Steve Kerr

The Damon Bruce Show
Thursday, January 18th

Warriors head coach, Steve Kerr, joins the Damon Bruce Show with updates on Jordan Bell's MRI and to discuss the Warriors 14-game road winning streak. 


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All warrior weekly guess are brought to you by JB LB officials sound of the Golden State Warriors and Steve Kerr always joins us courtesy of Mancini sleep world simply the best place to buy a mattress today's Steve Kerr shows also brought you by the bay club make this year the year of more debate club more boxing more pickup games more laps in the pool. Big club more dot com free three day pass and backed. Is how you get started. Steve congratulations. On the win last night this road trip is pretty much bend spectacular. So far big it. Game waiting for you one Saturday in Houston trying to go five or no on this trip. I think I I ranked if you go five and on this trip I'd rank your team accomplishments as this. Two titles 73 wins 24 no. And then 85 and on this road trip if it happens this is an unbelievable moment in basketball for you guys. While that's not that's. That's that's pretty good lists had a couple. That would be would be held an accomplishment means no question especially with the quality of how the opponents who were playing so. It's a big one in the standings you know I think with three games supplement in the loss column which Houston and it's. If we were to win we brought four and then to have the tiebreaker at the end of years so there really is very game. Warrior said coach Steve Kerr on 957 game how is Jordan bell. How scared were you in the moment how scared was he and what's the latest. Well it seems a lot worse at the time when it happened. A broadcast Saudi he had broken a bone just based on his reaction what he was telling him so. But the MR I was pretty good this morning. Nothing glaring via actually it was fine yesterday so it doesn't appear. To be more than a bone bruise split bone bruises can be tricky. He also will will see what happens but so far the nation's opened yet. Look at the United Center floor is a lousy chiropractor just ask Jordan bell. And it's a lousy dentist all you gotta do is ask Chris Dunn that's about as nasty spill and ever seen a guy catch himself with his own mouth. Yeah that was nasty I hope he's OK that was so that looked painful. Sure did he. What a B western. All star list has been released staff curry a captain Kevin Durant. Is named as one of the starting five. Who he starts pork is the format has been changed global this year it's it's all depends on the player draft but Curry's tweeting out on the captain now do you expect him to go on out a full fledged ego run. Ghost if there is no question. That's about to happen for sure they're really treat don't know. He did I'm the captain now. It's good stuff about where gee Chicago last night. We age. They sushi place with thirteen dinner. My toe restaurant called upon not KE TE ANJ was excellent and it's very nice you know we've had several days here we're we're still here a little practice here tomorrow before we flooded Houston and half as they were circular red baseball team just sending four straight nights and in the same city. Two totally different experience on the road tripping it suited ball hardly ever happens split job Chicago's great place to be so we're we're all have fun. Down one and you always said do you relish these opportunities little team building exercise if you will along the way. And you know you if you can do some fun stuff should be in a cool city and you know have a I have a team dinner whatever. And then it always helps when you win the game and so you know it's been out that a great trip. Klay Thompson. Hadn't eruption last night 38 a season high. He said it was classic splashed Brothers what are you guys eleven a no win both Korean clay go for thirty should do that more often. If I guess so just to keep feeding them the ball every time just kind of an automatic weapons. You know you wish as follows games and there was really wide open Chicago's been playing at a very fast paced. And we knew coming in that score was not going to be the issue for us we knew we would score we were most concerned about whether we could shop around. And fortunately we did in the one quarter the third quarter we we buckled down defensively made enough stops but it does team got a lot better. And I'm happy receive their succession of late and they're young players play well. All have a soft spot for the bulls just having been here first and special seasons and you know I was so far neither do we only one trips a year to the United Center so it's always adrenaline from it. For Markkanen looks like he's a real deal. He is he's big time. You know it's a good shooter coming out ecology just two very what you always wonder what you guys can they hold up physically it's in good level with speed and the quickness and and the strengthened and what I like is that he's already learning how to take smaller guards down on the block when they switch and yeah that's going to be probably the biggest thing. In this game much like Dirk Nowitzki when you when you think about Turk early in his career to jump shooter then took a few years to understand that you know he's got to develop a post game to combat these fences and they market and has probably. It's a complete guest but I he's probably been inspired by Durkin. Has watched him and and is working on some of the same stuff so little fade away you know jump shot off a block and he is really skilled and looks like he's a competitor and a guy who's gonna become an also afford. Steve Kerr warriors head coach you're on 957 game you know you talk about players adding. A couple of tricks to their record loss I can borrow a word from Marv Albert B. About Kevin Durant did Oklahoma City Thunder fans didn't get to enjoyed it's kind of been the property of warrior fans enjoying. Is that Dirk shot which she has one knee up seventeen foot fadeaway and what he's just done at the rim now this guy's a bowl thing. And it's also incredible that he says Allen playing courier going off like that I just wanna sit in the background and facilitate like he is a combination of one of the scariest scorers I've ever seen the quiet this 32 year old level seem Cleveland. And a willingness to take you know a sidecar role when he knows other guys are cooking is something else audience. And the awareness that there are certain games where she absolutely has to step it up hum based on what's happening on the floor and you know teams decide they're gonna try to be really physical steps and blitz some and and they are put bigger guys on amended and stuff doesn't have a rolling them you know. Katie just understand that and she always has the ability to score no matter who's doing what defensively because he's got gifted and not that big and so. That combination of the awareness of what's necessary but also that humility. You know I don't need to be the guy every night it's just so rare and it's one of the keys tour our chief national question. Steve I think on this road trip we've seen the best offensive quarter of the year we see in the best offensive half of the year we seen some extraordinary. Defensive efforts need. Clamp down you put on Chicago and a big run last night was impressive. One for seventeen to start the fourth quarter from the floor in Cleveland was amazing. What is the difference right now it's just the right time for your team in the calendar to start refocusing her. Anything different happening in practice is there or something the ease sense is the reason that this turns here and now other than the timing of the calendar. And being on the road honestly and being being threatened to you know playing great teams. It just grabs our attention and that's really what's work carried us through this recent Strachan. I know exactly what's gonna happen we're gonna return home oracle makes we can organize sort of trouble staying turnaround going to be go what's wrong with the warriors. Good word just you know this is kind of this season were that were out. We're we're in for the long haul and there's going to be some bumps in the road and at more than likely they get it coming home because were. Just a little casual little overconfident but it's all dog I'm thrilled with the progress of the team and the direction we're heading enough. Told good stuff it's. We're gonna have Quinn cook on it for a clock we're gonna talk to him about his incredible season obviously he is back with Santa Cruz right now. What would be a good question. For me to ask Quinn cook at 4 o'clock. Still I talked to coach K when when we signed. Quinn and I should tell me about Quinn and he said that he said the use of force multiplier and I'd never heard that expression before. And to. And then when I saw Quinn an action every day not only on the floor but off from the way he handled himself he's just so professional. I realized exactly what coach K Matty and he'd be makes. He just makes you. That's what being a force multiplier than he makes he makes other people better make sure environment better be because she's. He's a great kid he's professional he's a really solid player. And I would ask him about the I'd like what do you learned from coach K I think I think being there for four years probably was a huge stage in his development because he's learned some things so. The woman got done guys don't get a chancellor. So maybe that's your eleven. Steve congratulations. You get an associate producer credit at the end of the show today. Abolish it and to learn just a pat on the back. Gosh just a pat on the back to his radio station come. It hit. You know that's for sure hey we we thank who's always for joining us I wanna get out with this win will lot save all of the give me some note thank use for your home dates I got to wrap up with a bomb looney it's not often a guy sees his option not picked up. In the same season he becomes the team in the coaching staffs like pet project who really delivers this guy his band. Incredible like calling in the league level garbage man and I hope you realize the compliment I mean when I say that. He's been great for us and and you know you can be really haven't had a consistent roles she's that I just kind of thrown out there at a moment's notice and obviously was about Jordan's injury last night. He was necessary especially with wood frame around out. 32 minutes with a career high and I'm just it's more than they are just thrilled for tomorrow because she's been through two surgeries. Early in his career and to and he's finally healthy and enjoy what he can do at least. So professional perfect for our team and at worst thrilled with his development he's doing great. It staff has been number one pick in the all star draft does he have to take Kevin Durant. I think so. Yeah out we're I don't even though worksheet you do is sit it is it once the teams are all named you can't take anybody from either conference. I think so I think that's the way it's gonna work basically we're gonna have. LeBron and curry. Actors playground captains and they'll take the assembled remaining all stars can choose their teams. Yeah I OP takes all warriors that would be good looks but you know what I'll be in Hawaii it would what do I care. Oh it's nice when I'm let's. We're going to tool laden the main they were gone not too far more aloof family trip. First well we've had a long time it's so hard to get the kids together but it. Yeah were were really excited about that so I am not the slightest bit intrusive you know certain that your. Coach you've earned it you deserve it have a great time get away from everything when you're in Hawaii and I really hope that there are no faults missile tests one year in Hawaii. That would be ideal for thank you absolutely Steve thank you very much good luck in Houston. Thank caretaker always good to have Steve Kerr here on 95 cents in the game.