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Sunday, April 15th

Rick Tittle and Mychael Urban talk to Anthony Slater about the NBA Playoffs and then finish with Good For Ball, Bad For Ball.


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Ada and other linemen look a little right okay so somehow I think Nagel a foot hug your first pass for the NFC championship game. When the cowboys were at the stick taken on the niners. And I happen to be wearing a lick coasts were chief you're remember that brown. 8 o'clock yes it was the cock it was. Really horrible weather right in so I had a raincoat. And it happened to be. Mostly black but it had cowboy blue and I didn't even realize it because I you know I'm in bear it I'm a fan of all the teams so. If I'm going to tried to rip a team it's going to be the niners at that game by. I only had one ring to happen at cal we're blue line. So it had. Enough blue want to win and are my arrangement with the Hogan was right after the game I was to meet him in the sideline. And basically see when was going to be a good time for me to talk to him. Okay. Now I didn't realize that the time that the locker room I'd never covered the NFL for this for some on current NFL football game. I don't realize the locker room was closed for however much time for the team to have two and further coach to get to talk to the team and their thing before it's open up to the media. And goading sees me for the first time in person does everything we've done was on phoning looks up to me it looks at me open Downey goes. Dude perfect he says walked behind me with your hand on your shoulder and I'll get you win before Iranian media gets it and I'm like really goes. Yet viewed and if somebody asked just say you're injured. And so I put my hand on his shoulder pads on Walken behind them. And sure enough the security guard stopped being. Any goes where's your pass Lego I'm a player I'm hurt you OK go here's my director. You know why you're so good on the radio and I mean it's like. Because I ask you question and you had a five hour story ready. Now sits at a Shawn Estes story I know this is bull why do you think justices surrogate and now that was good I'm when I'm down there in the tunnels I'm always mistaken could be a ball players wife. That's available. Moon that's America and that's the joke was that we're the only time really you have your hair really grown now as just about took. Everyone laughed not. When I were I remember one time in this was in 93. When the new ownership that comment from the giants. And I was walking from the a candlestick from the clubhouse and locker room. Bob Quinn the GM Libyan was an assistant Jim Bob Quinn comes and he grabbed him by the shoulders. And he looks up and down and he goes where you come from I go in the dugout he goes did you get called up. And I went he goes women you know player myself and Eagles I've wondered who the hell you are I didn't call you up. And but that was I well like a badge of honor for like six months I had Bob Quinn thought I was a player. Prefer 12 and you could say how senile was the. Can it. Can you be one more regularly give me another one this is VA's in Japan. I'm covering them come over their way venom or at a hotel I thought you were Gonzalez and didn't know they everybody there like every guy on the news was signing a million autographs. And so is live everybody get a stop me national assign and I would tell them. I'd be like I'm not a player I'm about to devalue your ball I hope you Rhode Babe Ruth no I broke my name and ask for my autograph or Roma but get this. I got tired of is like everything seemed so American and I was tired of being assumed that thousand professional the way I just kind of wanted to be. Left alone right in I'm not a baseball player and actually it's certain to bug me because it reminded me. But I wasn't a pro baseball player and I'm 67 and left handed and I should be a pro baseball player. That's about it sucked so one night I ask you caddie. Give me out of this area this city get it is somewhere. Where they don't care who a baseball player is they're not your thing come a baseball player I'm just going to be able to go. Experience Japan right like you drove into the top of Mount Fuji no he just drove me to simmer in the main area which was about thirty minutes away from the hotel. And he said I'll pick you up in the same spot. And a half an hour and he goes by the way that place rate there has the greatest noodles you'll ever have some my perfect I'm gonna go in there. I had to cross the street to get there. After I crossed the street. An elderly couple. Stops meaning one of them has a camera than the man has a camera and says basically says I wanna take a picture. We view with my life and I'm like. Oh my god and I go I I don't play baseball at that point I knew. Almost had to say I'm not a baseball learn Japanese class somebody so sick of it. And so I said I'm not a baseball player in Japanese see them any looks at me like. I don't think your various pocket and he's like you know I think your gigantic. White guy still and that's why I wanna assure you live my life. So I was dry you're right it's. Albino God's. But like that like you know my feeling like did. If so you did so then the question that the Du'Shon handgun did you read it wrong and I I did yeah that was real rom and that is really really cute that's not the just the pure salt one that you know there's actual there's actual broth and actual substance to it is the dream Stefan. Did you get a glimpse then albeit and infinitesimal amount of time. About just how harried inherits the famous convene. Oh yeah it's it's crazy I mean I got to spend some time the year that I worked. For mlb.com as a national writer like I was on when I first got the job of in his beat writer. And win the a's would inevitably be inevitably bow out of the first round of the playoffs. I got lucky enough to be picked to continue to cover the playoffs and it by. The second earth third year that the is gonna pounce in the first round. I got to be a columnist during World Series. And one of our higher ups really liked what I Ed written come to find out I wrote about like his favorite player or something as a whole role. It wasn't because I was so great it was because he liked the subject. Anyway I got a jobs and national right the next year because he was convinced that that was where I needed to be. And it was awesome because I got to travel around the country and no matter whoever was the biggest story in the biggest name. I had assigned to write about them. And at one point I got to write about A-Rod there was the most pleasant experience but I got to see a rod was the biggest thing in baseball at the time. And I got the kind of shadow him for a day. And all my god I mean. He can't go guys like that they can't go anywhere it's like they can't. They can't just run to the store Ing get something. They have to get somebody to go get it to a select. Some of us on the outside we look camera all he's got people he's so full of himself wall no he's not that she's the reality of his world. Because if he tries to go you know down to CVS to grab some you know some. Some toothpaste she's gonna be there for 45 minutes I mean Iran could not go out in public without being swarmed by tornado forty people. And if you don't sign every autograph your inner ear and mail and in like today it's even worse because now. You're not just they hold that person you didn't sign for. Yearning hole to everybody that follows them on Twitter or FaceBook or wherever else or wherever subscribes to they're YouTube channel yearning hole to about 8000 people. One of my good friends went to UCLA in and in the eighties on down to visit them. And get a job at this place called video attack it was a VHS Ronald store as we had back then it was on sunset Sunset Boulevard. And I Goodyear get name Hollywood people coming in because Jeff wants a while ago as the funny thing is. Is Michael Jackson rents is videos here but what he does he comes in with a fake beard and baseball hat. And hill rap like a little kid movies. And then you'll never return and and you'll have to pay full price and then years later I thought that was funny and here he rented a little kid movies. But when he won out can you imagine Michael Jackson right. In the video rental store but that just goes to show you I mean I have a certain level of respect for people that disguise themselves and go out there that just shows you. You know because I'm sure there are some people that love the idea of all I've got somebody who I can send. To CVS with their stands. Like that Michael Jackson when did that that tells you how badly he wanted to be now a real person he wanted to go experience life phasing normal human being and. And is CT so is okay yeah that's how are those hair net. But if you and I'll remind me bring in the seventh to relate. In the old days where the most western road trip you would take with Saint Louis that was the wild last of me usually based on everything was on the train. And the beat writers were buddies they would play cards and drink with a Ruth and Gehrig in every one. And so whatever one happen it was after we got the term road rules. Whatever happens on the road stays on the road and yet you. We were able do you actually became buddies with some of the guys yeah and I are actually in a way I mean that's me that's like almost an impossible to do and then also can be a double edged sword when you gotta say. Oh my gosh he stunk up the place last night. I took a lot of heat for that from from a lot of people because they would say and I never. I would laugh at the notion of it because I know the history of baseball and beat writers and the road rules and all that look. Access what makes you don't what what. What makes agree journalists agree journalists' access rights like Mike silver of NFL network what makes him. Why has his career just been and continues upward path has held anticipate some bells want one but also because she gets incredible access how does he do that it's by befriending. The players and that's what happened way back in the day where Mickey Mantle. You know and and the writer for whatever New York paper they were buddies they drink together the night before and so. He would that right it would get all the inside stuff now the tradeoff was that Mickey Mantle came in hammered. And had to take the day off the writer didn't out him right. Well get a hamstring issue or something exactly but because everything is so known by everybody I never was put in that dilemma it's like. Was I out at clubs with Jason Giambi yet did I know Jason Giambi was hung over the next day and couldn't play. Yeah but I didn't mean to write that because for other people do it and they wrote it you know and so I would read it to injuries among get mad at me because as stuff. Was just out there. But the bottom line is if you're going to be most Greek journalists are considered great because they get stuff that other writers don't have and the way to get that. Is to have access in the way to get axis is to be friend these people. And I was lucky enough to be able to do that and I always. Made sure that early in the relationship with a whatever athlete now are grown points to varies you know when it comes to me. That's different I mean very truly is one of my best friends right but I was good friends with a lot of people to give me access and I went out at night with a lot of these guys. But I would always tell them like generally the first night that we were out like Kate. Here's the deal I appreciate you like dropping this ridiculous not paying attention this ridiculous rule that it's verboten that that we can hang our I. I appreciate that. But here's the deal when you suck I'm gonna write you suck. Okay what I'm not gonna do and this is all I needed to do to continue to build that relationship. Is if Marco scooter a made for prayers. Don't call him Edward scissor hands just right that he made four errors. Enough said right everybody understands for air sons in that he had a terrible day I'm not gonna write that he didn't make four urged. I'm just not gonna pile on and that's what I told them that's the only thing I can promise you knocking it special. Privilege I'm just not gonna pile on and add my color commentary and they're like cool and that's how I got access. Vote the straight stuff I tell you over the years when I read that tell stories like this people say we actually preferred it then you just trying to break down queen puts jumper exactly does give stuff come on back on the other side more until herbs or 957 again. Now back to the original shell on come on 957 big game and now we are back. I just like that thanks for us sticking with us. Let's not one of those. Nine minute AM breaks. I thought of this and AM. That was not an amber at those FM one minute fifty American and by the way if you're wondering if this is FM or AM. If FM it sounds like this and am I would sound like this. Some degree of us were like prefer to forgo on the rest of the way you know we are we're gonna bring in Anthony Slater here in about fifteen minutes and Ortiz did you see that Penske osu dot com tell excellent crack at me. Go ahead by the way 95795. 408 says so essentially urban is just dosage without talent then and since. I thought. Did you you know the sense being did say you were the only 67 left he'd never to get drafted out of college. And I know you like to sell yourself short and no one likes I know we're all self deprecating because if we were good we would be pros will. We do this this was our second choice our first choice was to be professional athletes would be lying if we said anything different. But what was that the velocity. Did you get raped you where you too inconsistent why didn't you get draft there was. Velocity. I was throwing. 86 miles an hour one hour sixteen. Night shortly after my sixteenth birthday I was getting gunned it. 86 which is there groans like wow this dude it's gonna be you don't wanna Cy Young with that right I mean this guy's going to be something more needs nineteen you know Hilton the end and I thought that too I thought wow I've because I had a guy. Who knew pitching innings like dude I you know you're young and maybe you'd understand this but if you. If you keep doing this scene take care your arm. This eighties is actually the scout who got angry at 86 that I signed discount card that day it was the first time I did it I signed a budget cards. Filled out a bunch of cards that summer. And he said. If you take yourself and do the right things this 86. Is can be 96 before you know you know I'm just he got to do the right things you got to listen you're coaches. Unfortunately my coaches were football coaches. The area that I grew up panera blaming them I mean look everybody and I believe Iran and the for the post and up I'm supposed to be in this chair right now that nuts well for me. I'm supposed to be a Bulgarian farmer at all on parachuted Justin Moore and amp or whatever Alyssa I'm sorry about that would have been a good bowl here and her firmer I really believe that. I'm. IA I. I would throw on I would start on Friday and if they asked me if I was good to go Saturday of course I was good to go I like getting out to like the attention they came with a sure author of Saturday. Can you throw Sunday Sherr author of Sunday and then I'd go home after the game and in place strikeout with a tennis ball in my buddies for. Three hours I was. I'm not crying we will win our our our land it's just I I'd so I did not take care of my arm and I never suffered like. A really bad arm injury but I just went through a permanent dead arm period. At about the age of eighteen and so until now by my senior year college those house. I was sitting at 83 miles an hour. Based on this all the trends off the tire iron or get drafted I don't care how tall are left Jamie you are for thrown 83 miles an hour and your command isn't pinpoint we've gotten those days. Our rights original Michael Irvin united front seven the guy name. Today were you surprised herbs that the pacers went to Quicken Loans Arena. In in Cleveland and then they beat the Cleveland Cavaliers by a whopping eighteen points. And Victor all the people who unsurprisingly was you could say the catalyst Indiana's victory poured in 326. Rebounds four assists. Four steals as basically what he's done all all year. And I think a lot of us. We're surprised that win Indiana made a move from Paul George that maybe they could've gotten more it was for all the people and d'amato's sabonis and in fact. It was Dan Gilbert the guy who. Once burned LeBron Jersey but he said at that time. Wow that said the pacers could've done a lot better than get Knoll deep ball than some bonus and a lot of us of that but he said that out loud. And all the depot said today after the game that Gilbert's comments he said you could say that added fuel to my fire. Well. Didn't Gilbert jackass ranges and there's and there's nothing that he is Donner says that has given me any reason to respect for guys it just wouldn't burn the Jersey that just seems so juvenile to me an email he sent now has fourteen members look the fans do that type of staff and ensure you know you and I talked up the air about. You you talked to some people in the media that that insisted they weren't fans well I'd. Timmy you've got to be a phase if you're in this business here fan and if you're the owner of team I would like to think unless you're strictly. A venture capitalist. And in concerned about making money. You own a team because you're a die hard fan and in Dan Gilbert OK that's fine if you're fan but don't act like one and and just the Jersey burning more than anything just made me think. Oh my guys like Gilbert and Dan Snyder to me just say they kind of seemed like the same type of guy but two guys named Dan yeah maybe that's an interest Sudan Jack gases. But oh depot I think he's expanded his game a little bit I think he's got a little bit more responsibility knowing Kevin. Kevin Durant has talked about that too like saying hey this or you know what what we're seeing him doing there. It is not something that I didn't know he can do Regis never really had the opportunity especially when you're playing with. Kids here and Russell Westbrook you're just not gonna get get the chance to shine. All that much by. Back to be I think your original question is semi surprise that the pacers handled. The cavs that they handled them that easily yeah but I look the cavs are not like the warriors I don't think. Anybody should have thought even the most die hard believer among cavs fans. Should have thought going in that they were capable of flipping the switch. They're not that team beyond LeBron James they're not that talented. And they have had a year of chaos and they still don't have a head coach I mean in the Bronx not a very good NBA head coach he will be some be. Who will be some day by you know it's just I think the cavs serve. I wouldn't be surprised they got bounced in the first round and if they do a bronze out of there he'll be on the West Coast next year. You well that's the thing to us about. When you think about LeBron put the team on his back like he usually does. On their right for the plucking and that's why I think when. I say this is Houston's year to get it done if you had to to think about one thing that Houston has to be aware area because no team has perfect. I would probably think for Houston. Maybe they iso too much because when they get in the arc and they put in the if it's not hardens hands it's in Paul's hands and everybody else just gets out of the way. You run the risk of having those guys be cold that titan and if you rely on that too much it's sort of like in football if you're a a passing team you don't ought to kill the clock and if you're running team you don't know how to come back on a big deficits do you think. It gets a fair thing to say that maybe they relied too much on out iso. I don't I think that's totally fair and another thing that you know we hear about it and it's to the point or it's almost a cliche but as I we say. Cliches exist because they're rooted in truth and ensure me cliche that is kind of true it is essence. The NBA game does slowdown in the post season I mean is much is the NBA is way more up tempo. Then it used to be it's still going to slow down in the playoffs it's never going to be as slow as it was back when. You know Oakley in the horn were slugging it out down low but it's still going to be a slower pace of the game in general. Then it is in the regular season and I think that's why. I'm Blake it on the head coach kitten density. I think that's why his Monday on on the Antonia hired. Is that how you pronounce the Gaza City at times I get mocked verb mispronouncing the name all of the time and I'm going you said Steve curry. That's when I said I insisted. Did king Don tinian whatever he's never won anything in the post season I just don't think his I don't think his system. Then again maybe this is over generalized thing I just don't think his system I think it can be easily exposed encountered. In the post season wing coaches good coaches have time to prepare for and look for ways. To slow it down even more than just the typical NBA playoff pace slows it down. As we speak right now Minnesota has a two point lead in the third quarter. So keep our will keep our and a Mac game as well doesn't surprise me at all that the building to herbs is when you're talking about the the days of of punch and up down low on and I know in the wars on the 73 in our that a greatest team of all time and I always thought that was kind of useless argument because it was all speculation there's no way you can ever get an answer because they could never play. The bulls of and 95 or whatever their comparative to. The one thing I don't like is when they talk about how a guy Cooder could not playing a certain era. I think if you are great athlete you can play there be any any any Arab ones like all in all the splash Brothers they wouldn't be nothing in the eighties and make it you kidding me here it's like. A quarterback he was in the shotgun all through college all know how all he'll learn how to take us now I senator how Ariza three technique he plays in the 34. If you can play you can play any time. I agree with you a 100% and then when you look at guys who like. Look if you were a professional athlete if you made it to the NBA and NHL Major League Baseball. What's order Armisen and oh MLS that's right I'm missing out on it now that's not the top of the top but if you made it to. The big leagues in an in your chosen sport then you are one of the best players at that sport on the entire planet. And I don't care whether you were one of the best players on the planet in 1945. Or in 2014. You're one of the best players on the plan that you could have played in that area you take the guy from fourteen put him in the forties. He could've played then the forty guy could have played. In the 1401. Of the best athletes that there was going at the time. Think about this too by the way tiller was with you we're get a little good for ball bad for ball after we talk with Anthony Slater come up about five minutes. Today. Our producer Lucas just to put this on the screen the the cavs today of course it was of the playoffs those on national television. But it was their fortieth appearance on national television this year. The pacers it was their second. Try and on national TV why well I can give you two words LeBron james' answer of course they're the defending. Eastern champs as well and but I'm I'm surprised. Maybe I shouldn't be but I am surprised that the pacers were only on national TV one time the entire. Regular season that's what Madison avenue or thanks them. Yeah well. Ones still like you ask the average. Casual NBA fan and say okay Indiana Pacers give me name one name they gonna spit back catch Paula depot. Well others say Reggie Miller I mean he may mean all time. Yeah and don't tell you Larry Bird yeah you just stumble upon it you're right Larry Bird or never you played for the pacer he was there GM and right now like heat even even people who really follow the NBA like tumors one of the biggest NBA fans that that I know right I'll I'll bet you if you. Tried to pin him down and said. Give me six Indiana Pacers a bit he didn't know it. Well he thinks the earth is oval. I'm just bugler boy if but they just they don't they don't have much star power that haven't been one of those teams that you're. There's nobody on the pacers that really demand your attention even Paul George. When he was within Paul George's one of those stars whose star. Among. The other stars in the NBA they know how good he is but because his game isn't crazy flash she's accused Duncan on everybody every night and you see him on sports center or whatever the highlight shows are. They just haven't had a guy like that since Reggie Miller just commands your attention is absolutely riveting unless I'm missing something. Where am I missing a pace or who's been ultra dynamic and headline worthy over the past ten years. Elective throughout the dutchman Rick she admits. This but getting back to I'm. I wanna ask you question as you were saying earlier the only the only way the spurs are gonna win yesterday is if if LaMarcus went nuts. And I know a lot of times listen to our buddy Greg Papa he's not a big. LaMarcus Aldridge fan. There at all assay mostly of power forward with Portland. He was if they had re signed him look like they were gonna let go for it he didn't go he went to San Antonio took less money in the the importance that OK I guess we'll rebuild and if counsel in the playoffs because McCall Amon and Miller were going crazy. But. I I I have a problem. When people say LaMarcus Aldridge. Is a waste of money went when you're averaging 23 points a game in your pulling down boards. Bomb if you that lets you look around the league and you look at guys who play his position and similar numbers. Yeah maybe he's not the go to option he's not a team the dream. He's not Shaq but I have a problem when I hear that Aldridge is a waste of money. Your thoughts. I grew dimmer LaMarcus Aldridge is a very very good player he's just not Batman he will never be Batman and he is they Robin. And the spurs are asking him to be Batman and co Y as much as his persona is Robin if not even less. He is a Batman type of player in terms of star quality and you've got it you have to account for him you have to game plan for him. I just don't think LaMarcus Aldridge is ever going to be the kind of guy who can carry a team through a post season. All right we are now joined by Anthony Slater are very happy to have many covers the warriors for the athletic. And Anthony ritual with you know if I sound again along with Michael urban. Did the call while Leonard situation has been such a mystery for for months now. And we're we're hearing that they're basically wash their hands for the rest of the playoffs and and may be for his whole time in the Alamo city. I mean it just it's that I injury. In the back there key. But they are made in China Russia and back a little that it I actually really you to be a bit on the situation. Playoff roster and linger over this humble where are they come that it hip injury. Thought those doctors cleared him really try to put himself through he probably injured it even more. And they created that copied and basically damage it is now that it can't heading bill last year you know read for free agency can we create this summer he had a bad year if it was certainly had to get dirtier than your eye. Marty the top heated. Quite letter next year is heading into a contract he didn't eat potentially could kind of make your Mac extension this summer and is that pushing I'm on the squad injury they eat it plain bad or hurt the quad or. He basically camera owners got beaten. You know now it is great situation over editorial probably want them back throughout couldn't quite letter. But they also equipped on the PI RA it's a really complicated situation though we don't really come out of editorial much I don't have all specific but it crock. I'll start whether or little bit and I'm amazed it says it's a long season as we always say in a marathon not a sprint but. You know two years ago in camp we're wondering if JaVale McGee who is even gonna make the team and not earning an awful war is where that fired up whether he was gonna make the team or not. We know how much he fit in and and what useful piece he was off the bench that I guess at the end of the year he thought someone would pay him. And that coming back to the lawyers on a one year. And you know look look what he's doing now and then in the playoffs and are you surprised that JaVale has been this valuable. Down the stretch for the warriors are. Our did you think now you knew all along. Yeah I mean our members first turn you can't because of the book. The outlook early going to let oh when he bit a bit toward Canada and accuse the pro life he was booked a deputy roster spot. But he got hurt you bad had a pretty good pre eaten in at the time it was just pretty obvious they needed something or other senators didn't do which would get above the rim and in question lob dunk at the time. I think you know the rookie unknown he took out of the two years. But. It may that they have a job I but he better than you ever could have expected urge you might remember the first round series against Portland last year. I mean every game equally at least report lop done he provided weight or value and they were respectable. I can stretch of what happened at number I think Gary Condit wash their hands and say you know they were fired his career he can go elsewhere but. He's couldn't find any traction on the market eco back he would he would keep a lot of this season but Jordan ballot kind of take it. Spot but the weight dobbs up with Julia I think declined the bid this year that are in line up struggled with a respectable for the all star break. They've made that change and you know he got so backed a very I have it. I think it's the perfect first round back to where they're that they're under and even Adams are eight Minnesota and how about fracture. That you've got to be out there but again this bird. Bitterly at the basement pickle ball land in its first I have much bigger role only. He seems to head guard Aldridge decently in the be eaten up at the Billy group or athletic at all. I'd be great act of a fracture equipment on the road but it's working now. And I think even more surprising is. How much Kevin loonie means the team obviously he's not a make or break type guy but do you think about the injuries he had. And if you look at the roster spots I mean it was hard for any of playing time last year and then you. Bell you out perhaps at that time we camp Boucher. And you've got the rise of damion Jones Wes comes back Zaza comes back McGee comes back it looked like. He was just gonna get cut and not only the Nike caddie was planned pitch in game one your thoughts on c'mon looney. Yeah I mean that the word defense gave up cook on the future rate. Or October there urge. Ike you're gonna pick up. It's Fortier option so they could have Adam under very cheap contract until mixture and a decline. They basically pity they're gonna let him walk in on restrictive create eat it up. Well right after they did that he had a really big game against the winners is that it was a hundred nrgreen Bradley deal ought. During a pat talked about it gain which are valid the Israelis adequately. They came back on a stretch yet three dunks blocked thirty crowd thought these are you. On acting like wow he's come to terms of the nuclear if you look like in India aptly which he did in his first two years. I think you know he's been consistent I think you know very much matter you know rockets watch idol that they come down Gucci because. I think he's trying to better than JaVale about on the pick and roll guy like art. Exactly that we're kind of regretting that they declined that option because he's beaten him more circuit look at that and options at that first ball. Anthony I was. Taken a look at Gregg Popovich is pre series press conference. And I know that he plays the media really well he's a master of manipulation and sometimes almost all the time actually he's not actually giving you what's actually going through his head. But it wasn't so much what he was offering verbally. But his body language and I don't know it was just a vibe I got. A sense of resignation. From Popovich that I had never seen before in this before the season even started in what was he resigned to I feel like he was resigned to the fact that. Were about to get spanked we can't hang with the warriors without coal why we are not the spurs and without courage. Their close enough to still being the lawyers that we're in pretty deep trouble here did. Do you get that sense and and I still see that sense of resignation in public it. Yet that he's gotten a realist about it in the end of the warriors play even 80% of the several bat well I can play basically. Pretty much white spurt or when they're very good at least talented team in the west Berkshire that he looked at all sixteen playoff team that. In maybe Miami news is close than it delete a lot of talent. They don't you to read an intake moderate yet they were like it the last. Attempted greed and I think there three point percentage in the bottom ten to create three to get the word your toe in the seventeenth ranked offense. But it should be my only this year. Oh down there with a hornet and those equities that they just can't really score with the warriors there are other probably that would make it can't score against Steve do you read into dump without all the all present let about a score that that is probably at the word of price strength not strength there and and big got a spark to the tighter crude remark not. Predict great granddaughter square really well. Alec will mark its fourteen to that night. If he's not productive on where the spurs go get the kind of production at the org or are we it would rain it quite propagate jumpers that. It's just it can be it's pretty clearly the biggest that for talent play. It peninsula so let's assume fit my prediction mistreat. A sweep is going to play out. Looking forward looking at the relative path of the Houston Rockets as the one she's in the lawyers is to to look when the rockets. Pretty much had the number one seed all locked up. It looked like and as it normally is in should be. The number one seed is gonna have a little bit easier path to the conference finals than the number to received because of all the chaos. Down there at the bottom of the seedings in the standings over the last I don't know week to ten days of the regular season. I think that the warriors have a considerably. Easier path to the finals than the rockets do you agree yeah. L yep for sure and it would be black day within the last that it that it literally on the last day it couldn't shake it out with a warriors could have. Been hit their base in the argument they ordered a round one like. She's in it and it's got it has gone in the Portland or won a lot Derek receipt that priest stick with the Utah Oklahoma city of Portland. Into our lead but because you taught that turned in before our experts don't use that perhaps it. And now I mean who got to face the winner blazers. Pelicans and the water gap under I think all the that you would take a what are political with the now. They don't have. Home court obviously in the west are but I think if you circuit switched places with other words they do it the second though it is a matter of luck especially with the back there. Scurried out from the outing at ease him back with a lot less armor as they do sweeps in Italy they don't feel any pressure try to quit scurry comeback. They eat they can even hit in the first game or to look. A bit sector aren't they went they can you know they can linger longer really you know that people import back dispersed being ot be why they are patent gathered at bunker. There could be some drama early so. It's it's a fortunate situation but it works good but got a lot. Ritual Michael Irvin here not by some again who's got more questions for Anthony slayer warriors bureau refer. For the athletic and looking at this number I was kind of surprised that it if you count the regular season and last night in the lawyer's other 28. Different starting lineup which is twice as much. As last year how much of that is injuries and you know patent Caspian making these last minute decisions. That's just part and parcel of a long NBA season where you have injuries. Are how much of that is it that there are still tinkering and are still trying to figure out exactly what they wanted to do. What mote it mostly all in that it everyone's so you can. Pandit you couldn't pick a shark being put sport stars and for the the corps officer and talks start up but. He'd do where they came to see in the last week that the senator listen last year we. Not a legitimate health eke out a spot but because it is decline that they even. That trying to get village or belt along league start that aren't there and spot they have really had to pick you'd take your Google matchup to matchup based. I'll bet senator spot where I got that I don't develop target disperse. You know let's say they play Portland in the lecture on a word about trying to contain the cold a little bit spikes are a little yeah it's. If they play down the road in Oklahoma but yet we stopped while we start that you got power he had a so it all those starting lineup. Tinkering in the yet to injuries but a lot of it's just the Saturn Outlook you know it clocks that. Anthony the much maligned bench for the lawyers at least during the regular season had a pretty good game last night I think that's an under statement. I always felt like the criticism of the bench was pretty unfair anyway in the regular season because there were so many injuries. Then the rotation got thrown so out of whack that it wasn't really that the bag you put the invention in quotes you know that wasn't their bench wasn't the banks that. There that they go into the season anticipating this is our bench is going to be and this is who's on it in this is how it's going to be used that just was never luxury. The speaker had now that they're back to I mean granted there without Currie but they have a clearly capable options as the back up they're not nearly as staying up as they have been at various times but I feel like. Now Kirk can use the bench the way he envisioned using it and that's why they're looking better nowadays. Yes there but the important bit of what he's got that bad I mean I think on recap you can monopolies edited on your deed heat back up about nick young and been. Disappointment for the dollar dropping out of met five point two but he is catch shoot at there are not a percent. It beat Clinton. In all he probably expected that economic sequence but you also he had a down year it would dollar in the burst after the eaten BG 23% of three EE. They'd probably. Is worse burst pap ever in his career a living spaniel and a regional over the side to decline in the west with terrific that may be a bright spot on mature. I think both eagle. In general a lot of deep dive off that bench head down see they were somewhat better after offer great eat with all of particularly. But I thought it was a legitimate you know concern entering these play out that. You know game one was a good sign it would all it is kind of showed up at. A lot of people trust them to get the picture but shown in the Kraft or living cannot thought was good. Guessing game one with a happy or six shooting so there's got to be trusted but I I can. Understand why it can be quantities may be like that that's about. That's Japanese letter read them on the athletic in the athletic online as well and follow on Twitter Anthony V Slater hey Anthony great stuff thanks your time especially on a weekend and we'll see at the coliseum to Ron thanks Anthony. Yep well thank reverend Wright's great stuff and the the thing is to services that. And as they said I predicted it before the this series started that the wars would be in sixty predicted to sweep. Sell if the warriors lose tomorrow night I'll be very shocked at predicted us to victories what happened in the Alamo city in the three games that they'll have there. For you do if they drop a game in San Antonio despite your prediction would you say. And I you know look it is the spurs and and the warriors they can't have that level of concentration every night or are you going to be furious and you want your money back. All be furious and is something really weird happens if the spurs were a game in this series I'm talking like. Durant and dream on go down in the first quarter and missed the rest of the game I really think this is so look Anthony who. This guy knows the league and he just said they are the least talented team in the playoffs maybe heat. Our right their way them but. Yeah without without quiet during their just. They're just an OK team I know that they had a decent regular season at one point look like they might even be the number three seed but while once used. I mean looking out last night. Or yesterday afternoon it's like that that this the talent level is so that the disparity is so great that. I just I don't see it happening but even fathom happening. Let's say that cynical wise healthy. How many games you give expert I think it's a six if not send him then you give if if seven if co wise been around for awhile I'll he had just come back like yesterday. After having missed all this time. I think the spurs win one in San Antonio and that's it by its if coli had been with the team. All along. Who knows they were talking about it's that this may be the number 12 and three Cesar different well. We are what Michael Irvin I were killed and we just how about 1015 minutes left in the show and it is a Michael everybody has there standard like gurus drives. And Townsend tricks and I'm in that one up fans entering jokes Rick's rants are now but we do have. AM let's give let's make it official a little good for ball bad for ball. Time for. Sure. War that's true. I say there's. Here's Michael herb and I'm. Everything in life and I do mean everything can be labeled one of two ways good fur ball or bad for ball we stick to sports here when we do it and nine to fives are in the game and I wolf road through Rick tittle only sporting topics but. Again it can be everything in life for instance I'm holding in my hand. A ballpoint pen and they think of which is baby blue. Syria and. I you know what I found yesterday I was doing the a's pre and post I've found on under the console and idol janitorial work and I put it up there are so it's alive with germs do yeah it's sting forget about the germs it's just bad for Paul who has. Who has a baby blue pan. All of your Oscar Wilde and you wanna write upon maybe it's perfect for a all right this is a radio station this is the place of business this belongs and like a little kids Cray down box on some what are you it a DI a Parris island you know in the military you can only write things in black ink you can even use any other caller not even blue now not even navy blue and I didn't and that now I know enough now I know what not to give you for Kurt. Smith that's thank you very much. Argue real example of good for good for ball mom I almost missed the free months. Exit off the bridge because I'm not used to doing it still in his studio. And at Belle isle street for a monster yeah we're gonna say Fremont and in the build onto the tri city OK dad and housing and missed the mark by that. It in the right city. Gelman no proof but it was it was very much the last second moon and I needed some help and I rolled my wandered down and I waved frantically to the person that I needed help from in the game and help it's good for ball. While I find that the courtesy on our roadways is an all time low. Yes and it be even lower were it not for me because I've gone from being that guy who will speed up and pretend I don't see you. Honestly are those pre sobriety now that I am you know sober happy Jersey free blah blah blah you're out at him and you were drunk and demean them. The downgrade. Them. I think OK the Rio chief Yahoo! you know that he's very controversial figure rats that hat on Cleveland. There are some people that are in crew look there are some people who think you're relax at the logo there are some people who think it's unbelievably racist. There I see that there's some people that are incredibly open arms over the fact that today I'm Jackie Robinson day. There were forced sale at the Jake or wherever you buy your Indians that's chief Yahoo! pats win. The Jackie Robinson's number 42. Logo I'm not saying I'm not asking you is that had itself been for ball bad for ball but the people that are getting. Like crazy up in arms about it calling it double racism is that. They good for -- about flaws they've been hand her way. Now we'll listen we are in a time where were people will if you do one wrong thing though lately something and people are coiled like. Cobras and and poise like you know jungle cast of pounce on you and call you something if you do something wrong but in this case I agree with them a than this and by the way this is the last year for chief Wahoo unanswered question is a terribly racist caricature McCullough chief Yahoo! and yes Longo. Chief they're gonna search engine chief Yahoo! works down here next ago. And now chief Wahoo is yeah I mean it came from a time when Macon a racist caricature of an Indian of the funny thing in. Reverend Jim Thome was told by the way in you know you're knock it Yahoo! on your plaque at the hall of fame and he said yeah that's fine. And beat it but yeah and then you but the thing is. If you are upset I'll just say this old one and be one of your last time is because it will be gone next year completely. When you were telling these. I am the Tillman into don't did you mean to say Yahoo! the united Yahoo! on your. Cap or did you just get sucked into my world right there Wahoo. You said Yahoo! I I was trying to make you feel that okay thanks Hannah I'm not a Iman nice drunk Reuben thought there. Who is innocent until proven guilty is still on the 49ers roster good for ball event for. That's bad for ball. And and listen I don't I don't blame. John Lynch initially for not doing the knee jerk reaction because John Lynch and the whole thing about all care for the young man and only had a rough childhood and is. Father shot his mom while he was holding him. That's OK for the the social worker in the family ma'am learn the clergymen and the psychologist but John Lynch's jobless when football programs. And sell I understand right away as I Wear way hold on let's take a look at it but venue here. Not only the assault rifle but a woman dragged out of her own home that she lived in punch in the head ten times. I don't care that way if you were the number one overall pick you you have to be cut at that minute and and Killian. Raked them over the coals for that the chronicle and I agree whether. It's. The Tiger Woods tiger Tiger Woods you all tiger faded. In the masters he was never really a factor. But. It shines a spotlight on a slew of young stars that otherwise the casual golf fan who tunes in to see tiger. Maybe another hit to Rickie Fowler or Jordan speed but tiger spade is what created that. And gave these guys the attention as a good. Ball or bad for ball. Daiei it's it's always been about for mall because. That the sport should have been renamed tiger because we. And that's all people care about. And then to hear later this guy read is that everyone hates them because he's a jackass and he's fat he's a strange as family like normal one of and known now but no one. It in the golf purist care about Rory and Rickie for ivory pharma showing that he's a great guy they care about speech. But every one on earth all wanna know is tiger so here's a guy going bald well the one inning for a decade. That's all everyone cares about and the number one headline you can go to any golf website right now. The top three headlines something and they'll say tiger had pancakes today. Seriously that's all that matters is tiger and I understand why but still to this today. It's sort of be well like saying you know why you know you're an NFL fan will what's Joan name with Dylan. It's like now he's not really a factor remark and not on the it's too there's two reasons for number one is because tiger. Whether it was a golf star like we've never seen in our life in our group of the popularity because you are Paul learn. Into. And Jack Nicklaus they appealed to your grandpa button in a not too many other people tiger appeal to everyone. The other thing is is that no one really has taken the mantle and has excited S so if you're an Ulster menu of Rory and if you went to the same college. As Rickie Fowler and you Wear orange from Oklahoma State that's great but other than that no one has grabbed that mantle that attention. Stiff Currie was not wearing a suit. Behind the words bench. Number this whole deal with a Allen Iverson. All of a sudden there was it dress code. Four NBA players and they had you know button it up quite literally and figuratively and solve some everybody. Was wearing suited seems like the dress code has gotten either they're non forcing it or it's more lax. Now you're seeing guys going back to the sweats and Graham and nobody's ever gonna associate staff with thug life. But he didn't you know he wasn't dressed. Quote unquote nicely. You're from about verbal. It is good for mall and armored Jermaine O'Neal so that now rules racist by the way it was to get rid of playing and all that led. The only person that should care is Steve Kerr whatever the team role is. If the team rose Wear a suit the worse it is the team rule is not the worst you've been don't Wear a suit by that I couldn't care less. The brawn and Lance Stephenson facing off in the post season again. A couple man stop the presses. That is so good for ball. That doesn't really captured it one of the greatest moments non basketball an ad in NBA history. Was Lance Stephenson blowing in LeBron james' ear while they're waiting for free throw to be taken who was the guy with all the guns that job of LeBron to mom. Last. It was freakish nude with furcal is less than you are not my west yeah not Delonte West not our last Russell Westbrook milestone hunting needed averaged seventeen rebounds over last two games in what do you know he got eighteen and then towards. Ever Donald royal. Doll royal is gonna get his first ever triple double and nick called a timeout against the pistons and accuse on the magic at that time. Because he needed one more rebound and they have like a fifteen point lead Doug Collins took his team off the floor era. Now with like ten seconds left because he was she was it was a gold mining for stats. Really. That's about reminds me of packets that are good for ball. Let's see. Better passing a runner in front of them on a home run trot resulting. In the loss of a home run. Those Marrero last night with a well I I think that's a good for ball rule if if you're so bone headed. That you pass. Pass a guy and the bay and I understand that he was trying to tag up thing but the whole halfway down a fly thing in any went back such just look at the guy pay attention you lost that home run because you were so gaga over the fact they still got to release and they won the game so who cares check us. A real quick one marathon playoff hockey games I know your name and torture. I love I love hockey and we're gonna Google weather factor tomorrow and I it's of my shark he's they -- always great that there have an email address. Is it time flies and our video. And you remember in 99957. Against Marley is will be on the Q1 02. Point one and we also will be having of course warriors coverage of game Q right here are rich ill see you next time I face them again.