Stranger Things 2, Raiders-49ers Upside Down

The Damon Bruce Show
Thursday, December 28th

Damon dives into the upside down - Stranger Things 2, featuring the 2017 Oakland Raiders & San Francisco 49ers.  


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Where did all go. Where's it all starts to go right for the 49ers the leader not. It was right around the same time of our stranger things season two debut and ever since then. We have been in the football upside down and let's recap. All the way to the beginning you were back on January 10 when the raiders fired offensive coordinator bill musgrave. Even though they had the sixth rated offense and 124 record. They went on to retain defensive coordinator Ken Norton junior and promoted Todd downing the ball offensive coordinator. On March 27 2017. The big announcement was made and the raiders were indeed in abandoning the city of Oakland. For the riches of Las Vegas on August 17. The raiders were getting an awful lot of action it wasn't just because they were there knew they Justine neither there was hope in the air. And the raiders were the odds on the public's favorite so much so the public moved the line. 121. To six to one. To win the Super Bowl for the Oakland Raiders Derek Karr would then we wouldn't even. And everyone's enthusiasm becoming for just a moment. The highest paid quarterback in the NFL signing a 10025. Million dollar contract. But then things started to one rapid. Beginning with the Donald pins pulled out of training camp they should have really been the first sign that some of these guys been all offseason reading about how good they were. His holdout stunted early practices. The offensive line never got on the same page all yearlong. And even though. It remains the highest paid offensive line in football. They certainly didn't play like in the first round pick Jerry in Connolly was held out of camp due to shin splints no wait. He takes to Twitter to say it's not shin splints and this entire season would be defined by mixed messages are. And not playing. September 18. 2017. Derek Karr is listed as plus 1002. Winning MVP the third best. Favorite behind only Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers and that's how high hopes war. He was listed behind Kirk cousins for MVP and over plus 101000. As soon as November me. Things did not start well. The 49ers meanwhile they open with the worst odds to win the 2017. Super Bowl X 201. Right next to Cleveland Browns move would seem they would raise all season long that the number one overall pick. We opened here with the raiders beat the titans in the jets open the season they scored 45 points first the jets and then score 53 points. Over the next four games combined all of which were losses. Marshawn Lynch dancing on the sidelines in net New York game really was the highlight of the entire year. How he was miscues all season long term. Defines the raiders offensive incompetence. We goat to October 8 after giving up three sacks vs Baltimore and 830 to seventeen loss Donald Payne. He's seen confronting the man in the parking lot of getting out of his car in the video goes viral on Twitter and he'd gotten out of his card to confront him. Stand out. That's a level of un discipline that we haven't seen another NFL player on any other team getting to all season long. The raiders who beat Kansas City on Thursday night football with a last second touchdown you can playoff hopes worldwide. Even though they were three and more. But Marshawn Lynch is suspended for defending mark disappears. And at this point the greater still have their full attention. But here comes the 49ers. They started the season when Brian border and how it's scored three points opening week vs Carolina. And next week vs Seattle Moyer threw for only 99 yards no touchdowns in one day. The 49ers won only six under Boyer and CJ better took over in DC which ironically her. It's the exact location where the raiders' season really started coming hard. Their planned teen protest was shut down or scrapped in this then the next week or two. So looking over their last go woke and it's certainly something like that Washington DC is where things turned around the 49ers a little bit. Because they saluted their own shortcomings. They admitted that a lawyer was. The way to the raiders never admitted. Todd downing wasn't working out. And they need to change the change was CJ better. The 49ers should keep playing hard between injuries prevented any immediate success and CJ down there has been no fewer than three weeks being the sacrificial lamb for all of trampled PC it's really going on today. It was October 30. Day before Halloween. And the week but this stranger things he's in June Netflix premier. And then the patriots send Jimmy to rumble on but just San Francisco for a second round pick in the upcoming draft. Brian Hoyer are released. Officially. To the upside down. This this is where things got nice. October 29 the week the strangest things premiere the raiders are 732. Game East Coast road stretch facing the bills and dolphins. Before a bye week before heading to Mexico City to take on the patriots they lost the bills falling to three and five. But then they beat the dolphins despite the fact Jay Cutler carved them up on Sunday Night Football. So the raiders are technically still in the hunt going into the bye week. The raiders decide to go with a bogey melon farm wounds in needless to say Tom Brady love the moves need blue raiders out of Mexico City 33 tonight. It's. We will talk to November 20. Had Jack Del Rio won it was up frosty and contentious interview in which the coast Grilli. Said nothing was gonna change. Welcome I mean unless you look at what I'm sure you'll have to say but mom. You know I'm doing my candor yeah. I've been talking about me you know our football team and okay you can sound like you wanna try to do okay. I always saw her in my own bed for you wanna do you know somebody is good good good okay. He said that I was looking at the wrong stats that I was misinterpreting this season. No. The next day the defensive coordinator Ken Norton junior it's fire or. The raiders are getting blown around by New England the 49ers on their first win. Against the giants and they go to one in ten. Better and started one more game it would be a loss to Seattle but that's when. Jimmy Rob Lowe. Made his debut. With a final play touchdown. The raiders play their first home game in four weeks then starts on the Michael Crabtree and it seemed to lead brawling. Both of them get tossed it was an absolutely yes. Certain scenes that sends a clear message to this team they had no respect for their coaches they have no respect for the mission of the day they had no respect for their leaders. What was really important. During the game. Crabtree gets changed man after apparently taking into his chest out a feared it would happen in the first place is a grown man simply doesn't Wear the change. That didn't happen on this day or. The entire event was insane get smacked him on professionalism it's an active high school kid nonsense. The raiders actually no we don't want to win. Twice more against the Broncos and the giants and they're both games that they might lose in Travers any energy line Manning and started. But the raiders are reluctant. Even though they were never impressive they ran into two teams would this much dysfunction. And poor coaching as they have. The data raiders beat the giants on December 3. It was the same day did you think Rob Lowe got his first start in Chicago. He went 2637. For 293 yards and although we never got the 49ers into the end zone the movement in the field goal range or five times. Rodney go five for five against his former team from that moment on. Everything would be different it was the greatest zero touchdowns one interception moment the 49ers fans and seen in years. Next week from December 10 graders would be off to arrowhead still 66 still on the hunt with a must win game. And the raiders get smoked by Alex Smith. Even though she's lost their previous six games they get right against the raiders car he threw for 31 yards and an interception in the first half. And the raiders were shut out the first three quarters it was a must have game but it was a total no show by the Oakland Raiders. They killed six and seven and basically. Would be a laughingstock. By the football world by the rest of us for the rest of the year. On December 17 the raiders won't lose the cowboys on Sunday Night Football worry folded piece of paper was used to measure a first down. Derek from heat over a touchdown but fumbled a ball for eight top. Eighth inning ending in. Meanwhile the rock below he's taking off like a rocket ship he wins in Chicago he won in Houston. He beat the titans in his first home start. And many have the best passing day of any NFL quarterback of all season long against the number one defense in the NFL he beat the playoff bound Jacksonville Jaguars. So the forty niners are now the first team in pro football history to start only nine. And yet win five games before the year was out with a possible six win. Waiting for them in LA this weekend but meanwhile the raiders were eliminated from the playoffs before they lost two Eagles on Christmas Day. Derek Carr threw for a 140 yards. Two interceptions. And it feels like she hasn't uncorked a deep throw in weeks and he wouldn't even aired out in hail Mary time. So what's official. The raiders turned at one of the highest paid quarterbacks in football history. Into a broken man who clearly doesn't trust anyone and he plays wins to do their jobs well. And here's where we are right now all caught up to today. Instead the raiders taking a shot at the Super Bowl for the 49ers competing with the browns for the number one pick in the next draft. Both of these teams have a chance to finish with identical six in ten records welcome. To the upside down. All the bright future talk about the raiders once owned Kyrgyzstan. The 49ers couldn't dream of selling hope in the beginning of 2017. Are back in the whole business we dissipate in the armed quarterback. And coaching combination. Meanwhile the raiders haven't broken quarterback and head coach. Both coaches zero offense has no way answers to questions. Or seemingly the ability to fix things as they break down. There is a reason why Jack Del Rio was total more gamers aren't in football history without a division titles than anyone. And to be honest and maybe this is the most stunning of at all. Even jet York's move to Santa Clara stains less now that there's a little light in Levis. And the raiders. They took all the pressure. They became the poster child. For standard trail thanks to Mark Davis. Crucial now be known as Mark Davis. The forty niners are back and the raiders are the NFL's biggest choke artists in other words. Or either in the upside down. Or everything is just back to normal. I guess that's up to you. Any advance. 2017. In field.