Steiny and Guru – 2 – Is the Warriors/Rocket Series over?

Steinmetz and Guru
Tuesday, May 15th

Hour 2. Steiny and Guru continue to debate whether or not this Western Conference Finals series is over.


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On another great and I look the fact it into the third quarter where where. An agreeable blocked it but what Kirk hope all court with a it would yeah but in the third quarter you were right and I don't wanna it'll record whatever you say. They do it rockets immediately scored like 52 to me what directly. That's right. That's drug problem thanks for bringing that out we hadn't talked about that yet today in that that was that was a factor for sure. Yeah are important. There are a lot I've never criticized the wars. But it came to the war and sort of play don't like hyper iso in last night at best I would during her heart. Yeah they open their goal Orel what it you know during it was on fire so. Yeah well I think yet thanks Carl appreciate at all no I think one of the big. And first of all your listen in the 957 again PGM CFM and HD one KGM's decent effort Cisco. The radio hole for every single warrior play off game SR. The warriors absolutely moved the ball there's no doubt they move it better than any other team but they also. Play a lot of ice cell and Houston made them play I sell last night because it was hard to get the past. Two to your teammates that if that's why I was impressed with Houston's. Short collar and a couple times and she said I just don't want to read it that he re hurting and I wanna say brandy now have and one. I can't remember I care remember soccer I don't know we can we can keep guests and Renee. Maybe somebody of its excellent remember but anyway she said she didn't want K media basically. Do what he did last night and 37 by the way great job ice Steve Kerr again. Yet no. Get to ran out of that game before he scored 42 as you know wars are winless when he scored forty. Amin. I Ottawa. I needed to signal right now I'm I'm I'm having a moment start any comment nor. This this is getting boring it was a tuxedo I have to do that it has stepped numeral for the plugs there's no. No they couldn't wait a lawyer looked around the table to rattled the rattled the Western Conference final did I want game and now we're glad I've seen enough. This is how good this team is for the next five to six years. Increase. You're absolutely crazy the rat on the table son is that you don't Wear a tuxedo to a funeral. Is there. You where if you are also hearing your thought oh no tuxedo and if you don't you where are you where somber. Black jacket with black pants with a white shirt and black tie. Sunglasses aloud if it's outside in the goodwill when potentially those on what should if your apartment here. Can do suitor tuxedo and an. Your problem Ahmad in my gray damp and an incompetent. It everywhere I would listen dude you can Wear a tux anytime you want you can't but you know I respect you the Bob Barr no doubt take note that next level. Which you don't wanna be to show at a funeral stuff there are no person and so now no doubt a 888957. I five sevens you're you're border tunnels deep field already sort of may may be blacks and it's going to be held in San Jose Miguel. They get basically a call from Baylor big game that did that erupted when they gave it. Everything that you noted that they are exactly who we thought there where they gave it everything that it was probably their best game and I would go as far as saying that it will be. Aren't bad game of the series. In my area is going to get worse not worse but it game they're gonna get rapidly and let that there's an aspect it. Eating so much energy and I'd be back in and not elite unit did its job and they attacked and so much. He's spent much time and energy he can't afford to take a playoff you know he still probably. I mean if he can't afford to because that candidate that. That's like play and although edition of open shot that's why do you guys ad opens dot bodyguard. Emit the martyr he didn't switch or what whatever the case maybe. I'm I'm my employment on impact. But I eat bit bottom line is none of them can afford to take a playoff on defense which is where he's. You know we used to be able to do coarsely brand new. You can be axed this whole series weather goes or I say whatever. And he's gonna get progressively worse it's just. Because these human. You know. Yeah it's possible. That it's very possible. The rockets need other players to play well. And maybe they're not on the roster room that that may be true owner wanted to make an analogy about where I think we are with James Harden. In terms of being in his career because. Moves that. Because the one thing I was think it was. As it relates to Harden. If the warriors win this series it's just. It's it's all gonna come down on Harden and I just don't I don't think that's right I mean he's clearly the best player on the team. He's got deficiencies on defense and then but he's not gonna be the guy. That loses the series four. And the people forms like last night's tiny. He won't say this he can't say it is he's exercising demons. Everybody can seal wasn't his fault last night so the one saving grace for him. Is hate I showed up against this great warrior team op put up the numbers I had forty odd game hard they are. I have no hell. And and only Satan did you know you say arson each so last year it was in the big game he didn't show what's this stat wise. Let's not he was phenomenal and a reminder of the damn near him or cagey with the best met on a court he he keeps putting up numbers. He's exercise and demons to weigh hey he's not the problem. Let's go to. Haywood or not that I'm Mexican a bankable point that we forgot about in Myanmar compartment in the very first round of the playoffs. Wearing Collette problem came out and actually played like. The second best in the world outdoor and print it went out and play like they're at don't bring anybody because quick outs and always played the band. As a respectable if it when he bit like while injuring. But clay have taken less shots and it made all of you reap what they're debut at all by Ann Curry okay or Kurt don't fired a it's quite confident in component as well what else do it literally took them let him go. It is over what to both green that he made and certainly don't leave good grief is great pumpkin. Prepare for amber we're in the world. It's over it and asked Leo Burnett would open up. Yeah it's it's unclear really really hard to disagree with you there is I mean I'm who is like a battle go hits on nonstop on how to use. That team is not around hey you know what. Boston I wanna see didn't get a crack at the warriors I don't wanna get ahead of myself what I wheels. They got some defense they got limp I envisioned Tatum a market smarter and Kevin Durant. I mean it would be fun stomach and at the rocket team and I'm I'm going to blame game. But yet it's not fair court martial know that that the role players for the rockets when there are not good enough to beat the difference maker in a series. They're not ready yet. Every every once in awhile I'll play your kin. Re gain or establish. His reputation even when the team loses. When Dominique Wilkins and Larry Bird went out in the fourth quarter in the mid eighties. I Dominique Wilkens probably earned more respect from that game. That he did and any other game during his career Jerry West became one of the great players because. He never got over the top put people knew it wasn't his fault. You look at Michael Jordan he was phenomenal early in his career individually. So what I'm saying is I did I do hope and I'm just kind of assuming. Hardens got to play well this series. That we can. Separate the difference between the rockets and James Harden. Yeah I I think it's happening right before us let's go to let's go to Suzanne and Oakland hi Suzanne. Good morning and it seemed that how are you. Did. I guru. First primetime continues to look a look at that particular mistake we talked about slate EP did show that that he had come out of you know I I. I really want agree with the last caller can you know I was really really excited for clay last night. I calling him the silent as fast food because you just don't know when he is gonna come out there and he doesn't quietly. Is beautiful and it can also I'm in regards to the game. It is not a beautiful game to watch the rockets there's no belief in each. And aren't leave no room like you said I would love to either got to play because they have beautiful ball I've watched them all year. And you know it's a reflection of their coach to edit it and you know I can't say enough about them combined group would have to because it is just beautiful to see. And I am just another thing you know they were locked in last night it can you believe they only had Lorraine turn over fact my diet and I was like one hour. I couldn't have seen a better game in regards to Harden. You know I think he may have a better game on Wednesday. Let you know you need to look at them both gain interview live Chris Paul and Harding. And unfortunately. They weren't really happy with one another. And you know it says. Like Daimler group says you know sports dome built character they reflect did go back to where it happened. You're gonna Tutsis that you if you get it if you're gonna uptick you've got to get it right yeah as Jesus said they reveal thank you. Who's at got a little cocky at the end. Who wants to examine have to put you on notice how likes it. But another model on the other lady Colorado I can careless about about via the uptick I'll tell you what I wanna live in a world. Where. The bar for my success as a human is as low as the ball out but for Nick Young success. As an NBA player would. But Olbermann no matter boom and boom. Now back continue 957. Game. That's Imus Darryl would do Ruth Johnson along side you ordered Tuesday morning. Remember to stick around for pop and Vontae coming up at twelve noon they're gonna have come Von looting on today. Combined loans. Unsung hero of last night's game you better talk to him soon because these are gonna be a warrior probably. About a month or two a year assuming that yet to catch a dollar rules everything around you Wu tang. And what if he says you know what you got stuck with me. Where they can't stay quit them they didn't stick I believe they have a more uniform didn't stick with them they refused to pick up his option for next year for you think he's on a first they smoke it listen if you hear it NBA. General manager. Or you're a coach. And your watch in the way the NBA is go and and you watched and you're watching coach Bob looney play in this post season. There's going to be multiple. Multiple. General managers who are gonna offer him more than 2.3. Million dollars a year and we can be a team like the rockets. I don't know I don't know when he does with a wry I think. Be careful to Wimbledon I like him but he has to go to the right situation. Let's go to. My key in Oakland what's up Mike you won a grad a little bit. I'm sure that. Yeah cop car you got glad Larry didn't know yacht a bit in our lives. Little do you Andre and power and cool did a lot of well I'm in mid air and rolled up out of here. I mean I'm not know lower paying I also say at carton and you well. An outbreak of OK. What did it take to. Well my first stop you know might tell me armour all day and Harden had 41 so he's wrong partner had a good game might come might. First of all. What's what's it's not we need to get that Jim Calhoun drop pitcher facts. And come back to me can we get that at some point though Mike I said. And clean cup pal lot. Play against the warriors smaller lineup that was going to be a big thing about say he can't either after one game. He wasn't visible six rebounds. Let's go to. Who head the Indian about a what's up Andy. Good morning oh yeah. You know borrow it I like it or it just Mayo wrote. Look back. Well check it out. You're not around any heed what we need. To go out there are key elements are expected bowl. All he. Was accused teammate really. Like oh my god this started got to go all. And no big dark opposite he's like a chance to. Kind of a problem apparent that they are able of that problem exit everyone it enable them. Ready kind of problem temper its credit. Yoga bereft. And I don't agree with the teacher but I mean why aren't. They gave him wait do much well they've been here. PX but they're big game they gonna. Talk. Direct control. I don't enjoy watching him act like that. Yeah thanks and thanks to call Eddy current jury that bonds sell star anybody. The co Sayed. Our drain on this far right. They're used to what he brains and how he acts they got there 05 now then they got down nine. I think Droid model was just. Peek he sent Cheney a firecracker starting he doesn't what you. He's done what you you lose intensity. Somehow the Warner guys or steal want a drier wrong. They need to and he fuels. Whom. I think. He's walking a real fine line. Not only with this with the rafts but with his teammates you've excellent site do I really do and I'll tell you why. If I stepped Currie or I'm Klay Thompson. What's the witty you'll you can forgive which you can never forget I forgive him for what he did in game five but you can never forget no doubt no doubt. If last night for example one official. Says. I'm good at TM. Dray mind gets thrown out of that game he would've gotten thrown out of that game less than four minutes in because I thought it was gonna happen. So it all right I thought it was a real opera to I thought there was a chance. He gets thrown out of that game last night. All bets are off with what ends up happening and and the warriors will. Who's being. So if you play your stuff unlike this guy. OK I can't. Okay this is why column Einstein what he does. He got sixteen a 51 technical before suspension. Everybody sit all his book he's gonna miss the game in the regular season to. Well in the great great migraines say it Joseph Gibbs argued jet on the idea that one and I think last night he played like a piano. And he took it to air. Putting never goes off the cliff and we've yet to Europe teammates they thought the bad about his energy affects the team in a negative light. I'm just out with you starting to got to give them credit at the end of the day he he's. Not the boy decried look. I'm not gonna give him credit for. His antics I'll give him credit for being a great player. Absolutely but he goes over again. Yeah he played it perfectly net last night and why. 'cause the refs were afraid to give him a second technical foul because they don't let the scrutiny. And they don't want people say and all wool they're kicking Dray mind green out because they haven't been dead and they don't want the wars the way here's route to. I tell you to listen you can take it to the bank. Which in my green starts doing this stuff I guarantee you curry. And then play their role in their I know that. Can't stand it but it's like a fairly member of that brother uncle lieutenants were about to get another chance at touching show that person. Love the other show the dorsal I. I don't know I doubt but probably not talking about now the big dance and he's a liability is not a liability. He's an ability said he didn't like millions of Bora Bora. Yeah. I would go that far. Who would go down I'm just talking about his demeanor that he can you take away there's no bright person like Dre Marguerite. In the in the NBA let's go to Cyrus in Oakland what's up Cyrus. That morning I just wanted to say it a lot warriors fan I'd is that what are their overreacting. But the basic the series is over go one game. I don't know I mean I remember that there are certain that NBA final a couple of years ago they were not that we want and everybody better with the over anything can happen. The rockets have been there to reap the rocket connected so that. And do I can't want it right there on the lap segment that ought we're talking about it but it you're in. That step out that there is a reporter during the pro am cracked their apps and it is great something to do that yet. And then at the playoffs we've got to play hurt but we don't know the severity of that and though. There are two reasons why this series is not over hand and regular. Iron a little. Hold on hold on Cyrus I guess I gotta talk to you he said your longtime warrior fan right. Okay do you. Good good good you know what today is. Today's used to be a huge. Day in war your. Warrior for our lottery yeah us. Yes. Today in the NBA lottery yeah I ever that was in the NBA finals. I've read seriously thanks for the call Cyrus appreciate it. I mean the bottom line is. Maybe that's were all put the break off point if you remember when the NBA draft lottery was the biggest day of the season for the warriors. Then you're an old timer. If you don't then you're you're younger fan. He meant to admit though you are right he mentioned curry I guess what I hear anything like yeah are you optimistic but I'm telling you in each of it from grace. When you do do. I felt like Kevin Love that play when he couldn't shake Kevin Love. I feel like that when I'm watching them but he gets around the corner eventually. And I know he's not in 100%. You've seen none of that when he's trying to take a guy out to dribble. Or is that rocket defense date they brought intensity. Let's Donny it's taken a long time. For him to get around that corner and I know it's got to be a battle that news or ACLs ready for my you shouldn't be ready for my answer. I don't think there's any doubt that James Harden isn't a 100% is no waging charge a 100%. He couldn't get by anybody last night right yet for you and elbit I mean he had trouble get into the basket. Mean he was he was dribble it out there all day traditionally today it gets his get their I'd say hi how. He was trying to how how he couldn't do so maybe hardens her. Well look at it Kazmir Walnut Creek it's going to element. I always always great show. They are. I don't current lead guy who are really just don't see the rockets even being met in the rockets are hyped up because in death the so ticket split. Despite its gonna be a group adds one that you guys have taken a group dude your mind. Separate bag and I think the warriors have killer instinct. Curry has killer and being cutting all the guys and they below would bring Dylan because dispute if you've already did. Is he immediately made a statement by pushing hard and NYM even a bigger statement what did you see any of our news boy it's common might depend among nothing. And that's why I say this period of over. Because I don't I just don't see their team has led the team of the unit because all you have is harder and harder and harder and harder and harder and harder and and then everybody else just stand around and played defense. As one that's what are your guys is take one drink mom pushed on no no heart in guys Kimmel ready to back them up or anything well immigration. It's rare appreciate Kazmir all right I don't they like to be your day I don't like it here I don't think there's a lot to that because what is it about it. On the play hard drives in the basket he scores he ends up by the state election. All right the ball's already been and he ends up by the state election well what are the other four rockets do when they're starting to get back loud no doubt so he was down there alone. It has been a regular season Daniel modest armor treatment don't get but this is why we gotta give back but Kazmir is right. The bottom line is if there's one thing you can always take to the bank it's that in individual will never beat a team in basketball never. Never go to the rockets are gonna need to find ways to get other players involved they don't have chips I've never had a Cashmere sweater. I've had won me the really nice that saw him very expensive. That and just. FY out of the listeners in the Kazmir was hit a easy. All not KA yes that's agency community not yet know it's like Kazmir. Like that Led Zeppelin song but I'm wondering what the name where they go on for the soft sweater by expense. Yeah that's the song is called Kazmir. Moon. No one's name one's once a sweater. I think it's an ethnic name info I got it but I what I'm gonna sweater now a it was let's go to sue. Let's go to TJ let's go to thanks a lot side mats whats up man. It's gone bad you're welcome. To exude gala I and then. Oh hey thanks a lot. Our aim had one who got Matt and I. And I. I think drama that now how horrible little scared. And talk about my other other guests in all around. Watching the beard dribble around and duty is. Well every college and that it what is it about the bad. Art well under that he ordered. You know Charles Barbie doesn't hurt it or not but he says oh you know quite dark art of which are harder or like talk about how do you feel about that like. Why something like Barry artillery. Or you try that it could go either you know. Did today is our guys. It's a compliment man they really is a compliment right starting he's safe and clay is so good. You can beat courier to rant on year old team I'd take that as a compliment that to starring meting out. Yes man outlawed capital are a lot that he'd be all in happened breaking before so many aren't. Yeah Jimmy got. I think I played okay you know about the backing. Down the right. Thanks TJ appreciate it. Yeah clay is. Click the behest. I mean is there any doubt he's equals warrior known as the ball. He's cool and in parts of Australia there's a lot of them not like like that's the thing about trail love them off the court. He's incredible off the court love the way he answers questions that I agree with a lot of what he says. Basketball related off the court I'm like in the beard too who's on drama. Need to be a member present a boy Bradley wins it tomorrow in the you know like the first couple weeks ago he's in blues to be here. Yeah he got denies DeLeon brownie Belinda generally realized I didn't really easy so we gotta be your last night. Atlanta and through and then I beards are in now. I can't grilled me neither really. What happened is that what what happens if you don't shape for fifteen days. It'll look like I ashamed of four days yeah it's kind of the way I am about guesses as well pairs or maybe about. Four centimeter a lot of bumps either so I just followed did bond game. Won't argue able not Clark gave a that'd be in it's to shape and then it's been about Portland. Apparently yeah we should be thankful about that ultimately. My voice out Castaneda yesterday to visit throwback before I left out here. He. Shaves in the morning and by the time I show is over night. An Afghan man fired collection had already teases. He doesn't really fast. Miss spots left and come out be late ugly Fieger. I would not like to have been a few shave every day bulk. These. Poland's applaud Bobby in Concord and Bobby. Are you man. Garrett. Or older players are here over. I it I mean I think were great out there Mark Warner on air forward. But it's been critical our votes are ever that are out early bird. Not a lot. The rocket at a lot the brain not quite the act. You know not not one of his brilliant night he EE a great player at that point and and active during my problem. And you know obviously the beard and a lot better and I top lap I otter out there. More I want point 85 per cent per. I mean and and needing it that foul line here but yeah. Well it is our Colbert. It. A great start but I think our our our crop that are here are our they'll ultimately it. More I'd I'd like they are not out here by. Yeah I'm like a seller give one more game clearly out pay by the way I wanna thank you. JP on Twitter. If I believe it may be she aren't for just sent me on Twitter the play where staff may have. Tweaked his foot or whatever you do from the ground if you time it wasn't one of those times it was what it was coming over screen. But yes she thank you very much JP for that you're right good. I mean. Don't let the rail for a little buddy I don't like Danny and I wouldn't I wouldn't he but she does she also alluded to the he said he storing some in the post game press. I guess so I I thought I listen everything I didn't hear that maybe set off the podium somewhere but nevertheless I. I've not not that concerned about it he would dollar had a good day we and hitting them point. Plus minus zero. To a three from the field he's another one he isn't after he got a free dumb money time he doesn't have to do much to. This study I know it's not what we're foot. Who honestly three or four more years of the warriors where you said five or 6602 dollar item that lasted so in essence four in fact eight. The last two years were included in that 604. Formal units I'd I'd take that bet right now. You so immediate so run and then three more yet other goes hours and it may lose it'll be in the finals of the Western Conference. For the warriors or year two of a fives are straight it's not your run yes sir I'll and I'll play I'll take that if he's saying what he stand. I'm I'm not going anywhere this is the team we're gonna get we're gonna get some sad about make your roster. On the the reserves like. You know Zaza might be done what's got to bring these young back right and got human race. Why would you bring me back you gotta bring him back like you gotta go to. Nick Young was B. My Twitter blew up like yeah we're. Who like nick you know it's like. You talked like the boss comes in and calls me the option because they listen. You've got 97 more shows this year just do one good one just do one good show. And you know what. You can come back next year. So I TP don't think he earned himself more minutes Burton tomorrow night. And older be jerk but he didn't do anything other than make threes. All hello that's what good players do that you bought a bullet hole. And they needed they'll stories we did not need those the please. Oh yeah non payment of 33. Million the tiny by the timing. Okay. What was so port about the timing. What a way to get them. The game could've went the other way heavy mist in a couple of great concept the total the total is now point that Tony is we're not gonna quit. He came in and was beaten at a problem. No I've never understood that I've never understood that Minnesota why quoting him like Italy doesn't affect how why why your. I follow Obama you are ground up followers to I mean mom and dad. Yes he's exist at. He's a good analyst. Template with a Q that's Graham like you know what he had a bet my name could you give any minute he could be mad at those giant and he's really good there and that's why the basketball got rewarded with three coming threes yesterday. A few you cannot you. Do rule have no right. Nor can you be proud of Nick Young you have no relationship with him we order to limit that. Media day he couldn't pick you out of a police lineup broke. Like you believe saved well curry he was Greg I'm so proud of staff curry both the and you know mom proud you mean budget and it's like you can be proud of Mario Elie. The primary Lelie but it won't our show and did know I like good things happen to good people so that's why I'm Linda and nick young and good guys. I'm final moments to him. And then I CEO and I thought it is killer ball and they'll fall into the trap that a lot of media falls into. Believing that your friends with these guys who knew that I government cash up front of characters all right let's go to. We got a rocket friend from the bay I. What's up rocket trip from the bay and you don't. I'm tired of America they're paper product or cool welcome. About on big point rate our lord there about that right there at root out Iraq they'll talk or there. And lawyer Mike we are let you do that at a party. That's not an album at a book from Tobago ironic that aren't well and lawyer. Under our part that it was the bull that they don't bet the right way. Or with a quick break. I never let what their hair or that bet player in the game but apparently year. We got one part. Okay and I that they got the final way to do it the pilot vehicle. Uganda got our work and he can't build a lot that bought it. We're not ready to where it is your. Wanna do we don't want will be named failed repeatedly and here we can't Tibet Tibet battle that he knew. So proud of what we don't want the pretty part art Jaeger though. We've got we got what are the air got. We've got PPP PR we spirit but look at it may make another and make it easier target date. A lot of very rep that you didn't know that he. I Iraqi rocket fare from the bad you know what don't we stranger rocketry I could I don't handle that I did what I LeBron on a shopping list. The market he keeps getting in study heat Capellas not gonna develop any locals gamer moos. Before this series is over the mountain you don't an elite doesn't need to work on that and I'm not mad at the rockets it was just a reminder. I'll tell you this and I'm veer off. In Boston gets past Cleveland which I bet my last dime. That's been debt but. I could put Q I would think they would have a chance against the rockets the Celtics asked currently constructed right now I think they can be used. Houston's 21 dimensional you know where it's coming from Stan any. Funny you mention that about capella. It's not gonna get a low post game before the end of the playoffs mines in Cuba. As a junior and in high school. The holy name with senator bill Daley. I've got to throw my under the bus because he didn't care enough which always bothered me. How did you know he didn't care. That's more of a anyway go wait a minute to play now you played on teams before right there you know when a guy's not fully invested. That they show to practice and again just don't and that's about all he did anyway. Were playing in the spider bit a playoff gamer sectional shall all you know bill Daley's get the ball low post. He was about one for six. Come out for second half warm ups. And he kind of goes down low post and starts taking these little half hooks and decides. To speed we saw them right here. I'm like bill. You should have been working on that shot for the last nine years I'm not passing the ball right now at halftime of your last game senior year. Two to work or jump hook you're gonna use three more times this is real dialogue. Tell and I'm I don't even help Beale. His last day Newt had to remind them that you failed. He failed me or he failed himself lead man. Active duty is about 65. And a lot play with a just a policy. Go to James in San Francisco what subject didn't. Any other don't know any you're going well. Upon other people wore we're train mongering you know their. It's art like earned it you're not looking coach and we can't keep this because there's no word on the team. Would provide that art that intent. Not far apart you're not gonna give parents. Eight east or Sherlock etiquette that radically trochmann. You're not gonna get better at. And you know out of the pocket dog. Graeme on a triple and union adaptable to win the championship. Partnered could be packed up their. Now I mean it's it's it's hard to argue that the media really is what you said they can't get rid of him I don't think we're talking about get rid of them. But no dad not now and certainly not now. I mean there's a tremendous. Jim that's phenomenal duty no doubt about it and amid a different did a stronger word phenomenal he's brainer go Diallo Noah Webster. Which is very rare yeah he's a greater than about and when you say rarer. I'm trying to think of another word for it. I was in the meantime let's go to Jared in Fremont with judge are you doing man. Irony I saw Oprah thought they send report on or about XP and got beat earlier your take on Nam. Who potentially could take on the worst on or topic is B star puck out or quarter of the roles. I'm like they likely will come out last night he knows his role Olympic let money eighty to let money. So economic you know quite a star or together Horry and argued that city be. A few that actually worked well you like to eat and all that packet about it back be used in I think you could kind of one and done I think they were put together this year alternate early thirties. Yeah yet opt out capella there's a rumor that it will offer him a Max deal doctor a couple of bottom well well. I'll beat you about a Ryan Anderson on the book like twenty nearly got to buy out. I don't beat you in opera abroad only you'd been the play what better and I don't been beaten to get you all sorted I doubt it will be more about. Maybe new Yorker layer or these other fees but I would pick up the airway what you think on the ever tree. Although year's award aired about. The lottery draft. Every RR MR IR and about forty or for that final given that the championship. And I want you to tell me whatever economic sphere are. While I don't know about next year but the Celtics of the team that's that and where LeBron if LeBron goes to Houston Houston we got a problem. Or Philly. Column with go to Philly is that in the war you're still only see one really really good team. Another thing here they don't want to go through Philly and well somehow. Somebody was due facilitate a trade would collide with the spurs back and change in landscape a little bit you would have been brought in that would Kauai. And PG thirteen. I mean I don't know how that's gonna happen met there's a there's not many teams that can knock this team off that that that's where I'm going so. If I lose when I say 05. In the Andy is can be damn close it to be in the finals or webmail on this team this team is ready I mean could you make a case that. Refugees and it's hard to imagine. The world will say next year. And the Celtics beat the warriors if they. Hate words healthy and Tyree Irving tell them what they have now no doubt I give him a chance. They played defense they got a coach and a coli and excuse me of Connery in was romance men and Hayward yet Hayward. If what they yeah obviously I'm with ya mean I I don't know I'm not saying they beat the warriors he asked me if there's a team out there that might be able to down the road. I would bet on the Celtics. Phillies there but there's still that they got big you still little and get past a little young and still little young but they got to get to the eastern conference on. Is what they wanted to bring up. I'm gonna wait the NBA lottery now it sits on what I'm gonna you know it on kind of a series on for a for some older Samoan warrior fans and other things for them than to remember. But yet gain to tomorrow. You know I. I don't expect there's the rockets to fold and I mean I expect him to come out and play hard. Whether they win or not I I just don't know. I just don't know if people might sit out a they lost by thirteen. And Harden had forty and curry wasn't decorate so. There's no chance will meet again game twos are different but after it again if you're Houston. I love the PJ Tucker can play and he works. I don't know that Mobutu mbah a moute can play any worse. I don't think he can play no Ney a re at all the reason a reason didn't do much either five fat Al's. Starting what do you have what where's the meat on the bone that you need we need you don't you need Eric Gordon to have eighteen. You need Chris Paul they have 22. More than you need another chicken because batting gonna have been might not it might not but it. Mean Kitna. There's nothing left to do you have 65 games your in the Western Conference finals now you play the best team in the league. You start and a seat or at least you saw in game one. That may be that way you play. But it's. It's the way they play they're just they're not as good they missed some bunnies don't date the guys were taught they missed some bunnies hit it I was like wow how can you missed that shot Tucker missed the lay out these wanna if may have point blank range. A Republican Bob Hartley missed two layups if your car re you don't want them to go to the final write our field juror to do it the bitch. I've read about the outrage of the team gets there without you. That would that would subject though it's a behind closed doors it says that when they get there and lose with me. We'll get there and win or they trade me in Ginn and Anthony David what prompted. And add to what we got. Man I'd like to be who carry. The change. One word. On him too well is different he will not are not first three minutes of the season and they spend their in the Eastern Conference finals. Interest in. All I'm saying is that. I don't know what they do is shout out to Danny Ainge he's he's doing now he's got some good problems in Boston he just who got some good problems. Are right. If you're an all time warrior friend. You have to remember their old male scout founder. Member thunder. I hoped with the but don't go it Sadiq euphoria over at the club one governor. Oh he passed. Why yes it DT Fuller passed and he was the original funder the warriors may have yeah. Yeah I was died suddenly. Me and there really Saturdays he's young guy. Could should he fled a fun nice he was a key ended up being a comedian down in Los Angeles. I just wanted him to pay my respects to him because he was priority for for a tie him. They used to say. That thunder was the most popular warrior because he used the mascot win. The team wasn't very good and he was a really really good mascot. And the funny thing is not funny but one of the things that it. That he used to do. The most mascots perform at. The arena right they make a couple appearances and stuff but he would he would go to. Great schools in and read to the TA community yeah he would do a lot of community stuff. Sadiq you Fuller would so I just wanted to allow our team and I just wanted to say the offer condolences to the fairway and just recognize him for. The part warriors history that that he was that he was apart of and the what ended up happening to thunder. Is. There warriors had to give up that mascot. By. Where in the Seattle moved to Oklahoma City. And assumed the nickname of the Oklahoma City Thunder are you kidney donated wanna have a mascot for one team being named founder and then. A team in the league also be named on about the sucker for those uniforms in and it had to attend a color though all orange. But I don't know if thunder was all on the you know. Our air with the lightning bolt yeah. Today had alcohol or drug beware renowned Indian. And the lawyer ever messes and it's terrible story it's awful but I do I just wanted to thanks for share an interest and I'd. Yeah just it just throw that out anyway are. So we got about a minute left coming up on pop and but today. They're gonna have combined looting although not quite sure that tie name I don't know if they haven't nailed down because. I don't know if you know this or not kebab Lou he's got other stuff going on at 2 o'clock it looks like around 2 o'clock hour kebab alluding who has. Interjected himself into the playoffs and done a very very nice job. Very very nice job the rockets what are they gonna do we're gonna find out tomorrow that the real quick about Cleveland Boston that I busted. Boston is about to take a story that you are LeBron that a Cleveland and Boston going to help him with this week. Bought a two sweet Polly Boston sweep to the warriors into the bank. And the warriors are gonna wind it's there in the second year five straight titles and they have to why you before you didn't go like dinner they had the white you did again though the Atlanta EUAs or waited and he says they're gonna lose this game. But they want it would just reversed. Yet I get a break here that habit puppet but a next. And come back and see me.