Steph Curry exclusive with Damon Bruce

The Damon Bruce Show
Tuesday, June 12th
2x MVP, 3x NBA Champion, Steph Curry, joined Damon Bruce for an exclusive interview after the Warriors Championship parade in downtown Oakland. 

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Can't stand very busy I've done. The parade route. On health party it's. Not a since. All the nation. Today is not a good. OK okay. Okay. Just gotta celebrate the city that's of course is all year round in the Esteban and 61 last year spoiled everybody a little bit too much yeah it'll. I struggled. You come into the NBA finals this week the cavaliers is the perfect ending to a season that was defined by an awful lot of struggles. This stuff than me. Try to summarize the year and Jason. With the expectation reward is easily accomplished last year. Its its thing. This just hold their. Providing illumination a little bit. It's a good case essentially we usually. Injuries. Are best. Fourteen games together better than. And we had some really opponents. In the polls. Price fixing what it's like. It's. The winning a championship is how. This year we check plus plus. Head down. Oh I'd say. Back to go to. The war all right zone now and wins championships come experience you are now experienced on the court. Your experience in the parade route. Tips for a championship parade would you know you wouldn't comment today. Didn't know the last couple years but today your crappy yeah. There's a great question. I had all lived here about turn off the we'll always. Kind of knew what to expect some of their. No later. There is almost. This is amazing. About it how much you know you've been able boils yeah. Maybe come. And I'm. And that's cents. Enjoy this because. Who knows everything back. I got off the books and they ran about two miles today. I guess Paul measures. It's. All down Broadway that's when the shootings. Was on the roof so for me just all fun. Let's look good. Absolutely it's been a long journey since today your draft it's amazing to see. All the little things all the magical got to a lot of people just talk to subsequently brought into ran got easy. All the crazy. Things your extension. Your ankle injuries all the trains that Bob May begin it would Dolly here. Just send you guys are finding the dreamliner in the second round like the amount. School insane things had to happen brings together. Are things that lost a nation immediately just wanna say it's very very and it's unfair. Exactly why were these. Audio video you can. I don't Wear my rookie year news stories those things are all schooling glorious hideaway where over reason for the moment this moment. And I checked into. Organizational transition. A lot of job. Okay they're here it. He says. I've been here since it's as they orange. The ceiling you know the rest of yeah. We don't play our team. Second round playoff team championship teams they're fifteen. Getting so close to sixty. And be able to have the waters but closer affinity card organization about god like okay. Feel comfortable on the you warrior we're very proud about it. It's not always sure mr. Obama so. Not to mention he's still a little something on I'm not a big deal right. Yeah yeah yeah. Hey congratulations to nab him to a better guy and a team that went out and work for a really hard obviously the expectations he through the roof next year. Enjoy this one kick back relax and maybe sometime during the off season the money and you've shown we will. Respect him active. It's. Crazy. Plus I. Yeah I would drop off the baby would Gionta my wife is here as well they can babysit. The girls can all get together and we just thought the shots it's good thank you very much stuff congratulations it's.