Steiny and Guru – 2 – Tim Roye joins, 49ers vs Raider Week 9, NBA Rookie of the Year

Steinmetz and Guru
Thursday, April 19th

Hour 2. Steiny and Guru are joined by Tim Roye (Warriors PxP) to talk about what is sure to be an emotional game tonight after the death of Erin Popovich. We then get Tim’s take on if LeBron is legitimately better than Larry Bird.


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Don't this is unreal I and I thought it was really my whole check it's going to ask FM TA. Why you've not cool 156. Pitches. How teases. I don't know if you can say that. We got a broad. Tim Roye is the voice of the Golden State Warriors you can follow follow him pat warriors box. Tim thank you so much for joining us end. Obviously tonight's game. Poses a little less of a feeling of a huge game with with the wife of a Gregg Popovich passing yesterday. What. What do you anticipate will be. The atmosphere. There tonight in and boy how do you. Out of the players coaches and fans you think it even you wind and the people around this game. Dick do you look at it differently what. How are you going into this game. Well there's an that a couple India had been going and end and one of the one of the ways I tried to do it suited that is. Yeah yeah it is stunning reminder. What we do. You know you we sit here and basketball business and winning is part of the business here a few wind obviously you're going to be better and both the franchiser samples this. But you don't get it will Liberia a big bucket big turnover crucial play. We trot these lying during the course of this piece. And this reminds us that you know he yes it's job and yes. You know it is what I do it's mine violence in my life bought but it is it's also does and its roots what we're doing is were were talking about gay. And it's not real life and so. You know so tonight forgive me like it is a big bucket even though I know it's really not a big bucket out not a big. Not the biggest thing that's happening right now I think it it's going to be a cup it's going to be very emotional night for everybody in it they get for the players and you know he saw other reaction yesterday across the league that beat her keep the years error upon James Steve Kerr that. You know. There's. He NBA's hit a family that time we can't be a dysfunctional family put it to family and it's. You know they did that there's a shared bond. You know we're all kind of blessed to have a light relive. You know what we do that we give up the normal life we give up the moment we give up. First date through it and and holidays you know working on Christmas and and ask. You know and he needs strong people the kitchen through that and so. And you know you have to. Kind of explain await your kids when they're young they're older they understand and appreciate more when they're young it's art you know when you mixed. You know the most important thing there like a school player gamers something. You know Halloween. That kind of thing silk go to her lighter commute up like that editor reminder you know. What really really import. Tim that was wells very very eloquent. I saw you at the game be no easy way to transition to the game but. I saw you begin the other night you pulled me to decide give me some pointers. Which I did and appreciate and then hearing you say that. A man of wisdom I wanted to ask you about the two games. Have they played out like you thought have you seen anything that has surprised degrade Tim Roy yours is pretty much what you envision. I don't know at the moment grade but what I know I'm I'm I'm 'cause. Surprised at how poor leave the spurs shot the ball. And I expect more shots to it tonight they're much better for whatever reason this group of spurred much better on the road and and it's just they they they had some open shots they missed some open shots I orders were really good really sound for the most part of what they did. They didn't ask you were breakdowns in game two in the ad in game one. But they got those streamed out. And so. So and so you know I'm a little rules applied disperse haven't shot the ball well but he'll the they did do what I sought to is that you know the warriors are or are better cheap doors are the better team and now do anywhere around that and and so I think if they excuse to bomb play the way they compliant and they've done that the last couple games. That can be very very articulate and I think that most telling status of game two was. The warriors were down six at halftime but 111 half eternal. And if you have eleven turnovers and a half then you should be out by double digits and meant so and so. I think that had to be here real discouraging number. For the spurs in the lock. Tim Roye joining us he's the voice of the Golden State Warriors you can follow him. Warriors box on Twitter and he'll have your call tonight. For these spurs warriors game three that's a 630 tip off you'll have the pregame show at six and warriors warmup begins at five. Tonight. I watched the Cleveland game last night now is watching LeBron. Tim and I know you're originally from new England and I'd I said it on the radio today and I can't believe I said it because. Birds one of my favorite players but boy. I think LeBron James might be better than bird. And and whether he is or isn't the fact is LeBron James is absolutely phenomenal. What works what's great about the NBA is that. He's saying we say this guy at the best ever and then at this or that. And it twenty years later there's another guy you know and you go well like I resent this I always thought. They'll never be a better outlook toward them Larry Bird. And letter was spectacular. What is past. There there's no or equal close immediately peak yet and yet he called magic job six cart. It then LeBron come around any weather that he's not he doesn't have that be unbelievable job dropping pat Gerber might make. But he knows how to passing outside to get assessed and that. That can meet those of the night when he's dangerous it is that he can score and you know I can already done carnival. For the most part in an. And putt. It's when he combines the point with the assist that's when these teams are hard to beat and you you either special player you know he he may not. Like him and a lot of laser. You know put. But you've got to appear that he's he's still want to know like time kind of guy and and you know again serial. I don't think we'll ever see it feels like it but you know just put me get a twenty years or so around so yeah. They Jack in a while Tim. Have a great call tonight in game three and we'll talk to you. Sued I'm sure. I don't. It's very soon appreciate guys have a great day. I Tim Roy he's the voice of the Golden State Warriors and again he'll have game three. For you tonight JaVale McGee questionable. Tonight. The thing is if McGee doesn't play. In theory that would open the door for which Julia I've missed Pachulia and what kind of reception do you think actually is gonna again in San Antonio. I don't think it's bad now that looks like a wise public enemy number one by a huge crowds turned out of you can make your case that. That's what it all started veterans I don't actually know what they did that. We'll see did I know he's gonna get booed out of the bend away McGee doesn't play he's gonna take Egan. Lose a guy does it put some stuff from robbed of some bad boy don't abducted her and rub some dirt on it. That's what they say I think in baseball rub some dirt on him generated text are in need to know I need closure. From the 70 I need this gives you would read it from where me. A while back I was once hanging out in the parking lot at oracle. Matt pulled up on me met being you and a fellow named she'd from lawyers world like martian on in a car. And yelled what they do point being don't sleep for a separate these private titles I have to unity node no recollection. What do you do. I don't think I've ever said that my entire I had asked. For the culture I can say it now but dropped out of it then the shot man what at duke. What do Cuban. Ernie on my. So distracted this day thing car right now. But game three tonight. Between the warriors and the spurs. Regardless of the extenuating circumstances do rue gain threes are always big game where the home team. Down too low gives it one huge huge push in that first half so. Conventional wisdom is that the warriors are gonna have to withstand a barrage the first quarter. And they. Of course they can because they're the warriors the question is. If they struggle to contain this this barrage will they get too far down. To come back in where and when the ball game. That's the question. Yet and you could say that flurry happened. Monday night in oracle and they went all the way to have time with the spurs up six. Warriors got back on the horse and figured it out. But now with the extenuating circumstances I know you have to get that. I just think the crowd won't be yellow and refuse suck they'll be sharing the the spurs on that means something so. I think the warriors don't don't get out in front of maybe mid four. I could be late fourth could be jail yesterday was the eleventh anniversary. Of the warriors clinching their first playoff berth in twelve years. The we believe season. They went up to Portland and they beat the Portland trailblazers last game of the season to make the playoffs for the first time in twelve years. And I I've seen some stuff or in pain you know the Internet about it and what I've forgotten about that game. Was that the game was in Portland that was that the game in Portland but they opened up ORACLE Arena to watch the game a watch party and they ahead. I'm pretty sure they had. Huge crowd. And the place was just going absolutely crazy so I just mistaken. Put Portland ahead. But I know we have guys I which is Matt Barnes Stephen Jackson buried AV is. Shoot threes I can't Jesus down with a beads dripping finger. Railways that team man there may be there and may never be a team like that. I we come back we'll talk little NFL schedule we got that coming populists and and assignments and you route 957 game what it through bent bone. It it. Now back in 957. To gain her backside mets' Darryl the guru Johnson was. Thursday border and boom turn into the afternoon. That's what it Jeanne draft this fast approaching in 957. The game has wall to wall coverage from San Francisco Oakland showing great pop like Joseph fort bought Damon Bruce. And your favorite 957. Game post on Thursday. That's a week from today April 26 as we broadcast our 2018 draft special. Live from Schroeder's German beer hall in downtown San Francisco coverage starts at noon. With Papa and Vontae for more information visit the events page at 957. Became. Dot com and the intern Billy. Is it a race against the clock to feed the meter for me. There for the people ask can do we have garages we do but they're like twenty bucks when you can just pay five. And you're good and the only reason I drove in today it was because you and I are both gonna be doing the warriors warm up show tonight at 5 PM and I. Won't begin gotten out of here pride till 111130. You don't jumble our eyes and feel like taken borne that out yet because at 1130 you're gonna -- to ask yourself. That's why in the driveway you don't like to drive in the city for an cares. The NFL schedule guru is gonna be dropped later today. And the others whispers that the 49ers may open with the Packers. My opinion not. If it is out there that doesn't want the season to start with the raiders forty niners at. Levi's they are still holding out hope that that's fake news is they wouldn't you want that as your first game it is different active man is it's called drop in the ball. If NFL Hitler ever dropped on that from helping him try and so. What was it like it could be one of those. Gumbel is at Bryant catches you know remain in my. You have say. No I think you're troll and good battles he would always say if what I'm saying is you said they dropped the ball out got to and I would say well we can't be dropping the ball like now Brian didn't really drop the ball but I guess they called it this year were and I was ninth dropping the ball it's a great match up against the Packers no doubt about it. Aaron Rodgers frustrated. And Asia what's the be consulted more about the moves at the Packers are well. They might be looking at him you're a golf guardian might be in the bag merit of his career he's been injured. They haven't won. I'm just saying there may rob a bad Billy he's in the back there there's no doubt the calf he's there's always something in the Shelby tartan and Romo. I've just that when they don't listen to you anymore studied there's stuff the do or say like eight. We might need to find them the replacement not not next year yeah but. If you don't have as much cloud is used to play good quarterback late into your thirties. Yeah he was yeah you're right but. If you're not everybody you are mobile quarterback. Now you to meet your mobile and indie hits in unnecessary. And at that mine is not is is a porous offensive line. Then you'll eat you know you're taking unnecessary shots like we saw Derek heartache no I hear you. I don't think Rogers has a running quarterback but he didn't he can evade the rush very bright right about the holy perfect it's it's a perfect balanced. But I want this gesture timid this wants special. So we know there were some incidents when the raiders play the niners last you know like in the parking lot or after the game. So I figured if you did the second Monday night game which they do West Coast. That would eliminate the time for people to get liquor or not they would still be mailed a tailgate fitting then had to go to work so. You go to the game but it's not all day that you are off Micah conventional Sunday to where they need to really get crazy. So we'll cut the time of of the people you don't mean. Yes and no so thick that the original are you looking at it as. The Sunday night game know the Monday night game more people got go to work in menu so look better off early. What is that is not a 7 o'clock start out low and half of which they do a Monday night the second game of the Monday Night Football doubleheader is always easy day Arizona. It's been the niners before. Is that not right or get a ticket. Grew an eagle rock below I'll bet you a lot of people will take a half days and on them Monday that's what it is will they be the ones that cop rockets. They'll be allowed people that wanted me you'd eat you Warren bullet yet a bit and we'll go don't sleep on raider fans get there early either. I told the story about. The old 66 street mob right bowel incredible. Outside. The oracle today outside ORACLE Arena and the coliseum. Not inside the outside barking let me just outside you know where there's the yes I would campers and got off cuts which go cross the street and there's a there's a little bit of a parking I don't know yet. So. The warriors season would overlap with football season obviously. In the wintertime and the warriors sometimes without a home game. On a Friday night and I'd work and I'd be leaving the arena at 11 PM. And crossed the street there would be I'd say dozens and dozens and dozens of people already tailgating. For Sunday's game. Two days from that if there's no way they care about the air date 48 hours 11 o'clock at night they had the barbecues go and people were just kind of sit around socialize and talk and I. I had nothing that they have a lot of these people had to our peace or. Campers attached. So the damn 48 hour before they get it boys you obviously must be JJ right now while I. They're not doing it up general Colin all night and nobody noticing and asked that's a whole lot of kick in before the game. Pain. And it isn't the only one he's got a lot of people do for college football. I mean for a place to go to Penn State games back in the day I don't know if you know anything about where Penn State is it's like right in the middle of the state of Pennsylvania. Now. Three and a half hours from Philly in three and a half hours from Pittsburgh. So you want a cold if you wanted to see a Penn State game you how to get out there on a Friday night. Well OK but the game Saturday Saturday how did Saturday that what you you know you'd have to get up there and damp two days before the 66 mob. 66 street man why don't you watch interest they throw this out there I don't know what happened to them because I haven't seen him lately. And I wonder are gonna well gases they would know what they were allowed to do and after a while to hurt anybody I don't know why yeah. And chose not on the line easy to the Joseph the water to go on. That was 20 yeah we talked about you know. So yeah the the schedules coming out today. I am fascinated a little by white people get so wound up about the schedule. Because we know look curl he's already stand on the already I got my foot got goose bumps we know all the opponents. It's Wayne we know our opponent is called Deion Sanders Arnie is why prime time. You wanna know if you have many Monday night how many Sunday night or do you give any that's what the schedules about wind do you play the game. Tell you right now forty. There's usually they have here their home games the bears lie not a problem arose I'll now minimized giants cardinals rams Seahawks their away games at Green Bay at Minnesota. LA chargers that Kansas City at Tampa Bay and Arizona had LA rams Seahawks are unusual and it all wrong. The world that's what avenue a special show and it's 5 o'clock to nine there's not show is yeah tonight on all the showed. There's the it's like a record release party but it's the schedule released it's a two hour show. Releasing the NFL schedule in which everybody already knows. All the opponents that everybody has stuck and you listen the biggest point out that your client. It was the Monday night games people want to know if they're teams play deprived confetti. Give him house. He's got a plan accordingly many in his pride is prop comedy drop below just what is looks is gonna get. The not a blab more primetime games used for drop below them what's the matter a mentally confides the most and a by the way the 66 street mob. And will be used to stand for make Oakland better that's right I forgot about that somebody's telling my then it became illegal. To tailgate overnight. I mean I guess that makes sense but the 663. Mob there. I'm were I always would see him out there. So anyway that's. I guess it says there we need to know the timings of the game Stein. Really. They're a part of senator Daschle. It is Sunday or Monday deadly year you'd think what we're doing the guy harmful it's smarter people sorry there was an announcement cool. Die hards. And what about the once did travel to games. Abort or cannot afford it just takes me okay Donna I try. I gains on pole until very very small percentage who loses this is this is the new at this is the today's beat this kid's a releases. It is to the bars are gonna be packed. For like half hour warriors game yeah. What I know this will be the appetizer to that game can now start to six now now now if you go to a bar what's up for thirty NBA game today to me it's got to be Philly probably hillbilly MI have a good call let me tell you some if you go to a bar. In the Bay Area at 5 o'clock what will be the percentage of television's. One Philly Miami. And the percentage of television's on. The NFL skin I'll I gotta believe it's eighty twice now I'm going to and swing weight around you Rhode Island and even though you know he's playing fifty countless is a big deal in the gonna say what he got jobs who didn't get to harm what do you think job last week the I don't know league. I mean what are the niners don't give a Monday night game all hell would break loose wheel we don't they're going to an outcry. It's about. This season ticket holder says knowing what the games are win is all that stuff really but it's really about how many prime time games do like. Like Cleveland and I get a prime time so there's no big deal Cleveland account for drop below a group the raiders might give five primetime games. Who play at banks given up out of Dallas Detroit bet that night game. Ran up beside them oh I can't believe Lisa what did you say I'm excited. It's one and done this. Darren and Leo and I I'm I stand corrected there is a stand corrected has that. There are paid really getting a ticket. Didn't see the Carty got. One hour two hours. Give me until 1201. Billy thank you so much I appreciate that Billy the intern ladies and gentlemen where we are allowed it to my wife immediately and terror I look at you I did. I get the schedule release are you excited though. Now have we converted you over to where Obama can go and you haven't converted me but now I do understand why. It is important to some people. That people who do travel to away games OK are you live that you've got a little bit that's a very small person I'm telling you 90% of it is how many Monday nights to relocate its -- like another pay to two didn't Ayers. Dallas is truly yours. But the writers in niners with these two Rob Lowe affect which group and I predict the niners will get four total primetime games and the raiders get five to brutal was part of Monday Night Football the film bow. Aren't I guess I get it I'm like I'm still. I don't I wanna know the times of the games but I don't need to be on the edge of my seat waiting six months before the season starts. To hear those kids to hear when those games are however there and again we make it clear. I get why some people are also if you're kind of an employee well not kind of your employees of the team or your affiliated with the team. In any in any way yet you probably wanna know. And on the game so remember always talk about must step dam or moral code to the bishop O'Dowd just text me. Falcons and saints will be the night Thanksgiving Day. He when you have sources Mandela. Two. They kill the falcons kids and our gross. Weapon didn't match up falcons say it's the they have in the Barbour nobody cares about an hour and going to debate that you got me but that's the game. 51 decision definitely wanna know what Oakland's played in Kansas City fair enough in the four daughters playing Kansas City also this year. Hey I. I just wanna bring something up that. I I threw up there. What when that I bring that thing about the quarterbacks up colonel this is about mes is now you're you're what did you achieve your door in the league can be radio. Well beyond the national I don't know him yeah look you know you had your moments. Woman I have my moments. Certain shot up. No I they are together outside I was kidding when he said shut up do. I'm a social sense relocated people are getting it. I'm about to undergo an entire personality change because. Apparently I'm the guy anyway. A month ago I come in my book Curley. The draft. These are literally has hit yet. Absolute flat out lunatic. I said to him and tell you what you know what I would do follow the Cleveland Browns. And he said why. I should I draft two quarterbacks won at 114. Well of course John Curley. Starts laughing at me now it's they would never do that they would never do that. That's stupid. And I said why is it stupid you get two quarterbacks in the other both rookies the number one pick the number four pick. You have your competition. You now have your first string of second string in an ideal ideal world. The second string quarterback. Is still really really good. Right. So you either emigrate second string quarterback. Or you then move that second quarterback one I know it's never been done it never happened. So nobody gets shot from cash Markey there itself curry doesn't like real hungry and going to the story given to loaves of bread. You gotta get a low for brand in meat because you got multiple holes to feel so you do your due diligence you give the quarterback and you're pathetic you get Iran back or linebacker or receiver you don't get to the one thing. 51 us is not such a tool half the stuff you say is be as you just trying to get a reaction that's Robyn the 51 now. There's no doubt I was trying to get a reaction out of my boy Curley that day. I really mean despite the hole I ideology behind draft in two I don't think it's the craziest idea and apparently it isn't because they saw a story. That said. Are they are thinking about it now I don't think they will. It's not you know I'll I don't know I did take credit for the diagnosis but from the for a one. The floral lace at fort bath fed had two months ago OK I know you would never steal material let's say it was my idea what you chose to say you know I thought of it. It's a resale on the radio before maybe probably. But what I. I don't think it's the craziest. Notion that's all children placed in I always think think why are you wasting the panic because you got to trust yourself to draft a quarterback that you think it's gonna be the leader for the nickel they strung out on quarterbacks. Well there's all for a long time and Natalie yeah yeah but now things have changed what do you strike out twice in the people's well bill twice. I mean yeah that would stay and did you like the two loaves of bread analogy. You won't brandish and meet. Bread and meat to make a sandwich. But what about on the store get two loaves of bread at what are we got what if what are one quarterback turns out to be Brady and the other quarterback turns out to be drop below. So then they can probably move drop below how we get an all these go Rob Lowe if Brooke Brady's play it all the time. How did we know Rob Lowe was dropped below. We didn't. Prepare for this incredible Mozilla wrote Harry Harry. But I got multiple holes I'm just saying. Is it a little bit crazy of course but OK yeah I think it's outside the realm of possibility I really don't do that you get away that that can possibly happen draft my fear the bread they could do it they're not gonna do it every lap dance and that's go to Joseph in the Presidio how you doing Joseph. God. What's going on man. Opt out period are actually down bar club where out where you tee it off. That. Obviously can listen to Joseph in the Presidio look at you. The cuts at C about what we do this but still like up there. Actually at a club where you want well I'd think about it but I gotta I gotta deal with the warrior game tonight. I. Thank you for the preparation and important. Now the schedule. We've got to make your travel plans you gotta know when your team on the road so. You know I need to get older I am so wouldn't it over by the ravens. Yacht ops when one road game the year he's got a note. And you got know what people want to come out to visit yet. What's the road game you're gonna pick. Well. I usually go to the ravens Pittsburgh game. Wore a midwest game. If it is FEMA haven't seen before you know what they do about the war. Got you so I got you go into. Cincinnati. I. We look at you can't go to any division games Gillick go to the Baltimore now you got to go to Miami if they play at dolphin that. That's not good in Miami at the bat the bat pact that was actually the Baltimore Miami yeah Miami won the only game I will go to Baltimore than Baltimore's funding of the well ball mom these ticket holder there I I'd go to I bet it is ball games member on the Arabian Sea that they hold not. C raiders he yeah. So I misunderstood what what the hills of Baltimore Ravens season ticket holder call us. On the for the idea that we get done Ortiz. Your body is your dad didn't play well I know but I didn't know you're season is that you're free and well there are all OK I. Did buy into this season tickets and quite frankly not that great friends you know. Hit him straight to not today body that will get out you got a guy OK I didn't realize it was. I was gonna say say hi did you know how to Presidio for you without cause judgment that was Joseph let's go to Jose Livermore high Jose. They without ballad hey go already I think I'm leaning toward yours by word will be overly. At big job in the two hour show up archer. I get you know the ball and just and that travel. Up the ball might org. And pressure that aren't aren't being. I think a lot government what they're right the last decade and. That Monday Night Football. Boot. It Emerson network is a great you know. If that's not the same with the blood you know even at least we have and that night. But the height. These scheduled release programs are you guys miss and that. I had a cold or one port and a lot of air out there and I mean you know. Biden that the marketing machine aren't worried about the play not knocking it out and argued outbreak and there you know but what. What you played like when it opened at both. Trying to hit their stride and they are they're going to be. And I would note that it would. And they were still bigger it out a want them both city they're bad and it play each other but whatever it. Are up there. Thanks a lot Jose that's close to earn a four games in a bit against them. The danger is if you put it late in the season one or both teams won't have anything its stake I don't that's a real no I really want doubt one. That either so they would steal Levitt okay. The Joseph for bought it was his idea. Okay about the two quad never hardly needed it is that they don't either but it's. I'll say it OK steel and listen to my great idea right I I may have heard it probably come and I think early I'll tell you what the brown should do. And it wasn't my idea and say it was my idea. And then that's why would you say it's sorry who did you you're drawn attention to yourself like you have a great ideals and thus not really. I just was messing with curly I didn't like I deal but the fact did you watch like call attention to myself if I want Donna. That's not so really what I do. I call attention to you. Let's in my sweet prediction. Which is what quarter actually put two of the best I try to put you in the position to succeed as possible contrary to what Norman thank you are that quarterback did would you go interception that it should hit my fingertips thanks you're the exact that's your default I'll admit I'll admit I wasn't afraid to yell at a big man full of the past would like to relieve hot plate with two fold problem lies Don. What are those guys David in Concord high David. But thought you gentlemen. I. Agree with the buildings early and knowing when it's early because. I'm being deployed October now one Noah came back go do it it even more by it. And we appreciate your service men. Thank you thank you. That makes a lot of sense David thank you very much well that's obviously. My suitable or fear. You know maybe you. How can also if I could see it. Docket for the diehards yeah it's for the dialogue and let's type in a way around the table I can waited a little off skiing and that's why these. Do we do this for the NBA schedule gets a little run I had a repayment bond gets nothing. Football people uptick is happy to take out work early for this just a little bit. I am equanimity at halftime just said Arnold just said. They're so you're saying they're gonna take off early for the schedule release party but they're not gonna take off for the Monday night you don't know to take off for the Monday night game but the fact that they got to work cuts into the Ambien on Sunday when they got all data give liquor and a did you horrible and if you gotta go to work and get a couple hours you're not a way hammer. What you have to always get all the way hammered well I hope the guys that and gals get into it when the raiders and honors player. You know potentially. I gotcha I want to. Apparently Steve Kerr today during today's shootaround. We know that game three is tonight. And it will be in San Antonio. It's a 630 start we'll have orders warm up at five Tim Roy it's six of the pregame show and then he'll of the call at 630. Of course Aaron Popovich Gregg Popovich whose wife passed yesterday. And it Steve Kerr who spent part of his career in San Antonio was asked about it at today's shootaround. And let's just take a listen to what would Steve Kerr had to say. Just a few moments ago. I still remember it traded to Portland and it doesn't want to call him to tell him the news so I don't think it's. There it's going to be so that. For trading here and Mark Warner work. Close. That's true. So damaged. Part of the balance. Steve Kurt talking about Erin Popovich. Who. Obviously left an imprint on his life. Pop I had some good some kind words about her 20 yeah don't tough my heart in this musher Papa worked at San Antonio who's in class lady great whose great perspective from from Greg. And absolutely. It it kinda reminds me although less serious of course but the story that Joseph lake of told. About how. Monta Ellis when he traded my tales to the box on this that his fiancee Nicole. Should like she didn't speak to him for days has much it was a very good player. That's incredible said that's he told that story is kind of funny. These are you guys some might not only get booed by the year bi polar in my wife wasn't talking to me either. Or night I was younger than it was an act but that's into that I was upset yeah by the way and that whatever we we know apparently when the Oakland Raiders will play. This effort Cisco 49ers met Mayo go KM in min. Rewarding itself Thursday night game ought to bear got there around national tea we get it we can now find. We can nine Thursday night Oakland vs the San Francisco 49. Odd that any day hit a homer on what debt if it wasn't the Monday night game. It's it's a Thursday night game would do is really a multi Sunday night game. What the next days Monday got to go to worst ratings are not very good I don't care outraged it's about Thursday night he looked at the base on display it according to I had no right date according to you nobody can have a good time because it's a workday. Are people gonna take off work at third are there trying to probably do said that now. But why would it take them off you said if they opened up with a second Monday night game on opening week because you couldn't get his loses you could or authority you can but is now did business Thursday you know. Arnold and I had to was it and then the next this Friday. They got ready to look forward to as opposed this Sunday on there's a little worm land camera you know so basically tomorrow I don't know what to expect from you. Because it's a Thursday I'll bet not but on Monday night in the betterment of auto Monday like I'll get your best little frightening I'm gonna get who knows now Friday is when you can get my best. Thursdays when you get my basketball with him for the Friday this after the raiders' bye week. Apparently it is according to one of the taxpayers that we want tech summit take Thursday and Friday up now. Something. Here's my question. So the sharks ended up sweep in the docks. There's still the Mighty Ducks to me. Another gonna play the golden knights of Las Vegas in what may be one of the greatest stories. That's an accident that's exhibitions that's. Expansion team of players that played on. In the NH hit in the NHL before. Nevertheless the amnesty I get his special nevertheless got shark was about to make it happen in our. You watch hockey I watched it last item number Syria and then capitals away. Okay I'll see you watched last knocking instead of the NBA player now I got I got the DirecTV so they knew while yet but I didn't really watch either. No I had to sound on the NBA you know watch hockey. It. Lover you can't really are you can't really focus on either one and well I was trying to focus more on what we would talk about yardage councils actually homework to watch the book you're game bush. We'll lose a game. Which we will basketball game you want to work three games I don't know about watched Oklahoma City already Carmelo choke. Did I watch them before and I look at that he did not show he had two wide open shots to give his team within one or not that he's not to show over for him that's trying to be why allow unless it's over for him yet he doesn't choking but there are putting him in situations defend year old. He's not the New York Carmelo c'mon give me that of course. But it didn't show had a knack didn't show again god or he's just not very good. He's not very good he's very somber in this post game press or to. The people are afraid to tell me man. Human ones it is now it was obvious that this would know what what I mean it's playoff time first time take off the floor crooks down. Give me a prediction and did you hold me to would do if you're wrong moral YouTube. And it's. No I'm not giving score I'll tell you why not given you score because they didn't score game two when you're like yeah that wasn't close when in fact it was close. I said game two was going to be 110100. Spurs it was 116101. Okay. I hit at like six putts total in in how world I think at 115. Alienation. After 11588. In the one escort 116. Soda may. This the winner no it's not the winner be normal life didn't come really Smart. The now. The spurs won over you for you predicted a blowout and it wasn't much of a blowout that the game was close for fuel so it was going to be over. That. You assume you also spent. You spend I would say thirty minutes on Monday a raging LaMarcus Aldridge just for re eating no I said that I said he's played. A lot better this year attitude that comes as well Popovich put his Kryptonite had the injury mongering. And he had a good day. And I almost slid and my two ordered that he was blown up their reason dare pop you're there read text no other reason they're losing its cover you. It got to me a little bit who said that their power button and in the trolls on Twitter. You would Damon did yesterday. Didn't Bruce yeah. Hardenne okay Donovan mid to should be rookie of the year but I can't take in what they're doing playoffs or do you think they do should they don't make you proud have a playoff holes drilled holes are in boats are you sure about Agassi's and who's your review the Benson's. Got to be bent cents. And the reason I ask to be banned Simmons is Q I understand that he's richer. But until they change the rule. You can't hold it against Tennessee I think it at each day east. I think we're gonna get a co MVP co rookie of the year. It's fun I lie and I think it's happened it's happened before while the icing on it and now. We can't remember exactly who but you know what type of beef that probably be the most I think you do but were in a society where affair doesn't win anymore it's also not. I don't think it's likely that. I mean they would literally have to finish tied. And when you take into account all the people who vote you go 123 it's really hard but Donovan Mitchell's been everything to Utah. And Benson minutes it got him beat. So whose name bead on you Graham hill Jason Kidd you could call. Who's an MB on Utah he's got. A Rudy go there David Locke says that date and I watch said Rudy go Bayer is a top ten player. Wake me up win. When. Stay Jeff bag and he says that. I'm just I love you missed a lot but you know they're there when the defensive player of the year war ID falcons dram Ron's been hurt. Can I got to concentrate on such a way it is because he got hurt he only missed like 810 games this year Kobe missed more games and route to go bear missed more games and Dre monitoring now my point is dry mouth such a lawyer this heat no sooner did it did he's not crying her. When this week is over to culminate on and what are the good of defense because of shoulder ought to step half a lot to do with his starting please. I know we'll hear about this I mean the 650 says that Ben Simmons is not a rookie. I love that I this I guess I try to get that sure I get appalling and of course they get the point but. Until. They say and Simmons is not a rookie or a player hurt his entire rookie year. Then playing in his seconds in his second season after being drafted is not. A rookie than far Donovan Mitchell wins it and what kind of built a huge withdraws bid sinister issue freak rolls there too good not to be able to shoot free throws. 50%. And that you you'll tell you Jack when he MVP but I was different why. He was taken due to the hoop hall day and Simmons. Probably will end his career would more triple doubles than anybody who's ever played again you feel bad for MB. 'cause he's the report Tories out tonight. They can be down to one Miami no walk in the park under your guys Spoelstra already know he's got a good coach he's I didn't say good great was the kiwi is a great coach Erik Spoelstra isn't quite right they get it was a night. Against Philly without him lead. You just want in Philly you do realize you really ended the season with eight straight wins without new and they they got a bottle at a fourteen of fifteen so I mean you never know. Mean yeah yeah absolutely never know. So trade in my shoulders not an excuse our idea of course it's not but. I listened. These people are adamant about then Simmons knocking her work and I can't I can't. I get a the glory of but I do you but until. The rules changed. So anyway we can nine Thursday night raider. Vs. The San Francisco 49ers. At Santa Clara right. Yes title Santa Clara act Santa Clara so. Out of B 520 shark. Probably was she gets that. Which you say. People can't get his wound up they'll deal well they don't have all day to freelance. And I'm sure some of them go to work some call lob but the majority gonna go to work. You can't you can't even tell you get a Santa Clara you have to take him that this is this do you still work until 430 and then get there and tell you what you obviously Jerry York who Tariq. Who were then you're given then then you can't even until gated. It's senator Claire. So we are now worried about come while his side Tuesday. Detailed anywhere. What does that mean. Their rules and we find tail always find their old ways detailed if you want to. Who wants 63 from hi I'm we 66 month. Just six ignored the rules. A document your prediction for and I'm not honestly to be low score and I say 92. Two. 81 golds to take three. I'll saying. Warriors. 110. Spurs. 104. There is coming up next pop up and Vontae hill.