Travis Schlenk joins Joe, Lo, and Dibs

Joe, Lo & Dibs
Friday, June 22nd
Atlanta Hawks GM joins Joe, Lo, and Dibs to share his thoughts on tipping picks in the Draft and how Trae Young will fare in Atlanta. 

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We welcome a good friend. All of the program back to the show former. Warriors assistant GM now Atlanta Hawks general manager Travis show like joining us here on 95 cent in the game what's up Travis how are up. Under the Obama you go to this morning. We're doing great and we know you're busy so we appreciate the time did you get any sleep last night at all. I got a few hours later at a curable period that's one thing about East Coast of the West Coast Livan you got a triple a leader of took the threat. Absolutely it's it's Monday Night Football is the key I learned that the first time I moved to the West Coast you love Monday Night Football that much more when it's ending at 83930. Record record an adequate all right see you guys made a lot of headlines last night you had a hell of a draft let's start with the big trade you guys were sit it. That number three. You're drafted look at Don JH and then you made that trade with the Dallas Mavericks to pick up Oklahoma's trade young. As well as a future first round pick. Opt tells about the process when the good conversations with the mavericks start was this a spur of the moment sort of thing or had you been in contact with them in the build up to the draft. No we had been talk of the terrible scenes not just ballot. You know rude rude basically right after the laughter and we found that order three. All. And from where we are. In our building crop you know word obviously look at her great talent both Russell and Ashley collection boat so for us. To be able to get a player that we value highly and straight. And to be able to pick up what we think he's got a chance to be a great pick next year in the draft. That's that's when. We're making clear to us though that would be a good group for us this year also production. It looked like it was going to be eaten in Bagley one to all the ways so you could really locked in on anybody else and was trade young. The guard play the U really wanted the most outside of the first two picks were likely to be on. We have Lugo interest is our top two guys and we were we were pretty split you know we. We are really valued guys. That. Can make plays for others make others better. So this draft when you look at it you know. Look you've gained and how he could play in pick and roll and trade game now and you play pick and rolls. We we put a lot of valuable those guys so we're ecstatic. Either way to have property to get water or has turned out have an opportunity of both of those guys. Just when you're in thing about a gallon trading. When he's going to bring to the organization. How much when that thought Crosslin here's a guy and it was pretty much the only thing that the team and Oklahoma and for him still able to create shots and how unless there is supporting cast. But his shot selection anywhere on the court kinda have people wanna compare him to step but I understand it's probably a little premature. What is it about this young man makes them fearless in his than a bad shot looks like sometimes even looks like a good shot because of that the death he conceded with. Yeah hello I would agree I mean it's obviously completely unfair to. Compared must I mean what's that's been able to accomplish its crew here you know you know we've never seen before sure but I I think I think word. You know what you see in trade. Is probably the state Korea expect. You know the effect that step pedal on guys. With the way he queried the north from where he shoots. You know how he shoots. I think what kind of separates trade from step. Just from war step was at this point and ultimately just it was a two guarded Davidson early in his career you know trader at point guard trade ability to repay controls to make apple look all that left and right and it. Find open teammates. You know for his age it's really impressive and that's what really try to boast about it you know it's a lot of exploits were shooting video shoot past thirty feet. And you know let those are all of this to but it I think we'll really get the most excited about. About trade is its ability to be a playmaker Brothers. Travis blank Atlanta Hawks general manager joining us here on 9570. Obviously your right to compare him. As the next staff Currie it's totally unfair for a young kid who's just trying to make his way once he gets the NBA but you kind of envision using him and utilizing him in the Atlanta offense the same way step is utilized within the warrior offense to an extent. Yeah I mean look the legislature has the ball and these out there make your place for himself and others. You know. Think they ain't gonna happen would trade here. You know. You know I think steps farther edited the ability to play without the ball and move on. After he gives it up betray that that's what I think we were portrayed it and he gives it up you know he's movement in well not screens you know so we can take advantage others out there cheating. But I think billion see a lot of similarities there. You also took another guard at number nineteen Kevin herder who I know you're very excited about is this. Kind of you constructing the roster. In keeping with what seems to be this successful model these days whether it's Houston or golden Stater or Boston having these interchangeable pieces and. And how exactly does tray young fit into that as far as being a two way interchangeable kind of defensive presence. Are you have a listen. There's been a lot of a lot of question though there about you know trying to recreate the warriors and it's certainly what. We're going to do here and have done the last two gas when you look at because we've chosen is in we're gonna look for. Skilled guys. Guys would link you know herder and obviously chair bowl got a and even Spellman. Ku could shoot the ball from three all three of them could put the ball the war beat they're got in trouble and large part because you have perspective true point shots so much. And then with Kevin and trail obviously they've they've had that ability ability to make plays for other. So we're gonna continue to look at cheating like you know you guys just missed it you look at the the warriors and rockets like if you wanna be competitive you you've got eventually get to where he could beat those teams and obviously we're not there yet but we're gonna keep looking at players they could play in an up and down game. Where they can switch to comfortably. And make clear traverse. No questions are issued a phenomenal job to see we appreciate would you figure for the warriors as well. As somebody guide you know. Is this guy now and see what's wrong that's trying to negotiated deal to get a buyout clause. Is she a guide to look too. Could fit a veteran team and what's happened there in teen would he need to fit could he be successful here in the warriors would be successful we look NN like a team like the cast. What team you think would hit him that would be your own utilized his talent. Well I really really can't talk about him because he's under contract the routine but I already had my head split won't spend up this year donated abuse. Oh boy I bet that it. Make them mostly I get into the league. I understand challenge like jedi is Cincinnati I said in the game. You guys also picked early in the second round at number 34 the warriors were reported the interest in trying to by a second round pick but he didn't have it as much luck this year I did they call you guys at all. Yet know though we had dialogue with them obviously you know we're at a situation where I had four pick up thirty force and so we have dialogue you know a lot of different teams. Bill would we got a 34 we we decided to trade that pick her future picture where. Again be at an epic collection boat taken taken money from Cilic of bowlers did make a lot of sense or are we we are look at are our future second than. The problem worse you know although I think that's where a lot of gains were looking for. Look at her future picks when you were the words could mutate. Or give you my second next year that it doesn't carry a lot of weight because you're automatically assume that's the sixty it the united. On so you know we chose to pick a couple tickets to Charlotte you know we think obviously could be better pick what the worker. Yeah they get their 192. Rounder so next year than 20/20 three if we all make it to 223. Track he'll hunt the second round and there it. As well nobody wants to make their big horse and I do. Yeah I seriously I'd I'd love being here doesn't want to make debt pay Travis like cannot seven game. Woes and champs are on you and others tipping picks last night Travis to where. We the audience were able to know even hours in advance what was going to take place. What do you think of that as a GM and how does that affect may be the way you go about your war room when you see reports whether or not they're true or not. Wall. I think that thing. That because society today more in general let me saying I mean especially in our business learn. I there's sometimes double have a conversation in three minutes later it can't Wear it debate the how fast information travels he won't it. Clearly if makes things complex that some of these conversations were trying to you know you'd like to keep confidential but it seems like it's extremely hard he. All of well it could also be beneficial when you're talking about being an oral and trying to project. Are a lot different so you know we had the nineteenth pick and you know we're coming down and you were talking actually to Milwaukee on the seventeenth pick talking about traded up to get a guy we like there's a couple of guys we felt really good about. On the banking pick RC have that was one little. And it leaks what who will walk you gonna take so all the sudden we were able to pull back got a good feel it keep keep it got tickets at a package of picks to move up could we do to get. On the board we felt really good about moment when Tina between its so. You know that was the hustle towards our. A Google to literature have never it never thought I give you could pay off what you did it 100% positive and reporting nothing negative on there are now going to be worried about Travis thank you shouldn't open it all I. General manager of the Atlanta Hawks former assistant GM of the golds they orders Travis language alone dibs on 957 game Travis it is always a pleasure. Getting the opportunity to speak with you thank you for your time keep up the great work in Atlanta we all need East Coast teams working out here we've got our eye and you guys may and good luck. I got there appreciate it.