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Saturday, July 15th

In the final hour of Urban and Guru, Kelenna Azubuike, NBC Sports Bay Area Warriors TV Analyst joined the program and talked about the Warriors offseason and also they broke down the McGregor/Mayweather press confrences. 


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All rod Colorado Colorado welcome back in time Michael Irvin a look at across the studio Darryl Johnson together we are herbs and your route thank you so much for joining us if you like to talk with us. Just call us Tripoli 957 and 957. Neither Penske auto sales dot Comtex like. It's 957. 95. Majority is very shortly is going to be clinic Azubuike a former warrior who helps describe the action pre and post game. On NBC sports. Day area I'm finally get him down bureau haven't called Comcast. In a long time but pay you resides in Denver I believe in the offseason is that right wildly and it is he's joining us right now you can follow him on Twitter. At K Azubuike seven. For those of you don't know how to spell that last name it's a ZUBU. All right Kate he. And the number seven clan at. Summer league why. All of a sudden is it the biggest thing since sliced bread I do not remember some really being this popular. Last year the year before ever wise it's a big. I think it got bigger. And I think that you I really well. Then electorate really. And Upton. And Marco all the vote went out there you look good name. Double and org or. Blog global. View the big draw you've got to give credit. Allowed now. He's drawn a lot of attention to a and it that is so now he's playing well the first gain struggled with been. Than any picture ability. To and no one's ever been an elderly he's shooting the ball portly but. I think that's come. It. You know and play and maybe your okinawans focusing on issues that they ought but he really. All now know I'd ended there and arugula date Tuesday. Man he's long he can it be enough to get shot you pay to ask you need not rot your platelet veteran and she's pretty good. And he's going to be public opinion and bought a couple weeks ago Gordon Hayward. I'd say it on the hill there so I think it can help O'Malley Gannett. Late significant there have an impact on that team ninja action related to live players in the difference in the open air spot. Super speedy. So been. Really good performances aren't the only thing that mother didn't let the big draw out of from the what these young guys do good things. Collette I'm out. I'm with Kia and I'll I hold me Obama cop who just is channeling his irritate. And I wanna be negative or take anything away from him you played the game. But we do have to slow our roll in just wait to see much caught in the regular season to go to to see. There and measure the improvement right because I feel like. You know some people are just going a little overboard. And again not being negative about how great he is as summer league and I'm like come on he's trying to get some guys. They did not even gonna be in the NBA. So the warriors as a whole their organization. All eyes will be a McCall when he's in deceit in judge if he's made the net necessary jumps correct. I agree I think you can connect that that you're though next year but he's not hesitate to speak. Not even Jennifer Connelly get a dominant family that thought did god judges from his rookie he by some of the main thing about him where. Is always out now he's not in the mind instantly make the right place he's more well marked where. You. Good defender. And you legal kind of players seemed to groom at a faster rate than that other guy than and bode well beat. That are out there like he's been working on his game during the summer I was Michelin summer league but can continue working again he's not in that by. And too though eat at a significant role it you or. He's not going to be that by then Bennett. Continue to improve and opposite to live around here pocket ABBA I am a different player I've got another. You're under my belt income and easier in the like on that they then next that this year so. I really believe it and improved from last year this year I think it'd be more popular thing. To be in and around these warriors player of the great leaders have entered. Better it kind of taken them under his wing GG yeah can be I think it is so bad that he's going to be big here. The bush years out of Kelenna Azubuike he former warrior of course. He now describes the action before and after word games with the NBC sports Barea follow him on Twitter at K Azubuike. Seven and claimed as you mentioned this summer league has been gaining more and more attention more publicity. Year by year we're talk a little bit earlier in the program the NBA seems to have closed the gap significantly. On NFL in terms of being a 24/7. 365 league is that oversimplifying. Things to say. The rivalry between. Well I don't even wanna say the caps between LeBron James and the court and quotes super villain stake Golden State. That's why the NBA is now 2.4 7365. Week it's 'cause those two entities have generated so much interest year after year now it's peaking in their kitchen up on football. I think you're right I think your I think it's a really good thing for the lead. That there are these really really good teams so injured mean they've thought about. And I always say like what people well. Wars where constructed. Good Leo well good thing that always been definitely a really routine audit of the league like eagle back on the box Celtics and the lakers were going pretty much back and import in the eighties and oil but I really had a chance to anyone else had a chance to win. That's kind of what may delete cool if you think about. Yeah thirties overrated meant dirty bores me. And that and then it really just doing what appeared to be what they can view. They compete with the war and and and try to team up yet Chris Paul ogle and over be used in that you know with James Harden. They're talking about mellow now get me though they're not our. Bell about doing it too but. All the that it seems tribe. To get these start together. Try to beat the warrior that community interest though I think it is. Great for the league and then we thought what summer league that bigger than it ever been now so yeah at this point fortunately you enter in the apartment Tuesday and it up and you wanna keep your eyes on the train. Active than what what other sport. As free agency that that is interesting it is in India and sort that created that it is something that everybody. And so. I think. And as we just talked about it it's great the lead. Warriors in the cavaliers. Are this good. And it uninteresting and it may in other team in the NBA we take note that to David Keene and then try to. Knocked up and and and seeing guys that together and and players pocket more than ever for a different team to try to figure out what they can do that really compete. It's been reported that the lawyers told JaVale McGee the last roster spot is he is if he wants it. And I'm a big shot did to you know he hasn't. You you know city's gonna take it because he had a couple visits I believe what they teams in clippers. But nothing as of yet. Are you shot the JaVale McGee is unsigned by the warriors or any other team for that matter. Relevant to our whose words we don't app. Much flexibility and more. Aren't what they can pay him they're probably given them. The pride that what what there will limit at what they can pay and ease. Look and see what other options. He's gonna take your time at age put it it's about money and that's really what it goes out to. Is it. If you feel like other he had it under offer significantly more money. He's probably gonna consider and the warriors expect that that date that date it who can do it. A few years. We feel like it's the best place for you they only showed that orders. Organization that is the better quit or are over the veterans who usually they have for evidence of a man off the court I think you know when it is about the money and if you take more money Oakley and I did it but it makes cents but I think by I think he knows where. It's going to be best for it and is career move court pretty much the rest is here he can help you probably love the day with the warriors but at the business and he's. Probably gonna try to make that much money can't or maybe you and he takes let me more power tool because. I think his career will be longer be better player big wars but he's got to make it to her so does that. We got another minute or two left with Kelenna Azubuike is an NBC sports Bay Area TV analyst of course cover in the orders used to play for the worst fall among Twitter at K Azubuike. Seven. Why the hell are they gonna wait for Javelle I mean I guess they can wait as long as they need to reduce just the fifteenth roster spot mr. bell turns down. The minimum I'm sure there's a gang of people lining up to play for the Golden State Warriors for the minimum but. You think there's any sort of timeline where they say all right enough is enough to value got to make a two months and. I don't think so but these setup alike. And does that matter how late they way it always be people politically with the warriors have a took the women's championship though. I was hoping that big a deal they wait till. Somewhat cold weather beaten are still pretty much called the and the buildup lap brought to spy. And they would love to have really again what are. And take. But let money in and besides the forgo whatever it because again it's I think. Money that part well all those great environment to end and creaky may when he talks in and be in half. So it depends on which would louder when you go so. He's got to admit that it is bigotry and so that is Stanley and figure out what that streak and then. Well let me let money to what. Be that more or whatever it is more important and I think President Obama. They Kelenna and knows that easy to give up a little bit of your afternoon on a Saturday we do appreciate your time and thanks great stuff. Oh. I'd still Azubuike NBC sports Bay Area TV analyst former. Guard slash forward for the gold suit or Clinton would fit in nicely with this squad he had hops to hit it development though it down on the day he did but don't don't you agree I mean you would have been a nice rotation guy he -- this game would have fit perfectly with these golds at work when he's when he's on the desk. We say going in with Papa and they're just watching the game in the green room or whatever you know in the back of their heads and am I came like. Eight years tour via S five years to our German. A 21 step further I believe every basketball player Dave that some won't own up to it. Say if I were in that system. He would be the best thing that ever happened to me I yeah. Honestly believe the way that the lawyers are playing basketball. In what Steve Kerr has done that Mark Jackson couldn't do the rug are called uncle Tom for saint Steve Kerr offensively was a better coach than Mark Jackson. Food Marquette and us accomplish and that's just how I played dribble and ice so right they had no creativity and now it's just it's a messy. The remark Marc Jackson we all know and anybody who follows the warriors it gives Mark Jackson his do Kirkland the warriors into defensive oriented team. And everybody even to this day as much as we'd love watching the offensive juggernaut that is the Golden State Warriors. They will pound over our heads. Offense is initiated by stops. If we get stops we are going to be great offensively. Stop stop stop stop stop who got them first thinking about stuff Mark Jackson Mark Jackson but down to the playoff money could be able to convert those stops. Into offense that's where Mark Jackson struggled that were Steve Kerr company dropped. Can I give you the girlfriend analogy of what Mark Jackson is thinking in his mind as he's doing lawyer games and watching them win championships. Is that like watching your X two is Mary the model guy with all the money in the world and you watch him go to your car while you're in an apartment in. It's hard to give Maria you know you don't bet that you Patrick there's something there that could be do you think look last. Here when he was calling warriors games everybody seemed to think that they were picking up on an ice that he couldn't quite high division I didn't it got picked it got me to where I was looking for signs of of his bitterness. I feel like some of that went away during this post season run how about you because I think you're more tuned into that. Then I was but I feel like he's starting to get over because I think maybe it's because she's hearing the lawyers say over and over and over. Look our offense is as good as it is because we play better defense and I think I think what we're here too is when you hear the guy that took over for yet Steve Kerr gives you profit. That to me cottages that that's enough and he drinks that but how good is Steve occurred just knowing that that's what mark needs to hear that. And mark along with van Gundy did have something going on to where there there are all banned in sales out and I feel like that's helped him. Comedy you know he left on bad terms. I don't feel behavior rate did people do did you watch the text mining Twitter when he does the game. He's doing these things and I'm like I don't think he's doing it as much as people say in the for you this aids die down the acting. You know it's funny you say that because I used to be secured Jeff Van Gundy in to see how gather Skaggs and he takes himself too seriously. Now he's gone the other direction. I mean the way he acted with the Rihanna at courtside Andre brought him to do that espy's that's where he's going to right I mean he's he's become quite funny and entertaining in a character. Like his career progression I don't think he's gonna go back to coaching improves his daughters are oh. In Europe and the coach Jim. On the as reasons some of army he's ready. He's got that personality rockets we've been good yup they're doing the same pay many take any would be funny you're almost. Momentum we have maybe gotten into that they're tripling I'm 579257. If you wanna join. The conversation. I'm herbs he's guru gives the call again Tripoli 95792578. The Penske auto sales dot com text line is 957. 95 kick around a little bit lawyers basketball there is never a bad time to talk quarters basketball NBA has become. A 24/7. 365 league in you keep deal all the credit for when Cady decided to come to Golden State. That's when everybody. Went. It was like. The record scratching in the whole room sounds goes silent right deal comes I'll listen to her. When the bill comes to real confident in the guys go god still are right all the sudden it was wow. JD just did what everybody paid attention to and then all of a hate for the warriors came and then you saw what they did in the post season. And now TDs taking less money almost like what's his reaction. All the heat coming his way him saying look I'm a better I think you think I'm taking less money now. I don't I don't think that makes the people wanna be met Katie feel any better about JD do you know not enough money out of dollar we had Adonal Foyle. Studio earlier this week and he said. You know he's licking that if from a player perspective. It KG let the lead down. Players are not even in the league yet because he was supposed to take adapting to the Max. And Katie was to get hurt. Guys behind him are not in a better position because he took up quote unquote hometown discount it was just amazing to see that perspective. But my Katie only owes it to himself. And his teammates. To do whatever he seems right with his money. In this just put him in the stratosphere. He's in his Jersey will be in the in the in the in the rafters right because what he did is why this team is stronger now because without live without ED. And you start saying okay yeah that you guys got the fabulous four but after that is where we can get to. KD was so so and so unselfish. The they got stronger people I know more. I think KD entering this season because some people were on him about taking the easy way out. I think Katie was used eager to please eager to to get people off of his back but here's what I think happened. Winning a championship emboldened TD. To stop worrying about the noise and stop pouring about what you can't control which is other people's perception of you. Look you can control three things your ABC's your attitude your behavior. In your choices that's really all any of us are that control anything that's all any of his control him in any area of our life we can control our attitude. Our behavior our choices everything else has variables that are out of our control. I think what the championship do for Cady. Is it gave him the freedom. To stick his middle finger up and public and then I don't care what you think of me because he was already doing that to a degree right to a degree he was must not publicly okay. I think you Swinton people's opinions. Now wait until what day is Emery go off like he does not care and if you watched that still KD documentary that you hit me too. Does watching a little bit it makes you wanna do what decay. QB right now and say. It's going to be OKQ do you really. I'll go we all love when it got kind of work thoughtful articulate. I beg to differ I don't call Rihanna the IK ED. Jeff Van Gundy wants to hold Rihanna almighty god I don't know if that was like. It was an actress you figure well it was that they would decay DOJ would you how about this was this natural JD's reaction to Peyton Manning no joke a that was very funny well it was great was that did -- I think Katy knew it was coming out he did know he was going to dance when I get mad 'cause I can't trust when can we just live I don't write what you signed with your eyes is real we can't believe anything is organic anymore he he executed Peyton did dead jokes a whale the timing was perfect in the command they're in the end and Russell it's been the go to Russell. But they wanna find out. After seeing Casey's mom laughed that was really him laugh and two and for him not to laugh. You knew he had to be used to playing along and I wake up in here he is I know I need to get alive but I'm just like what's real is anything real and unrehearsed anymore you know you know we're gonna find out. Problem I would say within the next six months to a year or let's say I'm not saying we will find this out I'm saying I would not be surprised at all if we found out. KD and Russ haven cool. All along how somebody just all somebody. Who just moved from Orlando all thought George he said that there they're back. He's senate's two days ago that no work when I'm saying is we're gonna hear that that there was no their back. This post I got to compete with all fabricated. Just to generate income and did not generate interest is Alaska want people who did it's based on what we know of KT OK I was watching an offseason documented case he's big on documentaries about himself I'm not mad at him in the musical world and entities own the year that Paul George got hurt in the the blue and white game right I was watching right after that it rattled TDs so much. He begged out of the world championship that some write. What you do what's the first who's the first person he called when he made that decision coach K. Really difficult call for him to make TD made it reserves the right thing to do. And now you're based on what I know of Cady and his character. I don't believe. He. Dashed out and didn't call rust and tell him he was lead. That's why won't be surprised to hear that that was off fabricated. I know yeah that boom rank comes back that you say we knew we didn't attack it just goes to what you're doing and is I don't know when that they did anything for real anymore does everything truly real I don't know. Let's go ask Allen Concord he's been very patient Tripoli 95795. Semi Q1. Reach out to a style is done just that I'll run on five semi game with a man. Doing well thanks to call. All right so we're not. It should like. That about it. I think especially. At. 10. Yeah. Are you. Sure I'd take. Bad. I. Argued that it didn't try yet Beijing. Good surge try it yeah. That. Works. Out and no you should not be important. Here. And I. Don't. Eat. The war. And it just Bobbie it's ultimately. It. My. Issue ouch don't. Should hear the bat and a year ago. And recently. Should start Q2 in the nation so you think you're doing. I know what you Italy. Put it that you. It. Up thank you brother thank you for the phone. Have you followed my career and know exactly who accounts talking about I don't know make this program about me and my struggles just suffice it to say can't be done alone. If you got a problem. Asked for help. Amazing to me that Kyle is just. Look at what DA's have conditioned their fans. How they've conditioned their failed to to think that she's fine with Sunday being. Does Sonny has been hurt in learning is not being good. Don't wet like this is seat lower Hudson in their prime. He messed this up peak condition days to see life without Sonny and guess what it was Sunday. While you're wordsmith your group. I'm Michael Irvin yeah is your route this time of the year everybody on social media is a general manager we're gonna join in the fun and make some MLB. Trade deadline deals for the giants and days I am herbs he is due group this is done by points. And now captain Michael Irvin and Hulu on 95 point seven. I shall cherish my time on the radio I'm so blessed to be nothing compared to talk with a friend mine sterling you. About sports. Share my opinions with the Bay Area had the Bay Area share their opinions back could damage. Being brought back on there was poor timing because there are of the view group Johnson was just in the middle of one halibut on the story about. And all of a sudden we're back on the air and had to cut you off this thing. You lead the best he's ever made in rap history wow and and yanks in the nobody. Nothing bad is just about them home Cindy know what I appreciated because our executive button pusher for the day Allen executive I have good I was getting on him about the. Music these bring us back to him he stepped up his game or program. It's nice to see young people learn make adjustments and do things right welcome back I'm Michael urban news Darryl Johnson. He is known is your room I am known as herbs together we just never good old time I hope you're having a good all time as well. Look everybody on social media right now fix their general manager you check it. I know you're on Twitter probably a little bit more. And I am I right my top my toward a time no not at all I'm not a I'm not saying it's a good. Wish you a ticket to the bed and now I know why you and I get along so well I take it to the restroom all have this kind of bold you know exterior were kind of tough guys but deep down it's pretty easy to get under our skin in name Rivera. In securities write off Y. Right I thought instead I think I wasn't judging you on use you know judge me. I'm not used to it can this be conditioned to citations are conditioned to bear the Jersey they just bought is going to be obsolete very soon. Sonny gray is on the block. John equipment is on the block. Who else is on the block could see Yonder Alonso is on the block as Chris Davis on the block or are we not hearing by the way that Chris Davis is on the block as he better not be on the black keys a home. Run hitter that any successful teams needs in the middle of their lower his defense is is. Harris hit keeper in Kenya under snot and Sonny he's not he's older and younger as the oldest one on the Zahara and Kenya honors the one who wins the shortest track record and prevent successfully to death in the and you gotta say we're gonna pay you for we won't call the flu but ideally we got to see you do some more. But unfortunately. By the time you show was you I'd be 3334. Right troop. By the way this is a little bit random kind of a detour but somebody on the textiles talking about how much more. I like keyed the and I yeah I just wanna hold him right idea I just think he needs to be held. JV it's going to be OK we all love you. It seems like he's he's looking for love you no matter how much love he gets he worries that there may be out of the out of the night there's a hundred people. 98 of them love KD. He's worried about the to tell him our medical Dr. Phil drives now on the to do so on behalf of the 98 I just wanna hold Canadians say. Don't worry about the other two Acadia target. Somebody on the tech science has KG comes off as an author and. I was shocked when I read that the Penske auto sales not content son Brian Westbrook wrote this 95795. Russell Robinson addressed accident. I appreciate you listening rest go ahead and call into triple A 957. 9570 we've got we got room for one more unannounced guest. The Astros by the way that. Again everybody on social media including the our car including the writers. Right I mean it's not just fans out there that are playing our that are playing GM hey it's ironic right social media has emboldened. Writers agreed writers have a greater platform than they ever had before. When I first got my start covering Major League Baseball. When I was I was hired to be Indies beat writer for mlb.com now in 2001. I'd never Twitter account back then write it wasn't until I don't know I think I'd just had my eight. Anniversary on Twitter I just got to a message reporter Abbott on Twitter from his own one for eight years now. 01 is when I started with the mlb.com I got so I've only been on Twitter for eight hours I got which means so what year was that that I was armed that I started on Twitter. 2009. 2009 right so for the first 78 years of covering the AA. Now right in the a's were a high profile team at the time this is Hudson Mulder Zito to Hata Chavez diet all put Giambi all the stuff right. I mean I was lucky that I hit cover that team. But I didn't have Twitter as a platform I was known a little bit locally. Because I covered local team and Internet we'll start to explode but I was my escalates I couldn't. Interact with the people on the East Coast right. Because Twitter didn't exist now I can interact with the people on the East Coast put Twitter has emboldened. Writers like me who in 2001. I wouldn't I had nowhere to throw out my cockamamie trade ideas. Now all you have to do not guarantee this happens to group. Is a writer says. I'm hearing. This team acts is talking to TY. About players Z how. It didn't happen. It happened in the writer's imagination but because yes Twitter and because everyone can hide behind the anonymity of a not of an unnamed source. You can just. Throw out a fake trade rumor and see what happens everybody's GM on social media including the people that we trust. And not play those games they're playing in the games just like Joseph fan. In any it's knocking the I feel like Twitter. His caught up in almost taken away from the guy like you've actual beat writer right. Everybody's breaking news everybody's it's like the people laugh follow I feel like they worked for me so if they find a gym that you saw mole in the lot and I know about your cup I just freaked we have like I do it's it's of no you're right it's like I'm. Against duke might do slots are going to hankins connected the stupidity mixed in some guys like RB SO. Like sports on what dig dig up this is their job they built dynasties on this on just getting the information out first. Just put that to one place to where. Guys like me the late comers to go and it's all there it is not really there is that they're not the origin of the story it's Twitter. This gave them their. Yeah you know their point to where I can see. How are we not seeing on the text Lungren now somebody dissing someone random and then signing it from Hank in Schenectady. Come on people's outlook public out there we we need to transition record okay and we have not paid any attention to this story thus far. And part of it was by design element to see if detects one would bring it up or deceit. If the caller would bring it up but part of it's because I I feel like I need to take a shower when I'm done discussing that would be. Floyd money Mayweather and Connor McGregor they had the first and second and third and I think even the fourth of four press conferences. Promoting their fight and look we all know what these press conferences are about its zoo in the fact that despite its happening. At all it it guarantees that. Anything attendant to this bout is can be a circus it's gonna be laughable it's almost like an early read. Here's what is not laughable here's what's not make believe in here's where it went from looking you know how I am a sports right. Same same ram in movies what on my friend says. He'll ask me if I like the movie and before answers of course she liked it it's a movie but I'm not that easy just entertain me I'm very easily entertained. Con McGregor in Floyd Mayweather up on stage entertained me and tell. Connor McGregor starts get racial he should you stick to its former boy. He showed that to Floyd made when they said did you like rocky three he doesn't happen what were deserves a move seen Iraqi three rather Brothers and a GO. As you know moved around that get their groove on whom he said the motif that the world with the with the death of Monica yeah yeah I just. Okay look you've already got our attention do you need and I don't know I listen it's a mess it's a circus. But I just stay in I was down with Conner all the weapons that point I can't stand money Mayweather. Cannot stand him don't like watching them fight look I acknowledge he's one of the greatest boxers of all time may be defense incident boxes may be the best defensive boxer of all time. You can't touch the guy he's supremely can do you want that to a commonality that is all of the rope a dope and and you know right issues later because he's never hit but. That guy I can say that unequivocally bad guy so went bad guy goes against a guy whose colorful and funny and I don't know much about. I'm gonna root for that guy that guy up until this week was Connor McGregor. As soon as you know look he clearly feels like he needs to go way over the top to sell this by I just don't think he needed to go there. And for you as a black man am I'm wondering to debt issue notes. As a black man. I appreciate when somebody lets me know where they stand as opposed to faking it. In the and you find out all the sky was a fraud she email his faith and I'd love death top hat on here goes Chris and it in the work environment to where let me know where you stand. And I can respect he just on that front but. A box and die hard. I thought Mohammed Ali was rolling over in his grave that this fight was happening there. And this is the epitome of what Major League baseball's all star game tried to do this is wrestling right before our high chair I say all that to say I went in and I won't watch it. I have been captivated. Like the first time I saw Halle Berry were both Padraig this is incredible and what I. Learn is McGregor forget intimate and boxing he is the best chance talk here. Peak number one out and is voiced his cadence what he's talking mask he's he's great that it. Is like he was meant to be one of these guys to talk miss so. McGregor is much as I don't like an actor you when he and on the money all that stuff I've drama line in the sand who rode floor bullet. I feel bad for May win there because I feel like McGregor has gotten him out of his comfort zone and I know flow used to talk a little bit. When he's talking about what you got that backpack on Teddy and read all that stuff. And deceive the demonstrative. Mayweather. Reminds me it didn't fail on training day at the inn where he was yelling that the neighborhood. And everybody is like dude you're the bureau you're Euro over. I feel bad for you again Jake and Natalie I don't like about this Mayweather trying to be McGregor. I feel like dude actually did this thing they've they've all. He's always been like well he went a little money may then there was money may there was you know. The textile makes a good point. Conover Gregor is the Irish Mayweather did he is back to six saying and hit the nail on the head as you possibly can so we'll say Irish was slaves before you that you can get all bets are out and say it's not my goal then you better be up on your soapbox every time a black athletes as white boarding cracker Connors from Ireland. He he always says boy or boy Leo. OK maybe are not up on my Irish slayings that aren't as well attended by let's just say there is you know that don't like each other right and those that there are birds with tethered to a certain degree or they wouldn't be doing this Michael you know I'm down for this fight after every one of these press conferences here's what I see. I see them in the steam room at the luxury hotel that the ball clouds up bond don't lay the champagne flutes sat next to each other. We're all somebody fan and am would jag greatly like we really tricked they're going crested today Chris had to enlist the American public before. Which you are right. That very well may be going on. It's just like. Just like KB and LeBron. Like when was it was the right after game seven of not this it was a year ago rabbit via Father's Day. When the cavs won. Okay well all I know I I'm blanking on a but I know that two combatants from the opposite sides. You found out the very next day after they'd fought till we felt like fought to the death tooth and nail. They're hanging out the next day party. I mean that's what a lot of hard hard line old schoolers can't stand. About modern day professional sports there are all in the same fraternity right it's it's no longer. I don't talk to discuss first base I don't talk to him batting practice that right you do not bottles all I'm telling you caught ever Gregor and Floyd money Mayweather. Are chilling in the Sauna. Half an hour after we think they were going at each other you know like cats and dogs they hate each other hate each other and each other now. They just had a performance it was command performance and they're gonna command. Ungodly amounts of money for the rematch wouldn't Conner wins. That's what they're sick there's a report that Tex lines says that they do share to private jet together going to aligned and now wouldn't be shot these two because. We know box and as a science we know intimate on the give I don't think it is but I am given it to him on this day it's assignments but. All they have is the press conference asked a real fight because how can we expect anything of substance when one guy is not experienced it in boxing how are we expecting that this is gonna live up to one so I think we're getting the fight right now which is an A plus with him going back and forth because when he comes down to that actual sport of seeing them go at each other what do we really haven't how good bikini beach is just one person is an expert in it -- Mayweather. I mean what are we really gonna do it. We're gonna get a circus and we're gonna pay for we're gonna watch it organ alike there a boxer Mike port 11 guy's a boxer. Huh. That's why we're gonna watch it to room because it's the unknown where all of us secretly hope Connor. Freaks out forgets where is immense amount checks for ahead bucket that's why I'm watching that's why slowdown for currently borrow 99 and and a you can come over the house I remember. Now let's go to rookies that's gonna Ricky she is Darryl Johnson a Michael Irvin. Together we are herbs and do group Major League baseball's all star game as a bit of a zoo for guru. I was 52 that we haven't even touched on the home run derby did the winner of the derby. Fully cement himself. As the face of baseball. Disagree on that pretty heatedly as well merge these two route 95 point seven against. Now back to Michael Irvin and who are on 95 point seven point gain. Todd I understand the radio visual medium so let me paint a picture with my words I'm looking across the studio. Darryl Johnson genome is your Michael Irvin you know me as herbs and guru is about to make his way to the 2017. Union City reunion Saddam porches emblazoned on. Can I speak please I'm trying to paint a picture with the words here tenured Salim. The picture it's between seventeen Union City reunion is in the shape of a Harley-Davidson logo which is in congress to begin with. But do or who is wearing sunglasses then I need a better word Smiths deny to describe so I bring him. Our very own Rick total Rick how would you describe the sunglasses. The guru is now rocking in studio. I liken their their half Franco fan. And their half what they call in the Marines pods tactical optical devices. Solis go half and half a mile likened their work. Ominous shave it costs not a cent more than 799. At the closest corner gas visuals look like sunglass hut a 139991. A great Tyndall a little higher. And if they work in in about what the merchandise is is how are you rocket and I'm channeling my inner cap predict. No he's on our group paint what herbs looks slugger and now. Are not. But then he looks like he'd be up in town hall with a professional golf first off tonight hello god it's comparable work where you go along with the Rick what is on the fugitives are okay. Has he told Danish Dutch wanted to do and say I can't tell Michelle Russia would never do that my partner. Richard Skinner we're gonna hand the baton to Ricky about 3 o'clock and as you know army hugely total thin record too got going to do well we're gonna talk a little bit about them at grade F five with with Mayweather and as they said it's like. How we love this Dutch politician that Bryant thanks from Ireland he's not Scottish tourist trap we not foreigners don't know how to talk smack. When he was going on look at she's due baggage dollar read and trash your aid delivery del Rey but I know it's been hurt my enemy of weird what are you shaved convert Gregor got a good smack talk I don't know why did he ask you have no idea how to talk to Americans snapped species do. All know why this is what is wanna work with them the jurors you weird science the best move Eric drank yea it's weird science when whereas from mad Max wrote his motorcycle on seeing this is all I thought of. TJ you can't even take you shall. The helium balloon and without glaring and she. Looked at the same. Kind that crap. It's the same crap. Good Dallas Braden is gonna join us as well and Walt I'll take Elwood got the pregame. I got the post game it's all baseball it's time let you guys seen this this study get a gauge of Sonny gray get traded their six that back Zedillo he shouldn't. Oh well you shouldn't and I'm saying there's no rush there's only two reasons that you trade a number one here overwhelmed which is have never been overwhelmed. The number two. I talked to Bob Bob nightingale the other day and he said if the a's are are confident and sure he's just gonna get hurt again and be out like if there's some inside information. But I don't think so far there's no rush he has two more very cheap and. World leaders for the record before we came on the air I offered to rekindle that he told me consider a part of our laps for the sixth and he declined promoted her. That's you why you offered their economies in Manila is that just like saying I was like I'm sorry say that any gravity they gave me if you start to I don't know I'd love and apartment he could. Earlier I should that I wanna hold kitty because I think he's worried about you people out of a hundred that don't let him instead of the 98 could do. I just wanna Haldeman CKD don't worry it was like people that's like branding Crawford's Twitter you know it says I can't hear the haters over all the cheering. Who okay that's nice there you is that what is. That's I think that's to the middle finger out of the press he doesn't say virus. Original again will be passed the baton to him and about 3 o'clock or accuse always outstanding withers got a cohost or not. Temple and so him in Dallas Braden that's appointment radio and or time zone now I'm going to the to the it. And it's gonna say you're doing radio and it got as it comes it'll pop a big. Right that's. Right you don't nobody argumentative and McCain are I don't play tough guy got to defend. Yeah right after you share hello I've got to think about all the way over our analog and digital recorder and I think you see out of that he would. The freak. Facing baseball. Aron jets really. I'm sorry I'm home run derby win and he's facing baseball now it's what you alluded to and it's what baseball Acela now for. It's. Captivating to watch him at the plate. His physical. Attributes his blessing does what he did in the first round of the homer injury but guess Sanchez too though don't produce and I know I know and. And I love that he did that because there's so many people saying including Logan Morrison who didn't get picked despite having Tony forum runs at the break they what was Sanchez. Just why Logan because your Logan Morrison. In this Sanchez guy plays for the New York freaking yankees there's more interest in the Yankees then in Logan Morrison and by the way Sanchez backed it up. By doing something in the derby but. Aron judge. He's he's got to hit when he three homers in the first round to get out of it. Nobody hits 2.3 homers in the first round nobody gets Torre to put somebody did hit point two ahead of Verron judged so earned judge its 23. I thought we would never see a command performance is impressive. As would Josh Hamilton did while they closed old Yankee Stadium with the all star game way back when member how he just went nuts in the Bronx. Since then I hadn't seen a captivating home run derby this captivated me and tell me if I'm. Would you doing it to telephone crazy I felt like for the first time in a long time. These guys heating the home run swing in the the bat like Paul Bunyan. Showed the world just how difficult baseball is how strong you have to be to keep taking those consecutive swings back to back the in my mind my visual it was like they were into pressing. It was something to be seen. And I update the moment was captivated. By these guys. They needed to call the timeout they were tired urban I do think it put baseball finally up there with football and basketball is not just being a soft sport that a lot of people say ecology to sit out there and a ball won't come your way for the first time off felt like all the contestants. We're showing just what it fit to swing. And how hard to swing a baseball bat back to bag back is real doozy. It was energy in a home run derby I think held on to write this I'm. Real quick I don't wanna leave Jake hanging Jake's been on hold for a long time in Concord unfortunately Jake I can only give you about 2030 seconds which got former. Takes gone fine I give my twenty or thirty seconds back. All the good that the home run derby did in your mind. Was it done done the next day. Well the shenanigans stunned by fox and Major League Baseball at the all star game itself no. Okay one there that don't like they are yet now of the I like that but the home run derby was so great in will be remembered that. It's overshadowed. Also he's like me OK and what are deemed again here's what I wanna tell you this this is giving me in my version of of holding on to keep the insane it's OK Kevin. 98 of us love you don't worry about a 2%. I just wanna tell you guru when you think of the 2017. Major League Baseball star game I want you to think of the game winning home run an extra innings or do you think of Bryce Harper laying out. Robs somebody of a shot in the gap and I want you to think of that parade. Of mid nineties to a hundred mile an hour pitchers coming in in doing what you love to see. Every day in Major League Baseball is the pitcher dominating the pitcher batter. Match up which is what we still love the one on one I don't want you to let A-Rod out in the infield or a self the home plate. Don't worry about that JD don't worry about the 2% worry about the 90%. Focus on what was good about the all star game Amare want to begin tonight all right. Rich shows coming up next on Michael are these your group thank you for listening tomorrow inside debates nine noon on 95 ports group.