Tim Brown

Joe, Lo & Dibs
Friday, May 5th
Raiders Hall of Famer joined Dibs, Guru, and Lo to discuss the acquisition of Marshawn Lynch as well as the Raiders draft picks. 

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Legend it's been my pleasure to talk them on the radio for the better part of ten years. Oakland raider hall of fame wide receiver Tim Brown joins us on 957 the game. What's going on to measure Friday gone. A little rating and you as good again. You mean like rain and moisture falling from the sky ring. Yes it's like covered outside when here. And a man that's crazy Tim knowing you're always welcome back here in California. Gorgeous sunny shining. And still currently home. Of the Oakland Raiders and what did you think Tim of of what the raiders have done that since they played their last game the acquisition of Marshawn Lynch and what they're able to do in the draft recently. I think they get better and that's the name of the game is to get better to bring in the guy like march on. Let's done some incredible things that he. You know I think the attitude he's going to locker room waiting to look who's been there done that. You know is that streak opal you know so couple would what they have already. This guys should be should be that piece meant that the ghetto without. Tim when he hit the thing about the raiders is disappointing car getting hurt last year. Do you handicap this team and you know things go as well as you'd think the west that kind of potential what is a ceiling for this team. You know I think before Carter Mercury there's all picketed about my that they at least. It's. You know and if you're close look at port to two rematch. Implant the patriots again and that's what people talk about. So I think you'd have to go into the season believe that that's you'll. And you know we can't even begin by doing anything about injuries. Let that sink her because they industry. This scene has to be particular about whether it's Egypt should get that that has people. And and it felt like it that way. It's a good possibility they get it. Him you're a hall of fame wide receiver. And when you look at the current wide receiver a Mari Cooper I call them one and he has a one he's electric at times but Tim the last two seasons. The second half of the season you know he hasn't had that that much production. And I wonder what can you tell us what do you see is it anything from him is the team thing because it is happened two years in a row. Accident in both he has been because of injuries the rate is about. Let people know book entries you know I'm privy to that penalties. He's been Vega and English it was a shouldered beautiful is he or something of that nature. And they get to. Portable practices and you know I can good so let's put them that there is crucial piece or game gave that they don't want that usable and what they actually have to vote Wednesday what they can't chill. So little about that and got to find a way to keep your body healthy and and be ready for the what is left of the year you know. And yet this game and so you know hook via a little bit dying little block it and have been depleted you know cause to get its feet. Because her two children so. 22 that has been of the view I think everybody agrees with that the greater because of that but they built the reasons are that. And but it's not because he's all. You know old mysteries so what is because all of these things he is body. That's called in the heat of material that stated I'm trying to be utilized with the have to. Oakland raider wide receiver hall of Famer Tim Brown joining us here on 957. And they game it's going to be a big hall of fame ceremony. This summer for us on the show to him because LaDainian Tomlinson is being enshrined and our burial Lorenzo Neal. Is going to introduce his former teammate well to being in stride what kind of advice can you give loan Neil as he heads to camp in August for what is going to be. And unbelievable weekend not only for LaDainian Tomlinson. But also for the man introducing him O'Neal. Activists and yeah hoping that it keep quick about it quick because. Into that well in and out is that would be okay let. That it is an incredible. You know my brother at the unity you're electric it is in the end. It's up and they still look about them is one of those moments that you would never get cheer. And be in that environment minutes of the grow up that report got them that the course beat. The unbelievable no doubt about it. Yeah really excited about that it's definitely about the doubtless seen what he's done and wouldn't get on the feel amazing player I'm just. Honored that he. He chose me Tim what he needed to raider fans just give them some hope. Yourself being in a long time raider and hall of Famer. You know with the move him something just expiring they can tell him to tell me we'd why he continued we are greater and no matter what the moon matter what's going on. What's something you until some and hold talks are. I think first and foremost. I think greater and greater position did everything they get caught is besides such a bad deal. Tuesday you know and you know I was. In the week last year and game. Just yen a couple of the their objectives and they were literally lose their minds. You know every option there have been given to them. And that was awarded five under me about short. Pension plans and that bullet though work but it look at it'll paper. So you know I think investment would be as if everything they could use state. But the Connecticut got the light like a mr. Oakland called it that's the appeal. United that's a question they need to be adds that the kitty at a rate that's greater advocate. That is so. You know so I think that's the point you know idiots in the street. That and shakes out the playing good on opens on October raider organization. We need to get in the beauty initial depends how much we appreciate. If that's. And intellectual and don't try to win the championship people because McCain gets the city would think that at all. Quality news to make everybody it you know. Yeah that's certainly would what helped to ease a little bit of the concerns that local fans have of them going out to Las Vegas Tim Brown joining us here on 95. Seven to gain and you look at the calendar also nick says may and that tells you that Mother's Day is right. Around the corner what do you do with Kay Jewelers for Mother's Day Sam. Yeah we have breaker commotion going on what they're doing. And everything that sort predictable. And you know I was in the Malek a little. Piece of that ever a collection. And has two diamonds and once in the bind friendship with others that aren't. Twenty children justice. They have races the theory that everything that collection. By just wanted to let legal. You know it's appropriate. The other GH. At that may disagree about it everybody one more thing is actually. What they divided between the trees that he's hedged Bob it is and tell the world what my obviously you because you. That is grade ten and as I did that in honor of my wife I would simply say mommy is on her way to Orlando. I'm. Old. We get that we give it's local or without that you you have people who day. Yeah maybe I shouldn't blasters so close to monitor until Father's Day to take my shot and Tim brown and future hall of Famer always great to argue Tim. Stay dry in New York come on back California where the sun always shines. Appreciate that Rick brought.