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Sunday, January 21st

Urbs and Kolsky talk about today's NFL conference championship action and talk baseball with NBC Sports California A's analyst Bip Roberts


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We're gonna transition a bic has come 120 minutes from now we will talk to bid Roberts. Of course retired Oakland athletic current. Oakland Athletics analyst on NBC sports California. The big news of this offseason in the bay has mostly been giants news of course but we spent a lot of time covering mad but. No disrespect to this. Shoddy and that great human interest story of the cardinals doing him a solid and love that story but yeah. The giants have been going it's moving the needle but actually that's what I was gonna go to is the Stephen the sky do you think the one thing that that is did do this offseason as participate in something that. Really is meaningful. Neither team had to do this than for those who don't know Stephen the sky is the Bay Area kid. Is is it's his mom I believe this is very sick and wanted to be able to play. At home and beat air for her and fuel. Major League Baseball teams whose goal is to win baseball games and make money. One out of their way to do the kid a favor. Yeah I think a couple of days got the better and it's sort of this bargain. Which makes the cardinals look even better yet it's pretty clear I think Jim the people and I've talked to a couple of red executives. In fact in the National League. They one of them whose general manager I can't say his name on the air but he told me about a package that he proposed he wanted a Scotty. And it was significantly more than one at VA's. Ended up sending to the cardinals saw the cardinals just there is zero doubt about it. This is not an angle that the media has kind of pumped up for the sake of the story the cardinals did in fact. Dude this guy a big favor and moved him to be closer to his family knowing they couldn't got a better deal elsewhere and you just. You don't see that and big time sports hour I'll show you don't and the cardinals have always gonna have that reputation to be very classy organization. You know they're just. Top to bottom there there are always they seem to do. The right things their fans are really good friends do about it now I have a White Sox fan but it still from Chicago so be careful I've been Eric cardinals games where an opponent's. Will give himself up by grounding out to the right side. On second and nobody out there have applauded good baseball I have seen that yet they've done that there NIC I've seen it happening Yankee Stadium to and I don't know is an old school. Traditionalist. When it comes to baseball. I love that type of thing I mean that that says the cardinals fans stocks soaring in my eyes when I see something like ballad okay. You guys just get it that was just good baseball and then we hear that the organization itself. Like you said went out of their way to do the power Scotty fairly solid. I I can't get enough for that there needs to do more of that and sadly it's. It's so rare bit it becomes an even bigger deal but it does have are right so if we jump off the human interest paid though. If you're looking at this Oakland a's season moved. What is it about. And maybe that's not quite a great way to put the question. What what defines success yes there you go that's a great way to put the question if I am an Oakland a's fan. What are hoping for right now. I think you have. This may be slightly unrealistic but I don't think it's wholly unrealistic. I think you. Could expect them to challenge. For the second wildcard spot that would define that would be a wild success. If come August. They still care and without. Whoever's hearing you laugh in their face say. I think we've still got a shot that such a wild card if you're still playing games this means something. In August that define success for me I think last season despite the record was arousing success for the a's because. They accomplish what I felt their goal should have been all along and that was identifying. The core of young players they wanna move forward with in build around and I think they did that they did that today extent. Or they felt comfortable let a guy like Brian Healey who I think gets a real future. And they didn't just move them but they moved him within the division yeah which you don't see a whole lot of but I I thought they did an awesome job last year of identifying. Four or five guys in addition Chris Davis who we already knew it was going to be part of their core. He got paid in the offseason got a nice little bump in raising deserves it back to back. Forty plus homers. But so that bad season again. Despite the record was arousing success for it to be rousing success this year they need to be taken seriously as a wildcard contender. As late as August. I think when you look at. The makeup of this team. It's. Very close to wiped. Goodies team would look like we used to say. A bunch of a's system prospects that we watched. Go through the greater bit over the last couple years. And sport sort of washed to get whittled down to the guys that seem like they can perform at the Major League level virtually the entire starting rotation. Is he's developed guts there. There outfielders with the exception of the Scotty. Likely to be phased developed guys the young guys you talked about adding chat men and Olson are probably tops on that list chirp along with Chris Davis. Even if they were acquired in trades at a certain point these are old guys who we've watched. Have some tough times but also some good times over the last couple years and I guess you're saying now is the year where you put it together and have a greater than 500 team or else this is not going to work. Right I think we're gonna find out if we think they identified we think they're properly identified. The young core that they wanna move forward with. We will find out for sure this season because you know Chapman didn't break camp with the team. That's some of the things Emporia you should we saw them go through some guys are close together. That's in the Major League level that you're talking about I'd. The films yet they've also done that in the minor league level a lot of these same guys they together you know they've won championships together. In the minor leagues they've gone through you know horrendous losing streaks in the minor leagues I had a sit down Matt Chapman about. 45 minutes for the athletic. And I don't know that a young guys ever impressed me as much as this guy did really and that one on one and and he was using incredibly. Poised and there's not that he wasn't speaking attitude. I and the young ball player handbook quite bullish close try hard and Burl boulder news giving substantive answers he was thoughtful. Never broke eye contact with me. The whole time talked about wanting to be a leader and he talked at length about them having. Lost gone through injuries. Gone through winning streak she says we've experienced everything. As you can experience as a Minor League Baseball together and now we're looking forward to experiencing. That together the big league level and I think they got to do that for the majority of the second half and so again now we see in 2008 team. Wasn't the right chord that they identified to admit that they made a mistake violating. Ray Healey go you know I I think those those are the questions that are going to be answered definitively this year. Ball on me just ask your opinion as a deeper baseball head. Olson and John ethically go Chris davis' right where we we have a pretty good idea of somewhere around 24250. Would hopefully forty Olmert should. That's first and third base position might be the make or break of this season for days are but do you think they have correctly identified the guys that Olson and chabot a dude. I really do now I I would love to see Chapman. Become more of an on base guy Vinny has been. He does punch out quite a bit and no batting average is -- a whole lot of people these days voted for it does to me like to see him. Get a few more knocks I think she's a great defensive player. I think also and he can you also surprised even the a's last Syria. With the success he had at the big league level ploy had that stretch. Where they lose one of the best power hitters in the lead absolutely insane but I I do think. They. They struck gold in those two guys. And I do agree would you if you're going to. Well maybe it's a little bit too dramatic or too much pressure. To say those two guys are gonna make or break BA's against romantically what does that even really mean Wright made her break good. Yeah I mean if these guys are what we think they are. Then. Then they can compete and the America of wild card is absolutely she's. Right as far as the bigger picture and I think is you know won't get into the minutia with bill a little bit more. But. Companies fan. Obviously I'm sick of the way they did this seem. In your mind is this just something that as long as the current ownership group remains the owners. This is a choice they've made this is the way they've decided to do it. Get used to it. Is there anything anyone can do about this caused Major League Baseball mix that they incentivized this business model. If if you're not used to it. Already. There I don't know what it's gonna tell you real bad man yeah okay well do feel bad and what I say and I've been saying it for years that you know. I've covered is on a daily basis and 2001 to 2009. I work for their flagship radio station. That's not why I say they might be the best fans in baseball. They're the best fans in baseball because while the crowds are small. And their fan base is small. The intensity of the passion and the loyalty that they show is underserved right there both days the way to do business they don't deserve don't. What they get in return from the a's fans and the well it is a smaller group. That group makes up for it in the intensity of their passion I think they know damn well that and so there is a new stadium. This is the way these are gonna conduct their business. Does this just stick if if you care except that vineyards is banging your head against the wall it's the definition of insanity right well I think this here as soon. The fear is. But say we get a new stadium. One of what are we seem to convince us the business model changes. They travel has told us that the business model is going to change what we got a new face we got a new voice of the franchise and thus far. Did travel has pretty much he's undefeated he hasn't done anything the only light slight. Swing and a miss in this and that's not even the right verbiage to use but. The way college thing fall on the road yeah that's the first thing that. Dave Campbell said something in it didn't happen you know it actually kind of worked. If there's any sort of chink in his armor to this point that would be shaken that wasn't even really his fault right. I mean you could spend its word auditor controller that. But I think cavaliers struck so many of the right notes that I believe him until he gives me reason to not trust what he says. I'm gonna trust what he says and he has said. With the new ballpark. This is gonna change we are going to be able to keep these young guys and that's it goes hand him and identifying the young guys. This is an interesting time for the a's franchise undoubtedly and we won't get deep into that the next says will be joined by Dave Roberts of course a former a and the current is analyst for NBC sports California. Medical ski Michael Irvin witty on 95 cent of the game. All come back mag calls he and Michael Irvin with the 957. Big game and we bring him. They're Roberts former athletic courage athletics. Analyst on NBC sports California. And bit we were just going back and forth about this these team in the last segment and talk about held last season it it can be viewed as a success in finding some young guys that they like and they want a built around saw ask you. The same question I asked Michael. I think we know Chris davis' body in the corner infielders Olson and Chatman do you feel like they've identified true legitimate. Really high level players. Well I think they are high level Blair. I think we have very Allah. What happened in baseball at that. The second I'm Earl which will be the second time this year the leak now. And it does start pitching according being about change but at the maker Jackson's. But what I believe that these two guys are very. When it comes to baseball I Q do you understand how to make adjustments. And so I think that it got to continue to get better and I think we haven't seen a bad for them because again that a rookie you just play out Wednesday. But now you can be. Welcome pictured as well it would face he's got more and more and more more you face the met late. A better idea you get what they can what they can do and so I think it well about the experience now. Yeah believe god make it yes it's but it can be up to be done that he would make adjustments as April or. Good I'm glad you brought that notion out because our float the theory pastor didn't have been holding for a long time and and there's nobody better than year to tell me if there's something to it. When it comes to young supremely talented guys which we know Chapman and Olsen fall into that category. You often see them come up and because nobody has that book they have. Immediate success they go bananas but we also know that the league will eventually just you and they'll get a book so they make that adjustment. Whether or not you're going to be a big leaguer and stay a big leader. Is how you adjust to their adjustment and if you do make that adjustment. That's when your career officially starts because it's going to be a series if you play ten more years. You might have to go through ten different cycles of then figuring out of them opening a hole in your swing you've got to just by closing the hole and then they'd find another weakness. It's back and forth it's that ability. That gives you long jeopardy in the big leagues but if you can't make that first. Adjustment to their adjustments. Then you may be out of the league neared her. You you are absolutely right am about I mean apple that went out. I could not hit the ball the other way elite found out. I got it like to beat the suit bag here and I look back and AAA. Well it's a guy like irritable and it only way to show me the professional approach and I stay inside baseball and make are in contact. I understand that you can't get the ball the other way to stop Big Apple learned. Did you dock our pay like that big league without all they exploit. Oh did you have the right approach which is about beleaguered battle are and they contribute at the ballpark if you could completely at the ball are you future it. Believe it could choose certain way and then the leak after oak all of a sudden oh well we don't artistic outlook let's just go all right I'm middle. Not you believe. And I'm here at. Delete it always gets better. And I just I always have to be made if you're going to be a big league hitter you have to make adjustments stately. According to the god interstates to look at this so good out there they can do what they want to do with you if you don't have a Croat so. At that I was young hitter. You have to guard the right approach strident altered opposite field in the cap. And then allowed it don't let the ball travel beat. Believe they hear it and then when you get some big you have to figure batted so I I think these guys are away at a big occurred right now both offensively and be physically. But again all the experience can it too brutal out and I think they've done their got to go to some thought I am but when ticket to go out I don't be a better player. You were lucky man to have Tony Gwynn as the guy who we have some hitting tips literally what are your career. You do you feel like there's a veteran on this team to provide that kind of verbal leadership that and mentor shipped to the young guys. Well I mean when you look at what happened last year they get Larry what outspending. Eight get it be a step up bad and I had a jacket pocket medical about the united. It set and then I have spoke out what she got it out you allow these young player to come and beat them selves. And what they'd EGU therefore I think it'll always be key this I think because he really understands from all sides a way. What did you try to do what I mean that would double mystery. And it sort of get double the speed yet to be consistent with your swing you have to know that bat but it extricate it. And when you get that extra app that it'd and I think what with the idea object. Built in and allied. Everyday. These guys need to watch what do what I try to emulate about it being. Your brain and I understand what are the SEC that the play and always do well equipped. I know you're already at. What awful today or refer or day or Opel or they ask him to be PC. Why it equal Quebec pitched and well what they get what Oprah book almost bet pay. And it what you get be adverse. Time is it what little she Florida one little cheeks certain. Second did you caught in Iraq direct happened yet Larry it got big sheet over these guys at that. Yeah good for all the reasons this is that you just laid out when the trade deadline was coming up you looked at the a's roster in certain things okay. Who're they gonna move their out of they need to get something out of whatever they have a value and Lowry fit the bill in terms of a veteran solid personable guy. They can maybe help the team that's on the cusp or. Battling somebody per playoff spot even though he's now the sexiest name in. He's not a a flashy guy by any means he's that nice little chip that you can acquired the deadline. Bill will help your team significantly. Don't you think all those reasons and and most important him being a mentor. Is a big part of the reason they decided to hang onto them and not move in the way a lot of fans expected him to. Eat right and as sometimes you could play so well that they can't. Pick it up big game it appeared that the extremely. Outstanding job expecting pay. Now we know and happy injury that believes sort of beat that. You never really able to show you exactly but he did do well I'd I'd get out the field after understand who you are and what it a key people that don't. He did he had that surgery. Was able to leave that I get wrapped up big bet that big market what happened with kick ass here and go whitbeck. You don't look good everyday working at a learning. How do you area. Oh I played that it yet oh I got to play. I think he played so well that BA I'll wait a minute we we kept it get rid of a guy who can it get beat double. You know I've been rod the clutch hitter and I want to wait. And also be up that certainly got got got to get straight away all the rhetoric I've gotten you do bad. You're happy what you go through what the answer and yet if that guy get very. Very calm debate while he's at I've got you at bat or your key. Think about what used to be it. Waterworld every because they had a guy take our belts are being what Eddie Murray well. Even great a critical to BP and that it welcomed at court itself what a great. Pick up pictures. We've got the pictures taking pictures and whip crack Pete got understood. What you dockers work towards toward an 88 and crushed and because of something that can't outrun that guy agent EP yes but it is cute. That is absolutely no bad and they were able to bad guy at the plate you know what color so you know you just can't. I have a very young team out Abbott veteran guys outpost on got a lot aspect. I wanna ask you quickly and always are your main focus but the giants have made a couple big moves. This off season. The more recent of those picking up Andrew McCutcheon. To play right field. We've talked a lot about those moves obviously in it seems like most of us around here feel like there are significant for the judge said they take a team that. Had one of its worst seasons last year and put them right back in the mix for a playoff spot to do you see. Those guys is that valuable. I can imagine being carried out Yitzhak about Longoria are not meet a guy who would better guy. He goes about his work and very professional way it not gonna cause any African club opted not act to what they have. You talk about cuts in it caught me 31 year old. Co written by one hitter you don't have good we will. Eddie had a really good year last year. And I come to that giant CNET. It always expected to occur he got that big game up another level. I think he's very cable whopping total got a very capable of doing what they are capable of dog big. We have guys that rhetoric and they know they are and they know what type of game they play. And I got to do anything out. Other bad. If your article format each and every day. When it com got the experience know what exactly what they've got to get bird pictures what are they took it down against Gelman I'll be try to get loud. But it's good that guy in the car while. Bad experience and know exactly you know what it takes a fetus third guy back pay and and that it's important that Watergate. You just need a way that they don't work out what happens next you know Clark said the rest of the week it's worked out that one game and got people to vote guys. Who you know McCutcheon got it BP Longoria have dubbed the great thing that it career and these guys and just gonna continue to. At the what the giant calling Bennett met the contending they got beat these two guys will help. The fact that you stepped up and the beat got an air support and got up I think these two battle offensively. There's quite a lot. Yeah I know the giants would still like data center fielder and leadoff guy preferably in the same body if they don't get that. Would you be comfortable if you're part of the giants organization would maybe touch being the center fielder slash leadoff man. Well I thought it might Islamic group. But a big step in the right after it left deal. I feel very difficult position at the love ache deep ball park great pick and yet rug from right field but that. I'm beat me very well right. I'd love hate but it got so into what the ultimate app to our vehicles to. He thought understand that we got electrical Bally epic beat up outlook below. If you wanted to steal bases of either although I lead off hitter is not really protect him and protect relate to get into you know people talk about. Now it is all cleared BP your peak birdie to look at just thirty what. So you know you want all else perhaps there are people out GM ankle trod water some little guys I think they'll do it but yeah I keep it up much I beat up about it I. What are these all that's at bat. All right rod bought the gap that's accurate or you don't get eight it's still Beckett in the fourth position so the girl out there I don't order a spot. I mean if you're right I have announced that it beats up in what they ate what B eight we're all accountable for the eighth and you'll have got to be. We're we're losing contact with you here I know that you have a website and a product that you want to do gets some love to you want to try to get this until before your phone calls out honest. Subscribe. To the and curtains and about a mom brought both. It's now or do we we got to cut their blues we should put the listeners through this. Will all try to get bit back because I know it's a product that's gonna help it's it's geared towards. Young baseball players and how they can get better and stronger faster so. Again that you guys know the drill Lotta times people come on and that's one of the conditions that they had some good pitch. They pitched it unfortunately the phone dropped out just bend but you have good to be fair have been under the cuts and obviously. Yes and you know I don't think there's any reason not to be. We've talked about it at 31 is not 41. Guy is still. It's strictly I feel like the flying of the these suppose an athletic triumph and has. And maybe it is just because I've I aged out of it several years ago but I feel it keeps getting earlier on us a feel when I was growing up we talked about your athletic prime light. 28 to series moving its mood right now it's like to whiny five to 29 and all of a sudden but I don't I don't know that that has to be the case I don't. Don't think it is the case there especially because the way athletes now not only have the resources. But the way sciences is brand Mathis I mean you not only have the money. So by the best type of treatment and go see the best doctors. But those doctors keep getting better at what they do so. I mean that's why Tom Brady thinks he can play football until he's 45 years old and you look at some of the things. They guys like Andre Iguodala have done to try to extend their primes. Yeah at the notion that a 31 year old is not him in his athletic prime. I think it's antiquated it best I think it's ridiculous and quite frankly yeah if the guy's been taking care of himself all along. 31 should be about where. Maximum tell me that's when it's virtual choir that. Veteran wisdom that's right that makes up for anything you may have lost physically you have an edge mentally that you didn't have. The so called started your approach I think that's why recent used to think of 3132. As the best potentially your right guy part of that is. Players are doing more and more at younger ages and I think bodies have worn out faster at certain points because of all the youth work. Certain. Athletes have gotten that being said it. If I'm welcoming to 3132. Year old. Former MVP level players into my lineup especially when McCutcheon is only committed to for this year. Worrying about the age seems very silly today I. I'm with a completely and that Longoria is a good part of it too is that. These guys are worse so good. It's such an early age but they got to the big leagues earlier than a lot of guys did so and so it doesn't just seem like they've been around forever. They have been around forever but that doesn't make them older than what they are. If anything it makes them. More X and obviously it makes them more experienced its knowledge may be they've reached that point where. The the acquired wisdom that won't make up for whatever physical skills have deteriorated. Maybe you haven't even started to deteriorate physically airman Evan Longoria won a gold glove yeah last year so clearly his defensive skills. Have not started to road yet but. Because he's been around so long he certainly has some knowledge to supplement those physical skills already just. Just he's been out there playing and touch has the exact same thing I would be comfortable putting him. Anywhere in the batting order in anywhere in the outfield. He's that gifted athletically they'll make that adjustment negro makes this big deal about right field and AT&T park. It is and awed field to play it is a massive. Area of ground that you have to handle. But an athlete like McCutcheon. You'd give him I say a month into the season if he's your everyday right fielder he'll have mastered it after months he's that good. Yeah I would agree with that and I'll also say this is a regards the outfield. Everyday that goes on. That Lorenzo Cain stays on signed. It is a good. Increased chance I would say that the giants can get into that mix here because if she could get. The money he really wanted he would not be on the free agent market anymore. All these guys that are still sitting out there. It's because no one's offering them the amount of money they expected to get on this free agency market whether that's because of people looking forward to next year or is. Or just people changing their minds about the way they wanna pay stars in baseball whatever it is probably collusion. You've got. Good players sitting on the open market and the longer they sit there the more the price drops and the more the giants might just get involved. Yeah and because the one thing that isn't going to change about lawyers have to you have to get them because you did get better qualifying offer. From the world's is that you are gonna have to give up your sector rounder you're fifth rounder. And I think it's a two million dollars in international bonus pool. Testimony the other spending money for the international. Free age was like a new very confusing system very using here in the and you combine that with the Japanese posting system Florida and you need a scientist. Under that I'm just glad that even though the money being paid to international players has been reduced significantly Japanese Baseball teams are still gonna get tens of billions of dollars every time they said what other players over as those. Those are the people that should be compensated for athletes performing yeah I mean owed proton me god bless them for coming over when he came he knew coming over. That if you waited a couple years. He may significantly more money. Saw a lot of respect for him because he just wants to be challenged now he wants to prove it now he's not worried about money and again his club. And mattered whose club they're gonna get the money it doesn't change for the club they'll get that posted three that's right and by the way when you're giving Tony credit in that respect that's because we know how often guys choose competitive fire over money. Not much not much is it sure isn't that is not a regular habit of the professional athlete in fact most of the professional athletes that make those sort of decisions. We call them lunatics yeah exactly and you know it. The I think. That's why Cain hasn't been signed and that's why the JD merging these things taking so long I really do think in in it was reported out by one of our guests yesterday. That not everybody gets a qualifying offer price but. A lot of these top tier guys did get a qualifying offer and it's because that club wants to make sure they know when they get the qualifying offer. The players do when I fly about signing he's gonna wanna go out. Out on the market but I really do think may be some agents have under estimated. The reluctance that teams have to give up those periods in that international bonus money. I wonder who. If that is finally. A representation. Of Major League. Baseball clubs. Realizing. Some big event. Frankly like sports ownership is generally. Very slow to which is. We can't all signed. Mike Stanton and Bryce Harper and Judy Martinez only three teams get those three guys so. The rest of us over here save it up our money and Megan are elaborate pitches they're gonna end up with nothing no end. Far too often. Our member of the bulls and as as the dire bulls fan of earth. Early two thousands. When they were trying to make freeagent pitches and they were putting everything in the basket of all we're gonna go sell Tracy McGrady or Tim Duncan and company Chicago. And then you'd did it and Ron Mercer was the best player on the team for five years that's a problem and too many teams in baseball as well. Are thinking. All Wahle all to save my money this year because Bryce Harper and Manny Machado or on the market next year. That's just two guys eight teams are gonna get on only two teams are gonna get up and you have to be able to weigh that intelligently. Against how you. Keep your own prospects how you decide whether or not to give up draft picks. And draft picks or baseball used to mean almost nothing you can tell teams have changed their minds about that. I had Kaiser reaching the big leagues quicker and quicker you're seeing some teams have shifted for their teams back. As recently as a decade ago that their philosophy. Was when push comes to shove all of high school guy because I wanted to be. Part of the molding process. And a lot of times if you pick Eric if you get a college guy. He's already cannon who he's going to be he's got habits are ready and you're not gonna be able to change those are develop new habits. That line of thinking is changed significantly I think you see more top picks coming out of college ranks because they wanna get that guy. To the big leagues quicker because he's closer yet. Because he can help because what our fans hear his name on draft day they might hear it again in the next two years as opposed to it in the past. We care about Major League baseball's draft as we are gonna hear those names again for 45 years and then also we didn't see the day it may try to make good baseball draft. Has fun and exciting as NFL in the NBA. But even though players are reaching the big leagues quicker than ever. It's instilled to me it's pointless so don't try to make a big deal out of the draft you're never gonna generate mass interest in the Major League Baseball draft because we're so. We're never gonna know who the guys up right. No matter what it. We're wrote we just know what could watch enough College Baseball and no one literally can watch high school baseball from across the country I pretty much so you're just you're never going to have any attachment. To the people getting drafted. All right. We are big NBA game last night we are more NBA talk coming up in about forty minutes we're we're joined by former NBA player Tracy Murray. Coming up next though we're gonna have a little fun. We got like five others. And yes Luke's. It's a Michael Irvin classic killers in groups with medical skin Michael Irvin a next on 957 again. We're back nine holes and Michael herb is within a mindset of the game. We'll talk plenty more who will we talked to a former Cooper and about 35 minutes or so trio. How are you oh god we're all gonna die Matt and the rockets have the lawyers number. Were all good guys. There is like a chicken little thing that happens with the warriors is January. Com. Maybe we ought to talk about some that now I know I again had been checked and January. Yeah but they're the greatest concern for me is big Chris Paul I'll play instead of courage so that's not supposed to happen anymore. That's so long range concern for me it's just. You use the word I guess you'd are to enjoy it yet yes jarring that's a fair that's a fair word you're like I thought that day was dead and gone TI and Justin Timberlake who great song by the way the Chris Paul is not supposed to out place staff ever again you did last night that was absolutely jarring. So for just one night. I was concerned. But now I woke up. The sun rose when it was supposed to do and where it was supposed to do. And the lawyers are still significantly better than the rockets who have none chance in my opinion. Of beating them in a seven game series I. Would you although we will pose that question again when we talk to Tracy bird next hour. For now all. We go to the Michael Irvin classic because we did killers and Kooks yesterday by. When I woke up this morning. There or couple of I don't know not individuals exactly. But. Decisions made. By either people or groups of people but I felt deserved to be honored. As Phillips or mocked those Kooks. Wannabe. Mike cooler. Many points you. OK so there are very little rules when it comes to killers improves but there is one and it's not even really. A roll it's just a philosophy killers is self explanatory can be anything it is a positive it's just another word. I mean let's face it these radio segments. Georgian troops be used to a certain degree good for ball bad for ball. It is to a certain degree gimme some note thank you know there are subtle differences it's there are subtle differences whom therein lies the genius. But killers is just it's good. You can be a killer because you did the right thing you can be killer because you'd dominated something anything positive can be. Care to join the socialist. The accomplished however. In this comes this is the serpent term. This is from the guy who shows up the outsider who shows up at the local bridge and violates all the rules and starts dropped it and Steve on the wave of the kingpin of the local site and call him a group. So it's just it's for masters of Jack Nasser is what I've ended up missing that's why I'm playing well but master of jackass three therefore. Rare is the coup. Who is on the list because he didn't perform well in his given sport like it. If you make if you strike out five times. You probably are going to be on the complex debt but I had a bad debt yet but it if you struck out five times on the same pitch. I think we might put you on the food Callista did a spin around on the fifth one yeah because you've learned absolutely nothing if after the fifth strikeout. You've charged the mound pictures are so frustrated. That will get you on the Kooks list so that's that's a subtle difference between. Killers include killer's stare and not always but can be performance related cooks very rarely used performance related. I have two killers that jumped out at me this morning and I don't actually. Have. An individual but I am positive I can name in either case although I think I have a better idea the second we learned this hard time we decided to like your group whoever thought of this that's fresh so. I was frankly. Incredibly disappointed yesterday. What I read that because of the government shutdown of the armed forces network AF fan. Was also shut down. And that would mean that troops around the world American troops would be unable to watch. The championship games. Today which can be brutal because we know they have very little to look forward to when they're dated their lives Mets the big one and that I mean look. Every and a part of this is just the bizarre relationship between the NFL in the military but every year. We see the shots of military around the world getting this. Wonderful taste of home rule getting do enjoy football which every American seems to do at some level. And the idea that because a bunch of rich bureaucrats. Were bickering with each other. That our service people wouldn't get to watch playoff football was skin analyzing today and infuriating. And they fixed it so whoever is responsible. For saying you know now despite government shut down despite a political disaster. We are going to make sure that the people putting their lives on the line forests get the entertainment they deserve. Good idea that's a killer but absolutely. David there is some meetings somewhere air which. Multiple people because it I'm sure it was just one person is so this is wrong and I'm gonna write the wrong short. It probably had to go through assembled several layers layers in the fact that those players were military players. I think we can safely assume that it it was not a simple process. Parade takes forever to get things done totally but not only did they do the right thing they did the right thing. Very quickly which means they more than likely. Dispensed with the protocol. For this one particular instance it's just a group of people immediately recognizing. Understanding that this is straight up wrong. I wish we could have more things like that because for too often. Bureaucracies does stand in the way of common sense right and it's. Encouraging and just refreshing. When that everyone can just go you don't like we know what's right. No more screwed around for just gonna do the right thing and take care of everybody Edward good. No silly jumping through hoops it's taken care plan so thank you to whoever has so that's your first killer all right today all right. Before you get yourself you killer I hope present we view. Sure you pay Kook Coca and you and I haven't talked about this this says. It's still has a little shelf life we haven't heard exactly would the punishment is gonna be some of the stories still developing as we like to say it. But. Urban Foster. I love me some room yes I love love love from the moment I laid eyes on him and then mariners uniform and saw him. Basically telling Navarro Bowman. He recognized players and their first pre season game. He saw something that you recognize any six UC intern I don't know what was said but it was pretty obvious. Because he was pouring into the backfield to look out for this this is about to happen I know this I know this. And not only did Bowman listen to him but it unfolded exactly the way rooms said it was going to. That's where oh sold on urban Foster since then on the field he's done absolutely nothing. To move me off of that right I'm in love withdrawn but I noticed that on the player but it. But getting popped. For marijuana. Thin if Alabama. And there's a bunch of different ways that you can point out why he's recruit. In this instance and I know one of the ones you words you first words. Dude you push for semen California yeah if you wanna get high stay in California we welcome you you can get away with it but. That's personal user right now also we do have room and on the line. That's phony war chest X at nobody. Yeah mind boggling when people make decisions. They've heard this forward now did he feel a part of me actually surprised by this bit of gay he's in Alabama yeah. You must fear of god in Alabama totally. Any drew unfortunately. The one police officer who didn't just give a nice pat on pat on the button he's an Auburn fans at a but nice today he's an Auburn yeah. I didn't think about that fact that like the police officer who arrested group and Foster can he go home. If these are rumors of the fears that if he's an Auburn hair and that he's here they'll throw a parade yet yet that server bringing down river in Foster but that doesn't take. Anything away from the fact that that was incredibly. Poor decision lords could end up. Now I don't know if you know the details of this but there might cost him. Eight ton of money because the stock dropped in the draft. Because of off field concerns. And so there is I believe there's a clause in his contract. That if he gets suspended her fly and for certain transgressions. He loses a big chunk of change. In bonus money so it's not just a young guy. Making a mistake and he's getting a slap on the register have to enter beat have to appeared cut more frequently. All of that I mean I'm willing to. Give some guys would pass when they made youthful mistakes which on the surface this may very well be that but it's. It's a big mistake it's not I know I shouldn't say that it's worse because there's money involved. But come on nobody got hurt it was just Rubin didn't hire young guys get Heil the time you're in doubt get island time. They just don't have the spotlight on him the way Ruben Foster does. But you gotta know the spotlight is on the menu being an Alabama pulled him into a false sense of security. Or like even if I get caught I'm not gonna get busted him. Or you just hang in with your college friends and years do you think enough and that then. There is that disconnect I think can and certainly not speaking from personal experience but do you spend time on a college campus. Where the authority is campus security. They sort of stranded there with a rubber gun and have. Sure schett the real world as real world cubs reds is this guy one year at a college back came in with his college friends I assume. It's just a case of the short term not that relevant irresponsibility it happens and when you certainly. It's kooky as for his contract. If I understand correctly. Because he provided eight diluted sample. At the Columbine. He actually began his career. In the first level of the drug program so there's no penalty stance but he had. Essentially was in the late monitoring program via sole. This. Essentially. Qualifies as assuming the NFL reacts to which I think they American defense. A first offense we'd be in the policy because that's how the NFL doesn't it's like first offense really just sort of take you into the policy. Where your subject of monetary you're concerned. And then second. Offense overall but first offense within the policy. I don't believe he'll be suspended at all by. He could be fine and more to the point at which I think is what you were referencing he could lose guarantees. In his contract and now. I think both the 49ers. And urban Foster would agree they hope those guarantees are relevant. Because what you want is rooted Foster playing well and healthy in which case you'll be happy declared his rookie contract so hopefully. This is the last time he gets arrested the last time we talk about salary guarantees and no this is relevant moving forward. But you can't ignore it totally. And no we wouldn't have ever heard about it if he was just tear cal. Fort Bragg which is what puts a lot of puts him on the coop Quist in your right the reason why. It's not as easily. Brushed off as youthful indiscretions. But. All been Smith but that's the first thing I thought of what I heard about this and he's not all the Smith is a declared. No quote we. We'd like to assume that yes he has. Has that he hasn't reached that level of we know there's a problem here right yeah we don't know that yet but win it first happened to all and Smith. We will we were willing Morgan. Aren't we just say this was the youthful indiscretions and this too shall pass. Hopefully he learns removed his mistake in your and we never have this discussion again clearly. We've had that discussion multiple times now Alvin Smith. How are they serious problem not a football problem he's got a life problem Josh cordoned similar situation I REI who. The first time he got popped for smoking weed you think. Football players smoking weed like are we really got to suspend one of the best wide receivers in the league for this. But what it keeps happening it shows you're incapable of changing your behavior even when it's hurting him yet when you know how high the stakes are. And you still. Make those mistakes. That's reds officially problem because that's when you know and I speak from experience. It's wind. Any hasn't gotten there yet clearly. But to get right at some point you have to accept that I am not in control of this thing I cannot fight it will power. Doesn't work here. Strength of character doesn't work here. This is in control of my life and clearly something else is in control of albums life substance addiction right. And that's the first thing I have a lot of would Ruben Foster I hope there's no connection beyond. Just the first youthful indiscretions bright but he still macoutes with a solo Jack yes.