Steiny & Guru – Hour 1 – MLB

Bonta, Steiny & Guru
Monday, August 20th
Hour 1.  Steiny and Guru talk about Bay Area baseball with the A’s playing great baseball and the Giants struggling. Also the guys talk about if the A’s are going to re-sign Khris Davis, the Giants have lost their competitive fire, the 49ers performance against the Texans, along with Sherman’s comments on the helmet rule.

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For Lehman not a jinx things a lot Stein. Only you can still run. The. Person dying man. Good morning everybody. Darryl would guru Johnson and match that I met along with him. Big weekend of sports this past weekend. We found out a lot about our baseball teams and I think I think it's pretty obvious we got one team in it for the long haul we know one team. This in the coffee checking out the I'd say they're checking out there. But the a's take two of three from the Houston Astros. This weekend they're one game back they had tied him after Saturday's win. Air and it. It's hard to believe to rue but. I think the attention now gets focused through the trying to win the the AL west forget about the wild card you've got to try. To win the division now not like you were trying before. But I think now you wanna try to avoid a one game playoff. Yes and you talk about life not being inferior sport is not fair. In what would not be fair. Is his great storied Oakland Athletics play one day nine weeks. So they're one game back I know they were trying to get this week yesterday studied the place was rocking people came out. Are they supported the team there won back. I'm two of the Joker they greening gold. It's right differ you can go give it Stein and that's all you can ask you know no doubt about it no doubt about another impressive. We can't guess there's a one little problematic. Area if you could call it that is. They just don't have the pace they don't have an ace and it that might be the reason why more than anything you wanna get in Beulah. Are you wanna avoid I should say the one game playoff my cousin who was the case that's why yesterday I heard a little bit he's their best pitcher. They're best pitcher but. Verlander. Is still. Is still kind of base that you figure DA that the you figure the days. Would love to have an a one game playoff but let's see let's see all the rest of the season plays out 35 plus games remaining. Astros one game up. And the aides have now that the Mariners in the rearview window and and it's pretty amazing it's pretty amazing that we're sitting here. Get no late August that it looks like one teams. A lock for the post season and the other team. The giants. The guru. They just won in two. Cincinnati got swept by the reds their now three games under 500 guess what how say. How does the math look how did over those are out of work now massive amount of work or on the English so the match. So math work Friday. But it doesn't work Monday yet and body language to online to three. It's over these are dead men walking in. It's bigger than this season. To me stunning upset that they look like a team that's quit. Offensively. They're not doing anything and he gets swept by the lowly grids without Joey bottle. Already did change every day if it were me I'm changing everything once this offseason he hits. That was embarrassing. And then they got the lowly Mets tonight. They may do another no show starting. That was embarrassing. Embarrassed I think given the giants some thought over the weekend and I think. Parents should humble. I think they're trouble. Moving forward to tell you the truth in what what are the reason I say that is because. It's a franchise that's been built on pitching. They're pitching is not very good the game is now about power they have no power so really they have no pitching and they have no power. So how in the heck are they gonna get better. In the next year to I don't see it I didn't hit a bad Bo contract do you stand up to woman say hey you're you're pretty good pitcher. But do we have to pay you for what you were when you are horse he's mentally and and when you met all did he hit. I'm just don't want it out to a study you are right they got major issue the problem is his. But garner got one more year left at about twelve million dollars. So. You can talk about movement bum Gardner. But then you are moving your best pitcher. I mean is still your best pitcher I know Rodriguez is off to a great start but bum Gardner's proven. And so what I mean what about Posey what about the. And shut them dale does something wrong given him the benefit of the doubt to Wear his lower half there's something really wrong with this if so did I don't. Quit making him go to what we'll watch him. What do fuel supply. What's at play through it could go ahead and while you're going didn't ruin your rent because he. I can give them out right now if he's hurt he's playing and how would that ruin his rap the runner you know results. He just grounded out to second strike you now weight in the balls. Nothing is strong coming off his back to hidden in there about what he's he's. It's a different tune ninety's stuff and you know what I'm talking about arrest him that's all I'm saying don't want the white flag and give him help. And it's him not sit down in the squat is gonna do that man has started now. Do you think this bothers me right why do you think this bothers me about. The FDA it doesn't bother me about the days it kind of bothers me about. You know the a's fan not the fans but but people now we're getting interest in the case. I've heard this more in the last week poker and I have in the last two years. I got a recent increase states I got a resigning Chris Davis got to pay him big money. I mean we're all too why. Why it's not only do so so it's just not how they do it's so boost. Why. You'll Billy Beane is run this team. Under the same way for a long period of time. Why is Chris Davis all of a sudden the guy that they need to keep in the fold for the next five years because he's in his own. He's been in the zone the last two years and when you put this for years to get using this year together. He's not a historical run in regard to home runs in the game now Stein is about the long ball and I feel like Chris Davis is one of baseball's best kept secrets so the fans. As there are enjoying in every any of a's baseball they look in there reminded because he's he's going deep he's still an update. An eight. We gotta we can't let this do get a 18 in that goes back to what we talked about last week a's fans BM. You know like a bad relationship to biting their nails like what's gonna happen next are we gonna lose him. And there's no way KD because there are two KD did that doubt doubt I'll call him JD maybe they're both gone. What do you geeky there it is up in the air but take these this Chris Davis that I've talked about he's not going anywhere to this to show up on. Another field. He you know what he's DH well for a reason so then. That. Ideally that would keep this price down a little bit. A little bit I mean you can't go to an NL team to just came while he talked about you know what goes through his mind when he's going on the ball it's bad but he's in a beautiful situation. Throw why would you even bring up field do with this guy when you know the DH is the the issue reform it's about what he's doing with the stick. In the fifth want him some kind. Well fans who won a lot of people saw Obama ever been that would be a Christian we meet enough of that again maybe it was going to you have choices. They've you know what if what if and this is the way the a's have been operating what if you do something with Davis then that affects Chapman down on the line do so would Davis. Then you got to make your decision later with a whole slew of davis' aren't what he would do it in this scenario. So it's not about I wouldn't rob myself to you know Chapman's a great story the face of the franchise McKay Dee is he's getting it done. And he's a good spot. 85000 they had out there for three games our number was AB well I had to I had those are over house. My over under was 75000. Somebody that is where it was an 8584900%. To 85000 which is. But what 28000 games that's what they had not bad at all that's up there and took two or three from a team this but it would talk about this and several clicks are. The Astros. They have that experience they are currently. Don't this Major League Baseball World Series champions and I think we overlooked at in this great story Kazaa a isn't going toe to what do every time they get there. There's about your comments here from that from the tax line and what they're essentially say and and I think I agree with with them news. Chris Davis may be the test case for the quote unquote new way allied debt. Billy Beane talked before the season about how the ace. Might try to do things differently they might. Not might they have to try to do things differently keep their talent and go about things and different way than they have so in that regard. Maybe Chris Davis the news. More important than anybody else on the team because he's got to be the first player that the wrote that the a's have to make a commitment to win. My question is this. What if he's not the play here. They want to. To have signed long term. Who would. What you're saying I'm saying at every every team has a point where no matter how great a player is they think the money's. Too much to afford him I think we're CNN right now what the raiders and Coolio Mac for whatever reason Coolio Mac's not client. He wants more money and either the raiders don't have it. Order which I think that's just they just don't think enough about him. Not to pay him that kind of money in my question is this is is Chris Davis. That kind of player I mean if if you're gonna pay Chris Davis. What do you think 151820. Millionaire right now in Australia I DNH could you could get a little. All right we've seen higher. He's our own did so if it if he wasn't that guys that any regard to result we fell off. There would be no you would give no flack because. That was the Smart move he's earned this money 8889579570. Is the number. Is Chris Davis is he the first test case for this eighth team sign him to a long term contract. And it will convince this fan base that they're going about business differently I don't know you tell me. Now. This dying nets in new roof on 957 big team. Welcome back everybody that's died mets' Darryl would blue Ruth Johnson with people. Oakland a's one game out of first place one game out of first place. Seems to be sediment out there that if the a's are really got to change their stripes. Or change their spots or change both. Change her spots or do you change your stripes. Eleven let me religious spots on the say spots what but I don't think a lot tiger can't changes slot as. His wife and who does it change. Strikes well what is Heber capturing crimes I so anyway if the danger to do any of that. A lot of people believe that the first step toward that would be resigning Chris Davis. My question is. Is it a no brainer. To re signed Chris Davis. He's going to be 31 years old in December. He's a designated hitter so we can't play the field for we can't get hurt. In the field. That's a bonus if you look at that is quite literally a day what you should be his agent. Should be his agent but so does the question is is is. Is Davis kind of the test case for Billy Beane in the new ways let's go to welcome Jeff Jeff sought 8088 Jeff. I didn't also I think. Or I may I don't actually I've. Well it is I don't think that it actually changing their strike is tied. Chris Gaynor and I'm gonna go extract that spot on that. That because actually it all about it in baton right we speak about. DH is in likely due to an extreme example David Ortiz right. Like guilt he didn't and it he got older. You're at 31 on and that is you can't pick a guy like. There's like I like it in the merchant sitting up 3040 Albright. I like it is pick out of it that they it would make maybe make a bigger one. But I expect that bird thing to be important in an op but it wanna say thank you guys very much for talking about it we love the opening and we appreciate it. Yet you don't think about this to do room. Thanks for the call Jeff. People go on the a's fans. I think I think basically. They've proven themselves. I think. I think they've shown who they'll. And who they are news. A group of fans for the most part that's saying. You guys win you guys contend. Will show up we saw three years of that we will show up. If you can't contender if you don't contend were not gonna show up and the reason we're darkened show up is because. You guys have had a history of what great players go so I almost feel like based fans. Every year need the keys to prove it to them that they're going to be good once they do they'll come out like any fan base. In the country but you can't expect eighties fans. To be as supportive as they are now all. If the teams not as good not it not after they've. Had a 1020 year history of not. Sign players like they yeah but you are right in I know what a's fan he has there are loyal they've come out in dry holes we sought and twelve. We saw when they were making moves years after that mark Coyne is. The one thing that the a's fan has the initials stand up and be proud if they got a commitment from the team in the city they're not going anywhere. Like raiders like the warriors the rays are here to stay stallion they came out over the week in it win over. In the little bit that we had in regard to. You know we're with the fans get excited about what they're seeing and they all are. And I got to throw in this caveat daycare apple he was front and center before this season's start going up in talking about you know things are different and you've they're gonna run business differently. And here we are this is a perfect example to me it's easy also be in the Chris Davis is giving you something in three years. Starting he's about to do something historical. In a garden go up front so you you're always the guy that. That criticize teams for paying guys for what they've done yet know he's doing it now this 36 he's got the jitters right Richard you're gonna pay him for what he's gonna do next year and beyond yet well. So what are you pay it for you paid for a 101 know what he can do occur and what I know you gotta pay him. He's making 105 this year. Many wouldn't go eighteen to Hillary for how many years. Went to a three. What she says I want four for eighty we're gonna talk what you know four for eighty right now for Brady and I'm here for Mike the rest of my career. That's what I mean I don't think it's a no brainer. I don't I don't think it's. I just don't think it's a no rationalize it the gay was changed to what he specializes in knee is. You got almost pay premium for male study so forth for Haiti sound strong. I'd on March it. Give me three for sixty men got a deal now he's going to love fast though he's gonna go to the Assad to go to Allen Nevada bell. Where are aren't. True you religion in our lives Baird Bartlett a list of gentility dynamics let it be real clear about being. But all of bill paid players. The grand state to play. And you're gonna build any kind of blow. Well sports gave today it's all about the entertainment. You can't have entertainment then there are going to be coming out the street and we keep changing the pieces they can identify where that you are crib David does this. You let it roll forty and over as a starting your stored they're really like a little. Bit Doug. So oh. English only trailed. Stay at Evian minimal weight they have no because you know look. Twenty car number 25 Jordan David may. They might tell about it then you don't have somebody else they've got makes good good just like it's a pretty good and it. Big kid big hitter David a not so much about winning NBA they're tiny bit. So you are darom page. It and know how to do it and though that's what they'd admit that they admit the bulk of rob that's a bit start. Appreciate the call I'll. Appreciate the call. I was if let's I know the a's in the giants are in different situations. But let's let's just throw Chris Davis and bum Gardner together. If if you're the giants. Are right. By the way the giants. Over the war. The record is over the last two plus seasons. 155. And 200 and full mystic. I pitched it do it you will almost say they're rebuilding and they don't know. Debt debt record good god my point is his. I believe if you look at this effort Cisco giants objectively you can not like which you see no doubt and so. If you're Sabine in. You have to look at bum Gardner and say. Do we keep them and build around them order we try to move him and get another. Few players in here that maybe can be part of our core in the future. Or my point is is that no matter what you decide. That decision you feel like it's gonna be the best for your franchise and that's what I'm gonna give Billy bean the benefit of the doubt here if for whatever reason he doesn't. They don't resigning Chris Davis. There's got to be a reason there's got to be a reason either it's too much money for a DH. Or he's worried about a decline in production after 31 or or whatever it is. There will be a reason one way or the other so I. All say is I don't think it's a no brainer gab to bring him back but I don't think Billy has that equity among fans. Amongst fans because with the Josh Donaldson deal the says this deal you could say he had his reasons but it was obvious by the reaction. And what happened with the team on the field staff many people didn't agree with debt. But it was his prerogative he did it we saw what happened mop point when you compare not that you are Bob garner KD. In you say while we what I feel comfortable paying them. He hasn't had an injury so unlike miss checked thank you and you're going to duplicate what you've been doing the last two to three years. More than four. The giants tiny. The only. Being you can do to save. And get yourself out this threat that your hand in looks like it's going to continue. Is not give mad blow a contract from what you've done. You have to go what you wanna give one to Chris Davis for what he's done what his his aero is a sending. He's starting now to third wanna descent into very early on going into next year but I'm CN know any top player in the field so well. Why am I supposed to think this guy can hit home runs until he's 3435. Years though you might be able to. He now we'll let you know I was in charge to write that check mail bombs got hurt he's come back. Having got hurt a freak accident Celek he's injury chrome. I'm and the ball went off his man in spring training that was said that. I'm just saying when I watch him now he's not as dominant as he wants one clear and direct sales go to breaking Campbell. They brick. What's going up Ella. A guy. And he got a Peyton Manning eight bit in Quetta airport eight or years in a row either in the MVP conversation that piers you love Oakland they like to be here. And I think. And you lock it then that. Billy would dining guy because. Well his earlier spoke to get these days ago and you know it featured back in early trade and a couple of years. I mean lack of a mandate. I don't think it ought to. A lot of risk in signing a nearly 31 a not not basketball whereas. In it start to decline even has prime right now and that's where Chapman Acadia I think you're in good shape the period. Fair enough thanks Brooke appreciate the call we are correct one thing will happen this will be his third straight forward enough for. He got 36 this year he forty yeah I call it floor right. So this will be the third duchess but. Also to the domino effect with Chapman. And also. He fits he fits what this lineup so it's bigger than just his productivity it's. It's make him the days who they all are there one of the most dangerous. Lethal offense of baseball teams when it comes to put the ball over the scene it if they arrived unity. Meet shall call on the swing and basic into. You can't nobody stopping him. I'm more like a slow shutter you know. Let you know that's been taken this truck it's let's not necessarily our original gotta give and hit bring him back in earn. All I'm saying is I don't think it's it's necessarily a no brainer especially. If we don't know the price at this point but. They look it's all good for the Oakland a's right now one game out of first place. And like there's anybody that now is it spin of the green and gold that would say the giants have a better future I mean. Who is murky Stein he did it's it's everybody and yeah it's worked in March yes it's worked on with you first of all their their. Yeah they have fourth place in the in the NL west. I'll become more I'm. Look like they've quit I did there's there's no five year there does not even a match can we kill we talk about. To the giants have some players that are considered like. Buster Posey was a great player. But he's almost a liability. Isn't walk a bit of leaked like Brandon bell too I mean. I don't it's it's just another. Year with Brandon belt meaning to this just like can't believe people actually and you set it to this is going to be this year. He's got more down to 45. But quite why would you why why about Scott. He was that good empty word was always there would Brenda bell potential he's got the power it was about being consistent. And I thought the additions of McCutcheon. And Longoria. Opposing Crawford in the rest of the gang. This would be is coming out party if you know he's got hurt in an hasn't it starting you know our special and I'll watch baseball. And I see the guys at the plate in the step up the boxing you see that helmet not the this helmet on I'm always trying to see what state what that what's bail weakened. And I might built about to show the world did you go he's about to reach his full potential and I watch the giants now all album. And they just baffled. They look like. I can't wait to watch 62 comes we want this over. And it don't sit well Whitney and I'm sure they'll know that doesn't sit well what don't cheat he's had meetings with the with the coaches about why they can't hit. Don't let all the other day. From the 650 start and stop. The giants have a much brighter financial future than the Oakland a.'s talent but no moneymaking ability. An editor he pitched. The giants have. No power hitters. They're pitching overrated. The farm systems not very good. They played a pitcher's ballpark in their pitching isn't very good and they don't hit homer and you decided their record over the last what do whatever that was your game. I mean 35400. Games like any time to talk about this but what. What are the giants could do they got Longoria for another two years that McCutcheon some larger McCutcheon go do that right now study. Let him go play for a winner. Isn't that the right thing to do. And Jim while they are the wild coyote. The tiny little bit this is just soaks. But I'll belted yeah. Felt that McCutcheon lead the giants in home runs they each have fourteen. The age of five guys who more than fourteen you hit it I mean you can't. You the giants cannot win like they've won in the past. And yet they still have a team. That's like they've had in the past so I just I do not see the giants being able to fair turn this thing around. In the next year too yeah I just don't. I just don't see it but in this mess on cry contract wounds over the organization. Before we move on to our little football country at some football over the weekend. I due to quickly see what Josh Redick said no. Yeah Josh rhetoric after Saturday's game he misses home rob knows something about yeah they don't play a lot of meaningful games here. In Oakland. And down the fans really got on him about that and well what he meant was simply that they hadn't been in the playoffs and a few years in the canal yesterday and clarified. That he news. It did seem like he was bummed out because Redick had a great relationship with the fans here. And he just said look I love these I love Oakland all of these fans had a great time. When I've been here but who's a fan favorite Josh Redick. So he must've heard the back lash out social media Arnaud are his handlers for him to come out and in clarify no doubt as you know and I know when to clarify something. Yeah you don't like yeah how was interpreted. Nearly thing about the giants real quick. How are you gonna get a big bat. Your guys available. And how did the mayor know DC but that's the other thing that's built in here. It's part of the law it's part of a law it's part of Iraq. The big long term problem and so it is scary the giants. Are playing in a pitcher's park okay. So they can't sign free agents who are power hitters. Because the power hitters don't wanna come here and that the power hitters come here they're not getting hit with a as much power as they hit it. With power in other stadiums. So they have a pitcher's park. But they have a mediocre pitching staff right now probably below average at yours say they have and know our military Tommy John you may not be available. Yet I'll. I want to jobless Fabian in the red. This woman I got another job either and all that gets you out I mean that's the other I think that's going to be so waitress thing is we got both front offices. With their contracts. Run through next year new. You got beanie got forced Melvin Melvin wise Melvin not repay these Apatow would put his. I don't like anybody is at what would result I'm giving in regard to Melvin there's just hit yet but you can't Melvin can have a contract it goes longer than Billy Bean's. And Billy Beane had a contract passed next year. So obviously there that you know what it does make the playoffs. I got to believe most of these guys are enforced and still be around on the giants. The giants question I think that they have to ask themselves is. Are we gonna allow Sabine. And Bobby Evans to. Guide this rebuild or guide the giants into the future or is it going to be somebody else and are your nose boat people pitcher and he or she. It's his decision. Would you look around like man this is this gonna take a little while I'm not gonna I'm not I don't have I didn't meet. And many breaks somebody else seen. Well depend Dusty Baker. I mean it depends whether Bruce boat she gets. Satisfaction out of solely winning or whether he enjoys just managing in China and make young teams better and and pull the right strings and all that kind of thing because. Mean you see him after the game yesterday he's mystified at how they're just the body language that any it's not the results. It's the body language she's not didn't from these guys. What's funny is is that the giants have always been praised. Who for their professionalism. Which manifested itself in the just being a professional keep it an even keel not getting too high not get into low how many 'cause we heard one of the beauties about the giants is. You can walk into the clubhouse and you don't even know they won or lost because. They're they don't get to Dell when they lose and they don't get too up when they win and now recent letter about body language is terrible. Oh really with a body language was praised like Tim Duncan's body language. Years back now with so they can't show any emotion somehow because they don't care maybe it's time we. How would you know how they're doing much emotion that Buster Posey showed during their championship run. How much emotion to Brandon belt show door and I mean did you fist vote you know who. You don't you don't yeah I don't buy that I don't buy that I believe that the giants right now work. We're 65 and sixty and still hanging around. That their body language be the same. Just nobody would be saying anything because they have a little bit better record outs go to LeRoy LeRoy in Oakland what's going on man. They were such siding guru glad to be all men hey let's say it. I don't think we shouldn't be held a giant cloud Chad. Yet maybe we got 35 games left and you know I'm looking at this division. No one watched as it did this guy knew what what what oh what this division I mean this division. Has been. And down all season and I expect over the last 35 games where the division to keep going up and down and say you know how they do from week to week does we think the win. This year. I think you know when they went back in this thing. Couple little girl do her heart you're wet LeRoy hasn't Barry Diller DIF a die hard a yeah that's the fuel LeRoy which you obviously didn't come but usually stumped and I don't. And I call myself mr. optimistic but eight games back but it's not about the number LeRoy. It's what's come into the TV. That they're not playing what any inner GRC. I think that's just what they are there old achieved. And you know order teams they don't get to Holler they don't chew lol they fight hard I don't think they've quit I think they're fighting ought I think they just kind of came into this series. And like a lot of leste under estimated the rich. They underestimated these guys they weren't doing well there we waited there they get hey you know we're gonna get this series that we didn't let. Baseball is like that you know world to the next series and though like if they're 35 games left. You know we we do in Shreveport games you know we're back in this staying in the main reason is this division it doesn't state what think that would talk about it a couple of weeks. This division I don't like the. Thanks LeRoy appreciate your cut out there cut now oddly run up and hall are LeRoy though while I mean I go to. Six and four over their last ten go route I was eight and two they want this war well what the broad use. Dodgers are four and six which is. Leave it how low LeRoy UWR guy that LeRoy. Is that how lost I weeks and no oh my god yes she said it like that added we should go up up up before we thought it. Now today they did not 579570. Assignments in guru. How good Jimmy cheek wow. Now that this dying Mets into Rupp won 95716. Jimmy dropped below grew room. Did bad this this world we're just living minute man. How can you watched her give you watched him over the weekend and not gotten excited. I mean I got to believe at one point even do route you're watching Rob Lowe and saved hunks. Yet no that's already happy in a black he's doing so whale I know it's a team game started but tell me if I'm wrong here. Even if the niners. Don't win. He looks like he's still steeled in his craft to where you can say. They're not losing because the bad guy he special. And that Tom under Tom Brady and Bill Belichick dammit meant something this too he seems pocket presence that moves his feet. He he's got it. Interestingly. Now I need a need help here not only from you guru who may be from some niner fans. You're Jerry Rice set. What happened to not take a listen. This is why are hurt guys expect out Shanahan he was so disappointed that it and all those in their execution that he thought well. Didn't come out a third series doing that that football game but I think it's better if they got to get a lot of poor play this next bull gang looks at a ball game if they have been. Without air remain in Columbia long season. Well. So he USA we talk about everybody bought and that was Jerry Rice on with the morning show earlier today he's gonna be on every Monday. Oh with the morning show that's good go to you and me. Jerry Rice but he. Most of the talk about everybody except Iran apple and at age did you know what the debt has to be because of what's scary is we always say pre season doesn't mean anything. He said this get part way over to the regular season that they don't get it fixed next week. Do their running back situations a mess they just brought in offered more us. The defense dining I don't have a lot of confidence so is Jimmie go Rob Lowe gonna have to be Jesus in order for the nine iron to get only in. Cannot tell the other teams are bad enough but this guy. But I don't know we still hasn't lost the game. As a starting quarterback. For the these differences go 49 you're not count a pre season game now I would never count them and yet some have. You know like you steal a defeat. You know the other day we're talking about NFL training camps and and we were kind of joking around about how there's so much. Crap. Out there that you don't need to to know an area. A fact case you find out what can I was sick kid amendment. Went Kim Newton threw his first interception news of the practice not even gay and proud I bet in my home so he was struck at. The fact that plate it's huge and think about this ferment it's huge news. That shut out of hand according to Jerry Rice thought about keeping the starters in. One more series. Else. Yeah I love. To you you take it Shani son of Mike. Is a is a perfectionist and he didn't like what he saw so were over here I'm drooling over Jimmy go Rob Lowe just like the rest of the football world you on WR. Study it's it's everywhere else offensive line the running game are the receivers big enough are they big name enough. To do they do now when you go up against the likes of the rams in the stellar defense is. And I just think right now. The niners are dropped off but Jimmie go rob below thinking 'cause we have him he's gonna improve every. Facet of our football team and to me start Mets that's not fair. It is fair for a great quarterback. If you have a number one receiver at the end of the ball unlike our son are here yeah I mean come on no you about that you're right about that Terrelle and do it he might not. Have enough gimme a Jerry Rice. Okay this is where you drive me nuts. Buffalo had a drive yet they don't get me Jerry Rice there are no Jerry Rice is he the greatest receiver that's ever played the game all right. Are always we talked about the plus nobody knows we're okay. The third second or third best receiver Walter we don't get one of those that nobody knew TO was. They TO so I'm just challenge in the niners' front office felt fine meet at jail. Ed diamond in Iraq. Okay I'll go find me a best receiver of all time. Well what he's not there is one and to be serviceable but out if that's the position on watch and going to do the season started because drop lows making them live better than they all are well and that's another. You know complement to drop below is still on the ball on the money the bottom line is if you're great quarterback you can't help every single player and your team even the defense. Because you're not go if you have a great quarterback you're gonna go three as much going Tom Brady army they generally have outsider Randy Moss. But you know and I did which is saying I mean it's it's actually impossible really to value. Or to measure the value of the great quarterback because. I mean just think about it let's say. Team's first and ten from its own twining bastards quarterback and I mean. The odds are drop was going to be able to possess the ball for his team longer and more efficiently and better. Then now better. And so that automatically makes you defense better at the time of possession. Improves. That your defense almost can't help improve behavior on the field a shorter mats are so great quarterbacks can help the defense and the one knock on drop lower don't throw good deep ball into a forty yard completion. I forget to who. But do it as a matter of fact to what the touchdown but I'm like we do these guys. Just this dummy so I can't do it I'm gonna do. I can't wait dowdy a lot of questions need to be answered and they will be. Yeah we're gonna we're gonna see. We're gonna see. How good drop below is I mean I think it's clear he's pretty darn good but the question is is he. They're gonna be a top five type quarterback that a lot in the a lot of players a lot of people think you might be. B a right now you're a bit yet that oh if you like to say again the your hand. It's a question you would bit to go rob Lowe's gonna be a top five quarterback. Well and if I mean that that's in minus 300 right now that Brady. Rodgers Brees. Brees hit we errors weren't known. Tough. Another commercial humor to show what Oliver. Watson I'll Watson. Watson. Matt rioters how rotten apples when he sailed Watson is gonna be the next Michael Jordan in DDK do Lian before he got hurt. May look like Michael Vick. Which it all flags again with football well. What do you mean by idea OK there were to place this weekend that were so ridiculous. The one involved Rahim most dirt and I'm on 49ers and any other involve the dude was Jacksonville Minnesota. Minnesota I'll. Guy sacked perfect tackle. Both drew flags. We got a problem Richard Sherman. Richard Richard Sherman's called the new helmet tackling rule idiotic. And impossible. I'm telling guru it I believe idiot being. This could be seen all season long we're going to be talking about how. Certain calls impacted games there's just no doubt about it and then I heard Joseph this morning. And I have a lot of respect for which show has to say he thinks. You know what we have two more weeks they can still get this thing under control. And figure it out and and I'm like yeah right he's right on the one hand. But I don't think I don't. I don't think it's gonna happen already told you what's gonna happen is gonna be a conference call Zocor may be a person they have all the rest of videos of all the flags and how these guys. Dot how they interpreted the rule. And they're gonna say look you cannot do this is partly game if you guys continue to call it this way and there's probably some abusers more than others in regard to the rest. Did it cost about somehow Landis calls man it's gonna actually changed again you heard Jerry Rice. But in two you've played the game on any level star admits you know what the rest of what message is they're trying to stand is utterly impossible. All you're not a computer cannot come up to tell you is it okay you know who these dudes are going to Marat you know a million miles a minute. And as long as you do it to where you're not you'll come any contact with the other guy's helmet on purpose of trying to spare room. The big game this this this is ugly and I haven't been panicked like I have since all the fame game because I seem bad calls. But not as much. I think were I mean I don't wanna get into a huge. Debate over it but if we if we happened to happen to. I think what we're seeing that this is the beginning stages of football becoming extinct. Nicklaus and yeah. You gonna try to make it well. You can't wait you can't make football safer you hit. You can try. But it's done through sabotage the game to such an extent. That it's gonna hurt off football fans Roberts of assessments and so if you. Try to make it safer in the event or in the hope that more people than rule. Start the light it either again or for the first time that's fine but then you don't lose your hard core base you've. It's it's incompatible. Football and safety. Compatible. No matter what you do unless you make a flag football and guess what even if you make a flag football guys still gonna. Blowout knees in and in twisted ankles but. I I don't know what the answer is I'm not obviously. There's there's. Really significant dangers of playing football. On the other hand if you continue to do what you're doing it's tough football. It's it's just not football. I don't know what the answer is I love watching football. And how about now though when you watch or if there are flags don't you don't want it this and this is this is I think the question everybody's got to ask themselves. And you're listening and I'm 57 to gain KG MZFM and HD one KG MCC effort Cisco a radio. Dot com station. What what's gonna make me not watch the game. If it stays as violent as it is and more and more evidence about concussions. Coming in long term. Is that gonna make me not watch the game or is the fact that they're called all these stupid penalties. Pause and legitimate hits gonna make me stop watch in the game but what which is it could be a combo. I'd and it's bad that there are the combo true for me I don't think there can be a combo I think that's where. The NFL was trying to appease both sides and it's impossible.