Steve Kerr on the Warriors 2-0 series lead & KD’s calf

The Damon Bruce Show
Thursday, April 20th

Warriors head coach, Steve Kerr, joins the Damon Bruce Show!


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Warriors were added last night looking fantastic taking it to nothing lead on Portland with a another game where you can. Pick and choose what went right what went wrong in the warriors whatever was going right or wrong just look great. They're the better team there's no doubt about it performances from the bench performances. That were unexpected no performance from Kevin Durant who was benched no problem there it looks like the right move was made when you win that convincingly. Steve Kerr is brought to us by Stephens creek Toyota in San Jose it's where the deals are and will remind you again that all of our warrior guess sound better. If you're wearing JB a wireless headphones the officials sound of the Golden State Warriors. In 957. The game truth is those CD could been listening. To the game with the old tin can and NS to ring it it would sounded good last night. That oil is a much improved performance from game one you gotta be sit around really happy with what you saw. There was greater than the defense was tremendous that would have been made and we didn't really are absolutely but. In every series is different each opponent is different I think you're about to try to current point. Exactly what they need to be done in order to win a game about the playoffs are about Pollard archived at Gujarat just to. More than taking care business. Before we got to move on to game three and kind of recap game two we have to ask you how Kevin is feeling today. Does it feel like it's gonna be a game time decision again on Saturday. Yeah what will it Jamal we we did not practice haven't seen him. So we'll check in the ball in practice in the morning. Tomorrow afternoon so balances to date by Beijing. It's really hard to speculate. You know we'll just see how the feeling in the. Did you have to sell. Durant on the raster was easily convinced it's the right thing to do. He goes right. Do but he probably frustrated. Imagine it is this week's heat comes back and played in the first. Our captain gets 32 point content border huge game and all the Chinese you know back on the bench and so is frustrated. By he knows it's the right call and then kemba surrounds. You know we got to be only helped keep what was great about. It. You know high he can tell how good some your players are they can put up 3032. Point night and we still look at it like it was a quiet night it was a quiet 32. This is so I think we're we're mistakenly using the word quiet for at times effortless. Especially in the penalize it seems to me that one step percolate dirty Jews usually count our books and ball you know that these. Report reason grow during the quarter in the courts goes nuts but in the aegis you know it just kind of happens and some of my favorite games from Katy this year when. Captain clay would go on everybody. On crazy that you had a look at scored in the night. He's like eight for twelve you know it's for the fictional. At that point four point in it like I didn't realize. It. That's now been used. Two score and that it so easily sometimes. It doesn't draw that much attention. Warrior head coach Steve Kerr here on 957 game and you know there's been an awful lot of hot takes on around this morning coach about how the warriors they hope they're better off without Kevin Durant what to stop. United's easier I think to get past Portland without Kevin but there's going to be some hurdles coming up we're gonna be very happy he's there. But looking at it I mean he really is a lot Sharia item that for anyone else any other team might be irreplaceable. You guys had the talent to make him temper rarely replaceable. And when we really look at the warriors you know there's a DNA. Of championship. That runs through this team that he came here to be apart but a look at him. Right now is someone who is seeking. Efficiency. In the rest of his career and you know this isn't the most efficient basketball team. In the world. As as he sits around looking at this team succeed without him do you think he reconsiders. His place on this team at all. No well not at all I think probably frustrating swore him she hear all this stuff about giving him. All that about grocery humid and up. And one of the top few players in the whole world so we'll be better with them. But tracking him and he achieved we have. Something that targeted established. You know the last cheaters and out of so we're able to surprise you know with without. Number of players and attribute your great depth and that it you know whether. You acquired the outer outer. Katie we we can we keep winning and decorated just cut maturity. And the depth of the now that we have in the top of the written about it is that. He wants to be apart and that's what it is here he wanted to be part of a special group of guys are committed to each other. Like our guys aren't and its critics are awkward and I think he's enjoying the process. You got after despite you know block everything out out outlook. In terms of things you bet on things you wouldn't bet on. How much would you bet on the fact JaVale McGee will be your halftime scoring leader of game to pick up any rather the plot possibly. Yeah matter. Not something important. Speaker that agree year. He provided. So much energy and forced off the edge in and that we will in the senate position and Ottawa it it I'll look towards district work this year. That's really mapped so well as playing that shutter spot by community. I would think about what about the war started at age. Is physical and complete the Pope always changing the look. With a lot of this he'd you do that lasted they just pick apart from the rubble eloquent. All legitimate top. Physical presence and and so that it was almost guys out there at one to DISH Network no. 1215 minutes apiece. Did paperwork he had great energy under each minute. And what reached out to truly committed himself to you know to that role on the floor quick to. It is great to see Steve Kerr here on 957 game it was also great to see. All the regular season investments and Patrick McCaw pay offs so much in game two is he's basically scratched in game one and only got on the court but. Didn't even log amended in the box score. He. Looked like a guy who learned an awful lot and put it out in front of us the way he stayed in front a dame Willard is is something to be commended he was awesome last night. He really was. You know that's true in the district of Patrick you use lose its descent of course and speed of light. It is. These guys developed so much over the course of the year in your locker that you. Our our coaching staff will agree that good job with a but he I was about to regain. Also his teammate Andre. Andre Monday that well but he provides such great mentoring. Toward him and I think he's really learned a lot about the game. Mitchell last night he did indeed play out in as a rookie. I thought the single most amazing thing of last night's game beyond JaVale sufficiency. Some of the big guy column richter scale shots that really get. Oracle rocking you know he can probably measure that thing. Geographically if if if if enough shots go down on the oracle was a three point or more than any other building in the world. The single most amazing thing about game two is that dream on green didn't get attack I mean he filled with. He filled out Steve the how to get a tax form and duplicate for Scott Foster. Who we all know has a nice quick whistle. For whatever reason hitting got one last night feels like a miracle. Yeah a lot of time over that quarter. Play at best they yeah. Chuck Scott showed that mistreated and I deedrick bunch of road restrictions and terms of what he was. Saying it. On my back I think a lot better you know each skews toward the edge in what you better you know you've achieved. But I think he's I think he's made strides in terms of you know not all an outline is getting that check it. Are getting that player whatever it is still playing extremely mobile shall Richland. Can you update us on Livingston and Matt Barnes sitting in the game three. Well mobile as a power all the good. Marcia on briefly today good. The world will know more tomorrow. I'm it all out war haven't talked to. An extra work on the torso. Won't get an update on multiple guys that but the good thing is trending well. If not gained three I would think it will be in a pretty soon thereafter. I was surprised to do little research to find it last year in the playoffs you dumped every game three. All four of them game three losses. Did did you even realize that before disaster about it. I found out last night. Chrome. I guess who Denmark she has our PR guy. Am written record of them shared with me you know to wood six indeed increased in the last two years ago. It definitely reminded immediately. Will probably didn't know that you two didn't work that. I wouldn't want one get going and going up and Portland. Obviously that position by all the parts work and change the course while all changed all of that he wanted. And immortal. He bandage. We'll. Try to hit home. Mota senator should Mota senator that's still the Rose Garden. Apple is good that played one year. And are very similar or hold them off and a great. People important problem while he. Won't block out. That bad attitude. That has yet to park it increase the rhetoric. Steve how important was it for you to be the good guy in the jail blazer a locker room. They didn't have public public consumption growth in global contract figures like. Apply a man it was a a fantastic performance in game two while this seems not even clicking on. All cylinders it's just another example of how spoiled with great basketball we are congratulations to you and your staff for Dutch such a good start. We look forward to game three which I believe is scheduled for sometime early next month lot of time off your pressure. You know that's how ago VA did. As far as right now probably ought to be eaten yet. Richard does Steve thanks so much men always great to talk to you good locked up in Portland we're looking forward to game three. Thank you Steve Kerr here on 9570 game.