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Joe, Lo & Dibs
Wednesday, April 26th
NFL Writer for USA Today joined Joe, Lo, and Dibs to discuss the Raiders deal with Marshawn Lynch, where Davis Webb will end up in the Draft, and his thoughts on Mitchell Trubisky. 

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Tom del Cerro terrific NFL writer for USA today is also a radio host on Sirius XM follow him on Twitter at. Top palace Cerro we'd Jolo in bids. On 95 point seven game Tom the deadline was approaching for the NFL draft the raiders and Marshawn Lynch have agreed to terms. How much does this improve the raider Ross during your opinion heading into the when he seventeen season. Boy diversity Odyssey is just what Marcia and looks like it becomes back remember it last year when it was Seattle points thirteen news. Pretty beat up in public Ike keeps himself in an awfully good shape up or wrote his career. He's not the youngest guy at that point I want you look at looks like. Mean they've they've been trying to get this deal done over the past week and he was out there are building wells out in 88 at all. And other other priorities. He's been work that way I certainly think there. If we can actually handle the 2014. March on Lance that's. But if you boost in the team because. Dave Merkel and keep it well you know he's a big guy but he was not the most powerful runner he kind of need to catch a creek marsh it is eight. Did not need to decree should be good guy and I'll open it till all the time. Rugby utterly offensive line that clearly beat the tool but let's see how the looks when he comes back in and figure out exactly. Public raiders from one thing here are gonna try to use. Do you think the raiders still would add an extra piece to the running back room depth wise late in this draft do you think they're gonna be all set now that position. I'd be surprised they didn't perhaps somebody to really be running back collapsed sounding an elbow late commit like it's human mayor brown just because about potentially. I can get out of that. Position you know that some of the good Mexican go down in the second and third for Trout idea to analyze all of those options in Denmark shot you know. Contracts it is age tend to be one year deals are so. You're you're not big in this is a long term planet which are your hopes to hoping to get out boost out of it. You've still got to be playing goalie or with your young court struck a bigger car I think that they bring in another back on but I think if you're gonna see a lot equally greeted back distract. When you look at the raiders you thinking about their trap for their pick in late in the first round. And not just that throughout to draft what are some of the needs to pressing needs if you're in Oakland Raiders. What do you think they need and what's the most pressing need in your opinion. Think that this is for the first time. Detergent and he got there at eagle look at their roster and say they'd get this hole that hole all I think that there are options are good because it finally built that some depth and tore a page. I'm for that that entire T-Mobile side of football I do you think it. Certainly you look at on defense and an apple iMac position and try to get. Another player in the air on given what's played out all Smith trying to get somebody take a little bit of heat in the past fresh off a little Mac try to do Alastair urge servant. I think it you know linebackers edged players certainly beat that makes this by a draft where. You know maybe it take Alec rod Davis who potentially would go higher IP didn't have some injury issues that he's been looking into a guy like that. Tom bella Cerro NFL writer for USA today radio host on Sirius XM we Jolo in dibs on 95 point seven game. You had a tremendous piece on California quarterback Davis web. And his preparation for the draft age is all the way around it's a terrific piece we've had the luxury of following Davis over the last year had some big time games for the bears this season had some struggles like most kids this season as well. What do you think the likelihood is that someone goes out there and kicks him in the first round it's sounds crazy on the surface. But now that we live in a day and age where first round picks teams have the ability to pick up eight bit your option. Taking a shot on a quarterback is so much more reasonable is it not. I think this there's certainly value and it is having net. That can populate about it contract by years and relative to better market certainly can make that argument questions in. And become. Is somebody so in love with David Webb that they think that that is worthwhile and I thought people move. Absolutely think he's going to climb in the bottom of the first couple stock other people these people studied approach career which say they're. Apple or app in the discussion but David what was the first Arctic and that's where. Buy dot cooking or a couple of weeks ago would need yet a lot about this guy is a sociopath. Work ethic guy. That that set the belt optimize Adam this is calling out this it's sort of himself in the position to talk and everybody that weapons work with all backed. Middle school at high school and in the to call as he played it ever. He has this rare live in the room quality to ease. Paul Porter a football knowledge he's yet don't label that undertook to ask concepts that he's been built we want vehicle someday. They're concerned about. Backers he'd been sporadic that the number one thing here put the ball out too much on you know what he's pushing the ball on the field that's only been consistently eat think it's about. Typically deficiency act that like he attacks every other. On hole is game marketing Al east trying to accomplish I certainly think it's in Taliban and his parents house down there and not protectionist. The pet projects like. Quote I I have more doubts about what that political quarterback to beat a successful call that your at LO genetic uses it a really really sharp guy and if you like he would start all the love with a ligament or. Some day I was taught me every beat that ever was was partly skiing and partly because it's too risky. What's what went what is it with this guy here a lot of people talking about raven reviews. You look at quarterbacks and only have thirteen games of starting experience but it Mark Sanchez you see what happened USC what Conakry hadn't and it felt. People tell me about Robiskie. So rapidly or four I was. Imagine doing it three times that we contract I don't accidental player on the glass. I. I'd say the doctor does speed the biggest thing with him. Is unlikely or top quarterbacks he's accurate. The most accurate passer in the last either earlier or is the thinking in the scouting community that guys are gonna be reluctant literally I agreed on somebody you'll. Each arts ever. And I mean everybody has dug into the reasons. Bad you know keep that behind the non prospecting marquee Williams for a couple of years audit that I didn't need a job sooner. And you don't you don't get a straight answer you know I know that went there it got people into it. They are different things from different people but they're certainly seem like there was a political aspect to it. And only one personal output to meet what nobody volatile area or make that it is tempered now. On who they're gonna take in the first round and act and not a cute guys they like eight. Because that coach in North Carolina refute the points per couple years. I think that it's risky to different personality he's not. And now male leader wire guy beating you like any personality that Carly pretty close to. What you're getting with permits needed a little bit on the bland site but mate slot that that big thing he made while he's now. Actor Patrick I need a quarterback like where everybody needs to develop it. They'll add an effort quarterback off the board beat somebody coming from a fairly simplistic. Spread offense it is not what chuck in that. And it might stop NFL writer for USA today radio host on serious accent and you can follow him on Twitter at Tom palace Cerro. Tom bell Sara would Jolo Indians on 95 point seven a game time we know you're busy this week thank you for your time and insight we greatly appreciate it hopefully we can catch up against them. Tommy you can use adding Tommy won colonial but he.