Steve Mariucci

The Greg Papa Show w/ Bonta Hill
Monday, January 22nd

Chris Townsend and Bonta Hill fill in for Greg Papa and are joined by Steve Mariucci (Former 49er Head Coach and current Analyst for NFL Network) to recap the AFC/NFC Playoff games from yesterday, Nick Foles playoff performance, and running a successful West Coast offense.


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He married she appears on the football are brought to you by Livermore floor. Cut interest rates it's odd yeah hagee enjoy yesterday's games. Well wallet to all I can say that that dropped patriots comeback against the jags. And the jags are the surprise team mugger of this he's been really going searching entry last year all the sudden they got a chance. To dethrone the champs. Wow what a turnaround they had and then course perfect Tom just kind of win that game in the fourth quarter when a much chicken dinners on the it was a mating. And then they and then the other game was a shocker. I I didn't I don't know if anybody saw that one coming in in the Philadelphia Eagles are great team and all that put. You go to. To put that many points against that deadly expects defense Minnesota Vikings it's just. Amazing to me I couldn't believe I was watching that Nicole really. In your EE he just made a lot of money in yesterday's. No doubt about it and he can make you more viewed as great in the Super Bowl you know you've been around some of the greatest players in this game you've been on some of the great staffs. It's just not that easy coach eight Super Bowl appearances for Brady Belichick together it's just it's not that easy. It's ridiculous how of their didn't do that in this day and age where the league tries to create parity. You know we have the worst seems trapped. First and every round we have throughout the worst she'd get a chance on the waiver wire to choose players that are available. Everybody has the same salary check out. And revenues are shared for the most part and in the end and parity should exist. But eight Super Bowl together. It's ridiculous every other year there are merit and it's just says it's it's a credit to to Bob Kraft and in and we know Robert Kraft and what they do all air action and their relationship between president three evolve. Is been spectacular. And I think it'll loosen coaches this year she bought. But when they're together very error seems impossible to beat it you actually soccer. Moochie I got Chris housing cutting gas and here we hadn't and that holders yesterday watching these games some low moral flaws right now study yeah he's gotten gas here lies the wage job that you always fried pickles coach. But anyway you celebrate it yeah yeah exactly exactly and she she would have to deal with here on a daily basis in many parts every game with the jaguars yesterday I was very impressed with the way they've really hit the page you're sensing the patriots like that playing knows all there. The last time they got hit especially Tom Brady couldn't the last playoff game that. The patriots lost. Was against the Denver Broncos when they had the great Egypt were truly great cover corners key to leave it. Chris terrorists and Bradley Roby who played tight coverage and then they just let's and they hit yet and Brady got hit twenty times twenty times so that was. That was something that that Jay could do because they're built that way should get it by Jack on the deep and that was the second most of Pittsburgh their first. But they were gonna sacked the quarterback and pressure the quarterback in the action. True great cover guys Jalen Ramsey isn't he is unbelievable back he was on caught a little bit. Early in the game he's a big long talk. No kind of odd vocal. Corner and AJ bullying another good so you know Brady was going to be under duress in that game and in the end and the funny thing unit Jacksonville man and I need blatant blatant or roles as the Rodney Dangerfield. In the National Football League got into the respect he deserves to get 112 gains. And they were thirteen and three last year and they're knocking on the door. And and then there's that that team has built a lack of opera. Dug round and Hector which up put that team together they're they're going to be one of the favorites no doubt there shared goal to go deep into the playoffs again. Steve Mariucci who has counseled follow where it's nice fives only and Chris sounds and Monta Helen coach when he when you start thinking about next fall's. He is second here he has one of the great years at quarterback has ever had 27 touchdown passes to just two picks. Then kind of falls off the face and head in his fight our backup jobs thought about retiring his wife forced him back into it. And now he's in the Super Bowl had you ever seen anything can you compare this tiny thing you've ever seen. I don't know I don't think so hard hit it quite a story isn't it. And now. You know that day here in 2013. National char. And they had LeSean McCoy you've done on the senate would last weekend that game day morning. Now our studio and actually led the league in rushing out here too so they were very dynamic under Chip Kelly. You know nick was 82 as a starter he can play every single game each go through 27 touchdown. But yeah you're right disappear. And so all of a sudden he's back at the back up and get an opportunity you wouldn't which goes down but you know they have the scene rockets or a coach. Philadelphia as they did under Chip Kelly so these run pass options these are POs which is good news saying outright not doing college I remember it happening more and more in the National Football League where you where you see them run and there's more and more each game and having great success there. You know we threw for 350 yards plus and three touchdowns no picks but he difference in this game through the ball down the field. He came up with some big plays. RA in a very timely fashion in just he just did at all. And so not that they're gonna have a quarterback controversy just went through a bad but no holes on really. In crashed and to beat a team. Appeals court 38 points is one thing but against the very best defense in the National Football League and biking is ridiculous. And then he just a little luck. Couldn't believe it. Yeah I can believe either but she talked about you know the run pass option that duke Eagles led to a run and have some playmakers here where you can really be successful in the system. About given Doug Peterson some credit here display design not only does the vikings yesterday Moochie but I guess the falcons in the second half to creativity whether it's running game Nelson hagel are taking head dolls here Doug Pearson. I know I live with a guy from Philly motif that her roommate Billy say it they wanted to run Doug Peterson out of town last season. This guy has done a phenomenal job getting that focal Payer and getting the ball tools play makers here which. Helps me think that they have apologized kids because the page was your verdict the patriots all they can handle here. All they can handle on your right and then. And they did some good things over there at you know we're here RE eighteen touchdowns for the patriots last year and end you know they. They added Chris Long from them on the patriots they got a couple guys that are now with eagle station or twenty. But you know and adding. And they're getting a lot of mile proud of these guys and and they don't have you know have gone G Peters at left tackle got fight directly to back up over there they got it that sounds of injuries right. They've done a heck of a job with your personnel but Doug Peterson was. Backup quarterback for Brett Favre when I was Cogent to backers got this down. Elise she's quite a guy and any doubt he's that I wanna be your coach someday and and you read hire the coach quarterbacks over their two week then brought in the Chandra city and you really know the West Coast soccer but what I like about Doug is. You know everybody runs a West Coast offense right Mary she does or does Erik Cole had ever read. But you got to tweak it you gotta change that you got all our. Did to your liking but you also tweaked it because of your personnel. And he is really tweak it would be dark field that we are earlier and it gives. I am running Bret Favre and running our people. You know it this is this easy ball. Because of the talent he has because Nicole to have done it well or she is that it now and in so he's adjusting his operatives being to finish players' strikes. And that's what I like about blunt he's been doing a heck of job. It's still England is able to win the Super Bowl and Tom Brady has six Super Bowl rings is there going to be any debated the greatest player of all time as. I'm gonna talk about it anymore. And and then greatest coach in the greatest player not you can't argue with the accomplishments right you can't argue that the red remain. Hand and elbow or should involve our numbers and urged. There's really not much to compare it to. And you know we used to compare. You know Tom Brady. Four rings or five range Joseph Montana and in order and then but they get 60 my god. Issues are and then just to stay in Asia free agency and and and parity supposedly it's just I just shake my head. I don't know how to do it and take a look at who they're playing with. All of these all just look at the receiving corps sorry would you record there Wes Welker few years ago that lit it up. He got hurt he was a castaway from another team and then of course Hogan played lacrosse at Penn State eight eat you know any traps are is you're you're just a little football. And then he's lightened it up to Danny Amendola has been elsewhere he's gotten used to ask. Years of his career right now. And you talk about Julia had Americans from right down the street your web site right scored. The indigent stayed at the quarterback and he was there relief receiver last year. And so they've got these guy they're playing like. Just all all pro guide every week and that's a different system it's because Tom Brady it's because these guys are maximizing their potential. And then you are wrong you know I think Brock will be ready we'll tweak is going to be in the concussion protocol but he's the beast but the other guy. You know our congress so crisis and they and you know plan. Just got to remind him in maximizing all the potential in the world that they have but they just do a heck of a job opener ignored many. It's funny you mention that moment I saw one of the greatest quarterback tools junior college football Julian helmet settlement could tell that college is set itself and its. Jeremiah most holy City College census goes like some forty are what gave -- a meltdown but yeah that's terrible toll would organ and won a horrible game airplay moves you just wanna look at the vikings were quickly case keen on the got a hell of a story is an ease in consideration for MVP. But may I think he lost a lot of money yesterday and you don't know what Minnesota's gonna do with the quarterback situation all three guys are free agents here Teddy Bridgewater Sam Bradford Schumer may lead to become coach of the New York guards. I'm gonna happen you were case came in with that is biggest coming up BC that was his biggest moment but Lee ever even have a shot like that again. Yeah I think he well. I think he will do that and he proved that he's a good quarterback and he can start this week. You know he accused in college you trooper Brazilian yards and and didn't get trapped in submarines and and and would be you know bounce around a little bit you know all chi major rams. They're very good friend that was a good moment after the game. I when they came up to each other and those two guys and Sam Bradford in the bounce around like crazy at charmer. And ensure quality story. Shame decade he learned how to end on that no. He wasn't. You know he wasn't as good as he had been but neither was the rest of the team and and I don't know guys which we chatted about this and are on the show eating more meat on Sunday. You know. Could kill could it could be let down after that miracle finish. Biased upon date that chance to win the game no walk up touch sound. Could there be a let down and I didn't think it was possible. A guy. Six times now when there's been a walk off touchdown in the football being in the crow's like this the playoffs the next week teams got. How by an average of over 23 point oh did nearly bogey and they look slack. They look like a different team they're number one defense didn't show up. And end our it was like oh my god maybe. Maybe that that crazy when that emotional win just just that some sort of hangover and then they couldn't get through it get back the next eight. Glad that truly is amazing coach we just had Derek Karr on. And I asked him about his coach central relationship when Jon Gruden some people speculating that. There might be too hard on him how do you think this relationship is gonna go between car gruden. Totally fine till we find air our love to be coached. He's either grinder himself. He's a tough guy and shelled. It wears number four is he loves Brett Favre and his top national actress stock. And so you know well John's. Vocabulary my idea times different than generics. They're gonna get along fine. And and I think that of the bottom line is. You know. Can they be successful and gender are key I had a more productive than he's ever been. And I think I think he's beloved groups. Often to scheme. And I think they'll they'll surround him more. Very good weapons CE had very good weapons now and I think the defense will include possession PDF position building this seems undertaking an excuse steps not that far away. And so I think the relationship is going to be hard. There's no question their vocabulary will be different no real question. That's just a third. But you know what though there's other concept here jarred has been in television. In majority you know you can't leak out playing on live television right so he's learned to just you know make sure what comes saudis could. So maybe that's larger culture site I don't know maybe got he's gonna coach. Great so brutal dodging and isolate thanks Lucy all right guys. Steve Mariucci.