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Saturday, January 13th

Mychael Urban and Matt Kolsky talk about the Rooney Rule more with your calls, and then talk to Jason Cole about the NFL Playoffs.


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The alliance got 200000 Danes. For violating the Rooney rule during their hiring Steve Mariucci that was then. 2003. Later commissioner Paul Tagliabue. When the good old days and it was Paul Tagliabue. It was cloned we're talking about through any role and the raiders or listen in 957 game KG MC FM. In HD one San Francisco Matt Coles he's making his 95 cent in the game. Debut here I am Michael Irvin if you wanna weigh in on the raiders in the Rooney rule you wanna weigh in on staff. And it is to recall at long key and told do we call it urgently get a big deal out of nothing ankle. I don't know I think probably fall somewhere in between had tickets you're gonna say that it's not a reason to be concerned then you are not just glass half full your glass. Is overflowing let's go out those phone lines. Leaving guys you know the rules here if you get through you have to deal with either young hot connect. All worldwide Wes you'll have to impress them if you do you get on my board. If you get on not my board it's our board today it's mat supported my board it's our board if you get on our board. You will get on the air I'm not the guy that sits and gets off on watching some players find waiting fifteen minutes of work that got before not fun we're gonna of that guy. I never worked for that guy again actually after some do one time. Don isn't Pleasant Hill he wants to talk about the Rooney rule Don you're on with the urgent calls Q what's going on an hour your. Yeah I'm Mike and Matt welcome mat the shells. I just talking about the really growing I agree with what you get better part that personal bullet that we almost let. I think what I'm more concerned with the boot this little public benefit at the NFL we're not it. I'll take it from a personal script if not for jobs before work. I was turned down because they wanted to did you hear that it brought in his first interview that I believe it was obvious that they didn't want me. Given its order content they need to do it went and prodded and there's been any party made it might about somebody else. And if that's true they truly want and that's what they already did it is truly a formality is just wasting. That's kind of my point but. I don't know I mean I'm I'm with a view in theory but I'm also with the mat in principle it's like you can't just apply the role. Anything other than. Across the board it's a rule everybody's got to live by the rules is it's like when you get pulled over for speeding. You might have the greatest excuse in the world you might have a wife. In this passenger seat. Crowning the baby might be crowning. Breaching god forbid don't really relentless and pretty damn good reason to be speeding the best reason maybe. The cop might say hey that's sucks for you all get an ambulance to come while writing the ticket and deliver the baby just this being cell plus two. Here's a weird analogy that I think about women with things like that he's the phone called on. In the show 24 the television show 24 I'm going way back here. Which is sad man has been a long time since I don't know for our way back. Farther back than I'd like to remember. It's been awhile since that automatically on way back okay all right well anyway this is a regular go ahead and show your enjoyment pretend I'm younger than I am I. Happy 49. You rolled in I am surprised I made 47 free throws in a row the other night dammit I'm a decrepit 36 earlier doesn't work done a couple months and can make five straight free throws so. Good times by the way unguarded fifteen footer and an antigen. Content so says you. What showed Tony for here's this guy Jack Bauer. He breaks every single law. In one of seasons of 24. He ends up getting thrown in prison for breaking all the laws all the time that's all he does the whole show is consistently break laws because he's trying to save the world from terrorists than just a verdict that was handed down like bang the gavel you're going to jail for breaking. All the laws all the time urgent they'd break out by like accounting degree they couldn't have listed all of the possible violation so it had to be some sort of so authorization I don't know if those and those words were exactly correct my point here is. You want Jack Bauer protecting yeah. You can't let him pass on the torture loss. No waterboarding. No okay or or or more point. You want him to waterboarding guy if that's what saves us from it's from a terrorist attack now. To be cleared none of this is real world this is the show 24 or no one should do waterboarding in real life shuffle. You want Jack Bauer on the wall for you as Jack Nicholson might say you need him on that wall bloom. But he still has to be subject to the laws of the country at the end of the day so when he really needs in that situation is the guy who's gonna violate the law. And deal with the consequences. Or donkey cock or don't get caught exactly and that's my argument for the raiders it's fine I can't cut if they really want Jon Gruden and they believe he was the best candidate. They're not. An organization that I look at and say. This is shady they should have interviewed minority candidate yeah. Zarrella trump exactly I think they're doing at the right way I think it's fine the targeted guy especially of the stature of John gruden and go after him from the beginning. But either don't tell us that you violated the rule and try to get away with it which. Presumably is what every Rooney rule violator from 2003 to now has done and believe me the rule has been violated sure. Or just pay the 500000 are finally shut up about it either way is fine with many. If you could fool me congratulations. If you can't pay the final move on 500000 dollars is not a big deal if you're paying Jon Gruden a hundred million. Yeah I am an ideal world and I understand we don't live in an ideal world here's how it probably could've. Best manhandled. Original kinsey calls a press conference and invites the media and it's just him. Any says I'm here to announce that yes we have named Jon Gruden. Our head coach. And yes we have violated the Rooney rough rule and we will take our punishment for having done so. Here's why we did it. Here's why we didn't want to cancel the candidates who would have sniffed this out in a heartbeat knowing that we're just doing it to satisfy the rule rather than insult the intelligence. But some more of the minority candidates of which were well aware by the way I'm standing in front of view yeah and any trash can stood in front of viewing Art Shell as student front view. Twice we're down when this rule but we broke the role we're gonna pay the fine we felt like it was unique circumstance we felt it was worth paying the price I don't find that for me that's the only way this. Satisfies everybody yeah I think you're right let's face it some people still going to be not satisfied that. But that's a nice way further readers to do what they felt was the right thing for the football team and also say. We're for this we understand this we understand why the fine is in place so we're just gonna eat it and move on all right you got thoughts on the Rooney rule looks like semi guys do AAA 9579570888957. 9570. If you want to miss out on the Penske also dug context I. It's gone 5795 Vince is on 580. And Vince you are now on whether he calls Q what's going on marry him. Good fit or not large by our we don't you have the history of the world they Q Jack Bauer and Jack Jesus. Very good at all that won its bid it is important told tinker like ignoring it because. You can only give your view because Uruguay ignored also. You know it the best car carded a good job. Quote I thought it might repeat at the end of volatile than either backed government opted to drop but Lungren did not find the contract. I attribute they interviewed as to minority coaches. Saw the Asian market ought. But it does save par and you know. It won't. It was put in place that we needed this kind of exploit it took over its own role in well they're just Mubarak had you know that's why kindred. Why they stay here for the vote well I'm just gonna say that when you have an NFL owner. In the last twelve months. Referred to his players as inmates we are not yet in a place where we do not need a rural. I know I I agree that a hundred a 100% on an Eddy Curry. If we didn't. Oh we still do. Penske auto says Doug context fires often very helpful and very informative and there are also guilty at some times of selective. Listening to it. For example. And why or what are you basing the idea that the raiders didn't interview. Two candidates they have named it did the interviews regarding Belichick but so have they. Basically acknowledged if you follow that timeline of the grew higher. They pretty much expose themselves as having done those interviews. Oh that's right there to give her let's go talk to those pesky and they said they had this contract with gruden agreed to on Christmas I mean they've bunker prisoners approach on it you know. They doubted themselves they did look the more everybody's just. Get past this. It's a good rule the raiders are not against the rule the raiders have pretty been pretty damn good when it comes to the rule. But they've heard this one out and they're gonna pay a hefty fine and we all move on also from the Penske auto sales dot Comtex like. Rooney rule as with us as with alternative action I think they meant affirmative action. It's completely racist the color of one's skin causes prejudice. If we wanna be fair for all the only thing. That would matter is there resonate no pictures blind interviews. And totally based on qualifications let's get past the idea of color. Of the color of one scanned as Martin Luther King Jr. Mood war. That's that's a top potatoes what that is that's. I mean yeah in a perfect world as you pointed out earlier in a perfect world. That's exactly how we do it. Unfortunately. Every general manager already knows the color of the skin of anyone who would be a candidate Fred know who that person. How in the world where most jobs look a year interviewing people you never heard ever met and it's just a list of candidates than in that case yet if you could talk to them. And do it without in any way discovering their race or gender gap that the ideal that's sadly not held. Right or Aaron that's the bottom line is looked down realism in a world events. Have brought this all to sadly to light. And they're very very recent past yes. The leader of our great melting pot of a nation has been exposed and I'm ball go ahead city's race Steve. Mean c'mon if you're not going to cut that. Even if you're supporter of the guys come on need to do you know what he just said right it's just sad that we have to have this rule. I mean is this. 44. Leagues to be viewed as progressive. How. Have a rule that forces them to interview candidates minority candidates. That's just sad to me because of course it should just be about qualifications. And I may be just naive enough to think. It is all about qualifications that there's no way in hell in 2008 team. Doesn't seem exist where they would ignore. A an entire pool of worthy candidates. Merely based on the color of their skin we should be able to match say now that's not happening but. Based on what we're seeing going around us we we have to concede that it's possible look at who took what they and the protest did in the game. Viewership dipped to citizenship I mean people are getting in fist fights in the street over stuff like this it's not an ideal world. And in an ideal world the Rooney rule doesn't exist that's right an ideal world yet your nameless face was colorless. Ageless. Gender list candidate and if you're kickass coordinator your kickass coordinator that's not the way the world works Jason Cole. Covers the NFL for the Bleacher Report he's done it since 1992. And he is gonna break it down force is a can be simulated Sunday. After some users Saturday. Or did you before damn good football games. In 957. Big. You witness I am like flirted alongside Max calls you making his debut. Modified the same game match here about an hour forty minutes. In your time here time back at 95 suddenly game we didn't tell the audience that you're here once upon a time. Yeah I tell us about jet flying. 42 stint you had back in the day each yeah it was it was. Boy less than four months I don't know exactly how many. But I was one of the first two employees of the Sports Radio station that is now nine to five cent in the game Chris sounds and and I went from. Uncle how many you ogle county he was hosting I was producing a's pre and post when good days were on 957. The wolf. Your source for the bay area's favorite country music. Heading to when we switched sports formats it was Meehan Chris and then sort of built from there. And I've produced all sorts of stuff a's baseball. Little bit of afternoon drive talk show when Chris was doing it in the early going so yeah I was here first few months we're. In the early going for those who view horror relatively new to listen in 95 some again first of all thank you for making the switch you've made the right decision well before it became. The game I think it was just called to. Sports Radio Sports Radio 9857. Carol for that long that does a high level meeting right there I can just imagine how the executive pat themselves on the back Kate. Good call altered to have let's call it Sports Radio pay you put. You put a bunch of corporate executives in a room you get creative stuff it's like it's like baseball's nicknames these days just faster guys the last name. How many critics Trout yeah. So bad. Yet that's why I Wear and baseball did remember that what was it called players we can't but in the name names on the backs yeah right I've never heard that before yeah I mean I was I was all for the guys that got creative and if if I hadn't seen that before I was actually in favor. Because. As I said so many nick introduced about the organization of the last name death look no further than I mean I am herbs. It's been it's master musician urban they don't you have a name that ends with Y yeah so you can't like give your name was Cole. We're going to be talking to Jayson Cole here very shortly you can call him I don't know wholly on. If your last name is Cole is the new nickname would be calls Keith O your last name is called ski so how do we get I'm creative and bastard guys. Your last name internment camp fun fact marry me and Medicaid please nomad he never Mandy okay. I realize what you just stared right yes it is guaranteed that mean. The youngest of three Brothers you'll on all Matty Matty further murderer of my life yellowish in many I was saying. Although you think that now ultimately. You'll end up calling Mikulski. I tell you this from experience okay. I'm I'm pretty sure your right I've tried to do I've tried not really high find go to Dutkowsky. That's that's your Twitter and upon that happens and because of my Twitter is a pretentious it's a little potentially yeah very oh just come back from a photographic safari of Tanzania and my name is. The cold skiing. What would it interest you to know that I haven't had been on a photographic safari Tanzania and why stop there. Please record that please tell me were rolling on back. That is how little bit of that and your holy season but it's a commanding voice over eight. You know I've his shirt on the on the battle is Joey I'll sketch. We'll all talk about this later. Sorry yeah we're we're just about to go off the rails but we're getting back on the rails because it is divisional round of the NFL play out and stand down. I was decipher at all we bring in one of our favorite guess he's an expert he's been covering. The NFL since 1992. He is Jayson Cole the Bleacher Report Jason how are you meant they retired. I'm Rick. What. Where to start or trying to make sense in this weekend I keep hearing. People basically they want they want to split this weekend up in two and while shirt is split into because there Saturday and Sunday. But I got a lot of people telling me. You can skip Saturday games Saturday's this news or Saturday the real action's gonna pop off on Sunday people who tell me that I I I just. I immediately dismiss their NFL knowledge because I do believe in the hole any given Sunday type thing or they understand the Jason. Well short of the best server will also couldn't afford to have ruptured disks and garlic powder to your outlook. Although there it's always will barrier with cars or all of our art the art. We'll talk they're they're told to step backward toward Jeddah. Eric adorable all the lawyer let us go to war vet gave. So that's a little political role on the other side like Japan occurred so I think we're ever ordered the date. I intranet what order trusting of people but it. Because we were just sucked all the couple waters right. And you haven't seen Cortez certificate be arc by a lot early. I expected continue to run Derek separate fact they are our dialogue ship every. And restore order Derrick. They're talking about effort and I think they're very coverage here. You know create solutions or call the picture hole. Could elect McCain you walk Carter got fortunate or you know why don't back and you heard those that are that we're we're already at or below. All right on regarding. It's a thing it was Derrick Henry if it seems like certainly last week but but really throughout. This entire season he's banning guy who has struggled to getting going in the first half. And sort of come alive late so when you talk about is their biggest trouble could be if they fall behind early. Isn't that sort of a concern that that the running back who did most of the good early work for them is not the guy they have available right. Like that their and you ought to all. Without much. Art and looks DiMarco the good player all of our coverage shut out of order you know about a player. We're gonna go or Kemper promptly adapt allpolitics dart forward sourced out of control or tripled which he under control. Thought oh why all the picture Circuit Court and the dinner go a lot of work situation. Become protectorate welcome brush or over twelve. Or shoot a question about it we'll do what all we can't be sure that. Though. Absolutely traveled sculpture that was an apartment could stand out look the pictures are what it is that it was a. The bush years that Jason Cole of the Bleacher Report you can follow him on Twitter at Jason Cole. 62 again at Jason Cole. Six Q on Twitter has been covering the NFL since 1992. We're talking about the divisional round of the NFL playoffs. Jason. I'm I'm a big market scenario a fan and I were obviously it was kind of a fluke thing. When he caught himself a touchdown pass from himself what was not a fluke. Was that block that he threw that sprung Derrick Henry. For the first down that basically iced the game I mean that I know he's not gonna do that every game but that's the type of that's the type of play that has so much Carol Shea in the locker room after the game. When your teammates do you sell out like that I mean I think that may end up if if markets Marietta. Goes on to. A brilliant NFL career to where we're talking about him as one of the greats I think that may be a moment. That is one of his signature moments in his career do you agree with that. Ultimately would I think the whole I've got a short circuit. Everywhere but it will write a strict about oracle or were also took the confederates cancer came back trouble all the liberal record good. Over the hardware and look at the coaching. And made a lot of the players. Edgar page really believed our biblical unload the reaction. From our side. There are absolutely not that's there are origins are sort of little session are are better or wherever they took off such a I'm not wanna try to. Like I Alter the law that there is also. Look who do not even weaker slower. That's why they went nuts though that that I can shoot a brick. I haven't heard. Yep and that's what I liked it older golf and order an important Colbert day at work. Who owns what in order. You determine what to do you root that's which are brought her book or about all of it or. Actual all of awesome cool and membership are probably like. It's sort it all old or very close all. Loner kept at all and we'll all Kovacevic officer are all character editor of are reported apology go to Italy with your wife Evelyn who I. Picked it Flickr was reluctant global Portugal. Got a bunch. Or more about the situation local law but it. But just floor like Kurt Kurt are there locks disturbed. October tackler ownership groups get hurt their first couple years close. Our perception that they brought out a bit better track for about and now what's shoulders or. You doctor Carson took what do not that. We looked up. Yeah may add cash say it also adds an unnecessary risk of injury I think his problem. It. Let's show for the first game today were only a few minutes away at that as we all know. The Eagles would make foals are not the Eagles with Carson once that being said the I think because of how great Wentz was all year and food quality of the Philly defense has flown slightly under the radar. Meanwhile the falcons offense has been wildly inconsistent so certainly there's a way for the Eagles to be in this game my question to you is. How much. Does nick falls have to do you give them a real chance what is the knicks bulls game where he's actually capable of it. That he can give you today to keep the Eagles and us. Oh I think if legal counsel lights out. They're all substitute seventeenth torched more toward a product which order are important story. So technicals on their way to get you to somewhere above. Seventeen BitTorrent reports. There are so that's. What. You're out you're somewhere between and so. Or you touchdown of five scored two touchdowns through local support. I think the doubts that's what you look at. It's just got a partner like bears the date at the ports actually eat out a large. If you get a club Paul Eaton territory he does catch that it sort touchdown. You know if you get. If you get there are pot you know what your own store drive which or forties he does some market it is flirting. Look there's your. Order that's got to be out of that you have had to Russia if you want what depression was there. You notify us or to us solve or at least or you will touch. But they're all out there are so. I think that back in the future of Kabul we're. Order that barred political ordered white bird shot a murder rates. All or key play exactly read well react to what they're tired or don't care best. So you're talking about sports are critical players. Over the course they're good you're aware there are the dark about what they will come out. You do that their literature. At. We're talking Jason Cole comes the NFL for Bleacher Report you can fall among Twitter Jason Cole sixty twos the divisional round this weekend we're focusing. On the Saturday games of course the falcons are in Philadelphia and the titans are in New England. Jason it's that the falcons' offense obviously lost something when you lose Kyle Shanahan greens held a play caller. Hell no played designer is it appears to me. And I by no means am I gonna put myself out there is an NFL expert and maybe that's why I'm asking you because. I'm more of the casual NFL fan but when I've watched the falcons. When I see different is there's a little bit more and asking is much of Matt Bryant. I mean they've got they've got every Coleman they've got the Monte Freeman seems like they're more reliant on them. They're sending a lot of your receiver sets out there so that they can have more protection and which is can put the onus on those two singles out there winning their match ups and mind to something are they not relying as much on Matt as they did last year. Articulate on the side they all of that there's there's not a successful that worked well at all. So you have other rebel ball better watch your. The moment it looks more pronounced this year because. Thus except out there and they're so no credible grass court. If you look at our older golfers blaster was waters. And there's such courage. The yards per catch all the way up the charge. This you're actually on a normal dark. And that's it alone despite the darker look at your search to Oprah sure that well it's. Obama that you're there are such chart but averaged just couldn't Carol I was wondered if so where are all under such. During the regular speaker are there was aware of armor but we're but really stretch the ripple want our shot a lot of horse Barack. But it took out like a regular reader orders are search search mature we're used to. But stock back dug it out. But that's sort of aware they're there they look like luck brought back there the matter rooms that they haven't had a force there. Because the soccer people are so it got so much better this that's what we're open to people don't really what you are as others who don't. They're people of church and it looked the part about who they are Richard you're sort out what are good fortune which are sort of you know what analysts covered in order that occurred in or that in terms of that stuff. Don't catch that there's little or one point or a bad. Perot pulled polite and differential which I doubt go out. Groups that despite the parts that all such as Russia much. Yeah and I'm glad you brought up the falcons defense because of the bad has probably been the least talked about unit heading into this game despite the fact dead. They're coming off a great defensive performance against it granted. Team of limited playoff experience but a team whose offense was. Very good all year long they're healthy and they're really young they are a ton of young talent especially at the linebacker position in this looks like it could be put a standout defense for years to come especially with queen coaching. Our flow where the boat booklet on mark what they ignore a different or better. Players are old or older could yardage book a date. It was all the players are urgent about air that involved top aboard queen nor could square reduction target of sure she'll go. All the whole combination of little or that out we'll jump to other coached. And don't vote to kill the Jews have a greater that would generally Bay Area kid through. There aren't going wherever you have been ordered out of you know try to crack Castro's grip that you are battle. All of you got to two courtrooms and Albert. For all of our troops are that you go through a liquor group overall current charge zone which looked a little. Young group that god Ciara you know back they keep talking. We very much well I can't live virtual local watch the end corner. Patterns and our social moderate effort to ensure that the third virtual or beyond jump or darker trips are like that group. Jay's goal covers the NFL for Bleacher Report follow him on Twitter at Jason Cole 62 Jason. We can't let go without Jamaican couple predictions of course we will just ask for your predictions. For today who you've gotten falcons and Eagles and give me a sensor to why. Although it whenever our arm a district that won't total and just channel all all searchable list triple a virtual shoulder after the that. Ought to pressure. Well all go with the electoral court. Which one people refer to you know back then and I had an article about Janet. Our goal are sort of state trooper went to the competitive. Urge you to report. Okay objects. Are because I think potential local control of about a package I can at major or trust. Is it the second or third to the last time we ever see Belichick and Brady on the same size large and. Are. Check what happened when you can drop the ball a little. Easier. Do you ever happy. Arabic artwork arbitrator or talked. To local did you talk to about the Cleveland looks very much. What have you hated the botched actually couldn't spare him. We'll let Art Modell used to call him all the trying to shut gadget available thought it was going to mention. You're. It drove her picture. To have that happen barrel with a cool upload bill approach noted that happened split paid out about sharper about whether or Portland or to court. There are degrees of what happened why it happened. That could. What protections drill holes are. All all it but I I overwhelmingly it'll be. And overwhelmingly the pats win this game. All right hey Jason and I I you everytime I hear from you every time we're on the air when this. I learn more about that the NFL football I really do appreciate and know your busy guy especially during the playoffs. Always so gracious when your time thank you thank you thank you enjoy your weekend. All right that's Jason Cole of bleacher reported covers the NFL been doing that since 1992. From on Twitter. Pat Jason called 62. We haven't really gotten into the hole patriots see. The squabbling and how squabbling aren't just. For the patriots shake. And I don't know why I. I'd like I'm not a guy who hates teams because they win right I just can't bring myself. I'm not a guy who hated the Yankees grown up because they always want. I'm not a guy who hated the lakers because there always warn if you hated team it's not because. They're winners it's because they're capable so like maybe because they achieve all the time and there are rather head coaches and on Merck and didn't exactly show I don't like Bill Belichick yet. But I don't dis like the patriots now. MI a little bit provincial in the Tom Brady is one of us she's a Bay Area guy yeah I like that about him. Do I not like that people heard daring to say he's in the conversation would my beloved Joseph Montana. Yeah flat stale it's just that the patriot thing. It went down when it went down can you imagine if had gone down a week later. If it happened during this week of preparation so they had to answer questions and I don't get might have been. And issued in today's game it might have affected their preparation or their focus I don't know given how good they are and how laser sharp their bonus is probably not. But I think if it had to come out and they had their druthers. They would have picked it coming out when it came out vs a week later. Conspiracy theory. This is exactly what the pitcher is wanted for this to come out during week where they're not being interviewed and don't really have to talk about it or address it directly right away the and men to have something that they can put on the bulletin board and say see they say they say were arguing they say we can't do it. Everett because if you're patient that at this point to sell yourself on the nobody believes in us think is very just oh my god yeah you gotta find creative ways to do it so button making a fake story about how there's a ton of infighting seems like an ideal way to do that yeah. This is not a fixed story Seth wicker sham any time. And I try to explain this so listeners tune in some of them don't believe me some of them do trust that I know what I'm talking about when it comes to print journalism. Noonan for Tony five years there is no way in hell. A major media entity puts out a story like this promote the story two days in various. And hasn't had five or six high level editors. Working on it and seminary fact checkers I don't care at the sources were unnamed set there's a reputable reporter yes again. They're fat infatuation with a Lavar ball notwithstanding they got problems but they're worried about being sued so there there's no way in hell every fact presented in that story wasn't triple quadruple checked and it is indeed fast. Well that's where I'll disagree slightly. The sources are checked the sources are real the story is a real. We don't know how honest those sources are pure so if this who what when I say it's fake story I'm saying. Free. Not not fake source is not made up sources are saying set where Sam did report here's John Conway resources yet potentially aren't got her on center. And I think fake story I'm saying may be the guy a who initially gave the story to staff doesn't actually mind C. Basic basically it's the low hanging fruit of denying any sort of report. There's no name on the sources there ago sources are not worth their weight and feathers whatever that is. It's now and in fact this whole notion NFL does this a lot people around the NFL. Well if they believe it why don't they put their name right usually there's an obvious reason why I don't wanna put their name on it yeah probably affects their job. The reason number one if they like the paycheck today that in mind there's no doubt about that. We have been talking about the raiders the gruden hire the Rooney were right we all know. They told us that they violated the Rooney route. There's some people out there that think they should be given a pass because there are terrific track record when Amy trash grade you McKenzie Art Shell out and out of that and I. As Matt Coles do you making a fine debut here at night 57 game points out. Roh's rule you can't just apply the rule to different people because they may have a better track record with the role. Taking that to an extreme. I've never gotten a speeding ticket before so when I get pulled over. First beating I'm gonna say look my record I've never been pulled over can get me some flak they're gonna say now you actually sped. There's different schools of thought some you guys are waiting to talk about the Rooney rule on what your thoughts are. You get on the board you get on the air com urged he's calls you raiders Rooney rule more or. Okay. Now back in 957. And thinking. Okay cause he didn't win. I rule and big guns here you can learn 95 soon again you can dance in your chair we all do it of course I will also. Put a couple drinks in me get me karaoke Nelson's column William O yeah. Otis shredding your try to tackle Otis Redding I'm not going to be Otis Redding but there are a couple bonus tracks I will try you through this long we do me a karaoke. Do you get from DJ Marlon Malden. Dreading it and it Simpson. Could be. Samples is heavily in that track true story fun. Side note on this track. Also featured in the film the commitments one of my favorite music movies and you're seeing the commitments I have not the commitments and is about a group of irishman who. Who decide to play soul music including. That song a belief little Otis shredding. A couple of Otis Redding covers it's all great classic soul covers and the whole movie is is. I say it's been 40%. Irishman playing soul music and. Does his income grew live fire again and playing like a big nineteen year old. White Irish kids singing like Otis Redding news. Lol go into a Major League ballpark you never know what you're gonna see or hear when you turn in 957 again in my Michael Irvin the other boys you're hearing. Is a new voice here and I 57 again. It's the voice of Matt Coles key here is a Bay Area. Radio veteran and he is not just some rookie room off the streets speaking a room by the way we will be discussing. My favorite route to a halt time ever wondered. It was for pain management urban foster's been arrested. For marijuana. But I digress Max calls you joins us very happy to have you along side we're here until 3 o'clock which for all handed off. You Damon Bruce and coach Keating we have an hour long in studio I believe. Of course is in studio reading send them to Toronto I did pretty cool they were in Toronto. You know what if it if there were playoffs they would be in Toronto that's one thing I will give. 95 cent million credit for winning when it comes to spending to cover the local squads. They will spend and you don't find that it every radio station though you don't again calls his new you can follow him on Twitter at. Coal ski I'm just I'm gonna reserve judgment Doug Cole skidding. All the goal right now out of the guy who has called ski. I know don't we did really do a what does that both the crowd funding type type thing his name is Amir. You know he he let the buyer had bad boy out what five calls keep you tweets once every few years and he is never responded to my requests the suit to get the Twitter and his name is Amir I Amir call ski. Oh OK some sort of set I think call skewed. I am skeptical that there as a member of the coal ski family named Amir. That's profile that is predecessor strong lets her speaking of way it's in his classes about the CR so he's not a good guys you can tell that. Provincial that's just means trying to do ingratiating myself to the Bay Area well done. You that you're already one of us you don't want to do I don't slump. All right I'm Michael Irvin he is met coal ski again follow him on Twitter at about coal ski and with a wide correct. You can follow me on Twitter at big herbs sports you can fall the station at 957. The game interestingly enough. That's also the URL of the website now if you haven't been to the website in a while. This is more I will shamelessly self promote most radio station web sites are strictly a promotional vehicle. You go to the website in our case it's 957 McCain dot com and you get a gigantic button listen here and you click kitten that's pretty much hit. And me you can get some shows archive but they're done. Haphazardly and it's difficult to navigate. That may have been the case even went our way of side Beckham David that is change we now have we now have proprietary contact a lot of our. On air personalities. Dues from writing we have a staff writer. And curled Bootcheck who does a hell of a job like say rich dividends on our air as he is often. And he breaks the news saying I will not leak. The quarterback coach. For Jon Gruden but I will mentor dirt car that's newsworthy right because. First of all we know that Jon Gruden wanted him to be quarterbacks coach if you wanted that job he would've gotten so if you miss that interview. You don't have to go to the website and listen to the whole interview did that mean you go to the website there's a story right there. Carl Boucher has written a story about what game instead and because you have the attention span of a net because your millennial you can get an hour and 25 seconds. I'm 57 became dot com there's people very interested in the Rooney rule still. That is is subject and I'm going to be honest with the audience after we spent an entire segment are. And this is I'm being completely honest because it. Because that the climate of the world we live in right now because. Black and white and color and racism is such a hot button topic. And the line between entertainment and sports this is blurred as it's ever been. I say do you wind we took our break I said and that's a topic that I don't wanna go back to the rest of today. Because not that I'm afraid I'm gonna say something wrong but it's just. It saddens me so much that. We're at a point where and and I'm not saying anybody's wrong the Rooney rule is necessary. But it's also going to be abused. It's going to be broken you can't tell me nobody's broken Rooney rule since the lines were fine 200000 dollars. In 2003 we know they have it's just some people haven't announced that they've broken into turn away Mark Davis did. It's obviously a topic but the audience's interest student and why are we here in us is to serve the audience. We won't reward the patience of those who want to get this off their chest. Lee is considered cleric he's got dots on the Rooney rule if you wanna join the conversation AAA 9579257. Dated eight. 9579570. Lead in Santa Clara. You're on with herbs and Mikulski Harry you. They do well thanks for having me on guys. And guys just go kind of corrective finding what you said I don't believe that Mark Davis admitted breaking the role at all. So if you take a look at the pollen wind here. He then recruiting gruden for six years soap marks that easily fifteen trips down to Tampa now there is no rule against that. You know that dole cannot refuse Mark Davis to try to talk Jon Gruden take the job. So removed was not the coach five years ago. Please tell me you're not expanding this to a six year coaching search and they've talked a minority candidates over the past six years so they've satisfied the rural please tell me that's not ordered on. No I wasn't gonna say that although you're right that. Or did talk other minority candidates during that that picture period without wooten involved in this particular higher. But you are correct that you did talk to minorities and those pictures. But take a look at that specific picture writes doctor gruden for six years then try to convince him to take the job. Angry did not accept the job that you didn't accept the pictures go to three years ago or six months ago he became the coach when he signed the contracts. So there is no such thing as a verbal offer in a verbal acceptance. Making somebody a coach you're not the coaching at least one contract. So market and locker in the guidance job for six years burden of not and the coach until we find the contract. So what the raiders did they have invited by in my opinion the letter of the law and the spirit of the law. So political watt per view of my collection would sign the contract and Reggie interviewed true minority candidate. Before he signed so that the letter of the law now in the spirit local law. Obviously the raiders have an incredible track record for hiring minorities and for interviewing and hiring the best possible candidate regardless of their gender. Ethnic background or anything so any organizations. Or in other raiders collapsed when you could look at to violate the spirit of the law. So I I I reject that that ten minute mark. Blue. All right Lee let me stop you right there because that was a very eloquently presented point by you on a lot of what you said is true here's the problem. She also said Mark Davis that he had agreed to the contract with gruden on Christmas Eve. And those minority candidates were interviewed. After Christmas Eve so even if the contract wasn't signed I think it's pretty clear. That the letter of the law. Was violated. And the spirit of the rule. Was violated now the spirit of the purpose of the rule was not because as you said and as we pointed out we talk about the first time. The raiders are not the team to point out. For failure. To indeed would minorities in fact they're probably the most shining example of the good side of that. So you're right it's not that we feel the raiders need to get dot 'cause they're doing dirty business it's just. To preserve the integrity of the rule. One may essentially admit to violating it at least in part you kind of got to Dana or else the role becomes meaningless. Please take your phone call I appreciate it is a very good phone call. And just does an excellent and rejection thereby you mr. Cole ski very well done it sounds like you've done this for a couple times. Good stuff now let's go back out to the phones can we do reward patient you'll hear a lot of radio host oh show doesn't exist without you we don't have jobs that too. And I guys do you feel that way so let's go to Ellie in Fremont Elliott here on with a herbs and Mikulski. Hey just wanted to say yes didn't we know yes we did not all cylinders good first show you doing here. I think her husband the bonding that was that was created. When we played give me some no thanks when my Spotify playlist on my way into work today. He eat he learned a little bit about nick and I'm musically we learned about him musically it's all good I'm I'm glad it's come across on the air thank you continue. Have done little different showed on the station you guys that are rising rapidly accessed. By the good mineral trust. Basically you didn't get quite sure where I wanted to try and connect them may be in a slightly different way you're talking about out. You know it's bad debt were still talking about it and 2008 seeing hard to imagine that a team would ever look true talent. And then you also pointing out dead. Robert Murray and you know Donald Trump what you said recently. Kind of in arguably racist and you know and then you're really talked about the hard to imagine an observer looking guys we're being racist in my talks immediately spraying if you. To how aborted due to draw a large area in and you know the meeting it was recorded on my it's a big guy talking about inmates in the asylum in. But Britain and getting them in line and I personally like the child comment it's not hard at all to imagine that there are teams out there they really have to. And you know. I appreciate they're like even though you're uncomfortable with that I think it's great belly ache. When the rule is getting shot on that people talk about ten minutes out there because. Yeah this is not just a problem with the NFL all on its sad but it's also a universalist society. I'm glad we did research unlike. We have people waited African American sounding names applied for jobs racist people like Fannie and you know that started out there it's real so it's I think it's great you know it's less do you blatant. Could you got to travel this segment and you know they should get Dingell we should be talking about and yet and didn't. Hard to use the phone call earlier appreciate that let's go back out to the phone lines is really hit home with a lot of listeners Jeanne. It's in Oakland with thoughts on the ruin your girl what's urging. I don't herbs do well except thanks yes welcome madam I'm from bought some myself Waltham Watertown area or. Brooklyn okay. He's the play and.