Susan Slusser

The Chris Townsend Show
Wednesday, December 6th

A's beat writer for the SF Chronicle, Susan Slusser, joined Chris Townsend on the Chris Townsend Show. 


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She's the best. When your target a's baseball we gotta have RA's insider from the San Francisco chronicle on. Susan just luster joins us here on the Chris Townsend show it's been allows Susan Abby then. It well I was given to those this news today you know we've been fighting this battle for so long for the athletics trying to get something have bent. It's something in Oakland gets something in free market something in San Jose now back to oak Glen. And here we are back to score air lawn again it's hard to believe. Yeah it is thinking it's more legitimately. Surprised at you know at the people who were kind of cynical about. From everybody in aipac to deviate today it was really fun with it you know not. It chancellor has come out in the paper the aids. In. In the chronicle and another outlet so I think you should they split. Get over that faculty and students have expressed some opposition. But I felt like that talks with. You know at least they can present their case remain. That base that's debate is about the oddity critically the college district concurrently out in particular. They wanted to lay that out there and apparently Epps. You know another uneven and it pox so. The chancellor told the chronicle later in the day today that the door is not closed. I don't know what that means maybe that Sistine trying to prop blow back. Got a big theater now think about what went where Annika next. Ladies and the have played well when they are focused on any college say this that they at that completely. Now I think that because they are trying to they would Brooke Hundley cart obviously date in the U that it might. They knew the pros and cons of both theaters play I think these feelings about Howard terminal let's. There are really you know a lot of there and it bit the speed outlet for it could be very expensive very time in May and that powers that would need to be loose collect railroad tracks. The black and petition year. Unit played you know they like that he couldn't read. Orient paper ballpark toward the locker it would have to be. Turned background anyway so. In content LA county talked about it a million times there are a whole lot of pluses but one thing that happened at downtown. And you know day you'd be able to scroll restaurants and bars nearby. I think it's Smart developer could come in and help put that is sort of ballpark village kind of there at that you know. A new development go up all over the there. This is an area with hundreds of money. And lots you know I'd need for you know more. How they needed more development not less so I think somebody's Smart could turn that air immediately desirable. Area ago for a game and put in baseball stadium I hope that's what happened and I hope it's not income should get discouraged insult somebody out market. Yeah because that's when we starts things can get pretty Dicey right and that's where Adam that at a and I really don't want to go down there about we will Susan saucer. Who has Ers. Gays in sire from the chronicle also the author of a hundred things a's fans should know do before they die would make a great Christmas gift for any a's fans you go to Amazon right now picking up a bunch blazing take it at. In other thing against Maine. Is here you have a Golden State Warriors who said Deanna were out here. Then you have the raiders who said you can't deal with these people were going to Vegas and I know for years. The a's try to tell bud Sealy. This is just not gonna work demand for it was a part of that too though and here we are again with Oakland it's not working it's like. It even know what to Sammy your you'll lose your basketball team lose your baseball team and then now your football team and then now this. Yes you know bad that this is great specifically the community college district rather than you know media Oakland officials say you know not. It is that there are some overlap on something but that's at the community college district the aids or taking any risk in. Announcing it site that they did not have the Lan port yet Horry. You know at least some sort of pretty good commitment op that they would be able to get the land. They didn't know whether it would be at least come community college district or albeit straight at trial on the comedic architect. And that obviously an electorate that that they can get a plan on at two pretty major step when your. Park in about again hindsight is knowing how good a land and I think that too much. And that's saying that I hate to hear. And it happens in professional sports there's always some towns Zamora also wants to chicken hawks somebody's team. And would scares me to death. Is that this ownership group that win all and and now could be a situation says you know we've been doing this retired and Ed we don't want to build the coliseum site that's the only place left we don't we're gonna salad. Is there ever the possibility where you think seller to comment by the team remove them. Absolutely. I would have to think that something meant that people. Should be concerned about. You know that that without it they'd they have looked at you know. That battle on time you know through all the process looking to separate different places. You know we know the candidate that to happen now I think that. They get a pretty good effort with Oakland that. On the other hand I I would say that coliseum site is a great site for a lot of Greek hand you have to say. You know whether that he'd worked a lot that could sit up and culture to get that money back. But it's still one that the vast market in the country even if you're sharing with the giants. And it better then. You know sort of the 39 and fortieth big market economy kappa but that its biggest market in the country out. I don't think Oakland is much to them you know a that more desirable place probably our team. You know and their discouraged enough but they do it you hope that they would tell the local Egypt. Trial. The and that's the thing too is now. Now how discouraged. Is new York and the commissioner and the MLB office as they signed off. On this site they said the days are meant to be in Oakland. Hash tag everybody rooted in Oakland Knight is Warner how New York feels about Oakland. Well I've got to act that practice and people in the and the arc today and that New York has actually only been really pretty. Supportive of the coliseum site to. I I think they've felt all along like AA at the other team believed. Got a pretty nicely there you know things we've got transportation. Infrastructure. I think MLB. Would Lovett played it could be up quicker which state. Obviously coliseum so you know they've been have to get our mental impact report on that concept that they they could be. It in the open running much more quickly soured hectic MLB from that standpoint. We'll be like Alan. I took an epic at the coliseum. And buried so. If the US. Made somebody and Obi tell you what they are acting in the public and it looked like most practical and look at that he could get expedited. Let's switch over to show Oreo tiny as teams. Today making moves to get international bonus money. To be able to give him more money. And their teams in the a.'s division and all of them Rangers mariners angels and then he got the National League teams yet giants got cubs again Dodgers got Padres. They can only give up 300000. While the angels. Mariner's a Rangers can all go over two million when you look at this guy what are you hearing says if he truly wants to hit. Any truly wants to be as starting pitcher how would he do that for national team like the giants. Well he plays a man did in the field a couple and to lead which is what the problem. You know it it just. That money does not seem like a primary actor guy now I I do not know him but from everything I've read. He's making eight. On endorsements in Japan and I don't think it you know the difference between 300002. Million and it's gonna be make or break situation that stack. He knows what he's gonna make an endorsement of that and he knows when the time comes that he's done well it's going to be. Barry adequately compensated. It sounds like if people are the pieces together what you smaller cities like on the West Coast and they had eight Japanese star. The lead at that I'm currently have a Japanese player and then he'd think about sort of his own personal history. Think he would like it might become of them yet I'm not a thing. Seattle makes a lot of sense that he you know talking about he'd. You don't wanna keep the patent Japanese are that eliminate and so. You know what everybody else has had at least one Japanese are it would mean the exception and I. And a eight you know he has ministry with India on. Beaten a team that just seems like maybe act could be at. A spot he felt very pumped up. Our prices in the winter meetings are about to start so keep your phone phone on we're going to be Colin. The greats is susser right here once again author of a hundred things a's fan should know and do before they die.