Steve Kerr exclusive w/ Towny, Steiny & Guru at Championship Parade

Steinmetz and Guru
Tuesday, June 12th
Steve Kerr exclusive w/ Towny, Steiny & Guru at Championship Parade!

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No child what's up gentlemen and I don't read I was trying to figured out. I can't think if anybody who has. Five titles as a player and three titles and as a head coach whether you're talking Major League Baseball NFL hot deep. I mean that's true credible run you bat in your career. Got out I was why it's parade. Divac crazy. I don't know I don't know are not exactly sure how it happened but enough and I'm enjoying every. Step of the way we don't let me ask you this I mean I remember back in Arizona to do you think you're gonna be drafted into the I know you're making now high socks. A hell of a shoot. Well but I I didn't I didn't really think got a chance. To play in the NBA told my senior year there realism might get a shot and then one once I did make it. First couple years I was just trying to hang on the right. Slaughter of you don't have played the Indian. Somehow turn into fifteen years on the I've been living right that we talk about your pedigree in the great it's been around players that coaches with. You know you wanted to vehicle. And you could utilize that knowledge that you got from the jet guys. You gotta be honest I wanted to via coach job. When I was finishing up college I was gonna get into coaching a fight didn't make it in the NBA so. I was planning on this for a long time but what really helped me it was all the mentoring I have Wallace in the end Pierre played for everybody knows a plea for Phil Jackson. And pop but I also played for Lenny Wilkens hall of Famer. Cotton Fitzsimmons who is an incredible coach in Phoenix and I've just been around a Lotta Lotta great people who helped me to figure out how to coach from how I wanted to have to go about my business. Like you said something earlier this year that I thought was so poignant and about you and your team is. You look back on your career there was a time where you didn't play a whole lack of a lot so he didn't feel that invested in it. And you feel it's all important to have all your guys play and be a part of that he'd just stand on that because I think it just shows your relationship with the players here I would say out. Of fifteen years playing it probably helps you know separate seasons I was not in the rotation for the teams and I was playing for so I know I know what it feels like to be at the end of the bench and the best coaches I had made a point of including everybody throwing you out there once in awhile not letting you get still. So I learn a lot from that that's kind of where the strength in numbers came from you know we wanted to empower the whole group and then. It's a big part of my coaching philosophy is do. Play everybody you know wanted to help so we got pulled these all star so I can throw anybody out there we could still win. But did it I think it makes everybody feel like more part of the of the group and it makes a group stronger wind everybody. You know gets a chance to play from time to. Steve you think about this offseason here fifty some 58 went to a lot of people saw what the lawyers slept walked through GPA went in to obviously get the two seed and go to Houston and win that series are Wendy start trying to cook up ways. To motivate this team next season. Are brutal sort of write your started out already start because next year's going to be impossible this year was hard next year's going to be impossible guys are gonna show off on the first in camp. Third a look at me goad. We got nine months new service it has sold at all elicited movement. That's a big part of coaching is being creative and I try to navigate your team through. Whatever circumstances. They encounter and so I know next year's going to be even more difficult in this. It's the championship parade here on the humble lawyers nights I've said in the game Crist as a mad scientist nearly threw Johnson trio Vontae hill lettuce and of course. The head coach Steve Kurt eight championships. You know when when you think about next year and you're talking about I might not show up to the Al all star rip the what are you. What do you think about Gordon because Jack is apathy can come and then you guys have had you've logged a lot of miles on the planes what what what do you think your game final. I think our roster will look a lot different lecture I think we'll have an infusion of views and I think it'll be good to have young competitive. Energetic guys some of Moby backs you know guys like Quinn cook can. And Jordan Breaux. Judge Damian Jones in the there were hoping to get loonie and Patrick were called back we'll have a draft pick. And maybe sign you know a couple of vets could. The roster being younger next year will I think will help us get through the regular season. How do you decide when to call timeout because you play for a guy who's. Who call timeout after one thought he didn't Gregg Popovich and they play for Phil who is known forever. Have all the timeouts. Do you determine it's just a feel thing. You don't today you really wanna keep two of them for the last two minutes you know you can only use 222 timeouts last two minutes. And to give allude bounced the ball the other game is a huge deal so you really don't wanna use them up early and but you gotta use once you do have in a timely fashion and each games all different and I feel like if we're scattered I need to take one. If there's one coming up a minute later you know probably let him go but the you just. Try to do by feel that coach you we're known for your long distance shooting you did championship shots. In a million years would you ever think that the three ball would be as prevalent in the game as it is now no no I couldn't see discover when I was playing. Most teams have two or three guys who could make a three. Each one of those guys would take communal three or four of Omaha. Filled the team's stats for the at dinner game from three would be like five for twelve personal driven now a slight Syracuse has taken forty or fifty tonight. Whole game has changed so much it's amazing. You know they catch you in a private moments where you brought up Michael Jordan Kevin Durant have for all of us know he brought us Jordan. How often do you do that where you go back and talk about some of the great teams and players that you've played it wins and use that free your guys now. Not a ton but ever wants all of a story sticks out or something that happened you know when I was playing. That I can relate. To what's happening today than not my whole story out but I don't. Don't really wanna be that guy in auto wanna Sewell and I've played as you know we do this method. Occasionally there's. There's something that. Did tell Paul used to try to get a point across where you were you kinda pissed that they ring and that in the worst place out in like John Hopkins that's the first thing I thought I mean it's well it's got to get back on defense that was. That was different I thought yeah it was in the league apologized to me you know they do their job in general of kind of understanding what soon. Check Aron what not to and I thought that crossed a line any personal stuff like that is not most feared. So I was disappointed but you know that's that's the risk when you got a microphone on the all time. You know just like yesterday when you're playing for those pools teams who didn't Daimler's Agassi Utah Jazz and NBA finals how do you feel. How do you think those pools seem. Full season Michael Jordan Scottie Pippen Rodman of course what a fair in the social media age. Caller on the social media days I've done I noticed and it gave us the success. Purdue and Iowa does and televisions and access to its order the the public works through public Jordan handled that. However into office they would have gone would have changed all of our lives for sure. Dot I don't think it's ever been. More difficult to be fun non athlete in a prominent figure that it is today Big Brother is watching you know and an end it's a weird. Feeling you know when when you know that there's cameras and microphones on news you kind of have to be careful of sometimes you just wanna let loose and be yourself and you gotta gotta watch yourself with. I'm impressed by the way our guys handle it you know staff Casey's dream on all these guys are no other superstars and they get judged and criticized him. Look literally on on live minute by minute basis so Paula big part of being a professional athletes who used to. Try to you know just sweep that stuff aside just move on. That's how your back. Comedians are those albeit it's it all behind you you still got to deal would feel better go better I'm not all I'm not a 100% but I'm I'm killing a lot better appreciate your asking. Why don't you like to talk about it now not effects yet that are AG consist. I brag about my maladies we well developed world are all different the stiffest sentence lets you do hear about thanks. Coach thank you so much for your time and hopefully will be doing this again next year all right sounds good thanks guys seeing turn their head coach of the Golden State Warriors five time NBA champions. As a player three time NBA champion as a head coach.