Steve Kerr

The Damon Bruce Show
Thursday, December 28th

Warriors head coach, Steve Kerr, joins the Damon Bruce Show and says expect to see Steph Curry back from his ankle injury this Saturday at home against Memphis!


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Odds say the most consistent thing we have here on this show. Is a great chat with Steve Curwood every drops by and warriors head coach Steve Kerr is dropping by right now it's always good to have you back Steve way to make everyone's Christmas Day bright and that was a really good win last night too well so. Things of god. Yeah he in India and especially occur at least. Christmas night because my family's been around me on. Dave when we lost on Christmas Day. I'm not that wasn't the bureau well. Now you but I tell you what you seem adjusted enough to where you never Wear it too long. Ranked. Well now now but. When I was GM and Phoenix I was yeah I had a couple. Bad moment so they can still laugh about or Roger Mason had a game winning shot. For the spurs against us on Christmas Day. And somebody had given me a book com a paperback could occur commercial side opened that morning and I think I'd I'd might have. Pick up the book and fired it against the law. After me and shot went and I might have like you have not been not exactly sure but I have mellowed a little bit older age. Which led to more sleepless nights the role of head coach for the role of GM. You around for sure. So I don't know where exactly why I think I was the I was younger than ever that you experience. I think I'm more comfortable as a head coach hello to Jim I welcome the very good cheer unplugged. I think I love I'm a better coach and I was to Jim are more comfortable on my own. Can my own issues and I think they're they're just seem to be more stressed here on the. Did you have to go through one before you're gonna be good the other are you gonna the other because you've had Seth Curry. I think I was definitely cut out to be a coach. More than a year old palm and then I'm also. We're well aware that our success always depends on your players and so even though they're really good team in Phoenix was Steve Nash Stoudemire. You know this team is just special and off the charts good in turn. So coaching them is yeah definitely a little more about who more relaxing than than PGM. Warrior head coach Steve Kerr. After trading blows that you cause pace for the first half last night you blow them out of the building in the second half yet another amazing third quarter. If this is your blueprint for the regular season coach are you pleased. I'll say. You know we do return to move chew. Explode in the third and and a lot of gains and you've noticed push cap goes back to torture while the I think there's a reason for that I really do believe that took the pressure that we put on jeans a ball sensed. Sometimes takes it a cumulative effect and it takes some time for a two really on old the end. I think care. I think it as long as we keep up the defensive pressure. Ultimately. We're gonna get for pot shops in a row that were really running and playing with the energy surge option. We are devastating and transitions and out and then work you know that's when we can get those 45 straight hoops and oracle going crazy and bulky bolt on what it must. More important. The bigger priority. Low post defense. Perimeter defense is that perimeter now that worth three point happy NBA. Well yeah I mean they're very few low post players you know I'm Richard Reid case anymore and even a guy like to Marcus thousands generally starts or the frequent lunch. He's not gonna start on the low block mean you do have guys like MP didn't end and a few others who start on the low block her. Everything's on the perimeter release includes more driver chicks counsel your camera getting the ball in the paint it's not so much the old days of concrete and the shack her. All you want it's more you know to two balls start on the perimeter of the floor space. And they are guys penetrating into the paint and then even trying to score kicking out of that's why no agreement mom is he's just so critical in today's NBA you have to be able to. Guard the perimeter and then ultimately. Protect them Bennett are defined as you can do boot. Kevin Durant. You can do everything it's just ridiculous and although I regretted not. I mean if you let him as a GM a bench sheer genius right. Probably would look from a book against the wall since a third two no that guy is he's soldier he's so dominant and down. It is defense has just gotten better and better conference he's been here and then the activity level can't come to you or from the weak side he's such huge shot blocker. I think in the way we play. And his teammates and itchy bitchy to ask. The speed and and lane road show on and Andre you can't play. Means that were ordered to a lot of switching we're staying in trotted and he actually a lot of guys and takes and desperation shots who have of that that's what allows Kevin to. Chief overcome or block the shot later in the possession and then when he does Saturn we reach a goal in transition and so it's a truly your beautiful watch. All warrior guess brought to buy JB a wireless headphones Steve Kerr brought to you by Mancini sleep world. Simply the best place to buy a mattress she talked about that rim running that you do and boy we saw great games out of Jordan bell and Patrick call how often are you just looking at these guys are practicing just say look. Just go to the rim something good can happen just right of the rendered. We have yet. Where they're bowl food you know really athletic fighters man dubbed. We're just happy with the development you know they're there there's a lot of ups and out of young player you learned so much I was actually talking to Jordan at practice today. About a all the different things he has to learn. Between you all on a nice our nightly personal. Scouting report master beat your head you know also for example. Rodney who drives on him last night between great defense. And then at the last second he gets back to his left hand. You don't Jordan let's get to his left where he can finish. Next time we play them. You know Jordan sure who your keys thing attention should be able to seek a column that left and send them right into dump truck. You know then there's going to be another guy you have to work from Ottawa law. I actually situation and it's a big part of being a young clearly NBA GU I have a bottle Rolodex so all of players you're going against whatever Cellucci Rudy trying to keep them from doing. And it's something that that takes a long time on the net eat fish here seeing how many players are good night. But you have to put in the work you have to put in the study in the heart and in that hired to try and each individual player. I gotta get a book on a guy obviously pull on your staff is is. Maybe most responsible for these young guys getting into tape is this a Ron Adams thing is this video coordinator behind the scenes who. We only hear about when he decides to start if you know NBA finals lineup with Andre Iguodala. Where I that we win we divide. Responsibility for individual players shoddy and chewed out for differences in coaching is so. For example Roger Collins. Has Jordan bell and actually he watches to equip them every day watch goes minute. And Willie Green has captured or call so. Same idea like those guys you know looks or talk of the staff about what we think these guys need to do. You know where they can get better how to get better or no go to individual coaches are signed. God daily routine of watching tapes imparting the wisdom. And then we try to put all let's talk to the other population and a I think our main focus has to played him as much as possible cougars no substitute. What. On time and we're lucky we have the kind of team where we can afford to play these young guys shouldn't end. And develop them and still win games which is real luxury to have. Steve Kerr warriors head coach you're on the Damon Bruce show and you were very forward pregame about JaVale McGee's future you talked about him being. A little bit out of the rotation right now it also seem like you're a little chapped that this trade rumor has gone public. But may be. Since the rumor involves adding a shooter it it woke up. Nick Young a little bit may be. I wouldn't know what's going on there what can you tell us what he's comfortable list. All you're giving you're giving nick way too much credit us. That's what they're just play basketball make it un bothered by by any so. Like I nick was great last night. I'll below we've seen from there you see you know here you can. Never going to be bothered by you know a couple of bad games here. They shot he's gonna keep firing would you concede gonna continue to love playing in. Children smile and two and had so much fun and green light to move to the locker room. Could make it's fantastic read we love having adherents com. There's no that was unfortunate you know it's so hard to to be declared Ricci is facing this country judgment trucks and media had. And there there's you know there's just weeks all the time and and things had gone to expose that you wish. Wouldn't count on. You know it happens and it's hard to acquire hunt to out turn sort of deal with that kind of covered some big cartilage up here it's. I tell our guys all the time and the reason you make money. In the morning to you do is not true claim basketball only rouge took it from getting traded and are you include it and getting kinda getting injured. And those are things trip to where you really earn your money in the concourse earlier bill lump it that's that's Carter deal for urgent goal having to deal with those rumors. Tickets for all warrior home games always available on warriors dot com in the events in the sellout check it out for last minute hold secondary tickets you've got two more games on this homestand we've seen a step curry is already been ruled out of the Charlotte game. Should we just wrap that around the back to back meant this game as well or might we see him against the grizzlies. Others aren't sure I'll bring you here against Google alone. I actually expect him to play that night if all goes swelled and a couple of days slump push me out why Asian and conditioning lies get really good day today scrimmage to. Did so did the usual shooting work out afterwards and he told me a really good after after all that. Oh we won't planned tomorrow not with a back to back but. All goes well he get a minutes against my toes and then you look at his schedule we don't play until Wednesday sort it does make a lot of sense to try to get him out there. Saturday assuming he gets the go ahead more better up. Hopefully he does is Roland Ford's seeing them again but meanwhile. It's been pretty good did you guys are officially now ten games without staff curry your nine and one in those ten games. Denver Nuggets game just trap written all over it what do you think there. Well I think. Part of it was saying they used to you know they played really well outside they earned it. Particularly good game on the ball just didn't go in for extra night. I didn't think we had the energy you're sort of earned any sort of karma you know I always. Believe that if you put in the energy. Boot your the ball more likely to go and you're a lot more likely to get great. And I didn't feel like we deserve anything that night we did great would you Symbian. End one of those nights put on some overall mean. Oh come on nine and one without Stefan did end up. Figuring out ways to win and obviously during that span we're about drag on for finding backing dug up fictional. That's going to be really really good stretch and I think we'll look back on it you know by the end of the year and realize that the from one of the key stretches of the year. Not only deal with all these injured but to really step up and have guys. Quite well and trusted not to figure out ways to win Gary beneficial for them long term open groped her feet. I'm still waiting for you tell us what you're sending these guys at halftime and just make this third quarter got. Always had that speech is heard amazing. Game and I mean I may say so myself I'm just so would bring them into a hard BC com there ready to run through brick wall for me after the he had Newt Rockne speeches like give at halftime that you call the call me. When one for the gipper that he is Steve Kerr stayed were we're gonna skip a little gimme some no thank you this week because I was out sick last week and I was dying to ask this question last week. I think it's great way to wrap up an interview and I hope you agree all right. What do you when Jack Nicholson talk about when you're playing the next step. And load and that is still pretty cool moment. Coaching at staples of and jacket paired Jack constitutes almost surreal here and yeah I think he had that night since I remember correctly age. It was all about the game it was should I say I was saying something light. You know this is not a very well played game you know it was an ugly even. He he said sure that are paying though I'm glad he was so I'm glad he was enjoying it. Com but you know I wish I could tell you we had some noise in depth conversation about his role as the Joker substances. Then but nothing that interest seen him go about became. He's Jack chatting with players. I think so I don't probably chatty and think he's respectful. Players but you know during a time out or some problems over there and they kind of make eye contact I think she. In those players are excited to meet him and he's excited and down the so he you know but he he gets that led to that's that's part of the thrill for sure don't playing in staples in front of that crowd. It's his seat. The most iconic fancy an all sports are what. Got to be right Amir I can you think of anybody else. Com. Arden yeah that's got to be at that may be may be just maybe this. This Spike Lee in New York made. You are yeah I love that ball probably the best but comparison addition although when I did when did TV. You know what would TNT we will do that they call it a celebrity's ripped into the celebrity reporter you sure like five celebrities in the crowd. And you know you always do them in new York and LA can you guarantee. You don't say to cease celebrity's. Insure every time we did literally. Jack was always announced last just like step Currie is the last. Jack the last guy in the celebrity rip it's just our war. Always great to talk to you Steve it's a pleasure each and every week we're gonna give away. A pair of tickets to the Memphis grizzly game on Saturday. To caller number you get to pick the number. Thought known and you get many calls to highlight of I think can I say like number 23. Actually get that many call. Jaffa warriors say we give away a pair of dirty socks on the Erin you're 23 cub box my question is do you wanna put my producer through 22 calls and held before it gets to 23. Are well let me about that more questions for use that truly I don't mind. That's. You know what that what's going number 31 out. Number 34 staff color number 3888957957. No caller number thirty. Is gonna go see the warriors. Against the Memphis Grizzlies on Saturday coach. Thank you is always the last time wishing a happy holidays for the first time we share a happy new year. And boy we look forward to all the same store and 2018 thanks is always. Sounds great thanks and happy new year period a year.