Steiny & Guru – Hour 1 – Football Is Back

Steinmetz and Guru
Friday, August 10th
Hour 1.  Jim Kozimor (filling in for Steiny) and Guru talk about the return of football with a whole slate of games last night, analyze the 49ers vs Cowboys game last night with Matt Barrows of the Athletic. Also the guys talk about the Bonds jersey retirement this weekend.

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These smooth. Relief not to jinx. Thanks a lot Stein and there. Isn't still run. The. I'm pretty stunning list. Given those two big Broadway Show you got tickets to go see Hamilton on Broadway. And you get there and any announcer says. Juan morale or whatever his name is the guy who plays the lead role. Playing his part today is Joseph Johnson. That's the way it still goes today after the open. Matt Stein Mets on vacation I played a part of Matt Stein Mets I am Jim Crow is a more with you and I am excited. I'm excited. To deal with all the guru. Because I used to be a call dirty your weekend show when IB drive around. Now I call you tonight and not not only a color codes you would we would call you. And you would just cover the whole gambit did you not a one trick pony so you are a heavyweight like study sought out makes you the chocolate for. I used to be that a lot the chocolate playing ball here recently told. My wanna call me snicker now all it and let's get rolling here I 957 the game I am excited for this reason do. Football hack. Yes the niners played one of twelve games last night. I was flip around the NFL network and I'm seeing and get unseen baker mayfield road around well flipped over and seen Jimmy go rappel whip around it might just be one or two series but I'm Evan and know your an addict in so my and we got our fix last night I wanna tell you this not to take to show off the rails early coast. I was worried after the hall of fame game about the flags in what. Was gonna be perceived a fifteen yard you know unsportsmanlike conduct hit. Yesterday were pretty slow that's an excellent point because that first game which is a little crumb of taste off here comes football. It wasn't the best played game it was just a game. Bears and ravens. Chansi Lamar Jackson I was trying to highlight that first game. But last night you get a full slate you're at the ball phase of football. Your nibbling on this you get a bite out over there you're taken a look at this quarterback over here. You're seeing what ever can go on in the NFL. But our focus was mainly down at Levi stadium we wanted to see what the second year of Kyle chanting hands 49ers were gonna look out. Look like and let me say this first of all niner fan. Step away from the alleged. I think supporting those fans get a little bit nervous he got some injuries. You got some guys who herb. Okayed that. I'm not gonna make a sixteen game prediction based on one pre season game but I would say you've got a varsity guys in Jimmy drop below. In a bunch of GB guys around right now that doesn't mean it can't grow goo but right now I got a varsity quarterback and he's done here playing with the JV squad. Yet it what does that mean at the end when it's all when the sixteen is done coast. Because the pressure of the football world is watching go drop below and I got to tell you I had that all DVR function. And every time go Rob Lowe with though incomplete pass. I felt some type away like he's this god he's opposed to complete every pass but calls this is going to be interest in. He's a soldier he sat back there on a couple throws to get he completed some overthrew couple. I can't wait because the biggest facade don't women's sports is pre season and I hated in you see the niners get up a boatload of injuries to. Early yeah a lot of injuries like key injuries key and that. He got a guy takes a concussion is supposed to be important your defensive front Solomon Thomas concussions are tricky we know that. We know that this is something that could take some time but a concussion this early in the season slows it down we expect a lot out of George kettle at the tight end position. We your shoulder is going on right there we've got the running back position would mad breeder he's got a shoulder situation as well those are just some. Of the injuries but those are three key guys that we thought were going to be important contributors to the 49ers. And that's why the ball on that side of the fence. You've got to be unhappy the fact that this team is just not 100% after just one day and do you think because the mandate from the NF failure these guys can't get after it like when low O'Neal was lying and AK it would be very. What mortem looking for coast active. Do you think it has something to do with it when guys are going out what is actual goal time. And in they're not used to didn't hit you know low post don't want that out of I was listen guys this morning and Lorenzo Neal was saying because of the CBA guys aren't able to its promise much they used to they can't hit and prepare. They can't be ready so when you get to the answer is that the school room yeah. That it's you haven't toughened up you haven't Callas the body at all. If you haven't Callas the body in the needle in new first game you know the first gain a lot of guys are trying to make an impression. You got guys who know they're gonna be on the NFL roster and they take it out one level you some guys who were trying to open some eyes are gonna do some crazy things I don't know if it's not weird it's somewhere else you are right you know and you can't keep doing the same thing in practice all the time you finally get a chance to do it against a group. That's where a different Jersey than years. And it can get a little out of sorts are here the things that we got from UR four U 95795. That's our text line 95795. Or he can give us a phone call 88895795. Seminal will go through the forty niner game. It'll take a little lighter today just one pre season game those are the quick thoughts that kind of jumped out to was the injury situation. I will say this if you wanna be tough on grapple he can say at a couple of over throws one of his completions a little behind the guy the receiver made a nice planet but you know what. Two of the 33 down he had he converts on to a lump the third when he completes a pass with their short on the first down. I just think he's so poise and Smart and home once he gets his hands on the ball for some reason I know you think you should be perfect as we have an image. I still feel this guy is really. I think what we think he has close I'm with you and also I'm noticing when he's scrambling are on the run. He becomes more accurate if that makes CBC it's like this dude does have that poise and I wonder. Does it come from being around the hoodie in one of the best ever do wherever you stand on Tom Brady that has the means something right now that niners got their stuff for G. Now do you put some around the boards to Jerry Rice of the niner and that's the thing right that's the thing is that link again they win but hey at it gets back to my varsity and JV. You've got a varsity quarterback who understands what he's supposed to do. He went down scrimmage with the javy yesterday that's what he did I am wait to see an enormous jump up and that's why. I'm really afraid that everyone on the niners tight Google is out over their skis I think they think it's a nine or ten win season and a shoot the play. Yes they do I don't think they're that close to playoffs well they went five no five games. Outside of Santa Clara San Francisco that nobody cared about but calls this is that this is that. NFL today we are in the microwave society and people in expectations. Or there to where the niners better go at least eight Nate or DT and Wayne's how about this and here's an like from Chris enrichment. Good morning guys what's your take on the Eagles game. Any thoughts he might be facetious but I will tell you this. I thought so a lot of games that went on last night I just like the fact that like I'm an addict. I'm back to watching the game maker mayfield is real runner on May feel getting it done an odd I disliked him coming out Oklahoma goes he looked Bree I'm getting my job. My nick Marlins and get my nick Marlins Jersey number four about 49 nick multi brings back the niners on a big touchdown late two minute drill late big game go yeah and I don't know what's happening there what's in the water with these not a quarterbacks but they're tough as hail. Better take some shots he reminded me get Jeff Garcia just can't get not taken hits but did not go some local one on scene and I like the fact that the NFL's back. I number 8889579570. Let's for a quick grab bar. 211 steel. In Fremont would jump a little 211 steel in Fremont extreme I'll what do you think about the 49 a game last night would you say. And that defense got traded. I realize that burst on the Alter it a and then all washing out there are by ward was it site was. No not and I don't want Kemal. Got that same spot the ball. He caught the law do not smoke as you Israel is now true but it on the back. Why are. There was a brutal hit that ground game in our coverage call they'd let them way right I you. Backed government people or more Arctic RM two on the potential win. Com am breeze and yeah does well. And it. All of a bit but all work and I got. More power. I think that's go to like it's eleven thanks to really seal off stride yeah I don't know the whole movement or order you know more this baseball we don't want a three year in the hall bad seven exactly and you may still get it done pretty uniform and are you parlay card that the pre season even for me yeah there's there's a hundred number for that come due this week. 211 but it is different level of addiction than what you and I got. I love C and all the different games might take an Eagles game. Pittsburg Steelers are group cheaters. And I think it's about time the NFL came down around you didn't hear the story evidently they were used in a ball that was a little deflated. And you go back to Tony sixteen the giants accused him of heaven to footballs or deflated now mister ruby Steen and mr. Ruiz got the pipeline to the legal even as the pass go. See any stories about this this team out Rooney runs the league. They're not gonna come down craft putz heads a little bit with the league. They know they wanna do it cones surely does in Baghdad and that's the way it is twelve minutes past the hour 10 o'clock in the morning. Cozying go with you until 12 noon today I am excited to be here with chocolate the war hit us on a text line 95795. How about this from the 9511. Wins. 49ers eleven wins this year. If you count the pre season maybe a little moments where you're coming out on that deep of the evidence. Morally. I'm not coming down the road we're gonna break down that also we know it's a big weekend for giants fans got Barry Bonds Jersey retirement. That's coming up we'll discuss that between now and noon. Darrell the guru Johnson and me Jim goes the more interest on any. I'm. I thought seven. Now that this guy nets and new roof on 957 big teens who. One rumor and that's the guys was right there no horse you know an immediate now. You come and Okaloosa Hamilton would it was airs gets great show who kissed isn't isn't sold out when he goes against them every time every time. Studies on vacation. So I'm filling in today you and I on Tuesday from the gulf took home I've got my copy. We can't really knock you are like tiger and have market I would look like fill due to fill dancing you look like tiger did not go hang out M my best. How about Khalil Mac did you hear what and I can't thank easier said. You can find age fourteen lard ass like monopoly money is there no way it's. He reports go they get a dealer work but it's good day. Fourteen today I ask for God's likeness to react to that that's a lot of chance. Welcome in 957 to gain Jim cause a lawyer for Matt Stein Mets dearly guru Johnson is she can call on the chocolate the war. You can get us on the phone today at 889579570. You can Texas and you have bend 95795. How about the quite a lot of stuff here you know when I come up this Hewlett found to be in gearing. Ten niner fan did you see the logo that they have in the back of helmets. With that did Dwight Clark in the number 87 this eight plus many around the neck cool. Catching between them they didn't wait too weak one they got it done get right before pre season. I mean ass out. It's the little things that are big but they then that goes a long way and that's not coming off forever. That that that will be on that's phenomenal and you know the stories that you hear from the people who knew Dwight Clark closely. I knew a little bit because he's to do the forty niner post game show over and NBC. What I'd kind and generous gracious guy just the kind guy but from everyone you talk to. Who met him and talked about the catch the white Clark would instinctively say to them what do you do when you when you saw the play. We're we do who were you aware if he want to know as much about Vera story. Is those fans wanted to know about his story of one and in the back in the end zone climate a letter to get to eleven feet up and make him regret he made about the person. More than he made about himself he was so together. Yeah and what I want to be cowboy game last year I didn't know he was gimmicks the speak so. On my mind Coles was just football I added dolls in the did hit the cardiac muscle with his words but not just his words with the love. Of the guys behind him that boot was full if for USA that we have ponies and you have Virginia women real dudes. I didn't know Dwight Clark but I would bet all the money in the world that he was a real guy who loved and it yeah it was on display when he spoke. Unbelievable. Out they about a late thank you for early Lin Manuel Miranda. That's it now one Lin Manuel now how long would that be that too is like a game. Does that play last two hours three hours two and a half or apple you know 'cause there's an intermission ball that halftime so what do you go get popcorn and drinks sort. Never mind yeah all that OK I get it all men are gonna go back and watch the second half the show. Come on many got to get their colors are good and I got a broad got to get things culturally it is Syrians in their final would they thought about walls going out of the 49ers last night was there another fifteen you were keeping your eyes on. Is it exciting that football is back for you I'm a lifelong bears fan I wanted to see you mentioned true misty would do he looked likes it. He look likes it until onion but what you can afford ten million. We know and I get the motor well feeling great today. If you're in Cleveland today. Right are you gonna bond number six Jersey I do you think there may not too far you are either but if I did. The starter and he won't be Tyrod Taylor was not bad he should be in buffalo but that's a whole other story. AJ McCarron could win the job up there in buffalo that's what I mean 1980. Bring in my addiction back. I'm bouncing all over the place seem what's going on met Sandra felt welcome and a 957 game. What was good about the niners last Snyder what's something that may be hagee a little worried. Oh good solid person that they keep playing with solid they had to make more act that should. But particularly Colbert had not look good up actually Taylor looked like it at the Limbaugh asked. By jet that early rushed the ads like that guy. You look like idiots I think immediate move and aren't that support and training camp. I a lot of Bogut on the court because Portland. I think he's always been overrated but whatever on that he might it do anything about it I get started about it at linebacker big guys. What is that they've got the fact that are going to be gone for cute game. What I thought I could not get out into the plot. Covered that Blair officially recorded in the wheel route they were all laid it out or exploiting that old game. And the other thing they talked about the Indian JV. I think the minors receiving corps a lot better than anyone has given them credit liked it it got. All right you're gonna get cut employees and maybe even start brother ain't. They don't have a true one but I think they're going to be I didn't operator jiggle it occurred at I thought it separated shoulder I'm much happier because. Actor ever like yet delicate okay at it any or whatever it is it is you know that I got the blockers. I'm not I don't know what luck in the run blocking was oh we got it all might god it was. And that was tough but you're gonna try to pick out a new running back from this coli. It was hard to gauge because they weren't open and that many routes for him Matt thanks very much for the call. Which leads me to watching the giants game giants and browns sequel Barkley in his first touch you see what he did and it was electric unbelievable I was going to the now I know sort of done it was only his first touch but if you look at this not a game that microcosm obviously is the old line had a bad. And you know what. That's going to be a big problem if your heaven that a bad night now. And you got an offensive line today Eli herald. With a bruised knee might be it's just a bruise. But you're slowing down a little bit you need to get timing as you move further along in pre season McClintock didn't jump out on the out on the TV did do you know Billy greater progress out though that the DiFelice first game but. You know Dallas was didn't after. Let me get back to call 8889579. Fives and a lot of because there's a lot of people like you wanna. Right there waiting for games to come. And Nellie got us this they wanna spew their takes and I don't mean in a negative light. He just need a place to talk about it right now porno before we early gas and what we thought now we got a little body work. Little body work but we got a chance to Cecil that we can start to think about it talk about it to what what I like Jimmy award. Until that's going to be an issue to get something to watch because real quick I'm special in this is just something that jotted down a might have by 114 years. People have talked about the stopped the field it that new stadium it was a joke we saw it come up people ask what's going on. He kept trying. But last night I gotta tell you might be uniform got the little that the small things mean a lot to meet those that feel lick like Pasadena. Did give a that you know you're whoever the grounds crew did on the tip of the cap. Give them a raise debt that's not in Grassley better than Oakley college student who was this odd father of the 49ers. 8889579570. Jump or maybe Texas the name 95795. Google wants to give that man made a tip of the cap looking good no chance to grab guys it was a lot and it looked like you're Super Bowl they look good did leave it comedy number ten's did you see any audience out there you go you know. They are ready. Lionel enough Fremont you're next on. 957 a game what you got force line on me is it too we can't over actor can't we overreact after one game line on old used up here. You can't go work. Toward. Oh boy who grew. Both bought back all your wife and applaud like. You know I mean it does not look like after like in out a lot to grade and it. On my scene with a belt and I now know that it means that all upper big of football at all in the in fact it is environment. Yeah I want that apple I think though that odd. Apple and the other group that found that unit here I read that number why someone who'll it be able ball you don't it'd. And I and my attic yet. Or at their on court really. It basically goat or what do and we weren't there I'm. It where act Ghana at another opt. Out there and get injured but overall. All active taught me in the the way. What it's related to nine. What. Are we required in order BP. Yeah you know it will weigh in it for apple we. I agree I I gotta agree Lionel thank you very much but here's the deal. This team so young you can't afford to do that you gotta get every opportunity to give them a little bit of time even if it's his one or two series. But this you know what. They BLS's in a couple of minutes we've got mad barrels. For the Anthony were writes for the athletic covers a forty niners and I I would like to ask him. How much closer after last night do you think the forty niner brass is to going to an NFL owners meeting in saying. Eighteen game season to pre season it's yeah I don't want four games and my guys getting kicked around I don't want to lose guys and me. Those games and let's go we're talking about spell that they did you know you give her when you're trying not to give her coat that's when it happens and if teams are gonna go. Not even all allow but half way it is it's tragic and it's in the way but the the fan pace for park in those Beers cost you spend their money which you know you're not eaten the product on if you know what. We got a guy here at the the 510. We're talking about the offensive line play in a corner of the 51 only city got a real look at the game film last night with the when she the first round pick. I eat pancake if you guys makes the point how often does the offensive line ever stand out. It stands out. If a quarterback isn't getting pressured the quarterback isn't getting hit and saw that left right here at the quarterbacks uniform is dirty. The offensive line didn't get his job done right same thing offensively in the run game if you don't got guys spring and loose get free get a couple of longer gains. The offensive line stands out. And so I think that's wobbled back and look at how I'll take a look conceived and Angela she's the right guy and a fees. It was one game again it's one game. But don't want our expectations are so high with a one game aren't. Think there are going into it now you talk about one game calls soul we got another game upon this next Saturday. How many plays grapple played nine what does the metrics for week two in 38 deep. Or that or what do we do is that I don't keep it I don't like that I don't know when I sit down to. To to watch and did you mile hole. How I'm going deep you know how much of Graf won't want to see. Already. Let's see here defense of leave this is a team that might have a lot of questions this is a team that might have a lot of issues. Did it it's 11 play stands out to donate millions. Now it's not first team. A tape deck press Alex he would. Dak present I'm not a deck fair and I'm like damn I can't I can't rob O'Dell many think and I get a number four. Seriously I'm I get a number four MI get a number four nick Mullen is when you got a 49 is that two minute drill when the game. I'm like get a deck you know who won that game. Who they got the call the place Shannon that's how new Dallas is in trouble I know was pre season. He he's a sharp mind in up put him up with the guy in Philly the coach in Philly Peters and I mean this guy knows what he's doing he comes for his daddy did it and now he has a code I'm telling yet. He's gonna make go Rob Lowe. Better than he actually years and in that might be what we've already seen but Hoosier Julio Jones is that but people here are calling good wind. Like he's Jerry Rice and I'm not knocking him he's fast we'll talk to Matt. But I just drop a load this. Are better if the wide opposition I'm like this from the 415 the NFL wants to expand into different markets to pre season games. And just one regular season game at a neutral site for everyone so you get. Eight home eight away one neutral whom may be it's in Mexico City may be it's in Toronto. Maybe it's in London because they have how many three or five of their five loaning game I feel like wake it up and it's. 60630 in the morning quarter yet and you're ready to roll right. All right I'm gonna give you that when it's it's kind of interesting to see how the league could eventually play out. For pre season games for too long everyone's agreed it's too many. You can get a lot of this stuff done in head to head practices like the lines in the raiders' head right to people want you know would get in there and haven't seducing practices yet they're open them up. I know they want the gate I know everyone's gonna yell make it to date. But I wouldn't mind have an eighteen game season making games that matter don't making teams that the real quick are you. Look at that the niners this year and handing drop below mania. It's playoff for bus like myself. OK I am not I think though the five wins under Jimmy G last year in the six wins total on the season for the 49ers. Gave everyone an unreasonable. On out over their skis feeling. I don't think overall talent is that I think the cornerback is fantastic. Okay I'm really certainly be a believer in number ten. I thought at first round you know maybe they weren't ready form he was kind of ahead of everybody five games is not a lot in the Pentagon so we thought surely this gym and you and and you'd think they don't like you gotta make the playoffs. I don't think the guys around him a playoff ready yes that you lynch had to turn that roster around and you don't do it. In a season and a half or two seasons he stole the middle change in everything can we talk about. Red zone weapons couples hoping Dez Bryant got a call from the nine I don't have a conversation I don't disagree. 1032 the time let's talk a little bit more 49ers had a great meant barrels he works for the athletic. And he joins us here I 957 a game Matthew thank you very much for giving us some of your time. What stood out TU last night pre season game number one and everyone keeps saying well it's not over think this. But you cover this team data de L what stood out to you about the forty niner F Kirk. Do you have run blocking would not very good and you know that's what this whole offense is predicated upon and count Shanahan has overhauled their unit. Over the over the last year really. It is this that the tribe starters in week one last year. Four of them are gone they're not even on the team anymore so it'd spend it the total. Revamp. And it's being built. BL extensively to BA very good zone blocking team essentially that al-Qaeda on the run and that was just. Toward it altogether on that opening drive and and that's not what he wants to see. Not everything is based off. Being able to run the ball being able to run the ball to the outside it's got to. Runners indentured McCain and Matt breeder who are very factor around 200 pounds he cannot pound Iraq take the guys in. Those runs were were pretty terrible last night. Met the niners suffered or you know rash of injuries if I ask you which one concerns you the most how would you answer that. Well what does your dad George get all because I think there was a real concern last night that he may have. Broken clavicle is delayed he fell hard. Believe that you know that armed tucked underneath them. But the reports from the NFL network morning that there is there's no structural initial probably this time. But he's not how long term that I did it look like any of those guys. Is going to BL long term I mean Michael would not be into the regular season showed that got a BA tremendous. Sigh of relief for this team. That the last thing you wanna see an end of the very first preceding game. He's basically five injuries in the first quarter when all your your would be starters and top back at our plane that's what they had last night's show. That's got a BA. Big we leave her country Iranian John legion those guys. You know what I meant barrels of the athletic joining us here 957 game Matt I know a lot of forty niner fans we talked don't hear you probably get him in your mailbag all the time. A lot of more start to think that this is the team because the in the last year and Jimmy gee they're ready to make the leap to a playoff caliber team. How far along the process is John Lynch in turning over the roster from what he had when he started a little over a year ago. To what he thinks is Islam is a little Shanahan type of a roster where he can really go to battle each and every week. I think he's farther along than he thought he'd be I mean finding Jimmy grapple actually beat huge debt. They got a lot more out of their rookie class then you know most teams do in this year's rookie class is pretty good too. Shell the other roster overhaul is good it's not certainly not complete. Pat structure for example is it is Dave Teague. Missing element right now and I just talking about that 49ers. From rushing offense. The other Russian defense wasn't very good last night either I mean would do without any deal Elliott I think. The cowboys picked up 29 rushing yards on the opening drive which ended up in a touchdown. I you multiply that over there the course of the game and that that the big rushing day for. Ballots into that that's been the bugaboo with this team they got better at it last year from there really lousy. 2016. Effort on that front but they know that stepped elemental community can do that you're not going to be very good itself. I think that they are you know we need gut. A quarterback like Jimmy drop below peak is good is everybody thinks they're that automatically makes you. A team that you can think about the playoffs com. Going deep into the playoffs I think they they might need. A little bit more seating. I think they might need that actually rushed to be better than it's going to be. I do think that there are still some missing pieces to this team. Matt keep up with me here I know last night it was weak one of the pre season and made the niners played the cowboys. But in my mind they were playing in the rams and the rams got great secondary they got a great defense is a hole. Analyst telling told you know what. I love Shanahan I think he's one of the top play callers in the league I like Rob Lowe. But I feel like they need in every team does a TERRELL OWENS George Jerry Rice. And you know as a wide out somebody's gonna have to make a play and I say that to say do you think his wide receiver corps is ready. And can make plays for this team on a consistent basis so they can compete with teams like programs. You know I think marquis Goodwin is. An eloquent too much of expectation on him and then he hasn't done it to this point but he seems like he has the chance. Not just being 49ers top receiver but being one of the better receivers. In the NFL. They now a hall of fame level on late night Terrell Owens and Randy mark and Tony the other guys but. EU combined his speed league is trying. And determination he wants to be great and he's putting the work in to be great he's really sharp in his in his route running. You combine all that we have a very good quarterback in the end you have something there I mean it's all projection at this point. But I really believe that he had a legitimate chance of being not just a thousand yard receiver but. You know one of the top receivers in this league. A lot can happen happen obviously he's got to stay healthy yet that's been an issue for him especially concussion and that's a scary. It seemed to have looming over you put like a caddie Egypt seems to have all the tools. And a determination. To be something special this season. My that I know we're bouncing all over the place at the great met girls over the at the athletic. Going into it matter if I'm not mistaken you were looking at tie this Powell at the corner is someone who might be able to. You know be a dark corset does some good things everyone's focused on what Jimmy ward what happening him last night come on I'm Powell. How did he look TU. And and what makes you think he could be a dark horse to keep and I'll. He's he's been did did did a group. Quarterbacks on this team they're all you know dark horses there are all. Underdogs and he's been in the Warren who's emerged from that group a little bit and he's not a dramatic. I'll leave that he has done a rational but. He's been the war who is consistently been in with the first string unit when ward and Richard Sherman had been. Now he's a very big guy and he's their biggest cornerback. I mean that's 62212. Physical he's going to be that the type of guy they can play. Press coverage all game you know likely you've got to sharpen his is covered his downfield coverage skills and things like that. But down yeah I mean. It's going to be a if they dog fight among that group to see who. Makes it onto the roster and I think of that group Powell probably has its lead right now. Now could the pre season have started any worse. For Armstead who got injured. Now I mean now this is the guy who he would keep his within the ability all the time and then as soon as. They're either occurred he's going to hurt them chunk of the season and that happening again and. Around the guys playing behind him Juliet Taylor in his seventh round pick. He's probably not in both guys were healthy he wouldn't overtake. Air current state at this point but dumb BL EE given Julie Taylor a lot of playtime. Welcome practicing in the game last night that Taylor what's more the wasn't the only guy down on either team religion who started a game and it was playing. On the last series as well. Arms show or. I don't think it's critical for Eric Armstead at this point but. It certainly does not help the narrative that is the caddie just can't stay healthy all season. Met before we let you go should I be fitted for my nick Marlins number four Jersey after that a brilliant performance in the comeback victory what a two minute drill I've never seen a two minute drill. So picture perfect. If you might now wanted to hit him for the ice so all things. Lisa. There was I wouldn't let him know what they're really nice to the Truman met with these guys do. Everyday practice state they run that in most people aren't paying attention by. The time in that moment in the third string. Often get out there but. We I had a feeling that never going to happen is that it's it's something that Shanahan. Stresses in his practice is just about every session. And with a two minute drill just like the London admit Monterey. Matt thanks very much for joining injury Matt over at the athletic you get him on Twitter at Matt barrows what do you got coming out of the athletic which annex these companies gonna be about. I'm not looking at my in the new should midget or I go to all the very small things in the game. On that sort of suggest bigger. Teams should sure I'm not midway through that's all post that maybe in a couple of hours. I saw Jimmy Durkin and not ten cal coming out of raider practiced yet today guys is the athletic you're doing some great things of Matt thanks for the time we appreciate it we enjoy reading your stuff. I was Diaz later you know the great meant barrels. But guru is here I'm Jim goes a warrant for Matt Stein Mets will step aside when we continual you want some of the things that barrels was talking about. Will heat you on the phone lines at 8889579570. And get some of your text as well. 95795. Got a good suggestion here from someone up from the 415. A what's going well the National Football League. And how you look at the totality of the schedule. Codes and guru 957 game. Now that this kind Nixon who wrote. On 957 big team wherever a wicked brawl here because of one in my favor weekends of Major League Baseball. Is ready to roll and me in the build on coming over the table go I'm have to break it down with you man I love. The Doug Doug player jerseys the player weekend I love the player weekend with their nicknames on the back of their jerseys. Well I mean. You're trying to be cool baseball beat you. There's not a more sacred than. You'll laugh today calls a more Johnson. On your back not these little Twitter handle name under 59 times a year again echoes the more the rest of the time against something else is funny. Come on man I'm going to the parks for the whole weekend is the Julio or what what. What these were off in my legs get off my lawn who. But you're you're the old guy now front get off a mile on and on the young guys saying come on man let's see some changes only game what what's the premise could captivate. Are the young kids can take a look at the name on the back of the Jersey but still did not go to the box bookstore. What's really interesting about it is that about two months ago. Ben Zobrist to the cubs wore black cleats on a Sunday afternoon in gain okay. In the league try to find him like 141000 dollars because black cleats isn't the uniformity of the uniform rule everyone else is worn blue. He said I was just doing because when I was growing up my favorite there's more like cleats so on Sundays I just wore black cleats. There dark there are trying to find him fourteen K for now the ticket was held an hour but. So my deal is. If your bliss in Major League Baseball let's get together with the players association and try to come up with something that networks I think the players weekend. Works he gives everyone for a weekend a chance to express themselves do you look young I used to be the guy who said hit a home run. Put your bat down run around the base is going to the dugout. Know. Your bat and he aired on what is around you bar connect car and we're all. At the pitcher and pitcher we striking guys out double guns AM I want you go to your teams get a high five. What begins about an emotion and fun and excitement. And that's why I like. The players we okay. Now I don't wanna sound like old foe he had told Jones special. Let's let's talk first day I martian beams down from out of space it is their first baseball game. And Buster Posey whose nickname I have no like Captain America. What are stash your first baseball game in do you see your first home run and cool deal was on the back did you not cut your own. That's okay to appease 20 you don't want but the martian I'm not worried about the martian sticking around with very revenue watch Letterman and some guy who's watching his game for a first time. He doesn't know the difference so to him this my basic he might say on Tuesday of next week they weren't they doing all the cool names in the back of the jerseys but we just saw. The closer for the Arizona Diamondbacks Jersey for this weekend. Bread box or who had hit go hit his he's got you don't even have a nickname lapped up rob he's got the greatest back in the jurors I might get hit that Jersey now. It's a picture of a box. Right and Anna burger next so what's next the cellphone in the sock I love on the ear let you know what that's sure to rat. Stopped at altitude do rag day for me that's hard about how they've made easily create exactly it's like 96 degrees it's a double doo rag day. Listen here's what I know I ease again I used to be they hit the home run walk around the bases I love the emotion in this is when I kind of occurred to me. I love that he'll ran to the middle of the field and he's hold the ball I love that he reached into his sock and pulled out the Scharping any signs the ball. I love they grab the popcorn he threw it is face or regret the compounds and he's doing a cheer. I'm that they gained to have an emotion. That sixth and the emotion of seeing that cool name what you deem cool. Does that get to do is don't whip I think he could be funny if guys have a good like Blake trying to lecture kind of flat backing his Jersey said but a lot K. But Locke is funny. You remember it. I don't feel bad number you know there are put on them Alitalia and I don't know her laugh go to the baseball game that doing something to what about the Yankees who say. We don't have any names on the back to date participate. They better able to roll over in his grave and you know what I'm gonna what they Brooke that his time was the most colorful character a ball. He was always hit on women in the crowd he was yeah Kaminsky park between games of double headers walking across the street and the bigger dog. Coming back and in two more home owners of the game was colorful let. The game beat Colorado now. Hold on 'cause I'm against it is sound like a geezer. And here's another way what is the card AAR PI that said that's one version of there's no one called me and they are something maybe some knows and attacks line. But I'm all Ford I I hope you're going to the games this weekend. Let's see here was Josh thank you say. PTB. And LCS. Give it to be I don't know. That is pretty forty try to play hard too being people picker. That's great right. Judge flag is gonna go on the field with a plot could be named later or the back of his Jersey now what is breast cancer awareness out of that. The net that the cops yeah up in Mother's Day. I love that yup when I don't with the big idol led the NFL would have had a big but big I Wear my do less I Wear my pink days Jersey one on delays pre and post will work and the breast cancer awareness day. I Wear my Jersey. Over my shirt tie and what I do in the pre imposed I tear up when they show me all the survivors pulled my turn. Well I love that I was down 30 I do exactly this is like a sponge mop field to win pick Clinton. He is not Khartoum has. Are people buying these jerseys are people gonna They by and he's I would hope not but I bet some of spend and we should get a list of the giants in the A should have that let's get a list of the giants NEA's jerseys I've been to buster didn't even have a nickname. He's so all school you know that his. We busted might just say buster instead of pharmaceutical says buster on the back. I'm getting the thumbs up we got the gig guy working wheels of steel Alex got organ wheels of steel an argument the thumbs up John Curley produces this mess here. 957 big game 855 it's on you cause more and for Matt Stein Mets still to guru Johnson is here as per always are here up until twelve noon today. That would talk a little bit about the baseball the funny games ago along the players weekend that I love but it's a huge weekend for giants fans pirates fans to write. Pirates fans to office in the empire and a very Bob Levy are yours and retired. Did you really against the cubs until I I played hooky kind of trouble that it tells you GM in the east bay and its city and I want bonds in liquid he became to be but anyway. That is saw that Azubuike and nobody I do because I don't know what kids do that anymore I I was talking to a buddy of mine who's got three sons. Two were teenagers they love it he said we don't go to games why they wanna stay home play. Once again their plane and might. In the DK why won't helpful or not to play a full and my daughter twelve she's fighting then you don't do this on you tickets to a game. No one wants to go to the game I had four on the glass I surprise my available on a glass for shark game you thought I came home was stabbing my kids they were screened. Only. The animal. The computers taken over me and Tony got unplug. My god how would you are going to David's not exactly be like dreamland it. I couldn't wait when my dad had tickets went to school at my Jersey on I thought I did not pay attention all day Ichiro yeah. I'm right down lineups I hope I see this guy tonight I hope I see this guy tonight. And then you get unlike stamina to do wore the clock can't move fast enough coop how look at my watch come on dad we got a day. You know he's got to work go on tape he's gonna come home plate suck what are your command but the real Dan that's what it's a. Out I can't get kids to go now. Anyway. Anyway. Back to the game this weekend bonds weekend. We had great pop on yes that was filled in for jail. And we had Popeye and we win I ask them about his thoughts about bonds and he said his reading of this. The weekend. Is the giants kind of read the room and see you know what. I'm saying get into Cooperstown. He ain't going to the hall. We're gonna give Barry Bonds his whole theme week and his moment. Is gonna be here at AT&T park. You're gonna get your Jersey retired for the first time a giant gets his Jersey retire without going to the hall of fame. And this is our moment as giants fans and the rest of the baseball world because of Pittsburg pirates are included in this the rest of the baseball world you get to enjoy this too. Is it do you think that's what is the giants see I don't think Andy Warhol. Yeah and I hope they do they're not listening and I know that's his job John Curley I've seen him he's over there he you know he's don't want you don't fort night OK he thinks. That the giants are putting on this beat the fiesta so that the MLB riders will say the hall of fame voters will say. While they did it. We're gonna I'm going to let me call cause more desolate I changed my mind. Know that I think the giants they love their own in their night he if they think fishy indeed we do that. He populist right what's new he's not give me and they're going to give him his day in the sun all be there. May need some Kleenex but you get around going toes I mean sure he's not going mean it's wrong. All these this whole era should go win. But I'll tell you this he is my Mickey Mantle he is my Babe Ruth he is the best baseball player I've ever seen put on apparently. The I think that. I I think he just ask writers that question. Who's the best player you saw play take all the insular stuff out whether you you know are you don't know it doesn't matter if you use something. Who's the best player you saw in this period of time who's the best pitcher you saw in this period of time I think most would normally say. Bonds would it was the greatest player of his era. No matter what he did or didn't you guy stole over 500 bases he hit over 700 home runs he won seven MVPs five of those with the giants. I think they would say was a greatest player that they ever saw in their hair I can say Ty Cobb was the best player in his or and or someplace. Bond you saw play and wanna know what here's the other thing about bias whether you think he did it clean or not. You watched him every time he grabbed back and you watch him my favorite memory of bonds is when he's at the plate any swings. Pop pop pop pop pop up flash bulbs and AT&T. Insane. Insane the way people wanted to capture that moment cut. Colvin dumbo would consist of one available pitch and he would politely deposited with the did try to basing. I love Joseph Morgan more than anybody knows if he was in the Booth Booth and they all those are our do I can't do it keep going Joseph. He's against. You know what I'm not absolutely why and they know I understand it and that's what makes this.