Tony Bruno keeps his hands to himself!

Damon, Ratto & Kolsky
Tuesday, May 9th
The always fabulous, one & only, Tony Bruno, joins Chris Townsend & Matt Steinmetz on the DB Show to discuss the week in sports.

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Let's get to the great. Tony Bruno. Yeah I mean you know things. Not them but sweet starting the Golden State Warriors. Eight wins eight or go for the NBA title and so many people and we talk about today's. The people around the capture it's amazing how they feel about the Golden State lawyers I was at the warriors used apps are relevant are now the biggest villain in the UBA. You on the body all of to. Report or on long armed. Yeah order coming up. It. That'll be coming out in August that becomes a sprint but it is marathon. And let it go basically a two mile run and then a mile and of course look at them the old the old sixty yard dash. Arizona modeled. Cellphone issue. The real sixty yard dash dole. Member of springer named Houston Rick here. Now you don't tea now. Just kill me. We are now yes Tony it never heard of Houston me here. Now he's a sprint are used to run the old sixty yards pitched well I'm not accurate. 5252. From the aliens though Akira. Number award. I can't stay awake anymore watches late night game but I figured. You know slip that they can win one game last night lineup and obviously they weren't good matchup would but I don't know about you. I say we start the NBA finals right now idle Washington and I know the Celtics and you know LeBron did not opt. Did anybody wanna see anything other than name warriors. Cleveland Cavaliers rematch. Oh. There anyway anybody I mean look at ease them into the broadest grade in. The capital to mow through the Eastern Conference and what was going on port and an open a couple of semi exciting period but for the most part it opera so the point that the plan also bitten. Rather Monday in particular. Yeah no I don't think they're very compelling and I don't think they're gonna get compelling until the finals. And then it will be what everybody wants to see it's hard to it's actually hard to believe that if these two teams meet Tony you'll be the first time ever. That the same two teams met in the finals three years in a row so I guess you could make the case. It's one of the biggest rivalries in NBA history little oil at play each other twice a year in the regular season. Oh absolutely and and your right I mean it's funny when your Little Rock with the ability to a lot of people you know after that the decision. And deliberately weekly going to Miami ignored practically. People are mister Cleveland went on bought one but he came back. As well. You. You know. I walked back up and down Indian. Law. We. Little last are here. Looked at him. I don't want I would never want my kids to beat that curry. It out on. The wallet dot ball in the greater the raiders basketball history. And find ways. Just I. We eat meat like wrestling in some of the bad guys got a and like LeBron did right. And not you got a great point. You know 'cause we think about as Matt I watch these games that we do the post game show and especially if the game before the warriors is going along they'll delay it. I mean they're not taken these things off to like 750. Out here. Back he's that's it fifties or what you got all these people making opinions about the Golden State Warriors and being the villain. How people are really stay up that late really watch these game. Well people like me Tuesday Atlantic last night as pop out like midnight and back and gamblers. Our record. That allow blocked in the two yards he show gained you know in the that you morning well partly it. No they're they're at Atlanta. There aren't going to be getting it to. Long been and hopefully when we get to the finals it'll start against people and in the Bay Area and after. All the gains earlier. Because the East Coast West Coast different time different but to me having that target at 11 o'clock at night doesn't bother me but I'm sure a lot of people don't watch. Tony I think you hit on something when it comes to staff curry and you know how can you not appreciate what he's due or how can you say he's not that good. I think there's a lot of people that don't like staffed or because they view him as the golden boy kind of comes from a good family basketball pedigree the way the game's played right now fits perfectly into what he does as opposed to. Who will win the bad boys played in terms of all the physical reality I think some people look at the three point shot almost like a gimmick. I mean I'm not saying it's right but I think maybe that's part of the reason why Curry's pick on a little bit. Now you are maybe part of it now I'm not a psychology and I did yeah holidays. That didn't have a great deal and a creep up bank. But I don't understand I don't understand it you know but we do here on talk radio trotted. Understand the psyche of fans you know we see things that are great I might be something that's great. Regardless of what it does it matter at great. Put our people say it right at that rate but you know what what apparently it's great shooter ought well. Yeah how do you beat these TV Iliad. And that the asylum abroad and in the mode dominant player of the generation. Of that there. But your other people who park all of abroad. Are I don't I don't get it but that's you know that would make that would keep that in Christian that's why we watch like it's not that while I watch. I want to the wanna be ray player play against requires. Proposed on people they need that they need doubles I bargaining little that he something that it took to whet their appetite anniversary. To keep the the motivation going to watch these games. Tony granola this year on 95 point seven a game rejoin us every single week with David Bruce and David resting get better of course or operate for him to get back as soon as possible. For the other series goes interesting Tony is is looking at the stats. The series tied at 22 between. The spurs and the rockets ankle wide Leonard went quietly Leonard is on the bearded one it's amazing how. The stats completely changes that we kind of forget about how important defense is but what polite letter on him he has undulating with the islanders not on he's paired up this birds. Yeah how crazy is that there's been after game one people were writing op as you know the spurs are Manning got destroyed it. Tony Parker's eyes done maybe forever an element on San Antonio real well back to back wins. And people say Nazi wrote to James partners that not enough help there. You also that bet that that probably goes on. When it looks like one on eighteen wins big and we've seen these in a lot of these theories team wins big one game we don't jump on our guys you can't count the spurs now. Asia or Europe forget about the spurs their daughter and now all of a sudden it went to world don't count about a double mutant comes back and it gained four. Toilet has been mildly entertaining human at summit and the games have not been. What you would call bailed byters it's Somalia one of the few mildly entertaining series to watch. Yeah I guess that's what I wanted to ask you Tony I think you're the perfect. Yeah I'd ask did you like all the sports do you find that the NBA playoffs this year are are are wanting a little bit. Just because there there's trouble finding something compelling. Absolutely I mean that's why. I mean I watch sport that I love sports and I and I you know I want to play out especially. But but you know the average. And who's not glued to every game it sort of like. The Super Bowl in that are obviously because everybody to watch it the biggest sporting event and our country what you watch baseball rakes. I mean that's why you know to lead the Yankees and the Red Sox all of pot audio via on Sunday night. I could. Law on the you know a team that in last place don't have put teams on like the NFL. And like the like the like baseball does. Don't just put on the team of people wanna watch. That's what you'll see the Cleveland Cavaliers pockets like you warriors. You know these these companies a lot of money these rights fees they wanna get back to the report on op games that people wanna watch. And so the ratings getters will continue to get bigger he's an action when it comes in the playoffs. You know that a lot of people watching Western Conference backing. Who don't even call these wires and don't get this in them during the regular season. You know nobody gets to keep you look at the regular rotation. You know team like that the Portland trailblazers nobody could see them bring much. A pleasure watching TV late at night and active careers in the to come playoff time you know you feel like guider you know he realized that some of the guys almost rosters are welcome to doctors because you're not watching very closely. Like people who watch NBA day in and day out as part compelling we only want compelling. You know that's that's why we watch things are a lot of gambling and then you want your team to win a couple of points. And it's just all about the spread in the over matter how about Johnny on Sunday right this this series to start on Sunday. From the last game of the year against the lakers to Sunday. That's 32 days the warriors were only play eight games at 32 days you talk about compelling and the executives in the advertisers. It's got to be driving him nuts that night after night. Your goal and with no I have no warriors and they have so many days off. Night or right and you know we can't blame it could be that the teams are doing what they have to do. You know obviously award winning games and not gonna pay well you know we wanna brag that out. You know so the networks can get a couple more games in the could be applied at five or six games here on edge but try to make it to seven games series so that we can you know stay sharp. You go out to deploy to try to win every game and that's what that. That the look brought in the cabinet Garnett with the warriors have done you know the other series some of them have been to power in Washington Boston and Washington that was pretty beard. Because that look like Boston was Duluth and in Washington came back so accurately has been the bet series as far as. You know must watch what's gonna happen tonight and the San Antonio Utah went for the most part most of these other series a bit. You know and not event today. I starting at the best but you'll talk to next week. Our guys they care what they do. Agree Tony Bruno last Philadelphia.