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Sunday, April 15th

Rick Tittle and Mychael Urban talk about the Warriors win over the Spurs in game one and then talk about the Kawhi Leonard fiasco.


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OK. Now we. When I'm writing like seven big game. David utter. They denied it seven again KGMC Alabama and HD land San Francisco the radio hall for every single warriors playoff game. I average of all nice to have you with us appear for a stock will this keep it going and and I'm very. Happy to be joined in studio now for the next three hours by my good buddy the highly talented and personal Michael Irvin was suburbs. Hey Rick how are men and have the best time what's up with your Sunday do you do good you said good on the a's post holidays you don't. They one son and a good mood Sean sell cleaned up now he looks like you've grown up to boost pitch him like you're grown up yeah I don't see you didn't like to welcome back Cotter haired and I did not I didn't like. I don't know I guess when I first thought I liked it but I would like to a lot more if you came up and was started right away by it's like it seems like. The closer he gets today and I know a stranger to me cringe when they hear this. The Yankees clean shaven buttoned up look like no facial hair he's got a little bit in the kind of the clue me yard days type 5 o'clock shadow. Was Clooney on ER. That's where got to start. See I can't watch any show bock cops hospitals are lawyers well not anymore because there's a return on your back in the day thing about it if you see and bless them all but if you see a cop a lawyer aura are anyone at a hospital Iran and a really bad day troop. True and yeah its like there are shows now about crime scenes can you think of a worse idea of a show and yet another so now you have the CSI Elsa Brandi I mean they're everywhere. Ice cube and LL cool. The crime scene wanna get away. Share. Here the segment brought you by Geico apparently. This is the thing Mike and will we're gonna get that will talk a little baseball we always look forward to your good for ball after ball segment. I look portraits or yeah or wore clothes out what that is I always do. But then the talk of the town is that there was do you think what this warriors victory this quote unquote easy victory over the spurs. Why do you quote turn the at the eve because dominating as he's not professional sports are there about. How much of us were like sure. And how much of us were like 'cause I know we we you know for a further all the people who were on airing here I mean Karl who does our website had us do a little online. What's gonna happen. And so you're either from the school about how Hamas were warriors in six which I was in that crowd Newton and you're in the crowd of warrior sweep. The last time we did show you said I hope we get the spurs yet so far a year ride on all accounts well. I mean it's that in one sentence encapsulated my reasoning behind the warrior sweep it was the warriors without staff Currie. Are still the warriors. Green shirt they're obviously missing that time may be ridiculous to say they're not these two time MVP the only unanimous it's that are etc. But they're still the warriors they still have. Three of the best 25 players on the planet on their team. Their bench look if if step is the only guy who's out then Steve Kirk can still. Work his bench being in the way that is ideal to him right the rotation got all jacked up during the year and that's what had everybody. Up in arms about the bench with a bench cease to be the bench we'd love. Because the rotation got screwed up so bad but if just one guy's missing. And it's the point guard in you have a capable fill in at the point which we thought we had cream coat can now we've gotten Andre without we'll get to me. Straining my rotator cuff with a big pat on the back I tweeted it out only on for me about this later Monica but. Because you do have a capable backup instead of curry you don't need to change. Your bench rotation all that much into the bench looked like the bench used to look last night. And the spurs again back to the warriors are still the warriors without sift through the spurs without coli Leonard. They're not the spurs if you were leaning on LaMarcus Aldridge is your number one guy you were in deep trouble against talented team. Now this is a thing. I don't think the warriors are the warriors must've heard OK and I think there are very good team. But they're not the real warriors we'll share bill or any disseminating share what this is this is what I wrote my whole blur. Which came true and I said. No more of this I so Cady Stanton you need clay to step up you can't be quiet. And clay dropped 27. In fact pull us out here the first word has scored more than 25 points while shooting at least 80%. In a playoff game since then Mitch did it back in eighty yeah just insanely efficient and so to me then I'm not okay that's that's the recipe and move the ball around like Gregg Popovich thought Steve Kerr to do. Would you write in in FA class somewhere on the air we talked about this because that was the one noticeable difference. You know when KG was out. The warriors offense still rare like the warriors offense that dominates people. Wing steps out it doesn't quite and it did get Cuba like if the if he had to ask you as the biggest difference. It's that. They stop doing what makes them different and special. As of compared to the rest is that the tick the rest of the teams in the NBA. They move the ball they move without the ball. They screen I mean they are in constant motion when they're running their offense correctly and over the past few weeks. That's why you saw this you know odd stat we've then never winning a game when Katie scores forty points. Well it's because he reverted back to OKC mode where it was just everybody's kind of stand around and wait for KB. To do something in that takes away what the warriors do better than maybe any team in NBA history which is moved bodies move the ball. The thing about this by the way we love to hear from you basketball fans AAA 9579570. Your thoughts as we get ready. For game two tomorrow night which are here of course right here 957 game AAA 9579570. Penske auto sales doc Comtex on 95795. The starting point guard. Last night for the Golden State Warriors. Pretty amazing. What you think you think about that it was technically Andre Iguodala. And that's that's where we get through streaming my rotator cuff with pats on the back yes now I said this is where would all will earn his. Big fat forty million dollar contract was in the playoffs so you keep union will pat you that if I guess that saying the lawyers are gonna do well. Is not really going on on a limb here I don't think. But. The that this is just another little thing in this in our lives there are damn lies and our statistics. But last year the warriors had fourteen different lineups. Last night if you wanna count a playoff game that was their 28. Different lineup and this is what happens when you have a lot of injuries and so this is why I've said. This is Houston's year to capitalize. Because the warriors. Are not unbeatable no team is we saw that and sixteen there are the best team in the history of the regular season with 73 wins and they still choke the last three games. But still this is Houston's year if they don't do it now they might not get another chance for another decade because you look at something like that oh my gosh the warriors. It's almost like day it shoots and latter's an NF fire trucks and donkeys they don't know what their Dylan but in the end they win so these are all just that it doesn't matter. Yet you know and if if things should shaking out the way it looked like they were gonna shake out when about a month left to go in fact it was right about when it became. Crystal clear that the rockets were going to be the number one seed in the west. You it's histories and that the number one she's gonna have the easiest path to the conference finals right you're gonna play the eight. Just start where that she should be relatively easy round. And that's not the case because of the chaos that went on over the last week two weeks of the season. Waited 56 teams jockeying for those last four seeds in the playoffs not just you know at the bottom half of it not just jot jockeying for. Seeding by jockeying for place in the playoffs period. It changed everything so much so to the point or I really think the number two seed has the easier path. To the conference finals than the number one seed does now look. It is it well. When my ideal right I got my ideal in the spurs in the first round date cruise through this first. Meanwhile who who are you gonna face in the next round you're facing good trailblazers. Or the pelicans. I'm not afraid either one of those teams and I think those teams. Our I don't say it. They're a really good matchup in terms of I could see that series going seven and then beaten up on each other. In being exhausted and when you have a team that is so backcourt dependent. As are the blazers. You know take nothing away from their who's that guy on the front quarters kind of he's come on Earl strong they're Kurtz. Tennis certainly in something like my lack acknowledge and agree with the nobody you know dame Willard and CJ McCollum obviously they rely on them so much. And with a team that's backcourt dependent if you go a seven game series. They're gonna have to do a lot of running a lot of work and they're going to be tired by the time the second round comes around and many here we've got. We assume a fresh stepped courier ready to face them and I think that makes that round. Pretty darn easy day him yet the trail blazers have done some work dame Willard you know goes off against the warriors. But I think the warriors have the blazers numbers in the playoffs and I don't think they'll have a difficult time when them if it's them I don't think they'll have a difficult time. With the pelicans either if it's then meanwhile. The rockets have them a very difficult road their first round matchup is no picnic their second round matchup. Is can be abused especially big attacks in the first round. I'm telling you Rick I think because of the last two weeks of chaos of the regular season. The warriors are sitting pretty. Well that if they can keep staff without having to pay one dribble this series then I'm gonna agree with you because accounts out of they have got Dicey they would pay a mob. They've put on one of those outfits that you know one day it police dog's breakfast by non be able but those big green things with a diving all that implement some Clinton that. Most like the samurai you know or out fits that Bill Murray was in and forget what movie but the bounce off each other for a similar to that. So you say dame alert he's now the number one dame over Edna and Judi Dench yeah I think so I think he's passed them it's. And we'll get to this in the in the next say when as well because. There's another guy who stepped up last night before we go too far couldn't get to McCarron cafe. Did you think yeah because I've got to witness worldwide west who's on the wheels is still tonight. Months ago and I'm not exaggerating. Maybe three months ago. I said. Andrei this is whatever comes up in arms about Andre Iguodala how can they gave him that kind of money how could the lawyers swing and miss. My argument was OK first up. Do you really think the warriors got dom all of a sudden do you really think they would giving him that money. If they weren't absolutely certain they would get what they need out of him through the life of the contract incisive here's what's going on. Andrei would dollar. Is currently perpetrating. The longest con in NBA history he's getting everybody to think that he is done. He's no longer going to be the Andre would dollar that's bringing you the one and finals MVP. And look what amounts only one name but for one game. I am exactly current world blood west did I not say that three months ago. I can successfully confirm that you did say that. Right well as your patting yourself on the back you also were they got it said the Internet will never catch on until an urban ID 57 again. Now action the Rick tittle shall hunt knife like seven to gain personal and Michael Irvin. And Michael urban doing a robot right now. Half an allegation hunger and locking you shake your head it's kind of like Max Headroom and bother. That's a stranger to the dome for the first time I had it is slow you can go with a barber for some reason harbors even though old school Barber's with the the barber pole outside then they won't go RAZR to the head anymore so I had to do it I was a little bit frightened. It turns out it's really easy and you don't cut yourself. Nearly as often as you might think so he got popping and locking and I just got super excited when I saw I miss this somehow Sebastien genachowski thunder when you're GO. With the Seahawks of sea bass is this Jiaka IQ and just like saying that. No matter how best timer. Relish on Deb any easy moving you said the six look at Chanda have any NBA writer for the sporting news will join us at six. Crisco TO. Is an NBA I should say MLB insider for SB nation and MLB daily dish you'll join us at 630. And will bring in our friend Anthony Slater of course who covers the warriors for the athletic. At 730 and your calls that AAA 957957. Penske ought to sell stock Comtex line 9579. I just real quick why did you go chrome doll image. Because I've always wanted to my whole life and it just my wife always always always resisted. And just she's just it's really immature story. We gotten fired and I was really matter Psycho my era while it'll show or a and once I did that. I figured may as well take the next stepping intake razor you don't see what it really looks like and unless everybody's lying to me. I'm blessed to have one of the heads that I can pull off to a certain degree I think there are some heads they can't pull. So all I got his hair if I if it was fantastic head here in my shouldn't shoot that well if I did that nothing. That's all I got three and all I got on the phone line to blame on 57957. Let's let's see what Tony has the same in Oakland Tony you're on with little and herbs but don't. Well thank particulate call longtime lawyer you to get all go way way way back. I would bet big game and went thing you know herbs you're right about the breakdown about the worst ever eat your root. No doubt about Utah okay he used it at three to up the teams of lawyers. We would all have the play one of those and that would be the conference finals so we really skated out you that the much stopper root issue I I think we will be used it. Part of that you alluded to you saw that gave Brett began to enter or add again that watch on TV. To probe its editorial hat and Houston had the lead other teams that made exception Utah. If they cannot start Kevin Durant and Popovich look at this with outlander. They have nobody who can guard Kevin Durant they tried to read on him paddy and bill guarded outlook. I Rudy do they tried it there didn't they. Are kept under Iraqi deterrent to shoot over anybody on the San Antonio Spurs so they admit littered the the big time in terms about guarding Durant and that's what they match up the lawyer. Why did you do well gets the award winner within their picket cheek and guard Kevin Durant and met matchup nightmare in the finals MVP 611. And look at what this figure out why the media was going up. What are the players started ready to put that book I corny bit in their eager seat to Oprah special what's the bell rings for the playoffs. A totally different game these guys got pride clay Katie drain money contrary to respect. Never basketball you've got to the comeback kid Arnold where they want to win a championship. Other doubt that I heard of other show we particulate. The word and I think the lord you know what it all yet one question I hope you guys get on out there Rick elite. What do you expect arm and her producer on the casket as RD eight Tuesday night that fiftieth anniversary. How early you got to get that game pre party increased speed. Well I'm what the word out how early get get that game. Our idea that actually called Sony ya that's your question all the tickets have already been distributed and I'll give a big shout out I'm mad props to have the scalpers can actually get money for free ticket that'll be great but the death for thirty is when general public's allowed and I think the season ticket holders are allowed and apps 330 in the Ansonia first dibs. To their seats bomb. Guru and Q rue Michael Irvin I am confused look exactly excited you look exactly. Remake. Re argued passionate. I can't walk and it was put the rat on the table. When you think about that it is Tony. Yeah is gonna earn his money. I'm scared as all outdoors or we just going just currently on logos are real impression he's our voice soars. He's our guy he's my muse model brought out the best and when Tony says hey man with basketball on the bell rings and always by an app look at the cash today. Well where is there a switch that they're gonna flip that's the first time LeBron has lost the first round. Opener ever earn the last when he won anything. Yeah I Iberia I don't know that that's an apples apples them with the warriors though that's closer to Apple's dump trucks for me because just that the cavs are now that dump trucks with and now my second album right Stanley Goldman remaining and generally catch and we tried hot AC. That's no I haven't thought about the point is your it. Unreal championship team and it's just it's too smug to say all when it matters little trial when you lose by forty and game that you were trying to lose right. It's just hard all of us and say OK now or Tryon. No and I hear you and when Tony says you know he's mocking the media for being up in arms over the past month. I get that but at the same time. If the media was gonna play along with all their fine. They'll just flip the switch when the bell rings has that for a double dipping on cliches they'll flip the switch when the bell rings. If we hit said that got a long way that we be accused of like this the most. Egregious homers and the radio history if I mean there has to be. Something to talk about and when a team who were used to seeing. Even when they're missing a guy or two I mean we've seen the worst player really high level without staff as have we seen them play at a high level without JD. So when their missing staff. And all the sudden you look terrible. And they're missing some other guys and even Swiss death they don't look like the words were used to looking at them looking like. What what are we supposed to do again where we can't just buy into that they're gonna flip the switch we have to try to break it down and figure out. Why are they not looking as good as recent them. And the the other thing is to let's take a little sound your Gregg Popovich. Was asked after the game. What he start about Danny Green that guarding KG. Did you watch again yes I would you say it didn't it didn't work very well. So will wolf they're very girl 45 inches by Monday night but don't tell me jump higher and move quicker. Then Tokyo and don't be so good. Tomorrow. This is the thing herbs about great potter lives we have started they may have to stop. Talking to him at the end of the quarter like we'll Lisa salters Mars. I was just gonna bring that out by then I was taking notes on my couch at home and I just I rode DI CK I mean he's just why do you do you know what he's gonna do don't interview coach Kurt. Is that what that Akron Emmons exactly okay. And I just because Kern Popovich are so intricately laying down there I bring part of input current sort of Popovich yes had been Diaz CP and but he just kids I mean I'm tired of it just. Knock it off stop to stop talking to him if you know he's going to do it and when it comes to the post game interviews. I would I would say. Just let the spurs beat writers asked questions because if anybody is gonna know how to get something out of them. You would assume it's them and maybe they don't I don't know I don't I don't read the San Antonio express or whatever that paper's called on a daily basis. But again if anybody is capable of getting blood out of that rock it's those guys so. Why ask him a question because you know what you're gonna get you're gonna get a condescending. Useless answer from pop that she's just that that actors wore really really think. It's funny because when they said hey let's go to Lisa salters and and you saw coach publishes posture that body language in and out here we go but you know I was interested. And you know she is above what are got to do and is likely better you know play better and then what he would about nine. Play better. And the only other person I know it was like that was was Chip Kelly. Like when he was at Oregon moved what are you edit the footage of the new score more points and then the second half. Score more points than they do and it's just at that point though it is it becomes sort of you become a caricature of yourself. I mean he has to do this because the league makes them do their it's sort of you know like Marchand I'm just here so I don't you find but I guess that's what's going on right now. I don't think if Gregg Popovich being as powerful as it is he has. Don't you think if you went to the ambience is the key guys they're good enough anatomy right that's never gonna change. How about I send I don't know that the spurs assistant coaching staff. How to send this guy he'll actually give some semblance of an answer NBA would be fine that right so you would fulfill whatever it is the sponsor obligation. And maybe you would get at least you wouldn't get it cringe worthy moment you know an absolute waste of 45 seconds. Just do that just whatever it is. Think the league would be. Would be okay list. James Bahrain go or will hardy I guess Becky Hammond. Because that would be crazy I'd like to hear from her that would make the NBA you a good day I think that is perfect if Lisa salters said here's chip angle London. I shave my head I'd take razor to domes herbs style I don't know but Becky and that's a great call she's the perfect person to have. All right let's say that talk about another guy by an image of bill McGee because. In the off season and remember it at the beginning a last year. It was about between three guys work Kurz said look I've got eleven parent and that twelve guy we'll see who it is and and Mickey kind of had a reputation. Of Shaq and a full and they're they're they're gonna get the chance you rehab a sorry record needed the moment and back to score all out the window a score no. Stop thanking him after those interviews. Falter should thank you. But she's well you'll get to the high rotors. Got that the Irish are back on the later in Dublin back to Joba. If you talk about JaVale. EN at the funny thing is is that I actually interviewed him when he was in contract limbo moved and I said. Do you wanna come back to the warriors and he did a guru. We have a guru drops were actually it's right at my fingertips when I've never used the sport. I was count your Damon I'd be ready for right now I plan to reduce the board and nobody today that a he thought he was gonna get paid right he thought that no one was gonna give him a multi year contract and his agent they looked at them they go look. For that team for what they ask you to do your great thing you think we're gonna run our offense through you and another ten. Don't write in kudos to you for rehabilitating your image but I think if anything now I knew he wasn't gonna get paid this. That was Sony not guru I was here. Those burn Glenn doing your. Wow what's the thing that I said that I didn't know was mean I was though the one for US Ryan. He had his dirty white boy thing who will play that later. Yeah dude you are part I've heard that a number times and I am sure was and they said that was that's my favorite memories Mimi she's doing so bigs we play that all the time. I. I knew that he wasn't getting get paid but I thought if he came back and had another. Pretty good year and continued to rehabilitate her image and his image and continue to be productive on the floor. He wouldn't gotten a big fat contract but I think a lot of teams are just like OK anybody can. Have a nice bounce back year I need to see it again so I think if JaVale hits the open market this year. After if he continues to be productive in the playoffs I don't know if you you know I mean getting paid is relative in the NBA I think he'll get it decent deal. Like I walls don't think he's I get paid to include the last Jimenez representation expect. I don't think he's gonna get inning and you'll get less opportunity got this year he's a year older. That's like giving credit because they are sitting around the lawyers like what we got a one year deal on a table in and it sat there. Ever won Manny and bore us there at the Dodgers yet there are like him and they came back six months later and it's that old Lou. It's actually better deal they've thrown into insurer rose yeah crash but JaVale McGee came back he was happy to come back. And we were looking at the rosters and you know they don't really and maybe they don't need McGee. Because they're gonna bring back Zaza. Purina catch Zaza. Also a David let us. A couple of David west was gonna come back. They drafted Jordan bell they got this guy Boucher from Oregon and who what is being you know on and they of course a damion Jones is coming into his own. JaVale McGee. Starts. To Gail JaVale McGee fifteen points four rebounds two blocks. One steal and he played better. Then Aldridge did yeah. Sell tip your hat. Basically shut down the the spurs only chance to beat the Warners which is if the Marcus Aldridge just goes bananas. And he didn't in that one sequence where JaVale didn't fall for multiple pump fakes and then blocks a shot and I think you went to Acadia and it started you know who's the worst talk about this all the time there offense clicks when they're playing a really good defense and that was what yesterday it was all about was playing really really good defense. And that sequence was basically. The on court version of what Steve Kerr has been saying for a long time. You get a stop you get out in transition and you get buckets and JaVale was fantastic yesterday now wouldn't surprise me if all of a sudden. Heard goes in a different direction at some point later this series I don't know why you would based on what you saw yesterday. But got JaVale was dynamite I remembered. Curt never ever why can't she never ever to them about to give an example when he did and almost never. Says anything negative about a player in public right I mean this is one of his things and one of the reasons that he's so respected and why guys like playing form. But in this wasn't necessarily negative but when he was. First up fuse openly angry when it got leaked that JaVale was. Being shopped around. And you don't see speaker angry with the media very often you wouldn't really angry immediate future is angry that it got leaked somehow. And then he actually topped two. JaVale is out of the rotation I was really surprised to hear him say this is the travails non in the rotation anymore he's fallen out any almost never says. Anything like that so we're talking about a guy who went for not getting paid in the offseason taking this one year deal. Basically what rat tail between his legs slinking back and in taken that deal you don't know he's gonna make the team he makes the team. On the trade block falls out of the rotation and again now he's starting in the playoffs alongside Andre Iguodala. Just a hell of a story all the way around. And the media an even bigger story about a way of total Herman with a 957 again about your participation triple 89579257. You'll pay for the call 8889579570. Our attacks to shoot it out the tax line it is the Penske ought to sell stock compacts on 95795. An even better story I think. Is still long loonie because a kid drafted out of Bob Myers UCL a by the the champs and you thankful what what can he do with a championship team and Jimenez Iraq. Banged up and they looked like last year. That maybe he was gonna get released so you go out and you know that the draft or damion Jones you draft. Jordan bell he dropped Chris Boucher you bring back everybody's all saw last Ohno now McGee's back. There is no place in this lineup for come on loonie is there just isn't he just hasn't grab the opportunity to both hands but mostly because of injuries. And when you're a championship team you've got to show real early that Yuri there ish Smith warrior queen cook. And so for him to persevere. For the warriors not to give up on him when they really could have they had enough guys were they could have said they were about to yeah they work but and now he's not only on the team he's didn't playoff minute. It's yeah let's just forget that the end of those two quarters happened yesterday would that the very much of the old c'mon ruining your at least that the knucklehead rookie like the foul at the end of the second quarter this is really moment yeah it was bad but here here's what happened I mean it's it's it's well documented. He lost a ton away got himself into great shape he he got healthy in was able live to get in at the top condition that he's ever been. As a pro maybe even ever as a basketball player I think it was between twenty and thirty pounds. Got real active and all the sudden we started seeing what Bob Myers convinced Joseph lake Arab. That he saw you know is sure I'm sure there's a little bit of favoritism having that I haven't you know the UCLA. Pedigree but it all started with him getting in phenomenal shape and being able to run the floor and be personal. And be able to switch off on smaller guys the way the warriors really need their guys to do I mean their all of out. Look if you are. If if you're athletic. If you are long if you can switch off on guys. You've got a place in the war your system and he forced his way in Indianapolis I mean. It happened almost immediately like you said a just couple minutes ago you've got to show them early that you're not ish Smith right. And he showed you was one of the best players in camp Kirk kept saying that. And the people who work at camp watching. Their thinking OK this is just coach hyperbole. Throw on the guy who worked his ass off the bone you know I knowledge patent. Making sure he gets his kudos but OK he's still gonna get cut because there's literally no place on this roster for. What do you think about how Lou the warriors when your championship team in you gave young talent you think how can that talent help the team. And going out and didn't bell after the the bulls got on the second row why and they they got rid of them have no idea if you think about pairing him with Markkanen. What they could amount in Chicago with them on our front court and it's it's it's ridiculously stupid but. You think about traffic guy candidates over Allen crowd why wanted to use pac twelve player of the year at a colonies still porn and threes. He noticed it's funny because net eventually left. He was listed as a two guard member talking among media day. And I said so you're not a point guard anymore and he goes yeah I am like am I Miley got a break and it to you that they don't want fifty trivial point guard anymore. Are you surprised then herbs. When you look like last year Ian Clark was a guy that you know I would say lucky man in America because whoever is the back of that we eat Ian Clark could have been on any team he found himself for the wars he earned a spot. He gets gets a ring and they gets a contract. And I thought Quinn could someone get Japan and the warriors they didn't want that they've extended him two years are you surprised. That they because they could have done Alan Clarke he would have said yes are you surprised that they have identified cook is like we cannot let this guy Lee. Not really because if you look at the numbers you could've been geely and he just dominated there and it's like. And he's not the quick you know it took Jamaica a baseball analogy here about quadruple A players right. We're just gonna get off and for awhile it looked like maybe Quinn cook was that guy was out umpire at. Yeah exactly good point. Well I missed that empire is a funny dude talk about choosing home and he was in the Mitchell report the canceled checks there I mean I watched believe they have pack up his locker in October and then I watched them unpacked his bags at spring training room and that's the totally differ entered. Pilates is not too bad you anyway couldn't cook would come up to the big leagues so to speak. And not be that guy that he was in the geely but it was just a matter of and look at it's understandable. You come up and you're going to be deferential you are in the NBA and there's established NBA guys on your team so. To ask somebody to come up from the geely no matter how much you get knocked down there. And be ultra aggressive in looking for your shot all the time. I think that's asking too much and I think the lawyers are Smart enough to know that there. And so they deferred judgment a little bit and he got into a position where. He had the opportunity to get extended minutes to where he got comfortable. Into the point where he was playing so well in practice and showing. Why he was put up those increasing numbers in the geely good coaching staff. Had to go to him and say okay now were begging you like the kind of did would not caught one point this season which is why he demoted himself. To did you think to get his confidence up but they told Quinn cook you've got to start being more aggressive you've got to start shooting in because of Kurds injury issues. It gave him the extended run that allowed him to get comfortable enough to do that once she got comfortable enough forty you know he's put up thirty on the blazers and that. Was all she wrote a letter with a moment happened because we saw the first couple games Paris talking to Carla turnover chronicle mores Bieber about this is that. He was arsenal wide open looks and and I don't you said they talked to him I don't know what the unless you heard some different on and off it was his dad that was his brother lives as college coach if that was. Our Collins or somebody on that staff who said look your blown it do it you're blowing your opportunity because your timid this isn't the guy that we thought we were Ginn. Kevin Durant had that conversation or don't know their boys from back in the day and believes he played a new ball together or it. Anyway there's and Katie is like an older brother Quinn cook I mean he's looking after him. And I noted that commerce I mean I don't know exactly what the details of the conversation war was other than. KD was the has been continuing to push him because KD more than anybody else knew what type of player he was when he was confident. Out on the floor so I've heard the coaching staff or is constantly not constantly but eventually. They got to the point where they're like look dude you're you're going to be out there. And if you're going to be out there weenie to have a reason to keep running you out there. The reason your appear in the first place the reason got a two way deal is cruise we know you can give buckets. You've got to start getting buckets which means you gotta start taking shots. And Kevin Durant was the one who I think when you hear from. Scoring champion and an MVP and a daddy had a personal relationship with I would imagine that means a little bit more than hearing from someone you just met six months ago. And I can also imagine too that you make it to the show and your bringing the ball down court and you think you should I shoot. There's Duran yeah there's clay maybe completely guys should passive but and it's funny because when that they went back to DC. And remember trump said imitation rescinded. And so they do it without the media they went and they took a lot of like kids from the the area the DC area and they took them to the African American. History museum and Steve Kerr said one of his favorite moments was that. He was talked into an eight year old kid and the kid Bolten and ran away because he said oh my gosh it's Quinn cook. And Steve Kerr thought that was hilarious but in DC's kind of alleged. And there he is and that's that's why KD that's one of the things I'm sure that kid the kipper minding your mouth like dude you're you're and you're no different than you were back in the day. And perfectly to your point. Sure there's going to be some reluctance when you're out on the floor to take shots when you look over and there's Kevin Durant there's Klay Thompson it's better. But if one of those guys as the guy coming to you saying it's located take the shot that you think I should be taking then you'll take that shot. It's not like Ogden cruise Mitch told him thank you thanks actually you are popular Yahoo! but because the minute stint Kurtz I'm just gonna try to render under current. We'll talk about that next the York calls a love to hear from mutual blade be a part of the discussion Tripoli and I'm 579570. The sporting discourse here at colonel Micheal Irvin. And I've 5:7 AM. Back to the Rick tittle shall. On 95 seven's big game. I guess on here Sunday afternoon early evening nice to have you with us for a total of Michael Ervin we're until 8 o'clock. And Nash on 78. From the sporting news we'll talk a little NBA playoffs whether it's at the the top of the hour Chris good TO. And MLB insider for SB nation we'll talk about our local mines at 630 and our buddy Anthony Slater. Who covers the warriors like he'd love for the athletic will join us. Pat 730. And herbs let's just before we get back into the basketball talk. The F 49ers. Apparently have announced that Ruben Foster. Will not take part in the team's offseason program for the time being in a joint statement from Jed York the owner. And John Lynch the general manager and head coach. Kyle Shanahan the niners said that fosters future with the league will be determined by information revealed during the legal process. Now and Achille and the chronicle this actually destroy the niners for not cutting. Ross are already and we hear the details of while dragging his girlfriend out of their house home in which she lived by the hair punching her in the head eight to ten times yet to flag down a car. So that she could get help the culture in your room punk yeah punctured eardrum. And because he was the first round pick they still haven't cut him yet what are your thoughts. Well. I. I was on the air I think it was the day that that happened and I thought they should've. I thought the president was artists when John Larry lynch cut Jermaine Brock. Before I mean it was the next day right there eventually and there were no either the charges were dropped or no charges even brought against him. But lynch apparently had gotten enough information. That it's okay maybe there were no charges were charges were dropped because there's no cooperation but when she found out that something did happen. And in the wake of all the mockery that went Jed York's way when he uttered the infamous win with class. Quote Donald and hold me accountable quote and John Lynch seemed to put his stamp on things. By saying. This is not going to this is zero tolerance zone when it comes to that you know if if there's just. I'm not gonna worry about whether there's fire after the smoke if their smoke your gone into Maine Brock was gone. Interim Brock was a starter granddaughter first rounder. But you know lynch has said look that wasn't easy and I charges were dropped and he went on to start for another team exactly so I felt like. We you've you've you've got to cut him in look at rooms my favorite Niagara amen amen I'm a fan and I love me some rube Foster. But I thought OK the presidency you gotta cut and that they didn't cut them opens him to mockery. Now this is that doesn't and it's a 202 way thing for me with little lynch. I think after hearing. What was stated unless you think this is a complete fabrication we we haven't even thrown in the assault rifle he had an high capacity magazine all these different felonies and that misdemeanor for out in the high capacity mag three felony injury three felonies animus and a lot of smoke yeah that that is and I think at that point you know I understand maybe the first time so let's let's find out exactly what happened many here that in OK you know what were done. If you know anything about the legal system you know that they don't bring up those three felony charges and unless they're damn shirt they're gonna have a case and if they're damn sure they've got a case things got to because. Right and I'm not saying he's guilty because is America you'll have your chance in court but if you're a football team you can't play around this kind of thing nowadays now. So I do think they should have cut him by now. But this is or I'll give John Lynch is back because people have made fun of him because he personally vouch form and when you vouch for guy and he would have the marijuana charge and called which by the way he still has the C a judge in Alabama about doctor this not legal back there. When he met with him. John music is needed to calm bodies they've become binding is waking hours and hours and hours in the hospital and finally got fed up everybody was fed up but he got fed up until you know who I am and of course now I don't know who the hell you are. I'll hospital worker and Indianapolis is no Crimson Tide linebacker. Self. After all that he sat down with lynch he charmed them. You look at the tape an amazing athlete on one of the raiders to draft him they had no backers I was jealous of the niners drafted them. So you say. All how can you have vouch for this guy well I look at Robert Krause Robert Kraft said I sat down with the Aaron Hernandez and I never met a better young man. What a charmer what a great kid or volleys he says sociopath that murderer any and of killing himself and jail. Just because you get charm my guy I'm not gonna hold that again that's like people get into relationships we thought I thought that guy was great I thought that girl is great. You know play misty forming. So I'm not gonna hold that against John Lynch that he found strange because you know who's been you know who traditionally are really really good Chalmers and commit great impressions. They get people to not just buy into them but follow them the Ted Bundy is lower coal leaders David Koresh and Charles Manson these are guys. Charisma off the charts if you just met Jim Jones and you had some doubts about them and they're your doubts would be assuaged after that initial conversation. It doesn't mean that they're not site goes deep down and more will be revealed that it's been revealed that. Okay rooms is charming guy OK but he still. Look again there's way too much smoke here for I would be stunned if something doesn't come of this and if something doesn't come of it it's gonna be on a technicality. I just wonder if that you know obviously the come by and every pixel wonder Ehrlich and that's just a very basic. Test for your aptitude. And then of course each fuel last year individual questions almost like it has be some sort of like her lax you CIA at a test for an assassin. That they're gonna have to give now the other days beacon of Alabama I had to Sean and the defensive tackle on my syndicated show and I said all the teams you've interviewed with. Good right now some mocks I see the niners taken him in the third round of the Anderson. But I said what's the dumbest question or weirdest question someone asked and he said and the dumbest question that he got to ask was have you ever eaten Rahman's. And he is like I think so and they go do you eat on an everyday needs like no mega OK. As for the book prominent like the noodles yeah so I guess if you leave grauman's. You're going to end up being in some sort of psychopathic. Megalomaniac. Rule that's in my future. Is a young college a little stuff drama and you Kidman and the salt content through there of course top Roman. Right it's like a nickel pack yeah I mean what college kid didn't live off drama and for at least a couple of months. Yeah he wouldn't tell me what team but that was the idea that was the dumbest question so as they set right now you can. You I think now that we found out all this stuff I don't care how good ideas I don't care if if drop alone had done that you gotta get rid of the guy out at this point totally agree but I unfair to criticize me yet I. That's what I think that's what I think to mean his psyche EU you can only go in the end do we all we all think at this point our lives are pretty good judge of characters that doesn't mean worn foul woman doesn't mean someone can pull the wool over your eyes yeah and. Let me just make sure that it's it is clear that people understand when I just said it's unfair to criticize lynch for having been charmed Brett. Buyer rumba initially. I do think it's fair to criticize George for not having cut MR I think he should have done that are finished they immediately are. Word group were agreeing on that. Let's get back the wars we're gonna bring in Sean Devean here in just a second because as much as we're talking about a bomb looting and JaVale McGee and and clay really stepping out and Popovich being that curmudgeon on TV. The real story of this series in the real story really one of the top stories the entire Western Conference. Is. With their co YI what is going on with quiet and so we're here and today. It was reported by a show I'm sure Rania this reveal the vertical. That's now they have reported officially. That he will miss the entire post season. As he rehabilitate. His right quadriceps. And he has been rehabbing. With his doctors he's been in Manhattan. And as Tony Parker said my quads are a hundred times worse it was a pain threshold type of thing is not an injury that's going to her you'd on the road. It's just an injury that you're gonna have to Wear it. And he didn't wanna work. And that's why said that the professional sports is so tenuous when the war is on sixteen and one last year but is like not one not two not three organ acute when. What if there was a quiet moment or like what a place that I'm sick of all this I'm not a splash brother Eric he gets all the attention. What after months and I'm sick of curb pressing my buttons I want out and he does a quiet boo hoo my quad. Sell what what do you think is going on do you have any insight. As to the break down the takeaway being the face of the franchise and arguably the best two way player in the league to where. We are now well no because we know so little about look. I was I was about to say one thing and then I kind of mentally added myself because I was about to say Rick that. Among all NBA all stars all in all all NBA guys. Here's the least likely guy for this to happen when and then I check myself they can weigh how can I say that because. What do you know about Kohl eyeliner and what does anybody know about quite Leonard. He he might be the superstar that we know the least about I mean when you hear the word unassuming star. That's him more isn't I don't even know if he's unassuming because I know nothing about the into. As detective who for who knew sending a stay at a basketball and it right and that's the way he likes it apparently. But for this to happen. OK now we know does an NBA superstar has meego for him to. Go look I I don't begrudge anybody for going first second opinion from what the doctors the group doctors the team steered you towards because. Obviously you know not calling anyone that fixing the question but obviously if you are connected with the team in any way there is. A possibility. That he'd be more likely to nudge you towards playing vs not playing if you're close to a 100%. Now for him to have completely breaking up again I'm fine within going signal that the check out second opinion but then to. Take that shaking opinion in runs so hard with the that you ran all the way. The Manhattan and stayed there with your quote unquote people. I didn't know quite Leonard had people I knew most NBA stars do have people but again. I would say he's the last guy I would think as when people buy. He's he's he truly is an magma I mean it's so everything that it it's perfect that. This is going on with coli Leonard and the spurs because the spurs are panicked cloaked in mystery to you know. We don't know we hear about how great they earned their Finley. But look at their last superstar. It was Tim Duncan who's also an ultra quiet guy that we need even he's gone through his career his prayers over and we still don't know time. About Tim Duncan. But for the San Antonio Spurs who have had. You know the most extended run of excellence since the celtics' way back in the day. Further this all listened to be what appears to be. Closing the door on that I don't know that you you can't call it dynasty but certainly an incredible run of success. For for this to feel like the beginning of the yen inferred to have started with co coli Leonard is baffling. And by the way I know that the SX have a -- teams finisher Martin or Tony UN play there as that they get my brother residents and Quinn played whoop their act now as the all time assist leader thanks to have an island that the holding in my brother but the thing I was thinking about her last night. It's it's one thing to have a beef with mashed and it's one thing to fill under appreciated it's one thing to be Matta your coach it's one thing to say I am not planned. But the competitor. In him I was thinking while he was watching. The warriors walk all over his team. I I thought is isn't coli watching this right now and isn't it eating him alive. Because I guess the answer is no because it was eating him alive he would go out there right now. It might be eating in my library might be so angry and frustrated where is the front office or with Popovich himself. That that is superseding. The fact is eating him alive anyone should be out.