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Saturday, January 13th

Urban and Kolsky talk about the Warriors win over the Bucks last night with Connor Letourneau, and then go over the Raiders allgedly violating the Rooney Rule.


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Constant use in downtown San Francisco all her. He's he's now 857 yeah. All right. I don't welcoming beg you for joining us I am Michael Irvin and pleased. To introduce the newest member of the 957 the game. Matt Coles you joins me first time ever on the air at the game mr. Kowalski. Please stand up until the class a little bit about yourself. While that's. I just to just open ended Helm told him about myself I AM medical scheme. We are recovered thanks qualities you can do nice broad starting I just wanna deal for one rule saying it are adults. All right so glad I got a chance to make it out armed. I was born in the Boston area I grew up in the Chicago area I've been a resident of the Bay Area for most the last fifteen years. Did some work on another Sports Radio station in the area did some work done some national sports radio networks in the area. And man I'm fired up I couldn't be happier to be here and now we're happy to have your man yeah and I don't know basketball not. You know football fans out. Loved baseball but. Boy I struggle with MLB these days we'll talk about that as we get going until I absolutely get into we will also get into your musical styling stop producer young hot naked eye. Got into that we have mr. Kowalski. On my drive and they can I play this game I ripped it off from Damon Bruce who does it was Steve Kirk. Coach of the warriors who should be concerned about stuff I hurried by the way I don't mean to be. Like to bring her of gloom or doom. But this is going to create topic and I am not believing hung glass half full guys you guys know that if you listen to show you know long glass half full. But when a cat with a serious history of ankle injuries. Turned his ankle during. His individual shooting drill but he does every day I'm sorry I'm gonna get a little bit word maybe over worried maybe not but we'll discuss and we will ask your opinion. And you give us your opinion by dialing AAA on 5792578. Again 8889579570. Penske auto sales dot com text line is down 5795. So back to mr. calls keys do musical styling. Steve Kerr joins Damon Bruce. Every week and as you all know Steve Kerr pretty much never strikes the wrong tone with a anything he is mr. perfect. A mission I'm sure there's a skeleton in their closet somewhere he's got like to hides in numerous kittens buried somewhere in his yard there's something wrong that yet. But they play game called gimme some or no thanks. I'd take that too young hi nick I'd take my Spotify playlist when I'm driving in and using text talking on not texting while I'm driving. I send him the name of the song that's playing currently. And he says either gimme some or no thanks nick and I do not know mr. Kowalski for madam. And we figured well this'll be an opportunity to team build a little bit while we're all in disparate places and find out about his musical tastes and so we did give me some. No thanks with mr. Cole skeet and I just say quickly and I'm glad to learn. That YH and stands for young on net that because that was just thrown into the texture and with no context for me yeah. And I came up with a oh wild assortment of strange things that might have stood for talks slated used to be just young nick. And then my daughter pointed out that he was hot now and I Boone kind of bounce of topic around a bunch of other people and everybody else seems to think that it's not too sure why not. Why not young hot Mitt you're the only father in the room unassuming and no other no other parent or consider nick is twelve in a world wide web sturdy white boy who's on the wheels of steel he's fifteen I believe then you know why I'm old enough to have children just nobody loves me but I had the save the daughter telling you your coworkers hot that's got to be up there in terms of uncomfortable father experiences now I'm finally Alcoa. Completely finally using handsome man I'm not a real detail I completely agree Nick Cannon mr. calls he do in his evaluation of the songs from throughout him. He did a great job importing sue Sony threw throw my twelfth sergeant mark can I not mentioned that your 22 anymore because. Twelve made me feel better 22 cents a surreal number it's even more distressing that he's only 22. While I was hoping for like 26 or summon just so I didn't feel super duper old and you're also getting your first is so worldwide west you can call more why west you can call him dirty white board. Israel name is Wes males but he's an integral part of the program is a world class sort of taken. I don't think so I call on them. But eventually you did see him do his use in bowl let's dive right into some sports on and tell you what we're going to be talking about today what to expect hello and welcome. Is what we call it does what they call and the TV industry Canada opening segment here's where you're gonna get. What you're going to get is a heavy dose of lawyers you just got this week in the NBA. From JD and Stein match that is always must listen on Saturday mornings I enjoy that show immensely. Any of the styles of Stein mentioned JD is good with me. We're gonna continue to bang that orders drama it's a big damn deal in Toronto and the raptors postal mortars a big deal it's a big deal to step two were told is going to be playing today. Obviously sat out last night he's got the four mentioned. Previously tweaked ankle that some people so. I that's fine don't worry about it other people think command there might be something there we'll get into that a little bit we're going to be speaking. We news it's correlate or no am I correct no garlic or no. The San Francisco chronicle could come out his orders beat writer. And he's been gracious enough to give us a little bit of his time it is the second round of the NFL playoffs the first round for the teams. Earned themselves a body. And based on what I'm reading about this week's games Matt is there Saturday's games might be some users in Sunday's games. Are a little bit more enticing I think that I don't mind. You're assuming that the games are gonna go to Foreman when do NFL playoff games really go to form they almost never do. Yeah in my wallet says very rarely so your sports investors' orders and we're gonna find out a little bit more about Matt Coles chief as we go again I'm Michael Irvin. You know me I'm a regular here on the weekends I do nights sometimes and local town may have given where I fit in. Mr. calls use making his 95 certainly game. Debuted not making his sports talk radio in the Bay Area he's a veteran of sorts of the airwaves here in the Bay Area. I learned that well I knew that already about when he tweeted out that he was happy joyous 157 game. There was a tsunami of support and congrats. And I'm happy to see you bring a following review that's always nice yeah how people follow you on Twitter missed calls at. Pull ski hail while SKY which I understand is a little pretentious but at cold Steve Austin I was gonna leave it alone you know I would've just gone straight polls keep but I had to use or had to pay. A man who appears to be from India. Which makes me skeptical that his name is really call ski. But he has the had to pull ski handle and I can't afford to look as long as you don't go underscore I just I just can't get down wow what an underscore their Twitter handle that's just one of my things. No need for a college torn though is going to be joining us at 1220 again be writer for the Golden State Warriors working for. My favorite sporting green my sport driving idol works for the sporting green Bruce Jenkins you wouldn't be referred Bruce. A number of times throughout every program he used just the best title as the guy Jason Cole. He's from the Bleacher Report of course he's got that NFL since 1992. At 120 years going to join us again. We're getting in today NFL class and of course because. We are blessed to have two NFL teams here. In the market that we will talk pioneer raiders we'll talk to any of minor is the big greater story right now. Continues to be mostly positive the Rooney rule has snuck itself and there. Got some strong feelings about that we will get into Abbott gruden is also. Oh all in his introductory press conference on Tuesday evening news coordinators like you've peaked announced the moves and only three days later the raiders announced it was Jack and and what do you know. Guys city's hiring have the same agent John gruden no kidding that's one of the great things about like. Being in a position of power you can take your your boys and some people I saw some people are pure behave like God's son no boys club that's not the best coordinator you can we got. Especially when it comes Olson is the offensive coordinator and there's been a lot of they don't noise about Olson well he's not decorate blob ball well. Here's here's why it's fine in my opinion and again we'll dive much steeper and all these topics on just give me. Glimpse of what we're gonna get into. He's got history would would dare card air cardinals who used. They got along just fine and gruden already said he's going to be called plays anyway and he's going to be designing the plays it's like it's also he's basically going to be. And glorified corporate and overpaid quarterbacks and that's exactly what he is and frankly if you're not going to have Jon Gruden in charge of the offense what's he doing quite do so. The offensive coordinator matters less to meet in the defensive coordinator. Ultimately well Matt and frankly. The fact that he's hiring guys with the same agent well how. Many agents represent all the NFL coaches like five home care probably so. I'm a big problem with that I understand why aren't having a problem women ma'am I'm in a position of power on to take care my boys to. Me too but I can understand the criticism of that because it's not always the smartest move on the other hand. It means he knows the guys with really what's the most important thing with a staff you wanna go zones L rarity he had no opportunity. Continuity. Having all being on the scene he was so go ahead hire your friends. It's just you have to realize. Is your friend stink price it's gonna come down that much harder on you later exactly and weren't born every didn't really know false and stinks is an OC because. He's not Pelosi that's her he's DOC in title only Jon Gruden. Has made it clear I'm gonna call the plays if he's calling and you know damn well he's designing them. So I'm I'm students are bigger deal the flyers. Are in the news Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy G Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy G Disney prince Eric for Little Mermaid Jimmy G and he's else. Just like saying that he's not in the news. Movement is in the news carver real. Robert Bruce among men Rubin is. My new lists Mike freshest man crush an NFL. Very first pre season game matter. I saw him tap I believe it was memorable moment on the shoulder pre snap he saw something. And he said something to Bowman Bowman should consider him. And group pointed out like over till aside he's basically saying I know what they're gonna do here here's what could not only did Ballmer listen tone. He went and he went and did what Rubin said in the play unfolded just the way Foster said it was. And Bowman made the play I'm like that's all I need to know it's a rookie and free as a veteran will listen to him. And the rookie was right that's where the man crush began and the hard moments not listening to someone if she doesn't respect exactly and so did and then you watch Rubin played. Surrey had a hard time staying on the field for an entire game at the same time. But obviously he's a huge building block for them in their defense. Ted here though right quickly is the fact that he can't say on the field was why he slipped in the draft was a not yet there are some injury histories no doubt about it. But really Foster was arrested for marijuana in Alabama. Alabama. We will get a that in fact when you didn't do that. When we talk. Jason Cole of the Bleacher Report but. First we got to get into mr. Curry's ankle are you worried is this a problem for you. Or is it much ado about nothing will ask garlic or no just that. In 9517. Game. I appreciate your being way does it is a momentous day at least in the life of one of the voices you'll hear. That voice belongs to Matt Coles he's making his debut at 957 again and again welcome that we had that senate confirmed the Clausen. Tell little bit about himself thing he professes to be aid groups had so we're gonna put his knowledge of the test by turns him. Within expert we've got kind of a mentor no he covers the worst for the San Francisco chronicle and he is. Alive in Milwaukee we're exporting to get Connor on the phone will have him in mere moments but this gives us an opportunity for me to gauge your level. Of concern about stepped Curry's ankle he is said to be a go for this evening. Obviously he's got a very long history of injuries injuries I'm sore ankle injuries. And it really hasn't been much of a factor and self I guess 303 for your stretch where what not a big deal he won a couple MVP are. Yeah values real good putt. Just the fact that he missed all that time came back and then not just that he preached it. What did it happened in a non contact individual drill that he does every single day I'm sorry maybe I'm overreacting maybe it's because I'm a lifelong warrior fan I'm expected to I'm conditioned to expect the worst spill. Even though we got the best team in the planet. I'm I'm just a little bit concerned. Concerns a funny word. I don't have what I would call serious long term concerns about staff Curry's ankles I think. These last four or five years prove the point bad. He's not the seem. Sort of ankle concerned property he was in his first few years in the league yes. Because that was the war I mean that was one that was house staff was gonna fail to live up to his potential yet is it the year. After floor the year after he got the major surgery which supposed to fix everything was actually his worst year the ankle that's right and people got super warrior did write it he's gonna lose his career and frankly that's how the warriors put together this team is because they only had to pay him. I think eleven million a year because. Of his ankle problem myself. But but back and now I don't think this is likely to become a long term issue that being said. I don't think there is any reason staff curry. Pastor played more than every three games this year if you wanted to sit him out. So to mean. It just doesn't protect against injury because I was just a week did I let individual work out that I'm getting there might my end point is. If he's healthy tonight. Let me CM like on Friday June because. Whenever he feels readying give them an extra two or three games off you just don't need him. You don't. Have to have them to win games you don't even really have to win games right now what matters to this team is everyone being a 100% healthy. In May. Her that's it couldn't dream only thing that matters so. If he's still maybe could potentially weaken again without a major context thing happening and get a couple more games off because. There's no reason he has to be out there right now. Yeah and when he did miss an extended period of time. That's when all I mean Kim Kevin during and just went bananas. When staff was out much like ring Durant was out last year stepped kinda reasserted his dominance in the pecking order. And I in the wake of that it be you know hindsight being 22 point. Staff kind of conceded that you I may have gone overboard and making sure angry shave myself thirds Acadia to work him. Into what we're doing here and when KG was out stuff like OK I got SF you know staff got a staff. Because Kate he's not here and then when stuff was out KD. Reasserted himself and I felt like last year Kevin's injury. Was probably the best thing happened to the lawyers all your weird way no question about it and if there's no more ankle stuff. After today than I will say that steps be to step missing those games. Would vehicle may be the best thing happened to the warriors this year because all the sudden not only and it's not just because. He. But the attention he was getting for the defense I think guarantees that even on a night let's say. When you really get into the dog days of people are talking about this being the dog days of NBA scares on I'm on the street not pre also are February that's the dog very DL yes absolutely I agree that. You may once you get bear. I think yeah. Document put out a 100% effort protect in the backyard away. People are looking at me as a potential DP oh why I gotta get after at least on defense. I think that little bit of attention while more than a little bit of attention I think that's gimmicky Acadia employed defensively the rest of the year. Now he's got the idea in his head he might actually be turned away totally agree. Not only that let me add another layer to the positives of staff being out. I know what Seth Curry looks like on the basketball floor I know how good he is I don't I don't need to learn anything about staff Curry's ability. I do need to learn about Patrick McCaw. I do need to learn and I know come on Lou he's not a point guard but. 3533. Minutes of staff gone means everybody gets more minutes I need to see more. A lot of the guys on the warriors bench because these are young guys that. Certainly the war is I think many of us believe could be legitimate NBA contributors this playoff season parts and if an injury god forbid does happen. You may need to Jordan bell orca on the need to come up big. To finish this thing off oh have a car or Chicago meaningful minutes in the post season last absolutely and by the way. He's what your third point court room because they're really is not a traditional backup point on this team you got Livingston and Iguodala well there's one in the G league and he's kind of he's on to a car I love Greece ocracoke island Cairo really do what you're missing Ian Clark role for last year and is that gonna be Nick Young second B Patrick McCall. I wanna see these guys get some real minutes in the middle of the season so I know who won confident come playoff time. How much did that voice is Matt Coles he used nearly 957 game and we're happy to have him I'm Michael Irvin we look for you join the conversation what is your level of concern. With staff Currie and the Angolan believe me we're not just doing this because a sports talk radio on when nothing else to talk about. I can join a million different directions with the warriors I am that passionate about the dubs I mean I remember when that ushers. The crowd was so sparse that ushers were instructed to let people go filling the seats but I had to sit courtside when I was G in junior high. Because they had so few people for a Wednesday game against the mavericks. Hit me and my buddy Terry Drake got to sit on the court we decided to take on Brad Davis we got under his skin he told the staff off the and it made our young lives were like yes we got into the skin of an NBA player this is not just us. We gotta talk about the lawyers let's make a big deal out of step Curry's ankle. This is not that I do think there is good it's something we keep an eye on now. Is it may be indicative of how great the lawyers have a go and that this is something that we are keeping an is it me overreacting to anything negative because on condition. Over years and years and years to expect negative things from the lawyers even though in the wake of the past 34 years when they're the best team on the planet. And maybe that if you wanna join the conversation AAA 95792578. Again Tripoli on 579570. The defense Kyocera dot come tech site and is 95795. All right we have ran the man down he covers the lawyers. For the San Francisco chronicle you can follow him on Twitter at Cong. Underscore. On his Connor the torn O'Connor is going on man Harry thanks for your time. We don't know where his place for it thanks for having me just got to turn around a little bit ago would have been some problem with the so planned bit. Just figured it out I don't. God did you have any problems still going through customs studio any Ruben Foster type problems and customs. No luckily it did not that was validation agrees. All right so let's keep you know we're gonna jump right into its F series and told. Doom and gloom and keep an eye on this is cause for concern or we. Much ado about nothing. No I mean you put in lake should be will be back try to get strong arm around all signs point to that he's listed as probable parts following a two team is that. Foreign upped the pre game setback he'll be good to get out yeah obviously. Went through went through practice couple make together in Milwaukee with no problems look through. You all is this morning subjects there was no problems but. The warriors just wanna be as cautious as possible with this guy obviously. Had a history of not just ankle injuries but. Right ankle injury and missed eleven games of that injury. Last month and so you know they want even men would it being a back to back it makes more sense to have his first game back in the back into that back to back. Rather in the effort trying to. You talk about being as cautious as possible and obviously one of the things that and we birdie. Bandied about a bit is the fact that this tweak was sort of a non contact saying just going through is normal drills and all of a sudden ankle rolls a little bit. Is that sort of the warriors look at as. This is summoned to really watch it's a big concern or is it just that's bad luck on his way back from twisting and in the first place we don't look at that is anything structural. I don't think there I don't think there are overly concerned about it it is certainly look at the monitor. Obviously you remember. But half a decade ago when when that ankle is really a problem for him. Didn't he he was. Hitting a bunch of minor ankle sprain has repeatedly we have to miss. You know a few games here few games then they really added up and so you wanna make sure that. You know if that is not attend and see. To keep Greece bringing it to that back in the opinion he probably eight but he added note so. I think I don't think they're concerned that we're we're right at present there is something a monitor that's why there. Going to be so cost is going forward. The bush years out of Conner looked porno his orders beat writer for the San Francisco chronicle again you can follow him on Twitter at can't underscore. Ron Carter you're in Milwaukee last night with the team KD. I signed I guess is a word you might want news. Maybe his I think it might be his NBA man crashed the Greek freak. I've I've never seen the Greek freaking person I'm a huge fan of his game. As well. What words according to get a guy I mean some people are saying that at some point in maybe near future. We might be talking about him. Occupying the same stratosphere is little bronze in the stats and that JD's and again. That is very possible I mean this is a guy who physically it. I'm not sure you've ever seen anyone quite like I mean he's just a physical specimen and and he's only 23 years old and he's already playing that. You know close to an MVP caliber level. My I think. But as cliche as that is those guys a little bit this guy the big the big question is can you open jump shot that's what you really saw. Last night is that walkie view what is one of the better shooters in NBA history. Yeah is it not he definitely need to develop without thinking he said he's so physically gifted they can usually drive on guys and make things. Work week when he shot not falling but. Yet developed a great outside shot adopting what celebrates our separate. A really good player from an all time great I think that's that's pretty direct our. On the subject to last night you know box obviously added Eric Bledsoe during the season this season and it looks at least from. The way they played for three cores last night's game like he's starting to really fit in the this trip that sees a lot of the better teams in the Eastern Conference I guess after watching them up close last night wording put Milwaukee in that mix is that a team that did you know might challenge for the Eastern Conference finals or someone that. You know it it's an interesting question because I think how wise it definitely up there in the pot for airport east. I personally thought they did have a little bit better record at this point this season. I thought this it would kind of be that big breakthrough year I was actually might be over driver of Milwaukee. Used to every airport is more than it used lobbying met do you think that third the second or third best team these are not sure they're quite there yet. It is just seem to see you win Jabbar Parker comes back. In a couple days as if he didn't do a real difference maker he's the guy they want and to be. That's the big X-Factor peak if he'd been since seamlessly. And that another punch to what they do. I think they could be you know off four maybe five seed in need. Code turnaround of the San Francisco chronicle joins us here of course is there orders should be brighter and if you don't fall among Twitter you should guarantee that it. On underscore Kron. Make sure did I get there I had come on the ground. Puts you read his writing I I professed to be a writer myself I am extremely impressed with the work to Conner doesn't do yourself a favor follow Maine read him you pick up a hard copy of the sporting green if you're feeling frisky let's talk about KD's efficiency. I don't know that you can say Kevin Durant is. Underrated and anyway admit yes if he's defense is to get a lot of attention especially during that stretch. Where staff was out he clearly reestablish himself as dominant offensive player did you start to get a lot of attention. For his defense and then kind of a third wave of attention he got. I read a smattering of stories about his efficiency you look at his night last night 26 points. On twelve of twenty if it's possible. He did it quiet 26. JD seems to be that guy you look up and it's like. Dan Kennedy had 32 a I didn't even though it's just everything comes in the flow for a volume shooter he's ridiculously efficient. Is he underrated. You know I think you're right it's hard you were under this category but if there's any aspect of the game it is under it and I think does that play it. What it is. You know you look at. At his efficiency at that compared to his volume right you can make the argument. Thank you the most efficient volume pure ballpark he would have the best. True shooting percentage of any. Players and a multi time. Scoring champion and sixteen. Multi times scored champions of NBA history at K beautiful wartime scoring champion. And he is true shooting percentage. Which obviously take the cap all types of shots. He is significantly. Heavier than anyone else. On that list I mean he would've it been able to do. Just from you know I think since he's been able what I am shocked he gets is. It's completely. But sir I think the biggest strength that TV hadn't gave him the biggest reason why he's fit so well. With this team he has an uncanny knack for understanding. The right play what the wind machine when the past. When to take the high percentage shot when to turn down that do exactly that great shot and that's what you really seem to showcase slip. With curry out about total games have yet to be here at 46 points further and I unfortunately each and shooting bet that just doesn't happen that. That the fortunately he was somewhat more impressive to me than the 48. So generally easy to use the lead I mean he's one of the best in that department in NBA history. And as you pointed out your story today Connor he's the only required 38 shots to score 66 points. In the last couple against. And I think people that might not to look at the point the domestic and look how how many shots and turned to get that. But if you really want to appreciate what TV says you know look at that. And the corollary to that is the passing day he's shown especially. Since becoming a warrior. I think. It's entirely possible if K these career started in a different place with a different teammates around him we might think of him as a more well rounded offensive player a normal order of LeBron type of guy because. The quality of isolation he ran in his Oklahoma City and Seattle career but we didn't know he could do this really until we got to Golden State. Yes you make a really good point I think I think it is been not been hit really any shortcomings and his offensive game you can pass. He can penetrate. He in this thing about at least keep so ain't seen so he got such a terrific wingspan. Today and really no one can defend his fadeaway jumper. One at some point it had. I don't think that it has as the ultimate often took our arsenal as media Michael Jordan or. But Kobe Bryant but that's just because like Berkowitz keep he has a patented fadeaway that literally no can defense he has the immediate. I do you know them well look at me go to moves but Matthews. He's one of the best. Our knowledge you go this what's taken NBA so long grim on wants all the rest replaced why is that not an indefinite. I don't know when maybe it maybe it is just so maybe you vivienne business. Listen to military conflict English. I that I can happen obviously at all I'm not sure that was the smartest thing purpose say given. How do you viewed by the refs already. It's not helping his case so you're saying everything you're saying like if you're Rasheed Wallace and you screamer refs constantly and they might not give you the benefit of the doubt on calls is that there's always say. Yeah I know sometimes. That can actually heard years. So I think that MIT Casey. That's why you get the big dollars Connor Connor yeah he's a much free time I hope you enjoyed Toronto and is a fabulous. We're traveling city please do seek out a restaurant by the name of urban you'll not be disappointed I'm being real there there's a restaurant where star. Urban checking out good stuff. Thank you very time that's Connerly torn though you Soares beat writer for the San Francisco chronicle. There again you can follow him on to order act calm underscore. Krahn. I was reading in Conner story also in your mind everybody I talked about commander and his man crush on the Greek freak. I was first made aware that in the off season. I think it was a Q and mail bomb entering its YouTube channel. And he said among other things I think. Not only did he guarantee. I wanted to comb Pope. Is going to win an NBP's Soledad well so I've flood Russia opposed to practicing a little bit before the show America. And I just say that I don't yet know he also said that he may be the best player ever to someday yes I mean. I don't know if there's one of the earlier launch. Like you said these. That did. The crazy things that there's a lot of upside in this guy to as good as he is. There's still play any room for improvement like you said it doesn't really have that reliable jumper just yet. For the same reason I think people need to back off of loans a ball they need to back off. And Simmons they need to back off a number of young players who don't have dead eye jump shots that will come. You can't eat you can actually teach someone to become a better shooter I don't recommend changing their shot entirely. Which is what some. Some teams are doing with certain rookies and I think that's a bad idea. Look I mean Magic Johnson developed a shot over time Michael Jordan shot got better over time. I think Kevin Durant from midrange LeBron James got yeah LeBron is turned himself into a shooter a killer grows and all of a sudden is hitting three pointers would we got Toronto tonight the martyr is his game has changed this year because of an added element to his jump shot of course you can do that. Sometimes you can't put it still that is allegedly aware it's like yeah I don't know if it's because he never tried direct. Dennis Rodman never developed a decent midrange game I don't think you ever had any interest in rent and in trying to do that speaking of which everytime I think it Dennis Rodman. I think a fair or not dream on dream don't get me wrong I am a huge dream on Greene fan I just wish you would back the hell up when it comes. To the referees she is doing himself damage from last night. The damage he did was to the bucks hopes of winning he went 21. Hand and seven. Any time and I mean dream I was capable of dropping tornado thirty Yani. Didn't do very often but he's certainly capable and imagine that he doesn't tend to be when teams decide to leave him open from three and he makes them pay it. But I'm always fascinated I was sort of mass Carner is there ever like before giving it even starts is there an opponent. Bruce dial. Kind of lends itself to an offensive explosion for Graham on because they seem to kind of come out of the blue. If there's no rhyme or reason through is just showed great moment for Tony formats and usually don't normally he's fine with eleven points fifteen boards and nine assists or whatever but anytime I see it too. That Victoria more it opens wives and it makes me wonder why what. How did they let dream on dec twenty plus or did dream on just actually impose his will was that a bunch of garbage not garbage points for you know garbage man points. Accidental yeah the interesting thing would trail on his he he does seem to be one of those guys that. You can often tell a lot about what kind of night it's gonna be for him now he's always gonna find a way to contribute group but in terms of his score you can tell a lot about what kind of it's going to be. From those first couple jumpers. Yeah it feels this couple early you have to look back to the confidence gets going and ultimately he's gonna be open on this team I mean that's that's happening so. If he misses those first couple opened ones sometimes it gets real Roth. Yeah I think the when he misses the keynote Steve gives everybody Steve Kerr gives everybody on this team a lot of leash and they deserve a lot of leadership earned it but. There was that joke remember the first championship parade when dream on to the stage and he may have been about 45678. Mickey's big browser into this afternoon. But it came out there it every time frame on would shoot three Joseph Steve's like. You know it's not that wild about it and drew a month put that out thereby. I think you dream on misses his first couple three threes he knows at that point. He's not the pure shooter that look with a pure shooter like clay or staff or Judy you shoot your way out of it yet the only way you're gonna get out of it. Dream on stuff that cannot try again next game Dre amongst. Either I got tonight or I don't I can shoot my way into this. Because if I try to shoot my way into and I might be shooting the warriors out of that and the good news is he has the diversity of. Ills that shot doesn't fall okay he's ball handling OK he's moving at OK he's taking a different role in the offense because. In terms of our ability to fill virtually any role on either side of the floor drain among green. Is top three in the league got its. Yeah enemies he's created you know I wrote an open letter to dream on about telling them do just backup dress for a month or two don't say a word to look at him don't do the mocking applause not promised. All died down. You'll start getting the calls you one out whether he's able to do that. I don't know but in that open letter acknowledged all the great things that he does a huge fan she's created a lame. For college kids there entree into the NBA. Even if you're not like a lights out score used to be you have to score the college level or American make the NBA now if you just never really well rounded skills that can do a little bit of everything. You got a shot Smart and that's our thanks to dream on green Jon Gruden is back in silver and black. Before he came back officially did they speak to minority candidates. If they didn't shoot they'd be punished the Rooney rule is in good and fine role should it necessarily apply in this case. Tonight. Nice to be. Finally show up dirty white boy I was wondering where you learn who was that impostor that you had played classical rock garner rejoins knocking off. Good to have you back. Worldwide western white boy on the wheels are still young hot make is producing I'm Michael Irvin. And my partner for the very first time today making his 957. Game debut. Mean back. At all. Still. On the ball. That's the best and darts and I've ever owned. We need to get your height and your way and further background that I can really dress it up plugging NBA in where we are doing and are we doing NBA style heights. We. Yes I'm ready to be six feet tall for the first what are you actually like we know she wasn't by no shoes just under 511 probably 510 and a half. How old are your next 3636. Okay I'm 49 and I'm here to tell you that every myth you hear a grown up you think. Isn't myth it's it's it's true it's not gonna apply to me. I hate to break it to you but it's all true and it does apply to you. I was a legit 67 once upon a time and I'm 65 and half right now. Oh god I have shrunk an inch and a half I can't afford to give up over. I was in my lifetime now part of that is because my needs are so shot I can't stand completely straight okay I've also had a vertebrae removed from my neck okay. That tends to shrink things down a little bit but it at all happens. And you laugh at that commercials the old man and you know going for drive together the four guys driving down the coast and mormons gotta pee every five minutes that actually happens here I hate to break it to everybody out there but it does happen. And this is the only place where they're gonna give it to you straight up Michael urban here's Matt calls do we would love. For you to join the conversation. About having appeared refute now that's not what we're going to talk about triple A 95792578. AAA 9579570. The Penske auto sales dot com text line. Is 95795. Stiff Curry's ankle are you freaked out is a much ado about nothing Steffi is playing tonight. He grew up in part in Toronto because Dell assured shooter himself. Played in Toronto so staff is familiar with the area it's something of a homecoming. Tell him it's a big damn deal in Toronto Matt the Toronto Raptors fans are gaga over their squad right now and you mentioned DeMar DeRozan. A little bit earlier in the program Dave they're said to have one of the best 12 punches. In basketball in the backcourt. Obviously nothing that's quite on parallel with what the borders are featuring if you need to any evidence of how valuable they are even KG go on for forty. When the lawyers I can't remember the last time they didn't have Steffi or clay. Really strange watching that humor about those two guys it's. Very weird very very weird and I don't like can I don't want that to happen anymore I stop doing that please especially. 'cause for me. I love I mean clay is probably. True mongering is my favorite word a Claes right there for me to my love. Mean some Klay Thompson not just his incredible off court antics but also on the floor I think. Way his game has developed as a ball handler and passer and finisher around the rim I'll give a lot of credit for that I know he's also attacking the glass a little bit this year must. Playoffs there it's there used to be playoffs because he couldn't hit layoffs are now he's a great finisher. I think he deserves a ton of credit and you get to see all those parts of his team. One step is out there so I'm I miss that. Play. Just generally. On this team right now going into Toronto. Coming off of the win. In Milwaukee. And headed in the Cleveland you've got a three game stretch where you play three of the four or five best teams in the east or Boston material yet so. This will be an interesting test. Capture and messed right now Mac. There's total two point cushion there there's a lot of users us off on Monday yes they'll show up but it oh by the way we will be playing good football bad for multi everybody's favorite game on the weekends we'll also be doing a version of killers and Kooks. Nat Cole skeet Newt in 95 cent million family making his debut today he is never before played good football about football but he's a quick study he's already got a decent handle on it you can bet your ass what LeBron James. He's going to be featured somewhere because one of pour reporter reported out the the cavs hadn't played very good defense that night LeBron actually said. Or prominent paraphrase but I'm I'm not that far off this is exactly the spirit in which LeBron said that's. And I'm LeBron James fan. He said it would have been worse if you were out there you look like you can garden anyway. Congratulations. On James said that to a sportswriter. And by the way you look like you can guard anyone while good LeBron because that's not my job she's right. They wouldn't be worse with the sports right now. That would be a prime example of bad for ball we won't get into that we're also gonna get into the second round of the NFL playoffs. Some people are saying it's going to be a Saturday its new users. On the divisional round today tomorrow is when the prime time matchup for told I'm not buying it. It's NFL playoffs take all the games are captivating. And one way or another the locally we got plenty going on with bowl for the Bay Area franchise is good and bad. The raiders. They've got the good in Jon Gruden the bad is. They'll likely violation of the Rooney rule. While hiring John gruden now if you've been under a rock for awhile and are not familiar with the Rooney rule. It is basically it's about affirmative action it's about fairness and equality it's about making sure that minority candidates get considered for jobs it is they'd just been fine. And just good rule it's good for ball in general. However. The raiders have been targeting John gruden were told for about six years he was the holy Grail for Mark Davis. It would have been nice I think it would have been different if we knew also all of these six years that. Davis kept going through going to ongoing tone from what I'm real hard project Dario did do his job that would have been noted and but. He says that's the case and in doing so he basically told the world that he violated the Rooney you said likely which was very nice of you they definitely violated the digital violate the Rooney yeah. I would contend and I'd love to hear your guys thoughts on that police are in their closest thing that there's a wrong opinion. I am not one of those host that was shut you down if you disagree with me and just what little I know view Matt I don't think you're that guy either. We can disagree each other's laundry do respectfully do it at Tripoli on 579257. In triple A 9579570. Let's get a so Doug context I'm. It's 95795. I do not believe the raiders should be punished in this instance I think this is a unique situation. Where they have been targeting this guy and beyond that. The raiders have an incredible track record when it comes to. Equality and diversity. I mean any trash. They're general manager right now is African American Art Shell I mean they have a pretty good record. Witness they just go after the most talented people. They don't see color they don't see gender. Agency football and they are the best football people and I think that's what did. Did in this instance I understand. Why that's a slippery slope and oh my god put it not be the first time ever that the NFL give the raiders pass on something. They just don't do that. But it looks like they're gonna get Ding for fine used to be 200000 dollars legal lines are the only team that's been found officially in violation. And it was 200 grand. Now it's been up to 500 grand. And if in fact they decide to go down lower the raiders wrote on this one they are gonna get hit the 500000 dollar fine where you stand on this track. OK a few things first of all the good news is is a fascinating discussion the bad news is wrong about me I'm gonna show you down and tell you wrong okay. The good. Yeah bloody good all right so there's I think there's two parts of this to me why I disagree. And I should say philosophically. I agree would you 95%. The raiders are committed to diversity always have been for all the bad stuff you can say about Al Davis and whether the game passed him by towards the end he was always committed. To finding people he believed to be the most talented move on and off the field and you ignoring. The issues of color or gender that are still huge problems for a lot of the rest of the week an absolute credit to them. That's not an excuse. You not follow rule though it is a good track record of not meeting the rules to do a good thing. It has nothing to do with whether or not they violated at this time and for me their two reasons. You have to. Find the raiders you have to enforce the Rooney rule every time. The first part is. Even if they never had any intention of actually hiring a minority candidate we have seen over the years. That interviewing minority candidates held their credibility in the future for getting jobs not just because they've gone through the interview process and hopefully are better at it. Because. Past interviews are viewed in NFL circles as a qualification for future interviews it's not right it's not Smart but it's how old the NFL hiring surprise I. Alleged that you're doing we're talking about this before the show but I think. Is it apply as it pertains to this particular situation. Everybody knows even if they had wolf first up they say they did interview a couple minority candidates apparently that was after they made the decision to write to hired Jon Gruden so that Caroline OK CYA room year old attend but I think when everybody in the morals and the world knows look it was Jon Gruden or bust here and if it wasn't Jon Gruden Jack till we're probably still have the job. I don't know that you you gain anything. In terms of Schaefer having been interviewed elsewhere if it's for this job at this time that everybody knew it was gonna go to Jon Gruden or or nobody and I agreed. At that would be Smart business if that was how it worked I don't think that's how the NFL works I believe even in a situation like this which by the way when he was having the interview we wouldn't have known. We didn't know really about the gruden situation until. After the hiring because Mark Davis can't keep his mouth shut but. The second part to me also is each even if I'm a 100% we view. On everything you've just said. And even if it is being increased by find value of 500000. Dollars. This is chump change when NFL franchise and to me I think it's completely fair to say if you wanna ignore. Our rule that is in place to help assure. That we give minority candidates a fair shake if you wanna ignore that rule. It's gonna cost you 500000 dollars so if you're that sure you want Jon Gruden you're so sure you're willing to pay them a hundred million dollars we are over ten years. It's now 100 million dollar and 500000 dollar contract instead it's just it it's a fine you have to pay. For knowing your that certain and I don't think that should be a big problem for NFL franchise so you're basically saying. If you know you've got a guy and you don't wanna waste your time interviewing people who have no shot at the job. Okay but you're paying a 500000 dollar I'm sure about this. Tax yet that's a great point I mean and you may have turned me because locate it if if you're gonna have a role you can't say. That's really high this case I have a good track record so we're gonna give you a pass because. Oh my god can imagine the bloody hell that the winds would raise and there and pass on this and how many teams were try to abuse it in the future yeah you're right it's it's a bad precedent you know there are no rules are rules you gotta go and play through Steve Mariucci by the way it was part of that.