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Urban and Guru talk to Bruce Jenkins and talk about Jimmy G's emergence.


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It's time for her then come through got to cut your hand and flash that. On 957 again tears in my solar wind and general. Again we're glad you're here I'm Michael Irvin and his Jerrold your Johnson. We've got through until four O clock which means three more hours. Playing in the sand box of life sports is supposed to be fun radio supposed to be fun Sports Radio. It's super fun I'm having the best time I get to talking every once and a while we have. The man who's the reason. I am a sportswriter he is a columnist for the San Francisco chronicle he's the best in the business for my money he can talk about anything. And everything and typically angry. With every single tape that he has put this morning and the three dot lounge. The streak was broken actually disagree with him Bruce Jenkins of the chronicle joins us what's up Bruce how are you. Hey Michael I do event. I'm doing great so you can imagine the one thing I disagree with you on right you want to. All star captains. Picking the teams you want that to be televised expand on that. Real quick for the knuckle heads you don't read the three out loans religiously. Well I think for anybody who's an affinity league. You know that the draft guidance is really cool everybody gets you know she sit down together to direct store model after and give each other a lot of grief about their picture and it's a really really fun night. It's almost more fun than the actual as the season plays out where your. You know concerned about all the numbers in this and that and so the NBA has come up with this. Plan whether good or bad I think it's kind of interest anywhere. Once they figure out the leading vote getters city culprits those guys become the captain of the team and they pick. That seems like you're on the playground who continue to LeBron could take you know Kevin Durant are stepping curry could pick. The other group or did something like that is really interest think. And a half of the game going to be about the same I mean it's it's going to be fun and the other reason trash talking to different looks that. They're really actually part of me is the draft. That I can just imagine Currie and LeBron sitting down of the leading vote gears and pick in the teams in the some of the great great exchanges they could have attacked on who go to war weary and I'm fairly it's not going to be televised because it's some of the players here. They get all bombed out they were picked the last Syria the agents there and there. Wondering about you know the client's reputation is damaged fuel you know that is Allison triggered all star game it's a really fun concept that I bought deceit. They you know alive how the teams are packed I don't see what's wrong with it. More she hears that a Bruce Jenkins is a columnist for the San Francisco chronicle you can follow him on Twitter that. Bruce it's Bruce underscored Jenkins one correct. Hey nice words and forget about going to Carol regular underscore your done. I'd been duke followed through on Twitter however you wanna do or just make sure you read this stuff OK Bruce. You know how much respect I have for you and your working in my god did I disagree with the one time. It's not that big a deal but here's here's where it's not even really disagreeing I just do buy into the notion. That look. You're dealing with massive massive egos to anybody who is on that list to be drafted as a huge ego. And I just I fear. Then if they're all in the room in the world gets to see its staff curry picked somebody ahead of dream on green. Or Klay Thompson or let's say LeBron got a best friend elsewhere in the league and LeBron doesn't pick him I can see your friendship getting damaged. And god forbid I can see the team's chemistry getting damaged I get why you're saying. Come on your grown men suck it up it shouldn't but the fact remains that could. And I'm worried about that in that respect they're a vulgar rude way into because he. I'd always review yeah Bruce I'm with you these are grown men in at the end of the day you know is not a cub scouts. And guys know who can play or whatnot. And if you did show is you get chosen but to worry about you know like it's the powder puff game in the locker room's gonna be fractured I think it's an insult to be a intellect these guys these all stars do we have in the NBA. I think I think guide to render him I'm going to be delighted not to be played very bigoted the united huge kick out of. Wow OK I mean what are. It's a game ended maybe they can prove their point and have some fun when you think they're gonna go after regard to their knees. Nobody probably in the last guy picked did you ever been the last guy picked on the playground that's a I have that to crappy feeling. That and then yeah I know the feeling. Yeah but I mean. Then you go out and try to prove wrong you get over you don't quit. Yeah eight who guru and I'd between. Between segments we were talking about the NBI all star game in general and a lot of people. Who I guess fancy themselves purist in traditionalist. They don't like it because it is street ball well. Good it's the closest thing that we get in my opinion. You know you hear about these summer pickup games that are either Polly pavilion or are somewhere else where all these NBA stars. Are just you know basically playing pickup basketball and I would love to be able to see that I'd like that to be televised it's not. But the all star game is the closest we'll get to that I'm fine with it being street ball the best players in the world do you like it. Yeah I do I always have I always going to be a total drag everybody try to locked down you know to complete lockdown defense in the three and eighty people I mean. That there's some of the greatest game very receiver Magic Johnson had a summer time all star game you get Jordan and bird in there and Reggie Miller and how many can be when it was like 2020201. Politically there was so much fun guys produce only going off I mean that's what it's about let's let's see you know guys get creative and have some fun. You know let's see and those guys doesn't take it from Syria trying to hit a couple and bring them out down that's all it's all good fun and stand David a played good defense in the end because in the end you're gonna want to win the game but not like the street by aspect of it. Yeah Bruce bigamy good fun they'll be good fun at oracle tonight stiff curry makes his return and I got a tip my cap to the players. They played their asses off while he was gone but. I'd only I'd like you and step courier Michael Jackson when you go see the Jackson 5 you wanna see Michael and I don't know if you miss step two step like I have but I'm very excited to see how that ankle holds up and what he can do when he returns tonight. Yeah I'd like Charles Barkley went so you much so is Westbrook everybody else is Tito Jackson. That it's like death of the Oklahoma City related anyway. Yeah it's I agree territories the guy I mean he could make an MVP case you know for the entire league with the random and straight month. Then lord knows Klay Thompson can be the hottest shooter alive but could be very cursed something really affect it. That area as a whole effort for the warriors feel the joy that he has. The bunker on outside shooting the wait is destroyed deemed mentally. Just to be so much fun it is you don't see kids flocked to be rated the abyss warmup DNC is the word he started the whole thing. And it's and stuff playing when he's gone. Bush years out of San Francisco chronicle columnist Bruce Jenkins you can follow him on Twitter Bruce underscored Jenkins. One I suggest that you'd do well also suggests that. Part of your Saturday morning routine should always be checking out the three dot lounge which he writes every week and also on Sundays. He writes a column about the NBA this can't miss stuff Bruce. This week we heard the JaVale McGee. Might be on the trading block and that didn't so much surprised me because he's kind of fallen out of the rotation look we all love JaVale McGee any has rehabilitated. His image was kind of a buffoon he was the centerpiece of Shaq and a full and he's not that anymore. We've seen that he can be a valuable member of a championship team. But I understand why they feel like there aren't necessarily need to bail anymore what I was surprised by his they would like to get more shooters. And and that puzzled me but then I heard this step first. Since that point down the worst of the worst three point shooting team in the league that data astounded me I never thought the lawyers needed computer. More shooters. Well let's just they just not true in the long run I mean you have to radically Thompson. And people are calling you the worst three point shoot any team in the league not that I care what the numbers say. Recaps because it is going to be a heck of a three point shooter. When they really need him so as Nick Young. You know he would dollar's gonna be better. Did you say it's just there and within the same thing I think about courage coming back it's just it's something that's going on right now and has no bearing on reality. Bruce the Christmas game between the cavs are lawyers had me on the edge of my seat to where I watched the game begins they were the words from miss instead chasm is an Isaiah. I thought Kevin your excuse me LeBron James got fouled at the end and I and you know I'm rooting for the warriors were at the end of the day if you go to the monitors the ramps. And you see a blatant foul. I just hate it you can't you know reverse debt now there's an article today that the NBA made her visit that. Would you have a problem if that was added on the to do list to where rescue go look to see if a guy he got fouled. I would say no but only for one reason you're I think you know obviously it's. It's something you'd love to see it's something that that matters is so it's called that wasn't made its sit there and now this call about. I think there's way too much replay in the league already and if you add that element to it but it'll never end. Then we'll the last few minutes will be a travesty of some failure just one commercial after another. But the rats and all around the ridiculous headphones and we get too much of that already so as much as I would like to see that I want someone did go the other way I'd like to see a lot Lou let's replay 'cause. It's seduce this too disruptive to the flow. And the suggestion that you throughout I think it was in this morning's column. Was what that you only replace things in the final two minutes and that's only at the behest of the coaches who have to challenges is that accurate. Well yeah I mean I don't know if that's the answer but I I just think you know he if you live with bad calls I'll look drought throughout the game OK it's outrageous when you get over it and he can you play on and by the end of the game nobody is really remembering that. But the last two minutes. That's a different deal that at that stage I could live with you know. Reviewing files as well. I know would be a dragon albeit couldn't be real tough to. To see that destruction before we get you get a lot of very anyway were to see what timeouts you know it is crunch time and so I wouldn't be at their post anything goes on just just in the last two minutes. Bruce AFL playoff playoffs are upon us and we're seeing in teams like the rams to just slipped terrible last year the Eagles they then went from worst to first and this tidbit Jimmy eagle rock below thing I don't think I've ever seen anything like it. Ambrose I wanna go out on a limb did you share with you my excitement with the draft with the money that the niners have to stand. I really believe that they are on disarmed then in a file to tell you pay the niners in the playoffs 2018. Would you scoff at that notion. I wouldn't through that very reason you mentioned I mean ten quick turnaround Serbs are so commentator. Throughout the major source these days do you go how does that happen and they went from. You know terrible team to a still playoff game and it it does happen and so much of it has to do at quarterback. You know shared gosh revival he got a great receivers around to make so much difference that it just it's just stunning. And should tell me that the greatest thing about the draft which is gonna be really exciting effect of the 49ers don't have to sit there are going we really believe intend to Arnold you know do we think just throw too early for us. Are you of the Oklahoma got baker make it to read. It's solved as a big crapshoot they've got the quarterback there's there's no doubt that this guy's gonna be a very good quarterback and maybe a great one. And what you're able to move on from merits sit in the suit it's a big big deal also. They can help themselves and other ways and stand I think I think it's entirely possible we are. Daughter of Bruce Jenkins of the San Francisco chronicle here I'm Michael Irvin he used early you're Johnson together rear Guerrero nerves got to tell 4 o'clock. Thank you for joining us for talking to Bruce about we did some NBA we're doing some manners right now we're gonna get into some baseball in just a moment Bruce but still staying with the NFL. Staying with the regular season. Sean McVeigh who has been a revelation down. In Los Angeles when the rams I mean we're hearing about this time last year that your golf may be a bust and now we're hearing he's one that's not hearing or seeing. He's one of the hot young quarterbacks. In the NFL what do you think commenced McVeigh's decision. Just sit all of his big dogs this week in the finale do you think that was more. To save them from potential injury or. The site psychological impact of if you play the starters in Jimmy do you like to about you don't want that going into the postseason. I'll probably a little bit of both I think they're worried what you do recently doing although I think if they. If they win their full strength and I think they'd think fervently believe they would win. I think there probably they are they are better overall team on the record in matters right now and they I think they would win that game that they really needed it but. No I think it's mostly about the about the injuries you know that's. That's an increasing trend in the Indian football you've seen a lot of in college ball worked you know guys don't wanna play the ball games say the assault for the draft and in this case. It's a much tighter timeframe and dealership if golf were to get very it would. It would ruin that they're great cities in the newspaper for what reason what will go why did that happen so I think it's more discussion. Bruce helped me out here that is let's talk about the other quarterback here in the Bay Area that's Derek Carr another raiders have a list of things went wrong but Bruce I'm worried. Did this thing is meant to what's not physical with him on he's put his receivers in bad positions and we can rotted off as a bad year he's been brave. What do you think this is just an off year and he can revert back to what he was in NY they paid him that money because if not there are no real bad place. I'll say that I really don't get it then I'd I don't cover the team I'm not around them I'm not hearing some of the things that are said you know behind the scenes. Am I just know what I see and like you say it's. This very disturbing it also has some play keys should play with a broken hand he's not telling anybody about and you know he he showed so much character as a team. You know came to life and rose rose to a playoff caliber team. I don't see how you just suddenly are not a character guy I'll hit it if it's. It's hard look for me to believe that it's mental but. You know you can't rule it out if he's at peace and sometimes he's got to look right on the money if sometimes they're just amazingly off fact. My answer which I did that I can give me some insight there but that then kind of has baffled as everyone else. Doug good Bruce Jenkins in the San Francisco chronicle you can valmont Twitter at Bruce underscore Jenkins one. Bruce let's hop scotched to another sport the San Francisco Giants they picked up Evan Longoria ugly we talked would you. About that last week in Fabian suggests very strongly and then another shoes gonna drop and that it might be as significant as Longoria picked up. The names that we're hearing now Judy Martinez in his word we're told he's kind of still in play. Also Jay Bruce. And then there's Billy Hamilton now Hamilton would check off some of the boxes that the giants presented in their post season presser in that. They'd be getting a little bit younger and senator they have center fielder who's the lead off guy but he's not. It first asked is the is any isn't good defensive center fielder he's not really a prototypical leadoff guy in that his on base percentage instrument. I'm last year. And deal Breaux might do you can't steal first base is applicable to him I don't get excited about Billy Hamilton is what I'm saying but if you. If that's part of a group of income merged. This includes Evan Longoria and Jay Bruce and Billy Hamilton. Get me another reliever and I am willing to declare their offseason a wild success how about your. Yeah well you know over liberal mind many times. See yeah that's but yeah I I mean just to just get Hamilton and then that would be it. They're still be an awful lot of holes there are huge focus on how maybe he's not getting on base enough. But if you can read an outfielder with power or Marchini is their current papers you know now you can't get it taken care of the pinnacle defense. You gotta disrupt the leadoff man who would with any luck can get a little more discipline to get on base more. And you just have done the things that you needed to do you think they're basically center fielder got some work hour. I think need to get back into pit you know I still think there's a big gap between them and the Dodgers even if they get all those guys. But you know I've been able bookmark a really successful offseason to make. I think single incident with Wilson that they're healthy they might not need a lot of help in the bullpen to be greatly another guy and they they probably will. Those guys are going to build on the market so I'm not sure is still out there but. Yeah I mean that you have to fix three things become a terrible team is a pretty good pretty good off season. Bruce helped me out I mean the giants did they're trying their best they went after stand in the front office and eleven but win that day comes and we talk about the mad bump contract. It's there and I'm hoping he wins Cy Young mix here but. You almost think that contract is gonna be predicated on what he's done he's our own did. But moving forward you wonder if the giants is our organization we'll get a bang for their buck. My question is do you think the front offices core engine for that day. Or would it be a PR nightmare. If they decided if they if they don't bounce back to do something else. In try to move mad bull on this crazy as that sounds. Well if they if they don't bounce back game and he's like you know of 1518. Or something like dead and it just doesn't look like himself. I think it's safe certainly look at that try to move them. They looked out for another thing you could say well wait a minute this isn't the mad but I remember you know pitcher. Do going to decline and it's not like they bounce back after you know. It is and there's really work five years prior so. He's Italian he's an essential part of the team and the other. I think all that they can about a ten coming back and being himself a series in line would be. There are that the case that they can I think he's in the fall he's good he's you know when you're down there and and you try to get back in it you need a guy like that you just really. Good look after it just such an unbelievable politics. Pardon hardball competition. They're good for Boller surge would say. Nice actually now. My eyes look and that's no chrome arrived that's not a cliche. But first Jenkins to the chronicle joins Newsom thank you so much free time before you bounce though I'm gonna give you the three quick questions that we're hitting the audience up with. Can you please give us your favorite sports moment of 27 team the worst sports moment 27 team. A resolution that a local team or athlete she's making keep. I that I haven't given it any thought at all I mean like my first thought. For the best moment you know would be the warriors that warriors playoff run too good to see them. Dominating. To that degree and winning the title which is so hard to do. Especially when here at the top I think it was really really gratifying. The worst moment have to be you know. The giants. From start to finish fifth if it's so long moment I think it's so long episode but the fact that the judge felt that far down. You know once we truly are pretty crushing further for the fan base. Just the way that first game went down Bruce would be better on its two homers. It's just great and then Melancon blows the save and off we. Exactly I mean that is just. Almost inconceivable that I do you think about that there was a third one. A New Year's resolution you would like to see a local team or athlete making keep. I want cheaper to get don't see occurred again helping when. Us and asked to rate this one and that's why Bruce is the greatest arsenal man I thank you so much free time and happy new year. Q you and yours I'm sure we'll be talking with the frequently into any team. Always trying to I think really it. All right that's Bruce Jenkins of the chronicle to get back pay plus I know I had. They plus everything that occurred thing was outstanding at anything you say that kind of jumped out answer. The map mom contract it will happen and then again. You know always talk about what they just went Jesse James in road and install their future and tried to dangle mad bomb my point being that ma'am bomb that was -- -- this year he wouldn't be that attractive. That mad bump L did people would be clamoring for a give yet and we'll give you three number you know on the top prospects you must be such a tough thing for the general manager of any team. When you've got a bunch of holes to fill ten you have a couple of guys that you know you can fill those holes with which you got to give them up. But that guy means so much to the team into the fans it's almost like you get run out of town no matter what you get returned I think buster and mad bum. Are those two guys for Bobby Evans. You deal either of those two guys. You better get maximum value in return and they better be good right away do you think they want even hear what they can say it's. Because they can do it behind closed doors hopefully it doesn't get out. But do you think Gavin think company would be. What could we did you know we're not doing it but. You know what could it be possible you're not doing your job if I may connect Calder and pick out music that you got me. I mean for God's sakes Joseph Montana got traded. And went to the AFC championship huh. Talk about dividing a fan base I mean Ron Amadon was paid when he did it. He had what this fall I think about how open are. Arms patriots fans are right now right because you're as good as the Brady is at forty years old my god isn't as easy or maybe an Achilles to go with the these right and let's say he gets hurt next year. Patriots fans are gonna be furious Belichick for trading Grupo but let's say. Brady stays healthy and next year. Fans are still mad that ground below is has been treated and next year the niners in pats facing each other in the Super Bowl. Do you think you take everything you do a movie script down I think there'd be any patriots fans that are rooting for the niners because. If Joseph was facing her manners and a Super Bowl after you really going mayor I'd guarantee. Some minor fans would've been rooting for Joseph. You know what images used in example that did did I'm living in or I lived in his deck and Romo. And if Romo went to the saints I would be a safe thing because of the love. That I have for number nine so I use that in this circumstance here. I'm with you you're this is packed this this is emotional man yeah people wore hats did Joseph think Philly got dead wrong it's Steve can do you can cure cancer and they wouldn't get left right in Jimmy G as far as we know as far as we've seen. He is the patriots Steve young and they dealt him they didn't deal joke. They dealt Steve Utley Jimmy he's doing right right now he's questionable game. And are working on as a dark where resilient where every is he's dampened seats this. Campaigning easy unless you're Jimmie G speaker Jimmy G a patriots linebacker. Has gone public course thing. What the hell did we just do that was a major mistake. Guru I lost my phone as we mentioned earlier this loser at my phone died on Christmas Eve I was without for four days I now have a new phone. Talk about those four days without your all in awful awful awful Michael Irvin is your leader Johnson together we're guru and herbs we got to tell 4 o'clock we're looking back at Tony 174 to 28 team. Yes four days ago my phone. And I cannot believe how long comfortable off those four days you were. Who. I am I disappointed a lot of people by not communicate and I was here's the blanks that I was going to. Because nobody answers the home phone in my house anymore because well I've cells and you know it. 90% of the calls are from telemarketer anywhere but nobody answers the phone at home that was my first try but nobody answered. A number of times then I decided to okay I'll send my wife and email. Because that's the only way that I can reach her 'cause I didn't have her cell phone number remember. Because I never dial it right. Didn't have my daughter's numbers memorized either so knowing that my wife doesn't check her email. On a regular basis a lot of people don't unless it's like crucial to their work and it's not for Kelly. So she hadn't checked the email I realized so I went on tour winner. In treated my daughter. Did tell my wife to check her email my home the trouble was that is on occasion my daughter blocked me on Twitter where she's mad at me. It was a mess that was your baggy black shoe here. Well that's better than my morning and I had and you got a new phone so that your back up I got a new phone when I was gonna say is that the mighty mighty Jim pose a more. Just texted me will incredible all star. Pickup game. Taking on the playground knowledge that I will share with your after your done Telecom to talk to the Graco holds. That's a good point you laugh and do. We've got to have Kos because he's obviously listening. Those expected test there is expect a text any minute trying to book you for today show tells about your morning to. So I go play basketball the 24 hour fitness who cares errors it was a rough morning I looked like a lonely on a bad day they had a couple college kids in there went to the racked up by the man. And the guy blocked two shots so hard I live I said to myself the in Disney here. I give here because I'm Lowe baffled. In Whitley I'm at the table prepping for the show and I'm thinking I'm watching the lawyers hornets game. Whitley comes in Patti Doyle would lead as a GM does what you're watching the great game last night and watch him wizards. Hornets at this is new wizards grizzlies. I'm telling her it's the wizards hornets in isowich you don't know gurus the wizards grizzlies game early time. Yeah I think you're right that is the old game against Memphis and. Now I'm confused who's playing who Whitley. We got warriors wizards grizzlies. Cats and dogs living together it is mayhem freaking ma'am I'm on best moment. I'm okay I'm. Well we watch and I fell out to sea or two who were we watching. I was watching Memphis. Old game three Q and it was last night's. Hornets game so you thought you're watching lawyers and horn and you're watching lawyers Memphis and Whitley had to point out to me and I've never felt. Let's felt like at two different shoes on Phil no and you fill out your chin winning in after a bad in failed doubted she laughed league and a little laughter. And I'm looking like must skull. I'm really rough morning. I'm you know Bryant. But you know why you're here now OK there it anymore haven't got time and Whitney is laughing at your expense wheat sound good and he's very regularly that's the best. You guys sent a good on the morning earlier you Italian load together that. Solid I had a blast but tell me we had this is provocative. We were talking about pressure. That comes with contracts when guys signed big money room. He gave an example that I knew I love about your Boise though. Here and I said there's no way. You think he gripped dead ball tiger yes I know you know uncle Simon buried aspect couldn't wait to see you'd ask you do you. You think and he would see our. I would be like oh cool you're free you're it's no matter what happens you can stink it up your paid you you got money security for life. But you think maybe he's got it easy don't they I don't think I know and I'll tell them guilty are felt like he had to perform up to those stand absolutely. Absolutely no doubt about it you know we were joking when Bruce when I drop the word broke my trying to impress some it's another word for cliche. I'm. Cliches exist because they're rooted in truth you hear me say that all the time. Cliche that we hear a lot is that money doesn't buy happiness. A lot of times when it enriches some fun yet it enriches some fun or it'll it'll buy you a car where you can drive up really close to happiness and look at it right now really nice car. But I watched my good friend Barry Zito. Lived that money does not by happenings because the reason we're friends in the first place she was a rookie with the a's are such periods when I was a rookie beat writer with the a's. And I was blown away by a guy who had the world by the tail the adoration. Of the entire race fan base. The national fan base like Barry because he was different he was quirky and he basically used the first guy I had ever met who truly gave zero that's what you thought about him what I thought about them what anyone thought about it. When I was writing my book cases about the Big Three in their last season together I was talking to his mother about it she should use like that when he was a little boy. He wanted to get his hair dyed blue. Nice and very early kids are gonna make fun review lucid book and took care of the other kids make fun of me like I'm doing it for me and he was always liked that. When he signed with the giants. That went away. He felt pressure. He felt like he needed to be a certain way he needed to be that franchise guy and the giants had said. Look very bonds' time is coming to an end so you read. You don't you face firm your left is different I don't know not lose focus. You put pressure on yourself which manifests itself physically in tension. When there's tension in the body the body doesn't perform. It's optimal I know peak performance if there's any tension in your body because very never game and that's about anybody or what they thought. He was always completely attention freak he is just truly another cliche in the moment bright. Just having fun out there and stopped being fun it started being a job and it wasn't until five years later four years later. He finally. Realized I've just pissed away five years in my career I've angered the entire fan base why. 'cause I'm trying to be something I'm not know which is something other than. Oakland Dave Barry Zito and when he stopped giving us again. He became that guy who beat the cardinals while in the NLCS MB Justin Verlander in the World Series money doesn't buy happiness is real. Talented. It was fascinating in I couldn't wait to get to yet and Zito you talk about you given they have when he needed most. That's when he should you do when he signed that contract and you probably I hit a return of the like you said pitching in the body. It doesn't it doesn't perform at an update when I mean any any money changes everybody I mean I look at a guy like Houston street remember back out of the closer US I forget refused to review year now but damn good closer. As a young member of that always young and up and coming Oakland a's team news on you know when I covered the is for those nine years used part of that. He was one of the nicest guys I ever met in my life I mean so one affected by fame it was it was a zero level of being affected by fame. Like since you became to be extremely affected by money and buy fame down the road when he came across today. When Houston got paid. He's still a great guy but he did change a little bit. Ramon Hernandez when he got paid he changed a little bit Terrence long when he got paid he'd changed a little bit money does change people. And remember these people are human beings. In so many people equate money with superiority. In even if you're doing it subconsciously. If you can afford to pick up every check when you read your group of friends. And it almost gives the point where you're bit you feel them expecting you they just had a with machetes yeah right but can you imagine that happening. Wouldn't will you allow the possibility but subconsciously you would start thinking. I'm better than these guys because I'm I'm carrying these guys. Would you be open so you don't think you would happen because you can't fathom making that type of money I'm telling you it can't happen. Yeah but they've eaten the excuse is if it's a real. And how it manifest but at the end of the day are still got to go out in live up to the contract. And if it's the dome if if its performance issues. I still can say you know what very you didn't live up to that contract. And that's the pressure that comes with when you sign your regular contract. I would just think you would have been in a place to where he felt like he was worth every dime in maybe he felt guilty did not that money around. I don't now in you know that there are some guys that go the other way Bill Simon big deal. And it will build up their game I'll do that because that's that's a type of pressure with a which you and I am. I would gather close to a 100% of the audience has never felt and never will feel where somebody is just giving you. An ungodly amount of money. And how are you gonna respond to that it's based on how well you you do your job is that can make you feel tension and underperform. Or. There's some people who'll rise to the occasion and they'll perform better and we've seen that we have seen some people that are much that are gonna see it would dare call hearts yeah. Do you think that could easily come magically he's one that is how can you rule it out. Can you run out of you can't I mean as Bruce said. She was the ultimate character guy last year there's nothing we didn't love about Derek Carr on and off the field. But now it's obvious there's some things on the field that we don't like an off the field I'm starting to not like the fact that he's just. Put everything I mean. Everything's fine Regis yeah doesn't get after people I don't know you know he doesn't female I want that he didn't seem to have it anymore. Who's got it Jimmy drop blow like I said in the last segment pre Melo working review group. That's why we leave the segments relatively unstructured faster than we may go off on attend my dad I'm. And we got into that but again there's linebacker on the patriots. Doesn't like the ground blue move he has no problem saying it won't which is basically throwing the great Bill Belichick under the bus. Which again begs the question why on earth did Bill Belichick trade away his Ron Amadon per. Michael Irvin. Told unicorn you are welcome back I'm Michael Irvin is derelict Henry Johnson. Soon to count called mama I'm still thought the felon and I get the ram you gotta be why. No I just know The Black Crowes covered it it's a dynamic dynamic cover America. The great Otis Redding heavily in street cred about a minute man. Thought you know luz and street cred Carney had a rough morning. Whitley witness to the wrong. As I told you the great Jim cause more sent me a text to explain the Genesis of goods tennis it is just pick up style all star. You know selecting teams. And I told you that I will be reaching out to him to get him on the show and we're going to be speaking women in just a couple of I asked him about his teams lose and in Phoenix. Getting that one goes gives us call that happen in a minute yeah how about the fact it. Well it's a former patriots linebacker. All we gotta wait for Whitley Whitley who's the former patriots linebacker. Who is tell me likes to say it went down bill Belichick's road for trading. Their version of Stevie I'll there's no doubt the scrub probably Bruschi. We got Whitley. Urgency Tedy Bruschi and he's on the incident in so doing he probably mad you don't okay is that could be him but also it leads us to the topic of Belichick. And how long he's gonna stay with a pass do you think he bounces when Tom Brady's out. No. I just don't they to I think it is that he is here prove. They hit it too it's more so him. Then young Brady. So I think he was out last Brady showed the masses that says it's it's not Brady it was me. And I think he's a ride this out now something strange and I smell a rat in regard to that this feud between Brady's trainer he can't go on the team plane and Belichick that shock value where all these kids you know theories cannot Verlander I'm going inquirer on you now if Brady didn't like defecting to Rob Lowe was they are and he represented it in for Brady's career since I was like you know what craft and that you co to tumble and above you that's my boy craft is my boy Jim Mattis here. And that prompted the niners to be able to giggle rob slopes but I've also heard my sources yeah like that's my sources tell me they go Rob Lowe on Brady were broad they were good there. So Brady while. About how happy here while we're. Or stick around why would you allow it to the authority for a charity is being made right now in this will be a part of it why. I think Jimmy G dole for basically nothing and now he is the West Coast version of Tom terrain. Know the answer that question in you may have provided the answer yourself early in this segment. Part of one of the conspiracy theories I'm hearing is that Belichick. Let. You traded drop below because he knows that Tom Brady's time is coming to an end. And he wants to show everybody. Look. Everyone knew that most people in the NFL new ground below is going to be really good people in the know new ground below is gonna do this maybe not this level but they knew we would do him good. Any beach in part because he was good when he played for Brady. Bill Belichick the conspiracy theory says let him go so that after Brady bounces like you said he can prove to the world. It's not just Tom Brady it's not just Jimmy crop blow its meat. Comments are meant my legacy by winning more than average quarterback. I don't see that happen either do a lot all right we have gotten. The great Jim grows more on the line he's out walking his dog. But he's gonna explain to us exactly where the hole. Pick up game all star voting started. And it's started in the NHL you know coast from his great work at NBC sports Bay Area in California coast how are you happy new. You hey. And they forgot I think on an enjoin the show that they get there haven't been a lot of fun that. We're having the best time goes I'm so excited to talk to yet to kings had those pretty uniforms. To a new arena did you speak to cash. And there's no way you lose to this broad that you guys lost this island's. And yeah old mom. Somewhat embarrassing or at least that the weighted payment though when you're young you're so try a little late. And they're gonna have them I would look at how many game compared to beat the warriors and the cavaliers. Think these. Are configured this year but I don't think anyone in a while mainstream and that all the teams are trying to towards those who think that to become the night that happened a work in their papers so locked. It'll be along here but it could play this one here in northern California it's great watching the warriors do well never want to while indicating I can. Bush years that Jim Cozumel or he is a rock star over at NBC sports Bay Area and California. Coast you texted me and I appreciated I had to ask who is this because I'll also my contacts. But I'm glad you reached out. Because you're gonna break it down for the audience. Where the whole concept of all stars. Picking their own teams come from and unbeknownst to me it started out in the NHL please expand on that. It was spectacular when he NHL chose to do that they've been trying to finally despite the bear game creator and so they decided to have a good captain of each side. Have a draft and they had every player seated in an auditorium. And the cup captain came up front. And then they know each took a power player of the moon and he won't like at that came those who would look around the room and they undertake. Jonathan Cain or I'm gonna take Sidney Crosby or whatever happened to be able to really unwrapped. What if it went further and further down the list. I got uncomfortable could now there five guys walked in the room the other poor guys left in the room guy to look into another volatile but still part of it I think Brewster contention that fact. I think that drain money clay would love getting passed over by Seth Curry and that's what our Patrick Kane of the black cockpit he kept packing Overton got. Our John on the tape and it became kind of funny. But he got some of the final two guys. If you're wondering what who's gonna be galactic in the NHL all star game draft. And they went with the yelled one guy has made that the choice there was one guy remaining that at all what issue in your last night they can they bring him up on page. And the commissioner walked company third. For being the last player chosen in the NBA NHL all star draft and they open the curtain you get a brand new fully loaded truck says knows. Knew what was going on and the last choice became the biggest winner on the night it with a great way to cap off what could be an awkward evening. And I hope the NBA rethink what they're trying to do. It's a little bit similar to mister relevant in the NFL draft don't know if they get some sort of prize package that unit parades thrown form somewhere. And the fact that they get old leg until we extended their name and a parade in punt. I think All Star Games are meant to be fun. Fun in the activities surrounding it and then for the I really believe the NBA is missing out on a made for television moment that can connect Phillips and and there may get a great headway toward the other and it now would come the TV rating this could be another television event. I would love to sit around say who's going to be the next guy children who gonna be the last guy children so I let the NBA to rethink their policy. Goes do you see I think this would play well. In the ninety's if the guy's got to pick. And it would be no big deal lift somebody got overlooked or whatnot but do you think this Arab social media and now. I mean we would really sees some some high school type a cafeteria fights in regard to guys her because they didn't give peaked in their brand looks bad. Can you wouldn't know what is that that might be fun but if they handled it the right way it could help their breath. You know we don't know I understand percent more women in a difficult world and may be early eighties or nineties it could've been on. But could you see. The guys on TNT or that guy is on ESPN. Certain there at the pick their common America who can power over who'd get left doubted who's not there and who should go next. It would be one of the biggest party that we would be able to be part of and you could even include hand ballot and Eric who should look but banter they or the next guy who should go attacks like B commute. Media instantaneous. Perfect. Then creating a plan that has great interactivity. And and I certainly hope not I've been in the future but that did get three thought out because there's been great opportunity. One thing about sport and bring them all together whether we agree or disagree we completely disagree and it would be one of those great opportunity I could get beat. I get the everyone having fun would it even down to black guy being picked. Cause you're the best I'm gonna let you balance because I know you're walking Fido or what's the name of the dogs. Oddsmakers would be my dog's. Size Snickers and I had a little moment. I know Michael I got a mobile on the day I gotta go pick up my daughter appeared or allowed they go. Got Home Depot low it's a pretty good Saturday I just don't know club the tie aim. That's a or. Yeah I took on the trio light and day out. I had a couple of minutes what they're watching Chinese television station portable Chinese television earlier today. All here Renaissance. All right before I let you go though real quick I want you give me your favorite sports moment. Your least favorite sports moment of between seventeen let's go favored first. Favorite sports moment 0187. Team. I think got educated by what you got I could I'm kind of local I think you're going very lost. And on a may be on negotiated by your last discussion but I really think. Going out on point doesn't get such a good note whether. San Francisco 49ers and unity to Iraq bloke. Make a bold stroke to pick up a quarterback Luke you know people had had wondered about who would going to get them. The niners when the game that's stepped up and got the deal done it. And then we heard that you know we might not play that much because if one of them Ed and I often wonder if it wasn't for the concussion. Within a concussion can get about thirty. Then they took him out of a game. And took him out in the next week I wonder how much we wouldn't see you go buffalo but I think that Jimmy grapple story because it's the most read my mind it but that various sports story for now. And the worst one because of your professional proximity to the raiders I'm guessing they might be involved. Ploy you know what back the great what I would think in the background. Started that struck that back seat because of the heightened expectation. I think it's the big fall off but I would almost say neck and neck with the giants like seven feet because at the start of spring training I was told. The Dodgers and giants are playing for first place and a wild card spot. And that wasn't the case the giant may be with the greatest disappointment that we've seen a long time and I got my all. Maybe I should have thought so highly of them. But I think the giant disappointment might might outweigh the raiders get a little bit but the raiders are are neck and neck with that. Carlos you're the best I hope you enjoy the rest of your afternoon with Snickers in Chinese television. And what are out and whatever else you want to get into I'm sure it's going to be fabulous. Happy new year to again thank you for. It's a good graces wintertime not just today but all year long looking forward to continuing that trend into warning in team. I'm glad that I you guys have me on here so gracious and excited that night because you both Brandon and honestly I enjoy listening you guys are all day long. And I was enjoying earlier today I'm glad I could be a part of it and happy new year everyone and in the Bay Area I can't wait. Reporting eighteen in the sports stories that are going on all we live in a pre Blackberry RL law hopefully continue to be great. Thanks goes you're the best guy at the man. They're one of the nicest guys moral Snickers I had Meredith the first dog that pet name of Snickers that was my dad's favorite candy bar and he would buy ammo box at a time and you would hide them from us. Like we need to do a candy bar ranking. Kenya are ranking and Snickers is can we raise it's got to be at the top for me Matt barrows covers services to 49 ish for the Sacramento. The and you would think it always wanted to talk to him about is Jimmy G Jimmy Jean Jimmy gee not so much Carlos Hyde says. The niners are going to the Super Bowl but this Carlos Hyde even going to be your craft.