Steph Curry exclusive w/ Towny, Steiny & Guru at Championship Parade

Steinmetz and Guru
Tuesday, June 12th
Steph Curry exclusive w/ Towny, Steiny & Guru at Championship Parade!

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This fifty year what did you have to what are the things Obama and now I monologue not appear with greater sense. Pats of staff when you go man I'm great. From that boy it stiff puree joining us all we got this cup what is that I got to stay hydrated is. Very sunny and hot out here Saturday that's not what is this one like compared to the other championships. They're all special. Have a China. The best the rank go and us have the stuff that's guarded duke because. You can go back and which is so back in that moment toy fits scene last year this year everyone on special for different reasons so. Holiday toy fits these guys this is the first one hand and that's you have no idealistic spirit with. And Phil and it's their ship celebration back here in Oakland when not a bit. To go back to back. Have put that in perspective we met Jason effort over years and knows this Christmas. To a lot of youngsters listen and talk to us about what's with the in your regiment. When you had injuries how do they give up and now I you battled back to be one of the best in the league and that you collective hardware. What goes into that mindset to where you don't give us. I mean. I appreciate every single day negatively about slow. I have since started. And a matter what come away I had to figure out how to you keep myself confidence. And my joy for what I do and should about a bill with. Injuries and surgeries there. Lose it in the finals. You know of an hour roller coaster season like we had. Must have come visit autism in the guise of us who would never waivers. And let them today. You have throughout our lord I mean. The hardest working people in the room music that was the most successful. Look at that you guys in which you doom you know what I do on the court. The cream of the crop rise since I would it would OR word so that's a good thing that you fall back on the most. Why was this the toughest one it seems like everybody was kind of say in this was the toughest one out what made it tougher. Human nature kicked in a little bit at the beginning of the year where you really mean. Our intentions are great we try to come in and appreciate and then let you attack dating games knowing that it was going to be tough. Changing gear and of course changes which are Russ is each item veto is. It was our fourth year in a rodeo. Playing October due June a lot of basketball games. And then you on top of that much no mental challenges you and that was you. Think that they urged. Still a student at the start a lot of them had a five or whatever you because I don't play 41 and games together to other areas season. So you add that to the mixture. All that stuff just tested us then. You know you knew we were looking forward to the playoffs. So that we can have a clean slate due to play games that matter but. Coach Terry does a great job and just keep in the collective mindset throughout the course of the season. Where we were together and we understand that this is so long as long journey and nothing about is going to be. In a recent had a conversation with Jay bills from ESPN about you guys. And not only here you guys winning championships. Which are changing the waiting game is being played. Not only not only the NBA level but we're talking college we're talking high school what does it mean to youth that you're changing the game with the style and the way you guys. Life it's pretty crazy dog to be honest alone. Hello is that it had never came Julie with that in mind. I had a style of play that would you like that and. How. Well the united as a point guard China you know the status ourselves in the league. Then. That was what I was going to be and I was going to be great edit and affect the kids that you know. I see you know what the engines CC 567 joke issue injuries and tell the stuff that's great because all the challenges so as well there's an understanding that. What they see on the you don't see here at ORACLE Arena whatever. Is the finished product of a lot of homework and fundamentals and and dedication to the crash so. We would get a sense to Florida to miss on the that I am I'm pretty proud of it. The message is. Their stats this and you gotta you gotta follow the the right planned on the way. That. I got to ask you miss your staff and I go back a long way not. Where in the short I saw that those who under shorts many uses this is when I first met you. We'll. I'm not that nobody else in this environment understands what these these coach drew so I was going to. Got to own that today's announcement is cool though the look do ASU I. I'll never forget this your first day. First day of training camp you get drafted off sit next training camp. Mateo says I can't play Wii this guy. That's Stephen Jackson says get me out of here that was your first day is a Golden State warrior. And now. You won three titles I mean. Do you ever think that thought of that time I think it's just repeat. I think about Osama. Be an elder statesman around here. I think we're the greatest he's all mine at a SPF first day and that was the my first real interaction with a Raymond I met event had. That my media day after the draft. That first drink get a media day we had before training camp I was walking out of the room down the hall out to the parking lot of our presence that he and he looks at test in the show's hey. You might you might hear or read something about you my face saying that's something about you guys plan. This that's just don't worry about it known as I've actually heard that a I know anything. No I know anything about the release of the continuity greatest saw announced that it. My rookie season was about me you know. Gives them experience what that in and the status of myself that there's a chaotic here and to say the least. Good you know. Was it six years down the road and a win in my first shavers have been. And now that threesome. Just as blessed to be able to have you witnessed the change and it's estimation this organization. From though and into the 2008 and well in Britain. Probably the biggest reason for appreciate. Outside your dad of course who was your guy grownups who steps got it to lift up to life. The outcome try to be like him. Has two guys Steve your adversaries to even ask us. Steve Kurt did all right there are already good out loud voice in the playoffs. The Steve Nash and Reggie Miller. Two guys that I felt like. I could combine. Their two skill sets and create one Blair. And that's kind of diversity between play and wanted to being scorned. So tell a playmaker would you use is going through it the way they Reggie moving up the ball Steve Nash creativity would Dubow. I think he's there gamers I had the moment considering the best traits of both of those guys and then more from and one. Plus Taylor you're absolutely live in the drain the other three titles you got a beautiful young family thank you so much for stopping by congratulations. And that you'll enjoy with the team. Appreciate the guys that thanks drug covenants all year and yeah and hopefully be back connection I've read this you're working on that supporter of that assistance. But I'm gonna fire though there was this care others not and Sheila.