Steiny, Bonta and Ratto – 2.5 – Young NBA Players, Dwight Howard, Kevon Looney leaving?

Steinmetz and Guru
Friday, June 22nd
Steiny, Ratto and Bonta talk about random things to fill time before A’s.

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Downtown San Francisco he's he's 957. Well I got good news bad news for everybody out there. The good news is Vontae hill has come into the studio and to my right the bad news. I'm still here. I'll be here for the next half hour taking you right up the day's baseball they got a doubleheader today against the White Sox. And it starts at 110 Chris Townsend will be on at twelve. 30 PM but it will give him your show muscle it don't you dare move a muscle about your gonna say the bad news is is that I've come in and portrayed on you guys to show. Right or start and it's like that's bad news for all the listeners he can get those names I don't order. I'm in Toronto right that's current art not the Napoli others by the way we're working government a couple of weeks remove. Nice little show of R&B. We have former presidents day. The value of that was I've forgotten. It's great for hours in my life ultimately why does the four hours do four hours. And ray actually watched like I added to our guy I actually are artists Boone Detroit tunnel my wife. It was severely all star week it started in that Friday. Radicals are not watching the second of the NBA all star game and one great. There's going to be a fun show it and he comes in on that Monday. I actually watched five minutes which tells me that he actually lost the whole game it was keeping track of it on Yahoo! Sports Corsica us. Corsica. Those shows are American and well for us that we rarely. Ray I'm not gonna continue with this topic because one of the things I'm good at he's just you sticking jab at stake in jab and then you move when you beat to hell out of scanned and well I'm. I'm gonna put Shawn now a little. Put the exclamation point on it were a lot of Finland is not Scandinavia and we're getting some Iceland. Iceland is Scandinavia. So. Hello for sure they're wrong about him I don't outing wanna discuss are right about Iceland if you wanna call part of Scandinavia it's fine it's held a long way away. Never been their regular. I've been there no but I hear it's. Fun yeah seriously mark my best friend is going up there next marketing applicable lagoon being to support. We're going out there and hot tub in it's death of the degrees outside then it's on my bucket list. Reykjavik. Two big bucket. There in big buck cut let's start serious for a minute here talk a little NBA draft. Trash like was all with a morning show he's the Atlanta Hawks general manager. And if you don't know Adrian whoa drill Stevie SP and was tweeting the picks before the picks were actually official. And because of that. Trash like ended up doing something that he might not have done otherwise looked let's take a listen. Wall. I think kids that think that speaks to society today more in general and he's saying I mean especially in our business lines. Either sometimes that'll have a conversation in three minutes later it's out whether it's the basic. How fast information travels yeah. Committed eight lecturing conflict that some of these conversations were tried to have you know you'd likely be confidential but it seems like it's extremely hard he. All bullet could also be beneficial when you're talking about being an oral and trying to project. A lot different so you know we had the nineteenth pick and you were coming down and you know we're talking actually to Milwaukee on the seventeenth pick talking about traded up to get a guy we like their a couple of guys we felt really good about. On the Nike stick partially it was one level. And it leaked what to Milwaukee is gonna take so all the sudden we were able pullback got a good feel it keep keep the truck they consider packages picks to move up could we do to get. On the board we felt really good about only one team in between us so you know that little bit partial towards our bonds. Pretty pretty amazing but I think I think it's fascinating and I don't know why more teams don't just wait on a walled spar on the kind of sit back what would I mean it's are sitting and pop. He actually brought to set yesterday were under our agree with them. When Darche it's was picked by the Atlanta Hawks and word got out that the Euro her the Atlanta Hawks were gonna trade with the Dallas Mavericks like which ray young. If on the Memphis Grizzlies. I see that. On fielding all the calls and world I know you only have five minutes. Saying you know what let's let's let's trade let's trade let's. Draft trading on it or score a borrower into to the Ellen hawks in. Dallas Mavericks plants I mean Daniel player you don't like you know you have a player you don't like but she used that as bait for error. The Dallas Mavericks error or whoever won a tree of liberty Atlanta Hawks ahead we're gonna trick or to the draft or young he's on our board you have to deal with us not the Dallas Mavericks. I mean I hear you but it's it seemed like and you listen in 9570 game KG and GF termination one KG and you separate Cisco the radio home of the NBA champion Golden State Warriors. It seems to me like Memphis like. Jerry Jackson junior. So. Never know I did get into that doesn't help you because you know among other things you're not really in competition with the Atlanta. You might be in competition would Dallas but. It still. You Derek upon amended of the Western Conference standings. So you need to get the guy you want and not worry about what somebody else wants unless the guy you want is the same guy right in which case. You know Atlanta basically will glitzy draft. Draft passage. In and say nothing. And then called Dallas and say OK now let's talk. Right now I'm thinking if your Memphis or you could tell tell Dallas or yours as an entry on because we like whom. But if you wanna give us something form we can lay off the train on you we don't necessarily have to pick. Continues that is straight leverage for against Dallas. Your savior if your Atlanta you can live with god church right much it's just not a punishment if if Memphis takes trade young for. And you schooled on the dot church. She liked me because I'm not I'm not convinced that that the benefit wasn't. Just trade young but the added her to write it. I think. I think slate thinks tray young's gonna be held player I don't know if he's going to be as good staff curry I think we'll probably insert that but the reality is. Trey young's well first players. In this staff Currie mold. And I mean. He can bring anything to the table like step curry. I mean that's where the games go in reg and by ten. Dom with the army will start to see these guys you see that high school level a new level Kaiser. Bombing 125 feet entry young has that ability to hit shots from that range nominal how strong he is. He's got to get a lot stronger and that's a taker a ball more I don't know about mr. Ball handling ability performed a few games I've watched him play sure he can hit the shot but he also forces a lot which you expect from a young player true freshman. But it peace curry light needs if he's anything like curry and he gives its when he of these agree I think it's because they'll pick the terms like. I think people have issues though with the fact that. He came out. That started a coach season like gang busting in and got worse as time went on right and teams figured out how to play him. If he had started poorly and then. Turned on became difficult I'd I think he would have been more appealing now that said he would hire that I thought it. Because I'm not sure that he is you know staff Currie. And I'd I think you I think expression approach you can guard. And in the problem with staff curry is that nobody can guard. That's the difference. Mean college teams guarded area. Well. I mean who would then the the F slight of build. Got to believe he's gonna fill out Currie did. Rape kit. If the kid can shoot and a kid can pass I think he can play any NBA now those two things are what you need. Your smaller place. But can he shoot consistently. In a bigger stronger league were more guys played defense. While taking a step further with further line because that is something that. I think though people don't give enough. Credence to that the line is what two and a half feet longer out front and that's a big two and a few great. And he'll also see Mormon America efforts in college you have a lot of preaching zones to three zones guys were trapping a lot more because. You know look at the Oklahoma Sooners team from what I've seen what I saw. Especially in the tournament that one game they lost a bomb. The team with great around them. It wasn't great so if you know that you can sag off of this guy you can sag off that guy it just put all your answers and that your young. They're gonna defend a pretty well specially in the college ranks all with the NBA game be a more wide open. I think we'll see a lot better trio but they are you a hard pass or for that looks to try with Dwight Howard Kirk Kirk. It seems like the ultimate troll wolf if the warriors were to sign Dwight Howard Bryant remand because look like short order to okay. You still average and let's 1612 knocks out the you know tackles sixty that's what that he's seeing with that that we saw with him in Orlando. But if you need a big can not do like JaVale McGee out election awards were back to bill McKee. Damion Jones is a project that they really like at one point apparently he was higher on the pecking order. Higher in Jordan bell. In terms of a rotation. So big Joe's gonna get a look. JaVale McGee will get a look but I think yet the hard pass and Dwight Howard you just can't I mean Nick Young is one thing it's bogey was one thing. But toward powers it's a totally different animal when it comes chemistry. The touting the whining. If you got a heart pass. I. I probably at the end of the day would say no but what I'm what I'm getting met today is I'm not Joseph Laker raise nacho Laker. You're not Joseph lake and he's a little bit different I mean he. He definitely. He wanted to McCurry a few years ago right now and I think it was Chet got worse. Who talked them off alleged dear Jerry West is the only if you look at what so I don't think Joseph lakers gonna revisit that. That plan to bring in Dwight Howard specifically championships. There. I tend to agree we view. And I also wanna see where he ends up because. It's got to be a certain kind of place otherwise he's going to be he's going to be in ninety Dwight Howard's gonna have to wait like you know JaVale McGee right played it. He weighed elect our first wave of free agency second wave of free agency came and went. And then also on JaVale McGee's out there and August is like you know what I've ever take this minimal with the warriors. Dwight Howard how much we have to wait how Long Will you have to wait and how much will Lee make what's a good question because they've bought an amount so yeah he's probably. Think a buyout is of of 23000020. Million maybe eighteen. To go away. In the neighborhood there so you are still gonna make puts a 8085%. Of his salary so. I don't know to be a difference to him tick. Take a veteran minimum or take the mid level that would bother him at all but I do think if he knows. He would take either one or he wouldn't take either one like I could see him sign and in a hurry just because. He won't cost that much she's got his buyout money and maybe he finds a team that likes him. I am yeah I'm I'd somebody may but I think what's happened in the last few weeks is we've seen that. In the NBA he is regarded. Almost more valuable as an expiring cod to write than anything else that's the other thing is I think his reputation. As a building block. Has been pretty much correct. Mean I just don't think did a guy who bounces around from team to team year after year. Becomes appealing. To the rest only because. Teams don't operate a back. Mean they know what Dwight Howard's reputation is and whether it is as it locker room cancer or is just a guy who. Takes the ball in and holds it. I mean those are two things that the league is inner well. That the playing styles what the league is getting away for a even if you believed in I don't think this is completely. Reasonable. That he could go into the locker Golden State and get along fine with everybody. I think it's the playing style. I hear you you can add on all the other things like would he play for so little money. You know what he's ego be able to deal wit. The loss of stature. You know that we don't know but I do though that what he does when he's effective. Makes other people ESCO. And that's not what warriors do. That's a great call I mean UG UC with the warriors ass from her sooners and the way they moved the ball and cut and screen and could Dwight Howard plain assistant we see the systems that he has played in. With Orlando put to a point shooter surrounded around a man. You know with the lakers is just Colby and then you go to Houston he can play and in Tony system right radar I don't think this is a system for him he would be lost and intrigued. Do dumped the ball down to home. He's still a guy who struggles or create his own shot on the golf in today and he's never really gotten better audio than today and never really developed a hook shot. Develop the low post game back to the basket and then on the defense of Aiken Dwight Howard still switch. You know if we see the league now where I switch in every Keegan we we see the Western Conference finals employers are rockets and James Harden Chris Paul or get the switch they want. Can Dwight Howard at the state of his career still defend the guard can you play on a perimeter. Colts good question I don't know so. Take speaking of that though want it and in or is ray's opinion and bots whose opinion thinks gonna happen with a looney ray. The warriors are gonna keep him or he thinks some other team comes with a three or four million dollar offerings like I just yet. I think it if if somebody offers an added he'd probably go because. One of the things that I think you've seen with the warriors is. JaVale McGee was an impact a player for it for them in. In significant time last year. And he didn't get race. Loonie was impact over them this year at times. He might not get a race. And if you keep playing for no race. You never get your your salary yeah train going. So I think he Eddie's gonna listen and be he might well walk. Anything about his hip injuries. You know. Who knows when I'll skip skip out again yeah I mean nobody in this may be your one shot to get that contract and we talk too much to operate remember starting asking these questions you know. Is it worth points which he now. The good team they all firmness I didn't think about this but watch in the way he played in that Western Conference finals defending guards removing its feet. There may be a good team out there and offers loan me some money to the plot whom. Away from the Golden State Warriors. Not to mention wanna be spotting hitting bottom feeding teams that does have a little more money it would like to bring in Louie Ford's experience and you know strategic. Tepee chip experience so. Got to. I think she wants to stay. But at the same time he knows this is is once shot to ration big fish like goodness this is business like he's told us are corporates aren't I just wonder who. How much were talking about I can't get a feel. Because on the one hand you can say that's c'mon looney. Kind of a dime a dozen on the other hand. He has a skill that the NBA covets right now ray which is. He does a nice job when he gets switched on the courts. And he can rebound and is fundamentally sound that he won't kill yeah I mean. Is it crazy to think someone may offer him the mid level exception. Nothing is crazy but I also think that. The player who's leaving the warriors. Become suspect because you're not sure. How much of what they got to do. Was the result of being on that team and I think general managers have to factor that in. I mean they can they can think about loony in isolation. But you know is he going to be as impact full player for your team. As he was an oak. And edit the likelihood of that is probably minimal. Not because of loony but because he's surrounded by players who aren't as good. So I mean I'm. I think I think it would be ahead scratch your for a lot of guys they might pass just because they don't. Right. You know I'm just thinking about a guy like. Wallach Alex like in Atlanta who who was in on drafted him. And he may he may know which we can get this guy for. Six million over two years which is chump change but it's still more well but it's it's a mortal warriors can for a you know what you think of the draft Wesley. But they would what stuck out anything for what coach that's what stuck out to be no everybody tell them that they put tape over mouth and shut open don't leak anything. So we've got a kick creative way. To tip fixed by using go if you sit and m.'s I thought that was fascinating. That it's a supernova draft I mean you know we watch these stress every year. They try to do things on his opinion and on television networks as jazz it up or whatnot. Apple's a trap for meals Welch and how all every other media neighbor Marc Stein and shares from Yahoo! are trying to hit picks with dot necessary China but it picks. Close eye on her stylist tipping picks openly right because he's the one who got this started. And then all of a sudden quote couldn't. Can help himself ready when I guess they were broken Sergio what is it a bit edit all capping that vein in the cricket itself so I'm. But I think what's gonna happen. What I think's going to happen is the league is now going to institute a rule. Where. The team cannot. Tell the player that they're taking that they're taking. It's the only way that you prevent this from happening. Now either they decide to tipping it's not that big a deal and I don't think it is I think it's it's a problem that isn't a problem. War that's how they clamp down to is no way you can clamp down. You wrote to say you'll find out who you're going to when we announced it yeah. You know which means you can't call the agent anymore. You know Andy and then you'd have to get teams to tip toed followed that and I think agents would raise a stink and it would become. Well I become more adversarial relationship that point you don't want that read the starter kits career. And that I guess in this draft that it it in all likelihood and out and I've thought about this more since we talked about it two hours ago. I'd delete is gonna go. I know what you want us to do a mean dude who who are they more afraid. Agents for television networks. If you're gonna walk. Right now in the her which obviously said. On our morning show here and 857 game aren't you a little ticked off saying wait a minute tipping picked picks cost of some assets or some draft capital. I think teams are gonna raise a reflection we have to stop this troop to think about from Milwaukee side. Well but the question becomes are they more afraid of agents than they are Milwaukee or what's the answer. I don't know the end is it I don't know history that oh my guess is that television networks want this stuff. I mean they're they're going to be they're pissed today. That they had agreements with Yahoo! TNT. And ES TN. And at least two of them broke the agreement to him one way or another torrent so I think there I think they're hot. And Adam silver spur gonna have talked them off the ledge so. But on the other hand if you tell agents know we're not gonna tell you. What team your kids going to. Then they're gonna raise a stink and then all of a sudden relationships between general managers and agents become more contentious. Great to me. You know except for that except for the TV executives with the you know being partner. I don't see this as a problem. But TV executives tend to get what they wanted they jump up and down. Hey ray we got about forty seconds left how I how much should I would find Javanese three days. Well crucial it's two days. But the fact you said three is an indication that you did not Africa after a before we go on today of the Loch Ness Monster. Abominable snowman. So Oscar watch you believe in any of them. Lock this mosque yeah passing I told yeah. Though murky Flores a block that's on murder real floor that baby's real ice you've seen the footage red. Loch Ness Monster is real race day tomorrow and I'll say it right national nots in our earth this flat but the log says roster and they now seem real. Say no she really get three seconds. Friday's baseball coming up next I don't screw with me and.