Steiny & Guru – Hour 2 – NFL / NBA / MLB

Bonta, Steiny & Guru
Thursday, September 13th
Hour 2.  Steiny and Guru talk about the 49ers vs Lions, discuss the company pot luck, dive into Russell Westbrook’s injury, talk about the Giants beginning the rebuilding process. Also the guys talk about Guru’s tipping habits.

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To go radio dot com station from a settlement to the brother was meant for me. Could use this out of action about bigger drop below. Thirty to get his album on the one brigade out Israeli you were the only one that came down as wrote. I didn't you relax. That's not coming out the vote out loud at the second I know Larry. Met Patricia you know I start to think about this for a minute now this is don't. And it's going to be it's going to be. Kind of a broad statement but. These coaches don't work anymore. These these these. Some can even have a marriages started their facility only RA. Leave me. I mean. Can't be a coach with with rules. Keep it I mean of course we coach rules put. He can't treat veteran players like rookies. Each hit. Didn't guys' faces left and right eat. It can't work whom can't overwork him door in the week I mean. Yeah look at a guy like Matt Patricia. I just wanna hire a guy like that do you do with this past which they I don't know about let me just ask you look like like OK I just right Nelson Mike Shanahan. These different. Got to remain easy is I managerial or whatever the lack of a better terms kind of like an old school guy. He's not starting your free she's always more you can tell he's more into the he's playing chess. And we play Chelsea you're you're very aware you're just. You're on an even keel you know what yeah kitten patrician and so maybe Shanahan doesn't want it he's got the pedigree of work in the. Undone well coached you know. Arguably the winningest coach in the NF fail so that meant something to ownership in Detroit I reject and that Tommy John I think that they'll tell you why. You know who's got pedigree bill Belichick's got pedigree. I know anything about Matt Patricia. Often as a head coach don't. Don't think you're really did a great job I didn't get any I don't know you know I don't know mentors that I don't think any idea we'll see what if you're Detroit ownership in these reports turn out to be true. Are you panic like all male what do we do. After one week you tell me I'll overreact. What is the world over reacting to what we solid do you know what Al did thrown interceptions and I'm not defending the guy. He looks like he got food in his pocket I don't like to look you need to clean up my point is. You tell me not to overreact right is the world all our big body shame and Patricia because of the way he looks. It was a big. Jump start the first all that's going into words at all let's put it all on the I'm going to be honest with you. I can't stand. The guys look me up so I can't stand it that. Reflect upon the pencil. It's almost like what are those things were like when you were a tot when you were tied and then you put the same color picker chief in your pocket next to India which are called. Had achieved one of the white dog I don't call or something pockets pockets qureia. Saw that thing isn't a pocket square to adorn meant it but what does all they did paperwork what does it. The Pentagon doesn't want to bottle well on any piece a bad birds in him I am. We're judging him I mean there are are we overreacting. While I'm just saying and argue it would picks they've had a miserable first week I'm not saying and that necessarily. It's a PJ call listen more higher but. The lip and went out with a good one it's look at that way after one week and take me or beat the niners the upstart niners. The what are we did about everything I don't know home for that's the thing about I mean let's let's. Great and infuriating about football. I mean we might on Monday is likely on Monday here though. Everything's gonna change on Monday everything with Joseph in Menlo Park which a joke. I. Don't know while Matt thank you or. I say you know a bit Junichi conversation. I. Pop up a little bit here I mean the guy got. Aren't. You know last year that you're at all you know move or Eric Robert. You know what I'm doing or. What yeah they. Are key. Nice not able. Get off argues no bar she sees Kyle I let you hate the minute you detect dead. There it's booted up tick annual off. Are you mic for the morning show. Him. She snickering to my kid and it's a tough day for the board up by the way Alex. I messed with him and I I know I shouldn't I don't like it but I thought he knew witty was so I don't know what I'll what do you he was dealing with the issue already announced are you what I don't know much dirt to the issue I did. No doubt in my day I don't know that you column I do all the kids are these 25 year old yeah. You think they note by curling I've got on this like seven times. The boss comes in early. The board ups not here. And he goes so where's Alex and what you should be here any minute and goes off and I said something didn't you like. Him so morally. Today I got a port side high importance and white. Public what could be important said well that's an issue that's on the door fifteen feet right and I course I said that proves it's not a high priority but nevertheless. He said not really that I've got talked about it Anderson so he leaves. Alex comes in and of course I say without attitude he and what Cecilia. And he's like really isn't there like to know it's about some spot on 1550s human. And Alex who all know shoot all gone he owned all or anything or not. Let's go over the computer you know he's like. Do you ready for whatever wasn't OK he's doing his Linda Blair exorcist impression was that you have around you can't do it to the outlook. When I saw how hop double copies and I saw how advanced. When I saw how distraught he was laid out immediately thought I'm just didn't. Can we did dad do you did you probably won't take up the harbor dolphin hunt for a week and I appreciate you did. Like none at all challenge him out now it would be like they would. Okay we don't use dial looking around and do I like I am coming in today and and it's up to relay mad just came in looking for you what many good mood this why did he wants to see you a news. Let you know he's which you said I don't define new idea it would he was not want to see what went better. He wants to see meat and well then you know what he can come talk to me. And tell me now that they're coming CNET and I'm not delivering the message that you need to go sealed hash tag fat did come and I. Going down the hall to see some chump who doesn't have the guts to come up immediately ask meat to see him. Why do you is go for why you his go for jobless here on time and he told need to deliver the miss him and Palin. Hey I'm hotel and here. All you do that I. Don't like it yet and you tell it just like it. Collison looked holds three William tell him all right here it for our dad I ask you all remember dude I don't like the delivered a message. Could you got yep those famous co worker brokerage that in your leg no real life. And you almost afraid to call and let everybody knows just below. There panel got it well. I mean one of the things you can do to combat that is you can be late most of the time and then people dislike didn't used to. How about that you do yeah for sure. Insulin when Matt Patricia Clayton. But there are a lot arts there's a lot going on win this game. The lions in the 49ers to mind it really is nine Ers won the niners are ball are favored to win by six the raiders or get on six I believe against the Broncos. You bet not. Dude if I had the money it's teach that that matters a lot are you given literally it's great yep when they know I'm very bad. We hope people take that. Literally and actually do look at their at their liquidating their deluded on their day in a guru edit them to liquidate. Little guru here you who's been showed me some of these betting stubs. I'm retired and didn't really mean get out what's that was about to go when I had money for sure it was hours ago now out of the park I'm check this out dining and that remarked I do notice that you haven't been saying Huckabee checked into the Galileo lap 200 Wednesday. Afternoon exactly I'll just tell anybody in the lions the lions who are dangerous to think about ornament but every team has day. And that left before that but the niners know we know we really need this day who the bills play this weekend. The bills play I guarantee you. Without even look at I'm almost feel like the bills are gonna cover. I don't know what is the exact copy somebody who they play now. The Buffalo Bills are playing Matt Stein that they lost 473 as well as endless flight may compete with the heat at all I'd like I hit it chargers at the chargers. Where's the game. Buffalo. I'm telling you bottle opener I think buffalo wins that game when they get and they got to be get like what nine out Doug on the tired I don't know. When the possibility knows the line you can still know the lineup yet haven't accounted notebook all right Jessica did people Ozzie had led to normal diet. I want to rub her and tell you right now I am leaning Detroit to copper Idaho I just it's. But there's nothing nine or about and see what's blowing me away is there's not about the nine Ers are technical. It's you're going off. A motion. About how tragic it was for Detroit. So I think Detroit's gonna play better. To put you don't think but the niners did showing anything going toe to toe Minnesota. You know they did some Minnesota better than Detroit. Now the now are they don't. Go I don't. Look just don't gates earlier I know I know all of it though that's let me or every down for Jimmy gee everything adds up to lay. Everything I talked to a affording better win. And that's why. It worries me a little bit. Bulb and yeah now back guests dined gets into room on 957 big teams. But so what the apart. Here's the station. Today at 1 o'clock coup and so we're gonna be done network connect twelve. And then we've got a party at 1 o'clock it's and it's not just the game it's all building essentially right. They're fired up just would you would you bring what you would bring it. I I don't know of around here. We talked. I got what did you OK it's a potluck I'll save it what are you bringing. I told you my kid play in fall ball. Who's got a baseball game gets out earlier today saw and what times they gain to 45. I told. OK that's fine I can be there would you bring me still brought something right. What do you mean am I gonna be here. But it's it's a function I mean you could use the opportunity could be a team player for one this. Bob very very rather and I did realize. You know why I don't feel. About. Doesn't recall if I shouldn't be out in shouldn't be out in the first place we you can't afford to tip don't go to the born first place but know when that tip. It's like. One click at its final world so I wanted yet. But in the ramifications of it there. You know if you went on to it why would operate them the younger you sit on the beach is it out into you with a bad. I'm gonna between twelve and I don't count do to prepare and I tell them when you do that. I can't and no people that day I saw puts up in upper income. She's a little lucky eagle at 12 o'clock sure it'll smell I signed the list in signing anything. You can sign any thing when you thought you were gonna go down so what I know this outnumbered six two leaders don't miss. Not that. They'll notice now the food drink is provided. It did not say there's beer wine and soft drinks are provided so this is why George is making all this stuff I'm not I can't believe I want everybody to bring her paycheck. And me and we should compare paychecks view a lot of well rob the song you have a lot in there and we would do well we'll get this time. I do you know that's you did nothing but rip Ramon Foster. For bringing up money in the Pittsburgh Steelers locker room. Regarding lay beyond bell and know you want everybody to show up with their paychecks shame on you shame on you and your double standard. You did did you brought Mo let's go to ME enough but with a pen. Tammy. And he's done wished him man who's done. A couple of basketball notes real quick. This box and this bothers me do room. Russell Westbrook seven surgeries going to be out. For six weeks it looks like no idea seeing him on mr. Graham play a little bit to open gym all summer long days haven't you haven't surgery. Bottom line is not a toy and he's gonna play the first game he gets a warrior and I were to get there were only have done this as soon as the season was over maybe didn't know. Maybe it's just something that started negative ministers that was playing so did you know donated about you go Rob Bowen if I'm an NBA player. I'm having a great to have surgery to the season's too long. We need this to loans to home. It's too well right out the back to back I don't care government suicide planes. The plant particularly hotels in the sky no they're not have you bill one and I did you have no. Now they got Wi-Fi. Every planes got Larry lawyer go yeah you're an error you are today and when there's no I think it's a hotel. That's a plane planes or if we'll play don't know playing we ought to be an Air Force One I still don't wanna be on a plane. I just like you're one of those seasons to Ghana. Yes there's to regain decisions too long. All that stuff. If I work so what sports are gonna miss the first month of the season you know what I say good Woolsey a good idea to bring you think that a little bit and ordered now. I. So why would they let him do well maybe you're right he did not do he was just two week he would use you know what an easy election news out of the gym just two weeks to go on mr. Graham. But he open. But here's the other thing Westbrook gets the benefit of the doubt. Nobody plays harder than Russell Westbrook so if if you know it'd be one thing if this were. Shaq. Who did this all the time or trying to think who else would do this you know an older type player. Westbrook is a little different becomes the post every single way but to me this is another example of C. Every season's too long. NFL shouldn't the NFL should be. Fourteen games. Major League Baseball should go back to 154. That's only eight games off there but it does what about a hundred. That's two that's not enough and basketball 6060. Game season. Eighty two's a joke. Anyway then there was another piece of news but I forget what it was regarding the war hero Jamal Crawford. The Phillies might still be in the mix and damion Jones said he invited press start trigger position grew damion Jones who you play for the warriors. Damon Jones and all you. Until an engineer by the fall Reich has cousins and he should be the starter coming at a for broad that's her little warrior half quarters I am again he's not there. But does does not out there now is why don't we leftist thugs or he's got to be a Jordan bell. All that that occur questioned on. I mean you to talk about. I expect prepare. I mean to. Yes well he expects up and up himself and you know it's not like I like him to call the group there that's a great first grade girls. Join ID 57 game this Sunday at hooters in Dublin for our first football watch party of the season. Cheer on the silver and black as they traveled to Denver and battled their division rival one Mile High Stadium. But it's called Invesco Field from the mistake and al-Qaeda. Kick off is set for 125 then stick around for alive post game broadcast would Jimmy candidates Jimmy chose a more. Plus win prizes and enjoy food and drink specials throughout the day. For more information visit the events page at 9257 game dot com so Jamal Crawford stole our society is the warriors. Still in play for him. The biggest villains are hurt ours pride. On the block its these Clooney and nobody's called come call info or are they any shame in him. Lob shot one shot 40% last year doesn't play put him in Britain doesn't play only better as the well then the real the warriors and guess what we're still win their third straight. I come I get that. That's that's surprising give me that. Yeah just a little bit I just a little bit but is not a ball hog he's not a guy is kind of nobody did since I mean what what comes between him and think yeah I definitely am I he's better than nick Yahoo! gets a lot of big yelling get an invite. In a roster because lash and tell you why because the warriors players wanted Nick Young for some god forsaken religion dad. He so is he coming of these becoming a worst dad he did and Aurilia as great dead when he better start drawing a paycheck then. This league right now. And I get a word out of the tax lineup that got milk and everything to him to tell me when the guy text in and says there you go Stein Mets with your. Weekly shot at Nick Young tone that comes out as a politician become yet to drop out about I mean make him brotherly Banca that'll tip we know I Tia I wouldn't I wouldn't. No but. But I would love all Brothers and we do but we know that but. C'mon take it people don't like until tip a lot of you wouldn't do not have a lot I tip what would I have when I work with. Well I'm okay. And I still okay and not having your potluck dish already what do you think if you yell what now what's I don't bartender what we have yes or what you have today you know what can we Jack and go it. You go sir that'll be twelve but these twelve yeah our egos are at Sarah. Twelve dollars I didn't do well. Now prosecutor out of a boat and you certainly would the phone. What you're at the bar sitting at the ball here's your Jack and Coke or have a twelve dollars aren't sure it's. Yeah. Well. Let's do this one more time as maybe your not quite understand this now. Oh yeah Delhi would not take into it to the widow there let's put guys in the Kennedy and you Puerto distinguished let's do it different. This of a good all that is well I'll let you don't really easy for you. You walk up 20 baucus. On the bartender in ego hey what's up man you do this or what would you like. I give me that Jack and co defendants are absolutely. Make the Drake if I put it down Friday and guess what here you go sir million dollars. This is nine dollars Lagos are. You really want there to this us. I'm offended if a receipt comes with a first rate to one given you whatever is on them on the receipt. Well there's no C I'll just say it's nine dollars right now okay no identity could not Italian nine dollars or arguably. If you pay in cash. I'm open it and thought he would keep it open. Now had you not ask me that and I'm Lisa attributed Alia you know not too Morton you know I don't know how to what worked with. Go to lunatic fringe Lafayette what's up lunatic. Page and I don't do well thank you. I. On the bench all right. The jury brought all that shouldn't. You have to par or borrowed. Where. Record last year. I guess five and three. There are more or. Race favorite player out there like 71 on the road now much anomaly but still. 66 until then tires and all or are the road extent victory. Not deploy up. Because this is gonna beat up on each other because yes she is loaded with good team all division to beat up on each other the only game. Cable winning or twelve games. Into Minnesota Vikings because they are actually no we did to anywhere. Else would well. Now here's what life. There an accent beyond the probably lying or not very good open field tacklers. I've practiced secondary commute shackle their own grandmothers like it's a lottery yeah I yard urging the rams. And offensively if you put pressure on top of the metal from the site slope that and make recess is Greg Papa says. It Trojan mop because he has a whole rhythm quarterback. If you break the written just pick it upset Gemini nodded accurate and nodded back there. My thanks for the call lunatic fringe appreciate and I think the vikings do have a weakness they don't to me. They're ground attack is not they're not handed it off to Earl Campbell a lot are soft run him back by committee and I think Kirk cousins. When you need him most will break your heart started and about that Kirk cousins weakest which ID may have. Threw two interceptions that the niners defense did not kitsch. In the fourth quarter in those. Once that happens they change every day and had the niners pick them off Kirk cousins Mota went to decide what does he had that dazed look at David if you multiply mice. Here we go we had no such luck. On. Up to 446. 46. And by and good new and you're making me root for Kirk cousins. Just you know I know he has talent right. It's a Tony Romo thing he'll break your heart is the most in the opportune time and that's why don't want to do Redskins he's out another team how about that. He's on another team could you didn't wanna beat there ever. They franchised if you wanna be there surprised they won a lot while he was there and I get them to doubt be by the things done. Redskins that's of you know one franchise is not under. You're Schneider our piece of flown. Alike Snyder even a little bit. We don't talk about did you so I'm sorry I can't I cannot talk about what do we say any. What are you start I'll tell anywhere you start with what they end up their own this one out. Because. I gotta put the rat on the table. We're talking about four other giants rebuild this that the other thing I don't news for everybody Ville and it already all right there. In this period that they never wanted to be and it's not. No wonder we got to do you know the minute they stink. Are right it's been 21 half years now the giants have stunk. I okay they went to the playoffs the they had the worst record in the second in great that's great last two years they've been terrible. They're old. Their pay and there are guys. Too much money or old. Icy and this is gonna take a couple years. I don't see how hits and so only if if you know for a look at it another two years of seventy in 92 who. And the east now we take the Yankees they got this young team they're talking about keeping it together they got talent maybe it is so. And let's say the a's have let's say the razor in the middle put together run like he didn't 1213 fourteen. The dynamic change. I mean I. How. If giants fans are truly fair weather. Like I think the giants front office thinks they are. That's why they're afraid to rebuild. What then third the struggle. The next two years because they ain't gonna be glue it. Okay you can't predict the future but if we were a bit I would bit deep in the future is bleak but. I've learned from it all wise man. You don't have a prop half the battle is admitting that you have a problem right. The front office is not if they have a problem or if they feel like you know injuries had thrown them off that's the reason for the I don't know studied this is bad I can't remember a giant team losing eleven straight. I really can't and the way that they or lose and you would I can be on the ball up for the other league's best of and that's the mail. And I feel like they could Muster more than two runs they are dead meanwhile came in bruised boat she I love you I would never blame you what's going on. What is the boat she in the guy I know that loves the game moved walk away after this season. Erica it's your fault. Because you've done your job here. This this next phase in corporate. Just say oh he's not a quitter. Would that be what idiots you would probably say so don't you might tell me about the big body earth. It could be positive I think it could be it couldn't do it I don't want to see Boe DC a team that they are looking out for votes. That's all yourself out of fault. It's not his fault but I mean if boat she says I wanna come back how do you get rid of well you don't even if you are you don't even a problem which I don't then. Then you don't but I just think watching him and seen him these losses are people dog guards as local level and worked to their they're there if he he's. The topic got the lives and dies with the winds into our losses. I believe that day I don't. I think he's seen enough he's got rings he knows what it is you know coaches au coaches and matter you always really know. How good their teams are so I think he looks at this giants team and he said you know a week we we got enough and so I'm not I'm gonna do my best but I lose and oaxley. Why would you lose sleep over this giant totally love this game yeah shock and oh yeah. Had a monster you can do both you can love the game and not lose sleep over my horse blue Martinis loses sleep he even thought they were in it at the beginning of the sept. But he's getting a good 89. Are you can't now he's not play and now I'm absolutely no idea why people. Don't love that it's not really saying is people don't know if you tip. Now we do know that boat she's not losing and actually. House I don't know not a guy she's not yet right OK I don't TV. Why don't know losing any sleep. This seems that any kid doing. What's that. You have the courage to change which you can't and that stuff you can't let go that Bible saying her Jesus is Bruno I mean. They are having the courage to to really come what's on the tax line where I had a scourge that. To change you can believe go to clear and the wisdom to know the difference I felt like I wasn't enough about the case. They're not as young as we think they got some young studs live by Jeff they're not as young as we think. Okay Tony. Hi Tony I Brooklyn no match up man I mean you cannot say somebody you know what anybody and oh yeah no kidding we'll just allow re not young locally I gotta be here in two years Chris Davis not Tony five. Robin Robin let you know get my mouth that I'm worried about that aids but I'll wanna know what these injuries to the pitchers are something they're doing. Organizational why is it isn't something they're teaching than they don't know to why the pictures are all didn't. That's special all I got to drive it did. Think about it they're falling like flies the pictures so that's something that they're teaches me and they don't know that. This can't just beat. Bad luck stymie. Maybe they should bring in Dave Stewart to be the pitching coach did a good job on TV but the rest began and I don't know coaches. How did you digest that what I just said I cut you by surprise but. Could it be so I'm giggle a little because it could be. I don't know oh. When he teaches them wrong. Hey guys we're gonna teach you elect the worst way to throw a baseball I don't get it. It's so this is not uncanny do you that it's just a's pitchers that that to happen that didn't it's unfortunate it's Mike coincidence. I wouldn't I don't think it's limiting the use of a bit if we had inside information I mean look they dig out that this would be a conversation. With who just days amongst themselves and the coaches are not liked that this is 100% correct but something could be easier to where. We need to leave we're doing too much of this or that. In the also I don't know spring training or what have you with this is scary. MO not yet he ages out this year up the block out next year. Manila Quayle probably sooner. About the cabinet but that's that's all they head. Than any thirty seconds. All mirrors all yours my message I tip. But this rough I'd tip. But what I want people to really know is what I do for a homeless people now I come out of the store. I am really and I'm not that guy look at me I'm very generous because I feel like what you put out. You did and when you have so the people coming at it didn't at least not yet other I don't know the Iraq but I. Talk to when I got much but yeah I mean come I respect the bottom line Asian it was a little you know what I can't speak you never knew I. I don't know now this Bob let's not bring nothing good when no media I've never heard of Adobe. So the idea for whatever reason it's easier for you to put Iraq on the table that a tip on the table I don't know the happy couple. Yeah yeah. I tell if you didn't you valued at the bit for good nine dollar draped by the way you gotta you gotta rustle up another one you got to give them two dollars ones not even if you just don't either for a quick minute yes like an airport is likely want if he's elected directed to think well first of all night drinking and air or be 27 dollars and and the forty. Nine cents. Yeah or get those bills like at the airport guided two Beers it's 27 dollars and thirteen cents you can refer to it right. Odd number 12 or not but I love the people's lives that sent out. I'd I'm telling you I do. You know just rob I must say you brought this on yourself because you let the cat out of the bag about. I'm just let people get some insight to who I am but what I do with the homeless people coming out now what other what do you do with the whole Monica freeway going to the Bay Bridge in there. Mike Huckabee meet that could be somebody you know when did you go won't have more clever and some don't and I give money. I I do. Opera maybe that's why don't maybe that's why don't tip it's or are not making fun of that I don't markets among them start to have been happy. To not tip. I think people just don't understand why you're not a great tipper which he got a 7000 dollar why aren't I got it on today. Get ready to argue would become an ally that appealed anyway I have this written down to just talk about the giants. What like. Bryce Harper. What hell would he come to this team right now going absolutely nowhere argued shred the giants now. This team again they're getting ready go home we wouldn't. Nationals or not they're not at that. OK their 45 bagged and rightly point policies and if you're right so why would he go to another team to stop playing post season but how all this is why in the near me about you how are you Robin the giants up next year. Gonna do it it didn't Bryce Harper would hell they're but they're not gonna get here and see how do you know. We can see what did McCutcheon we insulted police now that it didn't do that it was not an urban Longoria yeah pleased with the crime before he does he's got a lot of air please. Those two guys are what talk about Bryce Harper logic we think he's one of the better not play him any help. And that they're trying to get harper that a fail with a totally. Solve that put that on their tomb stone over the next five years. They try when the fans know that you went down the court him he does when you try to date. Yeah that means something is not like nobody what are you saying they were in a hotel room would. Stand Barbara what does it do Fernando but he gave the giants fans hope we've got to go to breaking news that he was gonna be a giant. They're in it to win it is what I'm saying in stunning though they're not any we have but Dylan not to win one here and more more giants fans say this year that. All they accomplished their goal they stayed below the tax. That was their goal really. Really I don't team and the other side of the beta gets ripped for stuff like that I'll. Oh with a kitten we came under they were on the protects. I'll just say this. Looks bleak I'm just telling I don't like how. And I mean this seriously. Sure it's gonna get better next year. I don't really dark there's only one way and I'm not. The gonna shine like five free agents and groups and all of them have to. What about her political woes he comes back. Okay comes back to why. Well who resemblance of what it was. I worry hundred meter might not usual to a 300 hitter out that you need to give me twelve homers Crawford have. Fight back what are. It yeah. Hope all are you lonely man you really laughed. Too what does he get you fifteen. And it Crawford and bill. Did you can't rock a team of Nixon pure pop went on that solvency and tee it looks bleak but when that record is reset which you will be next April. And we don't know what's going to be did you play first base the food and now Bob if I had a bit of money presidential election is beyond style let's let's go through. Brent impose he's gonna catch and help would be a first technical will be it's second. Make sure B Crawford Longoria will be a Third Reich Shawn Carter beat protect not good enough it's not good enough you do know that don't you. The five players I just got to raise that well they got a good work that's not a bad team it's a good team when you say don't name the names of the disconnect as to why that that's not producing half. All. What does that mean that mean not good anymore. It's a fact of life. Guess what do room. I'm not quite is good at basketball as you noted I'm widget anyone I know him. When your 35. You weigh in as good as 125. When you're 33 year it's gonna whether or not knowing what that in field did you went over. Crawford I guess. Up close and didn't but he did make. Help me out Al I think he did made him problems and also resume with this crisis yet. You're distracted our own ups and you think I give a damn that become a true popped I got tipped. It is not as much but it does bother you know that the people they got the net. As much art I don't so there's when they get jobs and their and their servers are up and I want to want to guerrilla theater deter an attack on itself because I can tell does not stop you can I can tell I'm not. You become you know it wouldn't hit anybody don't tell excellent answer what I want cars same with the call Livermore. I'll bet they say Livermore was the first Napa. Despite the first winery was in Livermore question is we had a gentleman called and said he was from wine country I assume you should not pursue no we should use from Livermore. I wanna know can you really call Livermore. Wine country. And seek. I have a problem that'll tell you why not because Livermore doesn't have a tremendous. Tremendous. The wine area. Region rocket and they're making up there and good wines in Livermore. Little more also is known for other things. Now. And Sonoma arc de LYA. It's why contrast with the that's tickets to can I just don't think ego would Livermore lawyer yeah there's a reason why that can't do it like why did you personally get we're gonna you can't UT I think you go to you get towards Al Livermore. George you get torched. More carries in Livermore. But if they're trying to kind of her lawyer in. The phrase one country well that that's what I think Livermore total to now here in Fremont was the first one country. Livermore is out. I doubt it I love Napa do. And Jonathan Allen you prudently and in Napa do we get yet black cousins in Texas there he adds that rent christmastime you're gonna send them. Case of free will go into. We sit well there you tell you may go Livermore. And that's about as far as. What's the winery for you know. What's a. What then it Livermore. Michael but tell me about. The the wider exit in Livermore. Why shoot. What we live I haven't told you about the breweries in local and I told you about the temperature reading his city and flat out. So did you hear that tennis umpires. Are discussing boycotting. Serena Williams matches. We know what because she got mad at the 10 yeah. Sure it was lose an already got what people are going it. This gets back. To the biggest one of my biggest pet peeves. When it comes this men's and women's sports. I can't stand it. Aggressive men are raised. Aggressive women are criticized. It's a joke. I can't stand it it's infuriating. I go to watch my daughter's soccer games OK I do drew and they know the officials and maybe it. The ladies with careful ladies that's too much ladies. Like. They did that they're not allowed to be as aggressive as men. Did you like it's it's frowned upon for some reason. What do you think in a million years. Tennis umpires would have ever discussed boycotting John McEnroe or Jimmy the horses behind congress not. Her would never happen you know what here's what it is. And doesn't like it and yelled at by a war. That's what it came to you think that's what a what are otherwise. Of course it was women are not allowed to be as aggressive in their sport as men are in their sport. Bothers me and I can't stand it. I got you know because tomorrow double standard. Super doubles it's like I have a daughter but my youngest daughter she. She's aggressive she's aggressive. She. We believe in yellow cards it's such guest rooms are bad out there. I mean. It's. She's physical. And that she pays the price think kids like to WNBA act would have been watching and they let him go they let them. You that you know I don't do what you're the I just think I'm not defending anybody study I just think there are a victim of that all its women or anger like that you know so we're gonna they are Camby. You know also what do you do move info for you do you think she was raucous summer says she was wrong Serena. Might do well whenever you like that bell and I that's about where that. Conversation should have to place. She did portray my green got out okay so was it wrong yet she probably shouldn't done it yet what did she shouldn't a done bite she lost to temper. Assuming that's not a good thing yeah she shouldn't have done so. She did some stupid but the way the umpire reacted. Was inappropriate. Because people lose their tempers in tennis people get upset people have met people have back in force with the with the the judge. But it's just. It's because she was a woman and probably the other part to wrong. That she was black bit that cartoon was re released until I noticed this car to my ideas I haven't seen it I don't wanna see why would it be re release that though another hour but. I guess we shouldn't be surprised but. I'm shot I am I'm not shocked stunning but you are on to something but. What you what you have a daughter yeah. I should soccer games don't get out watching I mean and I'm like yeah she's a juvenile girl I physical. If she were aboard. Her physical reality would be eight plots. And coaches which I'll hit let's get let's get her like she's tough she's tough she can't win if you jealous she's all that kinda stuff but. That's not. Really praise when you talk about it for a girl Justin and I if I let tiger get so mad dad like yellow card for war yeah that's what I'm saying and I've got he's got go to. He's manned. I just and and. Justine did you feel bad for was feel like he did beat Serena did that did some of that got taken away I did feel kind of band that was our idol she does via. And his sons say Serena was grandstanding taken her shine away while getting lady. I think she did but she didn't mean to and I think now she's done I think Serena feels very bad about it now I don't she feels bad about. She feels bad about. The fact that she may have to take some shine off her opponent. But I don't think she feels bad about. The cost or. Confronting the the judge yet from the far away she has a history elusive Serena her temper so don't pay her like she some Angel. But you do what about Serena would you do you were talking women in general all of say it is OK let's say. I mean. Dream on green. Gets. Hey enough praise for what he deaths I love. Talk to him and I don't think I don't think people love when women like that. Talk especially a man is the judge. That's who she was dornin. Who has done. Outta popular bar tab on today anybody worthwhile going wants. Herman Moore the old I don't lie and so we see. Her and more. What no Curtis Conley was unavailable. You like that don't you. USC Curtis Conway will buddies can do little more lick their right you know he's married to. Ala Johnny Morton woomera Mohammad Ali's daughter. Who Curtis Conway. Late yeah and I got a nice little friendly and a cousin but ribbing me you know are not in tip but I do too now that. You know did not get mad Millwood. Matt Millen the Penn Stater and former GM who else. Thom Brennaman and I out of red announcer our mr. baseball. Mean he's one of those elevated baseball announcers known anybody else you know talking about her. Anybody else are you really don't go to a party. We got a meeting you're not gonna this could be fifteen and by the way look there about a baseball game. Go to every single game why out. I did on May actually into would does that pointed. You go to every single game that your kids like no I don't if Bork and on the week you went to haven't been here rightly. But other than that on the air okay. For you want me to drink which UN is for you know Darryl I mean total lie just yes to say Osce definitely not a hundred. It's not like so I need to go buy a bucket of chicken there what are you going to do. I'll tell you what I'll go get jobs burn some for you for you now. I got the money. Clearly did you go do David Stinson chips and pretzels. Victor toll go get some. Edison had bad ships in the area those like your brain Malaysia bridge wrestles. Your tip (%expletive) I'm dead serious shock to us told the break they get ten seconds left. But I let it because the guacamole and there they have buck Emily already when they know to sign up with yes. They get what she salt and vinegar only gets really pop in botnets.