Steiny and Guru – 2 – Steph Curry from Parade, LeBron destination

Steinmetz and Guru
Wednesday, June 13th
Hour 2. Ratto fills in for Guru. We replay an interview with Steph Curry from the parade. We talk about possible destinations for LeBron James, a little bit of World Cup, and Steiny spends a while just trying to piss off Ratto.

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And you remember him cage for no good reason. No I mean it would always hugely important this team just for that. Because he helped make them. For the first time ever a destination for players. They were never destination before every great player that came to Oakland came either because they were traded here or can they get drafted. He year. I mean nobody went out of the ways and that's where I want that that's where I want my career and her two blocks. They'd they'd rather go to Boston or they'd rather go to New York they'd rather go to LA. It would always the first guy to choose. Oakland. Above all else. And I think that helped break the seal on it. You're elicited an I 57 to gain KG MZFM and HP one KGMC. San Francisco the radio home of the 2018. NBA champions. Let's take a listen to a little interview we did yesterday with. Staff curry here you go enjoy lots of staff I don't man I'm great sacrifice that ordered stepped curry joining us. Already got this cup. What is that I got to stay hydrated this very sunny and hot out here Saturday that what is this one like compared to the other championships. They're all special. I've chatted. Have asked the rank of an honest service of its kind of hard to do because. You can go back and which is so back in that moment Tony fifteen last year this year everyone on special for different reasons so. Holiday toy fits these guys this is the first on him and that's you have no idea what's expert with. And Phil and its leadership celebration back here in Oakland would not that. To go back to back. Don't put that in perspective we met Jason that Franco years in those sisters those. To a lot of youngsters listen and talk to us about what's with the your regiment. When you had injuries how do you think give up and now I you battled back to be one of the best in the league and that you collect and hardware. What goes into that mindset to where you don't give us. I mean. I appreciate every single day negatively about slow. I have since I started. And no matter what come away I had to figure out how to you know keep myself confidence. And my joy for what I do it's an about a bill with. Injuries or surgeries there. Losing in the finals. You of an arrow goes through season when we head. Must have confidence in congress and in the Gaza pseudo with never waivers and at that today. You have to rely on our lord I mean. The hardest working people in the room music that was the most successful. Look at you guys in which you doom view what I do on the court. The cream of the crop rice that's I would it would OR word so that's the thing that you fall back on the most. Why was this the toughest one it seems like everybody was kind of saying this was the toughest what what made it tougher. Human nature kicked in a little bit at the beginning of the year where you really mean. Our intentions are great we try to come in and appreciate it and and you attacked a two games knowing that it was going to be tough. Teams figured out floors things which are Russ is try to beat this. It was our fourth year in a row you play in October due June a lot of basketball games. And then you on top of that much no mental challenges you and that was. You. Think that they urged that if the student the start a lot of then the five or whatever you call it only played 41 and games together. Brother is season he had that of the mixture. All that stuff just tested a spin. Yeah we knew we were looking forward to the playoffs. So that we can have a clean slate did that play games that matter but. Coach Terry does a great job and just keep in the collective mindset throughout the course of the season. Where we were together and we understand this it's alone is a long journey and nothing about is going to be. In a recent had a conversation with Jay bills from ESPN about you guys. And not only here you guys winning championships. Which are changing the way the game is being played. Not only not only the NBA level but we're talking college we're talking high school what does it mean do you think you're changing the game with the style and the way you guys climb. It's pretty crazy dog to be honest non. I've always said it I've never came through the with that in mind. I had a style of play that whether you liked it or not. Well the united as a point guard trying to you know the status ourselves in the league. Net. That was what I was going to be and I was going to be great edit then. Affect the kids that you know. I see you know all the engines you see 567 joke issue injuries and type of stuff that's great because now the challenge of sells logos and understanding that. What they see on the you know G here ahead oracle or you know whatever is a finished product of a lot of homework and fundamentals and and dedication to crash so. We would get a certain shoe Florida to miss on the I'm I'm pretty proud of it. The message is. Their stats this and you gotta you gotta follow the they'd be right flannel on the way. I got to ask you missed your step and I go back a long way not. Where in his shorts I saw that those under shorts amenities as this when I first mentioned. We'll. I'm not that nobody else in this environment understands what do these coach drew so I Howland at. Got to own that today so those those cool though the look or do they ask you I. I'll never forget this your first day. First day of training camp you get drafted toss it now has traded him. Monta Ellis says I can't play in this guy. It's Stephen Jackson says get me out of here that was your first day is a Golden State warrior. And now. You've won three titles I mean. You ever think that thought of that time that I think it is replete. Don't think about some. Be an elder statesman around here. I think you bravest he's all right. CF first day and that was the my first real interaction with a Ramon that event at. At my media day after the draft. But that first your take care of the media day we have to portray him I was walking out of the room down the hall out to the parking lot of our present city and he looks at tests and showed resiliency. You might you might hear or read something about you Monta saying something about you guys plan. This is now it's just don't Wear about it known as back story that. I didn't know anything you know I know anything about the release of the cuts into a grain of salt and honestly it. Murray he sees loses about me you know. Gives them experience it wouldn't and and the status of myself that there's a chaotic here in town to say the least. But. You know. Was it six years down the road and nowhere in my first sabres have been. And now that three soon just as blessed to be. They would have you witnessed the change and it's estimation is organization. From note nine to 2000 anything. Well and bin probably the biggest reason for I appreciate the men outside your dad of course who is your guy grown up who steps got it to lift up to life. Outcome try to be like him. Is to Steve good of listeners Steve Nash that. Steve Kerr are all right there are already good allowed Washington and play us the Steve Nash and Reggie Miller. Two guys that I felt like. I could combine. Their two skill sets and create one Blair. And that's kind of diversity between playing wanted to being scorned. So tell a playmaker would you using just going through it the way they Reggie moving up the ball Steve Nash creativity would Novo. I think he's their gamers I had not a touch uttering the best traits of both those guys than in more than one. Let's say like you're absolutely live in the drain the three titles you got a beautiful young family thank you so much for stopping by congratulations. And that you'll enjoy with the team. Appreciate the guys that thanks for a governess all year and yeah and hopefully be back connection. That was Steve curry from yes it's cookies Currie. You know what that's not that's she hears ranking that's. When I hit a Steve curry us time at CNN and other guy's name. It's like OK it's a mistake I made a mistake and its staff Currie and Steve Kerr that he can accept up all the time but people. They really. Like use that as a way to denigrate me or you. I wouldn't make mistakes you've made you've made. You've made verbal blows before. What a great guy staff Currie I mean he's been the most joyful athlete that you've ever covered in the Bay Area. And. Given the demands on this time. And given. The pressures of being sort of there. The nucleus. Of all this. Yeah probably. I mean he's able to compartmentalize. All of the demands Abraham. And I think that's I mean that's a skill that either his parents taught him more you develop on his own. But. He knows. How to have shields. And he had shields up but do you Alter that conversation. Even though you didn't know. Because he knows. What's required of him in any interview situation. And in an interview. He didn't just relax. And just hey it's great day I have something in my cup I'm not gonna tell you I have a bit of a buzz. It's good to be an American. Knew that I mean Gregg as shield pose that I rip that shield. See curry and I go way back. Back to whatever draft would you how does he went to high school with them on another stellar curry is never not fully aware. Of who he's talking to. And what the context. He's debt Smart they are very few athletes like that Ron Amadon was like that. I mean but no curry. Never lets you seed. In sweat he never lets you see him be anything other than what he wants you to see him practice. And now and that's again it's not a criticism. But he's always on point. And he's aware of what you want and the way you want it. At that time he will decide how much your daddy give you an and that should. It it's a survival skill for any great athlete. Because there are a lot of great athletes who can. Handle the media and don't do it. I thought that was a big big. Big factor in. OK take it back he's really a doping Jiri genius thank you very much an 889579570. To come back in. Talk more about the parade. Talk more maybe about what LeBron James is gonna go can he change the balance of power would. Bond. And no yeah but yeah. What are now starting mixing 201957. Big teams. And brain cells sitting in for downward do root Johnson today. In a match Imus things to listen and everybody. Just got done playing a staff curry interview couple things about yeah. Tell you. So. Alameda guy right. Here actually realized that I know here in Alameda got there. The process. Is going to be a new golf course opening. In Alameda the south course a creek park. And it's gonna open and about a week. And will be darned if I didn't see a photo. Of staff curry. And that is that. They play the course ready apparently that played it Monday. But why. Why does she get to play it early. Let me list. The 750. Reasons why. What tribal and. It what you staff curry. Ricky yeah even a little Alameda. Doesn't have to. And I don't currently is 3000 miles. And who should who should play on this Monday no one. He who sell me his biggest biggest red. Ink. You know what right he has got to make it to the NBA because I want some of these perks he has a planetary passport. Get over at the people wanna know why curry said. Why did curry look that you wouldn't sit some people didn't like how I look. Right what curry was drafted yet. I mean he is just another guy he was going to be the new Larry Hughes the new Monta Ellis the Mike Dunleavy the truck. I mean but he thought he was gonna be so we don't be in some well. No apps and not know and get some people thought it was too slight. Indeed he's gay he just get bodied off the ball. And everybody was wrong because he is. Eight generational player. In in a sport that's probably had. Seven of them in seven years. Well what's Eric. My Chamberlain Mike and Russell Chamberlain OK I Karine. Magic bird. Jordan. Changed. There I would go along that without him. I would go long that list but they're curious. What no just the. Studio. Game go from here you think you think. Is it going to be a week are we gonna shoot more threes. For awhile ago while gonna because I. Because the metrics tell you shared. But. You will not get teams. Who do it is sufficiently. As Golden State does for awhile. Because you have to find. Multiple. Great. Long distance shooters. But you don't think there's going to be more and more those guys come into the league because now they've I don't think. A lifetime of three point practiced I think I think Stefan Curry's and out liar in the same way that. Wayne Gretzky was now wire he will be do he will have done things that other people. Will try to do. And active. Because. It's not just you know the player it's not just strategic. He has the gift. He's worked on developing and gift. Klay Thompson has the same gift terms shared picking might. He might be a pure shooter than courteous. I mean no I don't know that there are I I really could name five guys with a quicker release in the history of the game. Probably true. We got a guy from New York Ritchie calls and a lot I think you're gonna light camera hey what's up rich say hello ray route out. You know while I save cool sounds a little grumpy today then all these very excitable guru this story is the total opposite and I'm aware of says that I appreciated his knowledge and as far as quick release news John Pavlik checks though Bradley compromise Jerry West and yeah and low worse but I would tie everything together personal. Derek Jeter issues. Somebody very you know curry reminds me of Derek Jeter. Okay cheated groomed you moved on to assume the team where everyone. Lose a we've not been on the mat Garcia Barry's not eight rod he's not odd. You know we're all home runs. And there was always think jealousy to overplay is sitting and Carly just reminds you. She'd how we handle stains look you know I'll never sends a bad word never gets in trouble all let what are you get to my main court. Are you more news in Tunisia and out talent I've been here and you. The last few weeks true what days would they consider me and everybody else that you guys who don't pout and I I didn't do you view. Mardy. Big man posing gates. Do they include. My first round draft pick which I think there's seven already this year also. I won't back. Away and are ready mop. Are right now more also didn't take to bed contract. Yeah which is Big Easy. And we all see you back up my bare its contract with Jews. Tim Hardaway junior. Okay now what that dogs. Ever want to resolve not given up straight Monaco a book you get all the new new arena would help keep losing discs you can still have curry. You can still have. A number one draft pick that I don't know what it's gonna turn into good so I don't really follow how old school and I'm assuming you are someone you. Good young talent there so you you guys do seem to assume you know you get a draft pick -- young. I'll get I'll open up the ball took clay into Enron. Can take all the New York can bring back the knicks. And say well are you wanna play with some guys who have experience. You got clay you've got to re mom. And you get a deed. Our rich I would I as a lot don't dissect their and I get ray is is processing. And done process. Patrick's day. Where's Al what did you not know what what richest diamond is described it trade. That would make the knicks pretty good. It is not a trade makes the warriors pretty. It's in fact it's it's ridiculously lopsided. Of course Hingis is it is some people say transformational young talent. Yeah blood coming coming up at coming to these people are we can get them. Hospitalized quickly by the way in your trillions transformational players generational play Kobe Bryant. I didn't I wasn't pretending that it was not where it was it comprehensive list like eight against. I mean gay you can put them on their sure Erica let's go to Larry in Oakland what's up Larry. They've ever been enjoying listening to welcome I don't. Do well. Listen I wanted to talk about the look situation with LeBron and where he'd go. And you know for me. He wants championships and nothing else matters to him with the Chinese Government to to play. And the warriors. They're the team in this way and there that seem to be in I think that LeBron. Might wanna poll on Durant and take less money in nevermind the finances and go to Houston. I think that the rockets could pull Hamptons I mean Chris pollen LeBron they have our god country each other's kids. It is the only roadblock would be. James Harden. Ten to how they get along and if he says. That he wants him on his team I think privately that. The lakers are too if feed that to what just happened to make that work its immediate. In San Antonio there may be is great but. I can't see Popovich and LeBron playing verdict against each other. Four good control of the team. Olivia let us I don't know Larry you know what and thanks for the call a little at ray picked up on this because we're talking about this before the show. And he put it less delicately than I'll put it put re basically thinks that LeBron is is screwed in a way these. He's not a good position. No I I don't I don't think he is because. The teams that are in position. To make a run at the warriors. Our teams that. Don't. Feel I that I don't think would feel comfortable. Blowing up what they have to blow up to feed him man. And then dealing with a team that basically is run by him. Knew what was the last coach that he absolutely. Listen to our reserve. Was it may be a last year barracks bolster. Certainly wasn't anybody in Cleveland. Certainly wasn't the early to bolster. No he's not. He's a guy who runs he shot up. And when you bring him and you inherit all of that in addition to the players you have to get rid of to feed him. In your salary structure because he's not taking a pay. He's not gonna leave money on the table that it he's played fifteen years she's earned the right to Max out for anybody wants to Maxima. I think he screwed because. I don't think he makes Philadelphia. Better he certainly does I don't know that he enhances and Simmons in any meaningful way. Houston. I think there are too many moving parts to make that seem realistic. I don't think the lakers are ready yet even with him. To it to do that I I've heard I've heard Oklahoma City. To join Westbrook and and and George which will be hilarious because. Spalding is never made enough balls to make. I just don't know that there is a comfortable fit for him. About everything else is gonna require. San Antonio Popovich what's a meeting with a does he. He doesn't and all of the public to get it you know like his LeBron almost none of us don't know it Popovich can get a meeting with any he's gonna get a meeting with co while I heard. Emcor Letterman did. Barely talk this year. I I think I think anybody. Is gonna take it take a meeting of pop Gregg Popovich wanted but I don't know. Unless they have a guarantee from from Leonard to be staying. That it would be worth it either to him more that. Trying to think who else is out there. That we haven't mentioned I kind of agree with you with with the lakers mean go to lakers and then you basically say in. Probably not gonna win a title this year Seattle think he's. Do you think his number one priority is to try to attack on championships. Yes. Well that it is a tough decision where to go because that he may have to stay in Cleveland and try to have them acquire that might be the easiest thing to do. If you can but you still have to gut to replenish. True. And I realize united stated damage sucker easy to move some of those guys now. You know because one of that well one of LeBron is great failings as he's on he's not a very good general manager. You know he brought in a lot of one skill specialist 'cause he's thought. While put this guy to do this put the schedule this and you go out and get those guys and what you got was a lot of specialists at a time. When the game is demanding versatility. Mean Dray mind green in his own way. And Klay Thompson to a slightly lesser extent. Helped undermine that strategy because they do multiple things well. And then you tack on Durant who has multiple skills himself. Amid. But the fact is if LeBron wants people watched it be on a team with a LeBron. He wants another LeBron somewhere. And there is no other Libre. Boston. I don't know do you want Tatum and brown to suddenly take a backseat. For a guy and his sixteenth tee here's what I wanna do let me ask you if you think this is possible the broadest such a great player. Can't he theoretically adjust a little bit. He has the capability to it does yet does he have the will to does he want to wood chips. Because you look he's it is an excellent pass her. I think he's it easy more than competent defender. I don't know that there is a skill in which he is deficient. But it's a question of what can he assess the players around him. Accurately enough said he would net that says that he would know. What he needs to do less of what he needs to do more. Because one of the thing because he's default is basically. One in crisis give me the ball. I will decide how this goes. And there are tired if you wanna be on a super team. It quotes super team you have to learn how to differ. Kevin Durant is still learning how to do Danny's been here for two years it abroad do that already in Miami. The guy who ended up deferring was Chris Bosh. LeBron did not differ as much as people think keep it. To go to lay aid aid title ready situation. Let's say like Boston. Danny Ainge wouldn't need him. To be willing to defer to players who word. Ten and twelve years his yacht in sugar. I don't know if he's got their idea. Because I think he's always thought I am the solution to all problems. And as good as she did at distributing the ball and seeing the whole court and doing all the things great basketball players do. I think in his head. He has to be the last answer whether it is to take the last shot or to be the guy who determines who takes the lash. And I think it would be it a huge adjustment for him at this stage of his career no doubt pay you have to have complete and utter trust and everyone around him. And I don't know other than maybe that second year in Miami that he had that. Rate. My phone. Has been ringing a lot lately and it. The number is unrecognizable. Usually. And I always say hello. And then there's that short pause. When you know you're getting a telemarketer. Is there anything you can do to stop getting those calls. Now but there's something you can do it'd be an idiot and will why don't answer. If if it's somebody you know and wants to talk to you they will leave a message. Yeah it's kind of frustrating 3254054. No when I ate you know but their lot and you know what we're a lot of times it'll say. Birmingham Alabama over Brownsville Texas and our. We were. Asheville, North Carolina. Okay yeah that's how tough one answer just this seat you know OK are you from what's Asheville light during. Really you know your days so bereft of stimulus that you want to have conversations like that out of the blue to learn about other areas don't you. Pick up a book. Skip stop third is not what you did a book as you can from talking to people who live there okay. And and what did you learn about all these places by picking up these random phone calls. While nothing because they're all telemarketers they usually don't real people I rest my case I got to work on let's go to Alex and Oakland what's up Alex. Geithner. I don't gentlemen. Well. Good guess I'll enjoy your show. I was. Wondering about you know how like Kevin Durant came at a warriors you know after we bought that game in the championship. And prevented it about it their case that that hey you know we need to Portland but do it and it's fabulous. What does it look bronco after a broad. Where the Toronto Raptors as you know nobody really talked about that they were number one seed in the east this year. And they present a pay eight we need a big man and is the only person. Art wrote it while it that would that they. Right. I I'm Sherman site who jury could make it fit. Does LeBron want a play Canada. And does he does anybody respects the raptors and after after the way they you know. Went toes up in the post season for him to say that's the team I can fix. And wood and wood DeRozan and Lowry be amenable to it. To pick solve state don't have a choice. They don't have mature now they are choice. You jam LeBron James right down their throat even a little like a happy team I'll call them let me let you know let's be serious here well they haven't done enough to it to say now. Not sure why are pecking order no this up quickly change your pecking order it's changing the way you play. That's for it that's the fundamental problem it's not about will we welcome LeBron changes can I adjust my game so that. I am no longer the center. I think Larry and Derosa both had trouble with that with just with the each other. Over the past couldn't say that's essentially what curry is done. Curry is different than them. Curry is curry C unique psyche to. Mean he is that rarer sort of part of a great team. Who doesn't mind and delaying credit or delaying gratification. For bigger goal. In and around trying to make it out to be Gandhi. But you know it's he gets that. You know the greater good. Is reached more often when he's not. The first and last option he gets that. And he's always got it. That's one of the reasons why he's unique. I mania and yeah you might be able to find somebody else who shoots like him and thirty or forty years. But he is that rarest of superstars who understands. That there has to be room in the room. Ford disparate players and disparate personalities. Blake. San Leandro what's going on meant. I'm doing great yeah I'm doing great and I think ray might even be doing better. A yeah that sounds like you. I doubt it yeah. And why aren't there sports fan by. Either guy that lawyer I ever bought a million year and that the Boyer that bad about that. That may that they'll run it ought and it it's it's it's boat then people I've learned all about owner. Al. That we got it got. Air. You got. Everything else and it bit similar Eddie Barlow beat Eddie DeBartolo. Did it. Yep thanks leper call boy. Com. I can see where he would say that but at the Getty was more impetuous. Then. And likable as they can be is. But I met there but there is that there is a clear similarity between. Those those 49ers in these warriors in that. Everybody thought at the time and probably correctly that the 49ers are revolutionizing our offense football right. And that's are talking about the warriors now. And I think that's part of their appeal. Across both sides of the will of the bay and north base south bay and west basically whoever. Because I think people in the Bay Area have an essential concede about themselves and that. It winning is great winning championships is better but being like part of a revolutionary vanguard. Like is a real turn on freedom like the giants. You know won three times in five years they didn't revolutionaries baseball what are being. They didn't revolutionize baseball they either A they played college football hall they didn't revolutionized baseball. Don't go down this road with. That they were they they won three titles good for them they did great. But I don't know that anybody looked at that and said boy they're really rethinking the way they stopped play. The template re it was a template they created a good pitching. In the armor and good solid defense nobody has an educational hitting record yet they no one's ever done that before. You're absolutely right. Idiot. No but I but I mean I think I think that I think debt party's true they both. Sort of been regarded as. People who change in people and teams that changed the way the games. Let's go to and let's go to LeRoy traveled a LeRoy yeah you got to bring some Heatley wrote what's up my man. They study race did you guys man and I want it will be your opinions on. LeBron. Going to the Washington Wizards. I don't think they're peaceful way I'd like Bradley deal in on like John Wall. And I think would be in my spirit form I mean you'll be able to stage in the east and you'll be able to cool would there and people probably it. And and you know they could make work that they've got guys that. I think they've got plenty of ball dominant. But it's it's it's a thought I mean I don't I I can't see that. That that Washington would say boy that's something we don't wanna pursue but I never hear that are then mentioned. And there must be a reason for that. And I'm gonna presume that LeBron doesn't wanna plant watch. For whatever reason. Bite you never you never hear the wizards. On a short list that's true. Are you what when when look when he was in Cleveland the first time looking to get out. The shortlist was a short list and Miami was in the forefront of it from the beginning. So I think if if you lose interest and in Washington we would have heard in directly from him or his people. Go to Aubrey in the city what's up Aubrey. Based diet and that probably aren't. I just want to go back what you got was talking about Perry and him to hurry you the other quit do you think that part of the reason he's able to do that. It because he hadn't been the center of attention on every team like a lot of these other people start bent. And what do you mean not the center of attention. Like. I don't know what brought printed his whole life he's been told me the main gate the next book aren't. In the very act like you know is report coming out of caught it. He viewed like non athletic as shocked electric bad you know no other bent on being go to guy. Maybe. Mean obviously there's something in his make up. I think rays right there I would about money ball. That was kind of revolutionary. How many rings got. It's it's. But they have a hearing on any way of thinking to baseball Allan hearings they outbreak no matter so really it does matter got to the post season twelve now thirteen and fourteen it doesn't matter why because Jon Lester struggled in game like Billy Beane gets. No over the coals no Billy Beane has not raked over the coals not even close want us. What do you wanna take one right now our territory or she's actually wanna spend the last fourteen minutes sure well either this to the World Cup. Aren't I do the World Cup any day it was the bill let me know the difference is you win and you revolutionaries. Look at BA's had not. These are not won a series yet under the undated being Rashean. That's the difference. Of the baseball it's getting in there I do it's a crapshoot. Alicia the giants and you bring something to the table it's never been seen before. You can't poke escaped what about how mocked I'm I'm I'm audio. Who is Rhett who are we rooting for in the World Cup you and me let's pick a team. Allegra for me it's Iceland. Have you ever been Iceland now. Have you know what I'll tell you what it's where it's at I wanna go there then I swear to god I reiki I wish you'd left two hours ago. It's a no I beautiful I flew. Iceland is the best story. I mean the bet the the team with the best players is Belgium. But they're they don't know what they're doing half the time to either. They have no sort of philosophy or shape Francis like that too it's gonna come down basically Germany empress. And Germany being. You know more acclimated to. Russia. I think as an advantage because geography matters the World Cup always that. So. Well Ahmad half German half Italian so obviously you lost the war twice I would I would not I wouldn't. I would mind Germany where and of course Italy I guess they didn't make it right yeah I don't I don't think their chances in nearly as good. That's too bad. That's too bad so you want Belgium no I don't why I told you why one I want I Iceland. It's a great story isn't a great story somebody wants to ask you about different years of basketball mole in west Oakland what's up model. My whole. As I appreciate the take opponent is ridiculous deputy police. Through Iran dialogue that I didn't panic and you always have. And that actually. People always compare candidates and I don't at most of them all but impossible question. What. Would just close. Almost everything he replied. That there wouldn't put it just fires there to eat that it would be like. You have stated that in retrospect personally solicit students and talk all all they appreciate it don't look at that that's. I'm not sure I got it you I got I don't know that there is a best era. You know I mean I think I think the best all the fifties which I don't really remember arch. Probably was a little slow and stay. The Celtics if you wanna define. The NBA in the sixties is the Celtics. That was pretty entertaining basketball. They went up and down with a best of gains in the sixties were a television. Typically 60 once once every Sunday lets it yeah. Not mean amid but that's it she that's the thing is when people talk about. LeBron. The name that comes immediately to my mind is not Jordan's. The Chamberlain's. Chris Chamberlain was a force in and of himself the way LeBron as physically. But nobody. Below my age. Remember sports channel because they haven't seen much Chamberlain. Mean he he was literally. Unstoppable in ways it even LeBron. Has never been. Mean Bill Russell who threw. Maybe the greatest defense center of all time eggnog may be the greatest offense of all time routinely gave up forty and 25 to him. Because he was. So ridiculously. You know physically better than everybody else. Mitch is the only year we averaged more minutes a game then they play yes. Pay our re my dad soleil Wilt Chamberlain play way way back in. You know they used to have where you can go over the foul line did you know that yeah he would actually jump from the foul line the only way to change three rules specifically because you know. That one may widen the lane and when I'm OK and dead offense Bolton. What do you think's the next thing we're gonna see. Regarding the three point shot I think so it was good apple the three point shot where they're gonna say the exact same thing about curry. That because you know in essence it will be boil down occur I think they're gonna move it back no I think I'll take where the corners. The line of Disco right into the sidelined do you think they'll do that before widen the court widening the cordon and made you never gonna widen the court just because of arena problems. Knowing because MB you're not take out a row seats and people are gonna pay fifteen dollars a game. Really yeah really I mean it's like put these people can hear the dollar really hit the snow second row just becomes the first row. Yeah but you don't get to replace that grow on the back with people gonna pay 15100 dollars. They're not do they're not changing the dimensions of the court. They're not no no they're not well because it costs them money. Do that. No they won't. Lisa what that's what I'd do this the guru people say you can't say that for certain. Well I can say for certain because I'm near death and I don't care anymore. Yes Joba. If at any point you can point anything. To me that says the owners are giving back money. Then I bet I'd listen to you but they don't give back money it's the reason why the schedule isn't shorter. It's the reason why playoffs are getting longer. And there is nothing in any any of that the sports. That suggests. That that owners and operators are going to take less money but company years which is coming did the US Canada and Mexico. Is going from 32 to 48 teams. Now why is that. Why aren't getting quality of soccer is is skyrocketing around the globe right no you'd be wrong it's not. It's what it is is more teams means more money. That's what it means. You think that's it wrote yes. One without question so. You're saying right now Iceland has not gotten any better in soccer. Over the last decade. You've pointed out one country. Okay. The consumer to argue about which what about the Sudan Hauser a bit they are there hot under us soccer's getting better. Oh no question they've been didn't know international anything's ever so they're on the come. That's going to help your team to name name a player from the Sudan. Well I don't know one okay weather but you will enable our little if you hit you hit two W best show me a country. Sudan came up and that's the one you gave me. I don't believe soccer's. Going to be big in the Sudan. Sure. Absolutely just telling you yeah and I I think fish go with that. So we're area are still married. Well and two time. To. What about Egypt they're getting better most solid great player. You know more like. And peer low and he said he doesn't play anymore retired now. But he was good for Italy he was great. And then the yeah he's one of the very few guys that I could imagine playing while smoking sicker you ASE and also like. A like. It's his name the big what you're looking at now no but. For really starts with a B long name. Now telling us yes yankees' latest greatest player our generation. I'll tell you know. That's to teach real little about soccer OK best player in the game message. Yes there and he's Argentina Eric okay well done and he's. They're right yes and any time Argentina's then you got to give them a fair shake they could win it and won yet. One mean M one it has merit on broil bright. Merit I am 100 it was an interest in character. Mary don't you importer like criminal yes but he was he was huge army sort of a different kind of athlete that was it that if you think this is right. Motto was to soccer like Steve pre Fontaine was to track entry. You seem to show a correlation. You don't really shows well do you about your look at the clock fought desperately to me. Well yeah they don't do are usually bails me out there that are well I'm I'm not him I'm gone tomorrow. What I say it is no Maradona was. Does not being able to pronounce his name I think you're currently own right track marriage don't yeah it's all about where all though what amount. Mess he's better yeah. How old missing. He's got to get up there again these disparities by so you're and I'll pick in Germany I'm going to cut him going Mya. My whole Laird ready why don't we went there and you're gonna root well your homeland loss right then and I'd Italy they're night and it. Let's see everybody likes. Everybody wants to leeway well I don't dictate they're going to get what they want this time since I'm not gonna see you for awhile ray where where is a little. Where ever. I don't read. Matt side bets re rack so to Popper and Vontae I was so so so fired we're all over it like you stink you're making me consider heroin.