Steiny and Guru – 2 – Warriors, Pickup Protocol

Steinmetz and Guru
Wednesday, July 11th
Hour 2.  Steiny and Guru talk about if the Warriors ruined the NBA and destroyed competitive balance, the return of Pickup Protocol, and should there be a universal scoring system in pickup basketball?

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It's whoever was always on the pro can pick up the phone at their emotion day where you work and you know I'm glad like our get to delete. Oh man out now it's it's yeah okay look we didn't or you don't right now like Bobby Jackson played against him a lot. One for yes I quarterly Zynga yet aka. Biggest help I have some bad games against digit lead in the American Nichols were. But nobody nobody likes when. The real good player comes in at least two he's too cool until we understand it no. Gillis and a 957 again KG MZEF seven HD one KG NG San Francisco. Radio dot com station. Let's go to rich in Los Altos what's up rich. I think what I. Wanna make of piping garlic and that means that on old habits of the end. I think that they take all the power player and what more body and then go from there. And that would really at that thing I don't want app and great that you well I'd like Hebert. But that cut you deeply. They. And if ordered that that game what. I like it been like that back in the year. The light beer. And I really preach it at the Bay Area like look at doing a game that article that the stadium they create what are all the guys that dollar. And they're. You'll move away yeah it would yeah it. What I'm always worried that herbal weight get rid anything yet so I wanna be negative I think. Anyway you. I appreciate wretch appreciating the bridge brought some. What was your Mexican go to beer. Koroma. Look at. That it's it's called them is called el sol. Know it's a nuclear bomb on. We're just soul to soul let's call it soul like SOS OLE for the sun. This. Good stuff but I got to is that. It's pretty you know it's still want to do Beers are all the same. I like cognac provocative. You tell the difference. Before all is solve the same went when you go to Europe that saw the sameness that's funny because some about two of the Iran after the parade doing I remembered that I wouldn't be here and we can tell that story doing so much of the story. I want to get the special beer for UN effort out on the the letters in the name that you and yet it was a pay you got this tape to be here. There was an idea he has yet to shoot. Our series okay now I don't know if you really are OK can I can't tell the difference between pockets. Are you keep me oh no chance I mean could be easy. Not to me yeah you can tell what appears heavy. When it you Beers. You can tell vodka I'll give it to block out Tito's and brilliant ought to do about is begin a one seed. But how do which usually mix vodka with something. Right doesn't did not register a couple cubes into your really old uncle dog jail are you enjoy Syrian ship when he gets on go on the height on horizon. And in enact cut I'll let you cut ought to tricks out let's man up and then I get what I need in a short sample size and keep the movement and I'm still gonna. I don't like the punch in ought to ask that he had a to offer. I argue did I get out ready. I can't do JR you wouldn't let's go to Allen Nevada how you doing now it's. On all man. Good why not deploy goods are lit while men do well thanks ask. Do you remember a couple of days struck a law. Obviously Yuri we did Judith you're gonna have to be a pickup game between you let somebody else I don't think the guys and radio station persons whatever. I can create go that way I could beat you did you did do that to show you Gilbert out on the court maybe begin to NBA try out. I don't know about that. Those days are gone as. Who sang sang that song live in June 13. Yeah. We go call the news of loved being guitar god net. But domain they wanna talk about is this issue about these guys complaining about two warriors. And about it not being fair and and they want all looking equally compared to you know all of and and that is that is really. Begging for mediocrity. And I don't think that that's basically a part of America way anybody's way they'll walk this excellent. You know I'm all about like Kate you know being fair. But being fair that you follow the rules and guidelines presented to you after that is definite and and and and the thing about it is that you know it's not only did two players on the court. I'd love to bind at saint like you got to general managers. Got you owners. The warriors are a direct reflection of their ownership. Group along with everything else alone the Bay Area they're been deliberate action under. Do you eat. Our system here in between like that that's what I like we like we gotta be equal to. To Oklahoma we got a period now we've got we've got to slow down so they can catch up and all this stuff like that. I agree and thank thanks for call I was always appreciated. You don't let. I think we've discussed this on our show because. Honestly. I don't. It really topic. That the warriors are either bad for the NBA the rule would always say the radio call that I mean that's so convinced yet it's jealousy and we took yet we kind of talked about it. I mean it's. They they're not doing anything wrong the hello you heard Livingston talk about it with the demarcus now I must say this. I would like to see a hard cap. Well then you're not gonna see the war you're sexes I know that Seabrook. That's not saying they're ruin in the league just if the lawyers were the rockets have hit the team like the warriors should have been able to give you 'cause. But it's not it's not like I think you're on top U. They offered him what everybody else and opera you know. I have this written down to they're always been destinations. In the NBA. When somebody brought this up last week and I was like that's me you know the Celtics got Bill Walton in the mid eighties. It hurt his whole career PME anyone in Portland but he always had a problem with the injuries. They will once he gets healthy signs of the Celtics who becomes the sixth man of the year. I remember that I mean yeah Bill Walton one of the greatest senators of all time common off the bench. Lakers have always been a place where guys wanna play always. Tinseltown's home. Another says this is just the babies and this you will admit. Then it's not the lakers even though it landed LeBron. It's Golden State right now when you talk about basketball. When you talk about players Hungary the appetite to win and to be a champ the destination. Is the day. Dot com. Do just that what we're seeing and it could cousins. Katie right but it. And David West. Yeah that's what that's like I look at that if Matt Barnes yet that's the kind of player I think you're right. But if you're super cousins is an except on the bottom line is the warriors. If DeMarcus Cousins were healthy they never would have gotten. No doubt we vote that so 100 so it. The warriors. They can't go get another superstar who's completely healthy men because that they can't do the fact that cousins was ruled the play for what he was client but it. Good luck don't don't mourners are so good to tell luck is always on their sot that's luck. Nobody knew when the big cubs went down with. Achilles. He would be a part of the lawyers and begged please no you're right you're absolutely right I'm more with fuel on the map oranges and David West. And the Nick Young so to win those close it you you see the lawyers selfless acts the warriors are now a team you go ring chase and it's dark exam in the startled Klay Thompson. Even though he said I'm not deterred in my game and in essence they are all given up a part of their. Their star. For the betterment of the team. And I don't think you can give me a team in NBA history it's done that to the degree that the proof is in the putting. From the 51 Roma woman. And I used to play basketball and I would outplay a lot of the guys one guy started a fight with me on the court after school. He punched me in the free speech. I got three punches in before he knew what that. Guess I would use Google that guy with let's find him. She got the better of them anyway but the fact that he he went down arrow. You can't do that were promptly. You go at a girl. It'll be twenty of you know we you know what that's a good good to goma region Tuesday I mean it's punching its. I read it yes but. Are you are you gonna play less physical ought not to vote loud I don't drain well there's fire there's a book and I need it. There's a fine line there and I got to run down court like meg not an update right. You're out here. I feel good about that bucket. And not Obama shoulder guys on allied cut. Idol I need to contact an excuse if you're guarded by a woman are you guys to give the ball giving the ball audience and I got the point guards did say go at our. So then they put added pressure on me. This should he told they're not better David in the hole. And other words of dot you know obvious it's all mental I would. I can't go. Mean he's not a thing though guys out there who won't play in a pickup game of the war memo last that's not a real thing I've. I saw one time in your life yet they see that's I mean and tough dudes and also called tough course it's always it's always tough guys that are that. Better than me that's that are afraid that it most insecure it's gonna Joseph in Walnut Creek a joke. Hey basic agriculture. If a couple of things on your player the other issue with a heart cap. It would have to be bargained out what they're bargaining in a player is that if you would never do that no doubt I'll do it it means money. Yeah and at Florida. Competitive balance. You know what the lottery. And determine a lot the first pick up by strength of schedule that they will deputy. No pick one day before the whip comes in because it's all going to be strength of schedule determined is the lesson. The lottery screwed up the ballot new and that part they're. A career out of their culture or prevent it ought. You know what that's they also like you I had done a while ago why ravine and I don't like that they had a they made really good IPA. There's too much at all I hate to say this. I PH just it's just a little little too much beer form it's just it's strong stuff Bronx 888957. 9570. Come back picked up protocol. So I got. It they bet is different. Well Smart man but not no he's not Smart but it's opened a clever. Will. Yeah now that this dying message to rule on 9570. Team. That's I mentioned Darryl would do root Johnson with you on a Wednesday. We won't have a show tomorrow do room because the he's will be played in the Houston Astros. Yeah I am white so we're we're gonna be preempted tomorrow and then number of Olelo on Friday a lot of what you do it yourself bigger again is that a yeah a big Erica left. They need a guy 66 to replace me you shouldn't say they actually guy get a how does not in the league or any type of pro oh or 66 in the lefty. Did you get indeed get drafted just because of the ultimately you know. Like you what sport baseball. And we Leslie was a pitcher in base against them fastballs yeah yeah and take him on that's on and go wrong no that was more. No wait I forgot about yeah I got clippings are that I was by you don't play our Richard are you wanna go clipping for me I think this autograph fortuitous trying to get for the American literally going you don't wanna go scrapbook a scrapbook who I was go to my last night it Alando going out I just happen to find it in my mom's out. Our league for a little bit but yeah after I always fallen. I picked up protocol in a minute and here I've undertake this call from Jerry in San Jose. But this is this shouldn't even need to be in the book on all. Of course girls can play at a guy's pick up game. School Ers. Hello I'm bring it up because your boy wouldn't Alia back when my boy he was just too cool for school Dutch and Jenny in San Jose with subject you don't man. Not an absolute enabler in the chase them although I used to it I couldn't stand this show and I'll I'll try to ready all that and art and that it became aware rail I'll let you know hours. I would stake it out got our lord I don't know there's such a residential and it. Don't leave at least report I'll let you know. I you know let it sit so that both you guys where it it was gloom where Ers are the best they really say it's a rumor was a real loud and like so. And it's kind of real well our camera or malware could resist. They got somebody ahead and and and and that's the way he talked about it way he talks about stuff that are actually doing light like like we do emit more about it. Well let me guru. Hey I know I always felt that appetite so I've blue route to Obama say this about two Rudolph great guy. Great guy you're Greg can you really ought. You go ahead LJ. Here it is like he had earlier. I pick up basketball Matta and now where op play yet. That weekly gig curled up there sometimes it but with the guys they won't go as our own growth they won't play like like you guys played. Just like you clearly have a player at the same way because. They don't wanna be like McKinley and you know if you score on our right to go to school you did it against a girl out big man. Did she steal the ball from you black sister actually score you. PTQ why do baker the ability. So I aka kinda understand what I wouldn't say don't let it. Like I'm good I wouldn't say that. Well when I accuracy why you might lighten up or you won't go to artist. Is original to. But you wouldn't walk off the court not play and I'd never do and you in the game connects Obama called. I don't care what form a few menu or if we lose this game. I got a two hour wait so that's what. I don't see anything but time like if I ease up on her she's gorgeous couple but she's on your team and she's. She's cost and it I go Bob Knight. I've had a I'll let her out just like you would but I'm no more starve let like I don't wanna say what the really has but c'mon now let's pick it up. And then the ultimate do suspect is paella suites. You know it'd either out of it I do market which on yeah listen it's true I death on the guy who nobody. I I was again on the pick up who I would be like let's switch but anybody said citing its week. Here don't. Coaching there ask me to switch you with what exactly are you kidding me. Are you absolutely kidding we are here has picked up protocol given this has been bothered me for a little bit. There needs to be. The universal. Scoring system in pickup basketball. And here's what I think. First of all I do think. In the spirit of pick up basketball. There should be no three point. No shots beyond the arc that mean that count more. That's to me the true essence but I realize you gonna have the three point should the three point shot. You can not. Have. Two pointers for shots outside the arc and one pointers for shots inside the York. It did it's that's. It's easier to keep score. It's too it makes the three point shot far to value and it's it's it ruins the game. What I want you. I mean it's still one point extra. If you are planned to two and three stories when you hit a three you only get one extra point so if you called the two words in the threes to. God is not one. It's not to sing why it because. It's. A if you're given two points for three and one point for everything else let me just shots twice. As much. His English as a regular. As a regular show. So all I'm saying is. And also it so here's here's what I'm gonna I'd like to implement. If you're playing without a three point line which apparently there is no possible going in now is prevalent is that three army and here's the other thing. Eleven. Games if if you plan. Pick up a small note three point line did you let go buy one for ten dollars and fifteen. Oh that's how we now are scam I was fifteen took ten honorable thing to and we used to do that too I couldn't stand as the rest factor people drinking the night before. Let's say fifteen bright and that meanwhile did and we know that you'll have it. The first game always takes too long always takes too long. So what I think should really I think if you're gonna put pick up with a three point line you have to play to 21. All of a quick threes and twos you can not played to a lab in with twos and a 100 going to be so disappointed when we dude you just run. And I take you to the spot and I just want when he simply would just watched the rules it's. This not 21. And lesser player in the game to anyone running it's 12151. Game and then sometimes a fifteen the whole time. And pleas were are you wrote quick not to dredge it up when by wanna win by two. When are we got some place or win by two and game last night hours it's another job. It's a flat out joke win by two that means you have a mile and get out of here. And ideally if your plane into Jim. Our heels and it's a ten minute running clock that is that are within minutes tops all day and below seven minutes running clout argue all you. Exactly I know where did we sued over club won in Oakland like that's great. To stand around as the clock ticks off but it's three to two in the ball games over. But chosen me on the three cut this deal only one point that three of not being sacrificed. This the importance of what it. Eat it in if your plan to use it's the same three. Three minus 21 and if you play wants is to lose. And you hit the two of the three and it's a two you still get what. It's officer no it's not the same. It's not the same. If you're going for a reason zoos aren't aren't so. I thought doing the math okay just know that it would play two's and one's it completely. I don't mean I actually completely mark it's it's just marginalize his anything inside the arc Almon police. We have a shot I guarantee it. More than half the shots or threes oh that's just like the idea that the and there's no better feeling when you hit a 3-D you read. It that low all Josh in Hayward. What's going on you talk a little picked up protocol what's up. I don't do. I I agree I agree with Chinese that are and I agree wit is that yet there's no win by two. You gotta get that that we face straight up. First eleven or well the part I disagree where it is that you need the three point shot because it content the lord open. That. The middle is not congested. When you don't have a three point shot everyone's trying to do it made up and it just it's really crowded down there. That's I doubt you guys should touch. Listen you got had a three guy you come Austin guru you don't you're looking at right now you're looking at a guy who could stretch the floor without three point line what you think of that. That was me bro I. I stretch the floor without argument edit the three. It sounds like he might be have some borrowed well I don't like what public you do the math to room. When did. You know the three point shot came into college basketball okay. You know what you're no 198687. I got freshman yet you don't graduate from college. 1986. So that's why I get it now they put the damn line and after I grant you that you could've went further maybe in your career. Had a three been as prevalent as it is now hash tag fact I don't know that I could have gone further. But there's something there though you what is this a three line. There is something negative and there is something there with an uphill all beyond. There because there's no game would out of three is due her I mean. Should I should. Should have a thousand points to my college career but I don't know where where you that the Wii U the three shooter that was dependent now. Mean breaking down my guys to say you or could you create your own shot Kamal. The outlook that's what you could do it yourself. Don't get. An idea do I was. I hit like my dad about that guy he might not have a Q if you drink to talk about guys here. Shouldn't. The Albrecht who doesn't like him and women. Not horse the bit around but you could yeah that's true. I hurts. Vegas store apparently stole the great one last. My buddy Dane how are intensely yes your question humanist like it hurt us. Have you been arrested at an arrest at one time in my life spent a night in jail. And a half a night okay. Yeah I I felt like got to vote on student felt bad is that our man you look around my email but we're UN with other people all this yellow and I was by myself I'll tell that students sometimes but. I thought I was on jobs. Stretch back in. Back in college I was living in. In the summer with some buddies in Cape Cod and do. When have I I don't know twice in three days beleaguered auto the course of one of the work you were on IPA's and you you nor nor. Now add alcohol we played a role in one of the salt and why it. I don't really it was not an arrest it was with a call protective custody. In announced. It is a lesson we don't have that let to get arrested at solidly dad elected Abdallah. There's always here's the nine to five singer shiny. Side talks the most crap. It. You with the play me for a hundred make it a thousand dude you make it a thousand in my preview hello imagine. A hundred. Shouldn't get out of bed for less than 500. Let's go to our Patrick in Hayward what's up Patrick Dillon read. Exactly my car or China or every pick up Patrick also real quick so our charge so much like debt total other. And me and my younger brother so we split it up. Older brother might help get Smart it's unique knowledge brother my doubt is. I took two points. But well and realize that not even capital August they get my uncle sold check out my dad and beaten and she will not eat it and you need to step out here. And my brother and every little light important. Remodel want to read what in order of course it shouldn't force. Yeah I'll be the thanks for the hit a thanks a lot Patrick KYT. Know your personnel. Why would that be yet again to. RT my heart my college coach used to put. On you know we got the scouting report on a blackboard. And start. Every. Every time. It was he started with tit TI yeah. Teamwork intensity poise. I liked it. Too early games arts but yeah argued it. No I mean I'm com. You do look like we need to play ice time playing I think I'm done. But see the fact did you say you think law are taking took a you know I can bring it we can get one gaming I'm going to be honest with you group but distinct. A fifty. To learn anything about the score Khamenei the buckets it's about your age in the fact that your able to give up and down on the court that's the W you know while I hear how many I miss now you know one of my. Biggest fears in life. Is that I'll have to go. Nine months with one of those races on my need from them on these from my groin at all to my ankle. I just now I don't Jeremy I've got it I I haven't I broke my foot one time plan. After college I just I don't like at this point I know how it goes to I know how it goes he scare me Art Shell of myself. I'll get into a pick up game I won't be able to do. Jack because I'm too old. But because I'm competitive I'll do something stupid. And they'll get hurt I just I know I know and albeit I'll do something stupid. Our get out get too wound up by you know. I just got some left. I'm just. And an Iraqi shoe and yes you guys near the still go I mean you know what maybe you're right I just run for three Portland at three Portland sounds like that's all you do now to pick up game you shoot a three. That I can do it and well what's the threes at the pro three ores at college three a high schools with prophet to some say it's not the pro three I'll know. If a tennis I didn't know this it's it's not the pro three the reasons not the pro threes because. Regular players regular guys can't make a Tyreke Evans I saw him. When he was going to his rehab he was at between four hour fitness and he came begin work on my three. Point profit this is a proper. A mostly. Proper. I am sure. And until when are hot I know I know all long shot for the ordinary player but if you do bench press and you feel strongly you do push ups. The shot is that is the push up motion. And I just that I just don't want that ball out there light. Academic death it was fifteenth or so are you with me go pick up games. To play and with that the reporter. The reason to news games it's what they want if you're not player of the three pointer straight eleven. Straightaway. That would never happen Internap playing with a three point oh OK but you don't wanna do the 21 to three has to be more than the two. Yes OK but not twice as much as the too. You know saying. You only get one extra point regardless of what separates you do you do to retaliate listen. If you realize. No. It's. If you call. Three point shot. Two points as opposed to an inside the arc one it's 100%. More it's. It's a 100% more than two point shot. If you're playing threes and choose its 50% more so if you're playing two's and one's. The freeze our worst. What's they're they're worth more than they should be not worth that much of a regular NBA or college game. The three point shot is not twice as much as a two point shot. It's 50%. More so when you play two's and one's you're just do what a terrible job. Of emphasizing the three. You can't it's this is wow it's it's absolutely it's it's absolutely true right not all. The more. It's up to retain some I don't if I mean is that if you played myth number did a little nervous I tell you so if you're if you're the pick up game with Kareem Abdul Jabbar played twos in one mark. I should like this team. Might this team while these Roland sky hook Sony for one. I'm out there are twenty feet 23 feet away when I'm not give an extra credit you are my all really important how you are it's twice as much. Much why I've if you food. It's twice as much if you count the two was four. At the three pointer you know it is twice as much as one note LO OK three. Is not twice as much as 20. It's. It's half but still one point in the end though it's not that there's a difference in valuation. Go get it not there's a difference in value in valuation. Of while starting. It's. Yeah. I think the people with me. On why on how your fill and about the current. But yeah you're gonna play with a three that's fine. But it can't be worth twice as much that's all it's. Make it. One point five times which is three and two. You know senate although again I hit it always be three and two. And if it's not a three the new plan to as the ones you don't say and that's a joke twos then ones is awful. It's just like you quite yet I'm not there. Like in it articulated from a score perspective your point twos and one I three pointers. Are way more important that if your play in the recent suits. You don't say not audited and I'm OK let's go to James in separate Cisco what's up James. And other not technically not the collapse right now. Yeah great. An audio. Not playing the panhandle emigrated to determine a little bit. But we didn't intimidate thirtieth. All court game to me like at sixteen. I'm good at 32. I don't know what. Here's here's the thing on the bus you know what back in the day. Back in the day I didn't play in the panhandle. In those games were garbage how are they now. Oh right I mean I thought anyway Dionne of the defense in the rebound. There you know her don't sit you yeah you're making a difference. Appreciate the call appreciate the call it why why don't why don't you like those those games which gains the pan am the. It's basketball snow it's not. I don't know what its first on the other saying about the games in the panning out right I know you guys are solid. Are what what they don't just drive by I am looking to be like in the first of all see that it's not just seventeen homeless people with shopping carts. As you try to make a move you know I mean I mean this is news. This is what was back in the day which is garbage. I was gonna heaven knows gonna bring up my other rule. That did break what one thing I never like to do was pay to play pickup that's Brett but there are some places where you. Like I know what correct Covert USF. Outs ESPN's big and I didn't go to play a month. Five but what I forget what it used to be venturesome you'll help us I think we're used to be which you can either pay like six box it. A crap where you could pay 5050. Bucks and then you get a twelve. You could show up twelve times a pay five dollars no more department to get on our map it out though. So let's go to out and Jared and Hayward took Jared. Split guys. Comment Taylor is Diddy and our rule that differ it. C'mon make clear air ball clear clear every possession that I never dealt clear in a good thought they Cleary air ball. OK listen this is my hope they would be be a man Beale moment. Why do you need protection for your error in the air ball if you shoot that air ball which should not be chilly and why do you care that the person keep giving go right back up with it if you wanna fix that and you don't like it just what teacher shot or hit don't. Eric ball it's one of my you know the alleged other than a rule. Everything that's good joke where every bidding asked. Carrying out that we played at that congress made that gets sick to breed their particular bit. Yeah I think that's the way to go but thanks for the call you know France twos and threes are the way to go I think you'd pick up basketball wrap up what up to fifteen. We're playing in twos and threes are you play 21 that OK but that but let's play fifteen it's gotta be fifteen. Enemy warplane to fifteen with the twos and twos is to have to be to fit on the head but this is what we do with the court on just did you ready. I'm trying to see how that's different than it would play to lose a war. Up to let it. OK so here's why aren't that we don't know where that point or here's why it's different. OK I'm one senior on the on our I go make two threes okay. In a two to two for one guy so. I'm up now for two got you if you do it the other way. Sixth it's six for your true right but the games further oh are not. Okay hit another one. Let it go there and not for their you don't. Write it goes in 96. So Europe three. Let's go to Max in Oakland I'm I'm I'm start to falter to my math I'll be honest with what's up maxed don't know man. I got they probably aren't sure what they did a really simple. Way I loved your clear that it be huge advantage that are appropriate order there but it won't be. The game that well in locate it moved to get where you been in Korea. It's gonna take. I get up you foreigner they get the ball went right yes. And it could take or about it but reporter they get what one right yes. Forget to bring one hole. If you could find it while we wanted to. Exit at well one what are we get quote wind and it. What are they did all right yes. Okay can you see that in that case. That it instead of taking twice admitted that it. What what you do in all it takes. To warm up or whatever life in the. Thanks yeah I got thanks. Call Mac and it's all depend on your personnel you never going to a game they were gonna get to this twelve metric by sugar for three east. If threes or three. It just it happens organically while they look at that it like we're big word word order wrong it give us a number. What's the number we win. And will play the game in it'll play out nobody knows but we never you never go in with. You to pin in Japan. This will go into eleven bound warrant the tables inaudible in my once a good bit to give ground I don't know that there's no formula stymie. That's what I wanna I wanna create a formula I want to create a universal flu you bring an analytics to the current list analytics. It's just I hit a bit each. Let's go to Rick in the whale what's going on wrecked. Refer dining area Ballmer doing well that. I'm battle over that the comments and got reserves are those in the market everything that they appreciate it also meant that. I'd go live first of all match. You cannot deviate from that to know why that is old school out rule out here or you argue got a plated. But probably devil's advocate honor also. Now I do agree which you would that three. Being more suited to be more valuable. In that the reporter do you plan to don't want to go to the simple fact. If you it to reporters and accrued a white guy that four point. So that you needed two shots. Single point to one point. You're still down two point argue back and be complete opposite situation would've been buried in two. You actually delay hit about one point. I just wanna play again I'm content that I didn't know Ross Ryan just fly out there and you know I think and I appreciate all the love in the text line. A spell we get enough yeah especially everybody's saying now you can text message that it's terrible we got about 48 techs that say I. It was about basketball wouldn't about map but that that was your best bet he would want us. He's about over valuing a three point should so you can drill them now it's like gum. Would be comparable. It would be like Q in football. If you said Duff field goals are worth six points now. Field goals would mean Scott Kazmir in Walnut Creek on the like this would suck Kazmir. Erica I'm on that I think take my calls glorious. Elite we go buy one because rebut Joseph guy that in shape and we golf course have course sort and encourages more driving in let Garnett chased people down there. Shooting threes. And so we actually get a much better game. Good guy and iron using their energy running back and forth on the court and only weeks. Well being grew and like it was like driving into each other you know I'm so that we we go I want until eleven and I grew and now they're not lying yesterday. And one of their cashiers were talking with somebody that about you birdie. How I met today after popping up did and I Vatican drove by the I thought the call it's better to do are your friends my suggestion is I got your friend I gotta tell listeners I know we've I know I've we've butchered this. We ought to do everything I think I did I well like a good job explaining it but. If you're playing two's and one's a credit as opposed the threes and twos. Three point shoot 34 shots or. I've heard are worth more than they should be I guess it's. Anyway I've totally butchered that. A by the way my god oh my guys name from. Rotors. None of the other guys have just called in for Kazmir decade as an ally of the guy who say do you that we get through to you. Lies guys it was they them you know second anyway. Thank you well yeah it was an. There Rick Rick Rick what I ratio do you rate was say an old school you gotta go two's and one's I mean. Little old old school it's just bullets with. Well this that was direct burial now back in the day it was about why. He was caught Larry Bird and commodore 64 my first computer they had a game it was bird against. Doctor Jerry. And they went one on one. An auto points were one and skip we did know about anything you know another shot. Did you play that one now on the commodore 64 I don't even know is it to computer now one of the first computers that were played. And Larry Bird and doctor Jay would play an outdoor picked up court. And they would have their moods they don't come overseas more. Let's go to Stephen Martinez what's up Steve. You got out there. That would that all of us are on opposite I'm old and that's not at all guys played by one. Played it. Only a about the current that we can do it you know and you look so simple what you got right down to the game. It can thank you everything you won't I don't. Should and can't do. Go and you don't win it. Not the guy that eludes me that don't actually let me guess Ron Amadon went by two. Or goes the fifteen. It. Our. About our experience but calculators drew you to tell me when are we how well. Got to play what you see on TV. There's a three point shot so you gotta have a day I would attribute that you wouldn't play winner's out that guy who was on the text line saying bring it Stein your play winner's out would meet chief. You're gonna smell you'll literally towel. That's why did I download got okay now. Bremer Ray Allen got to him pretty much and give it back or Jesus shuttle war it's a good mood. Unseen and why could JJ in San Francisco what's up JJ. And it with the guys the other ball right actually on the scoring but you're right relative Alia that recorder that true. Is more accurate in the 21 right on that to a group also right it doesn't matter and end in terms of this score. Back. Or shot and transport shot back of quiet the all scenario you're still doubt I'm that same. So you're worried about getting an end of the game quicker your rights not meet your logic hold up but not the first trying to make. The relative value is the rub it it's still. This same distance between. Between the score at. There were apps but I'm it's not good Saturday. Iraqi element that was our one I have to walk off. Baseball. Did you what I'm saying not only if you not get ahead of Brazil did this that you presented this thing about the three pointer was. Was getting you to that Ian faster. Or there was an advancing much at that when an attitude that really it's more that's inaccurate too because you play forget it I don't care how your score. 20123. This news. You're gonna have too many guys shoot there and shoot from beyond the arc. And then the game's gonna take longer. Because everybody thinks it was about time we debut it's about time that a lot of it absolutely a lot of it. I'm sick of these players play in the fifteen. When it takes. Always does to our guess seven minutes off of no don't don't wait to get us down MIR Yahoo! in overtime. Like to let him know this is not RG. This 889579570. As the number mark if you wanna get in real quick. I I gotta tie I took the choked. And I was. I just had done my homework and the score and I mean don't let them go right they'll get no I'm proud to be a part of you stay in the I I was little I didn't say I was wrong Hulu I said I don't know I don't know Friday that at least the allure to. But wasn't wrong. Polarized like that cause men I expect better from myself I should have an answer prepared as big of this Tom Hanks review. Like them enough one of his update don't sleep on Tommy extra bulk now. He's a multiple Oscar winner of Philadelphia and Indians it. That's true if you got the Florida again. Now this is unbelievable so. I'll visited. It's not neither good nor bad there was a gentleman appeared at 65 years old. Hi Ivan in Florida Oka and he gets pulled over by the cops. In the cops see that he's got a half a bottle of urban in the past novelty. Our old dog well yes so La. They get America argues he said what what. What's going well and they said wouldn't drinking and driving. You're DUI whatever let's take it to operate in drinking and driving he goes I don't know I wasn't I wasn't drinking and driving. Like you gotta have full bottle. You're. Clearly draw. He should know and I was only drew I only drank at stop signs and red light cop. Says it was not driving when I was drinking. You leave that. Sorted out. That little three may I can play well. That nobody got hurt makes it better story right clearly it is Marty you are gonna drive him. He would drink it and stop it exactly exactly so. You've got guys as soon that's kind of clever I liked it but. I would got to play again I just want your last game with me and then you can come on Airways and critique my day. That's what are really want. I'll have to watch. I'm still wide list that I'd be better Cannata would be if you got her would mean I would never argue it familiar with taken aside and stole her the one actually give her. The question about it. Do you got god what. What I'm saying it is doubly scared. You should be. You shouldn't and I learned you can go get a 200 dollar shoe you're achilles' gonna go if whatever addition to quality have met to do if you're gonna tear us up. TI he's the big though the money and it big. When you think by wearing good shoes your last like 180 dollar LeBron as opposed to some some eighty dollar regular Nike's. Unlike a lot here my Achilles in net. The cheap shoe but I am finding that had been due to issue. You can. She doesn't make the play I play really makes the shoe that's the kind of thing my father said he ever your must've been the shoes. Martin Blackman yeah. Yeah but that's there's something to the quality if she makes you a better place to. But when your bureau rules they can't take you from scrub the two great you can't do anything to room on the issue I have never mind this performance is with the fat. What did you know you're welcome Bob you know what guru. I read Jim's in chuck tale policy has. I used to road Jim I'm not and I managed. And they did have these Achilles injury connected to deter. Well they weren't companies the show's over by the way we got Tencent he'd rather go and Vontae coming up their desire it is. We're going to be here tomorrow pays Astros. Rural catch a later specialists and rent.