Steve Kerr

The Damon Bruce Show
Thursday, January 11th

Warriors head coach, Steve Kerr, joins the Damon Bruce Show to discuss Steph's ankle and the upcoming 5-game road trip, which starts in Milwaukee tomorrow night. 


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Right now we've run into a formula. We like to call. Our weekly conversation with more your head coach Steve Kirk brought you by Mancini sleep world simply the best place to buy mattress and today Steve Kerr shot is brought to you by the bay club make this year. More at the bay club more boxing more pick up game some more laps in the pool. Visit bay club more dot com for a three day pass to get started. Coach thanks very much for joining us any travel woes today or is everything smooth and Milwaukee. All of them the the mood of the group given me the results of last night. And not everything was fine we headed we'll play it went straight to practice so bad now back at hotel. By the way. Let's talk about last night and believe it or not I'm not gonna skin you alive on this one I still like the warriors to win the NBA title by a rather comfortable margin people last night hasn't thrown me off that game coach but. It was a game that obviously was thrown out of rhythm by staff Curry's ankle injury in the decision to rest Klay Thompson and then stay in that decision. Tell us what you can about step how's he feeling today housing moving. Well you could I won't practice today you know you want to do everything they look I've looked a 100% but we really have to wait and see how it feels in the morning and he'll do issue drowned in the morning we we don't have the traditional shooter on the field goal shooting and all part of our training staff about porn vote. You know I that it did seem like it's it's minor bird we obviously have to be very careful as we move forward with. Tough course and looked the word regrets is way too strong not awards here's Steve there is still way too much season school points many goals to be accomplished for anyone in the golds they worst avenue regrets right now but have you had second thoughts about keeping clay. On his scheduled rest last night given the outcome of that game. No no I don't because we talked to out power to play either of the day before the game and the training staff Chelsea. Told me that he really needed it gave that and he was pretty warm down and out. And then he was series you only got a key lesson mister game and don't tend little banged up and so we we we did the day off. You know the big. Or became permanent probably we told them we're gonna get today off and obviously we thought that was perfectly healthy. And so once you give a guy a day off and he wakes up that morning knowing you can block a play. And he's got things planned and each is gonna. Be able to get away from that is that if you called connect it to. There you go all prepared to provide you gotta go play tonight if it defeats the entire purpose of what we're trying to accomplish. Big picture wise which is keep our guys fresh mentally physically. The whole thing that this even goes so. Thought it was unfortunate timing. But I was not about to call on them you know we had not changed our mind no suit up tonight is not right way to do it. When he learned of Curry's injury didn't claim volunteer. I'm pretty sure Clinton would know about steps injury until like 730. And exactly turn on the radio to find out news about the warriors so the fact. That you would actually gone by the time. About a plan to step guidance well bagel injuries so. They won't even really consideration that I called Bob Myers immediately after it happened and we we kind of hash it out we both agreed. You know what we're trying to do well. Over the course of the years it is much more important than any one game and to end up and so work we'll find you know talk clause put we move on little. Okay who is the bigger warrior killer. Dion Waiters or Lou Williams. The. Well I do remember waiters hitting the game winner last year. But I don't remember it too much else it would be on. I can't. Then I don't know Lou I mean maybe you see he's got that capability of I've gone out at any time but that was probably the best individual performance. But I've seen against us and and by three years then that maybe they do you do you don't throw abroad and that makes just because every one of his performances seems a special but. Anybody other than Obama I don't remember anybody blame it on a flight out. And obviously you don't wanna see that happen against your team in game that's being played an officially being scored towards the record. What is there a party was a coach that looks at Lou Williams knows where his pecking order is in the NBA season that kind of career game happening you just go. Then good for you for you Lou Williams what I can be mad at Lou Williams say they've played is. This off last night. Indeed he was unbelievable and and I do admire guys when they're at the top of their game and and you see. The work they've put a need the how crafty they are who. Saw that the other worst part of me that wounds stood just to be admired his work but there was also partner was angry that we were doing a better job of volume down and some that was our scheme and some of that was just feel overall intensity of our effort and all all just a lousy night for us put they have pretty pretty good night for LuPone. Two more years head coach Steve Kerr ultimately a pretty good night for Kevin Doran in his career to a clip singing the 20000 point mark not too shabby. Yeah I mean Denny did it and then typical just. Katie fashioned religious and he was so efficient than forty points and eighteen shots who's kind of ridiculous for that doesn't happen that. I've about had about how he played he loves being efficient he doesn't wanna waste to kill both towns field more than selfish. And so I was sitting up. You know that he had that well put that statistical line both but unfortunately it didn't happen but you know what and where we could have celebrated in the locker room afterward didn't give them the game ball all that stuff itself. Close what. Kind of a bittersweet night train involves. Steve Kerr he's spending his night Milwaukee tonight where they begin a six. Against the bucks tomorrow night it's Milwaukee Toronto Cleveland Chicago and Houston. That's a tough road trip coach. Probably our toughest ones of the year. When you look at equipment quality of the competition in about. He got multiple playoff teams you've got. The championship contenders. When you've got an up and coming. All team with the that is completely different from what we saw a month ago in Oakland so. Yeah all five games are gonna be really tough and I think it's good for us well you know there's the few that are of interest they want I want to have been closed and hands down. Which is what we expected. Given what we are a lot of them are in R&R. Grand plan as a team uniform try to get back to the finals I knew there'd be some. So that's been closed but. A schedule flights that's wolf will definitely wake you up and that we need to be woken up our defense has been really bad the last 67 games. Coach Sharon those trips back to Chicago for you personally do you get all the seals when you walk in the United Center. There are. Always fun they're all very. I walked down the hallway. That I that I make for five years of mob. Not bad team and lot of history three championships so I would love going back to Chicago inform my favorite stops. I know you got a very busy night will lead to get under way soon it's always a pleasure to have you on Steve I've got to finish would this. You had Dr. Dre and Jimmy I've been talking your guys after practice have you ever. Had post practice guests that commanded more attention easier than those two. Now we've had some good ones but this would probably be the course. You know there's there's only got in terms of the reaction of our guys could end up just how relevant. Those you guys aren't you know players. World and in their lives and and then the connection was made just came talking about. Their careers and their business and it was really fascinating and so that was also up by Johnny western director of player programs and he did a great job within them. I was a fun day it was really special. Very cool auto loved to have been a fly on the wall for that conversation I'm sure there were some great questions and back and forth. Steve we thank you as always we always a very busy day for you travel day for you when we really appreciate you joining us before this. Very daunting road trip we wish you the best to block best to health tier players as well thanks is always. Harder based payment. Care thank you all good with Steve Kerr it's always all good with the Golden State Warriors.