Todd Husak on Stanford’s draft prospects

The Greg Papa Show w/ Bonta Hill
Wednesday, April 26th
Former NFL QB & Stanford radio analyst, Todd Husak, joins Papa & Bonta to discuss if the Niners will draft Soloman Thomas at #2.

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I'm Monta hill happening now beast mode is officially in Oakland raider he's come out of retirement to joy generator senator contractor reported. Point five million dollars over two years birdies have also acquires rights for CEO and a trader raiders trade sixth round pick in the 2018. Draft for Seattle's fifth round pick scooby raiders trigger fifth round pick and it's when he eighteen draft for Seattle sixth round pick in a 2018 draft to our starters here's continues at eighty. TNT would journey Quayle on a mile turns will be without Brandon Crawford a's angels at turtle ever weakening battle yesterday the angels want to continue and Anaheim cover starts at 615. Right here and home for Oakland a's baseball money by seven game. This update is number two by NB dot com barbed tail and that's. What streamed out. Now back to the afternoon delight with Greg Papa and Vontae hill on 95 point seven the game. Inside right there. It's like he had the dog out of the video. And that's at 225. Quarterback and you yank them down. Their quarterback Mitch year old true big ski and that was the end of the game a picture of his team is incredible play distorts such. They had to go offered two point conversion they were down 2523. And it was Solomon Thomas Bunton yeah who is they're talking about a 273. Pounds they came shooting through there. And travesty at Saudi catcher in the wrong way less time Todd USEC was out he was really impressed with that Robiskie east. Pocket presence throughout that game he threw a couple of kicks that were. A little bit disturbing that as we look at the draft now after miles gears human league we assume those number one to Cleveland. At least two players Solomon Thomas and Mitchell trip biz skated and you're right there and play. For number two I think it's and likely each of his he would go number two and that would Thomas go number two by the way the raiders had senator press release it is official. They have acquired beast mode. Marshawn Lynch that inning and you party and her job USEC last time he was Dante it was a Friday of the amber and I spent the entire net interview fawning over Christian McCaffery. Hoping he would fall to number twenty for the that's happening after the he may go on its apps and tomorrow night to the raiders have no chance of getting hands in them and talk about that guy wouldn't even ask it of hot spot on the toughest. Who could go. Number two overall in the draft tomorrow night's attack you sic former Stanford quarterback and a member of their broadcast team. Joining us on the afternoon delight with the pop and bound to hear another five point seven a game take me back to the the Sun Bowl. It was Stravinsky in North Carolina against Solomon Thomas and your Stanford Cardinal Tut and just go back over the game and tell me about both players now. I think looking out which can be risky Mitchell for this to work on snap count variation beacon how I'm not the ball. Every single parent in the backfield so that that one at one no secret tape and grow from the you're right a lot of action this key. Going to banking and he's a potential captain's pick. I I didn't put a lot of credit in that inning and get quick once treated it. It not like North Carolina was compete for national championship. I wasn't trapped where it. It pocket presence that ability to move within the pocket and no European. Web I think that the one thing that separates these two get it. After the ability to move in the pocket step up by conjecture how the second that you throw the ball on the field will win or. And the scramble up front pocket that at Purdue. The next level but for your arm strength practically threw a couple balls left hash and right sideline. On the money. You can press that wicket timing and accuracy yet have a lot of college quarterbacks girl magnet open. But yet it well like all those all the things will translate well. At the next level all the commentary it's amazing to see how far. You come early in the last three months because. You that it would air quarter. Stanford expert before acting. With a chip in Quebec at school were seen barrier that is pretty content producing again. Cardinal uniform that period and week out to pick. In the draft so. I think that there are able performed well in the second lap at one. That is the most impressive speaker perform in college I'm picking it they have no answers for. You double team we played one technique they treat me. Actually no interest for eighteen making any pretty much what are you prepare stretched their. I planned two point conversion and played them so. I didn't perform for them. Has Chris quickness really showed up on that play so is it translates to the next level NIC and get down and a four point stands for is both hands down in the grand in the dirt. I see him sometimes lineup over the nose and icing and sometimes lineup more like a three technique in an F five technique hell I've seen at a as a nine technique really wide outside attack LA you know sometimes he's covered by guy standing up sometimes he's uncovered. It when he does get picked Weathers its gonna be hot tomorrow night what what what is the best way to to utilize Solomon Thomas is skill set in the NFL. I think he wore four part technique GAAP effective tackle I think he's got a quick that either get inside or outside the loose. I just see him at the three technique where he's certainly not knows I think he can't adjust to big strong. You're gonna see too many double pane and I don't know he has that side to Bernard factory towns. That coupled that authored the guards that are combined. In a massacre that he got up slightly Bert and liking them and yet the longer arms utility get off the edge controlled run and he's not just the freak athlete you know gain in coached really well. I'm proudest college career eat Smart wants to get better and he's gonna go in you know you'll hear any questions. About yen on the intangible in the economy. And low ball guy and he's gonna get the most out of them so young. He's only been three years at camp. I think we can get a little bit better. I think that that that thing about him a question writer they think he's got a high war. And whether or not how high rupture how are you were here that you get a high war you know getting you out of it can be. On tonight's starter or is clear that the low end and potential Pro Bowl or talent. Well when I watch him on tape you know cyber talk and it's not USEC rates as Stanford quarterback you know never there broadcasting their French got Greece and the Stanford Cardinal radio network joining us sending a black without the bunting and an effect points and the game I see him. At chill gap which means you know when he sees takes on the blocker and he's playing a hole on each side. I see him shooting gap which is a one gap it's all in other to be what team drafts element in how they use him as scheme it seems like. He's strong enough to to get take on the blocker and play two holes but he's quick enough to one get DC it that way. Again I think you GAAP net in the big broad shouldered suit with that it burst you reinforce certain that the term buy and he's got the top that's beaten you know quick. Aqueduct system. Where he can't I think he has the political weakness toward bedecked in track player at the tree technique that he she's got credibility with the long arms were to swear. Look at the back he'll be kept the lower body strength. Were all that point of attack I think that gives you flexibility. To hire somebody who date mentioned. He can play outright and backer and a chance he got up and we got an equally no apparent injuries one technique for April oh in their front. And that apple probably serve him well then what is quite pretty much every. Position that the what it takes to be a 13 or five I'm I think you're right at that have that flexibility. To play either the three years or that our picnic. And I felt people love Stanford guys obviously because of the an elected just you know the way they are the way they've they've prepared life and talk about it's up bringing a little bit images third year on campus and accuses sophomore football player last year he was voted captain. Which is amazing and talk about you know he was born in Australia. And live there to what he was eight years of age that we're kind of guy sometimes stuff. Pebble is one of those get the picture off you know doesn't tend to. Talk highly about younger players system and I still remember we are are cute square feet and a couple of years ago. That partly yet to be Christian scampered home term marketable you'll. The minute that you early again. You know on the strength and conditioning coach attention truly news. Notoriously poor and freshman try to get them agreement with them he's talking about these guys. Not so from the very noble peace Garrett were opened and remember deep chart and you Salmons on the Israeli sort of break out. On the national level that your true we are talking about in the top two picks so. You won't get everything right you don't have to you don't have asking questions need to make sure to check on. BP in the right spot you what we'll do all the time you know. We see in days and weeks leading the perhaps those guys that we don't cook that I think actually arc. A couple and think you're right you don't have to worry about him doing everything right way. Pretty big honor the and tapped in the intersect here and he has a lot of really good players who have been around for a long time and so that the water well Irving but I think that has served them well in the NFL. I can't talk to Todd bunting for a whole fifteen minutes in that very in my mantra go Abdullah who has covered. You know I thought maybe drop there's no way in hell he's put on such a show so over the let discussion really rocketed up the draft chart this is their lives this whole lot. So we've seen is he going to be. A top ten K it was last time Stanford had to go in the top ten and in influence. It never. I don't think so. Tomorrow night is gonna happen to have. Effort can't vitally important more first and second round pick and thinking in the pack well the last five years. We get. You know. I kinda part of me who doesn't almost. I don't think you need good coaching well they're terrible Trotter don't have a lot of weapons around amber at quarterback. I think everybody argument Carolina. Targeting her for that early. The first round. How is it amazing that that part of the armed with a draft it helped to players are valued. By looking at them can look at. Puerto burst and the capturing not quotes and something look at DiCaprio is being much walk out and think it would quarterback county evaluate. You and I. And we've talked about it. How good would eat at the raiders are now Marshal mentioned all the weapons around at least. We've talked to anybody that he's sort of the difference maker from a good team to be great. Right. You have defeated niners chickens and watching your but I'm a particular forty acre of a battery. Yeah pressure indicates he's of finishing gas. Exactly into actual gap that I can report that another opinion piece that they need which he would he can be the difference maker. Our meeting analogy. An apple incumbent Marshall Falk I think he translate. Very well there's a lot secret. That kind of matchup problem really that. Oh great you've been mentioned laps now on any word how good I was reading auction block certain patients. A little bit lightly and now I think extreme as a circuit terse and how can. Split the field they can move motion and out due to what they screen gain great receiver. Really can shut you don't really get between the tackles lover. Ultimately play console. I looked a little bit in the first round routine that sort of need that extra piece complete them that next level. She's still go to Denver says. I'm just keep Barry McCaffrey a wake up John Elway in dovetail that you know I was younger. Week ago they were talking about them. A lot so really it. John Elway John Elway went hitless for gains realized teammates generally true is that there. On. And again it. A lot of golf soccer said the trade. Howard had making it easy it is it's too hard he's hello thank you sir thanks beards and so. It. Always eaten.