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Joe, Lo & Dibs
Wednesday, January 3rd

Houston Rockets Owner joins Joe & Lo to share his thoughts on the relationship with Chris Paul and James Harden, the "obsession" with trying to beat the Warriors, and the possibility of legalized sports betting.


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Owner. Of the Houston Rockets. And you can catch season three of his TV show billion dollar buyer it premieres Wednesday January 3 that happens to meet today at 10 PM this evening. That's eastern time and Pacific time on CNBC. Tillman for Tina joining Jolo and lives on 95 cent in the game mr. Padilla that happy new years and good morning thank you so much for your time how aria. Quite that loud but I talk to be used as I love San Francisco then dot. It bullets early out there shall protect. The body get there early due to side. Kinda high impact. Early indeed but as we said we do appreciate your time congratulations on your recent purchase of the Houston Rockets tell us how does something like that work when you get welcomed into that club is their secret meeting at the deep into the four S where it's just nothing but very powerful individuals welcoming you into their paternity. But not you know it's a great it's a great club to be a part up just thirty NBA owners in the world and you know I'm I'm excited. Two. An attack on the team and get you to somebody owners don't get held a team of their hometown and end. And to grow what being a fan of the Houston Rockets get regard since I was in junior high school in the village. I'm really one of the fortunate what a lot of people don't seem. You know they have to build and multi visited it it's exciting than that. Looking forward to play in those Golden State Warriors two more in the east are so that James part of. No no question you've done an awesome job myself happening go to saint Thomas see you and now I know you guys are you contribute to that school they're great schools and had a great education airmen at how what and you know not just owner of the team that what goes into you know make sure you get the right guys on the team and originally Chris Paul how dangerous heat organization Philly steak house Chris Paul let it work when James Harden two guys are ball dominant. You know week week that they're so different and in the and the one way that they bring in the all of the court in the way they've and the outfit than. He got to realize they're also only on the court about 20/20 five minutes together that would change without courses and it. And then you know likewise the other way so you know it's it's it's. If it's amazing how well they they work together and and this is we're gonna get a seat you know Chris now for the next. You know ten to twelve games maybe fourteen games with without James Harden it alive out there and you know it's amazing what increased due to these teams present. And in this little stretch we want all these gangs and erode the sense. It almost seemed to operate with an eight that may have rotation in three of our top eight guys were out ten it just truly affection that the basketball team and so. You know we just want to hold it together while James is injured in you know the whole key is don't be injured from Maplewood in the playoff starts. You know I think Christine but it's it's it's great to have crescent portability. Come and cortina owner of the Houston Rockets would Jolo Indians on 957. They game one of the elements of basketball that I find to be the most refreshing is that coach is. Odd front office executives owners they tend to be more outspoken menu here in other sports in the NFL it feels as if everyone's always operating in some secret of back room whereas in the NBA the commissioner is outspoken owners general managers. They they speak the truth they speak what's on their mind and I find that to be very refreshing. A Daryl Morey your general manager may comments recently about how he's obsessed. With beating the Golden State Warriors some people criticize that comment but I think it's great to see the level of competition. In the national basketball C association wet when Daryl Morey makes comments like that AM how. How does this strike a chord with you. I mean it's a but the bottom line is so that it it. True because they could not obsessed with being a model are we play it every year they. You know what it had been doubt there is that you all put together unbelievable super team. You know I think the greatest scene ever and so if we're not successful tried to be child while we play it every year you know. The quality. Paint to superstores a bunch of money and they. What we wanna win at just dislike you guys do and and I'm I'm I'll let that it still feels that way the whole organization feels that way. And our players feel that way our main. That's I think it seems that that don't think about what the championship every year but I can tell you this the east some rockets. Will work. I know how tough little bitty. But but you know our plane is is that we are percent in the west. You know about the Golden State Warriors this year but we also about how tough probably and everything's got to follow the place. Of life but that's still ahead and so overs that I spent a great. Great commissioner rent. And you know that there's been lots of rules in place for about you know standing for National Anthem then they do a different thing than it's just. They DBA's the world sport and you know we we just. It it just seems to be accepted everywhere our players seem to stay out of trouble. And and that it's it's just so auto real positive hive right now and I am thrilled to be a part of it. No question and didn't include us you for just don't like it is and now you're absolutely right that is you know your organization every organization job is to be a champion into dramatic and yeah exactly the lift that bad rep in what what is so many things as as an owner how involved do you get some guys who passes some guys are very very involves some guys to sit behind the scenes what is Connie your role what are some of the things that you want to make sure that you have the sphere of influence on and implement a determination of what happens in in your organization. Well I can tell you this that I never had a meeting that voters office the stadium and now I. I go to my office every day I'll run a big company you know 500 restaurants five casinos amusement park. Aquarium then. And that's what I get up that I do every day. But it but it but it sank they don't still look at the numbers every day you know. You know our world we sell sponsorships of reselling tickets and and and look at it all the players that are made that we're I have a great team and Ted brown and and and and Darryl. But but a great cut that. You know. They they talked to see you on the tape and that they wanna trade somebody they want send somebody. You're in the middle they think is what people don't realize that the business side of older one of these teams sent. You know would luxury tax and revenue sharing that and how difficult it is for utilities then this might significant side of the player. You know it can cost you double the salary at a certain point so its its its its extremely. In. You know you always you know it's it's it's it's. You have a trade deadline come and Peter freeagent see you you have to drag it and then blocked the big decisions that need to be made it. We appreciate. I've seen but the thinkpad you know you worked there did last few years so maybe you know that everything you wanted to do that you listen dear experts and he usual business sense than. Beat these guys know what they're doing that in the end. You know please sign off on things that are good decision. Houston Rockets owner Tom and for Tito would Jolo Indians here on 957 game. I'm you mentioned the casino business that you're in I used to live in Las Vegas and you have family members there as well who were in the casino business. Up NBA commissioner Adam silver has stated in the past. That he is for the legalization of sports Manning and the Supreme Court is currently hearing a case on that matter as we speak where do you stand on that do you think bear the legalization of sports betting would be harmful to professional sports do you think you can be a benefit to the country. Are they going to be 100% if benefit our main every what what people have to realize this is number one if you're in the gaming business. You know we're more we're more regulate it then than anybody in that background than and the rules that we have to follow. And and and people love the sports that people just like to do it and it's only legal. And and believe it and they definitely had a solid legal in the body even though I had this thing doesn't five different states. You know my Golden Nugget she can only do it in Nevada. And and so they push for the billions and billions of dollars betting he'd legally around the world as a country. And so all these states have pension problems and in it and debt problems. Why not make it illegal okay people we're gonna do it you know it's just like people finally said he felt. Yup yup just approved marijuana in California legally now so. You know why not let the state get attacked scholars and and let it be regulated with people what did you make of that. You know you're gonna get a get how many people don't get eight other bulky Germany people play that funky. That's what's so good about you walking you have to make the bet person and and you get eight and and did you always want everything to be legitimate and a bit about that it's gonna be legitimate. Billion dollar by air season three premieres tonight January 3 10 PM eastern on CNBC how much fun has it been for you to do they shall. You know it's it's it's truly been great and and it's it's that serious business showboat but it's a lot of pretty the last X stand and and a I ate it got me out defeat all the latest greatest product then. Young companies that they are written and had a lot of pride in that affected night it's about two California companies send and it it's it's it's a great show it's. Formed the table products is is really big in the restaurant industry right now work. You know you're not going to all the middle distributors you don't have all the chemicals that basically goes straight from. From the vegetable patch on all of the the dinner table and and and then your restaurants and and and it ended will women empowerment so important right now and it's this woman has got this group this great. Leisure Wear product didn't get it to stay really could show Lynn and that the people of California really enjoy it. Follow him on Twitter at so mean Jay for Tito he's the owner of the Houston Rockets and billion dollar buyers season three premieres tonight. 10 PM on CNBC. He's you're Jolo and lives on 95. Sent in the game mr. Bhatia thank you so much for your time this morning and now hopefully we can do it again right before the Western Conference finals what he's. I would love to it'd sound like to talk about the Golden State Warriors have a great team. You do thank you very much have a great day sir.