Stu Jackson

Steinmetz and Guru
Wednesday, September 13th

Matt Steinmetz and Daryle “The Guru” Johnson  are joined by Stu Jackson (former head coach of the Knicks and current Associate Commissioner of the Big East) to discuss whether anyone can catch the Warriors, the effect of 3 point shooting on the game, and playing basketball in the South in the wake of Vietnam.


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Joining us next he's a former head coach of the New York Knicks and the Vancouver grizzlies now he's the associate commissioner of the big east. He's got a lot of other stuff too including B one of the greatest basketball players I've ever seen play high school basketball. Back in the early seven come with you that's a big deal what's ups do I you don't man. I'm bill. Well matched what that they held a compliment publisher believe it but thank you agree. Well I said it was it was a year you'll have a I was pride about nine when I was watching you at martz hall and cliff dorm at the buzzer beater. But then then I did see Sam Bowie after that so. He he got you I think. Well I got one up point there was the there was a player recognize those Cuba in the line wore it freshmen uber Miami and for all of the you. You calculate that I receive you know there's no jacket here who's cute I mean you don't you are these one day. And without a doubt the best player ever played it reading high school in Pennsylvania at. And that's as you know Stew where basketball is beautiful right. It's where it was. Born I think what it yeah. Yeah exactly exactly. Well let's let's get to the NBA used to do anybody's closed the gap on the warriors this summer. I don't. You know and and I say that quickly without reservation. Matt because. I thought the warriors did themselves the real solid this summer in terms of just keeping their court together. Namely Shaun Livingston. And Andre Iguodala also getting development back. The only advantage to me is what separates the warriors. From most seems in the NBA aside from the fact that also. You know people forget is Korea offered fifteen detail. Defensively. The past two years in lord always been one of the top three teams in the league I don't see that changing. They now have the mental medal for lack of a better term championship pedigree DNA. To understand what it takes to get through a hundred deeds in. And go on to the championships Soviets is no I don't see anybody get. Still when you look at the make up by the NBA now with Kevin Durant coming to the lawyers and their Turk there are labeled a super team. And you see other teams trying to you know use that Blu-ray. Do you do you think back to years past in the league decades ago to where at the super team is may be a bad thing for the MBA. Naw I I don't subscribe to that notion and I think in my mind if you look throughout the history museum yea there always been super teams. You know in the era. Previous to you know to subsequent expansion. I mean who could argue with you and say that that law changes lakers had they not been drafted. Retreated toward your required through free agency you wouldn't call Magic Johnson Corey he Jane's words be you know is super team. I mean would you not call Larry Bird. And Robert Parish in Kevin Mikhail. A super team the guys understand that they treated apparently drifted the other two with. Those super teams so the fact that now in this day and age. Post expansion. And a new collective bargaining agreement there's a different ways that you. Option to go out and get yourself super team it doesn't matter they've always been around. It's just now I think with the upsetting to people is the process. For putting together a super team the super teams have been around for awhile. Snooty you like the game right now where it's at and I'm talking mostly about the number three pointers taken. They'll match it's a little bit of a tricky question. Because the answer is yes I do like the team where it is now. It's a tricky question because. In this error of three point shooting from an entertainment perspective or in perspective. Will lose one of the most exciting shot in the game aside from him bill. People like this dictator TV it's it's something we get excited about I think for people like us. You know both in the media. And involvement in Yates that scrutiny scrutinize the team down to its finest point. They will help me she committee for. No maybe that team. Start to the theory but you have to be careful. What we think is acceptable humor in what Iranians really being entertaining our. Different things and you can't is that oh cougars fall into the trap and all Puerto games' awful it's only novel where they're great air here yet BA. A truly aid Kool Aid that's all being said Matt I would say it. There at that time here just from the analytic standpoint and for the game's important work building into a tipping point. It at tipping point is you know eventually reap courage to admit any real. They were start is needed and so they deem to see you get the the gains were combined teams shoot sixty. 65 regional issues. 4849%. That the game. It's easier to work out too many of those games and when that happened you know the MBA you'll just to name well. Still were in the air also a social media and a lot of the star players are using mid to voice their opinions on different topics and I'm just wondering in your opinion do you think. It's getting to the point to where you have a star player use in social media they can become a distraction for the team. Possibly but let's sit. I mean these issues that players at least in my mind that are being vocal about our issues you know in society. It's typically that we all care. And have some opinion about and I think you know when doing so one players that they're the separation between what happened to practice. In the court in what somebody's personal opinion is on the social issue outside of that. I think the players and held out and understand the value he and are able to keep things out of there locker room. That need to be kept out and I think it's great. That players are voicing their views on some of these civic and national social issues I think instruments. Stu and we're visiting we Stu Jackson right now former coach of the New York Knicks Vancouver grizzlies. I ask you personally about that because. And it is because I saw you play when you're when your high school you. We're high school in the early seventies in the wake of Vietnam. And there was a lot of social things going on at that time 90 you work a superstar like a courier Doran. Did you did you have a social awareness back at that time I mean. I don't know if this says anything to do and editing but one of the things I remember back do you wish you had an Afro that would rival Oscar gamble's. It's thing yeah that's very good question madam happy this year which you'll meet a couple things that I which here he wanted. I ended up going. To college from densities university war and why that goes. Doubt miles away from home because at that time in nearly seventy coming out of Vietnam War at all what was going on our country playing. Lecture from working with the North Carolina playing basketball on the south really was not an option played UTC at that time Big Ten. Not really a basketball league and nationally critical players didn't really look if you go to place about apple country didn't go to the Big Ten. It goes out because all the racial stuff that was going on Justin happened so I end up going west but your question. When I was growing up much on the back the community yak. So you know being his son you know I got a chance to sit in our living room. And watch the local chapter of the Black Panther Party in orbit and I've looked at the local community groups who would visit our live. Talking about issues I had required reading as a young is completed the so Carmichael Eldridge Cleaver trip around. These that I grew up and so yeah I had a very a strong opinion about what was happening in that day. Did you did you keep it mostly to yourself four or did people know that about you let's say when you were a senior high school and then. Did it change when you went to Oregon. Times as they like an analyst or a little person during that era and date. You know every day. In. It's what people talked about when he went to the store or I mean you couldn't help but comment and all of you couldn't help. Become to have an opinion I think in making my choice of school university of organ at the time. And note is well documented as a institution. It was probably want a more active this campus is in the clutch. Out cal Berkeley. That had appealed to me because you know campuses were where were passionate. Did you go about issues days to make sense to me did you know I go to school. Do you were blessed to sound like you have a great father in speak in a father's if we were to sit out and have a couple coffee and I ask you your thoughts on Lavar ball. Just did you know that just a whole thing that comes with Lavar ball how would you answer that. It's not my cup Petit I understand the ball is trying to abuse to me the characters that. The product dove. You know. Society did social mute. You important put more convenient. You know that that's what has produced a horrible Archer's father. He was an excellent father and still lose but his persona as a parent I think that the product did you know he's really kind of pleased to. You know what has happened I think socially today in the market ran home. He's asleep to that in because of that you know he's got to beat personality but as a father captures great. Paced duke thank you so much for joining us and is always a look forward to the next time my bumper India. Thank you. Yeah well sure we will match. And I think for Sam you don't want to get. Absolutely. That is Stu Jackson former New York Knicks coach of the knicks coach when he was 33 years old he coached the Vancouver grizzlies also coached. Discuss the Wisconsin Badgers. Did some work on MB Pasadena epitome of interview I've never no doubt about studio man.