm not against you sport I'm against these ports in the Olympic Olympic third different thing. It is your first thing it's just not. It's like if if you what if you go out onto an ice rink with your roller skates on some of gonna tell you to stop. It's not the right thing for the same price. So do your. Coach you have big instead of Olympic figure you better have your own you live pics what. The Olympics are specifically about physical athletic competition. We have to go we asked for the caller we gotta talk to a US for the callers just let the record show up. Oh no don't take this personally but I hate you. You're on 95 survey game tell me how. Our oh yeah it is how on earth or the Olympics gonna let these board saying how how on earth can you say that's good for ball. Not I'm not saying it's good for all I'm saying they already do World Cup's for easy sport. It has no business stimulus bill O yeah I agree with you don't know why did you back. I've I am I I'm twenty years old are huge sports fan but I also. Keep track of each sport currently and there's a huge market for it but I agree. You can't have big east fork in the Olympics doesn't make any sense I mean. It it's like you said there. They're not athletes they're they're playing you know on Xbox PlayStation the computer there's so many different variables but it just impossible to do you can't do it. Thank you Joseph I quickly as well all there is still a joke I think. Oh we lost show got all right well let's ask the next person because the phone lines laid out I hope girl like Joey there agreeing. Mean I just that's not my call I wanted so I want the callers that thinks they belong. In the Olympics because highlight green callers with this deal Andre don't take it personal but I hate you. You're amended 57 million. Babylon are they have me. Well I've been personally. Have any sports and Olympics Beck is bat or ball around. Okay right. I don't know if you are you an. I am he's where a guy down my. Happened in millennia of clear those. I shall we ask you what like if you led to explain to me in fifteen seconds. What is the appeal of east why you wanna watch other people play video games on your computer television screen what is it. Well I mean you know. When you look at what is actually came in Manhattan you know I guess that's still sports and you know people my eighth tenth and the flight watching me you know they actually stream of games. Like on you too yeah you know they delight in you as well. Yeah I didn't go there you know you get like freaks stats in you know I mean that old I don't I don't see how. And hey god bless them like to say they just don't belong there would be OK you don't throw golf DR Andre or did take one more phone call and this is the kind of call. That I I I wanted but I don't want. My at my faith in humanity was restored by the previous two callers I'm about to lose my faith in humanity. Because Adam and Walnut Creek thinks these boards should in fact. Be in the Olympics Adam I hate you defend yourself. Are they suddenly all I'd really just. I think it gives. That there is type of people you know that he got the world an opportunity yet to be in the Olympics you know what other athletes. It's for Arab League since both Bernard did you people they have their own lane that they can make seller called life. It's called everything else it's cold calculus plus. Escorted him. Well dug in the judge if you believe they're Chinese so light out at what. While there is a CO OK so here's the thing because Adam this is the problem we don't disagree with you. We're not trying to stop dungeons and dragons people from shining at all by all means they should shine every once shining your own way you just don't get to do it at this place where we don't do your thing. Over here in this place we do physical athletic competitions. In other ways do the thing. I'm all for an inclusive society. I'd society in general I'm not affirming inclusive. Olympics or not including. Big key geared actually that's this bad sister spread told took nerds and geeks bankers. There are certain nerds and geeks that are good athletes are question I've played. I've I've been dominated on the baseball field. By a second baseman who played for cemetery oh American legion who batted 3000 against the. He had nine at bats that they had fourteen hits I don't know how that happened but he did it. There he is a nerd and a geek. There's a place for those guys it's just up the Olympics figure out there for your phone although I appreciate it. I I hear it. Briefing Adams said it's just done and it's not. You know sensitive to these things come I never want to being the old guy. Who has no real reason besides history first sticking with something. But I do feel like there's an important line here. Everything that involves some level of competition is not sport. Correct. It but people get that mixed up yeah this is the worst example. Of people getting that mixed if they called it. Gaming instead of oh what they're just feel like like they're like DOJ said there's gaming World Cup's all over the world all the time they don't need the Olympics right now it's great could. Yeah like I I redeeming know that that world existed data I've been more aware of just because it's it's sort of poked him in the fringes of my world ice ice I think income. We're calling this correctly. It's hosted events like that oracle where the played this. I know they have it SAP. Absolutely I was disagree guy and there's a local arena and other. You know thousands of people go watch and thousands upon thousands are watching on the Internet lives and people make big money like there they are they get are altered they get endorsement deals just look. In many ways it parallels sport and I understand. It's a competition. So. Where you're talking about the Olympics. That's what it comes down to it. Are we had to stop for a move them. I'm I'm just glad parity has I'm pretty sure that. The well the first two callers were totally on our side in the third callers seemed like he was just kinda. In your devil's advocates are known really went out you on this and yeah I have got to could've gotten out of. Don't think he really believed himself I don't think we have time to get anymore but I do wanna throw this out David blatt. Former head coach of the cavaliers yeah. He. Tried to take a shot at the cavs. And this is going to be good for ball bad for bought his coaching in Turkey now he's done a lot of international coaching his team. Was playing toward defense sideline reporter porn news that said I hope we just don't give up. As many points as the cavs gave up last night. Cavaliers knew. That was David blood thrown shaded the cavs all the way from Turkey right because they've given up 448. The basketball god spoke. How many points you think David glad she gave up but not all star game 14951. That's a ballot. Right that's good for all that's good for our time but that's Michael Irvin. I met coal ski before we run burial on the game I got the budget at the Eagles who. That's gross that is that is pretty gross if if I get a legal burrito god bless you thanks very thanks to you know thanks everybody rich and those next on none of us that game.