Tim Bontemps

NBA This Week
Sunday, April 16th
Washington Post NBA writer and best friend of the program Tim Bontemps joins JD and Steiny to preview today's matchups and recap yesterday's action


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Let's get to our first guest it's India this week it's John Davidson Epstein that's why from champions plaza out here at W oracle and the coliseum. Tim bond tipsy joined this each and every time we do this program for the Washington Post and be out here. But at ORACLE Arena Tim Howard you don't body great day of action yesterday. Yeah no kidding couple things are saying good job. Back in. I'm glad locked in I call and our. Opera that you gotta bear and bird. When that it would there. I've seen him do that may or may not. And all of it but you know it's being under appreciated player for lotteries in control like giant project got the hawks. And I did it was it was Cooper but yet it got George Robert liked lot to him. Why applause for a few years it at the end problem like Ella pretty. Joseph Johnson hall of Famer. Walsh bought. I would like. Just your dorm. I got a chance and I think it could depend on what happens next year like. You look at what it's Carter the last 56 years becoming. No a long term. Solid role player kind of fill out of the back in his career like Joseph Johnson scored to lead or by. But he's a great spot up three point shooter these. I guy I don't either either the thick padding. Do 45 acuity shooting guard that was built like a power ball eat it so you've always been a monster post op Ed. It's odd play site like. That I'd I'd get the god flat here. Get a couple dribble out away get back and put water. BE. Egypt and mastered that art I've got a really good ballplayer ever or by big ears and you're betting on out they break out to get in the locker. It's about since joining us here and ID five cent of the game a couple of terrific games the jazz and clippers one of element and that. That Joseph Johnson acquisition of who we talked about it go back to that early point here. It's like. It reminded me of the baseball transaction were a team picks up a guy you think it's interesting that you go to the playoffs and he had to get the game winning hit your thinking while that's exactly why they got the guy. We are at it it pays if you pays off in game one. And DL kind auto the same story. That type of player I Libya and I today. And I got not just gonna say did it got it a couple of battery. You know they they had this young team the last few years that there at the building of the draft in. And minor hiccups here and there but don't trade for George Hill they sign they treat the course the Alley behind your job. Bringing three outs that it playoff that. You go about young will be well. Wear it debate played out stretched out like they like you said that and our secure got a huge and I'm not a big stretch and for that he'd been in that game. After legal pared it down right away and obviously it's a game where about. Go bear obviously gets hurt it doesn't sound great to me it feels like it might be a long shot. For him to come back in this series although we don't know let's say the Utah Jazz are gonna have to play the rest of the series without go bear. What does it mean who's gonna step in and and get his minutes and does it mean anything positive for Blake Griffin or the Audrey Jordan. Why I think it means a lot of pot to insert the object Jordan and you saw last night air neighbors played I think 31 minute. He never played twice or received in our favorite really I bet you a lot injury last year I mean you could. It wasn't long ago there was a real debate about Derrick Favors or court where and Gatt but he. A lot of same night. My pre cute pop under I think I had. Faber a couple spots I think they work like that like twice the birdie. Favorite is a really nice wire and he got out of there on the court while Seoul. You know it it's been in it it but it's not anything to do to had a little help sell. It'll looking looking at a peak and peak at the other court. Com and give them thirty minutes that night. It's not gonna completely mitigate losing is already but it can help by. But spell mean critical there woods is neck and neck. Secretary Margaret where the resent it much better player in a week we talked about it a lot shall this year army he. These huge spark what they do key. I don't got that win last night but I mean at the clippers can't put he's got away. I don't withdraw buried or women are completely out action and I mean everything. You know you got to set up all these then will be 1000% true because it. That is the series now that there's actually no news is that date they should have any trouble. Tim what they ask you about a team in the Eastern Conference that the news. Pretty pretty tantalizing. To me because I think there are some similarities to the warriors in terms of could they breakthrough in a hurry up talking about the Milwaukee box. Obviously they they win yesterday. They they don't have Jabari Parker but they have some young players. Obviously you honest is a phenomenal player. I like broad did and I like middle tin. It is ships that you could see the Milwaukee Bucks maybe in the next year to become one of the elite teams certainly in the east. No question at all I mean muck out the cycle while. Hacked yesterday that those 28. Was 1114. BL. A market for it I think that was. It is coming out party. Who are in the in yet seen it all starts that year and started. And accurate that he's in the Arctic the jacket in my on the I think that probably and up by. What to do that it will play out here against a neighbor on the road. Top buyer may mean that would be former and mean there's no question in that Milwaukee on. Okay well under partly. Topic you gauge report back next year or help out the huge apple brought him. In order bat were here are the order beauty year I'm acre at least show signs have been able to be intriguing you know. Rapper actor maybe development shirt pocket by road leader there's a lot polite about that scene and they'll elect at that on a topic to be bought in. And it in this series this year I think throttle that. The comeback win we need to I don't know it straight first round first game playoff series figured it out. So I don't think Toronto series by. Your point I think the future incredibly bright Lockheed and you know I think you'd you have a ballot got. And everything else they and they're they're going to be are really. Well. I really like Jason Kidd coaching that team you know you never know Howard a former stars gonna be as a coach he just seems to have a a really good demeanor. I think he's probably a better strategist than most people think although I don't know why they would think he isn't a strategist. But I did he's a good coach a team I think she'd like they really like the play for. I'm a little more dubious about I also know very well from my two. BE ITE. You got any keeping quiet about the job I you know they're they're been some you know it's been not been easy for then. There's been some it'd been some some issues at times and they're they're the outback dynamic played out all by. But locked I mean act guy has got results while the boring way he got the box in the out years ago. Allies injury last year at that it may mean last year restraint or moment this year that strange but you know bottom line. They've got these young Albert developed under and pick in that way you know they're they're going to be a really special being. Tim bon Temps at the Washington Post joining a Syrian view this week and ID five point seven negate him got to ask about Cleveland in your impressions of them. The defense still wasn't there but they find a way to survive game one we all wanted to see it and didn't word you have the cavs coming out and out when yesterday. I mean it it back coach doc about JD right here at bats what do we say it. I am shell they actually stop what they do become well. You'd stick it opposite or whoever was making things everywhere and are like that. Out but like I but it's terrible it's not. This is not what the cap the day they need to come out play real it's against the page. Look we've got a lot of games and well because they'd app unbelievable law. Not yet. And that bad etiquette and duplicate the ball. There's no way casserly and jet BJ at their defense related bad thing it's also wage. I'll remind you worked in every single in India except for the late. So I mean out of per possession basis it would twenty night in India. So it looked. Like yep. It's bright it's in globally and they were in the they were like yeah I mean I mean frankly. It just butchered the end of that game I think it should call now they need to call out an absolutely no way and for all or double. Which I mean I don't know why I'm playing get paid search. They'll plot after the game you know look our our thing that anybody but Alter this were a lot you know like art. I'll while we're at it and whoever should call a big computer twenty or did you luck out pretty he's a lot but bicycles. But if you Mathieu it would shock that it will also be. Sell you know they were one old orchard India especially from lewd act all open well now. One game. They've played their proper one by purging. You know everybody you know there are a lot of people there and all we're worried by what tortured playoffs start. Not the pretty disconcerting upper open vote these. In terms show me that. Regarded. Tim we appreciate the time that we'll see out here. Doubt about it.