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It's time for her then. Got to come here and then the last bit. On 957 again. Solar wind and zero. There. Air time of 27 team. For Darryl would do drew Johnson. And I Michael Irvin and we have got you you've got us for the next four hours. Four hours a radio fun supportive of course by what they say and dress though and worldwide Wes dirty white boy behind the glass guru. They're Christmas how's your Christmas firsts in is that man I didn't have a phone we couldn't communicate over the brand I've showed your absence. I'm a white man he must really be busy play and Sam I know you got the girls in the and the wife. I didn't hear from you yer ya I really a tremor there was a firmer and figure out jogging you know I just felt like. What's he doing OK maybe you don't use Leo brightly I'll something where there's no doubt but other than that the Johnson had a great Christmas. And I'm fired up to do I think this would be the last show on the game. Both for. 2018. Which hasn't he depressed. Because when that's seven changes to a eight tomorrow night at twelve. Then that's another Yeremiah each have. Rings it's not. Really I mean that's still down the road. Today the may ask is right there and and get your take solace in this you'll always be younger than me a loud areas and there is the number that you meted out to be part of our conversation of course we're gonna do all the staples. Of end of the year radio and TV we look back at 27 team we want to get orders to set it off right up the rip. What we want to hear from the audience about is what was your favorite sport to a 127 team what was the worst sports moment of Tony seventeen. And the most important question for me anyway at a most interest in hearing what you guys out there listening thank. What resolution. Would you like to see if your favorite team or your favorite athlete. Not just made but unlike 99% of the population actually. Keep song gonna ask you that in just a moment guru but I gotta give the digits out first the number to call and again best moment and worst moment. And New Year's resolutions for your favorite team. Or athlete call us at triple 8957. 9570. You can hit us on the Penske auto sales dot context by and that would be 95795. Again call. 8889579570. Or text Penske out of so start context line. 95795. Will be talking with Bruce Jenkins incredible columnist at the San Francisco chronicle. At 1 o'clock his three dot lounge. Featured something to room won't get to that in a minute tune. I finally disagree with my idol are calling and we're gonna get into that so we're gonna get into it at 1 o'clock make sure you're here for that. Matt barrows talking forty niners is can join us sick to. The rest of the show guru is wide wide open. So we wanna get a gang calls again a text is really talking about every team's. Look at their year look at 27 team and it was all over the map for most teams with the exception. The Golden State Warriors it was almost all good and sell like right now what is your favorite sports moment of 2017 duke. It was the operator late mayor nice and I don't know him when god created that area he knew this is where the celebration would be when the warriors would win the title because it's perfect. Everybody just fits in there and then you watch. My ears and Steve Kerr told you know just off the top of the hand talk about every player in ancient. You know just inexperience would that player and I didn't see that comment in move me. But it also let me know while Myers is so good in his job. He treats everybody the same yeah. No doubt you the same thing about Steve Kurt it's like you wouldn't know if he's talking to. Somebody from janitorial services or somebody who's the vice president thought in the front office he treated her on the same and really that's how we should all approach and I mean the golden rule true there's only one rule that you stick to a life. You stick to the golden earlier going to be are you gotta worst sports moment but Tony seventeen. Lot of people saying that Vegas announcement for the raiders some people say the stadium falling through. For the days. I don't know why more than they were there to shaving in the bathroom and here in dare car Christmas Eve. You know I knew the game was in hand for the raiders and I was shaving getting ready go to church. And to find out that you know just the ramifications of what this season wouldn't be. And dare car not being able to play in this first playoff game to me I don't think I've been around a more. Everything changed I'll listen to the game the radio the post day it was like a funeral it was bad yeah and I think that cloud is still follow the raiders since then. He is fairly new Reed Johnson a Michael Irvin we urge him to rule gets till 4 o'clock again the question we're posing to you. Your favorite sports moment 27 team. Your worst sports moment of 27 team. And if you can get your favorite team or athlete. To make and actually stick to a New Year's resolution what would that be AAA I'm 579570. Penske auto sales dot com. 95795. Guru a couple of weeks ago when you are now we're on the air together. The theme of the show last week they leaked out last week that the theme of the show at the top was. I've seen enough and I sit I had seen enough of the raiders owner Jack Del Rio to know he's not the guy and its content into the mountain top Mark Jackson. Exactly that's the analogy that I Wear out into probably I listened to his solo you is that nobody is the best wanted to probably tired out to some people out there but I'm sticking with that I'd seen enough that I had seen enough. I'm Jimmy G you to know that I want him to get a long term deal. For the niners anyway instead you see them out this is a week ago I've seen enough the lawyers without stiff courage now. They had a great run without stood a great and it underscored their debt their talent their cohesion. I mean it was all to the good. But you're already tired of a week ago and after last night it's almost like the basketball gods put a sticker in there. The day before were told staff is coming back because last night was the first time I can actually say. That was a bad watch they've had some bad losses this year they've had some wins where they didn't play very well it was an ugly win. Kind of playing in mud the whole day out like that expression unheard of for the first that is nice how many users are they were plan in mind. Yesterday that. It was a tough walk but they had an eleven point lead in the third quarter. So wasn't like it started out that they were mud or started out slower Obama tell yet. This experience without stiff courage gonna benefit the young guys I give it they stepped up we saw reel off nine wins in a row without staffed. And then it got to the point to where people were talking about hey could this team actually win the championship without stiff curry and I did it this is what we do and our business but at the end of the day staff is that Michael Jackson and the Jackson 5 we know the house was not on fire but his ads he was missed. And it dawned on me when we talked last week in their you know what. It's a pleasure still watching the warriors blew. But the number one selling Jersey. The guy they can dribble like a wizard truth from Hayward as I mean this do puts on a show in his starts with his pregame warmup I had enough. And last night he just culminated to where. It's just stating that this is a back to back and we'll see him Saturday night the night at home it's wonderful. Any sort of reservations whatsoever. About bringing stuff back tonight because I had Dell that is data on yesterday. Don't hurry they gave gather you do it I got without let up on the the 95 set mind I call. America we also got Omar Vizquel who's on the hall of fame ballot more. I was among many other teams and she's gonna be a minor league manager this year for the first time through and I want him to be when boat she decides to go big Bruce knock yourself out your welcome as long as you wanna stay in tellem that don't. I did. Citizen would you be no uncertain would you open to managing the giants and needs of course I would he's managing in the minor leagues. If you artists charge between the giants are in the minor leagues courses they're taken giant bird like I'm still heavily Malaysia and 3880 would be in the fast frankly you don't want to go earnest Friday look at how many people even thought. I don't know prize yesterday we talked to Dell we talked Omar Vizquel if you missed any of the great interviews not just yesterday but all weeklong. Go to 957 the game dot com we archive Maher you go to podcast you can find everything you may have missed. But we're talking Adele. And I asked him when would you bring stuff back. And he was kind of noncommittal I mean must be odd for him to be called the game and not have his son on it probably chemical formed to tee shot from half court in his suit. Any I meet you weigh in and out instead what they are pregame dance like everyone to read him a blow would win dizzy now. Or is he the Curry's know how to shoot death all the say yeah no doubt about it but. I I threw it out there just is overly cautious and I understand this is like extreme extreme caution. But it's not crazy. Because after tonight they've got three days off to group. And then they have another back to back though this is on the road the first of those two games is against the mavericks a team that they can and should and how. I've handled without stiff curry can Texas triangle then you've got the rockets that's one of those circle the calendar games and you circled it again if you're already done so. After the rockets beat them on opening night celebrated. Like it won the NBA is an audience began Thursday and I mean remember that the owner came on the floor and there were tears and laughter. Paul's eyes there's just nothing but since then and this happened last weekend soup. GM Daryl Morey has come out and said that he's obsessed with the words we know that LeBron is obsessed with the warriors end. They all should be observed for the worst. Any team that's looking to win a title should be obsessed with the team. It holds the title so if you didn't bring stepped back tonight and went ultra cautious route. You can weighed all the way until batch rocky get that rockets game but you Bob brought a great point before the show. Maybe not the best idea you wanna explain why the audience well. I just believe stepped curry knows his body better than anybody want. To do it if she feels like he's ready to go I trust and Stefan is judgment and three. The ankle is gonna do with the ankles gonna do I don't believe if you were to come back and re tweak it doubt we hope that doesn't happen but if it did it wouldn't be because you know what those three or four days because they got arrest. So you were gonna get serious. I think his ankle is strong enough hidden and mentally he's there to where he knows himself better than anybody and I expect him though you know cut the lateral movement I expect him to be. You know just fought and did not top cylinder when he comes out tonight. Then if you saw stepped on through his pregame routine which she's been doing for a few days now. And apparently he's been part of three on for a reason for enforce that practice. A lot of people are saying I think you might have been one of them. And I said might have been stunned Mets on NBA this week with UNJ do you show the came on before us great show every Saturday morning. From nine to twelve if you watched Jeff go through all that you wouldn't even be able to tell which the ankle a guy had been compromised young man and there's the whole rest thing like as much as. Shirt you're getting incredible experiences is why it's so good to be a young guy on the lawyers because a practice with the warriors. Is about as close to a regular season game as you can get because you're playing against him win the best team in the world. But you cannot replicate. Game adrenaline and you can't replicate the actual speed of an NBA game the competition. So yeah I mean the Smart Smart people would say give him give his feet wet so to speak a couple of times before he takes on the rocket sounds like the decision's been made. Unless something crazy happens this morning. Today staff will be in the lineup tonight. Yeah and for the people coming dumb our road are you gotta love this detect life I think it was an eleven point lead it was 5142. Warriors in the third so the math would be it was actually a nine point nine point so there are still go out continue to have a great happy new year and we got that out the way. Well I'm telling me and introduced before counting when I'm working. MMI. He doesn't allow me to look at the Penske out of show stock context let me says I'm a better performer. Any broken down anywhere like advanced metrics on me he said 92 point 3% of attacks are going to be negative on 99 and it represents. Zero point 02. Of the audience there's no doubt take that for what it's worth again the questions in order to start taking calls right now Tripoli on 57. 95 semi everybody does is it to end of the year and some would say it's lazier low hanging fruit. Kind of get that but it's also something that you must. Do you've got to know where you've been to know where you wanna go so we're asking what your favorite sports moment of 27 team. What was the worst moment for you in sports in 27 team in the big one for me. Is you'd get to have your favorite team. Your favorite athlete make and stick to a resolution let's start out with gene in Oakland junior on what do ruin nerves what's going on how are aging. Expo have you did hear him and she got. Yeah okay the first thing around our best moment where is clearly there couldn't reach out book. That decade he made over LeBron which known for mattered the final. But manage his position of the best player in the world. The torch passing as what some people are calling all right that's a great moment no doubt about it. They weren't wanted even public ought scenario went out of combat attacks on me and Super Bowl. From whatever it was 23 points down I guess the third carrier. I despite those guys that can put Tokyo game and for every possible reason imaginable so fifteen months of fact I'm still not over that game. Wow you might have Politico let's let's let's resolve to let that go when the calendar flips 128 team don't carry that around managing left. No not. And I won't buy I'm I'm I'm open at that Jimmy G. Thing worked out in the matters. That's that we have enough votes to actually get back against the pats what they've done or should solutions. Are there resolution little movement for the warriors is that they'll finally move on. From the love a Pachulia who based on last night particularly just look old and tired he's 34. Time to put JaVale back in the and the line up I don't know why there's the matter in the the band she looked good against good all last week. And bring damion Jones up I think it's time he's he's gone about seventeen game and nine rebounds I don't care you. Still got some time yet due to develop you've got to be better than and. Our digital phone call Jeanie I appreciate you I'm gonna respectfully disagree room I think that the words and sort of Steve Kerr you should look. Zaza as my starting center and Ainge probably gonna remain the starting sooner everybody likes to look pleasant I was a bad matchup for Zaza did delight now where we can give them credit on those studies now. It seems that gap doesn't seem to right now. On the front court now that look like his pain free but my point is it was a lot out lettuce is an out there in regard to big me Charlotte had. And that doesn't bode well for Zaza but that he easily is he can't blame last night's las on him yeah and in your right Marc Gasol he is a pretty good matchup for Zaza. He's a good matchup for JaVale means your mail's gonna get surround Steve said. Earlier this week to JaVale is kind of fallen out of his rotation there are rumored to trade them right then pitched one of the very few times in my the only time where I've seen curt. Visibly chapped about something he did not like the fact that that. There were talks right into being confirmed. I believe Cairo trying to. I confirmed what I was gonna happen and yet it's still might happen. If not he's fallen out of the rotation in damion Jones is making such progress with the Santa Cruz warriors. You want him to be feeling if I can heal and it was not everybody likes me you everyone likes what. It is it's out at the end of the day it's on him. What I feel like you got absorbed into your game and are you the high flier but dammit you're already seven foot tall. Couldn't he just impose his presence down low in does not about topple way to go with the dynamic or we're not the only indeed. Is he that happened guy they can't. Play 25 to thirty minutes a game on or all. On every other night basis I don't know I'm young I think that's it might be but I can't answer that question what was interesting to me is there were told one of the reasons they wanna move Javelle. As they would like to get another outside shooter. And when you first hear that you think him with the warriors need more outside shooting. Get this guru and I threw this out to UN Whitley who's our producer today yesterday inner text six steps went down. The worst three point. Shooting team BA is the Golden State Warriors this thing about Fannie videocast but there's so how did in winning all these games well there are also the number one defense since the fourth best team defense. Defense a team I've seen since the Jordan bulls and somebody throughout real quick before we go back to the phone lines. I'm Anthony Morrow is out there unemployed who used to be a lawyer and there's one thing that guy can do we know you can shoot it she's so that there just go plan Tim in the corner. And they just wait for the kick out and that's all we needed I'll do this is how easy deal exactly so that's possible solution let's go back to the phone lines let's go to Rick in Berkeley. Rinker on the bureau nerves don't happen. Yeah I imagine John degraded moment I'm glad they didn't they would wait. There were interviewed Kevin Durant right when the warrior one hit and they want cannot go like you did not some might and they are you gotta match and how about the man. And then up. The worst moment would hear how good have you guys met anybody here about bombarded apply out of motorcycle man hadn't killed regardless. I didn't know what to name what we've booked up. I'm good guys sang amazing when when Bob and then got into it now. Jeff Kent when he fell down washing his truck and now he's heard. You I think what are Kauai you ride web watching you over some. You can actually see his nose growing as he told that story. Oh my god Allah bush that got them in their week later I'll get muddy lie now that's why bombard a word wildlife. No lag but right Gillian and Obama will give them real well above party governor next year read as well guys become arguably outside and play against. Not siding can get Lillie you know good dabble around Malo giant mode when that side will be Baghdad I did was we LeBron have kids again man you know saying that. Blood red and black bag that it is that big time right now but the warrior man. I've begun to. Thank you for the phone call already good call I like all three of your answers let's see if palm can do just as well if not better Thompson San Jose your own withdrew an urgent Sacramento. I walk. I only had it then walked into went. Comic book. Yeah I think you could go to string quarterback. At the raiders he believed god they're related to score fourteen point. And I remember previously. On the radio. Game where it would be predict who's going to be. Bill later can shut out their I don't know what performance. And they're Connor led the team together. Real strong first quarter. And I'd be there later where only Democrats but without. The Q what are our Derek. So that was never in a loss that was your favorite sports moment. Well do kids and later scored fourteen points are needed to do and we understand their defense. It would impact of enough. All right hey it's again opinions are never wrong you've got yours I've got mine and we're asking for your favorite sport from a you don't have to defend it in anyway questions like that caller went to Michigan State maybe maybe. Numbers Tripoli on 579257. And again 8889579570. Penske out of so stuck around to excellent. Is 95795. Who want your best and worst sports moments of horny seventeen and what New Year's resolution. Would you like your favorite team and or athletes. To make. Am actually keepers Jenkins of the chronicles gonna join us. At 1 o'clock here is my I ate all my sports writing hero and I actually disagree with him about something but let's dive into. The lead topic today. The Golden State Warriors we've seen enough of them without staff they're gonna get stepped back today. Last year when KG was out any came back. It seemed like the reintegration. Of Kevin Durant. Did not take very long at all and it ended up being a blessing in disguise is is another thing. That I talked when Dell curry about yesterday again if you miss don't courier armour the scale any other interviews. Go to 957. Game dot com. So is this going to be a silver lining for the borders because last year stepped got to reestablish his dom dominance you know he was the guy. And when Katie came back he was no longer going overboard in trying. Trying to make sure can be felt comfortable and natural and they kind of hit the ground running do you anticipate. The same sort of dynamic unfolding tonight moving forward did you think it's gonna take a little bit now. It it will happen right off the bat in the reason is if you losses offense the last few games. It's starving for staff courage when Durant went out all cylinders are clicking and you you know you miss KD. But at the end of the day. Offense was not the lack of offense is not a problem so I think we're gonna see staff go for point five to thirty tonight I expect it lawyers score about a 120 points while I think the fact that the ditch guys got better. And guys that you don't have different roles that they will help this team tonight when staff gives back and I can't wait to watch. I'm curious as to see how many minutes figures staff because if he can score when she 2530 points. I mean that's on a good night that's what twenty minutes of work for Stefan is on fire in less than down from three you know he's been he's been shooting for awhile now and Whitley cracked the Mike real quick you said that you heard from somebody there some ridiculous stat about stuff Currie was shooting threes. And he made X number out of a hundred I forget what the number wasn't did you get that information from. He made 94. Out of a hundred degrees and his personal record and 96. How you doing just fine and that that's right it was from Q Frazier. Tuesday. Practice so I mean look at guys not to forget how to issue well not out. Does that not he has on the back of his but it's a special not magic not man in a dramatic day. Now we're both about that again your point it out to yeah we go to the game would get there. There's actually two games the first game Waziristan warmup like in the my son and I've washing our team we had to see the person. And I'm watching stiff tissue like a groupie and I'm right here and then I'm looking at the back of his biceps like okay strong skirt. And then I was special not. The system look special. That not. He goes yes that's from him probably should know a thousand a day or however many try but that's why they young man in with his physique can choose from Hayward because he's done his muscle memory as you pointed out he special man. Yeah and in just the strength and stamina it takes to shoot a hundred threes like if that's your routine I'm sure but I mean I told Kevin go to the gym and just shoot around even and I manned with a hundred free throws. Am I get fatigued mentally and physically by the time I get to about. 67 any free throws and granted I'm not your husband Michael and other people in our car like 200 free throws Eddy Curry I'm. 800 vastly no it's it's actually goes quicker than you would think it does it's it's maybe I'll buy that twenty minute exercise the most up by the but I do get mentally fatigued because. I noticed my form starts to exterior and I had to pay. Better attention but I mean imagine like you said a thousand a day for. Man more than a thousand right so it's it's going to be interesting to see exactly how many minutes staffed plays but we're told here is coming back. And that is absolutely good thing because I think we've all seen enough. The Golden State orders without Stefan curry we have not yet seem. Enough of Jimmy gee we want more we want more we want more he is engineered the most dramatic. In season's NFL all around in history. Any history. Now if you beat the rams. Are people gonna try to take away some of the shine because the rams are without starters. That's what won't get into Morgan explained you exactly why it's just as big a deal. Going after in beating a rams team at less than full strength and it would be to be golf and girly and company. Now doctor Michael urban. Blue room on 957. Just your room. I don't play. My quest is on the wheels deal. With the San Bruno is also on the glass there the support system for new ruined her she's terribly drew Johnson I'm Michael Irvin we've got you you've got us. Until 4 o'clock three and a half hours more of looking back it Tony seventeen looking forward and it's when he eighteen games just haven't. A good old time because sports is supposed to be the playground. Of realize and we are gonna have us some fund the niners are having. The best time how we see this phenomena aired here. I'm having the best time sounds like everybody down and senator Claire is having the best time. They'd been having the best time since Jimmy gee god here I teased the stat. It shows. This is not might be this is the most dramatic in season turnaround in NFL history do I believe it. I'm believed there have been nineteen teams in the NFL that started the season 019. Not one of those teams had won more than three games that year until Jimmy G came and now they might end up. Gobbling that up and you remember you and I just exploring don't want added on these airwaves about it's embarrassing not only an 80 instead into. Did you the niners you've got to give only in Indian John Lynch just mysteriously in the middle of the night picks up the phone Bill Belichick. Check this out. I want Brady. The extra one and Jimmy G and now Jesus did the only Jimmy god. ID GQ. Jamie good luck in whatever is. They got their franchise quarterback and now you got the draft all the money on that credit car for free agency right dude I'm telling you dinars or go to the playoffs next year. And in you know what we've thrown this out a bunch of times because it is so applicable. The cliche rising tide lifts all boats we've had god. Our best one we've had guys on defense saying that they're better defensive team because it Jimmy gee well why it would stand to reason that it's all about extending drives. They actually convert third downs in the first comes now and so the defense days off the field. There's everybody I mean we joke about it with the gas like yesterday as we can amendment. Did you did you make you a better husband and a better sportswriter and I just gone that far overboard. He sounded I don't think it's overboard now I'm. And man I mean this guy has again he's engineered the greatest no doubt about it statistically backed. Turnaround in NFL history the intangibles are and you mentioned earlier before we hit the air. It Kyle Shanahan. Actually of course she looks like a better coach because they're winning games. But his play calling soft I think we're just now starting to see the creativity. John Lynch had in mind that Jerry York had in mind when he hired lynching Shanahan I mean Shanahan got a team to the Super Bowl made some bad decisions at the Super Bowl. That's in the past but I got there with a guy who can actually get to the 43 in play it's Shanahan called. Guys have been open all year they just didn't have a quarterback who can get that deep into the reeds or make that throw. And if you wanna just talk about how hot in the stock where it's sad for me in regard to the hottest play caller in the National Football League Al sodomy very with the rams if Shanahan don't forget how soon we forget. How many games of the niners lose by five points or less the last play of the game the last drive he was calling plays enough to keep did not losing games and one play one good play away from change in the outcome coming home with a W card so it's big in the air and now you get this guy that knows what he's doing it was the it was the one trade about a great player he makes everybody around him better return all of a sudden now we heard people left and right who wins noted top tier receiver coach them. Now he lowered our top ten years and yeah it surprised people are seeing here is a below average all he did do was run hasn't pep in his step herb and this is not you and I did not everybody here to station this is the mayor the the football world notice in that this dude is real. I don't care what transpires in. In LA. Win or I've seen enough. I cannot wait for the 2018. Sever Cisco 49ers and I'm hoping that the battle of the bay is opening night I know won't be that second don't head or worse the raiders and neither is it Levi's. You're right if it's not just you know glorified fans like us. Have a platform we've been talking to people that have been general manager and that we know head coaches in the league in their saying. Go ahead and Simon got a long term deal because what you're seeing is real I mean this guy the best of both worlds he learned at the feet of maybe the best coach in NFL OK I know that's sacrilege to say around here but also at the feet of the best quarterback in NFL history of course that I. And I training he was he but he's studied and cameramen a bad situation I don't know what do we do on the field he took it all in and again if you just look at the success of the patriots those two Belichick and Brady I mean good god. This dude is losing end. I studied enlist in their talked every conversation about it notes feel much know what Tom terrific book sex and now he's. I wanna say he's younger than Tom terrific he's doing his impression that Tom terrific and now people like I can't do or did you did you begin to. Just on the on the suit his impression of Tom terrific is spot on any he's making other guy's better I mean going back to Goodwin. We especially after her song got hurt you looked at the niners receivers pre Jimmy quad pull up a low. And said that's a below average rock unit of receivers. And now. Marquis he's good when it's put up more numbers since Jimmy G arrived they need put up in four years of his career think Jessica Lynch thing now he's making catches. You can run the middle route she's going over the million small pleasant this route running to catch in the mid stride he he can do a lot more than just run by guys and the knock on him is even if he runs by you is he gonna catch the ball he's. All he's running good routes I'm happy easy herbs. All he's Jack are on the drive into the facility you're going home now. He's part of the solution now I mean this week our son coming bashed in with our son coming back next year you mentioned all the money they have for free agency just corn you go out and get somebody get another good receiver. And I'm including good win in a group think you could have. Of a unit of three guys Goodwin Garcon and does say they get Josh Howard and that's a damn good group of receivers. Playing with a damn good quarterback is Bryant air go oh man. I would love to do with how these. Don't all fit guy don't you feel about it and they're talking about desert blouse to step the other quarterback the does not worth a damn. If you wanna talk to us about Jimmy you're more than welcome to we would also like to hear your thoughts on Tony seventeen your favorite sports moment. The worst sports moment in your New Year's resolution AAA guy 579257. Before I go out to the followed actually let's do that because I do want to explain why the rams sitting everybody. Should not take away. From anything positive that comes out from Jimmy G or the niners this weekend but let's go to Davey and Martina is more to update your own dour and urged. Good afternoon gentlemen thanks for having me on board. You're welcome thank you for listening. Definitely got our attention on somebody's that earlier you're absolutely right rising tide will raise all boats that you know what. The issue I have with that is leave the chair at you or to just punch a few holes on the whole watchers LC right back down the bottom. What I do know news is that it just seems like every time when the 49ers. Pick up that momentum it just seems like Jackie Burke finds those opportunity to get on that soapbox your body is how. Big important is a little. You just watch everything deconstruct it this time. Speaking is meant to keep can't pocket is not shot in what is seen in this operation do the talking forum. Then you have something. No you are right but this is about lynching you got to give your credit it looks like he hasn't interfered and the fact that it seats have been empty after they had those Super Bowl runs I think earth he's learned his lesson he's paying coaches that are out you know that the first free. The next year contradict him admitting how badly he screwed and I get this guys say and you know blue tree you know skeptical. But it's all due right now and good when it comes surfaces go forty down I don't know an organization I would rather be right now in the niners going the end of the offseason and I mean it. And here's why you can't. Take anything away from the manager Jimmy gee if they light up the rams. As I expect them to do I think are gonna put some put the don't know I felt like they were gonna put it on them if they brought full blown I think the reason McVeigh the hottest young coach in the league even hotter than Kyle Shanahan for turning around their golf who people were calling a lot of study was done I'm trying to get in McVeigh's hadn't say why's he doing this not only to keep people from getting hurt. But what about the psychological impact. Of him going full vote against the Mariners in Jimmy GE lighting them up you don't wanna take an amateur these cars and wins and this is a part of winning you get a chance to do this with other raiders do it you know that the when they were going to the playoffs are so you you aren't. The opportunity to sitar players. And not worry about it you know but in the past two weeks later put it shouldn't take anything away because as gras blows said he was taught to approach opponents. There's are nameless and faceless it doesn't matter who you put in front of me my job is to be you've. So Jimmy G and the niners beat the rams. You just beat your rival and the current divisional winners nothing can take away from that. If you'll hold stay there if you're not. Did there the next segment wide open were going to be taking your calls best sports moment worst mormons worst sports moment. New Year's resolution for your favorite team or athlete but this time they're actually going to keep it. The best sports moment for the simple Cisco giants. I struggled to come up when them and tell our remembered this one thing. And the building and. After Michael Irvin and on 95750. We're so glad you're win this time Michael Irvin he is still a new route Johnson together we have new rue and herb we've got you. You've got us until 4 o'clock supported by my wit these Cinderella. And worldwide web dirty white boys. Behind the glass but you are the stars of the show we wanna hear from you. Because it's our last time on there or not just together it's our last time on the air. Period in 2070 we're gonna take a look back throughout the program at 27 team. And we want to do witness give us your favorite sports moment from here. Give us your least favorite sports moment here. And give us the New Year's resolution. That you would like to see your team or favorite athlete make and unlike most people actually stick to so. Tokyo's can give you my favorite giants moment of the year guru. And I struggled this the first one. Now I wanted to be on the field this is just me if if the audience wants to if you wanna go with the giants move off the hill that's fine. And some people said Evan Longoria because it shows they're they're at least trying and that was a good pick up. I want to see more but it was a good pick a good good starting point. But I was thinking strictly on the field and because I'm an unabashed public send all fan. I did a piece for the athletic a couple of months ago and talked to many seasoned. MLB scouts who say Pablo still has something NM and I don't know I just I'm a soft spot for problem kill me whatever. But his walk off to and the here was a really cool moment Mets were. Duke the textile and immediately pointed out that cost them the number while her daughter people were then that's when the text on the special how indicative. There's going for the giants. Is that I tried to throw out a positive sports moment for the giants and ended up being a negative so. What I ended up with. Is in this is sad in away but Matt cain's retirement. They gave them one final start and let's face it since the perfect game since that season. I'm a little bit of the season now. That was never quite Matt Wright there's is a tape was empty there's a steady regression and what I heard he was gonna make a final start. I feared format and for the fans. If you go out and get bombed and that would be a bad way to go out. Instead he went out there and look he wasn't the horse they're they're. When he used to peak of this powers we saw him as. Any actually was a harsh but he pitched really well and I thought that was a really cool moment that nobody can take away from our lasting memory of Matt came on the mound. It's a positive or how about you for the jets. And I'm not being a Smart ass here it was October 1. The last game. Against the Padres in which and hit the wall com. It's the season was over. 2000 in wow I mean I really mean this it was agony you can see some votes he's faced you can see in our cross for Posey. This whole we heard terrible do we know me. You gotta make some yellow would and it's playing Adelaide you are slimmer. Are you get but I was just happy you was over because. I know a lot of people are still questioning this team and they look at the Dodgers in the rest of the National League west. But I guarantee you. I know what you won't happen for the 2018. Giants are repeat performance of 2017. You have both garnered only evil Knievel with a bike just everything was terrible man. And I was just happy that both T we got stuck to a new deduct a few weeks ago when they're chasing mini John Carlo and he can get healthy focus on is held to come back. In shock everybody this year. Yeah like I said Evan Longoria is a good start AM in the days right after that move Brian savient suggested very strongly. But there's going to be another shooter dropping could be significant because signing Evan Longoria now the two names that keep coming up. Billy Hamilton and they're real moon and Jay Bruce also in the outfield because they presented to their fans into the media. At that post season press conference where it was boats you bear. Say BM today. Am Bobby Evans and their checklist included getting younger getting faster. Getting more athletic. Better defense and more power. Billy Hamilton crosses off. He's a little bit younger he's 27 I think can't steal first hour exactly and his best season was a 329 on base percentage I Dili. They get a center fielder who also fills the lead off role Hamilton would be that but. And I guess she did an upgrade but it's just there. I'm not super excited about that now if you give me Evan Longoria a lot like Billy Hamilton and Jay Bruce. And another reliever Al were talking and that's a gun season for me think that can happen. Yeah Jay Bruce and I Hamilton I didn't I didn't exciting if that debt that support them middle of the order without nerves what else is there a best the combo they need to think that middle of the order you have Evan Longoria Jay Bruce Buster Posey in whatever order you want that would allow everybody else who's been asked him hitting spots that don't really make sense for their skill set. They'd be in spots that makes sense again your best and worst sports moments of corny seventeen. In your New Year's resolution for your favorite team or athlete let's go out to Jerry and Escondido Gerri you're on whether gender. Gerri do those. The same my favorite sports moment. Has to be. They came into the game against the raiders'. Weird with this feel flags. Where they had ten final plays of the game. But exactly I would have is Jewish people are screaming. I was my adult lives or. Oh hey yeah yeah. Thanks to him I gives a whole new meaning to the dump but boom. To my worst sports moment pass to be. Index card against. And how he's. And how about a year ago. NFL jury felt compelled to root out his bathtub out and say we're not gonna allow that ever happen again. If you're an NFL refereeing you hadn't immediately vowed I'm never gonna do that then you got deeper broader power you have a New Year's resolution for your favorite team whereas major. Yes. I think that these. Like this but it changes the offense coordinator position. Why that's a good one you do nothing wrong or that I think we're probably. Going to see that Jerry thank you for the phone call and it happened right it has. Asked yeah hanging out what the working you know what's interesting is Jack Del Rio came out he gave the dreaded vote of confidence. Without really given a vote of confidence in Todd downing talked about him being super bright commented on vain and this and that that. And then I remembered he said pretty much the same things about musgrave the day before he fired him. Right so Jack Del Rio giving you some love to the media doesn't mean you're gonna be around and if they're not gonna get ready Del Rio. Oh my god do if others no doubt that the reason they don't get rid of them is because of money. I'm I'm. I'm just I don't know what in his defense what always sale last year at this time let's keep a realist what we do. We're twelve and four man dare Cardoza go down they were they can be thirteen to three and have a body lets keep it real man this new. Well for me lately it's what have you done for me that's not debt debt that falls into steel Connor presence. Present. C'mon man we you got to remember twelve and for now next year. If if it was to go south or continue to go south I'm with you pressed that button. But I'm thinking if Pete is down things only sacrificial lamb. I'm good with that because a coordinator we see with Shanahan when your do on your a game what they can do for the offense and the raiders took for granted musgrave. And cause Shanahan showing you just how special play calling can be. And dare Carter paid all I got paid and in the receivers are just dropping balls I think they may need another receiver Europe. Or they just me especially those involved but you don't wanna use in a row they drop they led the league in drops per ounce bat look. No doubt about it look everybody regressed over in Oakland and I respectfully disagree I do think fit the smartest thing for the raiders to do for me. Would be to just do it full blown everything below that just like Jed York did in we've got a caller. Who wants to give credit to Jed York she is Oscar and he's in San Jose Oscar. London bureau and airports up. Yeah alone. I was going on Stewart's got. I kind of like incorrect again you are there is no I wanna do that aren't solved all the and I are thankful quick fixes because. You know we give credit quarterback should pay when they've opened when they play good have to pay parity. And good but at the organization making. Yes guards deserve the credit making it sound different give connected to try and give credit to her credit do everything that has happened. And the last maybe couple years at that because there is made mistakes but guess what. And lied and he picked them and all because of it and we have a great everywhere a great coach and now where heavy one of the better quarterbacks couldn't. And the leading get like eight. And I think the reported record it. It could give Ed ego forget bidder has they have tortured because the development very yeah. Will get its position that night and I really very proud of fumble on the outside it looked at anyway. What the fires threaten. It's yet bulky the fact that this busy they're in my opinion that the fight Jim Harbaugh. And I have a football and all that experience blood it hit. The purse and the Olympic I don't eat. If you are all. They want him to be the coach will look back at everything. All right out there I'd shoot a phone call man started could shop there but we've got other people who regard got to be respectful of everybody who's waiting their turn again if you're on hold state there you're not get there. Tripoli and 9579257. Mean we have purposely left. They show almost wide open we have three guests we've got Bruce Jenkins. Coming at 1 o'clock he can and will talk about anything and everything Bay Area sports. He's the best in the business Matt barrows who covers the niners he'll be joining us sit too. And at three we've got Roger lodge one of our favorite guest he has a host down in Southern California bowl for the NFL teams in the Bay Area are playing LA teams and the ball fairly is always a topic that we enjoy it. Discussing. Yet Jed York that another example of Jimmy you make an overall better Jed York's better owner announced until June geez here right. But I will give credit I am loath. Do you given very slow to give your credit for anything but I give them maslin grasslands. Given massive credit for at least. Recognizing. That so much damage had been done. That it's gonna take a while to turn things around that's why he gives you fix your contracts. And John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan give them credit for. Yeah in the fall from grace you know I mean it's in the Super Bowl runs and NFC championships. He was making some statements and he got beat up now you got to just tip your cap. She recognizes. What is going on in the momentum when was the last SoundBite we got from jail he's figured. Time he's figured out in that was a hard less American born in the sale of that he's in a good spot now and I'm proud of him for not happened. I agree Smart thing to just shut the hell up dead we always want to hear what comes out of the mouth of our next guest is Bruce Jenkins. He is a columnist for the San Francisco chronicle he covers a little bit of everything he is my idol. But he wrote something in the 3 dot lounge this morning. And I firmly and strongly. Vehemently. Disagree with regards the NBA all star team and it might affect warriors chemistry.