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Sunday, April 15th

Rick Tittle and Mychael Urban talk to Sean Deveney about Kawhi Leonard and the Spurs' issues, and then talk to Chris Cotillo about everything in the world of MLB.


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There with his teammates but. That Parker would come out and publicly say. And I miss this Rick so so help me out when did Parker say this was that exactly what he says he said publicly. My quad is a hundred times worse inquires why have Lucas looked up when he said that because yeah that would mean what you think about button. You do not do that in pro sports you're you don't throw a teammate especially not even especially anybody. You don't throw team until you're fed up with actor right which that's my point so we have reached a point where. Tony Parker already knew that he wasn't coming back market when it march 23 recycle thank you and marched so. As of march 23 he knew for a fact that why wasn't coming back because if you didn't you wouldn't have said. Maybe he was goading him. Like I commanded mine's a hundred times worse when you don't hear let's check in with us Chanda avenue the NBA writer for the sporting news he's kind of to join us here and I. Sunday evening in a show on Rick Tuttle Michael Irvin here not 57 again we were just discussing. Acquire Leonard and I was thinking no matter what kind of beef he has with the the organization that I would think it would be eating him alive to see his team in the playoffs getting torched and and he wasn't out there like that the competitor. In him do you have any insight to where we are right now because our hearing I guess officially he's out the rest of the playoffs. Yes that's that's that's pretty much been known I think within the team I think they were holding out some hope. That that that that maybe he would come back but. It's been pretty much accepted that. That this guy has very little interest in coming back and and and and playing for the team. Again and possibly playing for the team at all. You know whether. The rest of this year or whether we're talking about next year and then and that's probably the next stage of this drama and they're gonna try to. Sweep that under the rug as much as they can but I think everybody knows that. They're quite letters and not long fruit for San Antonio and you know it's unfortunate because. You could do that team that had such stability. And then he just sort of stood for certain things. That that does that then I think most of us. Even if you roll your eyes a little bit about the poking at Coppola. Public Santonio oil has come to mean. In terms of fundamentals and all that stuff you get so look at them and say art but it it it's pretty easy to root for them. And all the sudden you know that Google turn to the south this consistent very different than than Tim Duncan and David Roberts did to do relative. What what Gregg Popovich is dealing with now would collide later. By the way top of the hour you're listening now if I send the game KG MZF feminist who won San Francisco the radio home for every single warriors playoff game do you have any insight. Sean into where. The breakdown happened that the Genesis of this how everything got so sour. Well you know I and like I can't take her to present certain that this is what it is but but apparently he had another injury. Before that that he felt was misdiagnosed. Is because the bad. I he hasn't had much trust him in the spurs. That the spurs medical staff which which had a pretty good reputation itself. If something was misdiagnosed or wasn't. Would've brought along the way that he would have liked to have brought along then I you know I'm not sure that 200% of that you could. Blames that that that staff. But that that that apparently the root amid an idea. I don't know off the top my head when that was playing at at written about it a couple weeks ago but I accurately exactly when that was let. It was in the last couple years to eat eke out he had something that. That was mixed misdiagnosed apparently doesn't. Doesn't trust anybody now how to tell them that his squad is okay. And you know as far as what Tony Parker said. You know you know that that that might have been a little too much for for Parker to say but at the same time. You know the you don't get a guy who's out with a quad. For a whole year that's that's basically where where where why lenders headed here he's he's going to sit out. Essentially we're all season because of quad injury wouldn't that's stuck on the we've ever seen. Sean I don't know if you heard while you're waiting on hold to jump on over this but I was I copped to doing some self editing I was about to say. You know quite Leonard seems like the last guy that there would be this sort of drama being around in the national myself thinking well. I don't really know enough about quite Leonard to release say that does anybody know enough. About why Leonard but then when Tony Parker comes out and says. What he says. It makes me wonder what his relationships were like with the team. And his teammates in the first place because again we know so little about why what kind of team it was the end and is that bond and broken for awhile. Well no I I don't think has been broken for a while your certainly during the year. Purely a bit of Dunkin' years and an M when they'd been you don't championship caliber team and he's spent sort of featured a part of that. He even find teammate. In that you know he shows that he doesn't count this eagle. He's never been a very congenial guy you know not just with the media. Certainly that's only been one of the complaints about him from. For me in my mind my colleague is that you are talking to. Coli letters sometimes talking to Leah. You know to a mailbox you know it is that you'd have to get the same amount of reaction complete. And so it so that that though he's been. Sort of the media complain about him but. You know apparently there are some of that with the team they do that that that he doesn't you know doesn't have the same sort of interaction submit the same sort of camaraderie. With the other guys. And you know that that's something that. That that that seems to helicopter that it's it's tough because like I say they have this culture there. That was set first by David Robinson. Where you know pure Gregg Popovich you can go in on the first day of training camp. And and that is something that I know EPA head repeatedly with with both Iran and and Tim Duncan he would go in the first they're training camp. And he would yell at David Robinson at the top of the book it is the same thing would have done it in the region he would do that is because a he knew that. Robinson and Duncan will take it they both understand what was going on and he was sending a message to the rest of the guys that he looks. Attracting young Tim Duncan I can yell at you so you know you gotta deal that. So that's that the dollar has been popular to Dulles had that luxury now that left trees and there anymore so you know I think it is something that. That that that the organization as a whole really does know what to do. So until the surprise of almost nobody the warriors had a fairly easy time with the spurs yesterday and I derailment he was surprised starter and he handled the marks Aldridge. Who's obviously they're number one option. I just. I I never thought that the spurs were in and give the warriors much of a matchup it looks based on. Popovich is pre series comments he is from government since the series started. I don't know why I feel like he's felt that way too which is odd for a guy as successful as he's been where this track record I just. I sense a sense of resignation and Popovich that I've never seen before your closer to the situation do you see the same thing. Yeah Yung dug those those weird press conferences sometimes when these little Aden and you know. Every question that we ask is that it is the dumbest questions never heard him and I'll let stuff and to get tired so we we're all trying to do our jobs you know and and an enzyme that never in endorsed sure of that but I. I do think he's a little bit out at the end of his rope and I think when you look at that you have to wonder. At the end of this what do you do next does he decide to retire and and you know that hasn't been. Discussed too much but it's probably something that that should be you know he's got the USA basketball gate now he's gonna take over my tuition at each. And Daniel he's getting up there and like you say. He's in the situation he's coaching a team that he didn't recognize any more that than that you know. Parker original Wii is still there. But but there are shadow of themselves than any if you have the kind of star leadership that he's used to itself. You know you have to wonder if maybe he's getting at the end of Israel and and you know maybe he's considering retirement. Rick Phil and Michael Irvin here not 57 again got more questions for Shawn DeVon knee from these sporting news. The what the warriors lineup yesterday kind of regular season that was their 28 different starting lineup which is extraordinary for such a good team in and the fact that they use half as much last year just. Fourteen different lineups and of course injuries are gonna make that happen personnel changes but. It's sort of lends me to the belief that this really is a golden opportunity. For Houston to win this year because. No team has ever unbeatable we saw that and in sixteen what the warriors but. This is the year that Houston has everything going our way and barring any injuries. They really well how I think no excuse. Not to get it done now I still all warriors had to had to use phenomena pick the warriors. Half what my heart I have put my head because they've been there and done that and Houston hasn't. Well what do you think right now where is Houston sitting pretty or do you think it's still a little bit tenuous. Yeah you know and it is good to get your point about the starting lineups in the number of the number of lineups that they pat. You really see dad I think in the defensive numbers. What I believe that they are good that they closed the season. As the ninth grade it sent a team in the league. I think if you go back to the all star break in the second half there or something like fourteenth or fifteenth. Which is you don't put them as basically a mediocre defense team and if you. Watch this team and you know that that that that that's what really makes it different is as good as they are offensively the fact that they can get so many stops and rolling your piece of the week. That's what makes this team that's a separate the team that would spark goes run you know you can't have. Sixteen to two run. Without the two you know that's that's that's that's where it all began so you know that that's and that's important part to the war is them. And and you know I think that. The lack of cohesion that they've had I think that's really showed itself in the defensive numbers and I think that that's what does make them vulnerable. And that basically counting on the fact that that that they can. Probably. Pull itself together and two months and get back to being that number one number number two number three you know and in that ranged. Defensive team and I feel that that's that's the tricky thing to do. If you Houston you've you've played consistent defense in the sub that would not being from Houston not seen from the team's heart and even not being from the Mike and Tony came. They play consistent defense though. Yet that that have to give peace in an advantage. But I'm like you know patriot don't take Delorean I still think. That applies that the word would win not would who would win more matchup than ducks it was using to present. Bash on Devin me. NBA writer for the sporting news follow on Twitter I Sean to have a knee that's DE VE NTY. Sean thank you so much for your time especially on a Sunday we really appreciate it we look forward to talking to the general senator concern. They herbs one quick. Look at the Penske auto sales doc Comtex line 95795. The 80 wait the 808 kicked around makes a girly is get down by the way instruments a lot. I he says that Hawaii might have something more serious than a quad and he's trying to keep it under the radar. Like why it's speculation. I don't know is anything can anything stand under the radar and for me clean I don't think so highly cellular we'll talk about baton acts it's little nerves not a 57. I. Moralists and dirty covered so it's. Here in every four years plea. And a cure for hepatitis C. 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Mike wanna take a look at the opponents go whoa whoa whoa did you go in my technical on you Mike for years. I called Coppola Popeye you have to really think that you gotta like that and went. So. By the way Penske ourselves dug come to us on 95795. Which got Richard there's this might be. I'm now I hate to call somebody dom they might be that does do a lot Saddam all say stupid. This might be the most stupid tax I've gotten in years the same treatment Goran. Not someone saying trade Longoria after two weeks now on itself from the 415. Saying that I was very harsh on Aaron Hernandez. Because he had CTV call so apparently. I don't know how touchy Feely we are you're not responsible for your actions. He was a murderer but we really should know that he had CT so really wasn't his fault you know also CT possibly to turn murder yeah. I think I have summit seriously from playing college not then we just we were like. Alpha male bighorn sheep we would disband our heads together every day there was this shock if we need you. Pass on which I hope there's a long time from now they take a look at your brain into little suits mine I walk out a shower or dry my hair I never let it. Is that CT I don't know why might have a true that is an Aggie guard kill people so that's it's it's amazing to me that a guy who is a murderer. And you go. C'mon man he had CT all my bad. I he then that cash than he should have killed. All in what is now I I might have and I still don't. Remember the name of the guy that you're talking me off the air and leaking oil and bring it up on the air routes okay I'll tell the story still can't find out how Wayne. Do you remember what event happened while we were getting the tour of the chase and earn Halloween the private tour. On Taylor looked at his phone and he was overjoyed and he what did he scream out. Drop was signed this deal yes he got traded. He not signed he was OK he was traded. And I screamed out because I won Angry Birds Rio and no one cared but we were looking at a picture of the warriors 2015 championship. And there was a big white kind of back and you're like is this self proclaimed lifelong lawyer to die hard that I hand in sports media it's. It caught on mortars team you're not working at a dot com the warrior fan and you actually cover the team for the flagship station right. And I said atlas America's image and you went blonde on block will I let my momma go dogs face in the banana on the but I have a very good humor and and I just think in no. That he was on the team all your dog into his image in Europe now you make Canada I've never heard of them and then idea Vontae over again when you teller that who knows exactly as Mitch. And so anyway. Still to this day and then you brought him up on the air today. And to save face for me you didn't pursue it but it was clear I still don't remember him. You don't have to remember every guy but I do remember that steps MVP. This is the press conference and staff talked. Marketing for 45 minutes it was great. And he went through you thank Larry Riley for drafting him every guy he went through every single guy and the team Barbosa. Biggie everyone. And he got that whose mission is that. To merge just. You know just just people in women invest the lucky journal article that this. We all kind of chuckled it was penalize you now live we like yeah you're. Easy even though yours on the fourth. I think he knew he was on the team. But anyway back to were gonna bring in actress Tia here in a few minutes. Now we're at talk about baseball but there's some that I want to bring up with the U herbs because we know that though like me you're a baseball lifer but. You also played in college and then the big lefty over there Donte' demon and Anthony mills. For you us your god women of the armed CA he played basketball he actually good at what he did the US apparently. What do Billy -- say you only six foot. Five left in only six or seven left hander in major college history to go undrafted when now you shaved your head is 65. Well and I can't stand up straight because my needs are so bad. You know the chuck Blair their before you might get the cake cutter and you pull it up or down I had that prepare certain. Did you report on a batting helmet that had Jerry curl activate Ahronot. I did in high school output high school baseball solution and enrichment mute and when I put there're there are some of those helmets and I'd put on that we're just literally soaked with active later. You clearly haven't heard my perm my high school term store on know you'd that is. I was in love with the Jerry curl looking so I got a permit little thing you were implicated. Try to go blue lagoon and I yes exactly that's the look I was looking for instead I ended up a little orphan Annie. I'm not getting my hair doesn't grow long grows out and so I thought OK maybe some. So low. All week. This was your pencils on T. You guys put on a baseball helmet fit had Jerry curl activate your name yes I did it was my Jerry. Carol active trader. We'll see unlike you to is that is that sexual chocolate. Not from the commercial. Can we numerical reasons you know hundred times it comes on his watch and sex and did it. My hair grows out to salute grow out it grows out like Robbie vents on it like Gary from team America and letting an incident that nice but right now flicking. Yeah I got it right where you wanna be right now Ricky and I get a job but. Let's get back to besides stories of our cloths. These are the amount and and I've been saying this for years when this is what kills you on somebody wants to expand measly baseball the thirty teams they have right now. That's planning. I think it's fine I wish they went back to the balance schedule where he played everybody. Twelve times but now I got on balanced yup they're clearly envision nineteen times figure out a way to get rid of interleague play again. Well oh I think that's here to stay the horses out of the barn any other cliche doing what I do it like in the first week of the season. But the the amount of talent and the said there's a lot of guys who are not Major League talent the whole concept of professional sports as we love this game but were not very good at sore actually going to hit me to watch you do it. You know I mean that's a new concept we would love to do it or not very good all pay you money to see it done well. And yet the strikeouts. And I know now you got to have 92 to be in a rotation you gotta have 95 to be in the pen. But in 2013. The percent of plate appearances that ended with the ball being put in play. 71 point four. That came down and Tony fourteen came down and Tony fifteen came down Tony sixteen he came down Tony seventeen and now so far it's down to 67 point 2% so basically. 13. Of every single. Major League hitter strikes out. Or walks. And both of those things are Boren. And usher walked in and Iran are you teasing good for ball bat from all right now because that's bad for ball now man that's crazy 13 of all the bats. And who is. And so a K air BB so it's not just a cliche words like there's only you know what is it that three throughout comes it's a home run a locker or strike out. In Major League Baseball now it's like yeah that's actually getting closer to a fact. There and certainly I would like to see it we're here in more look at it. Launch saying goal. Exit blog velocity I mean all of that stuff I actually heard the of the baseball broadcaster that I really respect in a note that it's just look it's his job and it's part of his jobs lexicon now. So he asked to use it. In am I gonna say the name and actually heard him rave. About somebody's exit velocity today because it was his highest expert exit velocity of this season and. You think in my view are untrue or did he rod crew's exit velocity was a Freddie podtech may be two miles per hour 87 who cares I mean Tony Gwynn into who shares. You're gonna if you're gonna hit 330 by your your exit velocity is down playing grass. Yeah that's calling it a need exit velocity. The other thing is too was we're trying to and it's Starwood Bud Selig. You know packet they articles seem a Milwaukee braves and I'd be home in two hours it was as though we want our national pastime. That's edits are passed cotton so we think about things get a pass the time. To read a book of the beach to sit and ham bacon they know how to cigars to be walking your dog commission do those things it's a must watch a guy that's got. Right early talk I. There's because like what are you don't mind I'm at the beach come on let's go oh. Now on this is our pastime so when they came out with the mound visits now we count them. Now there on the scoreboard there a little brown circle evil robber and then the number on it. It seems to me and these games are just as long as ever that the timing when a blaster I feel like. It takes longer. To think about how many mound visits to go to the scoreboard to look at him I don't think we're saving time is sort of like saying. I need to lose weight Mike I'm cutting out all celery. Rick if if we change. The average length of the Major League Baseball game if we reduce it by fifteen minutes that's a lot right Mike. Park avenue would be psyched about that right. Do you think that would change the amount of maligning olds that go to a ball game or decide they're gonna invest in. Their time and money in Major League Baseball do you think that would change anything either for a lifelong diet are hardcore fan. Or the casual fan who could take it or leave it do you think that fan all the sudden takes it. Because it's fifteen minutes shorter. No. I mean it. I mean I had a guy jumped do you really think now I had a guy Jimenez so park avenue would be stoked about it and if they don't get it wouldn't make it damn difference in any way. I think if you are a baseball fan. Then a lot times millennial skit league sort of give the bad rap. If your millennial and your baseball fan you don't care along the game is about what your ages if your baseball does if your baseball fan. You don't care the one thing I think is funny when they talk about all you can get it and always different things. I think it's at NBC sports are friends and and and NBC sports and I worked there for ten years and it was not a sports talent and Fox Sports Net but. They have a commercial now are they have a guy watching an honest how public her his phone in his house. And I wanna say why are you watch him on your TV. I can wipe that because the other person has the TV wires and teenage daughters on the watch in the real housewives of the mall or. Keep up with the Kardashians. But to me is that says death I don't and if they really wanted to cut out time because there are they think that everyone's gonna go on FaceBook Kearns to ground whatever. And to say in this this limiting and and keeping track of mound visits is not I don't think it's caused one iota of difference now. Minutes that's back to my original point I would I would go as far as. A half an hour Rick. I mean I think the only way you're gonna get these bands that baseball seems hell bent on trying to get is if you can give them a guarantee. This game's only get the last two hours. Right and if you can guarantee them and might even be an hour and a half. Which you can't do unless you're gonna cut it to a sixth inning ball game. But even if you correct average time by half an hour I don't think it makes a day embedded difference the people who love baseball are gonna Leavitt the people who don't like Erica like. Ritalin Michael Irvin not 57 game it's our pleasure to welcome back to the station Christa TO he is an insider with SB nation. For Major League Baseball also writes for the MLB. Daily edition that Chris of them Michael and I were just discussing. The the home mound visit thing and I I understand that they wanted to try to cut down time but I almost think in. Twisted away in a keeping track of it and looking at the scoreboard and limiting it it must comply and even make things longer now are your thoughts. The other you know on in these the first couple weeks in that practiced a lot sorely let out earlier currently. Lot of people out of it is ridiculous sums scoreboards on the mound tracker and stuff like that and obviously you know that picking Eric. Pat it. Paper out of the umpire already gone amount of the envelope there are a lot of people. I have been discovered doesn't that count at the mountain you know we're different types of banks so it ought to I could see your point definitely is that it could possibly. Light began a little bit but. You know maybe he's trying obviously to shortly games and that's you know how they want. Roll it out this year obviously nobody thought nothing like that so far but that kind of the first step Alabama wanna get a war. Chris I don't know if you heard Rick and I discussing this for your own hole wouldn't get on the air but. I propose to Rick and this is my theory. If you cut fifteen minutes to even half an hour of the average length of the Major League Baseball game. I do not think you wouldn't make a damn bit of difference through either the hard core long time. Baseball fan that just is if this is gonna watch it no matter what. Or the fan that Major League Baseball seems hell bent on trying. To get I just don't think it makes it different the length of of game where did they get this notion. Where's the study I mean I think short of guaranteeing. Bit the game will be played in two hours or less. I don't think it's gonna make a difference yet. If they did drop the average length of time Major League Baseball game by let's say twenty minutes parking have a park avenue would be a grilled. But it still wouldn't make a difference or what what's your opinion. Another daring they're trying to do an incremental you know there's a if they want actually though I game obviously it. You can't make those types of major changes like. Saturday saying an hour and a half two hours and accent again that's up never applies so yet that find their way short of as much as you possibly can't weather -- o'clock. The mound visit counter whatever guys can't step on the batter's box and take their sweet time Michael alike is so. You know they they're doing epic what they can't within around almost. You know what won't cause the mob outside park avenue obviously pictures evidently didn't do that that extra innings banged got started at second base and very interesting oh wait that is so you know I think. There's definitely a lot of things brought about an advocate of the league clearly thinking that. The paper played enough of an issue an Indian and make enough of an impact where. You know if they do make these changes that it will have a an impact and will help bring them out. You know the people there think about you know really among. The pains me to focus obviously going to be big topic of discussion debate but it is important. You know it's funny just a couple weeks and they always say if you go to the ball yard you'll see some you never seen before and I'm always amazed how many times. That's true jet just tonight in that the a's game at Seattle Simien was picked off but they called a balk but and they said no wasn't a block let's just pretend it never happened that put them back at first it was very weird. I Castro. Has a three run sac fly. I think that's the first time I've ever seen that and then did we lose the collar. I think we lost the caller you know as it's offended when I bring a market Sammy and you know we'll get him back brisket you we have him back. We have a back so that's saying Chris there's so much weird stuff going on he got Eli Marrero he hits what he thinks of the three run home run but he passes rely on the on the base paths. It's do you think of the season is off to a rollicking start because of things like Saturday thinks some of these guys are stone spring training mode. But I think our article along that they you know they been down a 45 people mad at them tonight baseball. That that might be prettier than I'll do that at a get get what you believe that. Kind of ran pretty neat thing you know it. And I I get on the and dale I never really see crazy things happen and I I can't stand watch it and yet tried. What can help him make them prone Aaron you know and a banana whatever quote unquote but I just. So boring baseball that he do he's dumping me never seen before a lot and some recourse to the game and you know I think obviously. You know the thing he meant to order or Greenland Cologne tonight he's seen a big big storyline department these do go out and we never seem upbeat or the two way player in our people I. Who got a women at. As a pitcher in and get on climate this what are backed newspaper a hundred years ago so you know there could be on her back and they they remember probably. You know zeroes so. It and upon our trivia I think it a lot of things that are kind of going up and down were waiting for these. Penetrated and a lot of little bit but you know party really taken this or by storm and about these other black speaker Ali Al. Creditors to the end while. Chris I'm just gonna pretend I didn't hear you say the NBA playoffs are born to do you really just say that. The guys that play out there are a little bit better and I yet. After just adore him VA. They get bigger and more and I don't have to do we do. Know I played division based long college but I love the NBA to hand it. Yeah logging out yet found the warriors probably it'll open to begin dollar. It is the ideal is backcourt he's not be doing baseball and they might it take away the date compared solely had no idea about but you do at W everything. Ages and now you gave us over virtual Cologne all of a sudden got me interested to them a huge fan of Cologne hey is this the year that Bryce Harper. Finally I've been telling friends for awhile that. Eventually in at some point in the next couple years. Harper is gonna have just this insane here. That gets people to understand he's just as good if not better than Mike Trout. Yeah I think you know obviously the problem with harper and I doubted that he it. It expectations are literally unreachable when how to cover that side 1415 whatever I want the auto or. I school has all the you know talk about use your utter amateur career and you know people following you through the miners. No matter what you do you're not. If you look at it guys guys on a five time all star. An MVP or rookie year obviously in October has really gotten dropped on the net more of the national car to go out and indeed speak are not being able to get out of our round. The guys that don't 300 vertical career averages over thirty home runs thanks. You know at 2526. And it's incredible what he's already been able applicant you know 67 years that he didn't leak so. In I had it called it happened I think the expectations and you know you think something like that the panel mark democracy the guy guarded one MVP and although all its nuclear power by a point in the game but I think the expectation is that advocate. Or underneath it he runs the a 190 army. Back. And you know like Heidi the sky's the limit brand but it is kind of popularity had been without brownie that he knows he lived up to these two weeks we'll be of course. I've made a big league career for years that I think. You know it just copper are ready anytime he had yet he's XP and a year. You know that when he on the integrity look at them like a pretty good you know basically for everybody else but this guy and the guy who expect the absolute world of the united a lot of people killed at Trout and what you get routed. You know modern Arab Mickey Mantle in the consistency has been amazing market fluctuated a little bit but they want harper. Lead the speed and I think he doesn't think it'll be very interesting to see it in about monitored baseball pretty easily at weekends Albert who call back and every twenty down. And nine out there are media it's going to be you know a big. 516 race all around 400 million probably more out of that you know that your rookie year for handicap down the indictment guidance on the radio like Egypt want that. You know 400 million don't sell me short I think we'll be access to motivate them where two really put on it you know to be in the national. You know their main all of obviously getting past the first round of a by now to make it decrease spirited debate and I'll have spent you know Berry did so aren't quite a legitimate threat but. In an October is really their IP that they you know that don't have a lot to lose harper market haven't done that. Appropriate it is yeah. There were getting very close to somebody making a million dollars a game as crazy as that sounds whether it's it's not too far away. What when I am not here in the Bay Area were used to. But Bruce votes she's three rings a guy who's going to be in the hall of fame. Traditional manager and in of course Bob Melvin has been manager of the year in both leagues but. You look at sort of the new trendy young guy and the guys who know experiences the wise is the inter as Metheny is I got Boone Alec gave counselor who. His own fans have kind of turned on him. Because as. Some of his own players have said that the computers. Quote unquote our pick in the lineup. Is it is he too much reliance on just Metrix. And hand and letting the the computers figure out what he needs that Dylan and how much of that do you have to. Actually watch the guys play in and see what's happening in real life. Yeah I've periodically the first couple weeks of the year that Q now you know the data that you could happen probably a lot more. Wanna poll them what you see you know these guys in regular speed and active and gave up what you guys. And it won a lot of apps obviously successful big league career where in rod capital writer and war. In it are different opposite now that it out of the villain and an act. Are only you're experienced that in between C plan that is very accepting that. You know there's a lot of there's a lot of data out there to change in managers inside these and it only now they're gonna use that a couple weeks. That might be the airlines might be stronger if you don't know what exactly what it out but. You know it would play better out of play supplies about being what they have been helped out with us. It's if need the united popular when it had a the first couple weeks people or you can lose on and I think you know Philly fan I got to know what could possibly make. Philadelphia then. Now I mean they just had you know bill and all the ones that the championship Eagles. One and only you know because they didn't call me illegal formation to get the patriot that is equitable water a bloodbath. Or Billy Pittman partly. Possibly want more what they do they think it's really been evil in the world are here in companies the right call little bit about it happened with bill. They. There there always record book. Chris the cliche that you just mentioned moments ago you know that you can you can't win anything in April but you can lose something. In April that's popping up as it relates to the Simpsons could turn trend now. The top three guys and irritation. Have been banged up offense hasn't come around yet. Andrew McCutcheon in Evan Longoria the big offseason pick out McCutcheon just recently. This kind of got going but Evan Longoria. Continues to struggle he is seeing more curb balls than anybody else suddenly he's fallen behind 0101. More than anybody else in the game he struggled again today. There's some people actually that are think you know maybe it's time Pope publish and Mullen there are more or sit Longoria down look that guy's only what is he thirty. 31 how much time do you think the giants will or how much time do you think they should give this guy with such a proven track record. To show that you guys still got it I'm not a fossil while not breaking down. Yeah I did you know that leaked out of the law I think. If you don't blame you know what you see on the field for rookies struggle than you know and parodies seem like he's struggling and does not look pretty epilepsy that. Welcome don't his appointment to our you know that pre operative started being outer banks. You know I am I guess I really think of that game goes longer it goes and that's why the united out catalyst role even lap here obviously. In other freak thing happened in spring training he got awhile but obviously. Yet opposite Martin quite out going down all the Varity. All absent being out of it really think people look at deputies that it is not anything like what he would be. You know you can get it in a year they're right before he's going to be bombarded aren't. I think you know Longoria lucky that he got to the urban track record and embedded. Get a very small market you know what the it guy who let that into the World Series they'll block it. You know they've got back on them and I think he deserve galore if you eat at. You deduct it to a new post new league new team new quad out new ball mark there obviously wanted to stop it and so it it and a lot of adjustment the first few weeks and in art it definitely a lot of people are really article is that Longoria action and Austin Jackson some of these guys that they brought it and it is silent. You let you know not many 98 block teams do when really you'd reluctant like Arafat and that would be suitable exit so I'd say. And I'm and how to get out of here or other people snippet. You know they have belief you know when you. Build up that credit of having three World Series with CAD and Adam both the Mac or. You know you can say all right well being let go or want more competent. And get it down or part of the one loudly even after that incredible run. You know wouldn't sit well a lot of people thought he gave good effort gone forward and out of there out of beta retired deputy. At top division is Eric ought to be very deputy deputy dog is obviously put up you know at some point Colorado I think that let you the united want want. Don't seem to really get gonna. If the giants can't keep your head above water you know it is very very active trade deadline. But Hopkins has clearly gone looking you know I'd probably guy like battle in town you know probably not cooperative got a lot of people and asked about. Yeah be very busy time you know hopefully abound about the big turnaround but yet legally could be a little bit longer are guys that. Have had such a. Great stuff from Chris get TO make sure you read them on SB nation and a MLB daily dish follow him on Twitter our Chris could see that CO TI double well. Oh Chris thank you so much for your time in your insides buddy we'll talk to you soon thanks Chris. All right Santa herbs. We have gained two in Oakland tomorrow night and is as as as as easily I was saying close because nothing in professional sports is easy but as easily as the war in one mag game. And we all expect them to win again. I'm fired up I am so fired up I think it's because of those forty years of the warriors 35 a little more a joke. Every time the warriors get a playoff game I can't take for granted. Not a mortgage completely anybody who is. Become spoiled. Already over this little run and I do call little because. We had a big stretch of bad bad basketball I'm not spoiled I'm I'm never gonna it's more talk about the next and your calls warriors fans basketball fans what she got AAA 9579570. Penske out of cells doc Comtex line. Armor to alongside Michael urban couple back right here and I FF seven again. Warriors took care of business in game one. Tomorrow. Good day of school for a commanding 20 series lead over the spurs and. Are you okay. Single. The game. River rock casino was giving a like cash and watch that during the 100000 dollar royal flush giveaway join us for your genes do when you're 0100000. Dollars next giveaway is able what you first details at river rock casino dug down river rock casino just over twenty minutes north of Santa Rosa. 957 the game. An equal opportunity employer. We encourage local community organizations to refer qualified applicants to list you can receive the game and enter con job vacancy information by contacting Edith Rivera had 415. 7654000. 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We'll take you until 8 o'clock tonight here on your Sunday evening thanks for spending to us as we talk sports review and you can be a part of the sporting discourse. We'll pay for the call us to pull free means AAA 9579570. Don't write it down dial it up once again 8889579570. And the Penske ought to sell stock Comtex on 95795. Rick I am managing. Yamana you know my seal pocket we'll school pock yeah redundant. Main man national school parties are redundant well little puck. I guess it would be he's alive in Cuba. With Jim Morrison and Elvis Oliver Miller all of armor hanging out together and a. Saturday Night Live sketch where the guy was asking in the secrets of the world and he says out of these three who's alive Elvis. Hitler or Jim Morrison's new guy goes Taylor because are you kidding me goes well when you guys are really getting him okay. And he said what was the worst mistake of a mile life and he has I can't tell you Killian. Heels are what's the what's that 29 worst mistake in my life feels when you are and why you're walking on the beach you were stand there and and rappel Liu is the treasure chest full of gold it's only an inch down. Elect how can I have no money goes right don't be around. In the as what's the worst thing I ever made because I can't tell Achilles heels or what's the 21 worst thing ever radios you ate a cricket is like when the other than a popcorn at the. Movies he reached inning of it and notice that he made a face but you can't think. So let's redo hopeful thought it sketches right now. The warriors are game to end. Then you an hour talking about is as Bay Area native is your peninsula Dan these big guy we both grow the group huge fan of the lifelong fan oval of the warriors and we suffered. Through a lot of bad bad times to say the least a lot of clown coaches that's a clown coach bro. Bryce Harper might say a lot of terrible terrible draft picks and I think that's why. Bad trades the whole thing that's why I think lying and I said gone to the break I don't take any playoff game. For granted and I know that they're not affected but I c.'s San Antonio. AP gets my blood dawn because I think get your 121 years of of near dominance from not franchise. And sell for some be able to think it's kind of an afterthought in the game I couldn't disagree more. It's just it's for anybody who lived through that stretch of warriors basketball. If you worse spoiled already. By what's happened in the past you know five to seven years. I can't relate to you at all because as I told you during the break Rick. You know I I have I'm. Honored I am blessed to cover the Golden State orders the team of my childhood the team that I watch and be a laughing stock. Mean MBA in now there the envy. Of everybody in the NBA and I get a credential that allows me to get into the building free. And am at floor level. And you brought up a great point you're like in your waiting for someone to tackle you and that is exactly the feeling Kazaa Mike. I don't belong down here now back when they were so so bad that actually encouraged fans to go down there just so it looked decent. In the Amy all on television but. I'm so not spoiled and am so enjoying this. Vets I will take like 1015 minutes in just circle the floor. Because. I'm allowed to because I can because I'm allowed to be there in so is that what they call you decree burn. That might be why there in the stock or whatever it is used that gigantic guy who just keeps walking through us. But it's it's. I mean it is so special in with the warriors have been doing this so special obviously. And to your point. Yes I do expect them to roll you know one Karl Boucher Erica agree writer force for 95 certainly gained a commie asked all of all of the on air people weighing in on what's gonna happen in the first round and I said sweep. And I hit it I can't imagine the spurs winning game in this series I am that confident and just. Don't you team relying on LaMarcus Aldridge as your number number one offensive threat. To beat a team that has as much talent as the warriors have but. I'm still riveted by every single moment I read every single story. Written about it it's the NBA playoffs and the lawyers are in them I mean how can you. If you didn't do that bad basketball hacking not be anything but thrilled I still get nervous about it I mean maybe I get sucked into that. The Gregg Popovich aura or the fact that or it's just respect for the summer I picked them to win there win any games you've picked the sweep I've been disbursed the still went through and you pick that based on what probably based more on there is a sign of respect for their ready based. On the fact that I think and I think it was did step pointed out that they're very good at home. And just Popovich has too much pride in a lot of these guys are not household names yet. But they do buying in and you talked about. Dunk and a little bit earlier he had the perfect personality. To build Popovich screaming in your face as are a lot of guys you scream in their face now it's like screw you you got you know I want out right. Parker in the same way to nobody the same way probably because those guys may because they were foreign they were like just happy to see here say that yeah. Let me Duncan was a guy who was going to be the number one overall pick and went back for senior Wake Forest it was the stupidest thing ever. But I'm glad it worked out form he got his degree and he's a hall of Famer and he's kind of rings I'm glad it worked out form. All those guys by and so that the young guys they have now some of the unknowns and and and even though Alabama mills because we were both former Saint Mary's athletes he'd little bit better than me after we graduated little bit. And as much as I like him they don't have the same kind of talent it's just that. And I had to do a lot with the way here's the warriors ended the season I still pick the wars to win the entire shebang merit the whole thing until somebody proves that they're not the champions I'm gonna go the warriors. But I just thought. Losing by 28 Indiana having your coach call you out calling you humiliating. Beating the sons who were tanking and then losing by forty that you talk again that they were trying to lose we all know that they're just trying to stay healthy why you think Houston loss of the kings. They were trying to lose. I just think it's hard to lose by forty. And then sweep the next round the outside but I hope arm Ronald produce. Yeah and here's why there're there are two reasons why I think the warriors I still think the warriors are born to win at all. Okay WB reason why I think we're gonna we're wrong and WB reason why I think they're gonna sweetness the series through slightly different thing. I think they're gonna win it all because of that victory over the Oklahoma City Thunder the most recent one that's the only when you work events. That's the only game that meant anything to them over the past what month that game actually meant something and then in their staff for that game. And they beat a very very good team right unless those fighting to be in the playoffs yeah I mean this team had everything to battle for a plus all the emotional stuff and Westbrook was I mean as motivated as he's ever going to be any time she's KD it's it's blood in the water he's gonna go bananas. They needed that game they wanted that game well guess what sort of the warriors it was the only game that the Warners felt that way about. In their last what 1520. Games OK so that's why I'm still convinced they are going to win at all. Why do I think the spurs are gonna go down in four I'd just seat and I know the Popovich plays the media sometimes. And I mentioned this to show on DeVon mean who's on this earlier if you missed to go to 95 cent in the game dot com we get all of burn movies posted up their pretty darn quick. There's a level of how global exasperation. And resignation. In his whole vibe I just I've never seen that from Popovich before where he seems. For lack of a better word beaten I mean he seems beaten in this was this is. The day before the series started two days. How many how many days heads up did everybody have before they knew with the matchup was was it to agree to with the most of Kia to hurt. Our mayor I think it was two days before. I think it was Thursday at class opened on Saturday for them I think it was on Thursday I saw video of him. And it and I'm like he knows he's about to lose not only that he knows he's got to give Pau race that's why I think they're gonna get swept because of the vibe that Popovich is given on. This is some of by the way irritable Michael Irvin with you on 957 the game you're listening to not a person in the game KG MC FM nation once or Cisco the radio home for every single warriors playoff game. When you're walk talk about walking around. The other warriors scored early and it and I would do you have career games at walk around stole and I couldn't believe that actually moved back. And a quarter into the game they'd be losing and I'm thinking sucks but when you're walking around. Do people and maybe this happened also when you were young guy as of as of B writer for the gays and other. You people see your size and just assume you're a former professional athlete all the time if you give an anecdote or two. When I was working for the Pacific it's Tribune which is a weekly newspaper in Pacifica just over there on the coast. And Kevin cogan was with the Dallas Cowboys cues from Pacifica. And so somehow I for Ned gold the I had to learn how to take pictures is SI again and SH. In I'm Riordan panicking when the school in the city anyway I don't know I'm sure he did I know you go to turn over opinion. But really cool dude his mom hated means it's wrote nasty letters to the editor why I don't know why don't. A register and then people should know Kevin Gaudin is the biggest guy in the world he's gigantic I mean like quarters he's. At 7350. Years something.