Steve Kerr

Damon, Ratto & Kolsky
Wednesday, October 18th
Warriors head coach, Steve Kerr, joins the Damon Bruce Show to discuss the Warriors season opener loss and the Championship ring ceremony. 

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Steve Kerr is good enough to join us here to talk about. Last night and every news coming out this season there's a three game road trip on tap here for the warriors Steve Kerr joins us courtesy of Mancini sleep world simply the best place to buy. A mattress Steve thanks very much for joining us how to how are you doing. Excellent thank you let's get right to it looking back in this is real big picture stuff Steve. You probably should've taken that next job hunt. Oh. Yeah you might kick went over every day. So I. Hey everything. But those very ending. Was pretty fun last night there's no doubt about it the warriors did a great job with the ring ceremony how cool was it to go through that line up the second time around. I don't pretty cool great night color are ordered addition our game got game box control generally nicer public ceremony itself and that. Or they're great and I hated all that difficult game by gonna gain of almost an afterthought. Considering what we accomplished and end up much work went into that end I was really happy for everybody to transform our our our organizational players. Great night all around. Do your championship rings from your playing day to your coaching days. Do your championships written rings like the evolution of them tell the story of the NBA's business growth like color or how. How much more lavish is your latest championship ring in your first string with the bulls. It's really Walt stretch I had never thought that metaphor of buy range sides and action you know business succession of the league budget should follow big metaphor. I don't their earnings back there and out of the first first championship vote for a look like he's sick full 41 years ago. I thought they were god you end up outlandish and yeah they'd look age in comparison to what we are slick. Looks like something you did out of one of those metal grabbed it put a quarter and try to win a prize machines compared to be felt. I mean I I I I saw some rings available for fans in the concourse and they'd cuff links priced at 695. Dollars I was like that's. Expensive trip to the concession stand wow. Yeah they're would know 695. Dollar cuff links to pick up when you're going to get the hot daughter of the bathroom things change stays there about it. That's why Detroit to bludgeon the beer off. Yes no kidding meet. I don't know how busy you are right before the game tip soft but the new video like the height video to introduce the team and get the crowd going. Like there is no doubt to Peter Guber is all over that this year that they get more special effects that the terminator two. Heck. I didn't notify never really knows much and that's got I do know that Peter played a big role should be again cast our presentation. Of the game and and that teach you all all tutored picture wasn't any doubt they're very true an incredible guy one of our callers would live show later one of our many partners group. Tutors and amazing guys that are great resource for me yeah and now we talk all the time about job is similarities between. Love the entertainment business would you that a part of forever caught making movies should help. And and scored certain and you know the magic there curse words. On the side of a movie horror Jakarta on the floor of about quote in you know how the magic occurs and you capture them down. We've got some magic are right how obviously and it's got to be in the tropics storm watch great ownership with Peter Ngo and and the management obviously Bob Qualls some amazing global players saw lower in the midst of a great run an additional week I can go wrong. This is good news we thought maybe this morning you woke up early tender your resignation. 88120. To 121 loss that if Kevin Durant gets that shot off a millisecond before he does I don't think we're talking about China today. I don't think we're talking about conditioning or fatigue today I mean that's out this whole thing just hinges on a millisecond it really does what were your impressions of the opening night. All our impressions were not changed out actually Arafat shouted counted we were not good at all we were undisciplined. We made a lot of shock I think we shot. Good percentage. Could be tricky chip 33% of I'm not mistaken. So that was you know the old expression you couldn't put lipstick on a trade him and we were. We're really loud just relying on our skill and it looked like we had very little disciplined very little conditioning. What I think conditioning I don't just mean the article on meeting the mental conditioning it takes to win at a high level we've had so many mistakes in that game. And now we look like a chain in the middle training camp which use essentially what we still are so we were after and catch up here soon hit the next couple weeks. CO LA via being hard on yourself and hard on your team but really I'm just look at the box score right now. 5353. And ninety are you shooting percentages. You hit that magical threshold of thirty plus assists you know they used to eat wolf warriors went automatically like you hit all the sort of magic numbers that normally equal a win for your guys last night but. Drain mom leaves. And it just proves some guys their MVP campaign is best made when they're not even playing. You know sort of like Steve Nash when he got hurt with the suns you finally realized how much. How great he was how important he was to a Murray's success and everything the Phoenix was doing when he left. And three months case I think is almost made stronger in his absence than his presence. Oh right right and you don't edit save paper Andre you know bald guys I mean so much much longer they're related glued to our defense. Stand now when they're out you just feel that you feel the difference as a coach as a staff. On the cavs probably feel that we just don't happen watched by. Georgie and we were we can be can outscoring. Bought in our country great team like Houston where there's one of the best offensive teams in the league play with fire and that's what happened last night. Well the old offensive numbers which you mentioned. The fact of the game even called swear gold numbers. Just shows you how disciplined we weren't there and can count four we weren't in it Germany afterwards so auction all of the numbers are good about it you know in terms of follow up. The continuity and what it means in terms of how much how we and how we move the ball. And so that's got the crowd initiative there we know that. When it's all Biggio for now we have you were to take care of and we will not about the slightest bit worried about a. Warriors head coach Steve Kerr we're not worried either but we are anxiously awaiting dream on greens MRI results do you have any update for us. I don't I haven't heard anything yet he had an MRI this morning enough. I'm like you on this waiting to hear. Okay drain money green is still a coin up in the air do you know which way he heads or tails and it would dollar playing on Friday good lands. I think Andre won't play well wolf you know he covers all but don't jump today and he was feeling much better and they did stay he's improved and Laura Bush got good grades five and pure water should be government should put us tomorrow on jammed up. Who got three games and Forte so all of what we can do it and we continue to battle a good job or read it is Smart brain and make sure out. People did before telemarketer. You know we saw an awful lot of depth on your team turned into a little. And of a not a rotation issues play 48 minutes of basketball this assisting is a rotation issue after 48 minutes of basketball. Did you get caught up in trying to play too many of every one last night I was surprised to see what income Von loonie hit the court for example. Yeah. Well first all lonely and Jordan belt all great training camp shunned and everyone knows about Jordan because he had a couple. Really high quality had a game performances look had a really good game metal street shooting him but he also had great our country is bad and we're trying to develop these guys just ahead. Jordan got the first crack him in the first half and he had some good some good moments central battle and all they've really I I thought and planning employer Bowen dribble and got urged. We were getting hurt defensively he's got a much better she'll accomplish. For our terminology and what we wanted to do defensively. Against Houston especially end. Oh what they have down the stretch although as a reward for his training camp but also because I saw you as a better option at this point. But I did a great job he made one mistake query left the strong quarter should give up of three. But its defense and rebounding were really good down the stretch. They say to me that our foul trouble early trouble the rotation term outlook article saying. Gut as a stand out from the injuries you you have to roll it so great one injury necessitated. You know why Nickelodeon. Com. There cannot elaborate terror study did a good job but coach Al trouble early jumble all rotations and and really got us satellite. Wise JaVale McGee in your dog house. I. Right ball alternate before the game that I should apply it replaced small just sent forces you to do that pick and roll all the isolation. That we like plagued small and it was a good opportunity you've got to give Jordan and learn. A chance to play. All of our ignore one sides you know be back out there he's got out of the rotation it's just drive you car. Like your coach and everybody can play and certain games. Or are certain guys and very distressed they're ready. Well Nick Young be run adams' greatest experiment. Excuse all we know data we saw last night you wanna bash you're generally. Easy breezy 21 met him. Yeah and that was after our trade Campbell he hardly made a shot in practice scoring game so bad how. Oh I shouldn't say that he got last year against Sacramento beat Peabody made toward greed and I would when he started to come alive but unless it is just getting comfortable and everything that we're doing there's no offensively. We know we're going to be trying to relate shops could be presently or where were really trying to. Jim Tressel ought to and the important troop Joshi activity global induction making sure you're you're staying. Early energetic in there and I work with our hands and making yourself. We are concrete dig in the lane and and using your. Lot of food basics Japanese are great sides in there. So we're excited about nick I think she's he always scratching the circle as far as how he can help books. We've got to Steve Kerr joining us Steve I heard you and your crew. Was so watching the Celtics game when the Gordon Hayward injury happened lives what do you think of that that is is about his. As bad as I've ever seen it in and a basketball game on me Kevin where little hole blown in the final four leg break he's got out there that's that's awful. I I you know it doesn't matter if you root for the Celtics or not you gotta feel for that guy and man had such a huge blow to Boston. Yeah just devastating we're watching it too and the staff. You know I'd literally walked in the door via coach about the plus side at oracle. Off after it happened and our coaches we're all just. All tried pin that I probably replay and while devastating. Shot Livingston generally you know he went through something similar back when you look at clippers early in his career. You mentioned cabin where Paul George it's just it's just awful you see these. Died of injuries the good news good people have come back. Triumph traumatic injury in general Troy Gordon well he's a great guy. I know all the little bit from San Diego on the in the summer we live near each other and and I've gotten all the little bit usually doesn't try to catch a guy didn't get a great player. We obviously we all pushing the Basque. And I know he spent a lot of time in Chicago and you have an affinity for your cubs so does your son. As a Southern California guy can I ask you Steve are your Dodgers again away from the World Series. I. They are my god you're gullible will all reluctant chew out mentioned how when I first moved to the bay. And then we won two championships and sought to ensure afraid they. But god interstate about last year Doug comes Dodgers played well. Quite aside there's such a die hard drug trade and throw mud growing up in Chicago don't claim that the balls and I would take it directly. Last year right IE. I I gave up my childhood allegiance to the Dodgers in favor of mine my very big welfare of my son and I cheered for the crowd. And all of you guys were saying. Forget that can you go Dodgers. Yes just what he needs another ring is that poor guy's got no rings whatsoever. At all. It's gonna have spent 29 years dodger change so you know are we didn't talk just on last year. Dodgers literally. I understand I really do are you ready for a little gimme some no thank you before you head to New Orleans. PJ Tucker. It. God I do I'll remember last night is that PJ Tucker game I sort of guy really well I had no idea in what do you think of gimme some no thank you. Fake Klay Thompson. Track had given some thought that provided some good laughter website. One adult bull dagger like that guy really might be his cousin. Or where it. Yeah. All what do you think of couples Halloween costumes gimme summer no thank you. Did you and mrs. Kerr ever dress up as anything you wanna tell us about. What do you think of the raiders signing Navarro Bowman gimme some no thank you. The 49ers are the most competitive Owen sixteen of all time. It. You can only choose one which would you rather have your 1415. Ring or your 1617. Ring. The chef. I can't. Outdoor answered. It's like great which water which warrior can't deal logged benched. Fair enough Steve have a great trip to New Orleans have a good road trip we look forward to talk to you next week trying to pull yourself out of this. Spiral nosedive your team is in which players. Thank you very much Steve Kerr here and 95 point seven game.