Takeo Spikes

Joe, Lo & Dibs
Thursday, December 28th

Towny, Lo and the Guru fill in and are joined by Takeo Spikes (15-year NFL Vet and NFL Analyst) to get his take on what the 49ers need to do next. Takeo gives us his pre-game pep talk!


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Here's my 21 held a Boyer back in the day as the great San Francisco forty niner. It was a frivolity phenomenal Auburn tiger little war eagle and he joins us here on 957 tequila we don't this morning. They are doing very well how are you guys don't. It was a hell of being held to. I don't need people that the being lonely and being the only put the B ending though it. Don't go play from Cincinnati he does he went to really go oh yeah he was. No make Tokyo. I played down and weighed down in the John loads. Might have an amazing to me. Oh let's go don't don't look my. And are they good Manhattan welcome to show meg glad you did jump on and join his almost all of these guys earlier about just now. Iron sharper designer we had them. Great collisions plain against UN in plain weak do we kind of help one another become players in -- developing to developed into pretty good players and our career. What he's seen about Jimmy gee did she seem this seem like he's developing in helping transition December Cisco 49ers from all awful teen to seem like pretty good now. Well lo he that's a great question because. I've always watched Symbian far exceeded. I must admit. It was in the entire game. Put simply gave him. Stay belief. And I mean you can clearly got body mannerisms. You used to talk about that all of the car. Where you can clearly exactly how he wondered it is sacred to collect our guy or are they walk around and he has changed. The monsoons hit about being in debt out of on the got a rap you know you can see also Iran and they're running and a lot of winners you can get you can kill everybody seems to be much more engaged. And their parents going all the goalie. Editor clay. You know being able to win by about a domestic games. What am starting winning order roll beat Jackson deal last week. I mean. When you look at this NFC west but next year. I don't care when you were especially with downplaying. The ram in then and then they indeed part of this season. They won't be a pain debt other teams would have to gain claim for. I truly believe there because we're not taking into account of all the the additions. They Kyle Shanahan and his staff for bringing and what you just look at the fact of JPG coming in. Kevin has set in every week they're heading into week as so what they're blow. It is arguably be the end of the week every week he really didn't have a learning curve and that is all that snapped. So make sure when he comes back into training camp and an OK then everything. He's got to be a step ahead of the curve bent and he'll be able to cal Santa had to be able to open up its playbook. And then and come home with a creative play that we saw being met that we do at two years ago. He Alexander sing about that as you start looking at all the draft pick said they have they got a hundred million to spend in free agency. Knowing that in knowing what it. Rob Lowe has done to lift this team up. What lo you said no it's very early we don't know who they're gonna sign in free agency but what what would your extent expectations be from a win total standpoint for next year for the niners. Well I mean the standard is TARP and I mean I'm a small school so when we talk about forty dollars. And anyplace else sentimental. And I just the way that it is it is you say they ever do read. And cap money and that's number one you've got several great draft pick all great opportunity to go okay great tract eight. You can do that that would that money with the judiciary you know you gotta charge in EG. But you also you know what this also goes every Vista even if they can go beat the rams. Now you get the attention of other we agents. Own probably would not have thought about all of this circumstance so. It only thing they would know with aiding got more proud of their last six games and when Gingrich he can't be had he would I do know. So now he's created more of a book of where guys want to come play would have. Don't do this scheme that they they got a very very good chance of being very cute actually. Tokyo when you look at the situation in Pittsburgh would James Harrison this morning low and I we had a pretty spirited debate about his legacy being tarnished and I felt like defeat from what's reported if you went to the team. On numerous occasions debt as part his outright release he's old dirt you play the game he probably sees you know you've done that too much time left. And if he wants to play MB utilize more. No they should let him go but now they he went to new England and you hear he was sleeping in meetings pretty much doing everything to get you know for them to release some. Do you look at Harrison in a different light now. From the way that he got out if those reports are true because I was saying hey would we all know life is short. He's seen his career come to weigh in more power to want to try to go get it done somewhere else. I think it's a strong word or strong praise for someone just say. And now you can will be tarnished. And everything getting pattern and Pittsburgh. Because. I don't care how you look at it when you talk about the championship bronze when you talk about what they need to grapple play being made. Don't play well but apple rolled and that they are seeing steady pitching would never get about now. Well I didn't they could damage. They've done these internally. Whether or not. If Paul is managing all even some of his players. And teammates if this true. I don't know what their relationship can be repaired. It is. You know we think it is. Our players to make it. And they are also waiting to receive an a you know you're going to the play opens it and so you're editor adamantly saying. I don't care what I want all I want to be released. And so got cold so you look a lot of bad foot and charmingly well score one all. So where overall I mean he'd done what we've done and you nobody can never take better could take gotta wait it's not like you can go bag given a razor. And say you know work that big play yeah in the Super Bowl then you wait so we everybody else. Can't remember really OK go back and see it I mean that was done about. I couldn't agree more I tightened my mind. My disappointing whose guru we had a spirited conversation. I agree I say this guy's probably hall of Famer. I said the when you have a guy tells take to trophies back when this kid discern as say I want you to understand the agony of defeat. I want you suffer and go through it understand what it's like a lose a once you know was like to win. Any you have a guy that didn't have a job those of freeagent. And then to teams have brought back. Didn't bring you back to start a brought you back for roll to serve. To be it would be in those meanings to help guys and I said. I was Sandra Lewis it when you're brought back in next pass he is not that they want you to necessarily play they want to show you they've brought you back initial people how to lead played we do the things -- your first one and wait remove most things those are things sometimes but I see did you guys take yourself added a situation because it comes a point time is not about you it's about are you going to be able to teach cause everyone's gonna get their Jersey taken away from inane and war you slice it that's the part for me. That tarnish my and tarnished James Harrison incensed that you sign there. They were still grown men play any kids gain Guinea king's ransom in word and I don't always agree in any walk of life any job. But he's but you have to realize that was my biggest disappointment when James Harrison. Yeah and and and that's what they got it think about what words. You know even though he would call back and I know he was unhappy about it playing term if you look at. JJ watt are younger brother TJ watt. And he's come in and and you know many actors state back on what was that conversation online. At the beginning of the seemed to. Or did the coaching staff really relayed the information to him change chairs. Letting him know look James. Even though you were very productive did you before. We have somebody commented and we need do you. To allow them to walk up on her welcome hundred no shadow used so they can see out these could be done. You know if I conversation with a there I can see why. He will be so what's sick. Now. This group right like you also saved over Rizzo. You know at the end of the barrel Calgary to law I don't care how Mon pitch like. And at the end of the day. We all have one thing in common is everybody will be retired. And so would no longer. You ever breaks in play here now I remember what I can happen soon go. My previous tenure of border every team are what the guy. But what I can do peppers this go out well this young pup was congress are quoted this guy he will regret it. And I know he's head of sorts and they would statute limits so my job was to I don't know. It didn't make me feel lip of the book as a player I knew that their car I have to compliment again. To make sure that he continued to raise the level won't play and everybody else. And I deserve Marmol and did you know it in the big people still know if you Obama to a ball. So we didn't know a lot of give and take he has a lot of understanding you have to do. In order to go to Parker who just grow. Here's my sorrows here 957 game former San Francisco 49 are all pro linebacker at a Auburn. You know I think to deal about going forward what we're looking at the different teams there's some teams are really good teams we may not trust their quarterbacks. Once she gets in the post season if you had to buy want to buy stock in one team. For the playoffs and it can't beat the patriots who would it be. My Irish. Irish put it. It is not a no no no I. I did daddy had you used to it did it. That's a penny around you didn't puts a hole in the medical. Picnic that don't cannot think it. It cannot go it into the equation. If if wasn't at the gym and I'll be drug daddy. Do you write you write edit whom I've got to say yeah but what I will say it didn't. I truly believe. On the wind that they had last week it is persons. Coming back yet but it did supporting wind from the New England Patriots. I believe it Pittsburgh Steelers team that strongly. Enact even though they lost the game against New England Patriots. Are only being one thing it kind of one thing to do. It quoted him that they felt like they can compete the entire game and they all the way to connect and no one. They should have won that old ball game period. And I was looking for that type of play when they came out and played good last week and you know what they didn't disappoint. They didn't have angle. It was almost as did. They came out playing ready to show everybody. We're install. That we talked to the patient. And we welcome the opportunity. To go box below and played in the game and yeah me. What look at look at what a great bit of a Andre Barrett knows much Bill Belichick and he's not gonna talk about. That's why he's armed it because we know. We don't have a problem with these guys. So what's the best way typically done is somebody who did not that there's been a give all day in detail that you need. Detail when you look at the situation they Carolina with mr. Richardson selling the team. And we see cabernet not in the league who seem the NFL go through so only. You know is so many polyps political things and viewpoints. How important do you think it is. Then there'd be mild minority ownership in the NFL come root for that I'm rooting for that to happen. I want ordered it it yes. I mean it. This monument. Part of will be. A real walk words are probably noted that how big could beat. And marketing is what I'm not. You know why not. This game if you look at the league is complied when you look at that at least a little bit over 70%. Are African American in this league. So. You know why not right he did you blow a much talk about. Why not have someone in their own should keep. Best of Coke and African American. Hockey Weimar you know people thought it was funny when. You know Katie came out here police say it but our respect didn't give a businessman. Everything bidding starts then I've seen and everybody approached me has been very profitable. And he understands it and edit everything kindergarten Edison coached. It is a we wanna have all bird flu. And they have to allow somebody to come into the group Eric could be owned by game. But I do think. Would tell all of this what's going on and everything that's happened would captivate. It's a great opportunity. OK in that failed to step of sort of claim. And I feel. Do a lot of couldn't. Put an opportunity that they hear between Serbs just say you know what we need. And now this is how we're going to address. Killed as always. You didn't hit a home run you about to hit a home you're about to hit a Grand Slam. But that there was a couple times to kill that I wasn't feeling well on Sundays. And that was going to be you know I did was and Philip and I knew that I needed someone to lift media. Right now on the raiders are struggling. Give me one more time if you were in that locker room and this Sunday you're had to play up your play old playoff hopes are gone. And you had to give that speech to this Oakland Raiders team. To kill. And I need one more time give us something you'll music police. Tony theater music baby and he's the more music sit down enough for. Vikings give us something they don't. Even though we. Going beautifully all. But info about a legs. So. I and you do this case before you step out on the football field you really don't feel. I was at Q yeah one questions come out do you want to be remembered. NBA did it did. Did somebody who visited there. As they airlifted to break because. What do you walk there hey you know you can. Game and tell. As these tools like the myth we love you fifties he led you to do what appreciate what you do brother he being you man presaged a bone show. I've got to appreciate it.