Tim Roye

NBA This Week
Sunday, April 16th
Warriors radio play-by-play voice Tim Roye joins JD and Steiny for a quick chat on his way into Oracle to preview Warriors-Blazers


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Well anytime you can speak with. The voice of the Golden State Warriors tip Roy. Radio play by play man you you do it you to say Tim went to the gate here let's put it right odds we're gonna do that right now in BA this week John Dickinson mets' nine Mets joined by. At warriors fox T abroad Tim how are you good morning guys always get to veer out of playoff today. Volleys let me ask you asked him you're driving in to the arena. Does it feel any different for you mean you've been doing this for twenty plus years for the warriors I believe now. Is there's more excitement coveted today than maybe the you talk game earlier this week well heck yeah there's a little more excited accounting and a. And and it's dig which which he had to mania so that as its playoff game. And and that's always always cool and then it up pull in just moments ago few minutes ago and and yes people lined up we have a dual vet today you know the days of planes the analogy bark but. But this people lined up Fareed come in the parking lot and that does so that you don't get to with a day game it's you get a little of hail eat deals sometimes that BA game which which is that what you feel because the majority gained 99%. And it's hard to tailgate in the in the northeast in the water that that if I got out at. HM how do you feel the warriors are entering the playoffs this year they. We're still what we're do you see them in the pecking order and how there gonna take on this challenge that David wait a year for. I love their minds right now I really think it's real professional I think there is there. There are ready to go I think there there and a very good. State physically they always play is heavy minutes and and and I think that. That they really understand there's a two more months ago this and so I I think there. Think last year because they reach the were getting to 73 it happened the last game at. Was also and boom here in the playoffs I didn't think he had. Time for a quick reset mentally but they've had time this year. Yeah that's a good point I I didn't even think about that aspect of it I feel like the warriors. To a man have almost made an agreement among themselves. To shut up and play and we're gonna win this they were not get caught up Kennedy. You know BS that's going on we're just gonna go out take it. I I think so I think the years there. Looking at this as sort of a very much of business proposition. And then I think that they're not going to get caught in the war of words. No matter what some of the other people may say. I think they're ignoring a lot of the chatter you know that night like this lot fuel but. Sus one particularly Avant 97% certainty of winning reckless path but ailments like that it. That the companies like a 5556. When cease right sold us a better team winner plays with them and so. I I think they understand that I think he'll be ready for how much do you think the warriors benefit we we threw the surround yesterday on the show how much did the warriors benefit from the fact. That they were able to complete the ultimate goal in game seven is it do you think that's. Why they've treated everything the way that they have down the stretch why I think. I think is that the core that played last year I think is has that read you know the redemption tour starting today that's panic starting in eastern elites of the this. It's I but I think you'll pervert I Kevin Durant that's not and his mindset he wasn't here for game seven he wants to win a ring he doesn't care who they play and how they you know. How they get it he was to get that rank so but I think there is some unfinished business and I think they they understand that they were. You know really really close as close as you can get to winning time. Last year obviously I mean the last yesterday am sorry. Some good games are on the NBA what what stuck out to you what caught your eyes. How old Santonio just ignored the poor start and just yelled crushed Memphis at that that being typical spurs. You know I thought two rounds at an awful second half they really couldn't get anything going offensively. And and then of course the night game. You know life. People people like downplayed Joseph jets because he signed this huge contract right you know this career. But that guy just knows that I hit big shots he doesn't let Faison. It was sealed all the time guys give up the politics tuition because they don't wanna take that shot he wants that yeah. Tim let's go back to this series of little bit it Newark it should mean that the blazers fourteen to six to believe it was when he played after they acquired him. What do you think changes if he winds up playing in this series at some point like deferred all things blazers at the very care creators of the coming on here moment so you can you can tell assault on the back I think what what he does is it different. A totally different law. You'll public lumps at the high screen and he might to dive to the rim and get something out wave but it would never catch throw the ball the box. And now maybe for the first time a launch them against Portland. They may have to double the box so that he's really good these really big he's really talented so. It's a whole different look for them on the offense and man in and it's. It's it's a perfect tree for that. Yeah really is Rick haven't elaborate on yesterday in the NBA this week he said he thought the biggest differences. Circuit setting them high screen and roll has just given more room to their guards and now circuits is a threat dive into the reviews. He's huge he's speech and if there's one looked the worst don't have a lot of weaknesses but if there's one thing that. Sometimes is an issue over the last two or three years it's been winning big skilled big man comes in to town and I think Dirk which would qualify her to call. Fine it's Cali what you see the words would JaVale McGee yeah you have to honor that dive and and I think that that. You know is having a talented big is is is a great commodity mostly because there's not all that many other. And so they found one and now have that would their guards the other guards you know they're gonna have a field one or the other is gonna have a big game in this in this series. So yet have lived with that. But I think you know if you point out for the game matchup pretty well at the fourth spot and and I think if the warriors I think at the worst play well they should be okay. Tim do you think. Steve Earle shorten the rotation and all in this series in particular or will he play it out his tendency has been at least in the early rounds to play it out. Almost like an extension of the regular season even in the later rounds at times do you think they'll short and in giving up but all eyes I think he'll shorten it a little bit this simply because he has so much time in between games nearly why not play. Kevin Durant few more minutes in and stepped very few mormons I think he will shorten it but they've had. Guys off the bench who who played well this Portland they mean yet Clark had his restaurant and I games against the trailblazers this year so. You know I think Steve this is Kyle Love it like cotton Fitzsimmons and that waste kind of feel guy healthy goes in with a set idea of exactly who's gonna give. What in a way. Real quick too much inside a minute. How much of a luxury is for the colts they warriors to know your played a team with a great backcourt. Which you don't really have to worry about one of them because you know Klay Thompson simply gonna guard. We'll think about that that this backcourt companion McCollum of Lillie McCain they're coming in and the lawyers matchup better at the back court. Danny and me I mean it just it's it's it's might buy rice mine bought it they as backward as good as acting coming here and there's still that. Better than what the way. Tim we appreciate it lets you get on inside it and then get ready for the call this one all right guys should be lap fun.