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NBA This Week
Saturday, December 30th

John Dickinson and Matt Steinmetz talk to Tim Bontemps about the NBA At Large and then talk about the Warriors' upcoming schedule.


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Live from ORACLE Arena. The warriors and the grizzlies for the second time in. Eleven nights. We got thousands more here about 5:7 with game 4 o'clock worries more about fast Imus has got that's quarry along with Kerry Keating. And I'll be back with the idea following the game mile road warriors wrap up pit boss at 530 again all right let's get to our next guest. Tim bon Temps of the Washington Post he joins us. Each and every week on this program meant that him or kick it around some some New Year's resolutions force of individual teams or players. And also. If there's something maybe you wanna roll out with the old in with a new league wide he could do that as wells we start to look toward a new year. I would say from or resolution standpoint and I would like he's a Washington Wizards. Played with some level consistency at some point. In twenty seeing them in the last. But three days kind of a good indication of where they're happy get. They've they lose some hawks. They're a game they played this year and obviously one and then they come home and he wrote a plane on same upper back and back they destroy the rockets at all. So. At some point I'd like to see. But from what I like to wizard actually played like it seemed that I thought that change you -- started as a real. Contender in the Eastern Conference instead of listing that is kind of floated around and you know been all over the place in the first due to map won't so far this season. Tim what do you think go to Houston right now. I think they've got a lot of injuries that. They'd be you know Chris Paul has been an auto lineup. Look about mood say it out frequent power is out who I think is pride in most underrated guy that they're ripping. You know I I think. When you when you look at the amount a guy. That that are currently missing for them. I just think it's it's it's not really surprising that they're struggling you know I'm also there are asking that they can get into Iraq and they. I picked it they'll write off than me. Is they just they they didn't they know they opposition Obama 46 point lead block that gain by it. They didn't do it when they start making shots they can go sideways pretty fast the days here if you're reliant on hit a lot of threes and you saw fit three but you can. Have a pretty cold scoring pass spray and may not backing group ought to do where the person out there that cold in the second half of that. It it got underscores some of these limitations don't of the way to quiet and I like and I'm also others. Tim do you you picked Iraq gets hurt team that would look at it you know in the midst of a of a street kin and may be big picture say. We don't have enough we need to do something and could they be a team that tries to do something even before the end of this season. So I think there's no question that they're gonna try to do something JD I think the bigger issue for them is that they're going to be kind of limited to what you can do. I think they're gonna be a prime target for files people. You look at the roster they're there there are a couple of guys short right they had betrayed I mean remember when he got hurt all they had to trade away. Or five guys. To get him right so they were still able to get that the kabob which impeded soccer this summer. But there's still sort of about the bench is so if a guy like Marco Belinelli get on out I could see him ending up there. It worked ideally so we get bought out I can see and ending up there. I think any veteran guys that are looking to get the lecture me if I could see them getting to break out it probably only got. February got a bit Tony really Tropicana I think they did you. Nine or ten. I that would help them allow our I helped them out a lot even if you watch thirteen. There they'll have games where they'll pout there or guide in until 56 minutes to go because we did sort of go to that page unit. That they did they have this they they're kind of liquid gold they have last year where they have like. Three that are playing a once in a little luck he doesn't allow literally close these fish off so. Armed and he's got something to really watch here over the next walker too is. Can you can't use him Michael Holmes sitting in for these other teams can't they find peace or Judith trying to upgrade that edge. And if they can't are you picking them you know will then Tony then truck them. And play them concede that got it in the pat does not have to be willing to. Play a big occasion no matter how many got yes. Tim last night on the warriors warm up show we had on Steve Morton whose lead play by play voice on the radio for the put the corner route and we're talking about Dwight Howard and you say how Dwight Howard. Went to Charlotte in part because of his relationship with Steve Clifford from back in Orlando now Clifford obviously is. Ailing physically to some extent ski Silas is in there and Steve group. We asked about Charlize well you know we're gonna have to figure out why what who got to figure out why and what I was thinking was. Would they moved YE and initially I would think wolf so wide but if you watched him last night. And he was terrific last night. What they'd be open to moving Dwight Howard and would anybody. We would anybody have interest in him. Thought I I thought it was funny at geez we. Waiting game candidate two weighted weighted play like that so you're in attendance which is pretty. Just pretty funny and cracked me up but. I did serious note I mean look I think. It's going to be hard to move Dwight because nobody better and he's making 22 million dollars. So I think trying to find that they prefer him is going to be typical leaders look around the league are a lot of necessarily obviously an inch spot for him. I mean look I think at this point Charlotte. In Miami yet they won that fight but to me. Child to be single blowing at the law they should be they should be the drug trade Kemba Walker they gave particular jubilation turned him. You know they could get comfort like it should trade him. I mean comedic gold there should be you know get rid of somebody that contract blow this thing up and started over to a Babbitt who work in an. When your back because demos there kind of an undersized. 28 when you got your point guard north got a guy and if so what had Matt. Contract to pay too much about social I think there are pretty bad place even in the last place game. Notwithstanding and I just you know if they could get suburb Y I I'd like to see him do it. I think you're gonna have trouble doing that now I just don't I just don't know what the direction for them is who all. Tim bon Temps the Washington Post joining us here. I 9570 Gaby NBA this week we were talking about the timberwolves earlier and Mac apple esque. They still talking about pivot well and and how he's just a maniac on the sideline didn't. Constantly pull this team in the end and try to get on London and just. Grit grind every moment of every game. And I'll look at it then at 22 at fourteen in a league full of disappointing teams. The pace to win fifty games which is about what you want to see from them. I just give me your thoughts on the timberwolves a mean you add it all up then and they're have a good year. Yeah they're having a really good year and people love to go crazy about it at all feel the a maniac but you know life is seen as winning games. And that team had not one has not made the playoffs since 2004. That seem to never made it well in its entire thirty year history in the NBA elect Kevin Garnett without the key thing about that government has Lebanon looking for over a decade. And then having to fly out so. I think when you when you look at me look at that scene. Singing making the playoffs is that number one objective for that branch out and see what they do that but the basics that and you build out of there obviously they have the talent. Let that they should we could and should win around and really be. You know really make it a bit of Iran. And I think in there when you look at it that way obviously you know they played a first round of booze sales all seen it before five. Doubt a disappointing but when we have made it welcome. Over a decade end. You know and I think I don't they're probably the single guide their tire officer that was in the lead the last segment of last. When when you look at it that way I think it it's hard to look at this season dating other than a huge success and you know I think people know again have to get there and I'm not famous criticized matters people say that. Are people there how we feel like an ocean they'd be made to be acquired for the way it was part of the team legislate that I. I don't pretty crazy when you look at where bootable so bad so he showed up at where that he was playing right now. Well Thibodeau is a great coach and it's not about I'd honestly I'm worried I'm dead serious I worry about the guys hell I really well. The gathering left and that's an added that is an obvious confirming the minute thing. The minute thing is that it's obviously up there right we need he played the guy is heavy minutes and you got. A lot of theories about why don't they and how we got bit by. You know the fact is he played got a lot of it because again the way the league is now and that really going to be something to monitor right I mean that they're there is no doubt about that. But we need to look at reformers all standpoint I mean the fact is he getting result in Italy games. Hey Tim a look at the Philadelphia 76ers and and these days. Is. You know banged up but he's playing here he's playing their he's now playing. Consistently. This I can't see the coal Angelos there are may be starting to get a little impatient. What would you be surprised if the sixers basically went this season. And finished third at seven and 45 and didn't make the playoffs but they didn't really do anything to address than than. What so what I'd be surprised if they need if they admit the wealthy don't do anything. Yeah I mean Michael would you would you be surprised if they just sit tight and then have a real. Kind of an underachieving season from the way they started. Well I wouldn't be this. I don't. Yeah yeah I get your article mr. secretary I could look I think I think I've said before the Stephen Bailey wasn't gonna make the playoffs and look if they they were the hot young thing that was going to be invoke check right all the cute silly they're gonna make it well but look. And if the talent standpoint if you put the feet wide right in the number one pick your market false. There Abdul be they have banned them in basic state they signed it erratic they have well Republicans needed a bat Julie three with the treaty weighing in the league. We have got to really nightmare for guys right. But you look at the wind seemed fine and predictably to all be as strong and stay healthy he's played I think 26 of their 34 games get a hit tonight. So Marty missed nine games in his first 35 games you don't beat the Mets. He'll play under sixty games again which obviously been an improvement from playing 31 games last year and play no games the first two years but. But still not having your bass player for over a quarter of the season. They have been citizens who has been terrific but at the same time. Teams that sort of figure out after a couple mud that they got what if we don't guard a guy anywhere outside the paint you backwards shoot the ball. So that's what you're being very active lately kind of be up and down so that that's something to monitor. Not all that I've been out later all he's going to be back here and I think he's going to be on the shoulder thing but. That's clearly concerned I probably could have some injury issues so I mean what they they got a lot of stuff they've got to sort out in. For a team that's been in the position they're hoping that the worst single look then to win 37 games and missed the playoffs. It always prepared to get their pick. You know into more lottery pick for making and they go free agency and tribe excited again I get a Paul George hit. Nokia so and so got to come in there really make an impact for them I mean I don't think that the worst situation at the end so. I personally wouldn't panic endured the great thing but. If you told me that they try to really well Kieran they fire we're proud of a big pathetic trade. I wouldn't surprise me all because you know the expectation got ripped off their affiliate but that's a big market with a lot of us look a lot of pot. Media scrutiny and yeah being our desire to go sideways like if you don't start panic induced a rash. Tim I'm looking at the Western Conference. The playoff picture is we had improved year for the clippers. The jazz. The suns kings mavs lakers and grizzlies. If you had to pick one of those teams. That's good enough to make a playoff run who would it be. I would still say you Bachmann I think he edited the pop up and then the clippers could cruise. And managed to survive equate being out got them got some surprising win beat the wizard wants speed another couple could change. I admitted frankly the wet they you know bottom left just not that good this year or so. They haven't really gotten. Blown out of the water so there's still in the mix and I think they did you thought they've had no law with healthy this year regal Barrett every played. Arm they had anything scheduled they're scheduled December you've got. If you pull up while talking eighty date they've had to play I think they play off that I think twice just want to go to Oklahoma City three times. With the played San Antonio twice Houston twice it's it's been an insane schedule and are basically all knuckle there. So at what they Carter got bigger why do you hear they're all whole lot more earlier couple games out now I think they've got a great coach would better Donna Mitchell really good. So to me if I pick and horrible teams I think it I would I would truck that you saw is well coached. And and disciplined enough to make that run. And get in the mix and and also they they do have the ability maybe make a move they decide they want to also let that the Reuters so. I'd love to pick one will be again I would say that. Without looking at the schedule that you mention it played Oklahoma City three times I know Utah doesn't want an Oklahoma City like eight years or subplot that bad. I Naomi you said Boston Cleveland at Milwaukee stuff they were in Denver. San Antonio mixed in there that was actually one of the games they won. Yeah you're. You're the ones they like acts they wanna act often would go bear got hurt like thirty seconds into the game two I think. Yeah one poor game this while they could have easily won two. A lot so the fact that even just survived that day is dumb. I think is a big credit that in I still I'd go I picked up what do you make the playoffs. I hope they get one Michael Baird open. No keep making significant just in time I think if they're gonna find a way to make it and it actually. Follow up would you tall little bit because I think Quin Snyder's a real good coach. Where there does seem to be that they're but they're testing the deep pockets of people they that don't think he's a good coach if what is the criticism of him. If you have a criticism of him because I'm not sure what it is. I've I haven't we haven't heard back and I I think that crazy I don't know I'll I don't know how you could look at Fiat. And I could look at that seem to think anything of him either side coach I mean. You you look at you you look at Iran is they've had he's been flexible and change its thousands style to play opposite that it is well. All I think he's I think he's done a tremendous coach and yeah personally I I'd be thrilled album or culture machine insult. I haven't heard that about your where we come from is frankly I don't. Like you said that I don't know what the criticism would be. Tim I'll look at that at the lakers what what what's going on there if things get a little. It is should there be any concern about Luke Walton right now with them I mean I I think they were gonna be good but is there a belief that there are. Worse than they should be having their half game out of the worst record in the west. Well I think sick I mean I don't know anybody here look at that look at thirteen I mean they're playing a rookie point guard which is always a struggle. I mean last year branding and it better than it was last year but. Lackey he was negative workbook in additionally. I've played as many minutes as he did at least. You know he'd been much better but he's still improving how cruise line has been a night last night revelations that but he also played basically no defense. I don't Julie. They've got a lot of guys who are one year contract to work kind of stuck in limbo because they don't know what direction of franchises going in which I think is. Why did some you know internal chemistry issues and that that is something that the US. They had to deal with all of our ball situation with him I'm not criticizing the culture. Iran and is now because I'm from that way so. I mean no I did their fears get the though the question at an air Ali does any worries for lukewarm I mean he's very clearly the you know the guided that management like fair army and air war and you know huge internal applications there but. Our community LA and there's always going to be drama on the lakers and you know I think again like last year remember they started out and it hadn't. And people got all excited and all the lakers are gonna be go to they're gonna win 35 games and they're just third is not good at like. They're they're young guys are growing in their are going in the right direction I think but. You know they're depleted don't have much talent like if you light them up with. The other teams in the west and in just might look at that guy forgot invaded don't have the players to be much better what they are. Hey Tim Oklahoma city's turnaround a little bit as of late yeah last night's game notwithstanding. You know they're involved in a ton of close games early in the year they couldn't finish are they doing anything differently that you see maybe the last two were three weeks or. Is it some things are kind of even hang out now those close games are going their way a little bit. Well what did I mean this is why part of this is what I would say in the whole firefight which is that this team. It is a bunch of guys who barely did anything together that it was put together a collapse that game. In you know they Carmelo Anthony gets quiet even the EU training camp starting then nine. You know get Arafat for a weapon permit all camp. At all we issued to keep them from really crashing together doing anything drop of course the year so I think. A lot of it just then getting used to each other are rocking what look at him more aggressive lately which has which has helped I think he's gotten a little bit better of a little bit more recruitment and more comfort zone which has helped them all of them it and I'll would you say that. I it it's just a matter of them in a kind of vitamin stride overall offensively and it figured out you know what lane they need to have guys they knew where they need to have. Where we really need this why didn't I can learn from back Iraq be more aggressive I mean they hope their defense is legit and it's been great all the a lot of people Georgia's. Illegitimate our older guy in the recent got a great purge the party are offered easily bullied so to navigate to. Great bomb but Iran knows they ask you about. Yeah act are at the rocket has been struggling there there did they you know they been better bad and Iraq have been more impatient. What you said of course the cost it market turnaround now suddenly they look quite good in the post. So I want to continue a little bit on the defensive player of the year as it pertains to Durant and that's been kind of picky here being out at the arena this week and and the rare that a lot of flash plays. What word do you put him in that mix for defense of player you is that realistic is that a little bit silly what do you think. It somewhat rare for Iran where does he fit. I mean I think so yeah I regret I think Durant right now open for play in the the ballot I mean I think if you look. If you in part that it is because a way to rate has gone right. Doctor and I've created is that a little bit of a down year for permit by his standards. On political Barrett Eric played. Glad Leonard and barely played what I mean is he's an older the three guys were beat consensus choices you win the war right there's going to be one of Austria I've. Top three vote getters last year they'd none of them have really. Made an impact I get a hit animated act very much been obviously good but he had been the same level he's been in the last couple years and the other few that haven't played so the field kind of opened up. And I think it Paul Georgian and do it really got into Al Horford would there for a while. Autumn but that led the Celtics have really fallen off a click offensively over the last month. All right so I think it and he's gonna they debate it on but yeah immediate direct got a real shot at it repeat these illegal block the gold they had the best defense in the least. He's gonna you gonna have a really really strong gay people all the award get a few which. You know people were talking about it early in the air or at any fighter vanity the only we without premier river back in October what I thought. Appreciate you win that one word I didn't I didn't think he would have been an area behind them but the latest the way to racist kind of broke indeed. I think it sort of opposition remember a shot to win it. Tim final question for you here I just direct. A couple of plays as far as the officiating in replay this week obviously I the book the ball they gave make Christmas here. With LeBron James Cindy did to rant fouled around the league said he felt twice in the ball clearly obviously went out of bounds. Awful LeBron but there's nothing they can do about that call you've got that the place in Boston with James Harden. Didn't call right to push off and then that the Yana satanic goof ball would eat he goes to the baseline. Steps out of bounds and a replay can't be triggered when everybody in the building knows he steps out of bounds they don't win the game on that play against the thunder. Just give me your thoughts on odd replay as it pertains to. The two instances where it it it played out in the call with Harden and the Celtics in that game. Thought they made me think you guys Judy because we we are out of our radio what you guys. And went they have taken and you got drafted me about replay it or what it's what you've done what they did and it was just kind of funny to have. No particular act situation where it. Yeah and it happened last night on him anyway. I thought. I completely negated off with the with the rockets was a little unfortunate they've their racquet back battle that happens maybe what twice a year. What Iraqis your day for something you'll may have to wrap in the game. Well that was an atrocious leave officiated game. I mean it is that the Celtics were just. Men and blame the rockets all over the place they were calling anything a toll brothers' grip sorry I talked to people believe yesterday and they were you are trying to defend. We'll call and being correct I'm sorry well Coulter jokes I mean it'd be when you see a star player ever get called for not one but to push off valves. In the last. Ten seconds of the game. I mean it it's just ridiculous. Five and and there are obviously that they left played with. With with yacht at the top I mean we would just stay right there and didn't see it and look at I'm not trying to. Pretend that I would be a good rap in the NBA cares like lord knows that the brutal job and things are happening so fast yet be a popular thing. But it's pretty tough win. The guy there and yacht at the right I live right on the foul line around in the out about a play and they go a bit dunks the ball. And like even lied blocking it out like awhile got about a balance it. In any doubt bit thanks you know luckily crappy dump it and then they didn't call. It all so. I didn't identity that's the thing that brought you can't how did not look at that it's like it's like. Catch in the back of the end zone and in the NFL he'll look at it. Yeah I know and talk because it looked I don't quite some could be pretty NBA here could you really don't want to turn into. Let's review every single play of that happened in the game. I have so their target just going to be sold under like. I guess it is good look at that but it is tough when you have a game ended on and don't care. And they don't hurt at all I'll report say it didn't matter because that was such an incredible dog that like I'm kind of glad it so it upon. Well when he had it tough when you when you can see eye and obviously stage and you can't correct it. Huge pretty tough questions that the C you know like Carmelo got a whole lot actually would perhaps like I think I can't specifically for him and that's pocketed flight. You know that it's long they don't have that a strong immediate that the shrug and and move out permit it kind of got a tough situation but at the same time I I still don't really know what the right answer it depicts. Tim great stuff today and am really appreciate it does as always will will see out here later on sounds like number thirty going to be out there. Yeah what reported that hopefully it got a little more to pay candidate garbage game last night so hopefully a little more common that. When last night or about three other games on this home stand we put. And Iraq call Iraq home dad that the opposite and very terrible soccer in a deal be in digit lead I see a mob back at her quiet. I symbol saleable later. I think about appreciate it. Good stuff to bon Temps the Washington Post join Aso come back we'll react to all that and your phone calls welcome. As well NBA this week study found seven again. A lot of red you. This must please do. As soon turn tomorrow. I think it's hard and air after the game on Thursday night in fostered. Boise rockets blew a 26 point lead and he was. Complain about the holding and grabbing of the Celtics so lack of calls there. In that game. And then he was called for a pair of offensive fouls as the rockets are trying to inbound the ball late one that gave the Celtics the ball. In the closing seconds with an opportunity to take their first lead of the game. After they were down by as many as 26 that he reference to officials. For a national television game little reason there's two officials. Was because Mark Lindsay the third official assigned to that game. Head back spasms. Couldn't. Officiate the games so the protocol is you gonna roll with the two guys you have in the NBA patella believe 1988. 89 had two officials regularly and Brad three so it's only the last. 28 point nine years that there's been three officials. For regular season game not that big field only have two guys but James Harden figured. That there was some issues there with some calls be missed because there were fewer eyes on the fly well. Here's what I wanna make clear and you can tell me if you agree with this or not JP. There are three big plays involving the officials this past week. There was LeBron James. There was James Harden yet. And if you wanna take a listen to the James Harden right now let's take a listen to the chain was all endless and that Smart but a lot of pain get similar. Can't slam one point 87 point three to go. Now a lot more. Wow hey look back more he'd knocked over Marcus Morris. It will get a we seven point three dude is not the bowl they'll pull that broke the so now no timeouts Celtics down one they had neverland. Rosier on the ground and bounced past Horford Texas five seconds ago corporate bulls is way enforces. Really notes that we use the three point seven go. This plays real good Missouri. Yeah. Davis Morton. And homes in front of the national television audience. I would give me your. Why I'll. Treasure Maxwell and grandes. It's a Cedric Maxwell. They I didn't think it was possible. For another team's fan base slash broadcasting crew despised games are more than maybe the warriors. Fan base. Ed and crew. I think we found the one team by two good that's a good what a great it's been my. I here's here's my point so we have the will broaden on Christmas. With the rant we have the James Harden too. Offensive foul calls and that we have the G honest to the call Paul. Stepping on the baseline and here's what I wanna make clear that. All of all three of those officiating situations there is one daddy's. Infinitely more egregious than the others and it's and it's a compost stepping on the baseline why. Because. That is the job of a baseline official. To watch to see if somebody steps on the baseline when they go baseline. I had a person texted me right now that's it no one at ID card and did push off on both of them well Tim by Ted says that was a joke. The point is. Their differing views the LeBron derail thing I actually think they might arrest that. Correctly on the court by saying you know I'm not gonna call this ballots not good enough for call but I'm not gonna give the war here's the ball. Because they don't deserve it even though it's there's anyway I think that might. But when you miss a play like answer to cops he tell me that should be a suspension. If there was Leon would. He should get suspended just like who Courtney Kirkland currently whether he got into it with. We Shaun Livingston hit that that. That is worse than the other two combined in my suit in my opinion. Well it's the only one that's not a judgment I know I said that's why it's so they want it's not a judgment call me that was a blatant and that's the one. What's funny about dad is still pull LeBron to rant called got reviewed because the ball went out of bounds. You had James Harden not it review and not a review because it's a total judgment right just they called two fouls within. The play with Dion this can't even beer food CF three disparate outcomes. Of Powell. Think you know the checks and balances worked. And the one that was the most obvious to change. Could even be reviewed if that doesn't show you how screwed up it is right now. I don't know what else would. I agree and to miss a guy on a baseline or even saw. Lot of it is how can you had not just look at it can still look at it and it's so thick who's got a complying. The Bucs are gonna complain you're gonna below well shoot he was out of accounts though basket. We're watching them play from the half court camera that's halfway up the lower bowl of an arena as soon as he made the move. Even if you know he was notre not just post. You know it was close and he might have been out so that's amaze him that to me was by far. Worse then than what happened here on Christmas and what happened in Boston couple nights ago. John Dickinson Massa admits NBA this week Karen 9517. Driven by premier Nissan Stevens creek. For the best deals visit your winning team in the south they premier Nissan of Stevens creek online at premier Nissan of Stephens creek dot com. Yes Tim was also lucky to be brought a lot of good stuff today. Or may do we brought the stuff up and that he had good responses but regardless if we're talking about filly to us I just don't I think the one thing that. I'm not saying he didn't. Give enough credence to but the one thing about Philly is they've been waiting around for a little while now Phil and they've in a talk about the city in the fans etc. And a while. While Tim's right on the money that this team. From a roster standpoint or personnel standpoint. Probably might not be a playoff team I've got matters in Philly right now. Because they got off to a good start yeah and they looked really good doing it and they have a great senator when he plays and they have a eight. Very intriguing point guard and they drafted full who's not. Played yet or played what a gamer too right so. Let me tell you some mythical Angelos are feeling a little bit heat. Well they've they've been in Phoenix then too long because Phillies a little bit different. And this is what I think Philly is in a little bit of a danger zone. Because it. If they do something and it's risky if they don't do something and it's not gonna go without. A penalty if you will. All to your point about. You asked the question could they win 37 games and BO OK wouldn't read keep moving forward I don't think there's any way in hell they would do that I don't think there's somebody. Something would change if that team only wins 3536. Games and at the end of the year or touring. Well while they're going baby or both depending upon how bad it gets the one thing I will say no way I don't think date they can afford to win 3537. Games. And have Brett brown come back and I am I may be the biggest Brett brown fan. Out there I think he's a terrific coach I think he's earned the opportunity. To continue to try grow with this team. They he coached when they were nothing and the front office and everybody else was trying to. Take players away from him because he was doing such a good job at competing. With what he's got Sama Brett brown guy. But I think it's going to be tricky if this thing really goes awry they need to make a push. Any doubt. 41 wins and not making it as opposed to 3637. Wins. And not make it that they asked them they have to reestablish show I'll run a momentum. What they do something in season I don't see decoy Angelos do its opening season then unless they're sure it's gonna work so I I think that's where you can see. A scenario where it's set up. For their guide and make sure he has success if they're gonna get their guy in there. You know and deed is such a puzzle. That there's part of him that that actually reminds me of curry. Early season and out and beads injuries were to a much greater extent than Curry's were early in his career. But. I'm thinking I just said is indeed Bill Walton when he don't want we were talking about stuff Currie stepped curry Grant Hill and stuff curry. Since his thirty year in the league has essentially been an Iron Man so wow impede his soul. Frustrating because you don't know if he's gonna play or not. You have to allow for the possibility that maybe he'll play for years where he plays 75 games or more. But it certainly doesn't look like it's trending in that situation here's my question if somebody told you right now I listened. And he's gonna have an idiot it's gonna go on all year. Are all career. It basically gonna have a ten year career birdies only got to play sixty games a year mean do you want him. Yeah I think you want to yeah. I need to do but here it's like anything else when I go out and play Max money at all it but you know what I think. If he if you make the determination that you want and what I still think he would. He got to play and how you build your team around and you've got to held back up plan you have them better back upset or they can come into play minutes. And scarred and you know it's like. In a in baseball right if your best player she catcher. NET eighty your best hitter and he immediately you know you're not going to be able to play him every game because catchers out the rest will be you know lot. Gotta make Shia the backup catcher to keep it or got to make sure you have a secondary position he can play. To get it it's all about that every team a situation is different so. You know if you want the great this that comes with a bead that you got to figure out a way to plan around the things that. There aren't perfect about his game aura about his career arc because in your. Our John Dick it's announced on principle I back though. We should all puzzlement if you'll Ritter would say in the king and indeed Campbell come back and will wrap up this puzzle will look ahead it Stefan Curry's return. And look to 2018 here at 957 games. Driven by. All day for thirty cents. This week here about a 517 with John Dickinson and that's an. It's irritating Howard just paint the picture for our listeners out there were sitting atop ORACLE Arena right now it's obviously game day but there haven't warriors camp going on right now there are a lot of youngsters boys and girls out there I would say they look about. What 8910 years old yeah. Editors at the play it on the floor it's it's 117 blue blue yeah got the lead over gold and you know what's funny is. I remember when I got a chance to play in the Philadelphia spent I. Our passion and has less fuel there was unbelievable I'll never forget it in some looking at all these kids out there. And yet you Amir just doing the NBA show it's another Saturday for these guys they'll probably never forget today. That's right that the political also probably never forget is being able to look up here and say express and that's and John Dickinson there is no I can pretend they're now it's. There's nobody doing that maybe the parents who do that may get a even then there now because they're busy yet take taking. Feel good Johnny actually split your food. Gotta love it for you was the Specter of what should be cool for me it was Arco. In Sacramento which also mean for me that was cool but when I went to my first NBA game in the light can mean any pro arena is this. Is a pro arena now defunct. ARCO Arena. Duo. Thought he was funny I drove by their holidays drip evident at Tennessee family over the the holiday weekend last week and I I rolled right. Right by there and it's still standing there you know a year and a half gabbana you know what is incredible is when was my first year that my first years on the beat prod work. Made where the mid nineties and used to go to a game and Arco. And there was nothing. Around North Korea don't have been paying it and now there's so. Huge community. Yeah with tens of thousands of people live and visit his pelvis to clinical double downs incredible debt I really isn't as the new building there are those tremendous and we did dad know their last your warriors are playing. And yet new arena there are doing very very well. Up again a great thrill. For these youngsters. Has there around looks like they're quarters doll looks like this game is over gold lost elevenths yeah gold lost a blue light DC blue one. For you. Just why is Johnny positive video while getting Don Nelson instilled in me sometimes you lose and sometimes you get beat. So called lost you made daddy stunk but then move the ball John they didn't move the ball. It's one of the warriors dot com camps run by Jeff I Diego instead of your wild it won't. Did you go to warriors dot com slash camps in you can find out all about and how you can median rolled little a little Johnny your job you. Got you this coed like just as many girls and boys out here. This isn't with a lap of the that I was left the the fact that our guy RC into view and I thought it was called the warriors dot com can't offend you any new. Information on how you can like sign up. Or learn more about where they have them and what what you can act out it's they can't they just benefits the Internet site for Golden State. That's via. Final thoughts on 2017. And 2018. The worst one championship this year. So pretty good year for them and they've got the best record in the NBA. At the close of business. Last night on the 29 I guess they could still shift. Back to four at the worst of two game lead site today they're gonna they're gonna carry the best record in the new year. Regardless of what happens tonight. But endorse tomorrow so the rockets are on the horizon a couple of times in Houston but they're not really plain water. I think through the warriors are a good spot I really do I think it's I think there. Where they should be. They've had some injuries. But. Assuming those aren't gonna linger and it's gonna be kind of a season of bangs and bruises and nicks and cuts in things like that. Then there are a perfect spot because there's still a great team. But they've also brought along this Jordan bell player who they got the second round and nobody thought of thought much of and all of a sudden it looks like he's gonna be a piece to this team's future so warriors. It's still in a great spot as a franchise and a. Or Stefan curry expected to return ten night from the ankle injury after missing eleven games. The warriors lose here last night. Within a goal on nine need to. What else death Currie and I think among the many impressive things from that stretch. Was there ability to continue to sweep that road trip. Even though curry went out. In the mix them. Yeah I mean that's one of the strait this team that they find motivation in visiting Arenas and it's probably easier for them at times. Then define it at home because sometimes. The home crowd and the warriors. Get into this thing where they're both kinda wait and for each other. You don't want to say the players are waiting for the fans they're not but but I think they do things to try and get the crowd height I take it times that. Is what needs to be careless turnovers yeah that shot though I agree with that I agree that completely. And I think it's I think one thing the words are so great creating their own spark that the warriors fans sometimes. Art could act. Kitten wound up with the teams behind. You know they get beat they get behind ten and it's a possession where everybody says let's go and everybody gets up. Then they score then they stay up on the defensive end. The warriors are so fun to watch that you kind of wait to take your cues from them. And I guess happens sometimes what do you expect. For curry in his return tonight Steve Kerr did say prior to the ball game last night that there would be. Eight minutes restriction to what Canon minutes you'd think they'd be looking at twenty. 24. Total four point 50 is that. Isn't that the numbers that it always comes to pretty much. You don't play thirty but you need to play more than twenty because otherwise what's the point. I expect her to be. Exactly like we remember staff curry being the reason I say that is just because we've got the good fortune to be able to watch him work out. Before games and while that's not a five point five if you watched him cutting and you watched him do in defense of slides. You what do you know which ankle. Is the one that bothers you know he looked like a guy that had this in the playoffs you've been playing a week ago that that would that would be interesting to see. Because you're right. And then the question is how quickly what do you come back at the warriors absolutely needed in the comeback although the warriors are one of those teams that that almost has the luxury of that is true one in extra cautious even in the playoffs which is something that I I don't think any other team. In the leak could do now I can't. Believe we'll say this but this is if it's an early round this is that may be. Did you bring them off the bench tonight. And and if he's got a twenty minute restriction you know you can play twenty minutes in the second half though ordinarily do it well of course they're not gonna knock out. I think did that one time. You know and and I I'll never forget the day at the Portland game. We were doing a show it's somebody called up and said that how that you'd just that you don't like during the first half but then I was like and look it's you know that was silly but this guy. I have to respond to this guy that can sit the first half she turned out he started on the bench she came back in the second half so you never. Now well if you remember he was terrible in the four and he was all for him I wanna say Errol for not that was the game where he came back. And scored a fifty and over and I really had to be like that playoff record for points at right time of what he had an end that. He rented out flip the nets series a report that was a handful of the tell that it looked like they were gonna make it 22 series. In the second round there come a back here. And if you remember that was when curry who's gonna get his MVP it was being held back because they wanted to back on the court. That flip that effectively ended that series where. It made it 31. Curry came back Tennessee VP they did all that in the next night they played the game and it was on to the conference finals against Oklahoma City and in that five game series. That five game series that day. Felt like seven and the warriors talked about how that look at told local city in the seven they played them with Cleveland tell you look at back at their series over the last three years that would registered because that one was closer than a four game the one. Series any official in juror port just released former cast beat. Andre one dollar Stefan curry Klay Thompson. All probable. Klay Thompson with. Lower back tightness miss about sums don't honestly I cannot run Caspian was gonna miss a little more time could do that he comes back right away. John tickets and outside Mets here I 957 the game NBA this week brought to buy American Express proud partner of the Golden State Warriors oaks card club played Smart play at oaks. Were driven by from thirty son of Stevens creek we make it easy online at premier Nissan. Of Stevens creek dot com or thinks everybody involved in the program west mills RC Davis for Elliot Perry. And Tim bon Temps from SI Mets micro pitch gap thanks for set this up out here as well. Matt your back at 4 o'clock. Yeah it'll be the warriors in the grisly Seth Curry's return here on 9570.