Travis Schlenk

NBA This Week
Saturday, April 1st
Warriors Assistant General Manager Travis Schlenk joins JD and Steiny to discuss the Warriors' season and future.

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Our next guest. And the program I would say warriors assistant general manager traditionally joins his son 95 point seven again what's brought Travis. A much bigger this morning. I do very well look let's just start with Leo what's most recent and most topical the ten game winning streak since. Steve Kerr gave ever think the night off. But in San Antonio what in your mind has been the biggest key. To the warriors get nicked on it figured out a way to play without Kevin Durant in the mix. I mean the simple editor your rebates not so are struggling and there are obstacles that the clay. Weren't making shots and obviously there have been I think exe Garrett of the page come out so well you know Andre about the last two games does. Played like you know you still work at 76 yesterday at me he's been fantastic you know David West is. Late great John was little bit while there now he's playing better ticket and collective. Effort you know everyone does realize that there are a little bit and increasing their from our group. Travis everybody likes to know about kinda in the inner workings of a team and when you pull back the curtain etc. etc. What right now I know the golds they weren't don't have a hit this this draft now Joe's Joseph lake of obviously has a history of bind Brian hicks but. How much college have you watched this year. Verses how much pro games you've watched. The scouting staff that they lessen their load a little and maybe put their attention and other areas because you don't have a pet. You guys for example have a pro scout like some teams do. And who all is in awe and some of these decisions that are made in terms of free agency and who ends up. Becoming a warrior through the draft. That's a lot of questions from one point short trip couldn't their best. That will start the concert with this. You know. Because we don't have a little mark could you never know. Whether beer trader like you talked about you know honestly shortly all the and you're here. Arm and that worked out well where it's obviously there is a creature with a practical situation. So her just like we're gonna go watch and have a virtual as a group they. There's yet great. And also arguably we're not too much maybe for the stress that. Pertinent than. A draft in the future what we do you have pitch you know watching excuses freshmen that it'll come out knowing that your. To watch a menace to talk more you know what champion here always put on these guys. So. Our preparation has been the same it's been a year on. Cool personal. Well you guys and really focus in on the and that's myself on the issue we've added layers. Do more Coke personal you know still watch every team lately like mode while watching routine play woods' return to much retire tomorrow so you know we apartment I feel like that really importance that we talked about on Segal to make a mistake in the draft but you may mistakenly that years essentially talked about a two year contract you know a few million dollars and make mistake he created he could be talking about a five year deal could be you know about the age as Norton is twenty but a salute those could be crippling until. We put a lot of emphasis on the quote personal and spoke on. Both not to be emphasized to draft obviously. And Travis Sammy how much more important is that the pro side given the position that that you guys are now in a mean you guys have. Curry and Thompson. Entering by greed and and Kevin Durant yell in the full big picture. But filling out a roster for you guys is much different compared to some of the other teams in the league get in figured out role players. They can bland what that that core for now. Yeah we're or worse than a fortunate situation where you know we're one of these teams now that. Weeping openly gay guys take you a little less money on that wanna come play your chance to win you know we solve this past summer it was two last in the west took less on an even goal back. Farther in the future you know under a dollar had more money on the table you agency that you know he wanted to come here and play with those guys on so we typical of litmus less money to come here are so. Hope in that situation and you know fortunately we are now hopefully the next you know there's probable. Travis one of the things I'm always interest that it is when you watch a player in college. How you end up rejecting him as a professional and don't talk about ray mine green because straight line green has turned into one of the most impact full NBA players but he was a second round pick. And I guess I'm asking is when when you watched that Michigan State for example did you know he was is competitive as he is now. Or did you have an inkling that he may be able to guard multiple positions. Or did you look at it and say well you know he's not going to be able to ease kind of between her and that's why he's fallen I mean what. I mean obviously we knew that exit. Where the show. Now. Let the agreement. A lot obviously who has entered. Gone back and looked at my goat I didn't go to vote you're who aren't what you're concrete. He's he's on a barn. The Clinton you know going back and looking. That really stood out about them where it is the beleaguered recounts. He has that from day one in this industry. In his ability to pass the ball now the market entered it and they YouTube so it is. You know. By you know could have posted sinker. As in state. The helped trademark. It. What you transformed his body you know people back at records of income in say what you look like he does that as does. He put a lot of work in. Your instinctive by the and actually go out and probably you know with the backlight you with that could. Competitive weakness you know in the field. You brought it. That that's really where it's allowed him to this huge step court. Travis the given the position that that you guys are in now in the draft and even gone back at the last couple years how much of evaluating a player is. Wow this guy would be a perfect fit. With us verses. This player is just the most talented player around because there's always that debate. He take the guy you need to fill a position or you take big guy that they can do the best with the put this particular team or the most talent patty how do you balance that. Yeah it's bingo or you know whatever reason you know you talk about this. Construct or even go back to the current vodka with us. You know at that time we needed a big you know this past you know you're at the you know thirty liquid you don't do you know ala doesn't go to last. Lingering doubts that occurs. The great experience or so. You know there there are. You know if it's close. And he didn't. Is that it was appellate. You'd think that if these are you know that that oh wait that's only let you know that they're you know it didn't. By people you're gonna go particular on the more likely than not. JaVale McGee Travis what were your guys' expectations for him when you brought men. And is it fair to say that when you brought him in this there was no guarantee that he was gonna make the team. Yeah now you know we are seeing is a bit out whether through the open that we needed better front court. You know the other David you know those guys you know they're they know how to play their Smart but they're not the most athletic guys. Looks you know the little stretched of course politically which is legit though this is they were look at Corso went Bratton and obviously there are no guarantees you'd even make the roster to independent but working at our. And you've got to recruit or. And you know what he brings where do you know that energy. The ability districts before the ball alive that you know. Rule into the room and typical situation. Hey here's what I wanted to ask you and I can ask you because I don't think you guys will be involved in this at all. But Alonso ball obviously has made a lot of headlines with his talk about his son and how good his son is and we were bat this around. If you're pro team and your considering. Drafting. Ball. Did does the father come into play at all or. It's like now that he didn't that doesn't matter. I am not gonna say that it would have a corporate and I don't think you know his father's. Yeah legitimate. Particularly keen to get complaints that the other day about the kid you know wasn't. Technical players you know. That would. That would be more than that you but it would think that when we talk about you take a position to tell you know it is it pure. You know they might not be as good as is that figures are out but he could play well. I don't think that the workers just. Very much. The warriors assistant GM Travis like joining us here on 95 point seven a game NBA this week John Dickinson Matt Stein Mets Travis shot at tickets behind the curtain a little bit. With respect to. How did this scouting department in Iraq's. With the job that you do in terms of watching players and how that gets filtered. Let's say you waste what wind does he get the Bob Meyers or Jerry laster Joseph late go as far as say we like this player and then you guys all collaborate how to. How does that process work for you guys. Yeah you know. Two counts it LaMont Peterson. If you were caused by Oakland. And we have later also. Does a lot of ideas her. Director of player personnel. And then you know have myself and Kirk. Unless you slower. So look out that both. You know. We have accomplished guys were focused on its impose democratic game than. Gobi bill. Call Larry in the field escalated it cute that lists that it would mean that he goes you know Hitler over you know all of those you know. And in the but you know what it you know the other one of the goats yet so girl. Two X and bounces. Could you look into the matter of life. Or he might you know be awful but these are better players that we use that system. Know I'll let you know that was spot because. Well what Bob stern on the as the leaders and that in the you know last year it worked. He didn't have a chance you have OP you know the we like cars and trucks that. Little of it you know it would have. In the that's really boxed his habit they were got around. Let me ask you again about the way this thing works so it's before the season and you guys as a team are considering JaVale McGee. And don't look at regular Shia Larry harsh yet you Bob Myers chair you. Joseph lake of Kirk clay cube. Let's just say hypothetically. Two or three guys are saying should we should try to go sign this guy he did you know low risk high reward. And maybe two or three guys are saying. I don't know you know he's he's been under achiever for a lot of his career. How does that all gets sorted out if there's. Two or three guys alongside two or three guys on the other. Well ultimately our prison you know. Period. Bill in it was their Jo Gillette spot in the so again you know more about her record being able to listen everyone. Soared too all the opinions and it'll come to conclusion. It's really you know not. Look at that which were sent to. Oh. John tickets and Matt Stein it's NBA this week joined by Travis like warriors assistant GM here 95 point seven a game. I Travis it it looks like. It's possible you guys would open up with Portland their future is is banged up can you just give me an overview of maybe how Portland has changed with their pitch as opposed to apply only. Well he gets more scores prison you know formally. Is that a real offensive threat in the lane circuits used well or scored two there so that kind of opened up things for the shooters as well. Lou littered the doctor break is that playing great are so that that that a factor in that are you know are up twenty it is well. You know when you talk about him really start their guards. You know he's gained in her. Both dynamic scorers you know Allen Crabbe and went in top five in the future what percentage. Of really pitching couldn't. But it went for it to him as he's given an inside there that they didn't have formally. Who's gonna win the national championship I mean your little ones locked did right. I would outlook is the scene selector forward O line it's true that. Our line. I could North Carolina ability to it. Only because you know I think it was ballot. You know there that it was the order. In college basketball and and you know they have multiple guys that are countered. And then you know jacks on the it's like their balance. A lot you were down with a lot do you term that. You know all year long. You know they've been that good now. But what you guys develop the philosophy with the with the center position and I know you guys have bogey it need guys had easy Lisa was pretty much. EL one it was you had a starter and back up and dream on obviously plays minutes it that the center when you guys go small but what. How did it come about to say. Let's get one guy that's a big guy that sets screens in one guide itself an athletic guy and one guy it's a skilled guy may be in David West but he's a little bit smaller. How did this is the center by committee sorting come to be what are you guys are used in different roster spots to to fill that position gives you at a mall up. And it's it hasn't been all that and that's for you guys it's been pretty successful. He had I think. What you needed in India is versatility. You know they're there really aren't that many back basket orders and importantly arm but there are few guys out there at which you're. He ignited in order. You know the most important thing at least personally considered it real as he got to protect the rare now that that's where the blocking shots and that subsequently did do it and that's great you have. There's not by taking charges ilk you back there in the quarterback you know caught up coverages. Are there and you know it's definitely that would carpet controls appear like yeah. Sort of bunker deep. Ended up there are typical with that and a playmaker so ardently. Now others that are really in trouble and that's why are still a lot of these servers that they did they put out. Good numbers it was but thirteen neverland. Cooper that the players are. You're big guys have been able color. Yeah yeah understood start and. They Travis another what are your philosophies. Obviously is is you're like length. You like Atlantis is immune like players who can guard multiple positions and who can switch. What did that become. Part of the warriors. Philosophy. Because if it wasn't always there did you kind of stumble onto it or was that a goal of your guys from some point and then moving forward with a. I mean I don't know you know I think when Jo hit Jill certainly body in the with or back you know. Virtually my. You know more about her element first what our government leaders were in four in Miami. And what are the things that was Jon link and obviously you believe that created so that kind of ingrained in there. When I came on the prophet sent here worker for layer in the milk truck that looked. Yeah wouldn't Lincoln versatility. You know obviously it's earned only their coach and believe like place so. You know those were two things that we focused in on when Joseph came in general. Nobody in the book while these are. Look quickly so it's. You know it in the air quite a while in the personally in the order in which. Travis so what is clicked for damion Jones because he obviously had the injury become an out and you guys knew that did this year was going to be. A development year forehand but what has clicked plane in Santa Cruz. MM with Santa Cruz as this season has progressed for M and you what do you what do you guys expect. Elbow in the off season and then headed toward next season as far as damion Jones goes. Yeah I think that. There's this thing the click on the promote it competent. You know. When you first went down there and started playing any insurer. Coming out of Vanderbilt. Nearly beat a lot McEnroe. Post. Even more you know duke all the clothes playing those kind of with you earlier a little bit of the prison offered there. The you know yeah. No way with callers are Google control our. He ignored the part we were both went. For. That you that you find in the way he didn't he can run off as long. You know 38 inch vertical leap excellent kit so. That's the one thing that really. Dropped about him as the way to move you know he played a lot. That complete or. When the bill. They switched over Google with it and keep it is an incredible. You know going back to that we just talked about. Because accruals and which slid shut cock that that's really so that that. The work that we would like about it as well balanced cruises you know he's he's a lot that the war or what it is true that it wasn't. It wouldn't open about our month of all the people when. So now when the verbal Milan. Roll into the room he you know what you do quips and prince and introduced. Then there was never a good. But it was that he. Which is simply another caller is and so it's been great work. Colonial movement oracle went but if someone who don't need to improve recruitment. Notebooks too his first real treat him. It was preceded and you know hopefully you know work in a situation. Where nobody there you know well it. Who's under content which you so you know he. We're while on would be most of the actually. They Travis last one for me. How in how the players in Europe this year compared with the other years and has that. How did that the rising of the European player plateaued a little bit or. You would say no that there's probably more scouts now in Europe than there's ever been. Well I mean look around him you know the thing that you're in it is. Let who'd. Probably wrong and it's you know as we talked about their ethnic in the Portland yet he'll huge number. You know the lakers have. The big didn't discuss her name is it's been quite well with them so there. They're melodic the Europeans young expert with the adequately now so you are still out there. Which you know that you're not or oh. You know in the top five win no one's really see them play. You know the etiquette and taken you know later in the first round or in the second round but they're still ahead in the and we eat it and if it's that you know there currently and so yeah a couple over being productive. Well. Zoo bock who weren't clear that there. To somebody somebody told me in my ear either I didn't know. And we got a great we've got a great staff here we always delegate everything doubted trust our people there's been a quest that. The app got their RC is our nick you ran he says is that. Travers stakes for the time and we we certainly appreciate being able to catch up with the able we'll talk begin down maligned. I guess the good afternoon.