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Mychael Urban and Matt Kolsky do Good for Ball or Bad for Ball to finish out the show.


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They're always talking about the Rooney rule reminding me. Back in the seventies when I was they I union not concerned it was a responsible for helping put together our affirmative action plan for the utility of working for. And I struggled the whole plan to download them generally am pretty progressive person by nature. But at the end of the day and I had to. I have to feel as though. He hit it you know you we needed to do everything we could to advance minorities they were disadvantaged. However at the end of the today it felt like we needed to not sacrifice American principle in the process. So. Turning to this situation is the Rooney rule. I think we'd actually need the Rooney rule but we need to be careful and not do things that they come across fishing and tokenism or whatever because that I think worked against social work against the other ultimate goal and no equality for minorities. And this whole business of having some shut down month in review process. Just to. Just to satisfy the rule was kind of smacks of that. On the do agree would you mad that mean it's the role. And they violated that they need to pay their fine far. Well maybe maybe the MFL. Needs to be looking at ways to have base somehow modified the rules. Yeah unfortunately Gina and thank you for the phone call I I just don't know. If there's ever going to be a perfect way to police this and make sure that everybody is doing it for the right reasons for talking about the raiders and likelihood they're gonna get Deng for violating the Rooney rule you're listening to 95 said in the game. KG MZFM. In HD. One San Francisco Max calls you make in his debut here in under five sim game I'm Michael urban if you wanna join the conversation Tripoli 9579257. AAA 957. 9570. Or the Penske auto show dog context line 957. 95. Detect slow has been blown out just as much as the phone lines and one person on the text line says I love the show because you're actually paying attention. To the phone lines veteran sports talk radio should be about let me just jump in here a quick map I get the slot wanted to take more phone calls. Every phone call that comes into my show. I take unless it doesn't get past the producer short I don't know what producers are therefore not going to calls it's because you don't. But we did on the topic that people are passionate about gaming isn't saying Carlos he's passionate about the Rooney role what took Danny how are you. Great thanks our second call Mac but it would probably go to the dark side personal. They weren't dark side and there's such a good bit I got it back. Congratulations. Retarded to get this other I checked by Jumbo video. But it ever back. So congratulations. We're ahead run down the other station word here's a knock out an unknown. Got out all of you know and OK so I'd it's it's heart. I don't care it's our follow up these last few phone call. You know the word eloquent words perfectly stated. Together for a color of this segment sounded like a lawyer I wanted to mafia Aries you he seems like one of the guys. It's just hearing my voice you know what rules I had violated me who's gonna get me Ford I should quickly. Yeah well I'd HR it was event for me so much about the vote yet yes it might take aren't. That don't really neat and and just find it being. But I just say oh I had a problem or without moving them to LA and head back Bobble ought showed that the if not it is a pretty don't wanna use the word. Eagle and you'll racecar beat each it was just flat out with the best person for the job and storage. And and I think that there should be. Sound. You'll reduction of a fine considering their track record. I mean I I hear you the problem with any. Adjustment like that to the rule whether it's. Reduce the fine because of their track record or skip the fine because their track record or they don't have to interview minority candidates because of their track record. Someone's gonna abuse that down the road and and if its ultimate means so I would probably had this for sure someone has been so. This rule and having the rule have integrity. I would rather see. Five minority candidates. Get interviewed for five jobs that they were never going to get. So that one time. Someone who deserves it. Does get interviewed you don't make the mistakes on the side where you're interviewing extra candidates that don't make the mistake on the side where a deserving candidate never gets an interview. Yeah kind of like it's it's a version of err on the side of cost exactly and and there's something to be said for. Okay and may be it I've gone into interviews when I was much younger. I I shot for jobs that I knew I wasn't going to get totally and I went formed. And if I got an interview I never looked at it as or never get this job why am I even going to this I winning because I wanted to learn what different people were looking for any different interview process tonight and if you really Smart at the end of that interview where you didn't get the job you said. Paid no sour grapes but could you tell me what I could have done better to get this job and that's exactly what I did in not only did I do that but I would circle back after the higher was may and I would say and mean that being email. They can for their time congratulate them. On making the higher actually I remember two instances where I said you did the right call I would have picked him over me anyway he's got march hearing to you've probably. Better suited for the job and uncommon for that job down the road. You know and I appreciate you helping me you better prepared for the job in the process that's also. Part of the spirit of the root and broke it is give people reps there's value in reps. Let's get one more call Robert isn't Hayward Robert Young with a urgent calls yet you don't. Hayek in my forties I left the forty year job I have a lot of the area. I hit the streets and I blew my first interview so bad it's still laughable. Years later this. Hello I believe in the Bernie roared giving these guys out there because there next level they know what they're doing their best. They've very very little I do go in front of the administrative part of it and they know football caught. Yeah there's no question and there's no question as you just said. Your first interview experience especially if we're talking about there are 32 NFL head coaching jobs. It's one of the hardest jobs in the world junior and do. The first time you sit in the room an interview for one of those 32 jobs has got to be incredibly nerve wracking it's got to be challenging you don't know what they're gonna ask you you don't know what. You're walking into. The second time that much easier the third time that much easier again this is good experience even if a guy was never really gonna get the job we bought. Mind the raiders looked mark Jamieson here's where and I am sure didn't mean to do it and somebody on the Penske I was so stuck Comtex line. Is kinda splitting hairs here but says it's Al Davis that that has a good track record reason me. The Rooney rule not Mark Davis well it's the raiders organization franchise since the franchise and it's a franchise. It's can get find ultimately it doesn't come out of Mark Davis is pockets more than likely but that's that's really didn't know it's just kind of clouding the issue that's not the point. That's a point which I think is probably the best point of all and I'm happy event in your day do you make the best for a while but it's a rule. You skirted the role you gotta pay the price doesn't matter that you never spread before. Your speed right now it doesn't matter that your wife is crowning right now about to give birth. You broke the law the law exists okay we're gonna bring in somebody to deliver the baby before you're it sucks for you but. They're gonna deliver the baby while I write your ticket can have your license and registration please correct that's kind of what's going down right here let's that are real quick to the other side of the bay because. Since is a 490 my god Matt. And in two human beings. The Bay Area has become not just maybe not as much now. But in about six months to the Bay Area might be the center of the NFL universe because of two human beat. Jon Gruden on one side Jimmy ground below on the other side junior girl blows been painted as the guy who used them though Verizon tide lifts all boats. There's no denying that anybody who isn't sold on Jimmy cheek. In my opinion doesn't know full go watch the jaguars he has it they work Saxon though there remain number one defense. They were. They were lit if the kids say and he lit them. If not for the stats that go rock below put on the Jacksonville pass defense. They are arguably the greatest pass defense effort right like statistically. I doubt he ruined their historic defensive season right there he. It did what his third start because he is that good ever since Jimmy G arrived. Everything has been good good good good good well Reuben Foster just got busted for marijuana a bad story. Really quick because I want to get back into staff I want to get back into the lawyers. But is this something or overly concerned about the third the niners should be overly concerned about all it is for me is only seek out John and can't handle this one. I'm overly concerned that Rubin foster's spending his time in Alabama when he could be in California where this would be a nonissue and that's what I'm concerned about can I Regis somebody from Twitter. Do that quickly for me to yet though the niners of course made a statement on this. But I am more interested in long time chronicle writer pure heart loves statement pop culture writer yet he he also issued a statement on urban northern it's a very short statement. It says Peter Hart love statement quote. Weed is legal foster's body hurts and needs the medication I'm more likely to buy his Jersey now and statement. That's more or less format if it's illegal drug that helps your body recover. Nobody needs more body recovery than NFL defensive. Yeah and my god Steve Kerr who's right about everything. Seeker is right about everything you realize that won't. Yeah absolutely he's the perfect human being that's correct he does interviews from bubble bath gets sort of an up here really does and we're gonna get into Steve Kerr Motorola have reconfirm bubble. I know it was in the bath yeah I'm ball I don't know that's just in my mind's eye it's going to be harder to get back missile bubbles and right I wasn't just sit and dirty water it's a little. That grocer or point so we are going to be discussing speaking a point the point guard Steve Kirstie and instead of Currie and we are told that he is going to be back to that which references to the count down. To curry and it's brought to you by maroon polo ball visit Volvo cars Moran dot com well staff is going to be back he's missed the last couple he tweaked the ankle. During the shooting drill some people say. And no big deal I'm a little concerned about it. But she king he can ease those concerns. By doing what he did in the last four games that he played after missing eleven. With the initial and I'm learning and call that aggravation it was a new injury get this four games in the month of January 34 point five points a game. Six point three assists six rebounds one point eight steals. 59%. Field goal shooting I'm sorry 53. And 47. From three point land that my friends is dominance that's. MF First Act like they forgot about staff let me remind them so if pretend I'm a Currie your countdown. Ends this evening. Brought to you primary involve what are you looking for new car tired are negotiating at the dealer that marine Volvo. They are negotiation free they allowed you to make your own deal. You can even shot from the comfort of your own home where their express store so shot Volvo cars Mer and dot com again Volvo cars marine dot com. Or stop by today and see how easy it can be what to expect from stuff coming back now and it's limitation and and quarters limitation. About this I say no limitations. Whatsoever. That Toronto Raptors are feeling frisky. I see you got to put it on them and this is the one time Steve Kerr does not. Take off the dogs if you're up forty going into the fourth quarter order. 57. I did not. We're natural. How is that out ad nauseam. And your route does have. Fantastic natural ways however. Gurus are not my partner today. Things just to add her because I am the youngest of three Brothers and once you let me know that something didn't understand. There's a pretty good chance of a Wear you out whether it. Nine to five on the Penske auto sales dog contests and urged the audience gets its Mets debut on nine to 57. You don't need compute over and over like some insecure dad. Jesus not like he's new to. Market. Port Orchard point it's okay first off so did you imagine for everything is point right and okay so yeah. We are told to not assume that. Audience during the first twenty minutes of the show is gonna be the same audience three hours later. So every once in awhile I am going to let the new listeners among the audience know. That Matt Coles he is making his debut at 957. Game I was just outside the studio leaving mat by his lonesome. That's kind of something that we do just to make you tennis doing your own juices for a bit. We're talking behind the glass match. Doing a fine job in your debut at 957 again and if I work and insecure dad earlier in the program. I am now proud father you've acquitted yourself well but we still are forty minutes left to go don't screw up it's. I appreciate that I appreciate that I would just like to say also on the sold below topic. Com personal very impressed by Edgar who are not yet met but I'll remember to keep that in mind no strangers you can receive guests are more than tomorrow by the way bureau and I knew before and I'll be right after the to a few extra seven that's right we're gonna do handouts all meet him tomorrow night's. All touches hairdo. Or is always asks well. Only were allowed to protect nevermind. Anyway so globe it's OK well I'll trunks logo reminds me always of a man who texted the both of us right before the show my dear friend rod Brooks because hundreds of the film the Hollywood shuffle have you seen I have the Hollywood spirited underrated foot. Great classic film. By the way tremendously impact put the time and boy still resonates these days in ways you wish it didn't but of course there's the character Jerry curl. In men and when he runs out. Of his active later. His jab. Girl creator is Jerry curled slowly turns into an Afro and it it sort of extinguish his his superpowers and at times that's. I don't know what happened to me and I know they young hot mic who's our producer for the day and worldwide Wes is on the wheels of steel. West I feel like it's an empty show until we get to hear all on my. And see you do the use same ball I know the audience doesn't get to see it but I do and they get to feel my child like enthusiasm for can you please. Play the sound and do you seem Bolton dirty white boy it. Oh yeah holes there's big guns still. It's a does that add that when you paint the verbal picture not only the usein bold but any holsters and guns I like to paint pictures and words I fancy myself a word trick actually read that and an email from an editor at a place that I worked with if you are serious. I think I might do just put the common their place you know if you say that seriously you're wrong. Yeah exactly yeah and but that is how I describe for people who don't know what is that I used to do when I was nothing but a writer. I would just boiled down by I know where the comes up that's my job pretty much very important I have a wonderful T shirt. That says grammar police boom then has all sorts of funny puns on a nun next time tyrant well I'll make sure. Tomorrow totally out you do need to ruin person you will not be disappointed gurus larger than life. Guru is and this is saying something. I've never heard anybody say a bad thing about guru here in the office you know what hyper competitive business this is threatening you to everybody's looking out for themselves. Everybody loves working with your group. Everybody. Thinks they have this. Texting relationship it's unique and special would your vote really is still no you don't and all these texting and literally everybody wow this building wow. I'll just that guy is a magnetic personality. If you miss him. Don't worry colts you're gonna work together a lot. But not every time guru and I are still going to be paired together on sugar room colts keep will be paired together one point if you haven't noticed. We just might be a station in transition. When this is the calm before the storm that as I mentioned. Before. Is going to bear in kick the snot out of the competition in the market that of course is our goal why else would we be doing it. Number you want I doubt if you wanna join our conversation is currently I'm 57. 95 semi Tripoli on 579570. Penske auto sales dot Comtex line. 95795. All right. First off we're going to be doing good for ball bad for ball and about 230 to 35. And you know what we don't even have anymore breaks because. You don't wanna destroy the rhythm of good for ball bad for ball. Colts' keys can be playing good football basketball for the first time ever yesterday after you and I met in person for the first time. I emailed view all links. To it started out as a column that I wrote I think it was first wave. Mlb.com. And then I did it with the examiner and have done it for 95 certainly game dot com did that help you feel like you're at a better grasp bond. Rules of good football basketball absolutely I think I'm I think I'm set which probably means some men embarrass myself the first time so. Still a multi everything in life can be labeled one of two ways we're gonna get into that but we gotta get back into staff. Because the ankle thing I do not think it's something you can just say. Urged you're overreacting it's not that bigger deal. Okay you just I I read the numbers before Rouen to break on the countdown McCurry. He missed all those games that are being ultra cautious right now Latin rightfully so. You've got to kind of depth and talent where you can afford to be cautious you can actually be I don't think there's any such thing as. The saying exist. Err on the side of caution and I don't think they're you can go too far on the side of caution. Where is the lawyers and particularly as it pertains to step Curry's ankle we're all well aware of his. Ankles history in particular the right ankle but he missed those eleven games and he came back and it bears repeating. In four games after his return. 34 point five points a game. More than six times six boards. Almost two steals shot 53 from the floor 47 from three and it doesn't have his free throw listed. But I can guarantee you was it about 92 to 95%. That's aren't so he came back and he looked as good as ever. And as I've been kind of bastard rising. Eminem song the legendary Eminem young hot nick thinks Kim is trashed where was Katie you put out a couple of bad songs. We'll get back there and there's an Eminem move a debate keep these things because you put out a couple bad ones is trash. College yeah. Last now there are Ramon talk about that awful we'll talk about it a little bit but bottom line is stiff came back you're reminded everybody. Yeah I'm I'm still pretty good player. Yes Kevin Durant is basically asserted his dominance. Reminded everybody that cat is kept can put a team on his back. But stuff for money give that when he came back it was good to see him playing again. But then all of a sudden stuff goes down within non contact aggravation of the ankle. And his shooting routine which she does every day look. Call me in over reactor or. Held. Call me whatever you want. Vote when stiff current tweaked his ankle doing something non contact duty does every day I'm sorry. It's worrisome to be done. Contact my one of the most in my wrong and now it's one of those keywords it's just like when you see a guy. Or you get a report out of a football practice so and so went down with a non contact knee injury you always think oh no that's bad boo. Because it suggests that you're doing normal stuff and something structurally happen to weed your leg correct lead to injury that's scary especially when as we. Continue to point out. This is not the first time we've dealt we have repeated ankle injuries and this guy is one of the three or four best players in the league you need him. In the long run and you need him to be healthy. So. No I don't think there's any way to overreact to this frankly and that's why I say at my MO. Would be to overreact if I was the warriors yeah he says he's healthy cinema another three games because. What's the point if there's even the tiniest most infinitesimal chance. That he's a little bit more vulnerable today. I don't need him to play today and they it does me almost no good. As you mentioned earlier in the show I thought it was great point book is much is look we we started to follow with Patrick McCaw. Especially last spring during the class he was playing meaningful minutes he got to start to step in the playoffs first second ground rookie. Group they wouldn't bought the draft rights to this guy and he was. You've virtually nobody went last season started and we didn't know anything about pet macaw. We give Bob miers the benefit of the doubt because he he's like he's doing a GM version. Of Steve Kerr who is the GM version of the point guards have Korea's. They're always striking the right tone they say and do the right thing always so when I found out. That Bob Myers spent 3.5 million dollars on Jordan bell unlike you can restart my. You can play yet still my Giordano can restart because Bob Myers went out in class for money to get in yes they felt as he the someone who grew up in these guys are bulls and then there's still. Didn't always in you're going to be seeing him do the now not every kind of the money thing with a four fingers in his thumb. Did he did when he played against the bulls and was thrown down against them. Can you don't necessarily need to go that far. But look Patrick markov. Has not shown. The level of aggression I think the assertiveness that he showed last year in the west don't just because of lack of minutes or because. It finally dawned on them holy crap I'm on the golden supporters and this might be the best team ever assembled I don't know if there's. I don't know what's going on November I have these things things player. I think inconsistency hurts your right what we talked earlier about how much. Dream armed is changed offensively on a game to game basis just by weather hits the first couple shots correct if your pet macaw and you went from. Playing playoff legit playoff minutes for the world champions. A sitting out six games in a row DNP coaches decision there's it has to affect you just passed and there and you can see. He's not as aggressive as he was mr. And they've been pounding on him they're being telling him get you more aggressive be more aggressive so. If you are going to again cliches exist because they're rooted in truth err on the side of caution. With staff curried. Fine and if it's in the name of getting. Cosmo Joseph back if he's lost any of that yeah I'm fine that I'm also fine with. Taking a longer look at Quinn cook yup it. What's amazing about the queen cook's story and coaches on two way contract which means you get X number of games. A player to NBA level vs the development league which is now the G league has Gatorade sponsorship. I think it's 45 days I believe that guarantees you junior NBA content via 45 days. In the big leagues so to speak. Then they have to pay you the NBA minimum I know because they brought it up when the poor kid on the clippers hurt himself he'd right two days away and then in the end they were gonna let him get that time he was gonna cash in on it now you'd like to think. That the clippers would understand and I won't do the cool thing impairment who knows it's again we've. Discussed ad nauseam and been given evidence throughout to support that over and over and over again it's not the ideal world but I do like. What I see from Quinn cook came just to give you an idea of the level the disparity. Between geely talent. And NBA talent now obviously there's NBA talent in the G week right that's why two way contracts eggs. This limiting your aside because IE. Some and you don't know about me I worked for. At times. 200910 season. I was the media relations director and part time broadcaster for the Bakersfield jam look at here the NBA development league. And I can tell you what the quality at least gotten better that was much seven years ago is a much better. But still now at that time extremely so and still now. NBA talent is in that league. What it stands out. And that lead and then you can see Quinn cook is a guy. Who is standing out in that league queen coach when you are now I've I've always seen bits and pieces of it I've just seen film I haven't seen gain encouraging clips. But you're right he's he stands out he's a globe guys in the G league there's an aura about him my. You're like you can't take your eyes off him he can do almost whatever you want to metadata averages like 2526. Game in the Q that's right and there were guys like that that I saw at that time many in the jumps out is Sundiata Gaines who was a kid went to Georgia. Didn't get drafted thought was thought not to be an NBA player played in the ended up with the you know a four year career sunlight then nothing spectacular didn't get a lot of NBA minutes but I played in only. Exactly and you could see even Mac guy who was not. Gonna be irregular NBA player but you can see on the floor in the you go all the there's the NBA player is here right and that's what Quinn cook looks like at that level and from what I hear I have not seen a whole lot of damion Jones geely tape. But he is quickly becoming that guy he got the geely yes certainly as a defender and rebounder and in this may be why we heard rumblings of JaVale McGee being on the trade block. Because look there's Javelle bring something that we all love to the worst absolute no question gee he's rehabilitated his image she's no longer the knucklehead that we thought he was. When they picked him up we're like that's where. Our benefit of the doubt for Kurt and Myers that's the only time it is really tested for me like. JaVale McGee but shame on me because I was taking what I saw on Shaq Shaq and a four. And applying it to JaVale and saying that's who JaVale is well I don't want to my own horn too loud but I have been signing -- the previous here you really should. And and look. What he did for himself and for the worst last year was great. But I don't blame the rest of the league for not giving JaVale what here misrepresentation. Clearly thought was gonna be outperformed their. I think they watched it and delete said okay good for you. I need to see you again before you get what you think you deserve now I need to see you again unfortunately for JaVale. They're not seeing it again his throws and diminished here and I think it's gonna be diminished further to the port where he's not but the team. After the deadline I think you will get moved past damion Jones is developing at the pace that he's developing and you're really. Well and then what Jordan Belcher you for you as a big and and also I think unquestionably. At the beginning of the year. The warriors had at least a teeny bit of concern that it's possible David West walks out on the floor this year and just has nothing. I mean he's old he's an old guy I would a lot of miles long. Playing like he's corny side right now is the way he's playing has made JaVale McGee. Completely expendable and I love to pick up as I said I wanted the war is denying a Reuters wire rim on the order flow to these student community she's a guy who has did we learned about him as a charitable guy and we learned about him as Doug yet as a fun loving teammate do you watch the parking lot chronicles. No I haven't it's the best show on YouTube it's JaVale McGee's show the floor. Right chronicles highly recommended. Putt on the basketball floor Iraq's director. Yet that means come there's so many things about him that are wonderful unfortunately for him. The warriors have other guys who can tell you everything he does and most of them have a wider range of skills than he does. And last year because Jordan bell wasn't around. I think what JaVale brings. Stood out more it was more you need is more unique yeah because JaVale let's face it he is a rim protector and rim runner. Those that you think she does well and as they rim protector. Yeah. He's really something lacking yes he's more prettier than successful as a rim protector because he has some blocks that are also much. He is also chronically in the wrong places and he's an unarmed box out all the talk to you hear about Kevin Durant is a potential defensive player of the year. I think it's a bit much I think defense all defensive team shirt. But. Did the talking this is evidence of what a great help defender he a threat and I think it was Ron Adams. We used afraid no we're saying is you're saying gee and I love this phrase I hadn't heard he says Kevin has hunting plays down yeah right he's he's. Find me off the dribble like I don't really know what kind of on ball defender KG is. Because he doesn't need to be a lock down on ball defender he's got a 755 wingspan and quickness and if you BT if you beat him with the first step. You won't do you down and hurrying tenure stuck to the glass yet. He's a great help side defender is well drills not so great help side defense kept everything he can do is smaller and more athletic version of him. I you Jordan bell is already there damion Jones is there and looking like he's gonna developed into a not Jim bell light but JaVale heavy if that's great it's always. You know all of those guys. With the exception of Doran. Are also significantly stronger move which is a problem for him when it was because you think about when you need a seven foot two. Guy who can play a little bit in defense and dunk primarily against other teams that have a big center of the problem is. The vast majority of those senators pushed avail around physically because they're voice his weight right. So. Again I love JaVale. You don't need about the sport yeah and I wish him well oh and I think we have a place in the NBA forgive relish no doubt about it no plan. I hope that if the warriors to part ways within. I'm sure I've no doubt that that Myers is gonna try to. Try to put him in the best possible position he's just not gonna you know it's it's like what the and course it did she say to kids. The kids to VA's because his momma say hello Scotty was the car and yet the cardinals they didn't followed right yeah or what the patriots did her. Girl look exactly yeah so I'm I'm I'm assuming they're going to do that if they moved Rivera agreed don't send Houston out. I can come back don't you. I don't I don't think he'll do that I I think dole. They'll look around and say okay let's make sure that it's a good spot for Jay bell number one number two let's make sure this can't come back and bite us in the butt. Because that would be the only downside to get a real good spot in the Eastern Conference. Penske auto sales dog contest slime is 95795. We read the ones that it's well we don't read all the Penske auto says Doug context latex. When you send something like this I'm gonna read it so congratulations for a way to urban has always been a pompous wind bag. That's it there. This random just not very got a couple minutes and you found this out our -- always been pompous wind hey you know what that's like that's a long time listener thank you. Oh wow. You know you just can't take shots at me no no I'm saying he says you've always been that means he's been listening oh. Yeah I thought you were saying clearly this guys knows exactly who you're not an hour you're all about no not at all I'm just saying you know he may think that but if he knows your entire history he's been listening the whole time so maybe Lex. Whatever it is that he's picking up from you recover you are savvy vet his neck Kowalski I'm Michael Irvin. Thank you for joining us at 3 o'clock screaming handing it off. To Damon Bruce in coach Kerry Keating with a orders warm up that's about an hour long and they can mean network warm up show. And then you give in to the warriors against the Toronto Raptors Jeff curried we're told will be returning to the lineup and that of course is a good thing. Also a good thing is the most fun you'll ever have listening to weekend radio. Everything in life can be labeled one of two ways it is called good for ball that's for ball. I implored. Bad for. Here's Michael her dad I. And we do mean everything everything in life mask can be labeled one of two ways and it's not just sports related although once we get into the game. It is all about sports where are after all and all Sports Radio station to let me give you an example. Of bad for ball real life a lot of my examples come from Starbucks on. And it's happened again yesterday. You probably know where I'm going to appear regularly since I was told upon ordering. A veggie dark roast. You have a couple of minutes for our country. Starbucks it's odd to me now seven times and hold on hold on it yes just out of the dark gross. I should pike is fine now where that you can. Sabres tomorrow right now it'll be fresh talk comedian already Bruce more than 'cause that's what cellular cutting your job. I don't know it's like going out on coffee it's like 20 new farmers' market on Sunday and like sorry we're out of fruits and vegetables and boom goes the dynamite and I don't. This is that's. It's back from ball. That's the most clear example of bad for ball you can possibly argue that this happened again this this happened multiple. That seven times inside six months at the same location. I. I don't wanna run the poor people downstairs to our nested yeah Starbucks at a coffee bad for ball all right that's it. That's your example of realized bad for ball. Nick Brown young hot make our producer for the day. He is broken bread loom with Lamar ball he has helped. Turned me from thinking boulevard bad for ball too good for ball. He's a good friend of mine are present to you as our host today and Matt Mikulski Nicholas brown. Was sub everybody fellows is get into it Menard decimal form ball for us a little bit later. Our man hours to give the all star weekend is its approach in February 16 and eighteenth and if you guys didn't know this year the team rosters be chosen by two captains. From a pool of players voted to start as the reserves the captain's cool selected team to fourteen T what did televise a result so let me say that again. Captains will select the teams. Fourteen T televised there was also people we will not get to see. Who is picked first draft the playground draft is not going to be televise it won't be televised on right now currently LeBron leaves the ease with 1000622. Votes and step Korea's lead in the west what about a 1000369. Votes. Guys is good football basketball we won't know who's gonna get picked first. That's the question or is the fact that it's not being televised. The question well it's going to be televised server does this draft isn't. But the draft is it that's the wrote yesterday back in that seems to be just sort I'm picking up from what your putting down there and minister called you as well. That's what you guys have a problem with yet that's right you say the draft itself needs to be televised I was like and it's not as bad for ball asserted they're gonna social who's gonna be on the team who's gonna who made it. Who made the team so was how they were so looked at and I have gone a step further and said pick one too many all stars of someone gets left unchecked. I wanna see that once at all here is why. I'm fine that not being televised because the only reason anyone ever. Gives for one thing televise it is they wanna see the look on the face of the guy who gets picked last. I think that's childish and petty and mean now it's in keeping with our national identity. And the notion that we love seeing the high and mighty not down. I don't need to seize. Some guy that liked the look on his face like I am. On the last warrant you can say all you want hey he's an all star he should be tougher than that she should be able to handle it it's got nothing to do with him. I'm seeing you and nick are bad for ball you've met are bad for ball. You want it televised so you can see this guy get clown Don TV special reason I wanna see it. Our as a ball. You still get it out you still get two shots that I do I shoot a hundred free throws at the end in my shooting routine every day and I've yet to find my ankle don't. Oh here we go our way as we consider that to our question. Did you never won annulled the best players the best players you around the top the top of the top. Yeah how they felt about you. How they felt about me yeah when getting pecked what are you getting picked I would if I'm in the league right now I want to find out when they get paid they're not. Hiding that no I think they are. And that's the point that they hope you don't think they're gonna let us know who got drafted in what order not order we're gonna know who's on which team obviously but I don't know again what war are OK okay if that's the case and then do you agree. That would be bad for all I wanna know what to draft order is but I don't need it to be televised and I'm saying okay bad for ball if the only reason you can't give and it must be the only reason because it's only reason I've heard for me the one view is you want to see that guy get clowns are. I'm saying he'll get calmed enough when it comes out that he was the last pick. Because if you the last pick. You're not picked and all you're the last guy left you didn't get picked that's right that's embarrassing enough I don't need to see the look on the port has faced when he realizes he didn't get picked I I see the distinct. Senior making it and I guess I'm okay within although. As you pointed out shot and Fareed is like look agreed national pastime and enjoying the failure of others is summing I will not apologize for. A and that being said. The whole draft order is interesting to me and and mis saying I want it televised. Was based on the presumption that we won't actually find out the order because just as interesting as the last part and I app I'm not. Gonna lie absolutely wanna see a guide not to pay to see how bad that looks on TV so you're admitting to being told him. Now that I am petty and child okay yes I have a nice to know you're willing to commit to your petty and childish no that is. My motivational gave a look it's my second motivation because then. The thing that interest me is let's say it finishes how it is now she said Stefan LeBron or that both the guys right right now yes who picks KD. No I've kicked that day and I wanna know that yeah. Look if if they don't tell us who picked to win. That would be bad for ball I don't know exactly how went down like I wanna know did OK let's say. Halfway through the draft clay is still on the board and Chris Paul is on the board I wanna know slower than no staff picked. Chris Paul ahead of clay. Right I want. Exactly saying he'd seek Claes faced all what is homey doesn't pitch him allows sequence face. You'll pick just get involved clay out. Staff doesn't pick him actually I don't think quakers. Those people. For example both. People or who clay is the one dude did it fit doing what does not care if he did care you wouldn't see it in his face and by the way it's your question about don't I wanna know what other ball or stink of me. I don't because I'm gonna bust your ass for thirty and I don't care what you think of me. And I think I just busted your ass for thirty that's all I need you know I do wanna know what they think I'm I'm hoping they'd think. Very little so I can and surprise them. OK about my little bit ago to somebody who definitely is and care about what anybody thinks LeBron James two bronze I don't know. Weak men there has rough week curb the cavs are sliding a loss for the last five games the king has put up career low numbers matter of fact. Ten points in the game against the Minnesota its own rules just to give you guys a little back thumb. His LeBron James after a loss. January 8 against the timberwolves. Really really good looks started down. I don't know what's going to ports for for me. Okay. The only game I was. There were just awful. That was LeBron James what Dave Menem in my man LeBron is not so well are these little testy ever got testy herb you actually point this one out to me this was January 11 after their worst loss of the season. This is the worst one to this is she a bad LeBron yeah this is the worst loss to the season to Detroit has LeBron James. The most points that came through games and world towards the decision. Bomb. That we put you in a lot of regards to a of the words you won't even more you don't alleging guard anybody. A reserve okay. OK so it's richer than everybody understands what just happened out of context a writer. A writer not another player not a coach not a next player payroll writer assigned to write about the NBA. Asked LeBron about their porous defense any said. LeBron James maybe the best player on the planet. Said to the Ryder it would have been worse if you hadn't played as you look like you couldn't guard anybody. LeBron James just did that I was word from you I mean that's what happened. This is the worst thing that is good for any athlete to do. I mean do the worst thing my job is not to guard people and NBA games my job is to read about India against that was the question and by the way. Who has done all of the best sports writing and history. Former players or not former players some. Yeah that's right probably writers should they spent all the time you were learning to play they spent that time learning to write yet and it's what they do their gift from god or whoever you want have to say it deserves credit for gifts that we. They're gift was riding your gift was basketball doesn't make you better it means your gift is different that's right and it doesn't mean that they're basketball ability has any bearing on their ability to write about basketball LeBron actually chained to a guy. To a brighter our defense probably would have been worse because you don't look like you could guard anybody who. You know I love LeBron right next I know you do I do it soon I love LeBron yeah this. Bad for that's awful for ball that's wrong that's the lowest LeBron has ever sunk I can't believe he went third had guy agree with you guys got five minutes left and wanna get this last two questions may be one. It's time for the man himself. The ball ball the big ball would receive no com no don't don't get world but where's your. Obviously I don't know welcome to big ball ozone and oh my god. I'm. OK okay the ball ball the ball boys are taken over Lithuania in their first practice game herbs mad get this. Over 200000 people viewed the live on FaceBook. Later on at one point six million for the day. Why in their practice game herbs. I don't know that sounds pretty good to me later on though however in their first game only Angela mellow combined for zero points in their pro days my whole. They did lose to a top division seed in them to win in 9586. And both players played under ten minutes. So I'll I'll what was what is being put out there for me to label either good footballer back for par here it comes good footballer baffled ball. The ball boys in the do any aid getting all this attention that's what Arlen enough to ask quickly as the. When I don't know what we say in this particular case I just wanna be clear are we saying. Good for. The ball children when we say good for ball. Or good for ball more broadly because if we're what's good for the children this is terrible is a horrible thing for a father to do it first off let's be honest good for ball bad for ball killers in troops. Buyer sells. It's all this. End game it's either deal like tutored do you not the war askew you met deal like the balls in Lithuania or do you not I just wanted to be absolutely clear that I think. As a father. Taking your two kids out of school to have them play pro basketball in for a vote for the worst in Lithuania. That's a terrible idea as a father you are they hate her I am buying. But for me good football field what do I care about the future of our just fell over the coals keep the good all the way. She likes it ought to know what's not fun and room in the calls he's lied first silly nickel. Mounds on them of our first staged event last name carries came into my I call him religious lesson learned moods. I I. Here's here's the only bad for ball part of the story and you hit me to this and again if you missed it earlier Nicholas brown a single handedly turned to me. Through the dark side that people say Lamar ball resides on. Because Lavar ball. Is like a pied piper figure in south central LA he's done a lot for the community down there. He's provided people the opportunities and he does all of that on the sneak. Which is amazing he doesn't look for attention while doing all this great stuff. He seeks attention for doing the dumber things that he does which is crazy. So in that sense. I don't know I I think you you told me that the first game they played. Was against like some JV type of squad the first game they played was not against the top division squad that the way to get it into it yet I was a lot now. Even that was the one that got. 200000. Streams Earl ball boys played well then you're right numbers but didn't you put him up against real man in the Lithuanian real league correct and made put on June 6 candidate to play fifteen in nineteen very true of course they did. And again. All four. Jacking up the Lithuanian league and and creating a circus because it's an entertaining circus and a hard ball was dirt out he's the modern day PT Barnum part we we agree it's both good for ball and bad for ball inserted some defense for you got one more squeeze it and I do go one more I'm just gonna play it because Matt. Gave it to mean this is great men this was. EAS alert in Hawaii earlier for ballistic missile hairdo. The the US Pacific Command has detected a missile threat to Hawaii or a missile may impact on my undersea within minutes this is not a drill. If you're indoors stay indoors. If you are outdoors seek immediate shelter in a building. Remain indoors well away from windows actors if you're driving. Pulled safely to the side of the road and seek shelter okay okay okay and that was a mistake yes some that they went out last. How long it took them to to correct it oh my god how long. 38 minutes 38 minutes he says are bad there isn't really a missile going out there are people in Hawaii were hiding in the we're all gonna die mag calls keep brilliant debut nick great job west great job by Michael Irvin. Damon Bruce coach Keating quarters basketball next.