Tim Bontemps

NBA This Week
Saturday, August 12th

John Dickinson and Matt Steinmetz are joined by Tim Bontemps (Washington Post) for a deep dive on the NBA Schedule. We touch on the Miami Heat and the Zach Randolph arrest. 


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It's time to be joined by the one and only to bon Temps who joins us each and every week for the Washington Post. But since what's gone budding. I like that one and only guy in your own JD and gotta keep that. A lot of style are you guys. Or doing a great you know the big news. This week they'll be big news next week is obviously the NBA schedule. Released soldiers go and start there the opening week schedule in terms of the nationally televised games is out. The Christmas Day schedule is out five games again I believe it's the tenth straight year that five games. On Christmas just your your general takeaways and no I don't warriors cavs a little bit earlier I think the NFL had a little bit to do that that the just. Your general take away I think we all figured it would be warriors cabs. But these slate of games on Christmas Day. I mean it's always been to simulate it is opening opening slightly late they kind of relief he. These games early Q you get an idea what changed the Wii's gonna try to push. All the coming season and I think the fact that you know idle Washington Post on the back it does in the wizards are quote I'm Christmas Day and on and the prime time opening week game. I think he does signaled it that there at CNET gonna try to push a lot this year I think it's six Ers. I didn't want the Christmas Day game ending I'd like to play the wizards. On the second and see I think that back. It was assigned air Keane Nat is gonna get a lot of on mark Alton. Joy indeed in invents an insult. Thought that was interesting. Not I thought largely as our as a person seriously go that its with its about it go to you can expect now. I kind of thought we'd be at war lakers it will get the wolves. National TV the lakers are back on the ball now that makes cents are worried that I was going to be game in Oakland that that was not surprising. What is topic was also pretty logical. Gained it in there pretty intense playoff series on the accomplish a couple of games on the schedule slap me as odd rocket under also. Pretty obvious game with. On Jordan Russell Westbrook against responding argenbright. You know it is it is unfortunate what they'll Portugal next hosting a game I IKEA I get why the NBA doing enemy keep Egypt daily spot in New York. An LA. On Christmas Day I mean I can understand why you would do that by. There are going to be awful and it would have been nice to pretty much the box with you on a synthetic ball land at the plain silly in that. Nokia backed him instantly fox sixers within a couple. He does a really young talent you can kind of market and that felt. Not that only know of one liners that would ban after the not a lot it it makes a lot of it but it should be a pretty Parker is back. Yeah you know Tim what I look at the the list the teams in the NBA. And maybe make a list of most intriguing to least intriguing the warriors obvious there at the top but. Milwaukee up their pretty high and also put. Minnesota up their pretty high now that doesn't necessarily mean I think they're gonna have great seasons but I feel like one of the reasons there intriguing is 'cause. Don't really know how they're gonna do you don't know how much. Milwaukee is gonna get better with this group so it does the NBA. Ike is not what you have any inherent. Bias against them because it's Milwaukee I mean today. Are they more reluctant to be pushed by the NBA because it's Milwaukee. I don't think so because I mean look who's been on idiot and last year so called it an inmate at a tiny market. Op they had camera selector and Kevin Durant Russell or Alter our laps and what were greeted by himself so. I think. A year from now I would be on it. In 2019. Our August 28 being tardy in nineteen he's probably pretty stunned on the planet or not say. They're kind of one year away epic if they had they kind of take it joked this year that we expect them to be honest becomes Libya borderline beat each candidate an epic. Actually see them line. On Christmas Day and you look at the slate this year right you've got got Oklahoma City playing dot Minnesota playing all. You know again could not LeBron but the older three pretty small market but I'll get marquee games and reason why they have. A lot of players that you wanna see and I think. Continue to progress as we expect them to. And I believe that we will see them on Christmas Day in and Woolsey a lot of effort went a lot ot. Well I'd timid also mean used put them in the mix of the really the only out liar but there the next amidst a new York and you never know maybe carrier ring winds up played for the next and it at all for that all works out. You've got Al. You've got a happy markets are planned at that it like they're trying to get huge numbers and look there's it's. Note that the knicks are always going to be a solid but why the lakers of all records that don't routines you know unless they are like epic one year when the knicks were. Coming off when they were 1760 Bible I think that was one year they weren't Christmas elect. It later and Dexter are not he needs more steam under the ot it it's the same with the lakers it would take. It would take a lot of those teams monopoly at some workers. Tin the league obviously. Made some changes to the schedule to make it less enticing for teams to rest players whether it's for eliminating four and five. It's reducing back to back since setter at Sadr. It seems like what's coming next now is some kind of the memo from the league of of penalties if the resting players occurs because it it feels like the NBA say hey look. We're gonna help you guys we're gonna appease you guys but now you can't abuse the situation anymore I mean is that essentially. What we're looking at and if so what what are these penalties going to be are they fines or what. I'm going to be fine I mean here remember when Gregg Popovich analyst with the spurs he has brought it on a quarterly. So. I mean a big that is what you know it would give it doesn't watch the game like backcourt burst capped game last year where that. I'll warriors worst game last year on Saturday night marquis gains. Where seven players were sitting. Right and it's one thing it got her it's an honor saying if guy you're just sitting eyes direct. Odd that we did not against resting players are purse today but arrogant brat and down in games everybody's paying attention. I you know like if there are a member of the week I'll leading up to that corporate cavs game clippers and I think one of their restarts again nobody. In the lead. And earlier in the year on the grind country and our catalog didn't go to meant to spur game while people freaked out about it we didn't say anything right. They care about the prime time Markey they understand the need to gain schedule the teams being content in a hobby there are. Acting their body now that they need to get some games to make sure that everybody help the laugh. What they don't want is that marquee game being turned into debate about. So I think he'd like you said mattered they are gonna change the schedule. I think I'd be pretty solid every team that went on Saturday night and have it all more after it. And it could diet help eat in the plane back. And I think that'll take care of any problems you look at all the he inquires. Where are asking players weigh in earnest in normal brake at its headquarters in a jail on each side right. Like erecting got there are out of work. Her work I've been there been like army guys take what these games and in what we got why a lot about it rat so I think once you eliminate. At a lot they need is wrapped up those lack. To bon Temps the Washington Post joining us here at 95 point seven a game NBA this week John tickets and that's diamonds sold gauge for us where. You seek the knicks and rockets are rat no with respect to Carmelo Anthony this is one that keeps popping up it's one of those it feels like. It made it it's just getting either happen one day or it's not but it always seems like they're touching base with the each other but what ultimately happens there. I think though department he would trade happening yeah yeah I mean that stock market's few times by. That the commissioner Carmelo salary is don't trade cot really limits the ability to him I mean if you could just trade him where you want it. You can get in the Portland you can get into Utah or Oklahoma City or what what happens right you could find a trade that sent to move in personal. And it suited stopping him by op but because he's got a camera with an orchard caught you can kind of really. Dictate where I want to golf and you're on or Houston but it's the same question right. At the rocket and by somebody take Ryan Anderson my. And whether the next or somebody else and until there is a a sweetener in there or not that satisfied the next order would make kind of deal. I just don't see how all this straight out to what it is completely dividend at eight hitters and like so. First round pick that it you worker. So. I I did I I kind of I didn't think that with him at what I read that week that. It's really difficult and vocal guys and are huge change in this situation in either spot I think all pulled out and respect it England didn't. Tim by intense from the Washington Post joining us Tim we had Ira winner met on earlier buddy years he says a. Little Dunbar taken a shot at fire yeah that you know Twitter yeah responded at Bennett and pick need to sort of bop yeah. It is he's great as you know when he was talking about heat and he said something that I hadn't even thought about but he he clicks the heat are gonna challenge for a home court in in the piece that they can be a top four team and they were not a team that I had. Thought about like that where where are you with the Miami Heat a team that seemingly over achieved last year. Well I mean I think ours in a little optimistic but I don't think that's crazy I mean you look at Miami right at the first happier and it went 1130. In the third lap. So so which Kmart and cannot beat you earlier and gotten hurt I would report that it. So I mean here to Tokyo to rent would be rated it pretty bad lie late march and it didn't play the last three always seat. Date in lot Q did it there was one other cell. I was pretty remarkable turnaround then and it's kind of hard day. I think I'm intrigued I think air all the great coach. We're like Goran Dragic satellite by the need of improvement last year not so it yet some limitations and you know the third to keep really at eight on the guys they bought it. Did you jobs with a contract the waiter to big contract went by Kelly when it you know shooting on a plane at the white but maybe it is not that different lineup. Op them out of Iowa but intriguing rookie a double play a little bit so I'm going to be pretty good idea what degree coach Saul. Mean I think the top three need barring injury or priests that I think it's. Obviously Cleveland and Boston and Washington. I think our content while personally. But then I think after that you've got Milwaukee and Toronto in Miami probably next group and I. I wanna be done Atlanta got the board seat I think it more likely than Milwaukee will be Timothy Johnson got a chance to win the MVP this year just beat on absolute monster by. You only need an war I wouldn't be shock eater. Zach Randolph. Was it was arrested with marijuana possession and possibly intent to sell. I just signed with the Sacramento Kings for two years 24 million. All. I know we don't have all the facts but is this. Is this a problem for the Sacramento Kings. It's true it unaudited I didn't mean to wake you early and all that like I know he got elected I don't really. Have any information on on what happened. What it is situation that they use and now. You know I. I just talked about it in terms of well it's of the Sacramento Kings. Trying to bring in veterans with a positive influence they're trying to re claim their reputation. There are offseason signing one of their guys now gets into trouble pitches. You have to do it. I mean it obviously it's not battery topping out at the ideal situation program that got signed a few weeks ago. Yeah Iraq and that's not but aren't great about I capital that it. All heard anything did some deeper problem in quiet it's not a great book but it. It also will see what actually comes out and I would put the whole situation but I yeah. Clearly clearly did it put a little bit of a damper on what's been certainly ought to ought he's sack so. And it's one of those things where it's it's not a good luck but in three weeks and also might be completely thrown out as as you know ride and no no yes no charges or was you know they may edit cops jumped the gun yet you know now. I have no idea that our report it's too early. Hakeem Olajuwon a map I overthrew on the staff can force at its let's look at me like. Hakeem Olajuwon at today's NBA. As Dominic. Not quite as dominant and this is one of those Barroom conversations but Matt our pentagon back before the key that we just general thoughts Aqib Olajuwon. In today's NBA. You'd be. I just unbelievably at. Athletics I could pass was incredible actor. It cute all out there predict where I need these boot before like. That was really like he could shoot three just didn't really quick armed. These incredible post player eyes you know you look at data NBA like if you have like that it developed music over the post that you have a weapon like that you can. Throw the ball to the post in your pocket I mean. I think he came with the even more dominant now because with the way. The with the spacing of the war and then that the way to beat at the change I just think that he he could wreak Havoc apple and wait it. I don't really know anybody else in the league at. Why I think he'd be. A factor on defense in this NBA because he would be a guy who could switch the pick and roll and prop solidarity and incredible he had David Robinson and would have been. Would have boarded up and out in that. Inevitably bullpen or broccoli and pick up what do you once I got old got laid out what. Don't wait more space and can portion eight what you can mean. Imagine him in and it seemed to line up or down the court at the U bachelor mean you can play but got against these these small. Ups that's what it is him you have. Like like streamline green like compound given your Margaret Wright is out of seven order in June the three to post op and a blanket on the war. Hate late in Iraq and keen are like centers that are shall be there like an athletic mr. LaMont is except they are. I'm Richard Baker. You know so yeah I think they would I think all little I don't know where you've got in down under earlier I think all those who just terrorize change now could I think. Even young Jack you like I think all the all the old guys like. Able lot of data like senators are relevant now I don't think they're relevant that you have got like that they can dominate. Nestle smaller lineups what are your all it is that the opportunity after app. Well mark my feeling is that simply. And has nothing to do the players themselves my feeling news. That simply because the three point shot. Pads. You don't become so involved in teams are taken 3540%. Of the right shots that. Immediately. We'll just make a senator. Lesson packed full now I will say this. That that the key to key in this NBA and you hitter right. What senators can you play in your small lineup and if you could play center in a small lineup. Then you have an advantage you're not at a disadvantage. And certainly those two guys. Would be a big time advantage in this day and age there's I mean that I agree with the whole heartedly on. Yet they were cracking in the U think democracy is a local championship right what they do it reads. And an avid game in the middle. On even Dwight Howard the year they went to the finals against the lakers that's pretty much the way they played. Yeah exactly exactly like if you have a dominant the eight you can now like that and in my opinion shooting all at the summit you have got to really liked. Because they're just sort it in the middle of being like you said you're the big play in these smaller cupid how. You know that's why Minnesota all it took ample birdie ot. The warriors even though I haven't gotten it yet because towns such unique player these are really typical match or predict I electorate month stopped in at. That that to me it is what you have to look at me and you cannot hypotheticals that I'd like between Roberts and so big so a lot like you shoot the ball to switch on defense you could play them at anybody and in the back that are going to be so much bigger than everybody else does is athletic. I just think you absolutely murky. Tim thanks a lot 67. Days until the regular season begins. Absolutely crazy I'm not the summer barely any city oriented yet. Exactly all right and six weeks old warriors for practice six weeks from now. Vacation in anybody. Art it comment apart the other week I bet we'll see him but it's the Washington Post.