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Sunday, April 22nd

Rick Tittle takes your calls after Sean Manaea's no-hitter against the Red Sox.


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Well how to get soft. The fact you just don't. Break should always do on days stock and we're gonna take you. All the waited 10 o'clock. With just days talk and sound. There's no show arm no show more aptly named on the station here in 957 the amber amber has always brought you by true and why turn white as your window door and building material experts visitor to white dark on the professional. Builders choice. And did the story lines behind this three to nothing victory. And Shawmut nine is no hitter. Began with the hottest team in 31 years the Boston red hawks is what they should have been called. But we knew I was talking about this in the dugout show. That DA's at least had a punctures chance because shaman I has been outstanding so far this year. And he came into the game with a tune your record and won 63 and remember wins or losses really is a team staff. Even the ERA can be. Confusing but the the two losses shaman I had the a's gave him a grand total of zero runs. Of support. So your facing a seventeen into Red Sox team that's literally laughing. At the rest of the baseball right now. That there are Chris Sale who is even hotter then Sean and I am this is the guy a six time all star he started last two All Star Games the American League is the fastest of 15100 strikeouts in the history of baseball. He came in northern unblemished record one you know with a 123. So all you know it was started off the evening with that scouts day march and along and you kind of think well you know. Wouldn't it be nice after what happened last night with. Brave men taken another analogy RA goes and a double digits that are gone given up the Grand Slam cash and all those runs. You know you can now maybe a's can get one of these games here and you know I'm going to tomorrow and maybe try when the series. I don't think anybody expected this and I'd love to hear from you as a symbol picky until 10 o'clock all the time you want. To get in and have yourself heard at all free line. Maybe you're still buzzing maybe you're still leave in the parking lot of the coliseum where every you are. Around the world listening on that 957 the game app or whatever it is we'd love to hear from you or triple A 9579570. Was in 8889579570. Penske auto sales doc Comtex line 95795. It's it's a huge boost to this franchise. Because we know what the lowest payroll in baseball. That you have you know Dave travel doing absolute PT Barnum stop trying to get people to come and I love the effort. I do everything he does I love it and efforts from at taco truck to a tree house to Harvey the rabid backpack whatever it is. Nothing sells tickets more than what goes on between the lines. Which has nothing do with cowboy hats albeit in forks. But this will get people to come to games more than any taco truck will win it it's not if you build it they will come. You build a new stadium which the a's return to do and they do need to in the get it done rooted in Oakland hash tag the whole deal. Portland. Nice try. But when you have a team that wins are some people wanna check it out. You think that the bass brotherhood sought out because people couldn't wait to get to the coliseum law I didn't the most you'll want to see the winners you think the niner persona out. When they were due welcome everybody loved candlestick. Well they want to see a winner that's what you need. So as a real shot in the arm for this team and the first batter of the entire game. Whatever milky wants smoky bats and he let off will walk. And Sean and I came into the game four starts now more than two earned runs in the age. And then been intending hit into a fielder's choice. And who'll would have thought that that would be it. The arrest of the night for our base runners reaching because then Hanley Ramirez with a KJ Martinez who led the the denied off last night with a case of semi and bottom of the first he led off with a walk semi and by the way ended up scoring all three runs tonight for the days. He steals this guy he struck out but the Scotty had batter's interference so assuming goes back to personally stills anyway and then John Lowery. The hottest player on the planet came into the game leading the league in Lee and that all baseball on missile 32 leading all baseball RB I with Tony to multi hit games ten and it just looked like an absolute grapefruit for him up there. He hit a double. Is now at that point he was five for nine vs Chris sulfur four point and so nice value at around. And I am about that shut down inning 123. So we go bottom three. Semi and again a one out single to Scotty now with a double drives in men. And that Williams send the men and I he sent amid even though there's only went up because it is Chris cell you have to take your opportunities and no. The other day Williams stopped two guys a one game out of there are rounding third. You didn't want kind of a Tony Defrancesco stops I with a name is coming out so good call by Matt Williams now it's two nothing. We go to the fifth. And lay owned with a two out bloop into shallow. Left center. Seve and runs out. And we don't mark com Mark Hanna is not that fast market and is playing right now because of the bat he's not playing because of his glove and that's fine he's hitting. But it hit right in the middle of serbians glove and popped out and I'm telling you. 99 times out of a hundred that's going to be hit at the coliseum now I am the kind of score that if the pitcher glove its an error. So at that time I thought bless you art Santo Domingo. The official scorer. Because I think no matter what you the whole thing about who how fast as the guy what kind of effort are you giving if it hits you in the glove and you drop it that's an error. And I know that's cold blooded that is the way I feel. Sell it also didn't hurt that maybe archenemy go five and my gonna break up this no no Atef foreign two thirds. Where that. And the answer was no. Sell it say an. Semi and is a guy who is so hard to read because he doesn't show a lot of emotion. Kerry got that same face all the time and that's a good I think that's an even keel to have by the way. You wanna get too emotional. But it seemed like it was bug in him that he got charged for the error either that or was bugging him that he dropped it maybe boat. But he came out in the next inning with a one out and hit it Jack so now it's a solo shot it's three nothing days. Now you start to fill the women I is dealing and he was economical with the pitches that we are a place now worthy is are probably gonna actually beat. The incandescent red hearts that the red hot that you call that Red Sox put him next inning flammable gonna catch on fire. But then in the six. Then in candy with the infield single. Olson died as a dribbled up the line. And I wrote down five and two thirds the no no's over but if you watch it. And you see how wide he goes outside the first baseline that's a no brainer. That's really not even worth complaining about. You can't establish. Remember you with a runner establish the baseline. Then you have three week three feet on either side. He went way outside. So the umpires had a conference they call them out the rule five point 03 slash B. And he was out and you can sit there and they don't listen. He's competitive of course she's gonna moaning ground that he was in there so another no no has a lie. And shot in the seventh 123. Shawn in the eighth now this is the point as a lifelong a's fan as someone who grew up at the coliseum. And this is where. I thought my body going through changes when it's time to truly. I was hitting puberty all over again I was having hot flashes those the first man to enter menopause I don't know what was going on. But I started getting this Fuzzy feeling. Like and I could feel my heart I can hear it. I'm getting nervous. 123. So we go to the ninth and content so why are pinch hits. He grounds out to Ximian bats gets a whole line just got to catch is that on the track what was that three pitches. Arming and oh my gosh it's gonna happen and I don't jinx it don't change it and I can tell you there or things here in the studio like as the game goes on I make lots of notes here in the studio. And I didn't move the thing. I didn't go to the bathroom I didn't need a little snack I had here. I was not going to be the one to rule in the no I don't know I sat exactly in this chair for the last three innings staring exactly the same way out I want them to the monitor. So he's memory came in in the days. For the Red Sox the a's didn't score they didn't need it so Swire heart. Grounded out as I mentioned that's flied out Ben and handy work the days where my I was a strike away. And then and candy with a two out walk. Here is word of gay and poplar was the manager he would have yanked him and I have because. Something said a hundred and bug pitches now there's no way Bob Melvin and yank. Yen but in today's world if there is a you know some of these managers that may mule scared. But then Hanley Ramirez stepped up and here's how the game concluded. Knew the Soviets do little bit. You saw on the way units wanted to drop out of sorts. Yeah. I. Those seven no hitter in Oakland Athletics history. It comes on the twentieth persevere brought 2008 new. Are you thank you great call by action corps act there are. And Saddam Romero won here three triple A 9579570. Parents got to sell stock from Turks on 95795. It was a no no the twelfth no no in the history of the as long haul it back to Philly the seventh. In Oakland. And you think about what Jonathan Luc Roy. Meant to this I got a lot to say about it but let's go ahead I had enough to say so far we'll get more of median amenable to go to Chris who is out and opened Chris you're not a 57 game Sean and I had no hitter. They Rick just phenomenal at this great stuff that I am so glad that your are they at. Either until I believe has a history and and and everything there was a phenomenal dedicating border raid in Oakland I've never Mike Warren is that no later in 83. You know decade when he beat the White Sox you know there was like we talk like a seven game. He won the one ready in there and then obviously being stored in ninety go member outlet and then you know we're there at that. In doubt brains that perfect game of their nap with. George Aurilia owner of the green stampede out to five and body type and from yet left field bleachers and it just so phenomenal speed here but tonight. What some and I was just really good great being you know a lot at about the gays and just did a great night to be an ace again and it's you know it's really important in the stadium obviously would be gays and you know it's it's just really give the same beat you know beat Boston's seventeen to. Just really phenomenal. Crest actually comment I really appreciate it that's it Chris out there in Oakland. Yeah Mike Warren remember that I was a senior and I ask all planned high school baseball. At that time but exports was unlike what it is now where I mean that not every game was even on TV they were rarely on TV. Now you can watch it on your phone. The Dave Stewart one. That was in ninety I was working for sports channel that time. The sharks didn't even exist we just had days in the giants that are both of course had play in the World Series the a's had swept. And that we've stab one channel now it a's and giants game they have their own channel course Bay Area and California with NBC sports. Lot times you would do double matters. But that night we were just doing a giants game. So the a's are actually had to go into the office this young lady who was like working in marketing at sport channel (%expletive) and office. And I listened to it on the radio and I heard bill king's call. Of that no hitter on the radio. References one Oklahoma was stolen territory it seems like. Braden that was in 2010 that's when the a's are on the old extra sports is sixty. I didn't show on actual sports it's sixty every day. But Jack Chris had the post and that show on his post game show went on and on and on that was a great moment as well also this is mine. First no hitter. In thirty years overall sports broadcasting and them. It's just amazing to me this the Red Sox were the least likely as candidate. Have now anyone in the entire his organization who's the most likely to film and I don't know. Obviously shaman I'll buy a country mile no one else you would ever expected Shawn and I think there's a chance but not against the the Red Sox. You know he came in with a thirteen point 50 in four previous appearances verses the Red Sox with two absolute melt downs. At Fenway Park. But I got a chance to sit down a shaman I'll on media day I did an interview with them he's just as canned pork was saying he won the nicest. Young men you're ever gonna meet. And he'll look you right the guy and he'll tell you exactly what's going on. We talked about that rough pretty much month he had last year. Talked about when Emerson came in after young had been fired he told me that that was rough on him also an avenue pitching coach. And then the next day Christian I interviewed him at fan fest in 957 again as well he's just. You talk about a win win trade and I've been saying this for for years. Win the a's were selling off parts. To help other teams and to get youngsters back to me one of those was Tyler clipper to the match the Casey Meissner who is just flipped for. I'm Josh Lucas who was just sent down after a brief three inning scoreless last night. The one the only true that I really loved it was these over the Kansas City as you're getting their first round pick their sandwich pick and shaman I who. If he didn't have that hip injury maybe the Astros you would have been number one overall pick. Oversaw the royals in the World Series. He's around told us like Quayle was that worked out for Kansas City then he goes and helps the cubs won a World Series. And the days actually got eight top top top. Pitching prospect. Let's go to market out in Walnut Creek mark your 957. Hey I was actually at the game it was great to be on the higher put together. Everything. Yeah the earlier in the peace and she's just been doing so much better and that latter has been so active and to be back and use that today again. I've got out of the thing of beauty. Eight years you know what and I tell you what it's nothing like this in history like. The games were days I get no I didn't remember Nolan Ryan Willie Randolph-Macon the last hour I don't wanna see history like that when my team with the kids. Gets called like that you. All we know. Art to actually call mark AAA and I'm 579570. I remember and that I think it was 1990. Brian Holman of the Mariner's. He would come over in the mark Langston trade from the expose you expose dump the kid named Randy Johnson to the Mariners and that trade by the way remember they flipped Randy Johnson for Freddy Garcia. And I Guillen and the shortstop to an Astros on our rental. But Brian Holman had a perfect game going eight and two thirds. And I was that technical director of that nine. In the studio and so all the economic and you know early twenties all these suits start coming over from the other side of the thing oh my gosh this is gonna be amazing if we get a perfect game on our network. And I'm the only guy in the room going I don't want to put on a perfect gaming NCAAs that's humiliating. So they've brought up the bespectacled former Yankee slugger Ken Phelps. He had a home run Allman lost the perfect game the no no and the shut out in one swing. That's how close the a's got to getting perfect game day if that is an area that Syria verb. Let's go back to the coliseum Marie how Chris Chris you're an ID 57 again. Can grab any particular they might call it. Yeah what are your impressions. Sure all male we were about ten road beyond the Red Sox dugout were normal life here. Unbelievable. Gave their. There was nothing like there was energy and commitment. In had been followed them and how he pitched tonight and how the game going. In what I'd be tooting I wanted it. Obviously goes out and made that. It was again is incredible Boston Red Sox. Pop this medium that you thread untreated cabinet. And a little bit on the aid. And it beat Oakland to kind of stand up due to get the seventeen continued ballclub what incredible. It would like apology to the elite in the mattered that the red. Light up 19 hitters. Took an incredibly well pitched game got to be due to code that day. All great achievement spell it out we lot we can. Guys like Martina coming up to bring it toward energy we crow right it's just incredible. And the way. Obviously the pitching at this area Internet EB can come out. I got eight to well. Ought to be in it thought to be here and I. And like I did you you hope it can it can lead to more that can we do agree around samarra gave. Yeah I do can you ought to go away. Thanks I appreciate it Chris that's Chris up there at the coliseum. Tripoli and I'm 579570. Rick total if you know offensively and Penske ought to sell stock Comtex line 95795. And down the had to wait says. Rick I've flipped on the radio it was the seventh I heard Ken say no hitter and I probably turned it off Japanese space thank you Jeff. And Jeff and the reason is is because there's a no hitter and you weren't listening to it. You start listening to it you were going to do I think that there are cosmic powers like that out there and yes I do and I dom I guess I'll. I think sixes are living breathing entities that jinx can cash your paycheck. It can wait in line Indian before you can move your bar bells up to the attic a jinx can mow your lawn it is a real thing. And we all know what it's set on the screen with backers claim Kirk Gibson right before that pitch these things they're alive. Thank you are there absolutely. Alive and Chris made a great point. Because like a no hitter against a big lead team is a no hitter. But it's usually every time it usually gets a lousy team. Like I take nothing away from Tim Lincecum he's got rings and size into you know knows that you know and doesn't against the Padres. Ever Roger Clemens what was that when he was a rookie 21 strikeouts and against the Mariners had one good player it was Harold Reynolds course is handed to them. You know Braden it was the rays the rays what do they get perfect game to three times. It's usually a lousy team this was not just a great team this team was piping hot to the touch. In hand ascent. They kid dead the energy from the Red Sox could light it up. Peoria Illinois for a month I did this stats on that so it's it's just makes it even more incredible. Let's go out to the EU and with Alex archer and out of 57 again. Go. You know the great thing. That game by art daddy and my son Alec again it. Oh or at Notre Dame you're in Dallas Braden. First like it had a great time and expression it's been tough the last several years in. Those great man. Think given a call and has very coolly got to go with your kids as well and and listened. I mean you're right it's this is the way I've put it. It's never hard to be an ace fan to me it's very easy to be in a span now you're talking to a guy has seen them with his own eyes. Go to six World Series and win four of them you're talking to a guy who the first three years I played Little League Baseball Leo won the World Series every year. I do that you're that old yet every euros and Haskell the islanders won the Stanley Cup to all four years aria off and Bloomberg Texas was the largest of our 48 states. But it's it's always easy for me beloved team that's knocked cookie cutter there are so many teams out there it's just another read team. It's another blue team there's no panache there's no swagger there's nothing really cool about them outside of some few hall of fame players. And we're gonna send those teams are useless. It's just that the days are different. And it's always easy for me to be an a's fan I'm always proud communities fan but got the reason that were hard on them. The reason that we get disgusted. At times is because we care as because we do love them. And a lot of times no one's harder on them than I am because I hold them to a championship standard. Com I don't make any excuses for any professional team especially one that has the lowest payroll in baseball also a's fans out there especially. The ones who. Are you know in college and high school and they've never releasing the a's win any thing. I really have a lot of respect for those loyal fans especially the young ones I've been to the mountaintop as a fan they haven't yet I have so much respect for those fans. Let's go to law Jorge. In Oakland what's up man. I would go to our man was my friend. Area are amazing. Night at the column you're male or app are that I'm article suspect though it now oh oh my. What did it what did you do to not jinx it. Comparing art though. And the sport out of my company bought a ticket. To fit in the different extract I told my a lot of mechanical it all year or Oprah or Iranian by the inning and we'll go back. It didn't come. Alec go like okay we're not going back we're gonna stay right here right that's the one thing we did almost had a optical out the release that both the look no paradise you know what though we're gonna hold. I'll kill anybody there about that is not yet obvious is not out to a tribe would accept the bag while mentality now we got to keep it. Gotta keep would go home where you are going to handle it we are going after game and it took yoga away that's been part of that crap like that. It was a main demand area. Well I know your I know you're a loyal fan man so congratulations on glad he got to see it. Hell yeah event and then I don't know if you that you guys are up while. Or ship out of what they have is new thing that goes up by the ramp and put all of our. Like the record the VA and all that beautiful that we had. I don't doubt that we'll have equal and have either raining or another person to go and already equipped. Mary. Are you called it they are okay thanks man I appreciate the call on Twitter around I've I've said in the game are you give me on average total. Brazil and a says I sold my tickets. I know I feel bad. About the people that left early that led to go to work for the kids were sleeping whatever was. But I tell you what you know normally I'd be out there I'm in the studios in San Francisco but the way the tree house is set up. I was told maybe next week will be able to have it so Chris can mean the tree house and I can be in the press box in my crying that I wasn't Aaron now. I still bringing you the post game in fact. We'll dual brake here will come back we'll take you always the rest of the hour would love to hear from U of a's fans tonight is the celebration it's a fantastic Saturday night get involved triple A 9579570. The Penske auto sales doc Comtex lines 95795. A no hitter for Sean and I against the hottest team in baseball the a's when. Three and nothing they beat Chris Sale a guy who started the last two All Star Games. For the American League and it couldn't have happen to a nicer guy and Sean and I armor to it'll come on back more days talked. I 957 and yet. Fat. I welcome back today's solid. That song that only means one thing it means NA as a victory and armory I was. Junior high school I heard canned talking with the Chris Townsend are again about that. That team in 81 billion Martin I think they got off to a twelve and I'll start and then it was a back and of a double header that they lost again off bite I think it was angels. But that team is just so it's that such an exciting team and it was amazing and in the strike and then two rounds of playoffs the first time ever sweep in the royals looming and crash by the Yankees. What's that song and then it was a few years ago that DA started playing in this horrendous song. You know Oakland won the game and were going to drink some beer in the it was horrible. And it was actually do a little thank goodness Doolittle said no this is wrong you got to play celebration. And the a's were like given the spans from Oakland. While I'm from open you army is saying now I didn't think so and thank goodness they came to their senses and didn't have that horrifying song. They try to start a new tradition I I get is that now there's nothing like celebration especially when Sean and I throws a no hitter. That's got to sell stock Comtex line 95795. From the 510. Rick I missed stews know now because I was on a day what my girlfriend dumped her the next day and I have not had a girlfriend cents. Go ways. He signed Ted Kaczynski. And could gosh let's go to Ramsey you know the coliseum what some Ramsey. And that too much dead no girl on the go out there more work and just enjoyed. But I'm the guy had a night while working 11. Not true and I had a no hitter going on the other than at any place vote open if you worked Brett. But I'm really going on an ally gay and you'll look on our. Glad he threw the no hitter and that it they what I expect hey. All ears they've been complete opening crying about it than I could you get that that. Legally or don't Bryant and and Major League leader in RBIs and at first at bat in them that commemorate the debt Larry actually I'll sleep but definitely. The lineup from top to bottom yeah it really didn't. And it no library and everybody that definitely. Contributed somewhere I expect that apple and hope we are here. And I expect him to compete whatever happens with Denny after a budget expect them to be it I don't expect team all year. Hey thanks for the call Ramsey IA are really appreciate it got the last nine games DA's have scored. 66 runs that's an average of seven point three and they get on my iPhone. Calculator. Our rights after the game a great job Ivins attorney L in the clubhouse getting interviews by the battery mate John Hulu cry who of course has a huge part of this no hitter. And also Sean and I have also. At the day is for NBC sports sect cult for an yet here's Sean and I on his help to the known now. You put your energy. I've just got so much so you don't care. Dresses. Plastic bucket hacked. And so thanks for the sound their NBC sports or California year here at television home. For the a's was their future blade 9579570. Penske ought to sell stock Comtex on 95795. 510 says we have to call him Sean I know now the rest of the year. I actually liked that. That's pretty good this in the Red Sox and the know ahead since 93. That was the Mariners and that was Chris Mario responds Yahoo!. I went in Rancho Cordova high and only with sac city. So it's been a while from them but seven. It is think about it you know you never know what's gonna happen in sports at the old adage in the baseball UC's on me never saw before it's always and always amazes me how much. That'll cliche is true. And Oakland California. At the coliseum just became the top sports story in the United States. Higher than any NBA playoff higher than any NHL playoff game that happened tonight Sean and I no hitter in the first of the season. Is the number one story. And skeletal stuck complex and I'm 57 I'm far. For one of five said. Rick why do you think chances are real they're not. Well I asked broadcasters. When they saved. I remember when the listening to bill king and Dave Stewart's no hitter has he wanted to make sure. That they'll say things like there hasn't been hit given up yet know hits they try not to say no hitter. And I remember when. DA's batted in the top of the ninth that Toronto. And a Bill King said will be right back to see it's due can get the known now. And so that was the only time. He's he said no no because he didn't want Q jinx it either. Are reversible fifteen the struggles always my age I was fifteen it's a roll fifteen was this is why suitable 79 is coming up this year. But I remember for the AFC championship game against the chargers or this stupid Pennington that we used to Wear 1980. And I wore it when we want and I had my retainer Ian and sell out the Super Bowl I wore that dom shirt and the retainer. Why for good block was all because of me let's go to Lee in Concord lead your I'm not a 57 the game after Sean and I no hitter what somebody. AI Ricky I got killed more information says there's 81 season that started out eleven and know which include Saturday Sherri Babbitt. Hidden ball trick in Minnesota. And kingdom against Seattle suffered their first hospital Sunday I was out there are remember that game and again back in the one I pour more. The 51 or after that. Well you know I didn't know and and can Karp mentioned it I didn't realize that they started off with eight full road games and won the mall. Yes they did their program back do you believe 98. How they effect one complete game last year. I think men and now this other person should they had 98. Complete games that year. Now man yeah well you know Billy Martin. Are ever being in a Berlin a hostile. On the wrong side of Checkpoint Charlie and the sketch from New York wanted to argue with me that Billy Martin ruined the arms of Keogh and Norris and Langford. I didn't wanna hear it I still don't wanna hear Eileen. Yeah out that I blame mark dollar. As. I like that. He and art file that lead lawyer Earl surging yankees on that's. Kick it it didn't. If you have a. Clear lawyer wants that unassisted triple play Randy Velarde style back in the day as well. They're like but I remember. Both parties. I would guess also view the EPA's whoa. I like Billy gave vote blue Cadillac and outer got a bonus mpeg wrongly. Our budget making news there is we have that pitchers and catchers of the epic yet. You'll get a free score all from a tree house. Our daily thanks for the call I appreciate it triple A 957957. Something has to be commemorative. They're the little logo of dolls not Dallas Braden perfect game a perfect game is obviously bigger than a no hitter. It's his son grandmother Peggy Lindsey was there it was Mother's Day it was a confluence. That we've rarely seen with the planets aligning. And I'm not saying Braden wouldn't have had a career in broadcasting. But that's certainly helped. And also why is I was I'm on my show a couple weeks just talk about I was up to get off my mound again and here he's a character there's no doubt. About that but it helped days we'll have to do something and listen Dave travel I'm sure with his staff they're very creative there. They've always dad and you can say what you want about the shot Hoffman and the wolf Fisher ownership CA's have been always they've had a lot of creative people. In that front office that do everything they can to try to get heated stadium when sometimes the product. Isn't always top notch but. Think about what Sean and I mean to this team and I said pregame NAM and I is the day aside I thought for sure. He was going to be the opening night starter it doesn't matter he's the ace and you think about where he is right now. He's three in two with a 123 ERA 123 was the aria Chris Sale entering the game he ends up one and one with a 186. Purcell still. Had a quality start to say the least shaman Iowa ten k.s the other no hitters. Stuart. But sun the if you look at the rest of the rotation. You take government on as 123 the rest of the rotation is 661. So I say the days Europe on an ace and a bunch of fours and fives yeah that's probably true. Now tomorrow will look to Daniel manga and to win this series. And maimed and has been pitch and now a lot better than I I think a lot of us might have expected remember his outstanding. And September when I mean we got to a point at one point last year aware when we talked about hey you know who's hurt who's the a's can bring up. And everyone's so I would say maimed and I think a lot of us forgot he was even on the forty man at one point so I give him credit. And as Lee said the caller. And that the only complete game that was at Philly if I'm not mistaken. With Danieal Manning in Tripoli and on 57 and 9570. Chum and I now five starts of two earned runs or less pence got to sell stock come tux on I'm 57952. And I says Rick yes. This can make this a season means something and I know hit the best team in baseball let's go Oakland. 51 I'll richt should we expect a special addition no hitter Bobble head doll. Yes. That would be really cool. And the bubble have now are very. Much more accurate let's just say back in the day used to always be the same head. And then whatever your ethnic heritage as they try to get that tone right. But now these Bobble heads actually looked like the guys. I would like to see whoever's making the ball hitter whoever designs it can get the the traditional Pacific islander. I tattoos that are on John's right arm that he did that down that would be really cool as well but. Besides a Bobble heads somebody's gonna think of some Anderson Revver for years. Every single giveaway item. Was Eric Chavez and then after that I think it was three years in a row every single giveaway item was Kurt Suzuki. Weather was reboot Michelle Sher the back pat outages. Sean and I have to now be recognized what is now listen they said it's April and we don't put people hall of fame for April otherwise Mike Davis would be in the hall of fame. Lad if there was an all star game right now chum and I would be the starting pitcher for the American League and that's pretty cool. Five starts is a small sample size but that's still five starts. And it ended the hottest team in 31 years thing about that 31 years and you go back to the brew crew and 87. Seventeen and two in canned death suddenly hot and they had won eight games in a row and they are throwing Chris Sale. Their ace on the mound and I tell you what they always say. This game will humble you. That's what happened to the Red Sox tonight because they are not only laughing pop pop pop up at the rest of league. I think there were sort of they were so confident there or obnoxious you laughing their like an error or new book hot. I think they had go far and why not no one was threatening them. Think about that series. That they had down in Anaheim over the scores like nine nothing Kendall won ten to three. Sending out Connie do an early shower the angels are good team and a Red Sox dish Droid them in their barn. So they come to oak Glen and yeah great man pad gone not great. But then tonight it's just. This is why in east lot of times in. In sports you know you kind of think you know what's gonna happen. And you don't. I go back to that get off my mound and that was Braden vs sabathia sabathia was one of the best pitchers in the league Braden I think is ER it was almost five. Kurt Suzuki hit into a triple play in that game who won Braden beat. Rate beach says CC sabathia. So this is why we all. To an end is hopefully to get a moment like this. And it's great for the fan base. The loyal fan base of the Oakland a's because. We know and I've seen it myself. There are about ten dolls and true loyal fans for the a's and the giants. And if you're winning everybody loves a winner. And I saw it when the brash brother for going on. Because the giants weren't hidden as many fans Eric candlestick in the a's were the corporate team with a high payroll on the giants play in the lousy stadium woman that's completely fled knowledge onto the corporate team with a higher payroll on the ambition the furnace of ambition. And VA's plan the stadium that's not so great and in the low payroll. But this is why you know front runners bless you it's it's America it's a free country you can do you want. If you're front runner you're always happy. Because your team always wins a World Series or get a walk around Astro pass from the year before that people walking around with Cobb has solos always a cubbies fan always loved them. You know even if they're in a listen go ahead I don't care who you root for doesn't affect me one way or the other. But if you stayed true to the team when something like this happens. It feels a million times better then the person who just now is gonna go by Shawn and I and Jersey and maybe never heard of them until tonight. It's just it's a feeling of satisfaction that we haven't had a lot of remember went to the playoffs three straight years and now last year the as for the best team at the break or assessment astray the a's got into the playoffs the last day of the season housework and I can it was a Sonny gray. Complete game and and was shot on actually. And so they became the second wildcard BA's. Have not. That in the playoffs since that. That while organic Kaufman. And last place the last three years you look right now they're ten and eleven. And at 1011. BA's are part of and you might not able to knock on of the playoffs well I'll tell you what if you hang around 500 you are always in the wildcard hunt. You are a hot week away seriously if you hang around 500 you are one hot week away from being a wildcard. And I thought the you know the days apart when seventy games this year our man and I'd be ecstatic at this. The Irish born run who would have thought that the days. Like first and second and all these offensive categories well. The story of tonight was shaman I had a great kid that kid has had injury problems. And it's. Finally completely healthy and they're still young and taken everything that he's learned all the savvy all the coaching he's had. And changing grips over the years finding everything that worked right tonight he face the hottest team in 31 years in the bigs. And he no hit them EA is first no hitter since Braden perfect game. Back in NT 2010. So the days when three to nothing tomorrow maimed and verses price that'll be Little League today. It's also Bluetooth ear Bud Day and you can hear that on the Q1 a two point one has not 57 game we'll have coverage of game four of warriors out spurs. Armor to at all it's a great night a's fans relish it I know I well and I'll see you next Friday night and on a 57 again.